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When I was fourteen, my life was a mixed bag. I experienced love, but I was not happy. Read on, and you'll see why . . .
SEX AND TRAGEDY: My Story: Part 1

The account that you’re about to read is a true story that I’ve put together for a friend. I have tried seeing things from a female perspective, and hope that it comes across well. Names, quite naturally have been changed. This is dedicated to my friend Kinkybitch1

Hi. My name’s Tina and this is my story. It contains sex, love, tragedy and some violence. I’m eighteen now, but was fourteen when it all happened. These days I’m more confident in myself, but that’s all due to my mum. She’s my hero. In spite of everything that happened, I love sex. I’m bisexual, and a kinky bisexual at that. I’ll begin the story in a coffee shop, and as the tale progresses, I’ll tell you of the other things that were going on at the time.

According to some, I’m pretty. I have long dark hair, green eyes and what a good friend calls ‘seductive lips’, with a pleasant smile. My friend says that my eyes ‘are alluring’, and that my eyebrows that tilt up ever so slightly at the sides are ‘perfect’. I can’t see it, though. I just think I look like any normal girl. Oh yes, I have largish boobs. They’re a D cup. My legs are good and my bum he describes as ‘two ripe peaches’. Anyway, enough of that.

I was on my way home from school. I’d just left a friend, who had to go home because her parents were taking her to a show that night. I didn’t want to go straight home. I was meeting another friend – a special friend – who I knew wouldn’t be back for another half an hour because she was getting extra maths lessons, so I went into Brown’s coffee bar. I wanted to sit quietly and look at some schoolwork, but it was busier than usual. I ordered my coffee, paid for it and looked for a spare table. Damn, I thought, there isn’t one! The only space was opposite a man who was reading the evening paper. I had to sit somewhere, and hoped he wouldn’t mind. I walked over to him.

“Would you mind if I sat here?” I said to him.

“No. Please do.” He was in his twenties and had short brown hair. He was good looking and had a nice smile. His brown eyes twinkled in the light from outside.

“Thanks.” I put my bag down and pulled out a book. Looking at it, I wasn’t keen on reading it, but homework had to be done. I sipped my coffee and opened the book. I couldn’t help looking at him. I often looked at older men. The boys at school were all so immature. I’ll bet he kisses well, I thought.

“The Midwich Cuckoos,” he said. “We read that when we were at school. It’s an oldie but a goodie.”

“It seems dull to me,” I said, pleased that he’d shown attention towards me.
“Keep reading. You’ll like it.”
Involuntarily, I smiled. “Okay, I will.”
“You should do that more often.”

What did he mean? “What?”
“Smile. You look sad.”
If only you knew, I thought. I smiled again. “Okay, I will. I’m Tina.”
“I’m Greg.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Greg. So, what do you do?”
“I’m an electrician. What do you do?”
“I’m at –” I suddenly realised he was joking. I chuckled. “Okay, Greg. You got me there.”
“Sorry,” he said, smiling at me. God, he had a nice smile. “I couldn’t resist it.”

We chatted about the book from then on. Greg told me about the storyline and roughly what to expect. The way that he told it, the book sounded interesting, although whether or not it was the book that sounded interesting, or just the way he spoke, I didn’t know. I liked him. I’d heard about younger girls liking older guys, but hadn’t really thought about it as a realistic possibility until then. Prior to that moment, it had just been a schoolgirl fantasy. Maybe there is something in it, I thought, but no! No! Bad thoughts entered my mind.

The time flew past and before I knew it, it was time to leave. I thanked Greg and said that it would be nice to bump into him again because he’d made me think more positively about the book, which I thought I never would.

My friend Wendy lived close to the parade of shops the coffee bar was situated in. We’d been close since starting high school, and saw each other whenever we could. Her parents didn’t get home until five thirty at the earliest, which meant that we had the house to ourselves. As I approached the house I could see her looking out of the window. She greeted me at the door and I went inside, following her up to her bedroom.

