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Jade had been disabled for all of her 20 yrs of life but that didn’t mean she didn’t leave an active life. For most of her life she could indeed walk, albeit on sticks however her body had started letting her down and eventually became wheelchair bound barely able to stand at all. At 5”8, long blonde hair and green eyes she certainly stood out wherever she went which at the time was mainly university where she studied sport physiology and at her hobby of wheelchair basketball. She had played the sport for many years and had become good friends with her team mates. Every week she attended training on Fridays and it is on these 2 hour sessions that she became much closer to one particular team mate.

Jade drove up to her usual parking spot at the school where she trained and lifted up her every day wheelchair from the passenger seat to just next to her so she could get her sports chair from the back seat. Today she was going to use the changing rooms in this sports section of the school which included basketball and squash courts along with a running track next to it. This was going to be the first time she had done such a thing as she would usually just wait until getting back to University to shower and change but what was the point when the facilities were just here?

Training went pretty much how it always went, not many turned up but still hard work. The 2 hours had passed and at the end everyone high fived each other and went there separate ways. Jade picked up her bag containing a change of clothes, a towel and body lotion. She entered the changing room at it was empty. She was always body conscious and so was slightly relieved that she wouldn’t be getting undressed in front of someone. She pushed to 1 of the wooden benches and looked around. The showers were at the back of the room in a separate area and joined onto the room were the toilets. She slowly lifted herself up from her chair and landed on the bench. The black sports skins she was wearing were good in the sense they enabled her to move faster but they were quite tight on her and so she was looking forward in removing them. She slowly lifted the black top up and over her head revealing her black sports bra holding her 32C breasts. Then tugging at her waist she slowly peeled the black pants down past her knees. She undid the laces of her white trainers and removed her pink socks before continuing to remove her pants which now had uncovered her blue knickers. Then just as she was going to remove her bra she heard the door creaking open and one of her team mates entered the room, it was Gina.

Gina was 33 yrs old with long blonde hair, 5”9 with piercing blue eyes and had played there sport for a number of years however she wasn’t born with a disability unlike some at the club. When she was 25 she had to have her left leg amputated due to substance abuse in her early life but was able walk using a prosthetic leg.
“Oh hi”, Gina said as she pushed towards Jade and planted her bag on the bench.
“Hi. Are you changing here as well?” Jade questioned.
“Yeah might as well use the facilities”, she replied with a smile.
“Exactly what I thought”, Jade quickly responded.
Gina started to remove her grey top that revealed her grey sports bra holding, what Jade thought, very similar size breasts as hers. Jade couldn’t help but notice. She wasn’t “into” girls she had had 2 bfs in the last 3 yrs but both guys turned out to be jerks. Gina on the other hand had never had a gf but recently had been questioning her sexuality but was not prepared to reveal this to everyone she knew, friends and family.
Gina continued to undress until all was left were her bra and red knickers. The two women looked at each other and smiled, both obviously a little uncomfortable with the situation until Gina finally moved first and undid her bra revealing a pair of breasts that would make a lot of other women jealous. Without really thinking Jade followed suite. Gina then stood on her one leg stretching an arm out to steady herself. Jade looked down without making it look like she was staring and surveyed the short stump that wiggled slightly just like the top of a leg. It didn’t mind the 20 yr old seeing this sight as she had seen practically everything that there was to see.

Gina slid her remaining piece of clothing off and stood beside Jade naked. The younger women just concentrated on her own body and soon was naked also. Gina was the first to enter the public shower area and stood up leaving her chair not far away with her pink towel placed on the seat. Jade pushed to just the side of her and began to push up. Gina noticed she was having some difficulty and knew of her limitations and so offered her help.
“Would you like a hand?” She asked.
“Erm…yeah if you don’t mind”, Jade responded.
“Take my hand” Gina said as she extended her arm to her.
“Thanks”, Jade responded by pulling herself up on the woman’s hand.
They smiled and both made sure there chairs were out of the way before turning the dials on there showers and warm water poured down there naked bodies. The feeling was so good for both after being sweaty. Jade focused her attention on her own body, washing and soaping up…and Gina had also noticed this younger woman’s body. These attentions were noticed by Jade who didn’t really know where to look.

Several minutes had passed when finally Jade looked to the side of her where Gina was and there eyes met. Smiling, they started a conversation about the day, training and there plans for the weekend. Both women turned the shower dials and Gina hobbled over to get Jade’s chair. She pushed it just beside her and held it still. Jade slowly eased herself down onto the chair and at the same showing Gina exactly the sight the older woman was hoping for. With her bending over it was easy to see her pussy and not only that but her small little ass hole. In an instant dirty, sexual thoughts flooded into Gina’s head which made her feel so hot and she was pretty sure that the wetness she was feeling in-between her legs wasn’t because of the shower. Jade Pushed away into the changing area closely followed by a flustered Gina.

Once both women were settled next to each other, they pulled out there towels and started drying off. Both started with there feet (or in Gina’s case foot) and went up to the legs. Now Jade was the one who found herself watching the woman beside her, almost unable to take her eyes away…Gina noticed this. With no warning at all Gina made her move. Quicker than a startled rabbit her lips were on Jade’s but the younger woman did not pull away. Passion took over and heavy breathing filled the room, the fact that anyone could enter at any time was forgotten. Lips met, hands explored, lust took over. Both women reached down to fondle there each others breasts and further down…until Gina took it upon herself to teach Jade a thing or two. First reaching her clit with two fingers and rubbing with care…more moans and even grunts at this new attention. Until finally Gina found herself on the floor and preparing to lick pussy. Lick after lick and moan after moan…Jade almost exploded straight away but managed to hold on to feel amazing sensations on her cunt. She couldn’t take anymore and grabbed Gina’s head and buried it in her pussy as she came like she hadn’t came in a very long time.

Time had passed them by and both had to leave quite quickly. Both dressed and prepared to leave. Gina was the first to get to the door and she looked back at Jade.
“Next time you get to taste me”.

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Hey, that's a clever way of thiiknng about it.

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The awnser of an expert. Good to hear from you.

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dude i honestly got nothing, MAKE IT BETTER and why the hell is it in the body modification section


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There is a difference between the word there and their....
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