NO this story isn't mine, this long epic belongs to rmdexter of literotica. i felt like bringing this great story over here for your enjoyment.
Chapter 1

Vaseline-Baby Fresh Scent. For jerking off, this stuff was like American Express to me. "DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT!" I was sitting in front of my computer reading some adult stories on the web, and just as I opened the jar in front of me to start polishing up my knob, the phone rang.


"Hey Jeff, I need you to do me a favor this weekend." It was my older brother David on the line.

"What's up?"

"Maria's aunt died yesterday and we've got to fly out tomorrow morning for the funeral. We'll be gone until Sunday night and I'd like you to watch Cory for us." Maria was his wife and I knew her aunt had been sick for awhile now. Cory was their teenage daughter. They lived just across town from me, thus the call.

"You're not taking her with you?" I was surprised since as their only child they overprotected this kid and rarely let her out of their sight.

"We normally would but it's actually her graduation tomorrow night and she's really been looking forward to it. She hardly knew this aunt anyway so we think she should stay. She's been looking forward to this for weeks now."

"She can't stay on her own?"

"Maria and I still think she's too young to stay by herself." That's my overprotective big brother for you. The kid would probably be fine on her own. "C'mon Jeff, I need you to do this for us."

"Okay, okay. What do I need to do?"

"Great! Thanks. Well, you could pick her up from school at 3:00 and then bring her home here first. Her ceremony starts at 7:00 and then there's a dance afterwards in the school gym. If you could go to the ceremony and take some pictures that would be great. Then just pick her up after the dance. I'll get her to call you on her cell phone." I could tell by the tone of my brother's voice that my agreeing to watch his daughter had taken a load off his mind. They had always sheltered her and were so overprotective of her that she was distinctly lacking in "street smarts". She was a great kid, but definitely naïve in the ways of the world.

"That sounds pretty easy," I answered. "Anything else?"

"No, that should be about it. I'll leave the camera and some money so you guys can get some dinner. Feel free to use our room and I know you'll use the pool." My brother and his wife owned their own company and had done very well for themselves. They had a nice big house with a beautifully landscaped secluded yard and a nice big pool.

"Okay. Tell Maria I'm sorry about her aunt. So what time will you be back Sunday?"

"Probably about 6:30. If it's going to be later, I'll call you. Thanks bro'. I owe you one."

"No problem. Have a good time.....or....well....whatever kind of time you can have at a funeral. See you Sunday night."

After I hung up the phone, I thought about the coming weekend. My brother was right, I would definitely use the pool. I had been on the swim team in both high school and college and now, at age 32, I still found time to swim at least three times a week. As a free-lance journalist, I worked out of my home which was a decent sized unit in a condo complex. I had my own pool but it was pretty small. I usually went to my local aquatic centre in order to keep in shape. At 6'2 and 175 pounds, I still had that swimmer's build from my college days.

My thoughts turned to my 18-year old niece, Cory. She was a perfect combination of her two parents. She had inherited her height from my brother and her looks from her mother. Maria was Italian with that beautiful olive complexion and Cory had that same permanently tanned look. She had shot up and her long lithe legs gave her that wild coltish look. She already had wide womanly hips and a lush round ass that just begged to be cupped in your hands. Her firm little breasts always seemed to thrust provocatively at the tight little t-shirts I usually saw her wearing. She had long flowing thick brunette hair that cascaded about her shoulders (or bounced behind her in a ponytail when she played soccer) and framed her beautiful face. She had the most gorgeous face I think I have ever seen. Her skin was perfect and smooth as silk and she had these long eyelashes that accentuated her dark eyes. Her most compelling feature though was her large mouth and full puffy lips. Any celebrity would have paid big bucks to have those lips. They looked like big soft pillows you just wanted to slide your cock between.

As I had been thinking about Cory, I had subconsciously scooped out some Vaseline and my hand had made a nice slick corridor that was now sliding up and down the shaft of my cock. The guys on my swim team had often made fun of me in the locker room; calling me names like "Beer Can" or "Meat". I had never had any complaints though and was happily stroking a little over 9" of thick cut cock. I think the guys used to bug me more about the thick girth of my cock than the length. Anyways, my thoughts right now were on Cory and her long tanned legs and those incredible kissable, fuckable lips. It didn't take long and I shot a nice big load all over my chest and stomach thinking about blowing it all over her. Yeah.....this weekend might not be so bad after all......

Friday afternoon, I drove over to pick Cory up at her school. The weather was beautiful and I had put the top down, knowing she loved to ride in the convertible. I pulled up in front of the school a few minutes before 3:00 and got out and leaned back against the passenger door. The bell rang soon and kids started to disperse noisily from all the exits. The last day of school is the same everywhere, I guess.

I spotted her emerging from the main entrance doors with two of her girlfriends in tow. They were laughing and chatting enthusiastically; excited to be starting the summer vacation. She was a few inches taller than either of her friends and she exuded a smoldering sensuality. She had on her school uniform which consisted of a white shirt with a school tie, a plaid skirt that came above mid-thigh on her, white knees socks and flat black shoes. With her lustrous hair pulled back in a ponytail and her knapsack slung over her shoulder, she was a schoolgirl dream.

"Uncle Jeff!" she shouted as she spotted me. She quickly said her goodbyes to her girlfriends and I watched the hem of her skirt bouncing about her thighs as she bounded down the steps towards me. Oh fuck, did she look sweet.

"Uncle Jeff! Uncle Jeff!" she said as she threw her arms around me and gave me a big hug. Her firm little breasts were pressing against my chest while her flat taut stomach was pressed against my own. I felt my cock start to stir and lengthen down my pant leg as she gave me a loving squeeze.

"Easy there, kid," I said and I gave her a big smile as I took her shoulders in my hands and held her back from me before she felt the log in my pants against the front of her thighs.

"I'm so glad you're going to be looking after me," she said excitedly. "We'll have so much fun. Wait until you see my new dress. I love it! And I've been practicing walking in my new high heels. I look so grown up. You won't believe it."

Oh, I'd believe it, I thought to myself. "Okay, kid. Let's get a move on," I said as I opened the passenger side door for her. She flung her knapsack in the back seat and then I watched as her skirt rode well up her thighs as she settled herself into the seat. She spread her legs as she swung them in and I caught a glimpse of her white panties and soft inner thighs. My cock lurched in my pants and I made a quick adjustment as I made my way around the back of the car and into the driver's seat.

"I'm free! I'm free!" she said as we pulled away from the curb. I looked over as she put her hands to the back of her head. Her action pulled the fabric of her shirt snugly against her firm little breasts. She pulled the band out of her hair and shook her head sensually as she let down her hair. She looked so sexy as she ran her fingers through her hair as she enjoyed the feeling of the wind rushing over us.

As we drove to her house she chatted on and on about the dance and her friends and whatever. I just smiled and nodded and said the right things while keeping one eye on the road and one eye on her. She moved with the carefree ease of youth and her legs flopped back and forth as she moved leisurely in her seat. I was sure she was going to catch me, the number of times my eyes instinctively looked down at her smooth tanned legs. She even sat half sideways facing me for awhile and I had a good view right up between her soft thighs to where her white panties cupped her young womanhood. I could feel the sweat popping out on my brow and it wasn't from the heat!

When we got to my brother's place, she grabbed her knapsack and scurried into her room while I got my bag out of the trunk and made my way to my brother's bedroom. We had a few hours yet before Cory had to be at the graduation ceremony so I figured I'd better get into the pool quick and work off some of this inappropriate tension brewing both in my head and in my dick. I pulled on my trunks, grabbed a towel and headed towards the pool.

They had left a note with the camera and some cash on the kitchen counter with the phone number where they'd be staying and stuff like that. I grabbed a cold drink and went out into the back yard. They were set well back from any of their neighbors and it wouldn't have mattered anyway; the dense landscaping around the perimeter of the yard provided total privacy. I set down my drink and made a clean dive into the pool. I always loved that initial feeling of gliding through the water. This was my place. In the water was where I felt totally at home. I swam quick laps as I tried to get thoughts of Cory and her alluring innocence out of my head. It was hard to do but eventually, after about ten lengths, I felt my dick start to soften slightly.

After a good workout, I slowed down for some cool-down laps before finally pulling myself out of the pool. I dried off and sat down and took a good long slug of my drink. I turned as I heard the patio door open and saw Cory walking towards me. Her hips swayed saucily as she had changed into a pink tank top and little white shorts that clung to her ass like a second skin. Her little tits jiggled against the tight fabric of her tank top and looking down, I could see the mound of her sex clearly at the juncture of her thighs. She padded over in her bare feet and stood next to my chair.

"Uncle Jeff, can we order Chinese for supper?" she asked. "Please, please?"

"Sure, whatever you want, honey," I said as I kept my hand with my drink poised over my groin in an attempt to keep my newly swelling dick hidden from her.

"Oh good. Can I order it? I better eat soon since I have to get ready for 7:00."

"Yeah, go ahead. I'm getting pretty hungry too."

"Great!" she said as she spun on her heel and trotted back into the house. My eyes zeroed in immediately on her round lush ass tightly encased in her white shorts. Holy fuck! It looked incredible! In that clinging white material, her ass looked like two little beach balls aching to be played with.

With dinner on the way, I figured I better go take a shower before it arrived. I thought about bringing out my container of Vaseline I'd brought with me and working off a quick load to relieve the pressure, but Cory told me the food was gonna be here pretty soon. I used the shower in my brother and his wife's en-suite. I loved it. It was one of those big double-sized stalls with shower heads at each end so two people could shower comfortably at the same time. I turned the knobs to cool and let the cold shower wash away my lustful thoughts. When I finished up, unfortunately, I was still thinking about Cory and my jar of Vaseline and the possibilities that combination entailed!

I pulled on a clean shirt and a pair of nice pants I'd brought with me to attend the graduation ceremony. As I always prefer to go "Commando", I tucked my cock down my pant leg and headed out to the kitchen. Just as I got there, the doorbell rang and Cory grabbed the money off the counter and ran to the door. She returned with a bag loaded with various containers and we chowed down on some great Chinese food.

"Can I open your fortune cookie for you, Uncle Jeff?" she asked eagerly as we finished up.

"Sure, go ahead honey," I answered with a smile at her excitement over something like fortune cookies.

"Hee hee....I love these things," she said as she tore open the wrapper on one. "Hmmm, it says "You're ugly and your mother dropped you on your face when you were a baby." Hahhaaaahaaaaa." She was killing herself laughing at her little joke.

"Alright...alright....joker. What does it really say?"

" says "Your experience is an asset—share it with others." Sounds pretty boring to me. I like the first one better," she said as she dropped the little paper on the table and picked up another one. I knew something of mine I'd like to share with her, that's for sure.

"So smarty-pants, let's hear yours."

"It's gonna be better than yours for sure," she said with a smile as she tore open the wrapper and broke open the cookie. "Hmmm.... "Be prepared---something big is coming in your future". See, mine is better. Something must mean my graduation diploma." I could only think of something else big I'd like to see coming in.....and all over....her future.

"Your diploma. Yep, that must be it. Well, you better get ready, honey. We have to go in a little while."

"Okay, I'm so excited," she said as she bolted out of her seat and headed towards her bedroom.

I cleaned up the plates and stuff we had used for dinner and straightened up a bit. I checked out my brother's camera to make sure I knew how to use it and also brought out my own as well to check to make sure the battery was charged. Good, a full charge. I sat down and grabbed a sports magazine to read while I waited for Cory to get ready. I was engrossed in an article when I finally heard her soft voice.

"Well, Uncle Jeff, what do you think?"

I looked up to see Cory standing in front of me. My God, she looked absolutely gorgeous! Her hair was fluffed out and full and looked so sexy as it framed her beautiful face. She still wore no make up...but she didn't need it anyway. She had on a simple black dress of a stretchy fabric that fit her slim body snugly. It had little capped sleeves with a high mock-turtleneck type collar. The top part covered her pert little tits like a swimsuit and then nipped in nicely at her trim waist. The clinging fabric accentuated her flat toned stomach and then flared out at her womanly hips. From there, there wasn't much more. It followed the enticing curves of her hips and at the hem, the stretchy material clung to the tops of her gorgeous thighs and ended about two inches below her crotch! Her incredibly short skirt showed off her best feature, her long tanned legs. She wore no nylons but her smooth bronze skin glimmered beautifully. She wore pointy black pumps with about a 4" high heel. Jesus Christ, she looked so fucking hot! I felt my cock immediately start to stir once again.

"You look absolutely beautiful, dear," I almost stammered as I tried to get the words out.

"Do you like the dress? Do I look grown up? Mom wanted me to get one of those frilly prom dresses but I hate those. I really liked this one. Mom and Dad thought it was too old for me but I finally got them to get it for me."

"I love the dress. It fits you perfectly. And yes, you look very grown up. You'd put any grown up woman to shame in that dress."

"Oh, thanks Uncle Jeff!" she said with a beaming smile as she leaned over and gave me a peck on the cheek. The smell of her delicate perfume invaded my senses and I felt my dick give a further surge.

"Ummm, we've still got a few minutes before we have to go," I said with scandalous thoughts swirling through my brain. "How about we take a few pictures of you in that dress before we go? I'm sure your mom and dad would like to see those." I had my own thoughts on what I was going to do with those pictures later.

"Sure, where would you like me to stand, Uncle Jeff?"

"Just over there by the fireplace should be fine, honey." I grabbed my brother's camera as should posed demurely. I took some basic shots with nothing provocative that I knew her parents would approve of. I then picked up my own camera and after taking a couple more, I made a suggestion.

"You know honey, you look like one of those European models in that dress and those shoes. Should we pretend this is one of those fancy photo-shoots?" I asked suggestively.

"Yeah! That'll be so much fun. Just tell me how you want me to pose, Uncle Jeff," she said innocently. Oh man, this was a dream come true. I had to tread oh so carefully not to scare her off yet get some really good shots.

"Okay honey. Put your hands on your hips and turn slightly sideways." She complied instantly. "Now that's great. Stand with your feet a little further apart....yeah...that's it. Now look back over your shoulder towards me and give one of those model looks." As she turned her head quickly, her hair flipped from one side to the other sensually. I moved slightly behind her to get a shot of her tremendous ass and budding tits both in profile. She must have been wearing a thong because there was not one visible panty line anywhere. She looked back at me over her shoulder and gave me a smoldering look thru hooded eyes. Oh fuck! She was a natural at this. She looked so incredibly hot and sophisticated. I started taking pictures of her as she did her best to give me an adult sexy look...and man...did she ever succeed! My cock felt like an iron bar in my parts as I snapped shot after shot. I directed her thru multiple poses just verging on the edge of "going too far". Some were close ups of her face, some had her sitting, most were of her standing to show off incredible tanned legs. She enthusiastically enjoyed our playful game and even came up with some suggestions of her own which showed off her body and alluring looks. By the time we finished, I knew I had tons of delicious whacking material stored in that little device. I would make ample use of that later.

"We better get going, Uncle Jeff," she said as I took one last shot.

We headed out to my convertible and I noticed how confidently she walked in her new high heels. She said she had been practicing and she already walked with the grace and confidence of a mature woman. I held the door open for her again and as her legs spread as she settled into her seat, I noticed a small triangle of black silky fabric covering her pussy. It was only a teasing glimpse and was gone as she drew her trailing leg into the car but I felt my dick respond with a pulsing surge one more time. Once again, I had to make adjustments as I walked behind the car so that I could sit comfortably.

On the way to the school she chatted excitedly about her friends and all kinds of different stuff. Once again I nodded and agreed at the appropriate time while stealing glances over at the hem of her dress as she moved about in that youthful carefree manner in her seat. A number of times I saw all the way up between those smooth creamy thighs to catch a hint of her black panties. It was hard to focus on the driving with a beautiful distraction like that.

Finally we arrived at the school and she immediately spotted a group of her friends. As soon as we came to a stop she hopped out of the car and hurried over to join them. She was absolutely right; all the other girls were wearing those frilly colorful prom dresses while she looked like a sophisticated woman amongst a sea of giggling schoolgirls. The graduation ceremony got underway at 7:00 and lasted about an hour. It was a typical graduation ceremony where all the girls looked pretty and older and the dressed up boys just looked goofy. I used my brother's camera to take some pictures of Cory as she received her diploma and then afterwards as she posed with her girlfriends. The dance was going to be held in the school gym and she told me she would call me on my cell phone when she was ready for me to pick her up.

I watched her shapely firm backside intently as she walked back to join her friends for the dance. Oh geez....get a grip on yourself man! What are you thinking? This is your brother's daughter you're thinking about here. As I chided myself for what I was thinking, I decided to go and see a movie in the local cinema to kill the time until Cory called. Hopefully it would take my mind off the lascivious thoughts that were racing through head. As I drove to the cinema, I was silently hoping my phone would ring sooner than later.

Chapter 2

The movie had just finished and I was thinking about hitting a coffee joint when my cell phone rang. It was Cory.

"Hi, Uncle Jeff. I'm ready for you to pick me up now."

"Are you sure, honey. You can stay awhile longer if you want."

"No, I'm ready to go. It's ending in a few minutes anyway."

I forgot about the coffee place and headed back to the school. When I arrived, some kids were milling around outside waiting for their rides or just getting some fresh air. The girls were huddled together in little groups and I saw the boys doing the usual goofy stuff to try and impress the girls. As I pulled up, I saw Cory say goodbye to her friends and walk over to my car. Man, she certainly knew how to walk in those shoes. They accentuated her long legs and for a second I pictured them wrapped around me.

"Thanks for picking me up, Uncle Jeff," she said as she settled into the seat beside me.

"How'd it go?" I asked as we pulled away from the curb.

"It was good. The music was good. I danced with my friends a lot. A couple of those idiot boys snuck some booze and one of them actually puked in the corner of the gym. It was pretty gross."

"Well, boys will be boys I guess. Did you dance with any of them?"

"No, they're all just too immature. They're always just trying to be funny or showoff and they're basically just stupid." She paused and sat quietly for a few seconds. "Besides, I don't think I'm a very good slow dancer anyway."

"Why do you say that?"

"Well, my girlfriends and I have tried practicing with each other but we end up stepping on each other's toes and then we start laughing and that's the end of that!"

We both had a laugh at that and then she just chatted on about some of the other stuff that had happened at the dance until we arrived home. I put the top up on the car and used the key to let her into their house. I thought she'd kick her shoes off as soon as we got into the house but she left them on and headed to the kitchen.

"I need some cold ice tea. You want some, Uncle Jeff?"

"Sure, honey. That'd be great."

She poured us two tall glasses of ice tea and after taking a drink she went into the family room off of the kitchen. I followed her in as she turned on one of the table lamps and then turned on the CD player. She flipped thru some CDs and inserted one into the machine. I recognized the tune as an 80's ballad. Classic slow dance type material that I remembered from my own high school dances.

"Uncle Jeff, do you think you could teach me how to dance?" she asked demurely. "Remember what it said on your fortune cookie?"

" experience....share it with others......yes. Well, if the fortune cookie wills it, who am I to refuse? Okay." I set down my drink and moved to the center of the room's hardwood floor. I don't know who was more nervous, her or me. I figured an innocent little dance lesson wasn't gonna hurt anyone. She set down her drink and walked over to me. I took her one hand in mine and instructed her to put her other hand on my back. I put my hand around the back of her slim waist but kept a little gap between us.

