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The continuing story of Lisa's sexual awakening as it's guided and assisted by her dad.
Thanks for everyone's positive comments. I intend to keep this story going for some time. As I said once before, I try to write a chapter, let it sit a day or two, then edit it. That way I hope the story will flow more evenly. I really love the build up of a story, so sex is still several chapters away.

CHAPTER 3 Discovering Exhibitionism.

Lisa and Tom continued to cuddle, half naked on the couch for a bit longer before both going off to bed. Neither bothered to re-dress, Tom picking up his lounge pants to carry up and Lisa her panties, they both plodded upstairs to their rooms and to bed, Tom stopping in Lisa’s room to tuck her in and give her a good night kiss. He noticed she got into be without her panties and smiled to himself.

Saturday, Tom woke first and took a quick shower, throwing on some light cotton shorts and a t-shirt and headed downstairs to make some breakfast. His mind remembered the previous night and he felt ok about it all. It all seemed so natural and, since it was a teaching moment, so right. He was not thinking about future encounters though.

After about 90 minutes, Lisa comes bounding down the stairs wearing just a robe. She had also taken a quick shower and just threw on the robe to come down and greet the most important person in her life. She was very energetic today, filled with a new energy.

“Good morning, daddy” she says bursting into the room and over to him to give Tom a big kiss and hug.

“Well, aren’t we in a good mood” he says cheerfully.

“Yea, I slept better than I have in weeks” Lisa tells him.

“Well that is one of the other benefits of masturbation, it can help you relax and sleep better”

“Yea! That was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had” she beams. “And dad, thank you for letting me watch you. It was just amazing how your sperm shot out and everything. Every time I think about it, well” and her voice goes into an almost whisper “I get all tingly down there.” And she giggles. She then looks down at her dads crotch, sees a slight outline of his flaccid cock under the thin cotton material. She reaches out her hand and pats it gently, “and how’s my little buddy today?” she ask rhetorically.

Tom chuckles and by causally allowing her to touch him in this way only serves to encourage her continued freedom. He pours her some OJ as she goes to the pantry and gets out some Cheerio’s for breakfast and prepares her own breakfast. When she sits down on the tall kitchen stool, her robe falls away from her thighs and with only the belt at the waist, Tom can see she is naked beneath and her pussy is now exposed. Lisa chatters away about nothing, unconcerned she is exposed.

“Dad?” she asks as Tom pours another cup of coffee.

“Yes, sweetie?” he responds.

“I really liked masturbating last night and, uhm , well, I mean I feel like I want to do it again and again. Is that ok? I mean, I guess, how often can I?” she stammers out her question.

Tom smiles, “Honey, you can masturbate as much as you want.” He assures her. “well, I mean try not to do it in public” he adds teasing her a bit.

“Ha Ha, very funny” she playfully smirks back at him. “No, but like so at home I can do it all I want?” She asks.

“Well honey as long as it doesn’t interfere with your normal chores or school work” he answers, but doesn’t realize the underlying question. Lisa has the idea that as much as she wants also translates into anywhere she wants.

They chat on again on different subjects. Lisa tells him about other things happening at school. One of her friends named Kelly liked this boy and was trying to get him to notice her, but ended up tripping and falling and her dress exposed her panties to everyone in the cafeteria. And how one of her teachers was talking about the ships from the Spanish Armada and slipped up and said ‘shit’. Lisa giggles at each of these folly’s and Tom listens attentively and smiles with her. Finally Tom tells her he is going into the basement to work out and asks if she can clean up the kitchen for him.

His workout takes about an hour and he climbs the stairs slowly and sweating profusely. When he reaches the top his ears pick up a small moan and as he rounds the corner to pass through the living room, Lisa is there lying on the couch, robe off, completely naked, legs spread wide rubbing her clit furiously. One hand is pinching and playing with her nipples. She looks to be close and Tom cannot resist, but to stand there a moment watching. Initially, her eyes are closed, but as she feels it building up in her, she opens them a second and sees her dad standing there. This excites her more, feelihg so vulnerable, yet so open and free. She realizes he is enjoying watching again and this takes her to new heights. Her hips start to thrust and she turns slightly to, unconsciously, show herself off to her dad. She feels, for the first time, sexy and sensual as she starts to understand how she can excite a man with her body and actions. She cries out with another powerful orgasm.

