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Mom was not letting me move in with Steve. She just wasn't having it. I begged and begged and pleaded, but she wouldn't budge. I hated it there, and all I wanted was to be with my big brother. Mom was drinking more than ever. She was on the verge of losing her job, and she was stressed. She made me aware that if I didn't find a job that we would both be homeless. I had to step up, and be the man of the house since Steve was gone.

It was a Thursday and I was at school. I was finishing up my 8th grade year in middle school. My birthday was late, but I wasn't the only 13 year old in my grade. I was pretty beat after writing a 1000 word essay on the Civil War. Although history was my favorite subject, today I was just tired. I bit my nails trying to stay awake. Or should I say nubs. I've been biting them since I was a little kid and there wasn't much left on my fingers. My friend Cole nudged me awake, "Hey man, wake up." I jumped up really fast with a loud gasp, realizing I was still in class.

It had been almost 2 months since the last time that I saw Steve. I missed him alot, but I had to take care of mom. I had been looking for part-time jobs, but no luck right away. I just hoped that a manager would call eventually. I didn't want mom homeless.

After the bell rang for last period, I decided to skip the first couple minutes of algebra to call my brother from the office. I just wanted to hear his voice, I needed it.

I walked right into the office and told the principle, Mr. Summit, I needed to call an after school ride. I bit my lip and tapped my finger on the desk, waiting for a response. After about 45 seconds of staring at me, probably trying to find a lie somewhere in my eyes, he bought it. "alright mister Jacob. I'm going to step right outside my office for a second. Make a fast, and no funny business. I'm serious." Mr. Summit had an issue with me. Because my brother went there, I guess he expected that I was just like Steve. Skipping class, flirting with girls, getting bad grades. "Ok. Thank you." I replied with a slight smile to get him to leave just a second faster.

As soon as the coast was completely clear I yanked the phone from it's dock. I dialed my brother's cell phone number, and my heartbeat sped up as it rang. I have no idea why seeing as I've spoken to my brother on the phone before.

"Yeah?" He said in an annoyed tone.
"Hey Steve. It's Jake. I'm calling from school. Just wanted to...I guess say hi." I said clearing my throat over and over. I think it was nervousness.
"Oh, hey. I'm at work. Hold on a sec." He said.

Then I heard a bunch of rustling and shuffling around. Sort of like he was running outside.

"Still there?" He said in a hurry.
"Yeah." I replied.
"Yeah, I ran outside to smoke a cigarette. Haha." He said.
"Cigarette? When did you start that?" I said.
"Bad habit I picked up from my new girlfriend."

I don't know why, but the words "girlfriend" killed me a little inside. My heart had a small ache and my breathing increased. I almost felt kind of angry.

"Girl...girlfriend? Cool." I said trying to sound as nonchalant as possible.

"Yeah, she's a real hottie, bro. She's got these great b-cup tits. Nice and perky. I just suck em all the time. And her ass is nice to look at. Oh, man and is she beautiful. Everything a man could want! Her name's Lea. I think I might love her, Jake." He sounded so happy and sincere. Actually, I really hadn't heard him this happy in......I don't even remember.

"Whoa. I That's great." I didn't really know what else to say. Truth is, I wasn't happy at all. I wasn't happy he loved her. I wasn't happy she was pretty. I wasn't happy about any of it.

"Yeah, she's coming to the man cave tonight. Tell you what, I really want you to meet her so I'll..."

Just then I cut him off, not wanting to hear it.

"Oh, I uh...I have to help mom around the house. Wouldn't want her falling out drunk or something. Maybe some other time." I replied with kind of an irritation in my voice.

"Oh, c'mon creep! Just come chill for a little while, and then I or she will give you a lift home. I talk about you to her all the freaking time, it would be lame on MY part if my little bro didn't come over." He replied.

A little manipulation and persuasion and I finally give in. Plus, I really wanted to see him. I was being stupid and I needed to get over myself. I didn't even know why I was upset at the time, I just was.

"Ok. I'll come hang." I finally replied.

"Sweet! This will be great. My little brother, and my girlfriend. This will be too cool. Can't wait brother. I'm off at 4, so I'll be at your school around 4:30. Just hang out until I get there." He said.

"Cool." I replied trying to sound excited.

"See ya in a few." He said between puffing his cigarette.

"Later, Steve." I hung up.