"Okay, you've got it," I said as we started to sway to the music in unison. As we moved slowly about the room, she moved closer to me and leaned her head against the front of my shoulder.

"That's the way they do it, isn't it," she asked.

"Ummm....yeah. That's good," I said as I felt her pert tits pressing into my chest. I lowered my nose into her lustrous hair and breathed deep. Mmmmmm, her scent was like an intoxicating elixir as it filled my senses. My cock started snaking slowly down my leg as a wave of her girly perfume filled my nostrils. She let go of my hand and put her other hand around my neck, like I'm sure she's seen in many movies. I felt her flat toned stomach pressing against mine as we moved slowly against each other to the soft tones of the music. She lifted her head off my chest and looked up at me as she circled both hands around the back of my neck.

"Do you think I'm pretty, Uncle Jeff?" she asked innocently.

"Yes Cory. I think you're very pretty," I answered honestly.

"Are you just saying that because you're my uncle or do you really think that?" I could tell by the look on her face that she was really questioning her own looks. I couldn't believe it but I guess insecurity was still as much of an issue nowadays as it was when I was her age. I gave her my best calming smile.

"Honey, I think you are absolutely beautiful. I'm not just saying that because I'm your uncle. Of all the people at your graduation tonight, and I'm talking about all the grown ups were the most gorgeous woman there tonight."

"You really mean that, Uncle Jeff?" she glowingly asked.

"Absolutely," I said with a big smile.

"Oh, thank you, Uncle Jeff," she said as she stood on her toes and gave me a quick kiss. Her plump lips felt hot and oh so soft as they quickly pressed against mine. I was kind of caught off guard and instinctively kissed her back. She withdrew and I saw a beaming smile on her face before she settled her head back against my chest as we continued to dance. The CD moved onto to another slow song and we continued to sway softly together as she pressed her firm young body against mine. After another minute she lifted her head and looked into my eyes again.

"Uncle Jeff. Would you....uh....would you teach me about kissing?" she asked hesitantly.

Oh man! What was I supposed to do now? My head was saying one thing but my hard cock was saying another.

"Ummm....I don't think we should do that Cory," I said as I tried to sound convincing.

"Why not?"

"Because you're only eighteen, Cory. It wouldn't be right."

"I'm almost nineteen. And I wouldn't tell anybody, Uncle Jeff. I promise."

"I don't know, Cory. You're my niece." I was fighting to try and convince myself as I looked down at those full enticing lips.

"I'd rather learn from someone like you, Uncle Jeff, instead of those stupid boys my own age." Her voice had an almost pleading tone to it as she looked up at me questioningly. The thought of one of her goofy classmates groping her and being clumsy made me think again.

"Please, Uncle Jeff. Just one kiss?" she asked as she closed her eyes and tilted her full mouth upwards towards mine.

Oh no.....I thought as I found myself being drawn hypnotically towards her glistening soft lips. As I pressed my lips to hers they felt so incredibly warm and desirable. I pressed my lips firmly to hers and she responded instinctively as she kept her arms clasped behind my neck and pulled herself against me. I ran my tongue all around her full pouting lips until they were shining. I took her broad bottom lip between my teeth and she moaned as I nibbled at it gently. I released her lip and pulled back slightly and she looked up at me nervously.

"I'm going to kiss you again, sweetheart. Only this time, I want you to open your mouth slightly. Understand?"

"Yes, Uncle Jeff. Whatever you say." The nervousness was gone from her face and had been replaced with a gentle smile of pride.

Once again I lowered my face towards hers and pressed my lips to hers. I found her lips slightly parted and slid my tongue gently between them. Her mouth tasted warm and moist with the innocence of youth as my tongue slid sensually across hers.

"Mmmmmmm," she moaned with lust as I pressed my tongue against hers. She was learning quickly as she eagerly thrust her tongue against mine. I withdrew it into my own mouth and she followed instinctively as I wrapped my lips around her probing tongue and sucked at it ravenously. She held firmly to the back of my neck and pulled my face harder against hers as she sucked my tongue back into her own mouth and eagerly let her probing tongue press and rub against mine. My hands instinctively slid down her back to her shapely rear and I cupped the firm young cheeks of her ass and pulled her body against mine. My cock was hard as an iron bar in my pants and too late I realized she could feel it pressing against her thighs. I felt surprise register in her movements as she temporarily froze and pulled her face slightly away from mine.

"Uncle Jeff," she said breathlessly. "Is that your....uh....your thing?"

"Yes honey."

"Did I.....did I do that?" she asked with a look of genuine surprise on her face.

"Well, it happened because of you, yes."

"Can I....can I see it, Uncle Jeff?"

"Oh, I don't think so Cory. There'd be no turning back if that happened."

"Oh please, Uncle Jeff? I've never seen one before," she said with a pleading look on her face as she looked down at the bulge straining at the material of my pants. "I promised I won't tell anybody. Please, Uncle Jeff?" she said as she once more pressed herself fully against me and started rubbing her thighs against my hard cock as she tipped her head up and nibbled suggestively on my bottom lip. Oh fuck! I had no willpower left to resist.

"Okay, honey. Okay." She pulled her face back and smiled at me excitedly. "But you have to promise to never, ever, tell anybody about this. This has to be our secret, okay?"

"Cross my heart and hope to die," she said as she actually took her hand and drew an imaginary X across her chest.

"Okay, dear," I said more confidently once I had resigned myself to what was going to happen. "If you want to do this, you have to do whatever I say honey, okay?"

"Whatever you want, Uncle Jeff. I'll do whatever you say," she answered anxiously.

"Alright. Come over here," I said as I moved to stand in front of a big easy chair. She followed compliantly and stood right in front of me, her eyes drawn once again to my straining crotch.

"Take my shirt off first," I instructed. She reached up and plucked open the buttons of my shirt. She pulled the tails out of my pants and drew the open shirt down my arms and off.

"That's good. Now a woman would run her hands over my chest and shoulders. That is what you want to be, right Cory? You want me to treat you like a grown woman, right?"

"Yes, Uncle Jeff. Just let me know what to do," she answered as she put the palms of her hands on chest and let them explore my smooth muscular pecs. She tentatively let her fingers run over the little pebbles of my nipples and then she ran her hands lower over my taut stomach muscles.

"You feel so good, Uncle Jeff. So firm and yet so smooth at the same time." You haven't seen anything yet, kid, I thought to myself.

"That's good, Cory. Now get down on your knees." She immediately dropped to her knees which brought her gorgeous face level with my cock. I kicked off my shoes and socks as she raised her eyes to look up at me, awaiting instructions.

"Now undo my belt and open the clasp on my pants." She raised her hands and struggled with the buckle for a second before she got it undone. She then popped open the clasp on my pants.

"Okay, now slowly pull down my zipper." She reached up and with one delicate hand took hold of my zipper and slid it gently down.

"That's good. Now take ahold of the waistband of my pants and pull them all the way down." She reached up with both hands to my sides and gripped the waistband. She tugged slightly and then they fell away to my ankles. Once released from its confinement, my cock sprung forth and just missed hitting her in the face as it unfurled and rose to stand up proudly at its full 9" length.

"Oh man......" she said as she stared at it as if hypnotized. "It's beautiful." She watched it intently as it bobbed with every heartbeat. The engorged head was a dark crimson and the corona flared out menacingly atop the thick pulsing shaft. It looked more like an angry weapon or bludgeon than a simple little penis. I stepped out of my pants and kicked them aside. I stood before her totally naked with my heavy cock pointing upwards at a 45 degree angle, the tip pointing towards her face.

"What's that shiny stuff at the end?" she asked eagerly.

"That's called pre-cum. It means I'm excited. The more excited I get, the more pre-cum comes out the end."

"It's so big. It just looks so big and powerful compared to those pictures in our health books. Can I.....can I touch it Uncle Jeff?" she asked as she looked up at me with pleading eyes.

"Okay honey. C'mere," I said as I sat down in the easy chair and spread my legs wide. She crawled forward on her knees until she was kneeling at the front of the chair, my hard dick in the perfect location for her hands.

"Just reach out and put your hand around it," I said as I nodded towards my thrusting cock encouragingly. She reached out with one tentative hand and I watched enraptured as she let her delicate fingers close around the shaft of my cock.

"It's so big I can't even close my hand around it. Is that okay, Uncle Jeff?" she asked nervously.

"That's just fine, honey. Now, get a pretty firm grip on it and let your hand slide up and down." I felt her hot little hand tighten slightly on my throbbing rod and then she started to slide her hand upwards. Oh man, this kid was a natural. She didn't have it gripped to tight or too loose....just perfect.

"It feels so hard and yet so soft at the same time," she said as she shucked the outer sheath of skin up and down. "It's so hot too." Her eyes flicked up to the glistening piss-slit as more pre-cum started to ooze forth.

"Why don't you put your other hand around it, Cory? I think there's room for both," I said as I settled back in the easy chair and let her explore. She reached up and put her other hand below the first one and then both hands worked in unison on my upthrust cock. She quickly got into a smooth rhythm and her two hands worked enthusiastically as she pumped away at my virile manhood. I had been teased by looking at her all day and my cock had been up and down many times over the last few hours so I knew it wouldn't be long. I looked down at the lustful look on her beautiful face and felt my balls start to draw up in their sack as a prelude to my orgasm.

"I'm going to cum soon, Cory. When stuff starts to come out the end, just keep on doing what you're doing with your hands until I tell you to stop, okay?"

"Okay, Uncle Jeff," she said as her eyes focused anxiously on the tip of my cock as she continued her double-fisted pumping of my nine hard inches. It took only a few strokes more and I felt the initial rush of semen as it sped to the base of my cock.


The first blast jettisoned forth from the end of my cock to launch high into the air. It seemed to almost hang in slow motion before it reached its zenith and then dropped to land with a splash in a large puddle on my chest. It was quickly followed by a second and third thick ropey strand that burst forth to fall in glistening milky gobs on my chest and stomach.

"WOW!" I heard her say as she kept up her two-handed jacking of my erupting cock. She continued to pump as shot after milky shot of cum spewed forth. My chest and stomach were a mess and the final few shots ran down onto her milking hands. My orgasm was incredibly intense and had me gasping for breath. I finally started to come down from my climax and reached out to grasp her wrist.

"Okay, honey. That's good," I said between ragged breaths. She kept her hands still on my pulsing rod but did not release it from her clutching grasp.

"Uncle Jeff, that was so cool! Look at all that stuff on you." We both looked down at the milky puddles and ribbons of cum covering my chest and stomach. "There's even some on my hands. Is that what sperm looks like?"

"Well, sperm is just part of that, honey. It's actually called semen which is made up of sperm, water and some other bodily fluids. Most people just call it "cum". Sperm is kind of like the "active ingredient" in cum I guess you'd say."

"Did I....did I do okay, Uncle Jeff?"

"Oh, you did just perfect dear. I couldn't have asked for you to do it any better than that. What did you think?"

"I loved it," she said enthusiastically. "Your thing felt so powerful in my hands."

"Cock, honey. If you want to be like a grown woman, you have to call it a cock, not a thing."

"Sorry, Uncle Jeff. Your cock, felt so hard and hot yet so velvety smooth at the same time. And then when that stuff......the cum.....shot out of was just so neat! Can we do it again, Uncle Jeff?" she asked anxiously.

"In a few minutes, honey. I just need a few minutes and then you can do that again if you want. Since you're learning some new words, you can call that a "handjob" or "jerking me off" if you like."

"I liked jerking you off, Uncle Jeff," she said as she seemed to have fun trying out her new words. "Should I get a cloth or towel or something and wipe up all that cum?"

"I guess you could if you want, but it would kind of be a waste," I said cunningly.

"What do you mean?" she asked with a quizzical look on her face.

"Well, there are so many benefits of cum to a woman that it would seem like a waste to just wipe it up. It's great for the complexion when it's rubbed into your skin. And of course, if you take it internally, it helps your breasts grow." I was hoping her sheltered upbringing would bring me added benefits.

"Really? mean like eating it?"

"Yeah, that's the best way to take it to help your breasts grow. Even better than rubbing it onto them."

"Wow! They never taught us that in health class."

"No, parents don't want that kind of stuff taught in school but everybody knows it. You know all those celebrities and pop stars you see with big breasts?"


"Cum-eaters. All of them. They like to keep it quiet but to get breasts...or tits is another word grown-ups get tits like theirs, they're probably eating cum almost everyday. And you want your tits to grow, right Cory?"

"Yeah, I wish they would catch up to the rest of my body," she said with a slightly confused look on her face.

"Well, you can go get that cloth if you want...but hey....why don't you try licking a little off your hands first. Maybe you'll like it."

"Okay." I watched intently as she released my deflating cock and brought her two hands towards her face. The one that had been on top most of the time was covered with slimy trails of my seed. She brought that hand in front of her face and I watched as her tongue slid out into a milky ribbon on the back of her hand. She withdrew her tongue and a long strand of cum followed it back in between her parted lips. I watched her face as she got her first taste of man-cum. Her throat contracted as she swallowed the first savory morsel.

"Well, what do you think?" I asked.

"It's a little bit salty, but it's warm and creamy too. I kind of like it," she said as she gave me a beaming smile.

"That's good, dear. Why don't you lick up the rest and then I'll be ready for you to give me another handjob." I sat back and watched her lick her hands clean and then she leaned forwards over me and I felt her tongue run along the skin of my stomach as she delved her tongue into a puddle of cum. She lapped and sucked it up and moved forwards to lick up the first big gob that had fallen on my chest.

"Mmmmmmmmm," she started subconsciously purring like a kitten as she lapped up my creamy seed. She kept busy until my chest and stomach were glistening with drying trails of her saliva. As she had been licking, I felt my cock starting to swell again and it was sitting at about half-mast by the time she finished.

"Mmmmmmm, that was good, Uncle Jeff. Can I give you another handjob now?" she asked with an imploring look on her face.

"Okay, just one second honey. I know something that'll make this even better for both of us. I'll be right back."

I left her kneeling in front of the easy chair as I hurried into the bedroom. I grabbed my jar of Vaseline and headed back to the family room. She had remained in her place kneeling if front of the chair, still fully clothed in her mini-dress and high heeled shoes. She looked so sexy kneeling there, looking at me anxiously, waiting to wrap her hands around my 9" cock.

Chapter 3

"What's that, Uncle Jeff?" Cory asked as she looked at the jar in my hand. I sat back down in the easy chair and held out the jar of lubricant that my gorgeous 18-year old niece was eyeing up.

"This is something that will make this next handjob feel even better for both of us. It's Vaseline. And it's the best thing for jerking off with," I said as I unscrewed the lid.

"Vaseline? I thought that was just for babies," she said as she looked questioningly into the jar. "It even smells like babies."

"Yeah, this is the "Baby Fresh Scent" kind. I love the smell. I use it all the time when I jerk off."

"You jerk off, Uncle Jeff?"

"Sure I do, honey. There's nothing wrong with that. Everybody does it. Especially when they don't have a pretty girl like you around to do it for them."

"Did you like it better when I did it for you than when you do it yourself?"

"Oh absolutely, dear. I think that was the best handjob I've ever had. I can't wait for the next one." She simply beamed under my words of praise.

"Uncle Jeff, how often do you do it? You know....jerk off I mean?" she asked with a note of intense interest in her voice.

"Well honey, usually about four or five times a day," I answered honestly.

"WOW! Four or five times a day! That is so cool!" She paused and I could almost see the wheels turning in her head. "When you do it that many times a day.....when you there always that much there always that much cum as last time?"

"Well, I've been told my loads of cum are a lot bigger than most people shoot...and...well...yeah, all my loads are usually that big. The amount doesn't seem to drop off the more often I cum."

"Oh, it must be so much fun to make it shoot off like that." I watched her eyes zero in on my heavy thick cock lying dormantly along my thigh. "Uncle Jeff, have you....uh.....have you ever thought about me when you jerk off?" She looked up at me with that insecure look of young innocence again.

"Yes, honey, I have."

"How many times?"

"Well, I can honestly say, more times than I can even count." As my words registered she broke into a broad smile and was positively glowing with pride.

"Oh, Uncle Jeff! That is just so cool! That's so awesome that you think about me when you jerk off." She paused as she looked once more at the jar in my hand. "Okay, the Vaseline. What do you want me to do?" She had that eager tone to her voice again.

"Just reach your fingers in there and scoop some up on your fingers......yeah....that's about enough. Now rub your two hands together so they get well covered and warmed up." She complied with my directions instantly and soon her two delicate hands were slick shiny instruments of pleasure.

"Like that, Uncle Jeff?"

"That's perfect, dear. Now I'm just going to sit back here and relax. You take both of those nice slippery warm hands and make my cock feel real good like you did last time. Go ahead and do whatever you like. If you do anything wrong or if I want you to do something different, I'll let you know." I set the jar of lube on the little table beside me and sat back comfortably in the chair.

Cory had been sitting down between my spread thighs with her bum resting on her calves beneath her. Once she had her hands greased up, she rose onto her knees and looked down at my half-hard cock. She reached out tentatively and I felt her tiny fingertips seem to dance along the length of my rod. I looked at her beautiful face and she seemed totally fascinated and enthralled with my cock. Her fingers slipped around the thick girth and I felt that warm luxurious feeling of being encompassed by a slick warm hand.

"Mmmmmmm....that's nice, honey. Just take your time and do whatever you like," I said as I settled in to enjoy it.

"Okay, Uncle Jeff. It feels so warm and spongy in my hand." I knew it wouldn't stay like that for long.

She took her other hand and wrapped it around the head and started rotating it back and forth around the protruding crown. It felt great and I felt an initial twitch as more blood started to pump back into my manhood.

"I can feel it starting to get bigger, Uncle Jeff," she said with excitement in her voice. She put both hands together and started to pump up and down in unison as my cock continued to fill and extend. "'s so beautiful."

"That's good, honey. You're doing that just like a grown-up woman," I said as my eyes focused in on her pert little tits jiggling enticingly beneath her tight dress as she milked her hands up an down. Her face was glowing with the thrill of pleasuring her uncle. After just a couple more minutes under the stimulation of her pumping hands, my dick was back up to its full nine thick inches.

"Oh gosh, Uncle Jeff," she said as she stared wide-eyed at my rearing stallion-like cock. "It's so big! As it kept getting harder it kept spreading the ends of my fingers further and further away from the rest of my hand. I can't believe how big around it is!"

"That's okay, Cory. It feels great just the way you're doing that."

She kept this up for another minute or so and then put one around the base of my cock while she let go with the other one. I watched as she gripped my rod and then slowly pulled it downwards until it was pointing straight towards her. She then took her hand and drew it slowly and firmly along the full length of my cock until she reached the flared crown. Just before she fully slid her hand off the tip, she reached forward with her other hand and wrapped it once again around the thick base. She started the same slow upward movement as her first hand finished its smooth stroke right off the tip. She then brought her first hand back to the base and repeated the process. It was like she was pulling a boat to shore by pulling hand over hand on a thick rope attached to the bow.

"Oh my God, Cory. Thank feels fucking incredible," I said with a noticeable moan. It felt so good in her pulling hands. My cock felt so incredibly hard. It almost felt like she was pulling more and more blood into it with her coaxing manipulations.

