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I had my bath, clean inside and out, took a glass of white wine and went to sit in the Captain's perch, a window box seat that overlooked a small park, part of the University. A warm night, just enough of a breeze to smell the grass that had just been cut, feeling melancholy. My mind drifted back to when I was a teen as Sheila popped into my head. My one and only relationship with a girl. We were 13, I went on a camping trip with her and her parents to keep Shiela company and that first night in the sleeping bag, we found out what each other tasted like. From then on, we couldn't get enough of each other, going off by ourselves, experimenting until we found that kneeling over each others faces was the best way to enjoy each other. Unfortunately, we had to leave a day eariy as her Grandfather died and they flew out that night for Chicago, I never seen her again, they moved there perminately! Sheila? I hope your life has been as good as mine! My thoughts jumped a few years recalling the first boy I made out with. This is intercourse? This is what everyone likes? Well I didn't think to much of it! He just pumped his sperm into me, smiled and there I was with a mess on my hands. Surely there's got to be more than this! I must be missing something! so we continued to have sex until one day when the moon was in the wrong quarter, I said that's enough, no more! I began to laugh at this point as my next three lovers were no better.
God! I was so stupid back then! Enter Kyle! A warm feeling came over me as i thought about our first meeting shortly after joining the Univesity. Whew! I need a refill!

Jenny, my room mate came in as i was filling my glass shedding clothes as she went in the bathroom. Hearing the shower going, I got back up on my perch seeing Kyles ruggedly handsome face before me. I shivered thinking of the first time he kissed me, I mean do what ever you want Kyle, I'm yours! And he did! I was weak as he took my panties off looking up at the stars, my heart pounding as I wanted to recieve him. Finding the right spot, i felt the head go in and as he bent over to kiss me, his cock was going where none had gone before! Oh my God!
"Relax" Kyle whispered re-assuringly "I'm going to take you to a place you've never been"
This was incredible! His slow easy pace of penartraing me frightened me as I never felt like this before! Oh my God! I could feel his body up tight to mine.
"It's all the way in Kelly, you ok?" There was no way I could talk, that's certain.
All the way in? I would hope so, there's no more room in there! I shook my head yes as he began to move that monster in and out of me with whispered saying coming from Kyle like, you ok, it's all the way in, this is so nice, give it to me Kelly, I want all of it! I had no idea what he was talking about nor did i care, he just kept going. Once again, oh my God! Then from way down inside me somewhere, I could feel this swelling tide of emotions lookinf for a way out! Kyle knew!
"That's it Kelly, give it to me!" he whispered as he sped up, popunding me hard!
What's happening to me? Help! I think I'm going to die!
"Now Kelly" he shouted out loud "Give it to me! Now Kelly, that's it, give it...."
At this point, I was sure I was going to die! Kyles voice trailed off with multi coloured stars exploding all around me, my insides opened up and recall screaming, then blacknes, I fainted!

I had to get off the Captain's perch, I was shaking as I sat in the big chair. Out came Jenny not looking at me but smiling.
"Well kiddo, to-morrows the big day eh? Still leaving Saturday?"
Thank goodness my head had cleared.
"That's right" giving her my best smile "We have an ocean side room, everything is paid and I'm so looking forward to being with him on a 24/7 basis"
"He's a hunk, no question about that. He graduates and next year, we graduate" smiling "Think I'll read for a while"
He certainly is a hunk as Jenny put it and smart too. 2nd in his class of 112 and the other part of that hunk was his beautiful dick. I only sucked two dicks in my life, both times spitting out their deposit but with Kyle, that 8" plus dick of his, I could suck him ever day, I loved the taste of him. Lets face it, kyle could do no wrong in my eyes, i loved him that much. That warm feeling came back over me as I remember him saying a few days after our first encounter,
"Kelly darling, would you mind very much trimming or shaving your pussy? I don't want a mouth full of hair" Oh Lord, that smile of his fractures me, his teeth seemed to sparkle!
"I'll take care of that my darling"
Sweet Mother of Jesus, he's going to eat me? Can it get any better than this?

