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Catherine's Excellent Adventure
Kate, Catherine and Big Black Cocks!

Chapter 6 Catherine's excellent adventure

Catherine wanted to leave the parking lot right now, worried that her boss might see her with these two black men!.
Her boss was an older successful business man of some sort of mixed ethnic South African race. But to look at him you would never know it. He was rumored to have made a small fortune and had been involved in the illicit diamond an ivory trade of the black market in South Africa and had immigrated to this country as a young man. He had another business besides the one where Catherine worked.

Rumor had it that he liked women, was married to a very attractive one that was only interested in his money, and that apparently had little interest in him.. She was, what one would call a trophy wife, she did a lot of social and charity work, but always seemed to be gone traveling around doing her thing, they had no children!

Catherine had met him in passing as an employee and from that they had developed a closer relationship.Usually at company affairs they were seated together as neither of their spouses ever seemed to attend.. The situation had left them with this one, most interesting thing of being placed together, common. Her boss was a distinguished looking man in his early fifties, at these company parties and social events that Catherine attended, was where they had become much closer friends.

This had made it possible for Catherine to be his personal executive assistant and as such was expected to wear a skirt or attractive dress with no panty hose as well as heels almost every day to work..I have met her boss and I am sure this was one of his personal rules.
He had always been a gentleman, but she caught him looking at her legs on several occasions in more than a gentlemanly way! Especially when her short skirt had ridden up leaving her bare thighs a bit more revealing.

For Catherine it was not hard with her looks and shape to get more than just a casual glance? Their were several other rumors about him, one that as a young man he had been adventurous and quite the ladies man. He had done some rather risque things, and according to rumor had his penis, a rather large one at that crimped with a gold ring permanently attached just under the head, this of course was only a rumor, but it made for interesting gossip and much colorful speculation among the female employees?

Catherine had overlooked his mild indiscretion as he was her boss, but secretly enjoyed the attention from him, but wondered if any of these interesting rumors and speculation was really true? She do to her looks and incredible body could not seem to hide it, and usually when attending these functions by herself had not purposely tried to show it! He of course was not the only one that gave her more than a casual look! The fact that she had a wonderful personality and a knack for pursing her lips that was so appealing and disarming that made those around her mostly men comfortable, and gave them the impression, that she was only interested in them. This was something that had left these men especially several black clients with more than mixed lustful feelings about her true motive, and had on occasion made for a most awkward situation?

Pulling up to leave the parking lot she kept looking in her mirror nervously at the black guys behind her in the pick up, then OMG! Thinking the one she had given her bra to was one of the men that had raped her! With this thought in mind and the men behind her she hadn't seen old Bill, the building security guard step up close to her red Volvo convertible!.

Bill's eyes almost popped out of his head ,..when seeing Catherine's half naked an exposed breasts! .He and others had watched her numerous times over the last several years coming and going, she was an attractive woman and looked so much younger than her age. She had always been friendly. Usually trying to wear business suits, but the white skirt and top she wore today was in sharp contrast to her normal more plain business suits! Usually when she walked to and from her car this had always been reason enough for him and other men to stop and gawk!

But now, old Bill was right next to her as he looked in, and could easily see most all of her firm jutting bare breasts. Her brown nipples were harder than ever erect and protruding out from the snow white flesh. He couldn't believe his luck seeing Catherine's beauty this way. That was so naked and sinfully exposed!. His eyes then moved down to her white skirt and slip that was bunched up high around her waist something in her haste to leave the lot she had not bothered to pull down and cover her modesty. His old cock that had been dormant was coming to life from the vision of her bare breasts, was now instantly hard from looking at her incredibly smooth bare thighs and shaved pubic Vee, ..the one with words,....... “I love Black Cock”! Not quite so vivid anymore, but was still as plain day and easy to see!

"Ohhhhh ..... hi Bill!" Catherine stammered, startled at his presence so close!. Then realizing what he was looking at,... her face turned bright red. The only thing she could say, was " It's really a hot one today!"........
" certainly is!.... Bill said still staring at this beautiful half naked blond. Reluctantly, and after several minutes of staring turned and moved on towards the office buildings wondering, did he actually see the words, “I love Black Cock”?.. This just above her naked apex ? He turned to look again and this reality was confirmed as the two black men he had noticed earlier parked in the lot were following Catherine's car close behind as she left the lot and drove out into traffic!.