"I'm glad you like it, Uncle Jeff. You were right about this Vaseline. I love it. Your cock feels so hard and powerful like this. Oooops!" she squealed as her hands slipped off my cock and it sprang up to slap noisily against my stomach.

"OH GOSH! I'M SORRY! ARE YOU OKAY UNCLE JEFF?" she almost shouted in her shock at the speed and force with which my rigid cock snapped out of her hands. I was about to answer that I was fine and then noticing the genuine look of concern on her face, I thought I could take a little advantage of the situation.

"Yeah honey, I guess. The end kind of stings a bit where it slapped against my stomach." I put my fingers near the base of my dick and started to push it back down towards her. "How about you give it a little kiss to make it all better?" I suggested.

"Uh, okay," she said tentatively. With my fingers pushing on the topside of my cock, I held it in position pointing directly towards her sweet mouth. I watched enthralled as she pursed her plump full lips as her mouth descended towards my engorged crimson crown. Those beautiful soft lips got closer and closer until I felt almost a jolt of pleasure as they touched the sensitive membranes of my cock-head. Those full gorgeous lips felt so incredibly soft and warm as she pressed them against my slippery skin. She gave it a quick smooch and then lifted her head up again to look at me.

"Is that better, Uncle Jeff?"

"A little. Why don't you give it one more kiss; only this time, open your mouth a little bit more and kiss it like we kissed that second time. If you let your tongue slide over the stinging part a bit...well....that should soothe it a bit."

"Okay." She lowered her wide full mouth once again only this time I could see her lips were parted slightly. She pressed them once again to the wide mushroom head and I watched her 18-year old lips stretch further open as they allowed the very tip of my cock to enter her mouth. Oh fuck! Her mouth felt so deliciously warm and moist. Her full pouting lips spread further open and then I felt the tip of her tongue pressing into my piss-slit. Oh man! Did it ever feel great! I felt my cock surge and it was like a hard iron bar as her tongue slid out of my piss-slit and over the top of those sensitive spongy membranes. She bathed the top of my engorged flared head with her cooling saliva while keeping her lips adhered tightly above the corona. I felt her tongue slide back slightly and probe again into the very tip before she pulled her nursing mouth back off my cock.

"Was that better, Uncle Jeff? I'm sorry I let go of it like that." She continued to look genuinely concerned about my welfare.

"That was much better, dear. I'll be fine now." I paused for a second as she looked relieved. "What did you think of kissing it?"

"I couldn't believe how hot it is! And the end is so big too. I didn't know if I'd be able to get my lips around it. It's amazing how something so hard can feel so silky smooth at the same time."

" liked having it in your mouth?" I asked slowly.

"Ummmm.....yeah, I did." She paused for a second and I could see she was about to say something else. "And you know what else, Uncle Jeff? When I first let my tongue touch the end, I could taste your ummmm....what did you call it?....precum?" I nodded in agreement. "And it had that same creamy flavor as those other piles of cum I licked up last time. It tasted good so after I finished licking the top, I stuck my tongue into the end again to get a little more. Is that okay, Uncle Jeff?"

"That's fine, dear. You can have as much precum and cum as you like. The more you get, the quicker it'll help your breasts grow too." I paused as I thought about the whole weekend we had in front of us and looked down at her holding her two slick hands up anxiously. "We can try more of that with your mouth later, sweetie. Right now, can you put your hands back on it and do that "pulling the rope" hand over hand thing again?"

"Sure Uncle Jeff. Whatever you say." She reached forward and took my rigid shaft once more into her slick supple hands and pulled it downwards away from my body and then started pulling it in that hand over hand motion once again. This time she made sure she had a grip on it before she let the leading hand slide off the end. I just sat back and luxuriated in the feeling as she manipulated my raging erection.

"So, Uncle Jeff. You said we'd be able to try it out again with my mouth later?" she asked questioningly. I nodded in agreement. "So you'll still be able to go again after this time?" she said with spark of excitement.

"Oh yeah honey. I'll be able to go again in a little while. Where you're concerned, I'm pretty sure it won't be problem getting hard again. Also, I've got to keep you supplied with cum now, right?"

"Oh thanks Uncle Jeff! I'm glad I make you happy. And if you think more cum is good for me, I'll take as much as you want to give me."

"Okay sweetie. There'll be lots more for you....don't worry about it. But right now, I'd like you to try something different with your hands. Put both of then around it and put them together right in the middle....yeah, that's it. Now, slide the top hand up to the end and at the same time slide your bottom hand down to the base. Then bring them both back to the middle at the same time."

"Like this?" She moved her slick hot little hands exactly as I directed.

"Oh God, yes! That's perfect"

She got into a rhythm again of sliding her hands in opposite directions on my rigid cock. It felt so good. I let her keep that up for a few minutes before giving her some new instructions.

"Now honey, I want you to keep one hand working on the top half and I want you to take your other hand and scratch your fingernails all around the base of my cock."

"Won't that hurt, Uncle Jeff?"

"Oh no, sweetie. It'll feel really good." She did as I asked and I looked on as her blood-red fingernails scratched through my pubic hair and against the taut skin on the lower part of my shaft and all around the base of my thrusting manhood. I could see some of the Vaseline gathering under the tips of her nails as she gave me a good sense-heightening scratch. Once again, I enjoyed the pleasure of having her do this for a couple of minutes before giving her the next set of instructions.

" are so good at that Cory. I could just sit back and let you do that all day long." Her face shone with pride again at my words. "But we have to give you some more cum pretty soon so here's what I'd like you to do now. Put both hands together again....yeah...that's it. Now this time, move them both up and down in the same direction at the same time keeping them together. All the way from the base to the tip......yeah.....that's good......just like that.....only now.....I want you to kind of spin your hands around it at the same time you're moving them up and down. Do you think you can.........oh.........that is so fucking good." I was about to ask her if she thought she could do that okay but she had already started to move her sliding hands back and forth around my rigid erection at the same time she was sliding them up and down the full 9" length. I started a series of low guttural growls as waves of lustful pleasure coursed through me.

"Uncle Jeff.....the precum is starting to drip from the end of your cock. Is that okay?"

"Yes, Cory. That just means it loves what you're doing to it."

"Can I....can I lick it off?" she asked eagerly.

"Sure honey. Go ahead." I watched her tongue slide out as she lowered her mouth and she lapped at my oozing piss-slit. I watched a gooey strand get pulled back between her lips and I saw the muscles in her neck contract as she swallowed.

"Mmmmmm," she purred out loud. Her milking hands were coaxing more and more of my precum to the surface and a further gob started to distend and hang from the end of my dick before she swept in with her darting tongue and captured it again. She paused in raising her head to stick her tongue directly into my gaping piss-slit and probe for more of my succulent seed. I saw a milky gob pulled back by her tongue disappear into her waiting mouth once more. That lewd display by my 18-year old niece was all it took to send me over the precipice.

"OH CORY! KEEP THOSE HANDS MOVING.....I'M GONNA CUM!" I shouted as I felt the rush of semen speeding thru my cock. I looked at her intently long-stroking my thick shaft as she kept her eyes glued to the oozing tip. Her beautiful face and hooded eyes were a mask of lust as she pumped away with her slick little hands. My eyes focused again on her jiggling little tits tightly encased in her dress.

"OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH......" I let out a big moan as the first thick ropey strand erupted from the end of my engorged cock-head. It spat out in a huge milky gob that shot high in the air and then splashed down on my chest once again. She kept up her ardent jacking as a second, third and fourth wad spurted forth. I was gasping breathlessly as I watched my cock continue to shoot and shoot under her skillful manipulations. My body had gone rigid and was almost convulsing as I was deep in the throes of an intense toe-curling orgasm. I looked at her face and she was wide-eyed with awe as she watched my cock spit out gob after gob of creamy thick cum. I was quivering and shaking as she pumped and pumped every last warm drop of milky semen out of me. The last few shots dropped onto her jacking hands and she slowed her pumping instinctively as the final dribbles oozed forth.

This 18--year old kid was a natural with a cock in her hands. She slowed down at the exact moment the sensitivity got to be too much for me and her hands came to an almost complete stand still as I felt the final sensations of my climax flow through me. I watched as she gripped firmly around the base with both hands and made one final upward stroke. She watched the gaping opening at the end closely as she coaxed a last milky gob to ooze forth. As the drop filled and grew in size it started to run sluggishly down the V on the underside of my cock-head. She dove forward and pressed the flat of her tongue into the creamy drop of warm semen.

"Mmmmmmm," she moaned as she captured her savory morsel and then rolled her tongue around the end of my cock and delved the tip into my piss-slit looking for more. I looked on breathless, my chest heaving as I drew in cool draughts of fresh air. She lifted her head from the end of my spent dick and I saw her eyes open wide as she looked up past my cock.

"UNCLE JEFF! THERE'S EVEN MORE THAN LAST TIME!" she said excitedly. We both looked down at my smooth chest and stomach. Fuck! She wasn't kidding! My chest and stomach were a total mess of cum. Little puddles and ribbons of warm milky semen made a bizarre mosaic as they covered most of my torso.

"See sweetie, I told you. That's because of the Vaseline. It always makes jerking off better."

"Wow! You're not kidding. It did feel better when my hands were all hot and slippery. And by the look at the amount of stuff.....I mean cum....that you shot, I guess you liked it better too."

We both looked down at the copious amount of warm milky semen covering me in a creamy whitish coating. I took my index finger and scooped up a sizable gob from the biggest puddle in my navel.

"Here Cory," I said as I extended my finger towards her. "It's better for you if you eat it while it's still fresh." She opened her mouth automatically and I slipped my thick cum-covered digit between her full soft lips. I felt her warm lips close around my invading finger and then her tongue swirled about it to capture the creamy viscous seed. Her mouth sucked lovingly at my finger as I slid it back and forth gently between her soft swollen lips.

"That's a good girl. Let me feed you some more of this nice fresh cream," I said as I withdrew my finger and this time used two fingers to scoop up a more sizeable amount. She edged even closer to me as she anxiously awaited her next dose of cum. As I moved my dripping hand towards her mouth, she eagerly darted her face forward and lapped at my fingers as her warm swollen lips closed around them. I saw her eyes close and she let out a soft moan as she swallowed the milky baby-batter. I scooped up another gob and slid my fingers back into her suctioning mouth. She was like a baby bird taking food from its mother as she licked and sucked eagerly at my invading digits.

"Okay sweetie, you can come and clean up the rest now," I said as I sat back and nodded towards the remaining cum strewn across me. She lifted her two hands to her face first and licked the final drops of my seed that had spewed forth at the end of my climax. She then put her hands on the tops of my thighs and leaned forwards past my deflating cock and delved her tongue deep into my navel where the biggest puddle remained. She noisily sucked and lapped up every drop of my milky man-juice. She leaned further forward and chased down every stray ribbon and drop of cum until my smooth hairless chest shone with the drying remnants of her saliva. She finally sat back and I reached forward to wipe up a final drop that was clinging to her chin.

"There you go, dear. You got it all," I said as I slowly sawed my finger back and forth between her nursing lips. After she had licked it clean, I left if there for a little while longer as her tongue and lips continued to suck enthusiastically at my thick digit. Fuck! Was she ever good! I knew I'd have more than my finger deep in her mouth before this night was over...

Chapter 4

Her eyes were closed and she seemed peacefully serene as she sucked away at my invading digit. I could feel her talented tongue swirling all around the surface of my long thick finger as I slid it back and forth slowly between her puffy lips. Oh was going to feel so good teaching her how to suck cock. I withdrew my finger from her mouth and it made a resounding "pop" as it came free of her suctioning mouth. Her eyes opened and she looked up at me with a questioning look on her face, awaiting my next series of instructions.

I sat forward on the edge of the chair and placed my hands on each side of her gorgeous 18-year old face, her smooth skin feeling silk-like under my fingertips. "You did just great, honey. You cleaned up all that cum just like a grown-up woman would." A reassuring smile came to her face once again. "Would you like me to kiss you again?"

"Oh yes, please Uncle Jeff. I'd like that."

She closed her eyes as I held her face in my loving hands and brought my mouth down to hers and planted a deep searing kiss on her pillow-like lips. I pressed my lips firmly against hers and found her mouth eagerly open as my tongue slid forward into her warm oral cavity.

"MMMmmmm," she moaned as she pressed her tongue ardently against my thick probing tongue. I felt her body seem to relax as the pleasure of the kiss flowed through her. I followed her forwards as she melted downwards and she ended up sitting back down on her calves beneath her. I drew her tongue back into my own mouth and she followed enthusiastically as our tongues dueled with each other sensually. I finally drew my mouth away from hers and with our faces just inches apart, I watched her gasp breathlessly.

"Did you like that, Cory?" I asked her softly.

"Oh yes, that was beautiful," she answered with a look of pure love on her face. "It makes me feel kind of funny inside. And I feel kind of know...down there," she said as she nodded towards her groin. "Thanks for teaching me how to kiss like that, Uncle Jeff."

"That's because I care so much about you, dear. I want you to feel good. And that cum you're eating will be so good for you in the end. I know you can't feel it working right away, but it will soon enough."

"Oh good. I can't wait for my boobs to get bigger." She looked down at my dormant cock hanging over the front edge of the chair. She had that tentative, uncertain look on her face once again. "Uncle said we'd be able to try it again with me using my mouth on it....on your cock, I mean?"

"Yes, dear. I just need a little while right sort of...recharge my batteries."

"Do you think I'll do okay at it? It's so big." She looked down at my heavy thick dick with a look of genuine fear.

I held her head gently in my hands and looked deeply into her frightened eyes to reassure her. "Don't worry, honey. Uncle Jeff would never do anything to hurt you. We'll just take our time and go as slow as we need to. We've got all weekend to practice, Cory. I think by the end, you'll be doing it better than any grown-up woman could."

I could see calm descending over her immediately and she broke into a soft smile. "You mean that, Uncle Jeff? You think I'd be better than a grown-up woman at it."

"Sure, honey. You have an absolutely beautiful mouth. It looks like it was made specifically for sucking cock. It's nice and wide for sucking big ones and those gorgeous full soft lips of yours are just perfect for sliding a hard cock between. I think....if you work at it, mind you.....that you can be the best cocksucker I've ever had."

"REALLY, UNCLE JEFF! THANK YOU!" she almost squealed with glee. "When can we get started?"

"In a little bit honey. Right now, how about going to the washroom, wash off your hands and get a nice hot washcloth and wash the rest of this Vaseline off my cock?"

"Sure, Uncle Jeff." She hopped up with that carefree ease of youth and headed for the bathroom, her lush ass swaying provocatively beneath the clinging material of her dress. Fuck.....what a dress that was. I loved it. It showed off her tall slim 18-year old body and wide womanly hips perfectly. She returned moments later clutching a steaming washcloth and I didn't even have to give her any instructions as she dropped to her knees between my spread thighs and lovingly cleaned my spent dick.

"That's good, sweetie. A grown woman would do that for her man every time she gives him a handjob like that." I paused as she smiled at my words. "You just said you felt kind of tingly and funny inside? Do you still feel like that?"

"Yes," she said with her face turning red in embarrassment.

"There's nothing to be embarrassed about, honey. Feeling like that is a good thing. Let's go to your bedroom and I think I can help you with that."

"And after that....can we...can we practice some....uh....some cock-sucking?"

"Sure dear. I should be ready to go again after what I have in mind. Then you can practice for as long as you want." I felt an early stirring in my groin already at her apparent eagerness.

I put my hand around her slim waist and she leaned her head against my shoulder tenderly as we walked to her bedroom. She stopped to toss the washcloth into the bathroom sink on the way by and then flicked on the switch in her bedroom. She left the overhead light off but used the second wall switch which activated the lamp on the bedside table. Her room was bathed in a soft girly-pink glow from the walls and her queen-sized bed was covered with piles of pillows and stuffed toys. Although she wanted to be a grown-up woman so bad (and looked like one in that beautiful fucking dress) she still didn't want to give up the trinkets of her childhood.

I led her over to the foot of the bed and took her shoulders in my hands and turned her until her back was facing the bed. She looked up at me expectantly as I took her pretty face in my hands once again and lowered my mouth to hers. She flung her arms around my neck and pulled my open mouth eagerly to hers. Before I had a chance, her tongue feathered its way between my full lips and probed and swirled within my waiting mouth. We engaged in a long searing kiss as our mutual passion heightened. I finally pulled back from her and saw a soft glowing sheen of perspiration on her face. She looked at me with lust-filled eyes and her open mouth looked so desirable as she panted softly in anticipation.

"Honey, it's time for me to make you feel as good as you made me feel," I whispered softly with my face inches away from hers. "Remember how good I said it felt when you kissed my cock? Well, I'm going to show you how good it will feel when I kiss you down there." I felt a small shudder run through her body as I slipped to my knees before her. "Just relax, sweetie. You'll be fine," I said as I slipped my two hands around her narrow waist and ran them up her sides following the curves of her firm young body.

The stretchy material of her dress felt sensually smooth under my fingertips as my hands rose along her lithe torso. I ran them smoothly upwards until they almost came under her arms and then drew them back downwards. I followed her shapely hourglass figure as my soothing hands flowed over her wide spread hips until I stopped as her dress ended at the tops of her thighs. I started them upwards again, only this time I slid them both more towards the middle of her body. They ran side by side over her abdomen and up over her taut flat stomach as she looked down at me, her face a mask of lust. I slowed down as my fingertips came in contact with her firm budding breasts. I slid them oh so slowly over the protruding little mounds and she gasped as I cupped them firmly. I allowed my hands to run in soft little circles over those delectable little mounds and I heard her little pants of pleasure as I felt her nipples start to harden and press against my hands.

"Your breasts feel beautiful, sweetie," I said as I looked up into her hooded eyes from my place beneath her.

"You don't think they're too small, Uncle Jeff?"

"No, I think they are perfect, just the way they are." I continued to rub my hands over the encased pert mounds as my fingertips played over the hard eraser-like nipples. "They'll be even better though, once that cum starts to work inside you." She was drawing in quick gasps of air as I continued to manipulate her young little mounds. "I'll show you how good those can feel a little later honey. Right now, I want to take care of you down here," I said as I released her firm little buds and slid my hands down her back and over her round protruding ass. Fuck! Her ass felt incredible in my hands. Incredibly round and yet fantastically firm. I'm glad her dad had enrolled her in soccer since she was little!

On my knees in front of her, my face was mere inches away from my sought-after treasure. I leaned in close and pressed my face against the smooth material of her dress covering her abdomen. I inhaled deeply and her young fresh scent invaded my nostrils. Aaahhhh.....the sweet alluring innocence of youth! She smelled clean and girly with a just a faint hint of that musky womanly scent. I felt a little surge in my cock as I breathed in her fresh youthful aroma. It almost seemed to settle on the tastebuds on the surface of my tongue like an intoxicating elixir.

I put my hands on the hem of her skirt and raised it slowly. I watched as the shiny triangular panel of her underwear came into view. I pressed my lips against the silky fabric and found it soaked through with her juices. I heard her let out a sharp gasp above me as I pressed my tongue firmly into the sodden material and ran it upwards from the base of her slit until I felt the protruding nodule of her clit. With my hands on her hips and my tongue pressing against that erect little spire, I felt her start to tremble.