So as I sat there in the auditorium with all the other friends of those graduating, so proud of Kyle! Look at him sitting up there smiling, the most handsome of them all. Bet no guy up there is as well endowed as he is and they don't have a more educated tongue either! Easy Kelly, your panties are going to get wet, I just couldn't help myself. So they all recieved their diplomas, then we head for the reception. i was starved, horny and I'm not sure which was the most. i don't know how it happened but Kyle and I seperated, I suppose talking to other people then the band started. I couldn't see him anywhere. Where is he? Going up to the 2nd floor i was starting to worry looking down at the crowed dancefloor. I don't know why but at the end of the walk way was the fire stairs thinking i would go down them and be at the other end of the dance floor. Part of what I'm about to tell you is cloudy as I don't remember every minute. Opening the fire door, there was my beautiful lover Kyle on his knees sucking Jerry's dick! He was the only black friend we had and I remember Kyles face was one of torture as I threw up all over myself! I have no idea how I left the reception, where I was, where I went, what I did but when I came to my sense, the sun was shinning. Then the pain come back of seeing Kyle with Jerry's dick in his mouth! The curse words that followed, the screaming, the ranting and raving, I must have been a site to behold! I've got to get home was all I could think of so I hailed a taxi.
"Holy geez girl!" the driver shouted putting down his window "Go take a shower!"
The one thing in the world that I didn't need right then was any man even talking to me!
"Shut the fuck up!" I screamed at him taking the $20.00 bill from my bra "get me home!"
I shall never forget the look pf horror on his face, you would think I had a gun at his head!

Thank God Jenny was home! When she opened the door and seen me, both hands went to her face letting a shriek out of her as I pushed past her heading for the bathroom. I didn't get un-dressed, I couldn't wait and ddin't care stepping in the tub even with my shoes on turning on the shower. Hands bracing myself against the wall, the water was beating down on my head when the shower shut off.
"Kelly?" Jenny said through tears "Come on, lets get un-dresse, ok?"
Helping me out of the tub, I shouted at her,
"Put everything ina plastic bag and brn them!'
I got back in the shower turning on the water with Jenny taking the massage head and hose from it's craddle handing it to me. Jenny was noiw crying harder as she said therough tears,
"I'm going to wash your hair Kelly, you have some twigs in it"
Finally, Jenny sat me down in the tub, put the plug in the outlet and began cleaning up my mess.
"Remember, burn them!" I shouted at her as the tub dilled slowly with hot water.
It was a long time before I came out of the bathroom absolutey exhausted! Jenny was sitting there looking at me but I couldn't talk to her right now, I thought I may pass out I was so tired/ She never saud a word as I got into bed and I'm not sure but I think she tucked me in.

When i woke up, the clock radio read 4:45 am and heard Jenny say,
"Feel better?" It all came slamming back into my thoughts how bad I treated her.
"Oh Jenny, I'm so sorry for the way I acted but...."
"What in the world happened to you?"
I told her, as best as I could remember going in the bathroom to do all the good things one must do after waking up. One thing Kelly, I said to myself, you were suppose to go away and that still holds! Get away from here! Clear your head! Treat yourself to a mini vaction! when i came out, Jenny had made toast and tea then told her I was leaving for a while.
"Where are you going?"
"I don't know! I'm taling the next flight no matter where it's going"
This was so un-like me! Everything had a place and as long as everything was in it's place, everything was fine. Now I didn't care! So I pack my nap sack with just enough clothes for a few days, tears at the door saying good bye to Jenny going to the airport.
"Where to mam?" the clerk asked.
"When does the next flight leave here and where is it going?"
She looked at me like I was crazy!
"Well lets see" giving me the fish eye " There's a fliight to Holland that leaves in twenty minutes"
"I'll take it! An open return and no comments please!" Holland? Oh well!

