I am 15 so dont expect anything great. Also i am writting my stories in my ipod touch ( if my parents see me they will fuckin kill me)
I wanted some space! I mean... the sex was too good! Dave's cock was around 6" and my ass was really streched. He went in really slowly, applying some lube from time to time while pushing his cock deep inside me. Christina showed up and took of her T-shirt, bra, pants and finally she pulled down her G-string. She had nice big boobs C cup only at 15 and had a really nice and round ass. She had nice, long brown hair and sweet, green eyes.

She started sucking my cock putting it slowly inside her mouth, her tongue swirling around it like a snake. The feeling of having both my dick and ass being used was overwhelming and I almost came! Christina was testing her gag reflexes trying to deep throat my 6,5" cock. I grabbed her head with both hands and I started face-fucking her! She was choking and was trying to pull away for a breath, but I kept going. Dave's moans were growing louder and I felt his cock twitching deep inside my ass and his cum filling me up for the second time. He started pulling out, his now limp cock and his cum poured out of my hole and ran down my thighs. I realesed Christina and she started licking my hole swallowing the cum while she was stroking my cock.

I got up, grabbed Dave's ass and told him to bend over so that I could fuck him good! Then I told Christina to lay on Dave's back so that I could switch from fucking his ass to fucking her pussy, which was dripping wet. It was Dave's first time doing anal so he thought I would take it slowly and I would be gentle, but I was horny as hell. So I just placed my cock on his hole and with one thrust, I pushed all the way in. My cock nearly broke! GOD, he was tight! He let out a loud shriek but Christina put her fingers in his mouth and starded finger fucking his mouth. I was pounding him really hard and I felt I was close to cumming so I pulled out and stopped to take a breath.

Christina was busy using her fingers on Dave's mouth and when I placed the tip of my cock beetween her arse cheecks she didn't understand a thing. When I pushed in with all my might and went deep inside her, she couldn't even scream from the pain she was feeling. Tears started flowing from her lovely, green eyes and both her hands dropped on her sides. Dave, aroused by the situation was again rock hard and he turn around to place his cock into Christina's virgin pussy. He pushed in her slowly while I was pounding her. He popped her cherry and blood started flowing down his cock, mixed with pussy juices. She was in a state of shock. Two minutes ago, both her holes were virgin and unused and now she was being double penetrated.

We found a steady pace. While I was pulling out, Dave would push in and the opposite. We kept up with this rythm for about 10 minutes when I felt the cum running through my urine and deep inside Christina. Dave came the same time I did and then he fainted. Christina was still in a state of shock, so I gently pulled my cock out and started licking her hole. Suddenly, when my tongue entered her asshole, she finally snapped out of it and started moaning. I was tasting my cum in her ass, while she was fucking Dave's limp cock. I then used my mouth to get Dave's cock out of her pussy and started lickin the mix of cum, blood and pussy juice. It tasted great.

Christina jumped in the air and ran to the bath as I doze off. After an hour or so, I heard the doorbell ringing. I heard Christina's voice and other two, unknown voices. Christina woke in the room holding two gag balls and she was followed by two beatiful girls. She looked at me, then Dave and just said:"Payback time!".

So, before I continue, I am going to tell you how did we end up like this. Dave and I are both 15 and we are best friends. Christina is the hottest chick in our school and we liked to tease her, causing her tits to bounce. Sometimes jerked off together, jerked each other and even blew each other. We weren't gay, not even bi, however our cocks needed another's attention and since we were average looking and not really popular, we had to enjoy our cocks someway and that's why we did what we did. One day we decided to blew each other in the toilets and waited until school had ended. When we entered the toilet, we forgot to lock the door and Christina, who had seen us, taped the whole thing.

She came to us and showed us the video, telling us that she wanted us to become her slaves. Dave and I started laughing and told her, we had no problem, because we really weren't ashamed of our actions. She was desperate (evil bitch), so we decided to have some fun with her. I asked her if she wanted to come at my place with Dave and have a nice threesome in order to please her. She was shocked, but in my amazement, she agreed!

My parents were missing on a trip, so we had the place for ourselves. We started by giving blowjob one to the other, letting Christina enjoy the view of 2 hot boys sucking cock. Dave's cock was already licking precum, which I licked off without hesitating! I took all of his cock in my mouth and I started swallowing it, deepthroating!
It tasted fucking awesome and it felt amazing having your cock sucked while sucking one yourself. I started fingering his ass and at the same time I felt his tongue runnin through my crack.

We were really horny and decided to do more than usual. I always had some lube in my room, just in case and when I pick up the bottle and try to apply some to my cock to make it ready for Dave's ass, he took it from me and said that he would die if he didn't stick his cock in something. He applied the lube and started rubbing his cockhead up my crack. He tried to penetrate my hole, but it must have been really tight and I was feeling a sharp pain, that's why I couldn't relax. Then he grew impatient and pushed with all his force, forcing his cock all the way up to my prostate. The feeling was too weird for me to describe. It was the worst pain I ever felt mixed with the feeling of a big, hot, pulsing cock almost touching the entrance of my stomach. He didn't hesitate at all, forgetting about my pain and started to fuck me real' good his cock going two or three inched out and then back, deep inside me.

He started groaning and moaning and then I felt his hot cum filling me. I was shocked by the pleasure I was feeling, his cock still pusling in my tight hole. He bent over and started fucking me again with his soft cock, which grew large again after 5 minutes. And that's how it all happened. Now Dave and I were tied on the couch waiting for our "punishment".

Part two cumming!( there will be no torture, rape, bdsm but the two girls are transexuals, girls with cocks not men with fake boobs, this isnt hot :D)

PLEASE, leave any comment since this is my first story!


2012-03-13 23:45:23
I'm not sure if you're aware, but there is a word limit on stories, and yours is way too short. For your first story, it's not bad, just needs to be lengthy. As Anon said, stick to one view, either first or third.

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2012-03-13 13:16:23
Good start, just stick to one persons view.

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