"Oh Uncle Jeff......" she said breathlessly.

I pulled my mouth back from her soaking crotch and looked up at her as I ran my hands beneath the hem of her skirt. "I'm going to take your panties off now, Cory. Then you'll really see how good this will feel." I grabbed the thin strip of material at each side of her waist and started to draw down her flimsy thong.

"Should I take my shoes off, Uncle Jeff?"

"No, just step out of these," I said as I skimmed her wet panties over her high heels. "I want you to leave the dress and shoes on until I tell you. You look so sexy and grown-up in them." I always found women sexier while they were still wearing something. For me, it always seemed to heighten the sensuality and potential kinkiness of the whole situation.

"I'm going to keep these panties, okay Cory?"

"Why do you want my panties, Uncle Jeff?" she asked with a confused look on her face.

"So I can take them home with me and use them to remind me of you whenever I want to jerk off."

"Really?" she almost squealed in surprise.

"Sure, honey. You are just so beautiful that all I'll have to do is press these into my face and your smell will make me feel that you're right there with me. I can even run my tongue over the material and almost taste you."

"Wow! Okay, Uncle Jeff. You can have them. If you need new ones some time, just let me know. Ummmmm.....what would you like me to do now?"

"Just sit back on the edge of the bed there, dear. Yeah....that's good. Now put both hands on the bed just behind you and lean back slightly....that's it. Are you comfortable?"

"Yes, this feels good."

"Good." From my position on my knees right in front of her, I gave her the next instruction. "Now, I want you to slowly let your legs drift apart...yeah....just like that....oh yeah....that's so nice, honey." I looked on intently as her long coltish legs started to move apart. Her tight short dress rode well up her hips and the black material framed her crotch perfectly. I zeroed in on her beautiful 18-year old pussy as it came fully into view for the first time. She was totally clean-shaven but I wasn't surprised since I think with the types of little bikinis they wear, all young girls are clean-shaven nowadays. She had long full inner lips which were a glistening bright pink as they shone with her secretions. She had a long slit that seemed appropriate for her height and I looked towards the top of that enticing cleft and saw the large dark red protrusion of her erect clit poking from between the soft folds of tender flesh. Like everything else about her, the full display of her womanhood was a thing of beauty. And those plump full inner lips looked like something you could lick and chew on all night long. I was ready to start now.

My eyes flicked up to hers and I saw her watching me intently as I moved forward. I put my hands on the insides of her smooth supple thighs and softly coaxed her legs even further apart. As I did, he inner lips parted slightly and I saw strands of her sweet nectar stretching web-like between the two sides of her hot little box. Her young vagina opened up to me like a sweet juicy peach. The skin on her silky inner thighs felt as soft and virginal as a baby's bottom. I caressed them gently with my fingertips as I extended my tongue. I inhaled deeply of her fresh young scent once more and then slid my tongue into the beckoning cleft at the base of her slit and licked upwards.

"OH UNCLE JEFF!" she squealed as my tongue slid between those clinging inner lips. I pressed my tongue as deep as I could into her hot little cunt and felt those hot searing walls seem to clutch at my invading tongue. I could feel how tight she was as my tongue pressed and probed against the sensitive membranes lining her weeping snatch. Yes, this was a tight, young vagina; not the loose sloppy one of a woman with multiple kids. She started a series of low guttural growls as I kept my tongue swirling and probing between her swollen pink lips. Her sweet nectar tasted heavenly on my tongue as I drew it back into my mouth time and again. I knew I'd always remember her delicate young taste from that first time I ate out her tender sweet 18-year old pussy. As I thought about what I was doing with my young niece, I felt another surge in my cock and felt it start to fill and extend. I knew soon I would be ready for round three.

From the state of her soaking wet underwear, I knew she had been hot from the excitement of the two handjobs she had given me. I didn't think she would last long under my skillful tonguing before she reached her climax. As my tongue circled against the steaming walls of her twat, I flicked my eyes up to look at her face. Her head was thrown back and her eyes were closed as the intense new sensations flowed through her. Her full pouting lips were parted sexily and she was panting like a runaway steam engine. I figured it was time to move on to her clit and let this girl experience her first release under my oral assault.

I raised my head slightly and slid my up to the top of her gripping slot. I probed between the hot soft folds of flesh and found the hard erect spire of her engorged clit. I flicked my tongue quickly over the hard little nubbin and then pressed the flat of my tongue against it firmly.

"UNCLE JEFF! OH......OH......THAT FEELS.....OH GOD!" she squealed as my tongue pressed and flicked against her sensitive organ. I looked up and saw her little chest heaving as she gasped for air. She sat up slightly and reached forward with her hands and I felt them run through my hair as she gripped my head and pulled me flush against her.

"PLEASE UNCLE JEFF....WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?.....THAT FEELS SO GOOD....SO....SO.........AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH....." Her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks and I felt her start to shake and twitch as ecstasy radiated throughout her body. I wrapped my tongue around her fiery clit and sucked at it ravenously as she shook and convulsed through her climax.

"OH GOD!....OH....OH....OH...." she was moaning and groaning as her tremendous release had her body quivering and shaking as she pulled me face tightly to her weeping box. I felt a wave of her juices seem to wash out and cover my chin as I kept up my assault on her throbbing clit. Her gasping and shaking continued for a long time and then I finally felt her start to release her tight grip on my hair. I slipped my tongue off her sensitive clit and slid it back down into her sodden trench. I probed deeply and licked up as much of her release as I could. I licked softly and gently at her swollen sensitive flesh as I heard her panting above me. As the final sensations of her climax coursed through her, she flopped back on the bed gasping for air, her legs splayed wide open before her. I continued to nurse softly at her leaking pussy and ran my tongue gently all around the outside of her swollen labia.

"Oh Uncle Jeff. That was unbelievable. I've never felt anything like that in my entire life."

I took a final soft lick at her puffy lips and raised my head to look at her. She seemed totally serene and at peace as she lay back enjoying the afterglow of her intense orgasm. She looked at me through half-closed eyes with a smile of pure contentment.

"I'm glad I could do that for you, honey. You tasted so fresh and sweet. Anytime you want me to do that for you, just let me know."

"Uncle Jeff! Look at your face!" she said as she propped herself up on her elbows. "Is that my stuff all over your face? You look like a glazed donut!" she said with a little laugh.

"Yeah, that's all you, sweetie. You know what a grown-up woman would do right now?"

She looked thoroughly perplexed. "No, what?"

"She'd lick her own juices off my face. Do you think you can do that for me, dear?"

"Sure Uncle Jeff," she said as she sat further forwards.

I rose up on my knees and she brought her face to mine and I watched her extend her tongue from between those soft pillowy lips and then felt the soft raspiness of it as she lapped at my pussy-juice covered chin.

"That's a good girl," I said a she continued to lick all around my lower face until she had gleaned every trace of her sweet nectar. "Give me a kiss now, honey." She slid her mouth over mine and I thrust my tongue deep into her hot oral cavity as our tongues danced against each other. Her soft warm lips against mine continued to fuel my ardor and I felt my cock continue on its path to full erection. We had a long pleasurable kiss that ended with us both breathless as our mutual passion increased once again.

I rose to my feet in front of her and her eyes flew wide open as my fully erect 9" rigid manhood pointed directly towards her. The thick rope-like corona separated the pulsating shaft from the engorged crimson crown. I took my hand and gave my thick dick one slow leisurely stroke towards her. A shining gob of precum filled the gaping piss-slit and started to hang teasingly from the very tip. I watched her big eyes focus intently on the shining strand of her new favorite treat.

"Okay, honey. It's time for that lesson in cocksucking we talked about."

Chapter 5

"Oh Uncle Jeff! Your cock is so big and hard again. It's beautiful," she said as her eyes seemed mesmerized by my rigid member throbbing with need, just inches from her face. Her tongue flicked out unconsciously and ran sexily around her pouting lips as she watched the growing globule of precum hang from the tip of my cock.

"You want a little taste, honey?" I asked teasingly as I slowly waved my dripping dick back and forth in front of her face.

"Oh yes! Please Uncle Jeff?" she said anxiously as her eyes never left the glistening tip of my moving cock.

"Okay dear. We'll give you a just little taste before we get down to your first cocksucking lesson. Now....sit forward just a little bit...yeah...that's your legs apart so I can stand between them.....yeah....that's better." I positioned her just where I wanted her and stood between her spread thighs, my hard cock pointing directly at her pillowy-soft lips. " your mouth and stick your tongue out.....yeah....that's it just like that."

I adjusted my footing slightly and took a firm grip around the base of my cock. With my leaking cock hovering just inches over her extended tongue, I slid my gripping hand slowly forwards. We both watched as the shining globule hanging from the end of my dick distended further until it settled on her tongue. A glistening web of precum bridged the gap between my rigid member and her extended tongue. I could tell she was anxious to draw the juicy morsel into her right away so I spoke quickly, "Not just yet honey, I want to give you some more first," I said gently.

I knew that I always generated a lot of precum and by the way I was turned on by her apparent enthusiasm, I could tell it was flowing out of me freely tonight. I drew my gripping hand back to the thick base and then milked the outer sheath firmly forwards again. My gaping piss-slit filled once again and then the milky globule started to distend down. The initial drop on her tongue was growing into a milky little pool as it was being fed from the connecting web as my hand slid back and forth. With a little flick, I broke the glistening strand and it fell into the little puddle on her tongue.

"Okay sweetie, go ahead." She instantly drew her tongue back between her full lips and they closed instinctively as she swallowed the savory morsel.

"Mmmmmmm," she purred as the gooey man-juice slid down her throat.

"Did you like that, Cory?"

"Oh yes Uncle Jeff! It tastes so nice and warm. It feels really soothing as it slides down my throat." Oh fuck! I thought to myself......fantastic! If things went how I hoped they'd go over this weekend, she'd definitely need something to help soothe her throat! And if my cum could do that for her.....well....I was only too happy to feed her that special medicine.

"Want a little more, dear?" I asked as I started to slowly slide my hand forwards once again.

"Yes please," she responded instantly as she compliantly stuck her tongue well out from between her full lips. I milked another growing drop from the tip of my dick and it quickly swelled and distended again to settle on her tongue. I pumped my hand a few more times until she had another milky puddle on her tongue.

"There you go," I said as I once again broke the connecting web with a little flick of my wrist. She quickly drew the cloudy little pool back into her mouth and then gave a further little moan as she swallowed. We repeated this procedure about three more times and then I was ready to feel those beautiful soft lips on my cock. "Okay, honey. That's enough for now," I said as I watched the muscles in her neck ripple as she swallowed another juicy morsel. She instantly got an almost hurt look on her face, as if I had taken away her favorite new toy.

"Don't worry, Cory," I said as I reached out and laid my hand tenderly along her cheek. "I've got a lot more cum for you. If you suck my cock as good as I think you can, I'll be flooding your mouth with a huge load before you know it." Her glowing smile told me my comforting words had reassured her. "Okay, let's get started."

I walked around to the side of the bed and pushed some of the stuffed toys in the middle out of the way. I piled up a bunch of the pillows against the headboard and slid onto the middle of the bed, my back propped up by the stack of pillows behind me. She rose to her feet at the foot of the bed and turned to face me, her sexy dress hugging her slim 18-year old body alluringly.

"Crawl up here, sweetie," I said as I drew my knees up and let my legs drift apart. She got to her knees at the foot of the bed and crawled forwards on her hands and knees until she was poised over my upright cock. I could see the pointy stiletto heels of her shoes behind her as she kneeled before me, as if ready to worship my cock. And that is exactly what I had in mind.

Her full lustrous hair hung down on either side of her face as she looked down at my rigid erection. I swept my hands up on either side of her face and gathered her hair in my hands and held it behind her head. "Do you have a hairband or one of those scrunchie things?" I asked. "A grown woman likes to keep her hair away from her mouth when she's sucking cock."

"Sure Uncle Jeff. There's couple right there," she said pointing to the bedside table. I spotted where she was looking and grabbed one of those colorful elastic bands and handed it to her. She rose onto her knees and gathered her hair behind her as she fed it through the hairband. As she reached above and behind her, my eyes focused on her pert little tits as her actions pulled the stretchy fabric tight across them. I saw her big eraser-like nipples standing out in bold relief as she manipulated the band back and forth until she had her ponytail in place.

"Is that better, Uncle Jeff?" she asked as she dropped back down to her hands and knees.

"That's perfect dear. And it shows off your gorgeous face that much better too." I paused for a second as I looked at her sweet young face. "Are you sure you want to do this, Cory? You don't have to if you don't want to."

"I do want to do it, Uncle Jeff," she responded instantly. "It felt really good when I was kissing it before and.....uh....I .....I really want to taste some more of your cum. I like the taste of your.....what is it...precum?.....but I like the thicker stuff even better."

"Okay honey. The thicker stuff, eh? Well, you're going to get it right from the source this time so I'm sure you'll love it even more." You lucky fucking bastard!......I thought to myself. How many guys have their gorgeous 18-year old niece almost begging them to let her suck them off! "Now, I'm just going to sit here again and let you do as you like. Take as much time as you want, there's no hurry. Like before, if you do anything wrong or I want you to do anything different, I'll let you know."

I leaned back against the pillows propped up against the headboard and made myself comfortable as I watched her. With her hair pulled back in a ponytail, it gave me a perfect view of her face. She shifted slightly forwards and then reached out tentatively with her hands. My rock-hard cock was standing totally upright and bobbing menacingly with each of my heartbeats. Her delicate hands slid around the thick gnarled shaft and she drew it away from my body towards her. When she had it pointing directly towards her face, I watched her two hands pump the outer sheath slowly upwards towards the head. Another milky gob pulsed at the tip and started to run sluggishly down the V on the underside of the wide mushroom head. As is started to slide down my cock, her tongue darted forwards and speared it. She pressed the flat of her tongue against my searing cock and slid it upwards to the tip, the gob of precum visible on her tongue.

"Oh fuck! That's beautiful, Cory." My words of praise encouraged her and I looked on as her soft wet tongue bathed my whole cockhead. She swirled her tongue and licked all around the spongy sensitive membranes of my engorged crown as I felt it seem to stiffen even more under her warm oral bath. She circled the crimson crown again and again with her searching tongue and then she slowed down and poised her full succulent lips over the very tip. She had her lips almost closed and puckered as if for a kiss, and then she pressed them warmly against the very tip. I watched enraptured as she allowed her mouth to open and those full pouting lips started to slide down over the head of my cock.

"Oh Cory....that's fantastic," I whispered to her softly as I felt my cock start to be encompassed within her hot slick mouth. Her lips continued to stretch farther open as she slid further down on my cock. I saw her mouth spread further open as she encountered the broadest part at my thick rope-like corona. She paused and raised her head back a little bit and then let more of her saliva slide over the taut skin of my throbbing cock. She bobbed her head down once more and her stretched lips slid over the broad corona and seemed to almost lock on just below the crown.

"Oh fuck! That's perfect, sweetie. You've got past the thickest part now. I knew you could do it. It feels great. Do you like the feel of it in your mouth?"

"Mmmhhhmmmm," she moaned in agreement and nodded her head slightly while never releasing my iron hard cock from her grasp.

"That's good, honey. Do whatever you like, but keep it nice and wet. The more saliva you use, the better it will feel. And you can keep your hands moving on the shaft too. You've got me so turned on, it won't be long before I'll be filling your mouth with cum."

Inspired by my words of encouragement, she started enthusiastically pumping away at the lower half of my cock with her two circling hands. She drew her stretched lips back up over the broad crown until she almost drew it right off the tip. She then let her lips follow the contours of my thick rigid erection as she moved her head downwards once more. She slipped it past the broad corona quicker this time and moved another inch further down the shaft. She only had about the top three inches in her mouth with a little more than six more that were being shucked up and down by her delicate little hands. I was happy with that for her first time and knew we would be working on her taking it deeper over the rest of the weekend. She started to bob her head up and down rhythmically as she kept her tongue swirling all around my cock.

"Oh fuck, that feels so good," I moaned as she licked and sucked provocatively. I was right; this kid was a natural-born cocksucker. She took to it like a fish takes to water. I had given her almost no instruction but already she was sucking away like a pornstar. Her wide full mouth fit perfectly over my thick rigid dick and her warm soft lips pressed lovingly against the sensitive membranes on the surface. While she continued to instinctively bob her head up and down, she constantly kept her tongue swirling all over the hot smooth surface as she probed and lapped at the hot hard shaft. As I looked on, I saw trails of her saliva start to slide down the shaft of my cock below her bobbing mouth. It started to turn frothy under her pumping hands as it allowed them to slide more freely up and down my thick pulsing shaft. For her first time sucking cock, I couldn't have asked for anything better. I couldn't believe an 18-year old could suck cock this good. And not any 18-year 18-year old niece! And she was sucking me off like a pro!

"Oh Cory, I'm getting close," I said breathlessly as I felt my balls starting to draw up in their pouch. I thought of a couple of other things I wanted her to do. "Cory, when I cum, I don't want you to swallow it right away. I want you to keep as much in your mouth as you can. I want to see it before you swallow it. Can you do that for me, honey?"

"Mmmmmhhhmmmm," she moaned in agreement as she kept bobbing her head over the top part of my cock.

"Good. Now I want you to do one more thing for me. Keep your head moving and sucking on the end like that.....yeah....that's it....oh fuck.....yeah....just like that. Now...I want you to take your two hands and use your fingernails to scratch all around the base and bottom of my shaft again.....oh yeah.....oh fuck...that's it.....oh fuck yeah....just keep doing that."

She followed my instructions perfectly and I looked down at her blood-red fingernails leaving little red trails as she scratched insistently into the rigid surface of my throbbing cock around the base. I looked further back up the shaft at her stretched pouting lips sliding up and down my gnarled shaft as trails of her saliva ran in tiny rivers from her lips towards her scratching little fingers.

"OH FUCK! HERE IT COMES!" I bellowed as I felt the boiling semen start to rush up the pulsating shaft of my cock. I shook and twitched as I felt the initial throes of an intense orgasm start to overtake me. I watched her bobbing head as I felt the first blast of my eruption jettison forth. It almost looked like it knocked her head upwards but I think she instinctively backed up slightly until she had just the spitting head in her mouth. In this way she could feel the hot salty cream fill her mouth and pool on her tongue without being shot directly down her throat. Oh fuck....she looked so beautiful with her mouth sucking away at my cock....I thought as I continued to unload inside her hot oral cavity. Shot after creamy shot spilled forth to be captured within her vacuuming mouth. I saw a few trickles of the milky white cream appear at the corners of her mouth and start to run down her chin as she fought to hold all of my massive load in her mouth. It was a difficult chore as I continued to spit wad after ropey wad into her suctioning mouth. Soon her chin was a mess of silvery cum as she continued to scratch her fingernails delicately around the base of my thick pulsating shaft. My whole body was thrumming as I felt the last sensations of the mind-numbing release flow through me.

"Oh man. That was incredible," I said as I reached out and took hold of her stroking hands. "That was the most unbelievable blowjob I've ever had. You are absolutely amazing Cory. I wish I could just spend the rest of my life with your lips wrapped around my cock."