As she recovers, she smiles big, “Hi dad. Whew! That felt soooo good” she says casually and so open about it, her legs still widely spread. “I may have to do this all day” she giggles. Glancing down, she sees the now wet with sweat cotton material is clearly showing the outline of Tom’s fully erect cock straining against the material. “Looks like someone else needs to do it again too.” She observes.

Tom looks confused a second, then follows her eyes, “yes, well, you need to be careful young lady. The sight of a woman naked and masturbating will excite most men.” he admonishes her in a teasing way, but he never tells her it’s not appropriate to do that so openly, so she, of course, takes it as permission. “I need a shower more than I need that right now.” He adds.

“Oh, ok” she acknowledges. “Yea you kinda stink” she adds giggling as she teases her dad. He really didn’t stink, but it was how they joked at school with each other too. Lisa gets up from the couch and casually follows Tom up, not bothering to put on her robe.

“Are you just going to run around naked all day?” he asks

“Can I? I kinda like it. Last night I was nervous when you first saw my, uhm, well you know, but now I’d rather not wear anything if that’s ok. It will save on laundry” she adds the last like she is trying to make more selling points for her position.

As they walk up the stairs, Tom sees no harm and agrees. “Just keep your robe handy in case we have unexpected visitors.” He cautions.

As they enter his bathroom, Tom strips off his shorts. His cock is semi hard now, not fully. Its only now, despite her examination of his genitals last night, she realizes her dad is shaven smooth around his cock and balls. Not having much hair there herself, she just didn’t think about it. “Dad, do you shave here?” she asks reaching out and running her fingers over the smooth part.

“Yes, it’s neater and easier to keep clean” he explains.

Lisa looks closer and finds lots of stray hairs. “Well you need to do a better job” she says feeling those patches.

“It’s hard to do it by yourself. You can’t see everything” he explains.

“You want some help? I can shave these hard to reach spots if you want” she offers.

“Maybe, we’ll see.

Tom sets about getting ready for his shower. Lisa doesn’t bother to leave, but sits on the chair kept there that used to be her mother vanity seat. The shower door is clear and as she chats away with her dad as he showers, she watches him. She is finding that seeing him nude and in various states of arousal, arouses her too. She leans back and begins to masturbate again while watching her dad through the clear glass doors of the shower stall. Her chatting getting less and some moans escaping her lips, Tom peaks out to see her rubbing herself again, eyes fixed on his cock which is in the process of re-hardening.

Tom shuts off the water and steps out and begins drying off. Lisa continues to openly rub her pussy, legs spread lewdly again. Her eyes go from his cock to his face and she watches his eyes go from her face to her pussy. Rubbing herself, her dad’s eyes watching makes her feel so naked and so vulnerable and this feeling really excites her. She tries to open up further. She wants him to see her pleasure herself, not fully understanding why. She feels nasty, but in a good way and then her orgasm hits her with full force and harder than either of her first two. She doesn’t know the word for it yet, but Lisa has just discovered she likes to be watched. She’s just discovered her exhibitionist side.

Tom moves to catch her before she falls off the chair for her powerful orgasm. In doing do, his cock brushes her upper arm and springs off that, smacking her in the cheek. He gets he steadies back on the chair. “You ok sweetie?” he asks almost ready to laugh. “That was a good one, uh?”

Lisa finally catches her breath. “Oh wow! Dad they seem to just get better and better.” She pants. She then looks at her dad, then his cock, then his face again. “Daddy, do it. I want to see you do it again” she says with some seriousness behind her words. Lustful seriousness.

Although he would really like to do it for her, he resists for now. “How about instead, you help me shave these hard to reach spots, and then maybe I’ll do it for you. It’s easier to shave around if my hard.” He explains to her.

It makes senses so she gets up off the chair and invites her dad to sit down. She takes the razor and shaving cream from the sink and then kneels down at his feet. “I’ve never done this, so you’ll have to tell me what to do” she smiles up at him.

“Put some shaving cream in your hand first, then smear it around where you are going to shave” he instructs her.

Lisa fills her hand and then awkwardly smears the thick cream around his hard cock as he spreads his legs wider to give her access. She holds his cock with her other hands to manipulate it. “Over you balls too?” she asks glancing up. Tom nods. “Lift your legs up higher, you have a lot of hair under you balls.” She says and as he does, his asshole gets exposed as well. She rubs cream there as well.