Catherine couldn't believe how exciting it was letting old Bill some one she had known for years see her bare breasts and almost naked body. But OMG! Did he, or could he have seen the words “I love Black Cock” in black scrip on the lower part of her tummy? She was trying unsuccessfully to rub the letters off with her fingers as she drove, thinking to herself he must have? Her nipples now harder than ever from the perverse thought were begging for some sort of abusive attention. She could feel her pussy was extremely wet under her, just from the thought, and her still sensitive clit was even more than ready!

Not knowing what was going to happen, she drove to the busy B P. Station. Pulling behind the large building and in between two big dumpsters. At least no one could see her red convertible parked there.
The truck had stopped cross ways behind, blocking her in. The two got out of the truck and the mean looking black guy came up to the car opened her door and helped her out. Then told her to take off all her clothes. At first Catherine told him no, not here, not in broad daylight! It was that time of day and lots of cars were coming and going out front, she said in a mild threat, I will scream rape!. Carl, the other young black guy said, quite confident as he walked up no you won't,..besides you have already been raped,... showing her his cell phone with pictures of him and her naked and her husbands cell number.

Then went on to say I can't control Clyde referring to the big mean guy much longer or what he might do?
So I suggest you had better strip and do what he say's. Again she tried pleading with them, but her pleading fell on deaf uncaring ears that had already decided her fate.
He took her clothes, as she first removed her white blouse, and then her skirt and slip, tossing them in the back seat of the convertible. With Catherine standing there naked in broad daylight wearing only heels,... man did she ever look good!

Carl was admiring her with a knowing smile and looking at the fading words still in black letters on her abdomen that said “I love Black Cock” , then said looks as good as ever!.
The big mean guy had come up from behind, startling her as he placed his hands on her shoulders. Carl the young guy unzipped his pants and pulled out his fat relaxed 8” cock that was starting to come alive. The mean one said, and this was the first time he had spoken. His words were more of a grunt, get down on your knees bitch, and I mean now!.. As he physically and forcefully shoved her down!....Catherine naked cringed as she was forced down on the rough asphalt bruising her bare unprotected knees from the harsh treatment, then gasped at seeing Carl's hard black flesh sticking straight out right in her face only inches from her beautiful red pursed lips!.

She was scared to death that someone from work might see her naked, in the back lot giving these two Negro's blow jobs! But neither of these men seemed to give the possibly much of a thought!
For Catherine being a naked slut in public, and the thought that someone might be watching, somehow made her even more flush with excitement at thought of performing such a humiliating perverted and sinful sex act on black men in front of others! Her perverse thoughts were tempered by the fact that her place of employment, and many of the people she worked with used this station on a regular basis!

There were two rest rooms behind the station She needn't worry as these rooms were normally used for employees only, but for this afternoon and evening they were going to be used for something quite different,... as she was soon to find out! Besides the convenience side of the station had its own rest rooms inside for the customers

. Her thoughts were shattered by, Carl slapping her hard in the face several times with his very hard cock that was already wet and dripping! Then telling her to beg for it!... I know you want it you slutty little whore I know you want black cock? Don't you,.. say it you little bitch!. Come on say it! I know you want it? No one had ever talked to Catherine like this,.. so vulgar and nasty much less said such things,.. no one certainly not her husband! But the thought and vocal comment along with being naked and forced was heady over powering and so sinful as she said at first,.. in only a whisper. OMG! Yes I want it! Carl said again louder bitch, I can't hear you, beg for it louder I want anyone and everyone to hear! You say it!

Catherine's words were becoming louder and more wanton as she started to get into it, but the begging was brief and quickly stopped as Carl's now rock hard cock was brutally jammed between her red glossy pursed lips and down into her throat! Now with her throat impaled on Carl's black cock, she was helpless,... with him saying suck bitch, and her eyes getting bigger and bigger! She could only watch as she glanced sideways in horror, could see Clyde the big mean motherfucker pull his massive OMG! 10" plus soft cock out,..and .move up next to his buddy Carl, then placed it in one of her small white trembling hands!....Her hand could barely grasp and get her fingers abound the size.....