Getting off the plane in Amsterdam, the taxi driver took me to a Hotel, very old but that was ok I had to get out and walk after sitting for so long for a few blocks in each direction. I window shopped and was now hungry. It was getting dark so I made my way back to the Hotel and had supper in this small dining room. This is nice, I like this! In the morning, i took off again walking a long way when a police car stopped me. In broken English he wanted to know what I was doing here. Now what have I done wrong?
"I'm a tourest from Canada and i'm walking to see the city" I wasn't doing anything wrong.
"Oh, a tourest" he said smiling as he pointed across the street "Don't go there"
I said ok, and they left. Why doesn't he want me to go there? I have to find out! So crossing the road, I only got past a few house down and there's a girl sitting in the window scantly dressed smiling at me. No thanks girl, not interested! I thought, Holy, there were girls in a lot of windows! What's going on here?
"You look lost" I turned and there was this girl smiling at me.
"I don't understand what all these girls are doing in the windows?"
"There prostitutes and these are brothels" still smiling. It took a second to make the connection
"Are you looking fior a job?" Me? A prosititute? Gee I don't think so!
"Uh no, I'm just looking" Holy geez Kelly, your not looking at shoes!
"OK" she said taking my hand in hers and wrote some numbers down on the palm "A girl can always use a few dollars more. Call me if you change your mind, you could make a lot of money"
I watched her disappear into the house across the street and i left the street flabbergated!

All day I kept looking at my hand shaking my head no and then after lunch at some cafe, it hit me! Maybe that's just what I need to get rid of Kyles image. But a hooker? I can't do that! Still, the thought never left my mind. Me? Fucking for a living? This is to much! So why don't you wash your hands and get rid of it? Damn! You can't lie to yourself. So I called Mona and told her I wasn't sure I wanted to do this but i was curious.
"No problem. Come take a look, you don't like what you see you leave" Can't beat that!
So the next day after a pitiful nights sleep, I went to the house I seen her go in.
"What's your name, I'll introduce you to Arthor" I told her following her down the hall to the end.
"Arthor, this is Kelly, she's thinking of joining us"
"Ya" he said getting up and walking around me "Take your clothes off" sitting back down.
Damn! Well what did you expect? I strated slowly taking off my blouse and he snapped at me!
"Hurry up girl, I have things to do!" I sure didn't like this!
Finally I was nude and he got up walking around me.
"Bend over" he said matter of factly. I don't think so!
"What for?" in the strogest voice I had.
"So I can see your cunt, bend over!" he shouted. Damn! I did it and hated it!

So I stood there fuming and couldn't hold it in!
"I don't see why you have to look there,we all have the same thing!" He just waved at Mona.
"Well actually we don't Kelly. Some have lips tha hang way good"
Why don't you just shut up and do as your told and learn what's going on!
"She'll do. Make an apppintmet with the Doc, get her registered with the police and so on"
She grabbed some of my clothes and i followed her out into the hall naked! Holy geez!
"First you have to have a place to stay so you can stay with me, get dressed and we'll make the rounds, first the Doc then the cops"
I was examined, picture taken, application for a visa, a lot of details. So I moved into this small room with her and my bed was the couch.
"I'm starved and I want tp buy you supper Mona"giving her my best smile.
"Well if my friend wasn't here, you wouldn't be getting all this attention!"
If Jenny could see me now she'd scream! To bad Kyle can't, the Bastard would die!

So we went to a sex shop and I bought 3 outfits
"These don't hide anything do they"
"There not suppose to" smiling at me "Remember be there by 5, that's when you start"
"You leaving me?" I wanted have lunch with her.
"Yes i have this customer I give a blow job each week and i'm thirsty, cya" laughing as she left.
So I went to work as i called it, got dressed and went in the reception room as they called it. Two other girls were in there, one reading, the other watching tv so i st down. Sure hope the first one to come in doesn't pick me! God, what am I doing here?
"You'll do lets go!" this man said as soon as he walked in the door.
My heart was pounding as we walked out and down to the first room Don't faint Kelly, just do it!
"i've beem horny all day" getting un-dressed, your new here?"
"Yes" taking my so called clothes off.
"You look reall good baby, let me find out what i'm getting"
Before I could react, that bugger had his finger in me!
"Holy shit, your horny too! Get on the bad, I'm going to fuck your ass off!"
I didn't realize I was wet and Holy, did he ever give it to me! At first I said to myself, it's just a job, it's just a job and as he pounded me harder, I wanted more. Yes, give it ti me! Away he went before I was ready but there was nothing new in that or so i found out.
"As long as he's happy when he leaves, that's all that's important"
Right there and then I realized that sex was not a pleasure, it was a job! That's true in some cases, they could read the newspaper while getting anal but for me, I may not have enjoyed every single sexual experience, but there wasn't one that I didn't dislike!

