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It was another one of those holiday parties that my friends invite me to because I'm now single again. I tried to get out of it, but, they came and picked me up. I really wasn't going to go. I was told it was a semi formal party. God how I hate wearing a tie. So, since they came and got me I dressed down to where I was comfortable; jeans, a nice shirt; well clean any way; since I refuse to wear a tie I grabbed a bolo. Grabbing my hat and out the door I went, kicking and screaming.

Once there I grabbed a long neck and sat on the hearth in front of the fireplace. Where I could get a good look at who was coming into the room, without being too obvious about it. Brooding over my beer not being happy at all that I was there to be setup yet again, by my friends. They had invited a few single women there to meet me, of course, but I wasn't in the holiday spirit, until you walked in. Throwing back my head to swig down the last of my current bottle, I saw you enter the room. I about chocked on it. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

Your dark hair was up, done very nicely, with curls down each side of your cheeks. Gorgeous brown eyes, lips red as rubies, and a slinky floor length red dress trimmed in gold, with a slit up your left leg to your mid thigh. You were like a breath of fresh air walking into the room amid the stuffed suits, and “holiday festive” wear the other women were wearing.

I walked up to the bar and picked up another long neck and a glass of white wine for you. Walking over to you I introduced myself and asked if the wine was OK. You said you would rather have my beer instead. I gave it to you ditching the glass of wine on a passing tray. We went back to the bar and I picked up another beer.

You made a comment about me being dressed down. I explained that I really wasn't going to come tonight but, I'm friends with our hosts and they came and picked me up. So I dressed the way I wanted. Whether anyone else liked it or not, with a grin on my face. I commented on how beautiful you looked tonight. You told me that you were here with a girl friend and her date. A fifth wheel of sorts.

About that time I just leaned over and gave you a long sensuous kiss. I just had to do it. I couldn't resist any longer. We both went flushed in the face when we broke apart. I asked if you wanted to go somewhere less formal. We can sneak out and I don't think anyone would really notice us not being here. I know I didn't drive but, I have access to the hosts limo. Anyway, they won't miss it until this party is over and that will be hours from now. We went to bid our hosts a good-bye. He told me to take his limo for as long as we needed for the evening. Just have the driver to drive us around a bit. Then we found your friend and her date. We ditched the party all together.

At the limo the driver opened the door for us, you got in and I just told the driver to drive us around for a bit. I'll let him know when to take us to my place. Then I followed you into the back of the limo. I sat next to you, my arm around your shoulder. You looked at me and returned the kiss from earlier. You lifted your left leg up and over my legs. My hand reached over and started caressing your bare thigh. You let out a light moan with my touch.

Our lips separated as you pulled your head back staring into my pale blue eyes. You asked how long we had use of the limo. I told you for as long as we wanted to use it. You leaned back over and placed your head on my neck and started to nibble on my ear. I felt a moist tongue, ringing around my ear, with a whisper that your tongue wasn't the only thing that was moist and wet. I reached for you and untied the bow at the back of your neck, releasing the top of your dress, I pushed you back up a bit as you shifted your body to be straddling my lap. Taking down the top of your dress revealing the two beautiful mounds of flesh of your breasts. I pulled you back towards me as I started to use my mouth and tongue to play with your nipples. You squealed with delight and pulled my head tighter to them. My hands helping to kneed them. Driving us both wild with passion and desire. You pushed me back into the seat and leaned over and whispered for me to relax and enjoy the ride. You then continued to kiss and nibble down my neck. Your mouth made it down to start opening my shirt, you then realized that my shirt had snaps instead of buttons. Sitting up with a devilish grin, you ripped open the snaps of my shirt and your mouth dived for my nipples. I moaned in approval as your tongue and mouth worked their magic across both.

Slowly you started to move down to my jeans. Here your hands helped too, to open my button fly. Finding my cock already hard, your hand pulls my jeans and underwear down to my ankles. You let out a small chuckle of glee, while your mouth takes control sucking and licking the head and shaft. On down to suck my balls, your tongue moves up and down across everything. Even flicking around my ass. Which drove me wild. After several minutes of letting you have your way I pulled you up to me. Kissing you deeply, forcing my tongue to fight its way into your mouth. Flicking about with your own. I unzip your dress and remove it from your now naked body.

Your pussy now dripping wet, you straddle me, taking hold of my cock, you slowly lower yourself upon it. You're very tight, as my cock enters your pussy. Its juices run down my shaft before even being fully inserted into you. You just sat there grinning down at me. I started to move my hips, and you slapped my face hard, telling me to just wait, you wanted to savor the feeling. I tried again this time you slapped me harder, giving me a devilish look.

Slowly you started moving your hips, in a circular motion. You sat up straighter on me. I reached up to grab your breasts in my hands to knead. You again, slapped me telling me you really want to enjoy my cock in your pussy with no distractions. You will be very happy if I can do this. With my face stinging from your slaps, I lean back into the seat and let you enjoy your ride.

As were being driven around town, behind the dark smoke colored glass of the limo, you start to moan more and more, as your hips start to buck more wildly on my cock. Eventually you put your hands on the back of the seat just above my shoulders, moaning loudly, you shove a nipple into my mouth, yelling at me to finish you off. Suck you tits and finish you off. I finely reach up and grab your back and pull your tits deeper into my mouth. Sucking and nibbling on them. Running my tongue all around them. Suddenly I felt a warm gushing stream against my groin. As your orgasms racked your body you squirted all over me. You leaned down to my ear panting from your orgasm, breathlessly you tell me to cum with you. I start to thrust my cock into your wanting pussy. More liquid warmth escapes you, your body is shaking and shuddering, I tell you I cumming. You want to fill your pussy with it. I do as you command, my orgasm erupts deep in you pussy. Your body continues to spasm as I finish pumping my load into you. You whisper in my ear that you really want more than just my cum in you wet pussy, as you collapse there on top of me panting and sweating.

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Im 10, and it made me cum twice. Usually i only cum once

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im 11 and will have sex with some babes


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Not bad, it can use some refining though; I see potential within it.

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