Wendy was a little shorter than me and had fair hair that she kept tied back at school, but let it down as soon as she got out of the school gates. She smiled at me and we moved closer. We put our arms around each other and kissed. I just loved the feel of her soft lips upon mine. We held each other more tightly and opened our mouths. Our tongues danced and pirouetted around each other’s mouths and we fell onto her bed.

I put my hand onto her boob, feeling the wonderful firmness. Wendy touched my leg, sensuously running her hand up it, touching my panties. I began pulling her shirt off, feeling the soft warm flesh of her back, unclipping her bra-strap. I opened my legs, melting at her soft touch that always caused me to melt.

Wendy broke away from our kiss and began kissing my neck, feeling my boobs and lifting my bra up out of the way, placing her fingers on my dark pink nipples. I softly moaned at the sheer joy of her touch. Her other hand was rubbing my panties, which were becoming increasingly damp. I lifted my bum in order for her to get my panties off, which she did, and placed her hands on my wiry pubes, making contact with my pink crinkly lips that were begging to be parted and loved.

It felt so good as Wendy moved down my body and put her head between my legs, licked my eager, excited lips. She opened them with one hand and licked my lips whilst inserting a finger into my wet little pussy. I moaned, overwhelmed by the sheer pleasure of her wondrous touch. I felt a second finger enter me, and she licked my clit, pushing her fingers in and out of my wet little hole. I closed my eyes and put my hands on her head, wishing for her to carry on forever.

“Oh, fuck, Wend’, keep going,”

Wendy continued pushing her fingers into me and tickling my pleasure button with her tongue. I was becoming progressively wetter and could feel my juice running down to my ass. The sensation within my pussy was increasing in strength, my now engorged lips and erect clit, tingling with pleasure and desire. I began moving my hips around, and she continued with her fingers, moving her tongue from my clit and sucking my swollen lips before returning to that button and gliding her tongue around it.

A couple of minutes later I was close to exploding. “Do it, babe, oh, fuck!” Suddenly, my entire body exploded with sheer pleasure and every nerve in my body pulsated with delight. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh” My body writhed and bucked around and my naked feet kicked uncontrolledly into the air. Wendy kept her fingers inside my wetness, but moved her head away. She slowed the movement of her fingers and gradually pulled them out as I lay there panting and sighing. She licked my natural lube from her fingers, going back and scooping up some more. She lived my juice just as much as I loved hers.

Whilst I recovered, Wendy took off her clothes. She was wearing that matching set of bra and thong, which were white lace with yellow trim. Her bra was hanging loose. As I looked up, I loved every inch of her. I could see her brown nipples and could make out the dark area of her trimmed pubes that I loved running my fingers through. I quickly stripped off the remainder of my clothes and gestured her down beside me.

She lay down and removed the bra. I smiled at her and kissed her right nipple, flicking my tongue around it and then sucking, feeling its hardness. Wendy gasped. She loved her nipples being sucked, and I loved playing with them. I moved my hands around her lovely firm boobs, feeling the perfect contours, caressing them, loving them. Wendy’s boobs were smaller than mine, being a B-cup, which is perfect because I far prefer smaller boobs. I gracefully slid my hand across her soft flesh, moving down to her legs, which parted. I began licking and kissing her, moving down to her legs and tickling the inside of them around the line of her thong. Feeling the area around her cute pussy wet, I began slipping her skimpy thong down.

Wendy lifted her bottom and put her legs together, and off it came. I began probing my tongue through her hair, licking the top of her slit. Her legs opened, allowing my tongue to glide down to her opening, which was bubbling with her sweet juice. I lapped it up, savouring the nectar of her excitement. I slowly put a finger into her tunnel. She whimpered, running her fingers through my hair. With one hand fondling her boob, and the other stimulating the inside of her pussy, I moved my tongue up and down her clit and flicked her pink triangular inner lips around. Feeling her pelvis move from side to side I pressed my tongue onto her clit a little firmer. She yelped with delight.