Luckily Mr. Summit took longer than expected. I creeped out of the office and into the hall. No one in sight. I ran to my last period, and lied about a stomach ache and being in the nurses office. It worked like a charm. I sat down at my desk, my mind was on the night to come. How would it pan out? Would I actually have fun? Who knows.

When 4:31 came around, sure enough Steve pulled up. I hopped in. His blue tank top, cool faux-hawk (a more subtle/ acceptable version of Mohawk), chuck taylors, and ripped blue jeans were way cooler than my long shaggy looking hair that hadn't been cut for 4 months, slightly dirty white t-shirt, and wranglers. He ruffled my hair up when I got in and kissed my lips. This surprised me and I felt my dick swelling a little in my pants. He acted as if he thought nothing of it so I did the same.

"So, ya hungry?" He asked as I messed with the radio dial. It was pretty warm out that day so we had the AC on. It blew my hair everywhere.

"Yeah!" I replied in a hurry.

"Need a haircut?" He said jokingly.

I laughed, "Oooh yeah."

"Haha tell you what. Lets stop off at taco bell, and the barber shop." He said.

I shook my head yeah with excitement.

When we left the barbershop I had a cool faux hawk just like Steve. Except my hair had a bit more dark blonde tint to it than Steve. He Gelled it up for me in the car and we were practically twins.

"Well brother, if I didn't know any better I'd say you were a much smaller version of me. Now, we have to get you some pussy." He said punching my arm.

I laugh, and punch him back.

We stop off at taco bell, eat, and head to the man cave.

The place is really cool, not all hot like outside. My white shirt was sticking to my body from sweat.

As soon as he closed and locked the door and started kissing me. I kissed him back. We kissed for a good 2 minutes. Tongue and everything. He held me close to his body. Putting his boner onto my right leg. I felt his hand grab my dick through my thick dark blue jeans. Then he grabbed my ass and squeezed as he kissed and sucked on my neck. He pushed me to the couch and dropped to his knees after I plopped down. He unzipped my pants and went in. I felt him wrestling around for my cock until he finally got it. He pulled it through the open of my zipper. It was pretty sweaty and slippery. And I'm sure my balls didn't smell too great, but he went right in. He sucked my dick like he had never before. I just put my hand to the back of his head and pushed him up and down. I leaned my head back and just enjoyed it. It didn't take more then 2 minutes before I shot my small rope into his mouth. He milked me until he got it all. He was greedy enough to keep sucking after I was done cumming. He wanted more. My limp 4 inch sausage fell from his mouth and onto the front of my jeans. He stood up in front of me and wiped his mouth off.

"I want to bust one off before Lea gets here. Then I'll last longer while I'm nailing her." He said undoing his jeans and pulling them down slightly.

His mentioning his girlfriend sort of ruined everything for me. I didn't want to suck his dick. "Why don't you get HER to suck your monster fucking cock then." I said this in my head. I didn't have the balls to say it out loud. He may have socked me if I did. and I just wanted him to be happy with me so I just kept my mouth shut.

His cock was hard as a rock, and boy was he big. He had to be at least 7 1/2 inches. I remember how the veins bulged and pulsated. I thought it might explode if I didn't suck him right then. I leaned in and took his fat pink head in my mouth. This drove him crazy. I tried relaxing my throat muscles because I knew he was about to gorge my throat. He wasn't one to give or take slow steady blow-jobs, he wanted the rough stuff, and I knew that. Sure enough he start pounding my face. I kind of wanted to hit him because I could barely breathe, but I just kept sucking his fat old dick. The closer I got to his balls the more I realized he needed to take a shower. They smelled really bad, and I was nose to balls with them. I almost threw up. Finally, after about 6 minutes he pulled out of my mouth and jerked towards my face. I didn't know what he was doing because he had never done this before. Before I knew it, I had cum ropes hanging from my eyelids, nose, and lip. It was disgusting. He fell back onto the couch next to me and just breathed real hard. Our dicks hanging from our pants. He didn't talk or look at each other, we just stared into space.

"Well, let's get showered up. Lea will be here in about an hour. I'll give you some clothes to wear." He said jumping up.

I got up from the couch, a little sluggish and sad. Partly confused as to why my brother had just sucked my dick, and then planned on fucking his girlfriend within the same day. I felt dumb and used. As always.