It was like some sort of wild sex dream, .. that she could not believe was happening. Except for her high heels she was stark ass naked,outside in public, on her knees had been threatened, slapped in the mouth and face with a big black cock and was now willingly sucking on the huge meaty thing!.
One of the B P employees a young black attendant named Tony now off work for the evening came around the corner on his way to the dumpster. .He stopped in mid stride setting down the trash can to watch this sinful public display, one that was going on in front of his very eyes!.

A small naked blond, one that looked like a young girl, that was on her knees eagerly sucking a black guys big cock, with another waiting. The blond was shamelessly trying to jack off the other guy that was waiting as he watched! Her firm white perfectly shaped titties with their hard brown nipples were jiggling up and down obscenely with her jacking,.. and her oral head bobbing!.
Damn she was so hot, what kind of a young woman would do such a thing like this in broad daylight she must be a slutty whore? This was his thought as he stared at her. His young cock was instantly hard, and twitching around inside his shorts as his eyes moved down to her beautiful little white round unblemished ass, as it to wiggled jiggled and twisted obscenely with her willing aggressive sucking movements!.

Catherine gagged and her eyes watered as Carl shoved more and more of his meat into her mouth. He was pulling her hair and roughly fucking her mouth and face!. She with little reservation now,...was loving it and eagerly sucking his massive black flesh. No longer aware or caring about anything, or who might be watching,..her thought now was only to please herself and these two black men as the fingers of her other hand had found her clit!.
Carl pulled his cock from her mouth, it was glistened with her saliva, and his precum. He slapped her open mouth again, several times and said to no one in particular . "You like sucking hard black cocks, don't you Catherine?" Saying her name! To hear her name in the same sentence with big black cock made her even hornier!
"Yes..yes she said,..gasping I love sucking black cocks!" OMG! Yes, I want more, more! Catherine squealed as he jerked her blond hair roughly pulling it, and her head back down on his dick and holding her up tight with her face against him leaving her impaled gagging against his kinky pubic hair and unable to move. Then asked her again if she was his willing little cock sucking whore as he pulled her lips free? She said yes, gasping for breath yes I'm yours, or any black motherfucker with a big cock can have me!.

The young BP attendant's response was priceless as he realized who the lovely blond woman was. It was Catherine, one of his favorite customers and not a young girl. He was always checking her out, that smoking hot body of hers even in a business suit, the way it always seemed to be pulled up, and not so modest showing him a lot of her bare legs when ever he was around as he always willingly offered to pump her gas! Man she was so sweet and friendly, smiling all the time and had actually talked to him like he was a real friend. He couldn't believe she, a woman like her usually so prim and proper would ever, do something like this, much less with black men in public?.

His cock was now throbbing, as he watched her take the other guys even bigger cock between her lips!. Slipping his cell phone from his pocket he started taking pictures, up close! Man will these be good to send his young black ball playing college friends, they will really get off on these!. But the ones of her, stuck on his young big black cock,... the ones that have yet to be taken will be the best!

Then said to Carl, almost begging "I've never had a white woman suck my dick before” especially such a beautiful one like her! The young man said looking at her hungrily with his eyes wide in sinful anticipation! She was still aggressively sucking Clyde's big cock most ardently now. Carl said she's "A fucking gorgeous little white whore of a woman!" Ain't she, and she will do whatever I tell her! We will be done with her in a minute, then you can have a crack at her, we are just getting her ready for the glory hole, we have a high paying customer that will be here in just a few minutes!

I will have her give you a good blow job before we put her in the hole, and as you can see she loves sucking black cock! Clyde was now bucking his hips back and forth rougher and harder shoving more of his 10” fat cock down her throat as far as he could each time!....This had quieted Catherine's moans of choking pleasure and were muffled by his cock!
It was still warm in the late afternoon, and Catherine's naked body glistened with sweat as the two guys took turns roughly face fucking her in the mouth!. Her stimulated pussy and the juices from it were running down the inside of her thighs and dripping from her dilated slit and lips onto the warm asphalt and slowly evaporating!.

They were treating her like a whore. She had never done anything like this, much less in public. She was so turned on now, getting closer herself from this perverted sex play and was fingering and masturbating herself shamelessly still wanting more. Clyde slowly pulled out and as he did so, one could hear a perverse sucking sound as Catherine's red lips tried to hang on, there was a loud perverse wet sucking slurp!