Feeling good that she was so aroused, I inserted a second finger into her pussy and felt her move in reaction to the additional girth of my makeshift penis. I edged my fingers in deeper. Her juices were flowing freely now and I could tell that she was close to cumming. I moved my tongue all around her love button, giving her the maximum amount of pleasure, before moving away, teasing her, before going back and getting her going again. I could hear her whimpering, making, “Ah . . . ah . . . ah . . . ah,” sounds.

Suddenly it all became too much and she cried out, jerking her hips into the air and landing back down onto the bed. She closed her legs and moved onto her side, but my fingers were still inside her hole. She breathed heavily as I removed my fingers and began kissing and fondling her sweet looking boobs. I licked her all over and ran my tongue up to her neck and on to her mouth, whereupon we kissed passionately and held each other, looking deeply into one another’s eyes.

We made love a couple more times before I left for home. Every moment I spent with her was magical, and I cherished our time together. It wasn’t just the sex I loved; it was Wendy herself. She was my friend, my lover, and I loved her. Getting dressed felt wrong. I didn’t want to. Reluctantly, we said goodbye and that we’d see each other the next day. At the bottom of her garden path I waved and turned around. It was time to get home, and I really didn’t want to go.


I slowly walked home, thinking how nice Greg had been, and how wonderful Wendy was. Thinking about them, I felt happy, but I was going home, and for the most part, home wasn’t a good place to be.

I walked into the living room to see my dad sitting there, watching telly. “Where have you been?” he demanded.

“At Wendy’s.”
“You should have come straight home!”
“But mum said I could.” I felt frightened.
“Never mind her! Take your clothes off!”
I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. He was going to do it again. Mum was the only one who worked, and she worked all hours. She was constantly tired trying to earn money for us. The result was that she seldom had sex with him, so he decided to get it from me, whether I liked it or not. I didn’t like it! Feeling dirty, I slowly took off my clothes as he watched. I felt so ashamed. I’m not going to give you the details because it still sickens me. I hated him! The way he looked at me wasn’t that of a father looking at his daughter, but that of a man who was consumed by lust and a desire to fuck. He showed no emotion as he looked at me. He sickened me!

That day, though, was his downfall, because mum came home early and caught him. She could see that I was crying, and went mad at him. He tried making out it was all me, but mum isn’t stupid. She was so angry she began hitting him and calling him all the names under the sun, and he didn’t fight back. He put his clothes on and left. Mum phoned the police, who later arrested and charged him.

Life was hell for a long time. Mum felt responsible. She felt it was her fault because she was always working. I tried telling her that it was my fault for not fighting hard enough, but she wouldn’t accept that and said that I should never have been placed in that position in the first place. News of my father repeatedly raping me soon got around. Rather than being supportive and feeling sorry for me, so many of the kids at school barracked me, calling me horrid things, as if it was all my fault. Not everyone was unkind, though. Some friends supported me, Wendy being the most vocal. I loved her so much, and wanted to be with her for ever.

I still enjoyed time on my own, but time with Wendy was special. I felt safe with her. She made me feel good. We didn’t have sex for a good month, but in the end I couldn’t resist her and we made such passionate love one afternoon, cumming over and over and kissing so much that our lips were sore. Well, both sets of lips were sore by the end. I didn’t care, though. It was soreness caused by love.

It was a couple of months later when I saw Greg again. It was a Saturday morning, and I was wearing a black blouse and a black knee length skirt. Seeing him sitting in the window of the coffee shop, I couldn’t resist going in and speaking to him. It was an odd emotion. I really fancied him, but he was a man, and men do horrid things, I reasoned. Nevertheless, I went in and bought my coffee. I felt nervous as I approached him.

“Hello again,’ I said, smiling at him.

For a moment he didn’t recognise me. “Oh, yes. The Midwich Cuckoos. Tina, I seem to remember. How did it go?”

“Not bad. Do you mind if I sit here?”

“Of course not. My word – if I hadn’t seen you in your uniform I never would have guessed that you were at school.”