With her lips still pressed tightly to my leaking cockhead, I could see the delight in her eyes as she bathed in my words of praise.

"Okay, let's see what you've got there, honey," I said as I sat slightly forwards. She slowly drew her mouth off of my member and tilted her mouth upwards and closed her lips to prevent any of her prize from leaking out. Her chin was totally covered with my spunk and silvery ribbons were even running down her neck as she tilted her head further up towards me. "Okay, wide," I said as I reached forward and put a hand on either side of her soft neck. She slowly opened her mouth and showed me the huge milky pool of warm thick cream she was cradling on her tongue. Her mouth was almost overflowing with cloudy white seed. I took my hands and softly stroked the sides of her delicate throat. "Okay Cory, you can swallow now." She instantly took her first swallow and I felt the muscles of her throat working under my fingertips as they drew the delectable juices into the pit of her stomach.

"Mmmmmm......mmmmmmmm.......MMMMMMMMMMM!" Her purrs of pleasure got louder and then her hand shot between her legs and I saw her rubbing herself frantically as an unexpected orgasm coursed through her.

"MMMMMMMM.......MMMMMMM......AAAAAAAHHH" I held her as she trembled and quivered in my hands as she swallowed the last of my load and her mouth fell open as she gasped for air. She was shaking like a leaf as ecstasy radiated throughout her body. Her face was a mask of lust as wave upon wave of pleasure flowed through her. She finally leaned into me as the final nerve-shattering spasms left her breathless and weak.

"Oh Uncle Jeff," she said with a sigh of relief.

"Are you okay, honey? What happened?"

"I just....I felt so good with your cock in my mouth....and then....then it felt even better when you were filling it with your cum.....and then....and then....when you let me swallow it.....I don't just felt so good.....I felt all tingly like when you used your mouth on me......I just.....I just had to put my hand down there....and then.....I got all trembly and it hit me." Oh fuck! She almost came just from me filling her mouth with my cum. My God! Was this kid ever hot!

"Oh, sweetie. That's beautiful. I'm glad you could cum that easily. If it makes you feel that good to have my cock shoot off in your mouth, we'll see how often we can do that this weekend. Okay?" She nodded enthusiastically.

"Good. But right now, some of my cum leaked out of your mouth. We don't want it to go to waste now, do we?" I reached up and took my finger and swiped up a glob that was covering her chin.

"There was so much of it! I tried to keep as much in my mouth like you wanted but I couldn't. Is that okay, Uncle Jeff?" she had that insecure look on her face again.

"You were perfect, dear," I said comfortingly as I slid my cum covered finger between her pouting lips. She closed them lovingly over my invading finger and sucked at it insistently as she lapped up the creamy seed. I slid it back and forth and then withdrew it to wipe up and feed her the overflowing remnants of my massive load. Soon, her chin and neck were clean of my discharge and it was all collecting in a nice warm spot in the pit of her stomach.

She sat back on her heels and as she ran her tongue once more around her swollen lips, she reached behind her and released her hair from her ponytail. She shook her head and it fell in lustrous brown waves about her face.

"You were right, Uncle Jeff. Having it back in a ponytail definitely kept it from getting in the way. Hey! I've got an idea," she said excitedly.

"What's that, dear?"

"Sometime, if there's like other people around.....we should have a signal so that I can let you know I'd like to suck your cock." Holy shit! I was definitely ready to hear more of this idea! "So, since you want me to put my hair up in a ponytail to do it, why don't we make that our signal?"

"So you mean that if I see you pull your hair back and put it in a ponytail; that means you want to suck me off?"

"Yeah! That'll be our signal just between the two of us! Nobody else would ever know!" Her excitement rose as she thought of using our nasty little "secret signal". "And if I already have my hair in a ponytail, I'll take it out, then shake my hair out, and then put it back in, okay?" she asked eagerly.

"Sure, honey. That'll be our little secret." This was working out perfectly. The kid loved her first taste of cock and couldn't wait to get more. It was time to pay her back one more time. "Here Cory, I want to show you something else," I said as I moved up onto my knees beside her.

"What would you like me to do, Uncle Jeff?"

"Just get up on your hands and knees again, sweetie....that's a little further up in the bed," I said as I shifted behind her on my knees. "Just forward a little more...there, that's perfect."

I had her on all fours amongst all her stuffed toys and pillows with her head near the top and her perfect lush ass perched high above the middle of the bed. I crawled on my knees until I was kneeling on the bottom edge of the bed behind her. Fuck! Was she gorgeous! Her black high heels stood out in bold silhouette against her covers and her long tanned legs looked lean and muscular. The backs of her thighs glistened like bronze columns as they rose towards the hem of her super-short dress. She was still wearing her black dress as I had instructed and the stretchy material barely covered the lush round cheeks of her ass.

"Spread your knees a little bit, Cory." She complied instantly and shifted each knee a few inches to each side. As she did, the stretchy material at the hem of her dress rose higher on her hips, exposing her pink glistening slit at the juncture of her thighs. Exactly as I had hoped! Perfect!

With a devilish gleam in my eye, I shifted forward until I was kneeling between her spread legs. "Just relax and enjoy this, honey. Uncle Jeff is going to make you feel really good again," I said as I reached my two hands forward and ran them slowly from her ankles up her lean, muscular legs. I felt her quiver slightly as my hands rose on the backs of her strong supple thighs. I slid them right under the clinging hem of her dress and ran my hands over her protruding ass-cheeks. Oh God! They were so incredibly round and firm! I ran my hands in circles all around them and explored the beauty of her smooth toned skin and wide womanly hips. I pushed her skirt higher until it gathered around her waist, fully exposing that lush smooth ass. I lowered my face and placed a soft kiss on each of her full round cheeks.

"Uncle Jeff. What are you doing?" she asked as she looked back over her shoulder at me.

"Just relax, honey. You'll love this," I said as I reached forward and put my hand on the back of her head and turned it back around until she was facing the headboard. "I want you to keep your lower body just the way it is, dear, but I'd like you to drop your head down onto the pillows now. You'll be more comfortable that way anyways." She did as I asked and turned her head to one side as she settled down onto the pillows. This kept her full gorgeous ass high in the air and forced her full ripe cheeks to open up even further. "That's a good girl....that's perfect."

I put a hand on each of her smooth round globes and lowered my face towards her ass. I extended my tongue and ran it slowly and lovingly over each of those firm succulent mounds. I ran my tongue closer and closer to her deep crease and with my face near the top of her ass, I slid it deep into her warm moist crevice. I kept it deep in her hot crease as I allowed the saliva to flow to the tip of my tongue as I dragged it downward towards her tender pink rosebud.

"Oh Uncle Jeff....that feels so good," she purred with hint of surprise in her voice. I bathed her crack with my searching tongue and then with my hands cupping each cheek of her luscious ass, I pulled them slightly apart. I withdrew my face a bit and looked at the sweet little pink pucker of her asshole. It looked so clean and tender as I gazed upon it. Enthralled by being surrounded by her virgin loveliness everywhere, I felt like I was being drawn in magnetically as my tongue slid from between my lips as my face was being drawn closer.

"Aaaaahhhhhh," she let out a long low sigh as the tip of my tongue slid over the hot moist pucker. I lapped at the hot tight hole as my tongue slowly drew little circles against her tender young flesh. I leaned in closer and pressed the flat of tongue firmly against her hot little hole. I swabbed my tongue all around her tight little opening again and again as she moaned into the pillow beneath her. Her ass tasted deceptively sweet and innocently alluring. I slowed my tongue in its exploration all around her pink rosebud and formed my tongue into a firm little point.

"Oh gosh," she moaned as I pressed the tip directly into the center of that little pink pucker. She was clenched so tight that I barely made any headway. I kept my tongue extended firmly and bobbed my head back and forth as I "fucked" about a half inch of my tongue into her. I knew for her first time she would be nervous and unsure of someone touching her in such a sensitive area. I would work on that over the weekend too. She would be more relaxed and receptive next time. I was getting so turned on at the thought of plunging deep into more of her virgin holes that my cock was starting to pulse and fill once again. Right now, it was time to make her cum. I withdrew my tongue from her little anal pucker and ran my tongue downwards over her glistening labia.

"Oh Uncle Jeff.....that feels so good," she said with her face buried in the pillow. I tilted my head slightly and let my tongue run down the full length of her weeping little box. She was absolutely soaked! Her slick juices totally covered her drooling pink lips and I lapped up as much of her sweet nectar as I could. I held onto her wide spread hips tightly and pulled her back onto my tongue as I plunged it deep between her slick folds of flesh.

"Uhhhhhh.......god..........ooooohh......Uncle Jeff!," her moans were continuous now as I pressed my face tightly to her dripping box as my tongue rolled and swabbed against the sensitive walls within her hot little cunt. My tongue licked and swabbed against the hot pink walls lining her vagina as she started to tremble and quiver beneath me.

"Oh Uncle Jeff!.....I think......ooooh.....I think..........IIIAAAEEEEEEE!" she shrieked as an orgasm started to overtake her. I was unrelenting as I kept my tongue plunging deep within her as I pulled her spasming hips tight to my face.

"OH GOD!.......OH GOD!.......OOOOOOOHHHH" she moaned as ecstasy radiated throughout her young body. I could feel her whole back end quivering and twitching as the exquisite sensations coursed through her. A further rush of her creamy discharge washed forth right onto my searching tongue and I drew it back time and again into my eager mouth. I kept lapping and sucking at her sensitive little twat as her release continued. Her shaking finally slowed down and I instinctively slipped my tongue from deep within her and softly nursed at her swollen pink labia.

I could hear her breathing raggedly and I raised my head to look down at her. She was totally spent and her legs slid out from beneath her and her lower body fell to the mattress. Her legs remained spread far apart as she collapsed from her tremendous climax. I looked down longingly at her beckoning pink pussy and thought about how much I would have loved to have just taken my hard cock and powered it deep within her. I knew that with my big cock it would have likely torn her in two at this point. No....that would have to wait.....we'd have to work up to that slowly.

I tore my eyes from her delicious little twat and looked up to her face. Her long hair was swirling about her shoulders in a lustrous sheen as she lay with her head turned to the side. I could see her eyes closed in bliss as a soft smile of total contentment played at her full lips.

"Are you okay, honey?" I asked.

"Oh Uncle Jeff," she said as she continued to languish against the feathery pillows. "That was unbelievable. First your tongue in my bum.....and then when you put it deep into my pussy from was so good. Everything you do to me just feels better and better." She was talking but was too exhausted to move from her supine position.

"Are you ready for something else, honey?" I asked slyly.

"Sure, Uncle Jeff," I was surprised at her apparent spark of inspiration so soon after her shattering release. She raised herself on her arms and looked back at me over her shoulder through hooded eyes. "What would you like me to do now?" she said enthusiastically.

"Well, I'm ready to give you one more load before bedtime. Since you're pretty worn out right now, how about you just flip over on your back." She followed my instructions immediately and flipped over onto her back, her head resting on a pillow and her eyes looking up at me expectantly. "That's good honey. Now, I'm going to show you something else your mouth is good for............."

Chapter 6

With my cock at half mast and sticking out from my body at about 90 degrees, I straddled her body and moved forward until my knees were on either side of her cute little chest. I reached down amongst all the stuffed toys and grabbed another little pillow. "Now just lift your head up a little bit, dear," I said as I slipped the pillow on top of the one already cradling her head. She let her head fall back against the stacked pillows and it was at the perfect angle for what I had in mind.

"Now there's a couple more things I'd like to try that I think you'll like," I said to her as I took my hand and started slowly stroking my cock.

"What's that Uncle Jeff?" she asked as her eyes seemed glued to my pumping hand and thick heavy cock.

"Well, I noticed when you were sucking me off that you could only get about three inches into your mouth."

"Yeah, it was just so big around! I wasn't sure I'd even be able to get that much in. I figured you'd want me to take more but I just couldn't do it." Her face had taken on a sad little pout. "Did I do okay, Uncle Jeff?"

"You did perfectly for your first time, dear. I couldn't have asked for you to do anymore. But a grown up woman, if she works hard at it that is, would be able to take all of it."

"REALLY, UNCLE JEFF?" she said with an astonished looked on her face.

"Sure, honey. Women that loving sucking cock.......and you want to be one of those, right?" I asked with a pause.

"Ummm.....yeah....I think so......yeah....I do want to be one of those."

"That's my girl. Like I said Cory, you're a natural cocksucker. Your mouth is perfect for it. There's no reason if you work at it, that you can't be one of the best cocksuckers anywhere. Anyways, like I was saying, women that love sucking cock and work hard at it, can take all of a big cock like mine."

"They can take all of that into their mouth?" she asked with perplexed look on her face.

"Oh no, honey," I said with a little laugh. "There's no way they could fit all of this into their mouth. Some fits in their mouth and the rest of it goes down their throat."

"Really? WOW!" She paused as she looked at my swelling dick. "Doesn't that hurt"

"Not if you do it right. They tell me it feels really good to give their man that much pleasure. It takes lots of practice of course." I paused to let her think about the idea.

"Do you think you could teach me, Uncle Jeff?" she asked tentatively. "I want to make you feel really good. I want to make you feel like a grown up woman can," she said with an almost pleading tone to her voice. Her eyes had an almost frightened look as if she thought I was going to leave her.

"Sure honey, I can teach you," I said reassuringly as I took my free hand and softly stroked her cheek. "That's why I want you in this position right now. I think this way we can get another inch or two into your mouth this time."

"What are we going to do, Uncle Jeff?"

"Well, sweetie, this is what we call "face fucking". With your head propped up by the pillows like that, I can straddle your chest like this and fuck your mouth. You'll hardly have to do anything except suck on it and keep your tongue moving on the head. I'm sure if we do this right, you'll be taking about four or five inches instead of two or three."

"Oh good!" she said enthusiastically. "That sounds pretty easy."

"I'm sure you'll like it." I paused for second as her eyes were glued to my cock as I gave it a couple more leisurely strokes. "Remember when we talked earlier about the benefits of cum and how good it was for you?"

"Yeah?" she said with a distinct note of interest in her voice.

"Well, remember how I said that it was also really good for your skin?"

"Yeah, you said it really helped if you rubbed it onto your skin as well as taking it internally."

"That's right. Now that you've taken three loads internally, I was thinking this time we could try putting some onto your face."

"Oh, okay. How should we do it?"

"I think a direct application is the best way. That way you get the most benefits from it."

"Direct application?" she said questioningly.

"Yeah. Once I'm ready to cum, I'll pull out of your mouth and shoot it all over your face. That way it gets on there instantly and can start to work."

"Oh, okay. What should I do now?"

"Just sit back there and relax sweetie, I'll let you know what I want you to do." While talking to her I could feel myself getting even harder and looking down, I saw I had a full handful of 9" rigid cock. I took a slow firm stroke all the way from the base to the head and we both watched as another milky glob of precum started to drool from the end.

"Oh Uncle Jeff, do you ever run out of that stuff?" she asked with a playful smile.

"Not when you're around, honey," I said as I raised myself further onto my knees and pushed my hard cock down towards her face. She looked up as I pointed the drooling tip towards her and then she let out a little gasp as I let the end of the distended drip settle onto her cheek. She let out a little gasp as I milked my hand back and forth and drew a glistening silvery line across her cheek, over her nose, and along her other cheek. I flicked the leaking tip down towards her face and the web-like strand broke to fall onto her smooth skin.

"There's a little bit for you, sweetie. Rub that in and let me know how it feels." She reached up with her hand and I watched as her fingertips found the shiny ribbon of fluid and started to move in small circles as she rubbed it into her skin.

"It feels good. Nice and warm and slippery. It spreads pretty far too," she said as her cheeks and nose were shining with a thin coating of my discharge.

"That's good honey. That'll start working soon too to make sure your skin stays nice and smooth. When I'm finished cumming, your whole face will be painted with the stuff. And it'll be the thicker stuff that you like so much. And that's got all the good stuff in it." She drew her hand off her cheek and I watched her sneak her fingertips between her lips as she licked up the little bit of fluid still sticking to her fingers.

"Okay, sweetie, open up," I directed as I shifted my hips back slightly and lined up the end of my dick with her mouth. "Now, run your tongue around your lips and get them nice and slippery for me." She instantly ran her tongue out and I watched as she circled her pouting swollen lips time and again until they glistened with a moist coating of her warm saliva.

Her eyes flicked down to the engorged mushroom head atop my massive dick as her beautiful pillowy lips parted and beckoned in invitation. I leaned forward and set the tip of my hard cock right between her soft full glistening lips. She closed them against the spongy membranes of the broad flared head as I felt her tongue press into the leaking tip. I kept one hand pressing down on the top of my rock-hard shaft as I slid more into her suctioning mouth. I watched her pouting lips stretch open further and further as they spread out over the broad head. As they approached the thick ropey corona, I watched them stretch even further and then as I methodically moved forwards, they seemed to pop over the thick ridge and clamp down on the shaft below.

"Mmmmmmpppffff," she let out a low moan with a mouthful of hot hard cockhead. With my rigid dick locked within her mouth I took my hand off the top of the gnarled shaft. I leaned forwards on my knees and got a grip with two hands on the headboard of her bed as I kneeled over her gorgeous 18-year old face.

"That's good, sweetie. Your mouth's got a good grip on the head. I'm going to start feeding a little bit more to you now. If I happen to hurt you, you just let me know, okay?"

"Mmmmmmhhmmmm," she mumbled into my cock as she nodded her head slightly in agreement. I looked down at those beautiful wide-spread lips encircling my rigid cock and flexed my hips forward slowly. I slid another hard thick inch into her mouth and then stopped. I felt her eager tongue swirling over the spongy membranes of the flared crown at the same time as she applied a gentle suction. I withdrew slightly and looked down to see her vacuuming lips pull back with me as if adhered to the surface of my cock. She had a tight grip on it and had no intention of letting go!

"That's perfect, honey," I said as I looked down at the inch of shimmering shaft that emerged from between her nursing lips. I had only drawn back slight and kept the full head locked between her clamping lips. I flexed my hips and slid it back into her mouth. Her searching tongue pressed against the V on the underside of my cockhead as it filled her oral cavity. I slowly withdrew the additional inch again and then we settled into a gentle rhythm as I slowly fucked her mouth with only about an inch more than she had taken previously.

"How are you doing there, sweetie," I asked as I flexed my hips back and forth slowly.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm," she purred into the velvety smooth surface of my rigid member as she kept insistently sucking at the leaking cockhead. I felt her hands reach around behind me and her fingertips caressed the firm cheeks of my muscular ass.....and then she gripped them firmly and pulled me forwards! Fuck! She wanted more!

"Are you ready for more, Cory?" I asked as I looked down at her glistening lips spread tightly over the surface of my erection.

"Mmmmmmhhhmmmmmmm." Again she moaned in agreement and I felt her hands try to pull me further forwards. I looked down at those full stretched lips and slid another pulsing inch into her. Her moist oral cavity felt incredibly warm and luxurious as her lips and tongue bathed my cock with her hot spit. I felt the tip of my cock bump into the back of her mouth at the opening of her throat. I instinctively stopped my forwards movement as I knew anything more would scare her. This was absolutely perfect for right now and I knew we'd work on opening up that throat later.

