what happens when two strangers meet and......
The story begins:-""

The atmosphere was full of whispers. every face seem to be worried. this was the time of examination in the institute. That very atmosphere turns me off. But here i was with the will of my friend & we sat down. The benches in the reading room are having seating on both sides. The leg portion is open and is available for both sides.

After having forcefully done two pages, my mind started wondering all around. My eyes get fixed to the legs of the person sitting on the the other side of the bench. Wearing long skirts and sandels her part of leg which i could see look nice. I started moving my feet towards her's. after lots of efforts it reached her feet. It touched her feet in seconds i removed mine. I did it again.this time I kept my legs there only after touching her feet. Something struck in the mind of the girl and she hesitatingly moved her feet backwards, out from my sight. I felt depressed and started reading again(the thing i least enjoy when i am depresssed).

After two min or so there was a movement near my feet. she moved her leg close to mine and give a tap on its side. I was excited and after sometime moved my feet again near to her's and tapped her exactly as she had done. And then she replied my signal back. Now i was encouraged and i touched her feet and then moved my feet a little up. This was accompnied by her reply of removing her sandel. I was encouraged and removed my shoes. Now as i touched her feet she was a little move-a-bit-back for a second. Then she came back and this time i started the journey upwards. The movement of even centimeter took about fifteen minutes. she came forward as to give me more freedom. I continued my movement and moved her skirt till her knees. Now her fleshy and flawless leg come to my view. I could hold no longer, i dropped my pencil in a place near her. Now i bent down to take my pencil back. I touched her leg with my hand. I start stroking her leg and feeling her softness till my friend interrupted. I moved out and stood up first time seeing her face. She was about 20 or so with witty smile and expressive eyes. she looked in my eyes with a certain sensuality that brought shivers down my spine(no she was not a villain of a horror movie).

She told me,"hey junior! come here." I followed and saw there was one more senior with her. she was just opposite of her. A beautiful face but not witty, she was a kind of "cutie" with whom you can dream of making non-sexual love stories. there she goes, with eyes still driving me crazy she told,"come with me outside." again as usual I followed. after coming out of the reading room she asked me somethings about myself. I asked her if she liked what happened. she told me that it was good but gives more thirst rather than satisfy it. I asked somethings about her then i departed.
Exam started and tension was still high when this incidence happened. The day was of our maths exam which seemed to be quite short if you haven't read in depth(there was nothing to do). So as usual my eyes started peeping in others copies. This was the very instant when i saw the same long slender legs with another skirt of different colour but same type. I guessed she was finished with her paper. This very moment she saw me and i said come out(with gestures). The next moment she was on her feet and asked the invigilator for a permission to go for peeing out. After few seconds i also went to the person and asked for permission and he gave as both of us are from different years. I move towards the toilet. She was outside the girls lavotory and asked me to come in with her.

I hasitatingly put my step forward and steped in the girls toilet. She took me to a inner chamber and locked the door. She was desperate at that time this i figured out by her next action. She with her hands held my dick and started pressing it to its full length. I had always been amazed by the size of her breasts. I put my hand on her breast and and and it was like ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh for me. A really soft and big pair is in my hand and my touch was creating currents in her body also. She moved her body towards me pressing me as much she can. I opened first button of her top and admiring her colour and beauty and size I tried to tear off her top. It had been teared and button were out of slot in three places means she was now there with topmost two and lowermost two buttons. She scolded me for this activity and just gone out with a safety pin tring to hide her big big breasts. I held her hand and pulled her back and let her sit down at the seat of the toilet. then I parted her legs and slowly moved from her feet to her lower lips. She has started moaning and as i reached her love /_ the hook of her skirt broke with almost 3-4 inches of further tearing of the skirt. At this time I and she were frightened and thinking about what to do.

At that very moment a somebody arrived and knoked at the door of our cabin. From the voice i got to know she is a teacher. Now I was feeling like what can be worse than this. I and she may be expelled from the college and our future will be just ruins. The door was stared to be broked offf and the bolt was now giving up. A blow only one good blow needed and i will never dream of a sucssesful man ever after. just then a thing comes in my mind that this kind of things only happens in a dream so am i seeing a dream and if yes why i am not coming out. Just then the door's bolt broke and with a cry i woke from my dream; yes it was a dream, a day dream, thank god it was. I was sweating and all the students are looking towards me. But i was feeling relaxed as this is still better than I being caught by a teacher having sex in the institute while exams are going on. I see that she was looking at me in a sensual as she know what I have seen. the look in her eyes were far too complicated to understand. Then in a sec. she said something i didn't get it, she said it again this time i understood it. It was an invitation, an invitation for having a meeting outside.