Feeling flattered, I placed my coffee on the table and sat opposite him. “Thanks. So, what are you doing today?”

“Not much. Going to the shops, tidying my apartment and looking at a problem with my car. How about you?”

“Not much either. So, you’re not seeing your girlfriend?” I didn’t know if he had one, but knowing how good looking he was, it was a fair bet. I hoped he didn’t.

“I haven’t got one at the moment. We split up a month ago.”
I was very pleased. “Oh.”
“Why do you say, oh?”
“Because it’s always horrid when people split up.”

Greg smiled. “I’ll live.”
I don’t know what possessed me, but I said, “Need a hand with the cleaning?”
Greg looked stunned. “Er . . . okay. I could do with some company.”
“Good, cos so could I. Maybe you can tell me your take on that book.”

I felt good as we walked towards Greg’s apartment. Greg was a nice guy who seemed genuine; in fact I knew he was. We talked about the Australian cricket team and who we considered worthy of a place in the next test match. Greg played for a local team. He was a pace bowler and said that he could bat aggressively as well.

His apartment was only a twenty minute walk, which was pleasant in the warm sunshine. When we entered, I was impressed with how tidy he was. I had been in the bedrooms of boys at school and they were all complete dumps. Greg, though, was an inherently neat person, seemingly with a place for everything and everything in its place. As we talked and cleaned, I began to notice just how sexy he was. He had a super looking muscular body, and his smile seemed to do something to me. I felt a major attraction to him.

An hour later we were sitting on the sofa, drinking coffee and talking about the book. I had to ask him if he considered me attractive, but I didn’t want to spook him. When he talked he looked me in the eye. I had to do something!

“Greg,” I said slowly. “Do you find me attractive?”
Taken aback, he said, “You’re very pretty.”
“Thanks. You’re good looking as well.”
“Thanks. Er, I’m not sure where this is leading.”

I looked away. “Neither am I. It’s just . . . I don’t know.” I knew that I had to go for it, even if he told me to piss off. “Greg, I’m bisexual. I have a girlfriend, but I want to . . . make love with a guy as well. I don’t like the boys at school; they’re immature. You’re not. I suppose what I’m trying to say is –’

“No,” The way he said it wasn’t harsh, which gave me hope. I had to show him that I was a woman and not a little girl. “Greg, I know what I am and what I want.” I lifted my blouse, proudly displaying my plentiful boobs that were housed in a sexy black bra. “See.”

Greg looked at them, mesmerised. “Very nice, but you’re at school. It wouldn’t be right.”

I lifted my skirt, showing him my legs and lacy black thong. I opened my legs. “Greg, I like you. I don’t do this normally. As you can see, I’m a woman.”

Greg took hold of my hand. “I can see that, but now is too soon. Wait until you know me a bit better. Besides, if we were to do something, we’d need condoms. I don’t have any here. Sleep on it.”

I readjusted my attire. “Okay, but I’m not going to change my mind.”
“You’re a strong minded girl.”
“I am.”
He smiled. “I’ll cook us some lunch, and you can tell me about your girlfriend.”

“Can I see you in the week as well?”
“If you like.”
“Good.” I was happy. Greg had said ‘maybe’, and I was happy with that.

Throughout the remainder of the day we talked about all kinds of things. I could tell that Greg found me attractive, but I also picked up on the fact that due to me being underage, he was ambivalent. Anyway, I had told him how I felt and was satisfied. The events that were to follow weren’t what I had been expecting, but they were good in a strange kind of way.


It was Tuesday evening, and I was due to meet Greg at his flat. I got home as quickly as I could and jumped straight into the shower, ensuring that I was as fresh as I could possibly be. I put on my sexiest lingerie, choosing a red set with black lace trim. I looked in the mirror, feeling happy with what I saw. I then put on a tight red T-shirt and an above knee black skirt.

I had told my mum that I was seeing some girls from school, purposely not mentioning any names. She knew that I hung around with several, and therefore was happy. I said that I’d get something to eat while I was out, which saved her the job of cooking. Mum used to eat a salad in the evenings, only I preferred something cooked. Leaving the house, I felt good. I was going to get close to a wonderful and sexy man.