All lathered up, she begins tentatively shaving and after the first stroke she looks at the razor and a mound of cream on it, realizing she needs to clean it each time. Getting up and going to the sink, she rinses it. “Take that bowl and fill it with water, then you can just dip it in each time to clean it off.” Tom suggests to her.
“Oh, yea, good idea” she says happily and begins to fill up the bowl. Once done, she’s back down between his legs shaving and touching. Tom stays hard the whole time and Lisa gradually gains confidence and by the time she is done, she has shaved him the smoothest he has been in a long time. “There, all done!” she exclaims with a sense of triumph.

She then glances up at her dad with a more serious look. “Dad, please, let me watch you again.” She pleads.

Tom smiles, then nods. Her pleas are like magic to him and he reaches down and wraps his hand around the shaft and begins to masturbate with his daughters face quite literally inches from his hard cock She watches as intently as she did last night. She studies his movements. She even gets so close at some point he can feel her breath when she exhales. He reaches down and cups and massages his balls. Tom knows the word he is feeling right now as she observes him so intently. He feels naked and vulnerable. Nasty and lewd. His balls tighten up and he cries out in orgasmic bliss as his cock starts to shoot cum. This time, his cum flies into his daughter face. She gasps with open mouth after the first one hits her and the second hits her open mouth. The third, her chest and the rest oozes out. Lisa smacks her lips, tasting her father cum for the first time. Salty, musky, but not bad, but the texture is weird.

As Tom’s orgasm subsides, he steady’s himself on the chair. “Oh wow! God that was strong” he pants.

“You got it in my mouth” Lisa says, not angry but surprised.

“Oh I’m sorry honey, I didn’t mean too. Maybe you shouldn’t get so close next time.” He says.

“Is it bad for me? I mean to get in my mouth?” she asks.

“Oh no, honey. A lot of women love it. They love to get it all in their mouths and swallow it. Others, not so much.” He tries to explain in his post orgasmic state.

“Well, I swallowed it” she says, more as a fact than bragging. “Taste isn’t bad, but the texture will take some getting used to. Is that when women give guys blow jobs?” she asks

Recovering a bit more now, Tom turns back to her and sees her scooping some more off her face, studying it and then tasting it again. “Yes honey. Women can give a man a blowjob and let him cum in her mouth. Of course, men can lick a woman’s pussy and make her feel pretty good too”

“That’s all oral sex, right?” she asks to check her understanding.

“That’s right honey” he says as he takes wash cloth and wets it with warm water. “Let me help clean you” he says as he observes her taking her second finger full and putting it to her mouth. “Unless you just want to lick yourself clean.” He teases. “ You seem to like the taste.”

Lisa looks at her dad a bit sheepishly. “I guess it’s not too bad. I could get used to it.” She says and holds her face to invite her dads cleaning.

Tom gets her cleans up and wiped down as they chat on about oral sex a bit longer. Tom dries his hair and finishes getting cleaned up. As he walks naked into his room with Lisa in tow he goes to his drawer to get some more shorts.

“Dad, don’t put on anything. Can you stay naked with me today?” she asks like a little girl.

Tom turns to her, “Really? You like being nude so much?” He ask for confirmation

“Yea and I like seeing you that way too. It makes me tingle down there.” She confesses.

Tom similes. “Well then, maybe we should just become nudists” he offers as a half joke.

“OK”, she agrees not knowing much about it, but it sounds good and it will keep her daddy naked so she can see his nice cock. Even flaccid, it looks heavy and thick.

Tom chuckles and takes her hand and they go back downstairs to spend the day naked. It’s really fortunate that Tom’s house sits on about 25 acres of heavily wooded land and is virtually secluded. This means they can even go outside around the pool naked and not be seen and this is exactly what they do. Lisa, when she jumps in the water, is thrilled by the feeling of water around her naked form.

They play in the water together various games such as “Marco-Polo” and “Blind Man’s Bluff”. In the process of this, they touch each other a lot, some by accident, some on purpose. Tom gets hard and Lisa loves to play with it. She takes it in her hands and strokes it some. She pushes her butt against his cock as well.

In addition to touching his cock, she makes sure her dad touches her too. She pushes her pussy into his hand or her budding tits against his arm. Tom realizes what she is doing and doesn’t hesitate to rub her a little or just cup her mound or her breast from time to time either. They both know these are sexual games, but both enjoy them.

After about an hour of this, Lisa is pretty worked up. “Daddy, I need to rub myself again, come watch me.” She tells him taking his hand and leading him out of the pool. She goes over to one of the lounge chairs and lays back, immediately spreading open her legs. “Sit on the end” she directs him so she can feel lewd again. As she reaches down to rub her clit, she suddenly has an idea and uses both hands to spread her pussy lips apart. “Can you see inside me, dad?” she asks with a smile.