Yes, she meet me outside where she told what is going on in her mind.
"We are going for a tour of 3 days to a nearby place", said she.
"Will u coommee", she said with her eyebrow raised and tounge touching her lips.
"okay!", I said in a very plain voice not knowing what's out there waiting for me.

Next day I woke up(say not from sleep just from bed) wet. It is one of those rarest times i really can't contol masterbating even it has crossed 4 times. With red-pinkish look of my penis and the state of semi-erect I came out of the bed.
I stared preparing for the tour, clothes, shaving kit, small food package and of course condoms. The time was crawling as if it do not want that moment to come. I was becoming despirate.
Finally the moment has come to go. I was surprised to know that I ammm theeee onlyyyyy boyyy in their group.
There stand in front of me the prettiest and most sensual girls I have imagined to spend my time and load on. And here the first one spoke. "Hey get on the car, don't you want to be sandwitched".I ended her sentance in my mind as " between the tits and bodies of ours". It was like she heard it and give a side smile with bitchness in it.

The journey started and I was on the back seat with 9 girls all around and as there was not enough space and the way was a mixture of village road and no road they were all coming on and colliding. This gave me ample oppertunity to touch them. The best one was of the girl sitting on the seat just opposite to me. She had come our me at least 4 times and her tits in my hands but when she came 5 th time I just moved a little bit and pressed her breast. Her face turned pink and I realized that it is not a correct thing to do when U are in a vehicle filled up only with girls. The rest of the journey went without any other big event. We reached the area kuchh where we have to stay for the whole night.

We were in dilima of whether to take 5 rooms or 6 rooms. As the discussion is going on I am feeling like excited when any body says in favour of 5 rooms and start dreaming but the very next sec. - blow of stick on erect penis) when they start talking of talking 6 rooms. finally we took 6 rooms.

After going to our rooms we changed and returned to Turine's room in order to pass time. All the girls are in night dresses which include small top and still smaller knickers which she had just wore when i entered as she was closing its button at that moment. We sat on the bed and the talks continued. Then one of them said ,"lets start!!". They said ,"No we will do it later". My heart starts beating faster" What are they planning to do". After a quarrel of some minutes they deside to "Do it".
It turns out to be no bigger than a Dare game( People had to dare what comes in their chits).

The game started and first chance is of a girl named "jasila". The dare was to "Call the waiter and say him will he Fuck Her". So our daring Jasila called the waiter by the bell and there he comes "One of the strongly built man and asked for order". She said," Would you come to bed with me!!"
the surprized man said," Why not!!".
There comes the slap with dialogue "you fucker go and do your work"
The game continued till my chance came. "Do not pretend and go and tear off the dress of the girl in front of you" says the chit.
"Do it whatever is written in the chit" said Jasila not knowing that she is going to be the prey for me.
"OK" said I.
I went forward and chhhhhhhhhhhh......... The top teared( there was no undies) then the pj , and there she is totally NUDE in front of me. She has a perfect pair with light brown nipples which are of the size of a strawberry. The next sec they are covered by her hand showing only the sides and clevage of it. It will be near 34 in size and of light dusty colour which...which is Amazing. I turned my eyes towards her bottom of which I got only a glimse as she turned just in time till I have just seen that she has very less dense dark brown hair on her triangle. I saw her buns as she turned "Round and dusty (what can be better than that)". Its the time for the storm to come. All of them started saying,"Why have U done this".
"Its written in the chit", I said innocently.
They all see towards Turine, who has wriiten the chits.
"I told you not to play here", said Turine.
All in all a good sight for me before I got to bed.
I went to my bed with the body of Jasila in my mind. The dreams seem more real never let me see that I am in the world of sleep now. When I opened my eyes I hear a voice of knocking from the door.
"Open the door, Its Turine", Somebody said from outside.
I opened the door. There she stands with half dreamy eyes and hands rubbing on them.
"What!!", I said.
"I just say something in my room", she said.
I went to the room to find nothing. But she was still horrified.
I said," There is nothing to bother."
She said,"No plz do go back. Or... Or parhaps I will come with you."
I said,"What! but..... Ok as you like"
She and I enter the room and she slide inside the bed. I went for some water and to pee. I left the door open and expect some kind of miracle to happen such as , she siting waiting for me in half nude state. But when I get out I saw her sleeping soundly. I was a little disappointed but in one or two moments I went back to bed.
In the bed i felt a different type of warmth. i moved my hand in anticipation of touching her. I moved it slowly but steadly. the first chord ring in my hand when I felt her hand just touching me. I stoped and closed my eyes for some time. After about 5 min or so I moved a little further and reached her shoulder. Her face was on my side and I can feel her warm breath touching me and burning me. My heartbeat started beating faster and it is felt on the bed as i was lying on my chest and the bed was moving by it.
I left my hand on that position and at that place for a long time to ensure that she is deep in sleep. Now in a way of yawning I streched my hands further to reach below her neck. I touched her dress in the front. That means that a little down and i will reach her tits.
I lay there motionless for a long time and trying to be as natural as i can be. The time passes and my desires reached a height till it was no longer bearable to me and I streched a little further this time reaching her tits. The thirst was so strong that I literally grabed her breasts and that is the moment when I felt a wow..... The touch of her, the softness of her moved me and the size amazed me.
The time was for I to go no further or I may be caught in some type of charges Like RAPE. So i stoped there and hasn't moved for for a time that seems to me as infinite. I was started feeling heavy doses of sleep and my eye closes....