Greg greeted me at the door, smiling. I reached up, kissing him on the cheek. He smiled and invited me in, asking me if I’d like something to drink.

“I’ll have a glass of wine, if that’s okay.”
“Drink wine, do you?”
“Yes. I often have a glass. I don’t drink much, though.”

Greg took a bottle from the fridge and poured two glasses, leading me into the living room, where we sat beside one another, chatting about life in general. Greg appeared relaxed, and I hoped that he would see me as a woman, and treat me accordingly. As I sat talking, I allowed my skirt to ride up my legs a little. It wasn’t subtle, I know, but I really wanted him badly.

After half an hour we were chatting freely, so I took the opportunity I’d been waiting for. “So, tell me why you and your girlfriend split up.”

Greg smiled. “To be honest, she wasn’t very adventurous in bed.”
Realising that this was my chance, I said, “I am.”
“Are you, now?”
I moved closer, placing my hand upon his muscular thigh and looking into his eyes. “Yes.”

I moved closer, placing my lips upon his. I felt a tingle of excitement shoot through me. I put my arm around his shoulder and pulled him closer. We opened our mouths, our tongues making contact and moving slowly around. God, he could kiss well. I stroked his thigh. Greg put one hand upon my knee, and ran his other up and down my back. We flopped sideways onto the sofa, lost in our kiss. I moved my hand up his leg, touching his crotch. I could feel that he was hard. Becoming yet more relaxed with me, he moved his hand up my skirt, softly rubbing my thigh and making contact with my thong.

Suddenly, all those memories of my father entered my head, and I’m ashamed to say that I freaked out. I jumped up, saying, “No, I can’t do it. It’s too soon. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

Noticing the tears in my eyes, Greg looked worried. He stood up. “What’s up, Tina?”
“I can’t. It’s too soon. I can see . . . him.”

With tears rolling down my cheeks, I collapsed down onto the sofa, gesturing for Greg to join me, which he did. I then told him of how I had been forced into sex with my father. Telling it to someone else seemed to ease my mind. Greg was really understanding and told me how brave he thought I was, and that he wasn’t surprised that the memories had assaulted me so violently.

“The odd thing is,” I said, looking at his pretty features, “that I’ve started making love with Wendy, again, and it feels so good. I just feel so stupid.”

“Don’t. Look, I’m sure that you’ll get over it and start to relax with guys.”
A thought entered my head. “What if I asked Wendy to come along?”
I nodded. “Yes. You’ll like her, and she likes guys as well.”
Greg looked doubtful. “I’m not so sure about this.”

“She’ll come. I said that I was meeting a guy, and she called me a jammy cow. I’ll call her.”

Greg looked at me in a peculiar fashion as I made my call to Wendy. She was glad to hear from me, but sounded worried when I told her what had happened. I then asked her if she would come around. Excitedly, she said that she would, and that she wouldn’t be long.

Greg made us a coffee while we waited for Wendy to arrive. I told him how we had sex whenever we could, and how natural it felt between us. Greg smiled, telling me that I was lucky to have someone who was as close and caring as Wendy.

Wendy arrived twenty minutes later. I greeted her with a warm kiss, thanking her for coming. She was wearing a vest-top and a short skirt, looking sexier than I’d ever seen her. I turned to Greg and introduced the two of them. I could tell that Greg liked what he saw, yet I could also detect his uncertainty. He was faced with two underage girls who looked hot and horny. He wanted to, but there was doubt written on his face.

“Let’s sit down,” I suggested. “Wendy, you can sit in the middle.”

Wendy smiled at Greg. It was more than obvious that she liked the look of Greg. She sat down, patting the spaces either side of her. After I’d sat down, Greg did likewise, looking rather nervous. He said, “Er, what now?”

“I’m going to kiss my girlfriend,” Wendy said to Greg, “and then I’m going to kiss you.”