i learned quickly that regardless of how I felt, I had to please the customer by moaning or what ever else it took to make him happy. By Friday which was a big night, I did 14, some repeat customers. Saturday was the biggest day doing 22 and just fell on the couch dead tired. This was the first time I was looking forward to my period, I was beat up!
"Want to go with Nikki and me to the farm?"
"What's going on there?" I had no idea what she was talking about.
"Beastiality! They give a sex show" smiling.
"With animals?" I shouted at her.
"Duhhh! Beastiallity? Animals? Connect the dots! Come on, your tired, it will do you good"
This I have put in my diary! So away we go, Nikki, a Russian girl driving for an hour pulling in with a few cars there. They had a bar set up, two other girls from somewhere and a lot of men.
"Folks, if you come inside were ready" i think that's what she said.
They had this lamb tied up to a post standing on a box.
"Gentlemen? To have sex with this lamb feels the same as any woman...any volinteers?"
I was sure no one would step forward but this loud mouth guy did.
"I'll tell ya if this is like a broad!" I couldn't believe it, he was going to fuck that lamb!
Off came his pants and he rammed it into the poor lamb who was bleating!
"Son of a bitch" he shouted pumping his dick in and out "she's right!" backing off laughing..
"Anyone else?" No one moved and I was happy about that.

A nude woman, in her forty's, overweight, came walking to-wards us with two police dogs on leashes. Oh no, don't tell me!
"Right over her folks" our guide said as she went in a stall
Those two dogs really wanted her sniffing her pussy, pushing each other out of the way to get at her until she thrashed the one with the lanyard and the other licked her. What a goofy ugly smile she had pushing that dog away to give the other the same chance. During this time, a lot of men were looking at us making all kinds of lude remarks but I never let on I heard them. She then pulled out some sleeves with the dogs becoming excited as she put them on their front legs. Now what are they for? It didn't take long before one of those dogs was on her back and after a short period of time, she would move him off her and the other dog was there to lick her then mount her
This went on for quite a while with one dogs knot in her.
"Any of you Ladies want to try this?" She was laughing, the men were howling for one of us to try this and all I wanted to do was go home. "Lots of time, it will take about 20 minutes before he can dssmount her! Don't want that? Ok, lets move down here then" still smiling.
"Where's Nikki?" She had disappeared.
"She went that way with two guys" smiling at me. No wonder they call us working girls!

Holy! They had a pony tethered with his back feet tied so he couldn't kick forward. I don't want to see this! That pinto pony had a dick that had to be 18" long waving back and forth with a naked man and woman entering the stall. Immediatelt, she had her fingers in hersef then rubbed her hand on the pony's nose with the man smiling. I nudged Mona as a man two places down was wanking! In a place like this, I guess it was all right to do that.
"I know! He's the fouth I've seen" smiling. She doesn't miss a trick.
The man was on one side holding the pony's dick as she crawled under the pony with others moving so they could have a clear view. I'll be go to Hell! He got that cock of his in her! Not all of it of course but more than I thought he could! Both hands on that pony's dick, the man was masturbating him with his dick in her when he began to snort and she let a whoop out of her! My God, the pony came in her and his sperm just came pouring out of her! The men were applaiding and when she moved forward, she looked proud that the pony came in her. Wow! In seconds they disappeared and I had it, I didn't want to see any more.
"We have a very horny pig back here and some eels if anyone would like to try them" she shouted but there not part of our presentation"
"Mona? I can't take no more, I'm going out to the car, I'm beat"
"OK, make sure your door is locked" as she followed the crowd.

I woke up when they got in, both laughing but never saud anything. No, I didn't care what they were laughing about, something devious to be sure. As soon as we got home, I had quick shower and went to bed, no supper waking up at 6am. This is not like me I said to myself, I always have all kinds of energy. The it hit me! All I do is sit and fuck! What happened to that exercise program? No time like the present to get started, get yourself back in shape. I soon found out how bad a shape I was in when I was huffing and puffing after a few blocks of jogging. So between turn 5 and 10 tricks a day, I began to eat right, exercise and everything tightened back up. It paid off too as more of my customers were repeats. I was doing quite well until that jerk boss we had came in with the cheques. What the Hell is this for?
"Excuse me" I said "for what time period is this?" The look he gave me was frightening!
"Your not satisfied?' he growled.
"No Im not satified" I shouted back "I've had 138 tricks since I've been here and that adds up a lot more than this!" Who the Hell does he think he is?
"Don't worry about it, I'll make the adjustments next week" snapping at me.
"You'll make the adjustments right now! To-day!"
"I run this house, your not satisfied, get out!"
"That's the way you want it, fine! I'll have this place closed in two hours until you do pay!"
To male a long drawn out story short, he did pay not only me but the others who he had been cheating and then he disappeared.
"Ladies" this silver haired man said smiled."sorry for the misunderstanding by Arthor, he thought he should pocket some of your money. At any rate, he gone and won't be back" smiling.
Both Mona and Nikki said that he was fish bait! I didn't mean for that to happen to him. It's all about money and anyone touches their money, they don't get a chance to touch it twice!