Just then he jumped on top of me and started wrestling me. Putting me in a full-nelson and telling me to tap out. I laughed, I couldn't help it. I broke out of it and kneed him in the balls. He fell out in pain. Realizing I fucked up I knelt down and asked him if he was OK. He didn't answer, he just said "fuck fuck fuck! you fucking asshole!" He yelled. In an instant he shot up and socked me in the stomach. I knew my brother had this temper, and I hated it. It scared me. I knew that he probably got it from my mom, and he couldn't help that. Sometimes I wondered if I took after my dad because I was the complete opposite of both them. I fell over in pain this time. He then got up and stepped hard on my balls and dick, still hanging from my pants. I began tearing up the pain was so bad. I tried to hold in the crying, but couldn't help it. He started beating the living shit out of me. Punch after punch and kick after kick. Finally, after a busted and swollen eye, and a painful gut, and my begging and pleading, he stopped. I think he may have realized that he had went too far because he looked down at his bloody fist and shirt and his eyes got heavy.

He yanked me up to my feet, "C'mon little bro. Let's get you in the shower and cleaned up." He patted my chest and walked me to the bathroom.

He took my shirt off for me because I was in too much pain to move. He took my pants and underwear off and turned on the shower.

He got undressed as well.

He helped me into the shower and began washing me. He washed the blood from my eye, and nose. He washed my bruised chest and legs. Then he washed my little dick and balls. He was surprisingly gentle. He lathered up my sausage with soap and washed under and around my tight ball sack. He also washed my butt-crack and hole. I felt a finger slip into my butt-hole as he washed my shaft. I gasped and he kissed me reassuring me. He began jerking my cock off as he slipped his finger in a little deeper. I winced in pain. It hurt like hell and I wanted him to stop. I was too scared to tell him to so I took my blows. My little dick was rock hard and pointing towards the sky at this point. He jerked me off and finger fucked me until I came. Of course he didn't want to miss out so he took my head into his mouth and sucked out the remaining cum. He gave my butt a quick smack and then stood up and washed his own body. I stepped out as he did this and went to the bedroom. Naked. I sat on the edge of the bed. For the first time in a while, I felt unsafe with Steve. I felt like he would go back to his old controlling ways, and hurt me all the time. I didn't want him to suck or touch my penis. I didn't want to suck or touch his. I wanted to leave. I bawled up my fists in anger.

After about 10 minutes he came into his bedroom and saw me sitting there quietly. Holding my aching stomach. As he walked towards me I winced. Afraid he would sock me one good time for leaving the shower.

"I'm sorry Jake. I...I didn't mean to go that far. I was really pissed off cause you kneed me in the sack man. It's been a long time since I've socked you like that. Just, give me a chance to make it up to you, bro. I love you. So much." He leaned down and ran his hand through my fresh haircut and kissed my cheek.

"You're so cute, bro. So hot. You don't even know the things I want to do to you." He said as he kissed my quivering lips. I pulled away, but he pulled me back. He forced a tongue kiss on me. I started to relax again. I felt his love. I knew he was sorry for kicking my ass. Hell, I kind of deserved it. I shouldn't have ball kneed him. We kissed again and get laid on top of me. Grinding his body onto mine. We were rubbing dicks together, and it felt great. And then I felt his cock as the entrance of my ass-hole. I tightened up and tried closing my legs, but he kept them spread. He looked at me as he understood that I was nervous and he kissed me neck. He kissed all the way down my chest. He stopped for a second to get a quick taste of his little brother's 4 inch dick and then worked his way down to my ass. He spread my legs ever wider keeping a tight grip on my cock. He spread my butt cheeks wide, and I then felt his tongue on the hole. It felt great. I moaned and squirmed around. He ate my butt. He would occasionally come up and swallow my dick for a few minutes and go right back to business. I relaxed as he ate. When we felt this relaxation he got up and positioned his dick to my asshole again. This time I was ready to take him. I wanted my big brother inside of me. He start pushing his fat monster tip into my freshly wet-with-spit butt. "Wait." I said. But he didn't listen. He was determined. "Shh. Just relax. I've got you, Jake." He said in reassurance. He then rammed his entire cock into my hole. I yelled out a couple curse words from the pain, but this didn't stop him. He wasn't one to take things slow and I knew that. He fucked me deep and hard. Gripping my legs as he fucked his little brother. He moaned and groaned and I did the same, mostly out of pain. I thought to myself "Anyone that ever says this stuff feels good, is a liar. Plain and simple." I took my blows and eventually started lifting my ass and fucking him back. He loved it. I hoped he would cum soon because my bum was on fire. It hurt like hell. Worse than the beating I just took to the body. He smacked my thighs as he pumped in and out. His sweat dripped down on my chest and face. I could tell that he was about to cum because he started breathing really hard and became extremely focused. I start fucking him back with a fury. Trying to speed things up. I rammed my ass up onto his throbbing cock and it even started to feel a tad bit good. Not much though. A minute later he started shaking and cursing and he pulled out. He jerked and yanked his cock and this time aimed towards my cock. He actually came ON my sausage. This made me hard. I have no idea why. He collapsed on top of me, and we both were once again extremely quiet. Not believing what had just happened. Our gaze got quickly interrupted with a knock on the door. It was Lea.