Wendy turned to me, running her fingers through my hair, closing her eyes as she kissed me, our mouths opening as we pulled each other closer. Our tongues touched and we ran them around, entwining them. I placed my hand upon her small, pert boob, squeezing and caressing it as Wendy ran her hand up my leg and placed her hand upon my thong, rubbing me. Fuelled with passion, I opened my legs, loving the soft touch of her skilful hand that stimulated me so brilliantly. I could feel my pussy beginning to tingle. Overwhelmed with lust, I pulled her vest-top off and put my hand inside her bra, gently tweaking her nipple, which came to life, standing proud. Desperate to feel more, I pulled her bra up, freeing both of her beautiful breasts, breaking away from our kiss to lick, suck and worship her firm titties.

I could feel that I was becoming wet as I hitched her skirt up and began rubbing her black cotton panties. She lifted her bottom and allowed me to remove them. I slid them down her legs and left them on the floor as she lay there with her legs open. Her pussy was pouting at us, looking desperate for attention. She placed her hand upon it and pulled her lips apart, showing her beautiful pink entrance.

I looked up to Greg. “Like it?”
“Fucking hell, yeah.”

Now naked, Wendy turned to Greg and placed her arm around his shoulder, initiating a kiss, to which Greg responded by running his hand up and down her back. Wendy placed her other hand upon his thigh, moving it immediately to his crotch, where I could see that he was rock hard. Still engaged in a snog, Wendy unbuttoned his trousers, pulling down his zip and revealing his tight briefs, with his cock bursting to get out. She then pulled the front of them down. I watched as his thick circumcised cock sprang out. Greg lifted his buttocks, allowing Wendy to remove his clothing, which he wriggled out of.

Wendy parted lips with him and kissed his neck, licking him down to his nipples. After sucking them both she took hold of his pulsing erection and began stroking the shaft. I estimated him to be around six to six and a half inches. His cock certainly looked good in Wendy’s hand, and even better when she placed his helmet in her mouth. He gasped as he looked down at this beautiful girl sucking and loving his manhood. She cupped his scrotum, moving his testicles around, taking his shaft deeper into her hot and eager mouth. She then moved away from his scrotum, moving her hand under his ass and inserting a finger. Greg jumped a little, and relaxed back down, groaning. She made sure her finger went all the way up. I could tell that she was searching for his ‘sweet spot’.

“Fucking hell, Wendy,” he panted a minute later. “I’m gonna cum.”

Wendy moved her mouth from him and spat on his purple end, working the saliva in with her hand and massaging his length, increasing in speed. Suddenly, he shot his first wad of semen, followed by two more copious ejaculations. He was writhing around in ecstacy, saying, “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Some smaller shots followed and after fifteen seconds or so, he lay back, breathing heavily. His body was covered in his thick sperm.

“How was that?” Wendy said, rubbing his cum around and licking some.
“Good,” he said, looking down at Wendy’s pussy.
I handed him a tissue. “We’ll make Wendy cum, together.”

I removed my skirt and top, looking down at Wendy’s wet pussy, which she was gently fingering. After removing his testicular produce, Greg moved between Wendy’s legs. I knelt beside her, sucking one of her nipples whilst rubbing her pubic hair, parting her outer lips. Greg placed his hands upon her thighs, and moved his head closer to her wet slit, placing his tongue on her clit. Wendy jumped a little. It was good to see a guy lick her. We’d talked about getting a guy to share, and there we were doing it. Looking at Greg, though, I still didn’t feel confident enough to touch him. I knew that he wouldn’t hurt me or be horrid, but those memories of my Dad came flooding back.

After ten minutes of licking, teasing and fingering, Wendy had the most obvious orgasm I’ve ever seen. She bucked and writhed around, groaning loudly and saying things, although such was the intensity of her climax, I couldn’t make out the words. Finally, Greg and I moved away, leaving her lying there with a dripping pussy.