She had tried to protest as it came free, mummm, nooo then at Carl's directions she started pumping her small white fist up and down the long length of his shaft while she masturbated him and herself both furiously!. With the slick rubbery head of Clyde's enormous meat now pushing again into her widely stretched red lips she sucked squeezed jacked and masturbated all at the same time!. Then with little warning a blast of hot, sticky cum first from Clyde gushed into her mouth!... Swallowing it as quickly as she could, it was followed by Carl squirting his jacked off cum into her face and eyes as both of them came together!...Some of their warm gooey cum dripped obscenely, as more overflowed from her lips, she opened her mouth wide showing a wet sheet of cum between her beautiful red upper and lower lips. As if she was ready to suck in a bubble of cum with this wet thin sheet of the stuff as she experienced an incredible self induced orgasm! For Tony this was the act of a slut and not one from such a classy woman like Catherine!

Then Clyde with a hand full of her blond hair on the top of her head, tilted it back to show Tony who was now closely watching that she was gargling and had lots of cum in her open mouth! Savoring it and enjoying the taste, before swallowing it! She was trying to milk all the cum now with both hands, from their massive cocks! Bobbing her head down and back as she sucked more and more and then tilting it back just like a true whore, before swallowing mouthfuls after mouthfuls!.

The young black B P attendant had a raging hard on now,.. so hard it hurt! Precum was starting to make his shorts wet, and him uncomfortable as he snapped picture after picture! Both of these men with groans of pleasure continued to cum, squirting it into her open mouth. More was hitting her face almost blinding her and then dripping down on her jiggling tits. Then, the mean looking one told her suck the rest,.. she did obediently and was wiping her face in between, and taking finger fulls of warm gooey cum,... with her head still tilted back let it drip first off her fingers and then into her mouth! This was followed by sucking it off the end of her fingers and into her beautiful red lips! Carl then turned to the young B P attendant and said, your turn she is all yours!

The young man was beside himself so eager as he stepped out of his pants almost tripping over them, and then ripped his shorts a little in his haste to get them off! He was now even more excited than ever and could not wait to get some perverted oral attention from this beautiful sexy white woman. The one he had so admired, an had been secretly lusting after!

Catherine with her eyes half closed and cum all over her was in perverted sexual bliss, at first, had no idea who the young man was, as he easily slipped his young hard cock between her soft willing red lips, and into her mouth. His was every bit as big as Clyde's! It mattered little now as for Catherine it was just another big hard black cock something she seemed to lust for now even more than ever!. It took the young man only a matter of minutes until he,... so excited and wanting sexual relief ,unloaded an enormous amount of pent up young sperm!

Catherine after just receiving several full loads and more,... from Carl and Clyde as they had both cummed all over her face,.. even in her eyes that had almost blinded her for several minutes!. But this young man had more than either of them together almost twice as much! She had no idea that one man, nor a young one like him could cum so much! He squirted and squirted and squirted some more, she gulped gagged and sucked more of it down, swallowing as fast as she possibly could! But it was not enough! Her eyes were watering and vision impaired as some she could not swallow had come up and out through her mouth and nostrils!...

Tony had more than enough, but if this was not bad enough he had not softened at all,.. now with Carl telling Cathrine to suck bitch suck! And Clyde telling Tony to face fuck her harder, he needed little encouragement though as he did thrust harder and harder into her mouth, Clyde said you can do it! One coaching him and the other encouraging her! Timid at first and then more and more aggressively face fucking her as his young black balls kept hitting the gooey cum that was dripping off Catherine's chin as he gagged her with each of his thrusts until he easily cummed again!

This was followed by Carl on one side, and Clyde on the other, pulling her lips off Tony's dick and picking Catherine up off her knees? Then they leaned her back and holding her legs apart that left her toes still in only heels pointing out helplessly to each side!
Her pubic mound was flush swollen and ready,..her cunt lips were wet wide open and puffed up! But it was her clit, that was most impressive still not quite recovered from a week ago, it had quickly perked up in sinful anticipation and was now a dark bluish purple that was even more sinfully exposed and ready!. Her body now in control from her masturbating and their harsh face fucking had left her ripe over eager stimulated pussy ready and waiting! Then they plunged her onto his, still rock hard black 10” cock!
Tony with unbelievable presence of mind and under the circumstances started to plead for Carl to take some pictures of a life time with Catherine this incredibly attractive blond woman impaled on the end of his big black dick, using his cell phone that was laying on his pants!