"That's beautiful, dear. You've got about 5" into you now. Let's move this a little back and forth now. Keep sucking on it just like you've been doing......yeah......that's it....oh....that is so fucking good!" I said as her suctioning mouth worked insistently at pleasuring my virile manhood. I drew back until the head remained locked in her mouth and then slid the rigid shaft forwards again until the tip prodded softly against the delicate tissues at the opening to her throat. For about five minutes I worked my ardent shaft back and forth a little bit at a time as she continued to grip my ass and hold me against her suctioning mouth.

"You're doing great, Cory," I said as I paused with the tip of my cock rubbing softly against the smooth moist opening at the back of her mouth. "That's about as much as I want you to take right now for this load. We'll work on showing you how to take more later, okay?"

"Mmmmmmhhhhhmmmm," she purred into my erection as she licked her tongue across the underside of my shaft.

"Okay, good. Now I want to fuck your mouth with all of those top five inches so I'll be pulling it out further each time from now on. Make sure you keep your lips nice and wet for me, okay?" She nodded slightly and I felt her tongue swirl over the surface of my invading dick. "Good. Your mouth feels so fucking good that it won't be long before you get that beautiful face of yours coated in cream."

I took a firm grip on the headboard and started to flex my hips backwards. I looked down at her suctioning lips following the velvety hot skin of my shaft as it emerged from her mouth. Her lips caught for just a split second on the thick ropey corona and then it popped out from between her lips and the head started to appear. I continued to draw it back as her lips closed tightly against the flared crown as more of it became visible. With just the very tip of it captured between those beautiful soft lips, I flexed forward and slid it deep.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm," she moaned with pleasure as the thick heavy shaft found its mark and bumped delicately against the back of her mouth. As soon as it touched those soft tissues, I quickly withdrew it again. I looked down at the glistening shaft as it emerged once again from between her drawing lips. Oh fuck! This kid was good! I pulled back and felt the broad corona pop out once again and then saw the engorged crimson head shining with her saliva. I drove it back in again and felt the warm luxurious sensations of her hot mouth as she continued to lick and suck at my pulsating erection. We quickly got into a smooth back and forth rhythm as I levered myself in and out of her mouth. She kept her hands gripping the cheeks of my ass firmly as she directed me time and again to keep plowing it into her face. I took my time and worked it fully in and out of her mouth for the next ten minutes or so. The whole time she kept her tongue working enthusiastically over the slick hot surface of my turgid pole. I felt my balls start to draw up in my sack and knew my orgasm was imminent.

"Are you ready for it, Cory?" I asked as I looked down at her as she relentlessly sucked away. "I'm almost ready to cum." She flicked her eyes up and I saw a look of pure lust on her face as she looked up at me with my rigid dick impaled into the middle of her face.

"Mmmmmmmmhhhmmmmm," she purred into my sliding cock as she squeezed the cheeks of my ass as if in encouragement. As my balls continued to draw up closer to my body, I started to rapidly saw my rock-hard cock between her pillowy lips. My hips flexed back and forth as I knelt over her and powered my erection in and out of her suctioning mouth. Her tongue was pressing ardently against the underside of my shaft as I furiously slid it back and forth. I felt that first climactic impulse as the boiling semen within me sped to the base of my rigid shaft.

"OH FUCK! HERE IT COMES!" I shouted in warning as I quickly reached down and wrapped my gripping hand around the throbbing shaft. As my hand slid around my pulsating cock, I pulled my hips back quickly and it popped out of her vacuuming mouth with an audible "POP!" I saw her mouth gasping open in surprise and her eyes flicked up to the engorged crimson head. I pointed the gaping piss-slit down towards her face just in time as the first ropey white strand burst forth. It splashed in a long milky streak upwards across her cheek, over her nose and crossed one eyebrow before continuing over her forehead and ended in her hair. I moved the tip of my cock and pumped my hand rapidly back and forth as the next blast caught her on the chin, across her parted lips and over her other cheek.

"Aaaaaaahhhh," she gasped as my dick continued to erupt and spurt shot after creamy shot onto her upturned face. She looked so fucking sexy with my cum on her face and I jacked away at my surging rod as it spit forth wad upon wad of thick milky cream onto her beautiful smooth 18-year old face. My orgasm shook me time and again as the exquisite sensations flowed through me as I continued to unload on her gorgeous face. I directed the ejaculating wads of semen away from her eyes as much as possible and allowed my shots to fall mostly on her cheeks and forehead. As my climax started to wind down, my hand started to slow its jacking motions on my cock. I slowed my pumping action as I felt my cock slowly start to deflate. I took a few last long firm strokes all the way from the base to the tip and coaxed a few more whitish gobs to ooze forth and drool down onto her face. I finally released my spent dick and looked down at her.

Holy fuck! Her face was covered in my milky cum! There were gobs and strands of whitish fluid everywhere! As well as covering most of her face, there were shining ribbons of it in her hair and on the shoulders and top of her black dress. I was used to cumming in large amounts but even I was surprised at the amount of jizz covering her face.

"Are you okay, honey?" I asked with concern.

"Oh yeah, Uncle Jeff. Your cum felt so hot and powerful as you were spraying it onto my face. Right now it feels so warm and creamy. It feels kind of heavy too. Is there a lot of it?"

"Oh yeah, honey. There's a lot. Your face is almost totally covered. Hey, hang on just a second. Stay right there and don't move." An idea popped into my head and I lifted myself off her and quickly dashed to the living room. I grabbed my digital camera and hurried back to the bedroom. She continued to lie back on the bed with her face coated in my pearly seed. I stood next to the bed and focused the camera in on her glistening face. The flash caught her attention and she looked over at me as I zoomed in for a close up.

"I'll just take a few pictures honey, so I can show you how beautiful you look with cum all over your face," I said as I started to snap shot after shot of her with her face painted with my viscous seed. I moved around the bed and took some shots from the other side and then stood on the bed over her and took some that way. I straddled her chest again and took some close ups from directly overhead as well.

"Can I rub it in now, Uncle Jeff? It's starting to slide down my cheeks and neck."

"Sure, sweetie. But there's more there than I thought there was going to be so I think you have more than enough if you want to push some right into your mouth as well."

"Oh good! It felt so good when you were sliding your cock back and forth in my mouth that I was hoping I'd get to have some more." She quickly reached up with her hands and starting rubbing the warm cream all around her face. I watched as she pushed one larger puddle across her cheek and it slipped sensually between her soft parted lips.

"Mmmmmmmmm. That tastes so good. I think I'm already in love with the taste of your cum, Uncle Jeff," she said as she pushed another gob into her mouth and I watched her lick her fingers clean. Her erotic display was firing my senses once again.

"Oh fuck, Cory. You look so sexy doing that," I said as I started to slide backwards on the bed. "Get your legs apart," I instructed as I knelt near the foot of the bed. She instantly drew her knees up and let her long tanned legs drift apart, the points of her heels digging into the bed. The tight hem of her dress rose once again to give me a perfectly framed view of her wet pink pussy.

"Oh honey, your cunt is so beautiful," I said as I quickly lowered my face into her sodden trench. She was soaking wet and both her inner and outer labia shone with her leaking juices. I eagerly slid my tongue deep between those glistening pink lips and licked upwards.

"OH UNCLE JEFF!" she moaned out loud as I slithered my tongue deep against the searing hot walls of her vagina. I was so turned on by her that I plunged my tongue deep into her weeping little box and licked relentlessly at her tender folds of flesh. She flexed her hips up into my eager mouth as I heard her letting out little squeals and moans as I pleasured her with my lips and tongue. I flicked my eyes up to see her looking down at me through lust-filled eyes as she pushed her cum-coated fingers into her mouth once again.

"Mmmmmmmm," she moaned out loud as she savored more of my creamy seed. I ran my tongue up from the bottom of her juicy twat all the way to the top of her plump pink inner lips and set my sites on the upright spire of her engorged clitoris. I swarmed in over it and clamped my lips tightly down over it as I sucked ravenously on that sensitive nodule.

"OH GOD!" she shrieked as I lathered the hot little button with swipes of my raspy tongue. "OH UNCLE JEFF! I .......I...........OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH....." Her climax washed over her as I kept my tongue and lips busy on her pulsating clit. Her hips bucked up into my face as I pressed my whole face firmly into her hot sweaty pussy. I swabbed my tongue all around her big throbbing clit at the same time as my lips closed around it and sucked.

"OH.....OH.......OH......SO FUCKING GOOD" she wailed as her orgasm had her shaking and convulsing under my skillful tongue. I ran my hands up and down her silky smooth inner thighs as she quivered and gyrated beneath me. I had gotten so excited seeing her eagerly eat my load of semen from her cum-covered face that I had almost attacked her hot little box with my probing tongue. I continued to ravenously eat her out as her first climax finally subsided.

"Oh Uncle Jeff. That was so good. I just.....oh.....UH...UH.....OOOOOOOOHHHH," she shrieked as a second orgasm followed quickly upon the heels of the first. Her hips twisted and a wave of her sweet pussy juice gushed forth to wash over my lips and chin. I licked and probed insistently at her steaming twat as she shrieked and twitched under my oral assault. I could feel the muscles of her thighs quivering beneath my fingertips as I ran them up her sleek inner thighs to the edges of her drooling pussylips. I ran my fingertips delicately over her slick pink lips as my tongue swirled over her hot inner walls. I could hear her panting like a little steam engine above me as I continued to eat her out. As she finally started to come down from her second toe-curling release, I slid my tongue back and licked softly at her puffy swollen labia.

"Oh gosh, Uncle Jeff. I can't take anymore," she said, totally exhausted. I lifted my mouth away from her shining twat and moved up on the bed to lean on my arm beside her. As I was eating her out, she had continued to push the remainder of my cum into her mouth with her fingers. Her face was left with a fine sheen of my drying seed while various gobs were still visible in her hair and on her dress.

"Oh Uncle Jeff. I'm so exhausted," she said as she lay totally relaxed in blissful contentment. I slid the covers from beneath her and pulled her high heels off her feet and set them down on the floor beside the bed. I left her dress on and got into bed beside her and pulled the covers up over both of us. With her eyes closing, she turned on her side and snuggled into me.

"You did great today, Cory. I think we both need some sleep. Tomorrow, I've got some other things to show you," I said as I reached over and turned off the light.

"Mmmmmmmmm, I hope it's like what I learned today," she said softly as I felt her fingertips trace delicately down my flat stomach. They slid down further and her soft little hand encircled my dormant cock and caressed it lovingly. Her hand slowed and held my manhood gently as her breathing slowed and fell into the gentle rhythm of sleep.

I slid my arm around her shoulder and kissed her softly on her head as I held her warm young body against my side. I lay my head back against the pillow and started to quickly drift off to sleep with various images of my gorgeous 18-year old niece running through my head. Yes......I thought......I had a lot more to teach her....tomorrow would be a very good day.......

Chapter 7 felt like I was taking a nice warm luxurious bath. I felt enveloped in soft moist warmth, my whole body tranquil and at peace.....What?....What the fuck was that on my cock!

I stirred from my sleep and looked down towards my groin. Oh man!...What a sight! There was my sweet 18-year old niece, Cory, leaning over my upright cock. I stole a quick glance over at the clock on the bedside table, 8:49, before looking back at her. The soft morning light was streaming in around the curtains and I was able to see her clearly.

She knelt at the side of my hips, still wearing the tight black dress she'd worn to her graduation ceremony last night. She had her long dark hair pulled back in a ponytail....that's my girl! This kid was a fast learner! I could see her long tanned legs folded beneath her as she leaned over me. With her hair pulled back, her face was in perfect profile. Her soft pillowy lips were stretched wide open as she had about half of my rigid cock impaled in her mouth. Oh fuck!......I thought....what a beautiful way to wake up!

Her delicate little fingers traced teasingly around the thick base of my cock as she bobbed her head lovingly up and down on the pulsing shaft. I could see little rivulets of her saliva running down the gnarled shaft as it trickled from the corners of her stretched lips. She was sucking away at it like a pro as her tongue swirled all over the sensitive membranes of the engorged crown as she bounced up and down on the top half of my surging cock. I had no idea how long she had been at it but I could tell I was close to being ready to blow off into her suctioning mouth.

"Oh Cory. That feels so fucking good," I said as I kept my eyes glued to her stretched lips surrounding my thick member.

"Mmmmmmmmmm," she purred into me as she flicked her eyes up to meet mine. I could see a look of pure pleasure in her gaze and then she turned back and concentrated on sucking me off. Once she knew I was awake and aware of what was happening, she took her blood-red fingernails and started scratching lightly into the skin around the base of my shaft.

"OH FUCK! I love that! You know exactly what I like already," I said as I let my head drop back against the pillow. It took only a minute or two of her teasing manipulations and I felt the rush of semen start to speed its way to my throbbing cock.

"OH FUCK CORY! GET READY...........OH FUCK!.......HERE IT COMES!" I bellowed as the first jets of cum spewed forth. I looked at her bobbing head as the engorged crown throbbed hotly as I started to ejaculate into her vacuuming mouth. She kept the swollen head locked tightly between her full lips as her tongue swirled against the V on the underside of my head as I unloaded. I flooded her mouth with a big morning load and little trickles of creamy whiteness slid from the corner of her mouth as she tried to keep up with my erupting cock. I saw the muscles in her neck contract as she swallowed a mouthful and let out a low moan of pleasure. One of her hands quickly shot between her spread thighs and I saw her arm moving jerkily as she rubbed furiously at her throbbing clit.

"MMMmmmmmmmm," she groaned noisily as her own orgasm overtook her as she continued to suck eagerly at my spitting rod. Fuck! I couldn't believe how hot this kid was! She could cum so easily almost strictly by just sucking my cock. Her lithe young body was quivering and trembling as waves of ecstasy coursed through her. She never once released her grip on my shooting cock with her mouth or other hand as she swallowed gob after thick milky gob of my creamy cum. The last throes of my climax washed over me and I felt the last few wads of cum drizzle sluggishly from my gaping piss-slit onto her bathing tongue. She started to come down from her shaking release as well and she slowly continued nursing at my cock.

"Oh Cory. That was beautiful. What a way to wake up!" I said as I looked down at her stretched lips still circling the rope-like corona at the base of my cockhead. She slowly slid her mouth upwards and lifted her mouth off my deflating member. Little strands of saliva and cum connected her mouth with my cock until her tongue slid out to circle her lips and gather in the final remnants of my warm semen.

"Good morning Uncle Jeff," she said as she turned to me with a smile of pride. She leaned her face down and rubbed my cockhead all around her cheeks and lips as she looked at me lovingly. "I'm glad you liked it. I woke up a little while ago and your cock was so hard and beautiful, I just couldn't resist. I played with it in my hand for awhile and it just got hotter and harder so....I.....well I.....I just wanted it in my mouth so bad."

"That was just perfect honey. That is the absolutely best way for a woman to wake up her man in the morning. I just loved it."

"I liked it too. I had to rub myself again when your cum started to shoot into my mouth. There was a lot of it again too. I don't think I need breakfast now," she said with a playful smile as she continued to roll my deflating cock all over her gorgeous face. She reached up and pulled the band out of her hair and let her hair fall free. As she shook it out, I felt the silky strands graze and dance over my abdomen as she leaned over me.

"So, do you have some more things to teach me today Uncle Jeff?" she asked as she looked at me coyly while she pumped a final creamy gob of cum up my dwindling shaft and lapped it up eagerly. Oh God! She was so fucking sexy!

"Yeah, starting right now. Get up here honey." She released my spent member and got onto her knees and crawled up towards me.

"What do you want me to do, Uncle Jeff?"

"Just slide your leg over my chest so you're straddling me.....yeah....that's it. Now just bring that sweet little box of yours up just a little......that's perfect." She did exactly as I instructed and I was inches away from her tender young pussy. Once again, it was framed perfectly by the hem of her tight dress that hugged her hips deliciously. "Now honey, you just hang onto that headboard and ride my face for as long as you want."

"Oooooh. Okay Uncle Jeff. That sounds like fun," she said as she instinctively dropped her slick slot right onto my mouth. She let out a low groan as I slid my tongue deep between the swollen lips of her damp little box. I flicked my eyes up and saw her grip the headboard tightly and close her eyes with pleasure as she started to rock back and forth against my face. I reached around and gripped her lush round ass firmly, the material of her clinging dress feeling sensually smooth under my fingers. I pulled her downwards against my face as I thrust my tongue up into her searing wet trench.

"Oh Uncle Jeff. That feels so good. Your tongue is so deep inside me," she said as she rolled her wide hips in slow circles on my plundering tongue. I held her tightly against me as I kept swabbing and lapping at the hot soft membranes of her vagina. She tasted so young and sweet. I found myself eagerly searching for more and more of her delicate girl-juice as I savored the tart young taste on my tongue. I slid my tongue up from between the soft hot folds of flesh and slid it over her protruding pink clit.

"Oh gosh! That's it Uncle Jeff. Right there," she moaned as I lathered my tongue all around that fiery hard little pea. I kept licking and sucking at that throbbing red organ as her ecstasy escalated. I felt little tremors start in the muscles of her body and knew she was on the verge of her orgasm. I delicately caught her clit between my sucking lips and gently let the edges of my teeth scrape over the sensitive taut surface of her swollen nodule.

"Uuuuuuugghhh.....oh God! What......I......AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH," she let out a long groan of pleasure as her orgasm swept over her. She rocked herself down hard against my face as she bucked and twitched through her climax. I swirled my tongue all around her engorged clit as she bounced and shook on my face. Her hot smooth inner thighs gripped the sides of my face tightly as she rode out a shattering release. I felt a wash of her discharge slip out to cover my chin and I released her sensitive clit and lapped downwards to capture as much of the succulent nectar as I could. I lapped at her pink swollen lips and drove my tongue deep within her as I continued to eat her through the final twitches and gasps of her orgasm. She finally ceased her shaking and rocking and sat still as I softly licked and sucked at her sodden little box.

"Uncle Jeff, you make me feel so good when you do that." She slid her sensitive twat back off my face and looked down at me lovingly, her lush brown hair falling about her face sensually. "'ve got some of me all over your face again," she said as she slid further backwards down my body and lowered her face to mine. I watched her tongue slide out of her mouth and lap up the glistening juices coating my face. Once she had licked me clean of her sweet discharge, she brought her beautiful full lips to mine and pressed them against me in a searing kiss. Our tongues found each other and rolled against each other as we shared the sweet taste of her warm juices. She kissed me deeply and lovingly as she held my face in her hands and my hands roamed over her muscular back and round firm ass. She finally pulled her face back from mine and looked into my eyes as she panted breathlessly.

"Uncle Jeff," she said softly as she looked into my eyes. "I've gotta pee!" she exclaimed with a big smile and bounded out of the bed.

"Me too!" I said with a laugh. "I'll see you back here in a few minutes." She headed into the bathroom off the main hallway and I went to the en-suite in my brother's bedroom. I took care of my usual morning business and then grabbed a washcloth and cleaned myself thoroughly. My plan was to have Cory take a shower with me shortly but I wanted to be clean and ready in case any further "activities" occurred in the next little while. I also gave my teeth a quick brush to get rid of that morning breath. I was minty fresh as I returned to her bedroom. In just a minute or two, she walked saucily back into the room. That gorgeous dress still hugged her tall lanky frame beautifully. I never got enough of looking at those long tanned legs of hers.