Turned on by her orgasm, I began fingering around my slit, tickling my clit and pulling gently on my crinkly lips. Greg watched me. His dick was beginning to rise again, which Wendy noticed.

She smiled at me. “I’m going to lick your pussy into next week, while Greg fucks me from behind. How’s that?”

I licked the juice from my fingers. “Do it, babe.”

I saw Greg walk across the room, open a drawer and pull out a purple packet. Wendy looked at him and grinned. “I want that dick all the way up my pussy!”

Greg opened the packet and removed the item, placing it on the end of his hard cock. Wendy approached him and took over, rolling it down his shaft before taking it in her mouth, moving up and down a few times before getting in between my legs. I was on the sofa with my ass on the edge, yearning for Wendy’s tongue to pleasure me. Lovingly, she buried her face into my sopping pussy, licking all around and sucking my inner lips. I jumped with the sheer delight of her perfect touch. I felt my boobs, taking my nipples between finger and thumb, moving them about.

I opened my eyes to see Greg behind Wendy. He got in closer, and I felt Wendy flinch as he entered her. Wendy had been fucked by a guy before, and although she said that he hadn’t been very good, I knew that she wanted more cock. As he began moving rhythmically in and out of her, Wendy moved in time with him, gliding her tongue from my clit to my hole. She then inserted a finger and moved it around. I wriggled around, loving the feeling, and becoming wetter by the second. She inserted a second finger, filling my slippery hole. I pushed myself against her as she thrust her fingers into me and licked on my fully erect clit. I could feel myself tingling all over and continued feeling my boobs. My eyes were closed, and I was in heaven.

I’m not sure how long Wendy was eating my pussy, but it felt like forever. I could feel my juice running from my hole, and my inner lips were engorged. Feeling my orgasm building, I began whimpering and moving around. Wendy knew I was close and fucked me faster, pressing her tongue hard against my love button. Suddenly, my entire body erupted with the most powerful orgasm I’d ever known. I was groaning loudly and yelping with delight. Finally, though, I could take no more and closed my legs, breathless.

As I came to, I could see Greg still pumping into Wendy, who cried out and collapsed onto the ground, falling away from him. Greg’s cock slipped out. Looking down at her, he pulled the rubber of and began jerking his dick. He moved over her and shot his sperm all over her back. After a few large spurts, his cock deposited several small shots, before one more copious rope shot out. He knelt there, looking down at his handiwork.

“Fuck, Greg,” I said. “You do cum a lot. You’ve covered her.”
“Fuck, I needed that,” he said. Wendy laughed.

We sat down for a while, and ordered some pizza. We fucked again an hour later, and we continued to meet for several weeks, and although I never gained the confidence to touch Greg, we had so much fun.

But then disaster struck, and I was completely devastated. Wendy and I were on our way home from school one day, and were laughing and kidding around as always, discussing how we were going to lick and fuck each other senseless. Wendy’s house was across the road and down the next street. We said goodbye, and Wendy crossed the road. As she turned to wave, she didn’t see what was coming. A car, going far too fast, and out of control, hit her. It happened in slow motion, and I remember every second of it. The horror of seeing my friend, my lover, thrown into the air because of a dumb head, was all too much for me. I stood mortified as passers-by ran to her, but there was nothing they could do. My friend, my reason for being, was dead. I knew it the moment it happened. Tears, uncontrollable tears, ran down my face. I stood, unashamedly shaking and crying. For me, it was the end of the world.

Recovering from such a shock took time, and it also took its toll on me. I had been repeatedly raped by my father, seen him thrown into jail, and then saw my best friend killed before my eyes. At the time, I thought that I would never get over it, and in many ways I never did. As time went on, though, I learned to live with it. As for my sex life, that did take a turn for the better. The person in question was my thirteen year old cousin, but that’s another story all together.

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Very good story, deive and yet so realistic, this is one of my favourite stories,such a sad ending though, completely unexpected. Overall 11/10 :P

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2012-03-17 02:45:28
i hate when guys cant get any they go for kids. i cant talk bout other countries cause it is allowed

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