From then on, everyone kept score, just like I did. I broke mine down to blow jobs, doggies, missionary and anal and believe it or not, at the end of the month with different prices on each activity, the dollar amount was basically the same. One of the delights that I would have done for free if ask to, was to tease a boy and let him think he made out with a woman. I only had three of these adventures and still smile with affextion when I think of Sebastian. His father was mega wealthy, took Sabastian wth him where ever he went and woke up one day to find out his Son had needs! I was introduced to the Father by the producer of a part in a movie I did but more about that later.
"My Son Sabastian is 14" he said nervously "and his eye has turned to girls! Now whay I want is you to dress like a teacher and let him secuce you at his own pace"
His own pace? What's his definition of seduce? I knew better than to ask quesstions, people like this want only resulys! So the next day I arrived at theor Hotel and introduced to Sabastuan as a tutor by his Father.
"Ok" he said "What is your specialty?" That stunned his Father who fumbled for words.
"Music, dance and advanced math" smiling. Please don't accept advanced math!
"Are you any good?" he had that air of arrogence a lot of super rich people have.
"I play with the Boston symphony: adjusting my glasses going to the window. He's looking!

So went for a walk, the body guard not more then five steps away questioning him on what he wanted to play.
"I don't want to play anything I would like to learn to dance though" whew, he's smiling.
"The dnace it is" asking is he had a girl that he wanted to dance with.
"I've never been with a girl but I want to be ready when the time comes"
A self confessed Virgin? Be still my heart!
"Since I'm being paid for this, lets get back and we'll get started"
"How old are you?"
"I'm almost 21 and if I were you, I'd pit that in the form of a question rather than demanding an answer, girls don't like demands, not the ones I know!"
No one ever corrected him like that I'm sure but to make him secure, I had to show him I was a prize that was worth catching. Removing my business suit, bra, glasses and letting my hair dowm, I changed into a simple back dress. This certainly grabbed his attention.
"Well star off with a fox trot, maybe something slower and go from there, ok?"
Holding him close, we went rough the basic steps and he was doing quite well. Greeks are known for their dancinf and he was no exception One thing for sure, he certainly like to be hekd!

The naxt morning I was there bright and early with his Father saying,
"Im sorry, we must go to Milan Italy and for now, we will have to posrpone your...."
"No no Papa, she can come with us" he blurted out!
"Well I'd like to" my mind racing "But I have no clothes and...."
"We can buy what ever you need" Sabastian pleaded and his father through up his arms.
In 30 minutes we were in the air in their jet with six people on board, Sabastian next to me.
"I really liked dancing with you" he whispered.
"I shouldn't tell you this" I whispered back "but you brought out some feelings in me"
"I did? Wow!" he face turning crimson.
So I leaned over top of him a few times and yes, he was looking down at my exposed breasts.
"Um...when you said I brought out feelings in you, what did you mean?"
This young man is lacking confidence and needs to ne in charge like his Father.
"Years ago, I fell in love with a boy just like you. He kissed me, he touched me all over and even to-day, I get goose bumps when I think of him" looking down.
"What happened to him?" His poor face strained with antici[ation.
"He took his boat out one day and was lost at sea"
Damn! He had to turn his head, he was tearing up!