"Uncle Jeff, thank you so much for everything you've taught me," she said as she rolled onto her side and lay against me with her head on my shoulder. I could tell she had brushed her teeth as well. "I never knew I could feel this good."

"I'm glad you like it, sweetie. You make me feel that way too."

"Uncle Jeff, I could see in the mirror that you got some of your cum all over my dress and in my hair last night," she said as she touched her fingertips to a few dry milky stains on the front of her black dress.

"That's okay honey. We'll take it to the dry cleaners today. It'll be good as new once they're done. And we'll take a shower in a little while and you can wash your hair. Right now though, why don't you take your dress off?"

"Okay." She sat up beside me and I watched as she flung her long flowing hair sexily forward and reached up to undo a small zipper at the top of her back. She rose to her knees and pulled the tight dress up over her head and tossed it on a chair beside the bed. She wore a black lacy underwire bra that pushed her firm young tits together enticingly. They were small but perfectly shaped. The bra caused a darkening line of cleavage between the ripe little mounds. I could see the dark outlines of large areolas and pointy eraser-like nipples thru the lacy black fabric.

I rose to my own knees next to her. As we knelt facing each other, I reached forward and let my hands roam over her flared hips and smooth indented waist. Her skin felt cool and silky under my fingertips as I slid my hands up and down her sides. I ran my hands over her toned flat stomach upwards towards her chest. She let out a little gasp as my hands cupped her firm young breasts through her bra. I could feel the hard rubbery nipples pressing through the fabric against my hands.

"Your breasts are beautiful Cory," I whispered to her as I lowered my mouth and kissed her left breast right through her bra while cupping it firmly in my hand. I gripped her nipple between my lips and pressed my tongue against the protruding bud. I could feel it hardening and lengthening as if trying to find its own way deeper into my mouth.

"Oh Uncle Jeff. That feels so nice," she said softly as she ran her fingers through my hair. I gave another minute or two of attention to her left breast before switching to the right. She was giving off soft little moans as I my ardent tongue soaked the fabric of her bra as I teased her pert little tits. I could see that her bra had a little connecting clasp at the front between the two cups and I pushed the two sides together, slid open the clasp and drew the two cups away. I slid the straps off her shoulders and tossed the bra aside.

Her beautiful young breasts stood out firmly like two grapefruit halves from her toned young body. She had large pink areolas and big eraser-like nipples that stood out a good half inch from her body. I dove onto one and quickly had her hard nipple between my suctioning lips.

"Oh God!" she moaned as she pulled my mouth harder against her. By the time I had both of her swollen nipples coated with my saliva, she was trembling under my hands. She almost swooned as she fell to her back on the bed. I could hear her panting as my mouth followed her down and I swirled my tongue all around those firm little mounds. Her chest became my slick playground as I ran my tongue all over her smooth skin.

"My boobs feel so sensitive. I'm feeling all tingly again," she said breathlessly. Oh man...this kid was a little firecracker! While I continued to lick and suck at her hard swollen nipples, I took one of her hands and drew it down between her legs. She caught on quickly and I heard her start to pant harder as she rubbed her oozing snatch. As my lips closed around one big pebbly nipple, I let my teeth graze over the rubbery surface as I took my other hand and rolled her other nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

"Oh Uncle Jeff.....geez.....that's so good." She was panting and gasping like crazy as I toyed with her firm young chest. Her legs flopped open and I flicked my eyes up so see her face a mask of lust. Her eyes were closed and her lustrous hair swirled about her head as she started to shake and tremble. Her hand rubbed furiously over her enflamed clit as I continued to pleasure her sensitive chest.

"Oh gosh....oh....oh.....AAAAAAAAHHHHHH," her long guttural groan was accompanied by little convulsions of ecstasy as she experienced another climax. I switched my attention quickly to her other nipple and started rolling the first one between my fingers. She was panting and moaning as her orgasm washed over her. She was twitching and shaking beneath me as she continued to rub at her throbbing womanhood. Her hand finally slowed and I licked softly at her gorgeous little tits as she relaxed into the bed and I heard her draw in deep breaths of cooling air. I finally raised my head and looked up at her serene face. She lay there with her eyes closed, a look of pure contentment on her face.

"Uncle Jeff," she said softly as she opened her eyes and looked at me lovingly. "I never knew my boobs were so sensitive."

"Some women are lucky that way Cory. I guess you're one of those," I said as I winked at her solicitously. "Let me clean those fingers for you honey." I sat back on my heels and took her hand in mine. I lifted it to my face and inhaled deeply. Her delicate womanly scent radiated from her fingers intoxicatingly. As I breathed deep, I slid her glistening fingers one at a time between my lips and lapped up all the remnants of her sweet girl-juice. As I sucked on her delicate fingers, I could feel my cock starting to come back up to attention.......she noticed it too.

"Uncle're getting hard again." As I licked at her invading digits, she watched mesmerized as my cock continued to fill and extend. "Can I......can I suck it Uncle Jeff?" she asked eagerly. Wow! Already this kid was insatiable when it came to sucking cock!

"Sure honey. You can suck it all day long if you want. There's something I'd like you to do for me first."

"What's that, Uncle Jeff?"

"Do you have a tight white t-shirt or tank top?"

"Ummm, I'm pretty sure I do. Why?" she asked quizzically.

"I'd like you to wear that for me sweetie. And a nice pair of white panties too."

"Okay," she said as she bounced out of bed and went to her dresser. She opened the top drawer and stepped into a pair of white silky panties that were cut incredibly high on her hips. They accentuated the long line of her young coltish legs. She dug around in a lower drawer until she found what she was looking for.

"Aaahhh, here it is." She turned and held up a simple white tank top made of stretchy material. "This is one I had a couple of years ago that's a little small on me. It should be pretty tight. Will that be okay, Uncle Jeff?"

"That'll be perfect Cory." I said as I sat back and slowly stroked my rising cock. She pulled the tank top over her head and once again shook out her hair sensually once it was clear of the opening. She smoothed down the top and it hugged her like a second skin. I could clearly see the outline of her pink areolas and her big nipples thrust impressively at the clinging white fabric.

"Is that good, Uncle Jeff?" she asked as she put her hands on her wide hips and posed for me. Her impromptu pose reminded me of my camera on the table next to me.

"Oh Cory, you look beautiful like that. That top really shows off your gorgeous body." She beamed under my words of praise. "Here, let me just take a few pictures," I said as I picked up my camera and turned it on. She enthusiastically got into the "modeling" thing again and I ran her through a series of both innocent and provocative poses, the virginal white of her tight top and panties adding to the allure. She turned from side to side and her hair flung about her shoulders as it framed her gorgeous face while she gave me the most incredible seductive looks. By the time I'd taken many shots that I knew would be perfect whacking material for later, my cock was surging and in need of her attention.

"Uncle Jeff?" Her voice rose as if letting a question hang in the air. She grabbed a hairband from her dresser and as she walked towards the bed, she reached up and pulled her hair through it into a ponytail. With her hands raised above her head, her too small top hugged her firm young tits enticingly. "I think I'm ready for a second helping of breakfast. Remember our ponytail signal, Uncle Jeff?" she asked coyly as she knelt on the bed beside me.

I gave a little laugh. "Sure I do. I don't want you to go hungry now, do I?" I paused for just a second and then lowered my voice. "Remember we talked about grown woman being able to suck all of my cock?"

"Yeah, I was trying to take more into my mouth this morning but I could only take about as much as the last time last night," she said as she looked up at me questioningly. "It's so big. Do you really think I'll be able to take it all?"

"Well honey, I do. I really think you'll be able to do it. I just have to show you how to position yourself properly in order to be able to do it. Like I said, you've got the perfect mouth for it so I think once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to take it all."

"I want to try Uncle Jeff. I want to make you happy," she said with a determined look on her face.

"Okay honey, we'll try and see if you can take a little more this time. We'll go nice and easy and if you get scared or it hurts, it's okay to stop. You just let me know. Okay sweetie?"

"Sure Uncle Jeff. I trust you. I've loved everything you've taught me so far. What do you want me to do?"

"Just get on your hands and knees in the middle of the bed there Cory. Yep....right there is fine. Now I'm gonna stay on my knees in front of you.....just like this." As I got us both into the position I wanted, the end of my heavy dick was pointing directly towards her eager mouth. A glistening drop of precum started to drool from the engorged tip. "Now, just tip your head up a bit and we'll start with a little face fucking. Open your mouth and form it into a little "O" to give me a nice target."

Her eyes never left my dripping cock as she turned her head upwards slightly. She opened her mouth and her tongue slide out to run in slow sensual circles around her full pouting lips. Oh fuck....was this kid ever beautiful!

"That's good Cory," I said as with my hand wrapped around the base of my rock hard shaft, I directed the tip between her glistening ovalled lips. Her lips instantly adhered themselves to the spongy membranes of my wide mushroom head and once the corona was past her clinging lips, I removed my hand from my cock and put my hands on the back of her head.

She knew exactly what I liked already and I found she had worked up a good supply of saliva with which she was already bathing my cock. It was as if she instinctively knew that the slicker she got it, the easier it would be to slide into her throat. For a few minutes I held her head gently in my hands as I flexed my hips and fucked the first few inches in and out of her mouth. I could feel it bumping softly against the back of her mouth and let her get used to the size and girth between her stretched lips. She was sucking enthusiastically and I small little trickles of her saliva running down the shaft of my cock towards the base. I took one hand off her head and pulled her ponytail from hanging down the side until it ran straight down her back. I then put both hands back on her bobbing head and gave her the next set of instructions.

"Okay sweetie. Now comes the hard part," she stopped moving her head and her eyes looked up at me as she kept her full lips glued to my thick member. "We have to start easing it into your throat now. I'm going to go nice and slow. With your head at this angle, it's got your mouth and throat in a nice alignment so it should be able to slide straight in." I paused as the concept took shape in her mind. "When my cock first presses against the opening to your throat, it will make you gag a bit. You have to concentrate on trying to suppress that gag reflex. Don't be scared, I won't hurt you. If it hurts, just push me and I'll pull it out right away. Okay.......are you ready to try?" Without ever releasing my rock-hard erection, she nodded in agreement. "Okay honey, here we go."

I kept my hands holding her head still as I slid my hips slowly forwards. I looked down as more of my cock started to disappear between her full soft lips. I felt the tip bump softly against the tissues at the back of her mouth and stopped but did not retreat. I held it still and felt the warm soft membranes against my cock as she got used to the intrusion. I circled my hips gently and rubbed it all around the opening.

"Okay Cory, I'm going to try and slide some into your throat now. Just try and relax those throat muscles." I saw a small shiver run through her and then she took a deep breath through her nose and slowly exhaled. Good girl, I thought to myself as I started to flex forwards. I felt the soft tissues start to embrace the top part of my cockhead and then they squeezed down tightly forcing my backwards.

"Hhmmmmmmpppffttt," she gagged slightly and I withdrew my cock from her throat but left it in her mouth.

"You okay, honey?" She nodded in agreement and I paused for a few seconds to let her compose herself. "Want to try again?" Once again she nodded and I could see a determined look on her face. I moved forward once again and started to slide the engorged head into the opening. She controlled the muscles of her gag reflex this time and I started to slowly slide it deeper. I felt her turn her head slightly as she instinctively found the right angle. I slid it in a little further and almost felt a "pop" around my dick as the head became fully lodged in her throat. Oh fuck! She'd done it! She was starting to take it down her throat! I held it there for a few seconds and then pulled it fully out of her mouth, trails of saliva forming a connect bridge between my surging cock and her gaping mouth.

"You did it honey!" I looked down at her gaping mouth with a look of genuine pride on my face. "You had the whole head in your throat."

"Thanks Uncle Jeff. It hurt at first but once I got my head angled right and concentrated, it slid in okay. Did it feel good?"

"Oh sweetie, it felt fantastic! Are you ready to try it again?"

"Sure Uncle Jeff. It should be easier now that I've got it figured out."

"I'm just going to use the head in your throat right now honey. We'll work on feeding you the rest of it another time. Okay, let me see that target again," I said as I pushed down on the top of my upright cock so it aligned with her mouth. She formed her mouth into that enticing "O" again and her tongue circled her mouth as she coated her pillowy lips with saliva.

I was quicker this time to get it into her mouth. I was so turned on by this kid's enthusiasm and abilities that I knew I wouldn't be lasting very long before I fed her another load. With my hands deep in her lustrous hair holding her head, I slid my rock-hard erection deep within her mouth. Once I felt the spongy tissues at the back of her mouth, I hesitated for just a second as she positioned herself, and then pushed forward.

"Mmmmmmmmmm," this time she purred a low moan into my invading cock as it entered her throat. Fuck! She was loving this already! Once the thick rope-like corona popped into her throat, I held still and looked down. She still had about 3" left to go before she would have all of my dick inside her but I didn't want to scare her by driving that into her right now. We had plenty of time for that later. Right now, she seemed happy to have the head deep inside her. I slowly pulled back until it popped out of her throat and then flexed forward as it slid back in.

"Oh fuck Cory! Your throat feels so hot and tight," I said as we got into a rhythm with the head of my cock sliding in and out of her tight oral opening. I fucked the broad engorged head in and out of her throat for the next five minutes or so, pausing occasionally to let her get her breath. She made no effort to pull off my invading cock. More saliva was running out of the corners of her mouth and down my cock as she kept sucking relentlessly on my virile manhood. I felt her hands run up my thighs and then her fingertips moved teasingly around the base of my cock. Oh man, this kid was unbelievable. As she started to scratch her fingernails around the base of my cock, I felt the first rush of semen start within my body.

"OH CORY! I'M GONNA CUM," I bellowed as I quickly pulled back so I could unload into her mouth and not directly down her throat. I wanted her to taste every last creamy drop. The first shot blasted forth to paste itself against the roof of her mouth and then rope after rope jettisoned from my spitting cock to gather in a warm milky pool on her tongue. I saw her throat contracting as she swallowed my seed quickly as her mouth continued to fill. I kept a tight grip on her head but she had no desire to back off my erupting cock as it continued to ejaculate inside her mouth. As my climax started to slow, she wrapped her hand firmly around my thick shaft and milked it towards her suctioning mouth as she tried to coax every last creamy morsel out of me. I sat back on my heels and she stayed right with my cock as she gathered up the last drooling gobs from my slowly deflating cock.

"Oh Cory, that was amazing! You are absolutely incredible! I'm so proud of you for taking it down your throat like that." She eased herself off my cock and looked up at me with a big smile as she cradled my softening cock in her delicate hands.

"I'm glad I could make you feel good Uncle Jeff," she said as she took a finger and wiped up a gob of cum from her chin. She slid the finger deep into her mouth and purred as she licked it clean. After she had licked her finger of my milky semen, she turned and looked at me intently.

"Uncle Jeff......are you going to teach me about fucking?" she asked as she looked at me through hooded eyes as she drew a blood-red fingernail teasingly around her full pouting lips.

Oh fuck! What was I going to do now?!?!?!?!??!

Chapter 8

My 18-year old niece Cory had just hit me with a bombshell....."Uncle Jeff.......are you going to teach me about fucking?" Oh man! This was the question I'd secretly been both hoping for and dreading at the same time. I was torn on how to react.

"I'm not sure we should do that Cory. You're my niece and it just wouldn't be right." I tried to sound convincing although I don't know if I was trying to convince her or myself!

"Why not Uncle Jeff, do you think I'm too young? I know lots of girls my age that have already done it," she said with a pout. She looked up at me with an almost hurt look on her face. "You just don't want to fuck me. Is that it, Uncle Jeff?" she asked with a little pout on those full soft lips.

"Well, no. It's not that Cory. It's just that.....I.....I just think we shouldn't."

"Why not, Uncle Jeff? Do you think I'm too small? Do you think it would be too tight for your cock to fit?" Oh fuck! It would be tight alright. So deliciously tight I had no idea how long I would last once I got it into her!

"Ummmm, well, no honey. You've got nice wide hips that are perfect for fucking. And would probably hurt a little bit at first but that would go away pretty quick. It's just ummmm...." I was stammering as I was trying to think straight with my mind swirling with both lust and guilt.

"Just what Uncle Jeff? I'd like to try. And like I said before, I'd much rather learn from you than one of the boys at school."

"Well Cory, you might get pregnant. It only takes one time you know." I was grasping at straws now as I continued to try and convince both of us.

"I just finished my period about three days ago and in health class they taught us that it's okay right now. Please, Uncle Jeff," she said with an almost pleading tone to her voice.

"I don't know Cory. I don't think we should talk about this right now," I said firmly.

"Will you at least think about it? Please, Uncle Jeff?" She looked at me with those doe-like eyes and I melted.

"Okay......I'll think about it," I said to her with a soft smile. "Now, let's go for a swim."

"Thank you, Uncle Jeff," she said as she gave me a quick hug. She hopped out of bed and headed towards her closet.

I gathered myself and made my way to the master bedroom in order to put on my trunks. I kept thinking about her asking me to "teach her about fucking" and I felt like I was being torn in two. On one hand I knew it was totally wrong and I wondered if I would ever forgive myself if I did it. Of course, I was already starting to think that about what we had done already. On the other hand she was just so damn gorgeous and sexy that the thought of sliding all nine hard inches of my cock deep within her had my head swimming. It was already taking every ounce of my willpower to prevent me from bending her over and driving it deep into her virgin hole.

Whenever I got into situations where I needed to clear my head and think straight, I always headed to the pool. With all kinds of crazy thoughts running through my mind, I pulled on my trunks, grabbed a towel and headed outside. I took a quick dive into the pool and felt the cool water wash over me. I did a few quick laps and felt some of the mental tension and unease start to flow out of my body.

"How's the water?" I heard Cory call out. I stopped my current lap at the end nearest her and held on at the edge.

"It's beautiful. Nice and refreshing," I said as I watched her as she dropped her towel onto one of the poolside lounging chairs. She had inherited her love of the water from our side of the family and was an excellent swimmer. She had on a real swimsuit, not a "bathing" suit. I'm sure she had plenty of bikinis in her drawers but she had put on a real suit for some serious swimming. It was and electric blue Speedo one-piece cut incredibly high on the legs. On her, it looked fantastic! In the cool morning air her hard nipples stood out in bold relief against the stretchy fabric. The clinging material followed the curves of her body majestically and the high cut of the sides made her incredibly long legs look even longer.

She dove into the pool and started at a fast pace towards the other end. I spun around and pushed off from the wall of the pool and gave chase. Although I was faster than her, with her head start she hit the other end before me and did an excellent flip turn before heading back. I executed my turn as well and started to close in on her, my natural competitive instincts taking over. I closed in on her rapidly and just a short distance from the other end, I reached out and playfully grabbed her ankle to slow her down. She lost her rhythm and I sped past her and touched before her. I lifted my face and turned to look at her, glaring at me from just a few feet away.

"You suck, Uncle Jeff!" she said as she splashed water up at me.

"No Cory. You suck.....and you're very good at it," I said with a playful smile. She smiled back and me and paddled the short distance over to me. As I held onto the side of the pool, she slipped her arms around my neck and brought her face to mine. Her full lips parted slightly as she pressed them against mine. Her tongue slid into my mouth and we kissed passionately. As she sucked my tongue back into her mouth, she wrapped her long legs around my hips and I felt her groin press against mine. As she held on around my neck, she rolled her hips and her crotch rubbed teasingly against the front of my trunks. I felt my cock start to harden as she ardently kissed me time and again.