"Fuck!" He said in a loud sort of whisper.

I jumped up too and he threw a black t-shirt and a pair of gym shorts at me to put on. Seeing as the T-shirt I had on before was now blood-stained, and a little dirty.

My ass hurt so bad. I felt like I might have been dying of some ass-fucking disorder.

I fought my way into the shirt even though I was in more pain then I've ever been. With the ass-pounding I had just received plus Steve's temper loss, I was just in bad shape.

"Ouch." I said as I felt my probably bruised rib shift around in my body. Steve had broken two of my ribs in the past so this was nothing to me.

"Cut it out, Jake. You got into a fight with a kid at school and I brought you here." He said in a panicked voice.

"What?" I asked, confused.

"That's what happened if she asked about your eye and nose dumbass!" He replied getting frustrated.

I looked down, ashamed, "Ok."

He put on a white tank top and blue gym shorts, quickly.

"Hurry up and put your dick away, faggot!" He said as he ran towards the front door.

The words faggot pierced into my body and left a bad mark. I heard guys calling each other this in school as a joke. I knew that it meant gay, but I never thought that I could actually be one. I suck my brother's dick, that meant I was gay. I let him suck and swallow my dick, that made me gay. And worse of all, I had just let my brother fuck my butt-hole. That definitely made me gay.

I pulled up my shorts and put on my T-shirt. I tried to hide the limp in my left leg as I walked down the hall. There she was. Making out with my brother. He was grabbing her ass and kissing her like he kissed me, but better. She sure was gorgeous. Well the part of her that wasn't in my brother's mouth. She had dimples, and long brown hair. She was tanned too. She had a short dress with high heels, and glittery tan skin. She smelled like a human strawberry. Steve wasn't lying when he called her hot. I was embarrassed as I stood there with a soon to be blue-black eye, and no girlfriend to kiss. Could today be any worse?

After they were done slobbing she turned around and smiled the biggest smile I'd ever seen.

"Oh my God. He looks just like you Stevey. Hehe. He's a cutie. Hi, Jacob! Steve always talks about you so I'm glad I finally get to meet the real thing." She waved and gave me a huge hug. I hid the immense pain the I was in and just said "Hi. Call me Jake."

Stevey? Seriously? His name is STEVE! I was getting more sick by the minute.

"What happened to your eye? Oh my god. Are you ok?" She asked genuinely concerned as she rubbed my shoulder.

"I'm fine. Got into it with this big idiot at my school." I said looking over at Steve who was giving me a death glare not to fuck up.

"Oh no. Well, I hope you did the same amount of damage to him." She said with a slight grin.

"Oh yeah, he's wayyyy worse off than me. He's in the hospital with a broken leg right now." I said boasting.

"Damn, strong man huh?" She said in a slightly flirty tone.

I smiled and shook my head.

"Who wants a beer?" He said going for the fridge.

I was starting to think that maybe she wouldn't be so bad. She was kind of cool, and really sexy for a young guy like me to look at.

"Me!" I yelled running towards the kitchen.

I sure needed it.

Lea chuckled and sat down on the couch.


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Steven is such a moron .. if i was Jake i would have kicked my broters ass and left the man cave as soon as possible.

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Steve is such a dick!

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if this story is really true, man...I felt really sad over you...I mean...we all know how you loved him and all...but beat you down the way he did was mostly not cool

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This story just got really sad. I realize him taking advantage of you as a child is unbelievably fucked up, but you were so innocent. Then it really went too far. The beating and anal rape really was such a major turn off and actually got me angry. If I personally knew where your brother was, I would have no problem taking the trip just to make him suffer.

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did not enjoy this as much as the previous ones, did not like the violence or the force, before in the previous chapters you wrote about the love between you, that was not love in any shape or form

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