Catherine still in sexual bliss with her eyes half close and cum all over her face and in her eyes! Much of it was matted and drying in her hair from the warm afternoon, as she was helplessly stuck on Tony's big black cock and then forced down onto him as far as possible! He was a strong young man, and at the same time, had thrusted his hips up and forward trying to help impale her as deep onto his cock as possible! Carl and Clyde then placed her willing arms around his neck! For Catherine every thing was good, actually quite wonderful now with him deep inside her as she locked her bare legs around his upper torso,..Oh my .it was so immensely pleasurable.... until the last punishing thrust and hard hump!....

OMG! OMG! Ohhhhhh! She could not help it, and let out a surprised hurtful yelp! He had reached the depth of her innermost female being, a place that only big black cocks had been before only a week ago, and especially where her husbands had never been! The sweet tight love tunnel that only a week ago had gone from little attention to being brutally stretched and raped was again well used! As he looked down to where his dick had entered, he could not believe his eyes! On Catherine's tummy! Just above her pink puffy stretched out cunt lips were the words, that said in black letters that contrasted vividly with her beautiful unblemished white skin! “I Love Black Cock”!....

This reawakening of forceful intercourse for Catherine followed by burning abusive pleasure caused her to scream out loud, and in the most blood curdling sound one could imagine! Enough so, that customers out front around the gas pumps could easily hear! This was followed by her making animal sounds and grunting noise's of untold pleasure. Then shamelessly using her legs, as best she could was trying to jam her wet folds down onto him as hard and as deep as she possibly could while clasping her hands tightly around his neck! Then no longer in control she helplessly cummed with an incredible orgasm while barely able to hang on!

Oh My. Oh My! OMG!... As she opened her eyes...blinking in order to see through the gooey cum and could not beleive? It was him,.. the young black B P attendant! The one named Tony, she had flirted with, the hansom one that was always so nice and that had openly looked her over with obvious young lust in his eyes! Catherine with her arms and legs tightly around him was helplessly impaled on his dick and afraid to let go! Tony the young B P attendant now knew who she was and where she worked, thinking this was going to be a wonderful thing. As thoughts of sex with Catherine on more than this one occasion were now quite real, possible and no longer just a distant fantasy!

Both Carl and Clyde helped her down and off pulling her free of Tony. As the pleasure of his hard black cock slipped out they ushered her still naked and dripping into the employee woman's rest room, with Tony looking on wondering?
Carl started to explain exactly what was expected of Catherine in that any dick that was poked through the glory hole opening, she was to suck on it as long as it was sticking through! The hole was over 6” in diameter and allowed her to see into the men's room next door, but made it almost impossible to see up far enough to know who the man receiving her oral attention actually was?

Once in there Clyde had pushed her down on her knees, this was followed by forcing her head and red lip stick smeared lips within several inches of a makeshift “Glory Hole” and making her new job quite clear! The thin metal partition was the only thing that separated the men's and women's rest rooms! Catherine had never seen or heard of such a nasty perverted way to have oral sex with a perfect stranger! But the thought was deliciously perverse and very stimulating!

Carl continued to explained her new job of oral pleasuring , Clyde was going to add some incentive to Catherine's naked, and sinful helpless plight! With a product called “Her Solution” it was ground up and mixed with a liberal amount jalapeno oil the two really adds to a woman's sex drive with increased blood flow to the female genitals and maximizes engorgement of the clitoris thus intensifying sexual sensation and orgasm, and the added jalapeno oil would only speed things up! Clyde was now smearing on liberal amounts of this concoction all over Catherine's genitals and especially up in her slit and all over her clitoris as Carl held her down on her knees with her bent over and her hands helplessly behind her back!

Then Clyde first took a very sharp curved piercing needle and lanced it through her clitoral hood followed by a curved silver ring and crimped the tiny balled ends! With the incredible numbing sensation from the solution momentarily, she hardly felt the sharp needle. Then he took a 1 “ glass tube about 4” long and placed it over Catherine's clit and pumped her clit well up into the tube followed by securing it and removing the pump. This along with the needle had opened the pores in her already stimulated clit and the immediate results of the solution had her quickly purring on the edge of a most stimulating orgasm!