She had me on fire again and I knew in the end it would be hopeless to try and deny that I wanted her. Who was I kidding anyway, she had already taken six loads out of me in the last twelve hours or so and I was trying to convince myself to "do the right thing"!!! As I stood on the bottom of the pool, I let my hands slip down her back and cup her round firm ass as she nibbled at my bottom lip sensually. I pulled her against me and slid her up and down against my hardening cock. She got the idea quickly and flexed herself into me and I heard her moan as we continued to kiss. She finally pulled her face back from mine and looked at me with a contented smile.

"That feels good, Uncle Jeff," she said as she ground herself hard against me. "But I'm not finished kicking your ass yet." And with that, she put one foot on the wall behind me, kicked off and started flying towards the other end. "C'mon chicken," she called over her shoulder as she started to gather speed. With a laugh I put both feet behind me and took off in a rush, a little uncomfortable with my hard cock trolling below me.

My erection subsided and we swam briskly but leisurely for the next half hour or so. We had a few races and I could see that she had continued to improve. She was an excellent swimmer and kept up with me pretty well. I was very proud of her and knew she had a talent that would bring her lifelong pleasure. I knew as well though, that she had other talents that would bring us both.....immediate pleasure!

"C'mon Cory," I said as I hauled myself out of the pool. "Let's grab a shower and then I'll make you some breakfast." We both toweled off and headed into the house. As she was about to head to her room, I spoke to her. "Cory, how would you like to take a shower with me?" I could see the idea of it taking shape in her head and she started to smile.

"That sounds cool, Uncle Jeff!" She couldn't hide the excitement in her voice.

"Okay, we'll use the big double shower in your mom and dad's room. There's something I'd like you to do for me before you come in."

"What's that, Uncle Jeff?"

"I'd like you to wear that little white top and those panties you were wearing earlier. Can you do that for me, sweetie?"

"You mean wear them in the shower?" she asked with a note of apprehension.

"That's exactly what I mean." She paused as she looked at my smiling face. A knowing smile started to spread over her face as well.

"Okay Uncle Jeff. Whatever you say," she said as she spun on her heel and took off for her room.

I headed into the master bedroom and took off my suit and rinsed it out. I hung it from a hook to dry and turned on both ends of the double shower. It was a large enclosure with glass panels that ran down to the floor and had beautiful marble walls and floor. The dual shower heads allowed two people to shower comfortably at the same time without having to fight over who got left out in the cold. Once I got the water to the right temperature, I climbed in and let the hot steaming water beat down over my head. I just leaned with my hands against the wall and let the pelting stream flow over me.

"Uncle Jeff?" I turned and saw Cory stepping into the shower. She closed the glass door and turned to face me. She had on the tight white tank top and high-cut panties she'd been wearing earlier. She looked like a vision as I beckoned to her to move forwards. She stepped into my arms and I lowered my face to hers and pressed my lips against her soft pillowy ones. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me back deeply. Our mutual rapture escalated as we held each other and our tongues explored each other's mouth. I stepped back and she was gasping breathlessly as my arms slid down her back. I turned her into the spray and let the warm water splash over her. Her top quickly got wet and her hard nipples thrust out against the clinging fabric; exactly as I'd hoped. She looked gorgeous with the wet material clinging to every shapely curve of her body.

"Do you like this Uncle Jeff?" she asked as she tilted her head back and ran her hands through her long hair under the spray. The position caused the tight little top to ride up and show some of her taut flat stomach while the material stretched and strained over her firm tits; her long hard nipples causing dark shadows to fall on the wet white fabric.

"Oh yes, honey. You look beautiful," I said as I let my eyes roam over her. Soon her panties were soaked too and you could clearly see the cleft of her ass and her womanhood through the semi-transparent material. I watched enthralled as she picked up the shampoo bottle and washed her hair. I thought about her earlier comment about wads of my cum that had dried there overnight. I moved away from her and stepped under the other shower head and washed my own hair. I had just finished rinsing my hair when she spoke to me again.

"Uncle Jeff, could you you think I could try washing you?"

"Sure honey. I'd love that."

She moved towards me and reached for the bar of soap. She got her hands thoroughly lathered and set the soap back on the shelf. She stepped next to me and ran her hands over my stomach and chest, moving her hands in small circles over me.

"Uncle Jeff, you feel so good," she said as she covered my whole firm chest with foaming lather. She continued to wash my torso thoroughly. She picked up the soap and re-lathered her hands and then washed my shoulders and arms, even sliding her soapy little hands deep into my moist armpits. She instructed me to turn around and I leaned forward into the spray as she repeated the procedure down my back. She moved down to my ass and her slippery hands felt wonderful as she caressed the full round cheeks.

"Okay, turn around," she instructed. I turned and grabbed the top of the shower door with one hand and braced myself against the back wall with the other hand. She gathered up the soap and worked up a generous lather as she looked at my heavy tumescent cock hanging majestically between my legs. The steaming water ran down my body and flowed over my heavy cock to run off the tip in a stream before flowing into the drain.

"Uncle Jeff, your cock looks so beautiful," she said as she let her soapy hands press against my abdomen. She ran her fingertips all around my lower stomach and the base of my cock. Under her manual stimulation, I felt my cock start to thicken. Her eyes were glued to it as it started to rise and extend. She worked her soapy hands further out on the extending shaft. Her slippery hands slid back and forth and as they worked up a foamy coating, my cock continuing to fill and get harder and harder.

"Oh Uncle Jeff, I love it!" she gasped as her hands worked their magic on my throbbing erection. She started doing that "pulling the rope" thing as she moved her gripping fingers hand over hand along my turgid shaft. The feeling was getting too intense and I knew if I let her keep it up, I'd be blowing my load right there in the shower.....and this load.....well......I wanted to put somewhere else. I reached out and took hold of her arms; stopping her masturbating hands in mid-stroke.

"Is something wrong, Uncle Jeff?" she asked as she looked up at me with a concerned look on her face.

"No honey. Nothing's wrong at all," I said as I gathered her into my arms and kissed her deeply. "I just want to save this load for somewhere else." She pulled her head back and looked at me questioningly.

"For somewhere else?......Where?"

With her gorgeous face inches away from mine, I looked lovingly into her beautiful eyes. "Deep inside you," I said softly.

She seemed shocked for a second and then a broad smile came over her face and she raised her face to mine and showered me with kisses. "Oh thank you, Uncle Jeff!" she said excitedly.

"Okay, let's finish up and have some breakfast," I said as I gave her a little playful swat on her succulent ass. I turned into the spray and finished washing. I told her to take off the top and panties and she dropped them onto the shower floor and then it was my turn to use the soap on her. Her lithe young body felt amazing under my caressing hands and between the two of us, I'm surprised we made it out of the shower without me pinning her against the wall and slamming it into her. I figured we might have to try that some other time. We dried off and she headed to her room and I headed to mine, promising to meet in the kitchen shortly.

I pulled on a pair of loose fitting boxers and an old comfortable t-shirt and then started cutting up some fruit and got some eggs out of the fridge once I got to the kitchen. I got the coffee maker going and just when I was about to pour a couple of glasses of juice, I heard Cory's voice.

"Do you like what I'm wearing, Uncle Jeff?"

I turned around and almost dropped the juice container. Fuck! She was wearing her school uniform! She couldn't help but notice the pleasantly shocked look on my face.

"I noticed the way you were looking at me when I was wearing this yesterday. I kind of got the feeling you liked it." She looked at me coyly. "Do you Uncle Jeff?"

After all the times I had jacked off thinking about her in that she was.....standing right before fantasy come true.

"I love it Cory." I spoke as if in a trance as I looked down at that short kilt falling high on her beautiful thighs. Her white knee socks stood out in sharp contrast to her tanned legs. The crisp white shirt and little school tie completed the whole ensemble and I found myself almost trembling with lust as my favorite schoolgirl leaned provocatively against the door opening across from me.

"Oh yeah," she said as she started to raise her arms. "One other thing." She lifted her hands over her head and I watched her slip her hair through a hairband and form it into a ponytail. When she had it in place, she turned and walked towards me.

"That's the signal, Uncle Jeff," she said as she dropped to her knees before me. I stood almost stunned as she reached up and drew down my boxers. My cock had already started to get hard as soon as I had seen her in her uniform. I quickly set down the juice container before I dropped it. As my boxers fell to the ground, I stepped out of them. I quickly pulled my t-shirt off over my head and tossed it aside. I looked down at her kneeling before me and saw the smoldering lust in her eyes as she looked up at my heavy cock arcing out from my body.

"Sit here, Uncle Jeff," she said as she turned and motioned towards one of the chairs at the kitchen table. Her eyes were glued to my pulsating manhood as she knelt between my spread thighs. "I love it," she said softly as she leaned forward and took the dripping end into her mouth. Her mouth was incredibly hot and moist as she bathed my surging cock with her warm saliva. She ran her hands up my thighs as she slid more of my lengthening member into her mouth. She started to bob her head up and down on my erection and within a minute or so, she a mouthful of over nine inches of rock-hard cock. I felt myself starting to sweat as I gripped the arms of the chair while she feverishly sucked. After the episode in the shower, I was already primed and knew I couldn't take much more of this.

"Come up here, honey," I said as I reached down and slid my arms beneath hers and lifted her up. As she stood before me, I pushed her back slightly. "Sit on the edge of the table there, sweetie." I lifted her until she was perched on the edge of the table and drew up my chair in front of her. "Now put your feet up on the arms of the chair here, Cory," I instructed. A smile came across her face as she lifted her little black flats and set them on the arms of my chair. She let her legs drift slowly apart and I gazed down at her white panties stretched tight across her spread pussy. There was already a damp spot seeping through and I lowered my face and licked all the way from the bottom to the top of her covered slit.

"Mmmmmmm," she moaned as I tasted the flavor of her sweet musky girl-juice right through her panties. I reached up beneath her kilt and almost tore off her panties in my rush to get at her steaming little cunt. I threw them aside and dove between her spread thighs. She smelled intoxicatingly warm and girly and I could see her juices glistening on her swollen pink labia. I reached out with my tongue and took a long loving swipe from the bottom of her slit all the way up to her erect clitoris.

"Aaaaaaaahhh." Her moan of pleasure encouraged me and I swabbed my tongue all around her soaking wet crotch. Her glistening pink labia looked swollen with need as I licked up her sweet nectar. I looked up at her and saw her leaning back with her arms behind her. Her eyes were closed and her soft lips parted as she panted breathlessly. I stood up between her spread thighs, my erect cock almost touching the front of her white school-shirt. I took her gorgeous face in my hands and leaned towards her.

"Let your hair down, sweetie. You won't be needing it like that for awhile," I whispered to her softly as I ran my tongue along the edge of her ear before sliding it teasingly inside that sensitive opening. She shivered under the new sensation and then reached up and pulled the band from her hair. She shook out her lustrous locks and they cascaded down to fall on her shoulders in beautiful ringlets. She looked up at me with a nervous yet anxious look in her eyes. I looked deeply into her innocent eyes and whispered to her in a calming voice, "You're ready Cory."

I reached beneath her and picked her up. She wrapped her legs around me with my surging cock trapped between us. She brought her pillowy lips to mine and we shared a delicious kiss as I carried her to her bedroom. I laid her down gently on her bed amidst all her stuffed toys.

"Are you okay, sweetie?" I asked as I leaned over her, my face inches away from hers. She nodded; a silent yes. "Are you sure, we don't have to do this if you're not sure."

"I'm sure, Uncle Jeff. I really want to do it. But I am a little nervous. You cock is so big. Promise me you'll be careful," she said anxiously.

"Oh, I promise honey. I never want to hurt you. We can just take our time and if hurts too much, just say so. You know it's going to hurt a little when I break your hymen, right?"

"Yeah, I know. And it will feel better after that, right?"

"Oh sweetie, you won't believe how good it'll feel. I promise." This seemed to comfort her and a soft smile appeared on her face.

"Okay, Uncle Jeff. I'm ready." She put her arms around my neck and pulled my face down to hers for a comforting kiss. As I moved between her legs, she pulled her knees up and let her legs drift apart. I reached down and pushed the front of her schoolgirl kilt up out of the way, exposing her moist virginal opening. I reached down and pointed the engorged head of my rigid cock down, and then moved slightly forwards until the tip touched those wet glistening lips. As her soft moist flesh touched mine, it felt incredibly hot. I pushed forward and felt the wide flared head start to move between her clinging labial folds.

"Unnnnhhhh," she let out a little groan as the broad head started to stretch her tight opening. I pushed forward and felt hot intense pressure against my surging erection. Her virginal opening clenched tightly around the invading weapon and I held still with the massive head captured between her pink clutching pussy-lips.

"You okay, honey?"

"Yeah," she said as she nibbled nervously at her bottom lip. "Go ahead, Uncle Jeff."

I looked deeply into her caring eyes and slowly but firmly pushed forward. Her eyes closed and an anguished look came over her face as I continued to stretch her insides. I felt a slight tearing within her and the wide flared head of my cock slid deeper.

"OOOOOOWWW!" she gasped as the shock of her tearing hymen racked her body. I held still as she gripped my body tightly and held on until the pain started to gradually subside. I caressed her face gently as she breathed deeply. Her eyes opened and she looked at me with a comforting gaze.

"We did it, Uncle Jeff," she said with a soft smile.

"Yes, we did honey. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm okay. It really hurt there for minute, but I'm okay now. God, it feels so big inside me."

"You've just got a little bit in you so far." I pushed against her just enough for her to feel the intent. "Are you ready to try and take more?"

"Yes, Uncle Jeff," she said as she gave me a mischievous look. "I want to take it all." Oh fuck! If she wanted it all, I was only too willing to give her all nine hard inches!

"Okay honey, here we go." I raised myself on my arms and we both looked down at her glistening pink labia stretched tightly around my thick cock. I flexed my hips and started to slowly slide it deeper into her. Oh man! It felt like it was in a hot buttery glove! She was incredibly tight and the clutching moist membranes of her vaginal walls seemed to be pulling me deeper and deeper into her.

"Oh God! It's so big!" she moaned as more of my cock disappeared within her gripping little box. With about half of my cock within her, I paused and withdrew slightly, her clinging lips following my cock as if they were afraid to let it go. I took a deep breath and moved forward again. I went past the point where I had stopped last time and felt the virginal walls inside her stretching open to accommodate my thick plundering manhood.

"OOOOOOOOHHH," she moaned loudly but I could tell from her tone that this was a moan of pleasure, not of pain. Her hot moist tunnel seemed to grip my penetrating shaft and her face became a mask of lust as inch after rock-hard inch slid deeper inside her. I looked down and saw about two more inches left to go. I flexed back slightly one more time and then with a final firm thrust, buried the rest of my throbbing erection into her.

"OH FUCK!" she wailed as my groin pressed tightly against hers. Her arms gripped my shoulders tightly and her head flung from side to side on the pillow as she felt the entire nine thick inches penetrating her. I held her tightly as the exquisite sensations coursed through her body. Her little convulsions ceased as she became accustomed to the feeling of my cock buried fully within her.

"Oh Uncle Jeff. It feels amazing," she said as she looked up at me through lust-filled eyes. "It's so big and so hard." I felt her flex and the muscles of her vaginal walls seemed to grip my rigid cock like a squeezing hand! Oh man, this kid was hot!

"You feel pretty amazing too, Cory," I said as I rolled my hips slightly. "Are you ready to learn about fucking now?"

"I'm ready, Uncle Jeff."

I kept my eyes locked on her as I slowly withdrew until just the engorged head was caught between her clutching lips. I flexed my hips and this time drove it more forcefully into her.

"AAAAAAAHHH," she moaned and her eyes closed as I fed the full length back into her. Once I touched bottom, I quickly pulled back and then powered it all the way into her again.

"OH GOD! That feels so good." She was moaning constantly now as I got into a rhythm of long-dicking her with the full length of my massive erection. I could feel my own passion rising as her hot tight sheath gripped me like a warm velvety glove.

"Oh Uncle Jeff.....I.....I......OOOOOOOHHHHH." She let out a loud low moan as an intense orgasm shook her. She gripped me tightly and I felt her nails digging into my back as she twitched and bucked up against my plundering cock. I held on to her tightly and enjoyed the ride as she convulsed and quivered while my cock tore time again against the sensitive membranes lining her hot vagina. I could feel the sweat running down my back as I drove the full length of my rock-hard erection in and out of her.

"Uncle Jeff.....that feels so" A second orgasm followed right on the heels of her first one and she became a quivering mass beneath me as I stretched her insides with every vibrant inch of my penetrating manhood. Her legs flopped to the sides and she seemed to almost lose control of her body as the waves of ecstasy flowed through her. I could see the glowing sheen of sweat on her face as she panted and gasped. Continuous grunts and groans emanated from her as her climax had her thrashing about under me. As she put her heels into the bed and started to buck her hips up against me, I could feel my swollen balls drawing up close to my body. I knew my own orgasm was imminent. I pulled back and paused for a second with just the tip of my cock inside her. I looked down at her pink swollen pussy-lips clinging to my thick member and as I felt the semen within me start to speed to the base of my cock, I thrust it all the way deep into her once more.

"OH FUCK!" she bellowed as another orgasm tore through her. Her tight vaginal walls gripped my cock tightly and as the first blast of my climax spurted forth within her, I felt the lining of her vagina seem to vibrate along my shaft as if they sought to coax every last drop of my cum out of me. I kept it buried within her as I unloaded wad after creamy wad of my semen inside her. She was gasping and shaking as our mutual orgasms overwhelmed us. My release was amazingly intense and it felt like it would never stop. The waves of pleasure finally started to subside and the final spurts of my seed eased forth deep inside her.

We were both gasping for air and covered in sweat after out intense exertions. I looked down at her gorgeous face as she lay beneath me. I could still feel her trembling as the final sensations continued to shake her body. She finally opened her eyes and with her arms around my neck, pulled me down towards her. I leaned forward and pressed my lips to hers. We had a long passionate kiss that seemed to seal our relationship. As we finally parted, I gazed deeply into her gorgeous brown eyes.

"I love you, Uncle Jeff," she said with smile of pure contentment on her face.

"I love you too, Cory." And yes....I truly did. We still had a lot more time this weekend to explore the further depths of our love...... be continued...

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2016-09-19 03:33:51
Ok, but way, way, way too long, this could have been written in 1/4 the words, way too much repetition, the same thing again and again, the build-up became just the same boring repetition which made the story drag.

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2015-11-24 08:08:08
Very entertaining story. Cory does seem naive for 18 and from the descriptions of her body also not as physically mature as most 18 or even 15 year old girls.

Of course if the story was about a younger girl it would be removed if I understand the posting rules correctly.

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Amazing story. The best ive read, def want more

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Oh come on guys, yes Cory is improbably naive, but so what its a STORY.

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Awsome story . What guy wouldnt want to be Jeff?
This story had me hard all the time i was reading, ok not 9" but still a fantastic detailed tale of passion. GF an me would love to see some of these stories turned into videos

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