I wasn't shy about getting new clothes, the Hotel had nothing but designer clothes and I bought enough to fill a suotcase. The next morning while having breakfast of the patio, Sbastain came to the table in pian.
"Where does it hurt?" as he say down cautiously.
"Diwn below, you know"
"Yes I do know and I also know there's only one way to help you, lets go!"
"What are you going to do?" he said getting up.
"Cime with me Sabastain, I'll take care of you"
I know he worried going to my room balking when I tried to take down his pants.
"Sabastian? U only done this with one other person, that boy I was telling you about. Now do you trust me? You want to be better? Din't fight me on this! I'll make yoy all better"
"But what are you going to do?" almost in tears..
"Either you trust me or Im leaving you in pain"
He sure didn't like that as he sat down on the bed.
"Lay down, keep your eyesa closed and let me have my way with you"
Son of a gun, he has almost six inches!

His poor scrotum was more than twice it's normal size, poor baby! As soon as iI put his cock in my mouth, he let a yelp out of him pounding the bed with his fists. Maximum, fifteen seconds until he exploded and Im here to tell you, I swallowed three mouthfuls. Keeping it in my mouth for a minute I asked him how he felt but he couldn't answer.
"Go and wash yourself and I'll seer you on the patio"
His Father was was sitting with his staf so I went on the other side with him joining me.
"How are you making out with my Son?"
"I'm making progress but you know, it has to be done right" No I didn't tell him.
"Hi Papa" Sabastain smiled "I'm learning to dance" He gave him a kiss andleft smiling.
"Wow, do I ever feel better, thanks a lot?" now hungry
"Well eat a good breakfast, we have a lot to do to-day" patting his hand.
Up to my room we go, I change into a black leather mini skirt and red blouse open at the front leaving my panties and bra off. Dancing fast for ten minutes, we ere both tired so I shut the tadio off and sat diwn my legs open just enough.
"Whew, it's hot in here, open the window"
He did but when he say down this time, he was right in front of e. Veaky eh what?

He was getting a full view finally asking,
"You ever make love to that boy who was lost at sea?"
"Yes, twice and I miss it so much" Come on Sabastain, ask me!
"I guess it would be out of the question for me to make love to you,wouldn't it?"
"No!" I shouted "You'd do that foir me?" sitting up straight.
His face was glowing as I took his hand yanking him to his feet, pulling him over to the bed.
"It's been years Sabastain" ripping my blouse off " since I...."
His mouth was hanging open, his face was red, he had stopped bvreathing as he starred at my breasts. In truth, they were a perfect 32B which many others commented on. I didn't wait, off came my mini skirt laying down on the bed.
"Sabastian!" I shouted at him which brought him back to the present "Hurry!"
There's nothing smooth about a horny teen boy! He came at me all arms and legs in evwery direction possible. I'm going to jumped ahead until he dinaly settled down in me and was acting rational rather than the racing machine he thought he was. I must tell you also, I was horny and after ten minutes of steadt pumping in me, I did cum, not a lot but lightly. A shower was in order so he could explore my body and oveer thext few days, I had him make love to me in every position possible. O f course, the day was fast approaching when I was to disappear with his Father breaking the news.
"I have bad news for you. Your Mother has died and they need you"
I left the room with him pretnding to cry nad he handed me a the keys of a very expensive sports car. Wiw. So I took a flight back that night and drove my new car home. There was no easy way to say good bye and I can tell you, he's going to be a great lover as time goes by.

Enough is enough is enough! The house held no more intest for me, I had a brand new expensive sports cat, now two suitcases full og dedigner clothes, time to go home. Shipping the car was expensive but that's the cost you bare if you want to keep the car. Cashing in all my bonds, transferring my bank account, emptying the safety deposit box and a hyndred other details did take time landing in New York on theat brisk fall day. A week later, I drve across the boarder at Byffaki and I was hiome. Three says later, I bought a loft and one noon hour when I had everything set, I needed a man (for free) going to one of the big Hotels down town. Now you can dress a girl up and chances are you wouldn't know if she was a hprostitute or not but certain things give her away. Such was the case when I went to the washroom. I spotted this beauty and I just couldn't resist.
"How business?' smiling at her. She gave me one of those looks like who are you? "Relax, I just got into town and Im looking for an exlusive house"
Scribbling my phone number down, I left it beside her purse and left. The next day Rhonda called, we met and like the man says, that's fistory.So now I work when i want, basically enjoy myself at this new beginning, my eye always looking for another Sabastian. It's been my pleasure reveal a small part of my life and hope you enjoyed it. Bye!

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