Tom makes a show of looking. “mmm yes I can. So pretty and pink and really wet” she grins at her. “I can even see your hymen” he says excitedly to please his daughter.

“That’s what makes me a virgin, right?” she asks remembering her sex education class.

“Well, that’s sort of right. What really makes you a virgin is not ever having sex. Sometimes, girls break their hymen doing other things, but they are still a virgin.” He explains.

Lisa lets her pussy close and starts to rub her clit directly. Tom watches her and observes not only her pussy and fingers, but the smooth, young, supple skin on her inner thighs. He reaches out gently and caresses the smooth skin.

“Oh!” Lisa exclaims in surprise. “I like that.” She tells him.

Tom smiles and continues to caress her. His fingers tracing up her inner thighs, almost to her smooth pussy and back down again. Now two hands, one on each thigh. With the touching and watching, it adds to Lisa’s feeling of being so exposed. She begins to rub faster, already feeling it building in her. She begins to talk to add to it.

“Daddy, this feels so good” she pants softly. “I love rubbing myself for you. I want to cum so bad”. Saying the words out loud really do make it more real, thus making her exposure more real.

Tom listens to her words and when she tells him she wants to cum, he gets caught up in the ‘conversation’. “Cum baby, cum for daddy. Show daddy how you please yourself. Make that pussy cum hard” he repeats over and over.

This and being outdoors and exposed makes Lisa so excited. It doesn’t take long until her hips begin to undulate into the hair as her fingers fly over her clit. “Oh yesssssss, daddy, I’m cummmmmmingggggg” she pants out…”Watch me cum, daddy!” she groans as her body starts to convulse and shake. Her orgasm is not really more powerful than previous ones, but this one lasts and lasts. While in reality it was only about 30 seconds of continuous contractions, it seemed like it lasted several minutes. Lisa finally collapses and breaths hard trying to catch her breath. She can hardly move for several minutes.

Tom watches her silently, giving her time to recover and let it all sink in. Finally, she smiles up at him. “I didn’t think it was going to stop” she says tiredly.

“Those are the best ones, aren’t they?” he responds.

Lisa just nods and relaxes a bit. After about 10 minutes, she looks up at Tom. “Dad, I have to go pee, can you help me up? Not sure if I can make it to the bathroom.”

“Just pee in the grass” he suggests. “It’s no big deal.”

“Really?” she asks looking back at Tom then over at the grass. “Help me up!” she again says holding out her arm. Tom stands and helps her to her feet. Lisa walks over to the grass and gets another naughty thought. She turns back to her dad to make sure he’s watching, spreads her legs and only bends them slightly and starts to pee. It kind of goes all over the place, some running down her legs, some arching out. She giggles as the pee flows, but watches her dad the full times, finding another little thrill of being watched doing something dirty.

Lisa is also a bit surprised that the warm pee flowing down her legs feels kind of good too. When she finishes, she just comes back and lays back on the lounge, not worried about the traces of pee still on her. Tom moves up and cuddles next to her on the lounge.

Tom now reaches down to his own hard cock and starts to stroke it again. Lisa adjusts her position to watch better. She watches his hand slide the skin up and down over the head. She watches the precum leak out. She remembered how he cupped his balls earlier, so now she takes one hand and reaches down and cups and gently massages his balls, helping him like he helped her. His hand gets faster and faster. It is not long before Tom cums hard again, his cum arching into the air and coming back down on both of them. When he’s done, Lisa scoops some of his cum on her fingers and licks them clean, then sucks the cum from Tom’s fingers.

The skies become overcast as they lay there cuddled together. They soon drift off to sleep for about an hour as the fluids dry on their skin.

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2017-01-28 15:53:13
I do like how the story slowly progresses with watching each other masturbating and helping each other cum. The progres of the story is very stimulating.

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2012-07-17 17:33:17
thank you, the story is great... I´m German, but i could understand all :) really cool, nice story, good characters, throughout good..

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Ooh, writing in present tense is waaay too distracting :(

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Nice story.i just pity tom...


2012-03-22 11:35:55
I really like your writing and the characters. The stories have sexual tension throughout, but do not go too fast. Perfect pace. I like that you spent an entire story on just her masturbating for him. Very sexy.

I would like to hear her age once in a while, like when Tom is thinking about her age as one of them is coming.

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