It opens to find a big step from the other side... Her hand was on my chest and she seem to be in a partial sleep or may be turning around. I thought,"This can be moment i may be looking for" and I moved a little bit forward. My hand were still lying on her big tities but because of her movement it has slipped from the end to the very peak of it. As she was not wearing anything inside I can feel her nipples from her outer dress. The feeling was like she was having erect nipples, either that are from the chill outside( Which i don't believe as we are having a quill on us) or she is awake feeling everything and more likely wanted it to continue.

I boldly pressed her boobs with my hands(this time with no yawns). She moved a little and her excitedness can be felt by her hartbeats which were raising high. So I moved a little forward and put my hands on her flat tummy. She moved a little back and her belly goes back. she took a deep breath and said,"I like that!!".
I was excited and replied,"aren't you asleep?"
No not from the time you first touched me or rather from the time I entered the room or rathe.... I closed her mouth and said," Shhhhh.."
I moved my hand over her boobs and till her tummy and then inside her top. I moved up slowly and touched the lower part of her breast and tickled there. She respond with a breath. Then I held her breast with my hands. I slowly moved to all sides of it to discover it fully.
She said,"Press them. plz......."
But i was determined to tease her before satisfying. The more she presses my hand on her's, the less I will hold them. One time I touched her nipples and then just moved my fingers lightly over it. Then I felt that her nipples started peeping out so much that I started feeling how much she wants the pressure. Then I reached the belly again and started moving down till I reched her pant's button. I pushed my fingers in a bit and started opening her button. She moved her abdomin a little backwards and i with my thumb and one finger started opening her chain, while my rest three fingers are inside her pant.

She moved her hand to my pant till I stoped her and told her, " Stop and let me first satisfy you. Today night you will not touch me sensuslly"
"Whatt!!!!!!!1", she said.
"Then what the fuck are we going to do",she said with her voice reaching very high notes.
"I will love and enjoy your body but you are not allowed to do so", I said.
AND I removed her pants. Now I started touching her cunt's surroundings but not her cunt. This moved for some time till she was hot as hell and still not finding anything she want and this time I gave her one of the things she want" Pressure"
I pressed her breast with great pressure, of a pressure which can lead any body in normal condition to scream but instead she did or rather have which very less person had without masterbating or having fucked "she had ORGASM"
After which she was a little satisfied but a lot hungry for more. I put my mouth on her tits to give her the opposite of what she is having from more than an hour "extremism". I cut her nipples hard enough for her to cry a little and after I left to say "Plz do it again". I again bit her stronger than the last time and she moved, cried and gave me a push, But i didn't left her and she was now full of hot flushes in her face and red hot. At that moment I placed my mouth on her cunt and bit it and lick it and bit and goes on alternatively for some time . Now she was wanting something as heeeeelll.......(as she told me). I burried two fingers roughly in her cunt and moved it with no consideration for her. She cryii no no she screamed by that abrupt and hard movement and she CAME, rather loudly this time.
I left her and said "that's all for today"
She appilied,"Plz continue plz. I am still hungry"
"I want you to be hungry . I want you to desire my body the whole day tomarrow. "

Let Ur imagination boil up to tell me what is he going to do with her the next night/day.
The Best will have his name in the next part of the story with the refrence he made..
Do reply and comment and give rating.
Bye,till the next part comes in near future.............


2007-03-23 22:56:01
I must say that aside from the spelling and the unnecessary shorthand it's a pretty good story


2005-06-26 00:57:55
omg are you fucking kidding? Learn how to fucking write please. If i had to guess, i'd say that english isn't your first language?


2005-01-26 06:52:04
SECOND part to be released soon

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