OMFG! The sensation was quickly becoming perverse and sadistic as if her clit with the pierced hood was now on sexual fire! OMG! Did she ever want some attention especially her cunt and clit! With Catherine naked ready and now helplessly on her knees she was stimulated to the point of almost pleading for attention!Clyde then shoved a gold metal vibrator up and down in her pussy several times quickly bringing Catherine some relief with a wonderful orgasm! The with it still vibrating pushed it in until it disappeared, this was to help pacify her urges at least until the batteries died!

Both Carl and Clyde had encouraged her to do her best in sucking off one of their best customers as they left and locked the door Catherine was wondering who this special customer was, now that she was locked inside? Once outside Carl gave the key to Tony, and told him that after their high paying customer had satisfied himself with Catherine, he or his friends could then enjoy themselves at her expense. Encouraging him to use her however he saw fit, and after the customer was done, he was to unlock the door and see to it that she got home safely!.
Tony still hard and pumped up even after two incredible orgasms was in shocked disbelief from what had unexpectedly happened with Catherine,.. was trying to get his pants and shirt back on as he finished dressing had put the keys in his pocket and stepped back to watch?

At about the time this conversation was taking place a shiny black Cadillac Escalade pulled in behind the station and parked against the curb facing the opposite direction. The door opened and out stepped Catherine's boss loosening his tie!...As he walked up he was greeted by Carl who said, you are right on time, Mr Zerbert. We have the perfect slutty woman just for you, and she is ready and waiting. Catherine's boss had given Carl five $ 100.00 dollar bills and while standing there had noticed a red Volvo convertible parked in between the two dumpsters with its top down. The money that they usually received was not for the services of a whore or a pimp. But the money generated from this sort of sex play was used to help finance a number of the Ohio wives clubs kinky outings, and several well to do kinky couples had also donated large sums of money to help out the very same cause!.

At first her boss paid little attention to the convertible as Carl had pulled him over to men's room and opened the door, once inside in the half light he undid his belt and dropped his trousers. Then it hit him, the red convertible looked exactly like Catherine's? No, he thought to himself it couldn't be,... could it? His massive cock was now coming to life at first he tried to peer into the hole, but could only see pursed red lips? Then, still wondering, stepped up to the makeshift glory hole and stuck it in, he was pleasantly surprised as warm soft female lips surrounded his big cock head the one that had a most unusual primitive hammer toned gold ring crimped just under the bulbous head!

Catherine was a bit hesitant at first to suck off a perfect stranger, but her pumped clit, with the stimulant was starting to make a woman like her with more than a normal sex drive, now into an insatiable cock sucking nymphomaniac! As the big prick with its swollen head poked through, she caught a glimpse of a gold ring as her red lips worked their way around its big head she felt and tasted the exotic metal with her tongue as it passed down into her throat!

For Mr Zebert the woman on the other side was very good at cock sucking and was really going after him as he steadied himself against the thin partition, the thoughts of Catherine returned! The red Volvo convertible and the incredibly attractive blond women that owned one just like it, the one that he had fantasized about a lot, and was now doing the same! As if the thoughts of the woman now ardently sucking on him really was Catherine! My god was she ever good, it was as if this woman's only interest was to pleasure and suck him to orgasm! OMG, he thought! It had to be her car, and the pursed red lips, he had seen them on only one other woman before? The thought of this attractive woman, one of the most attractive ones that worked for him now sucking his cock,... had quickly and easily brought him off to a wonderful ejaculated orgasm!

For Catherine the ring had not raised any alarm, but as the cock shot off its cum it had pulled back, and out for the moment before pushing forward,... she was able to get a better glimpse of it? The rumors of a ring crimped around her bosses cock,... and now a cock with one, as the gold metal flashed in the half light ? First her thought was of denial, but her second was of sexual relief as this was her most pressing problem? It was a very dark skinned cock and that of perhaps a negro, now her favorite to suck and the kind of thing that Carl and Clyde both black men seemed to provide? So it couldn't be her boss as he was Caucasian, wasn't he! But the rumors, had persisted the ones that had his past, and his ethnic background of him clouded, being some sort of mixed race and the fact that he was from South Africa made the thoughts and speculation possible, and sinfully appealing as the big hard dark skinned cock slammed in and out until he grunted and squirted off in her mouth once again!

For Catherine the perverse thought quickly faded as the incredible horny desire for sex, and more of it as the oral part and the gold metal vibrator up in her pussy was just barely satisfying her incredible over sexed urge and burning desire! Man did her pussy really need some attention, and needed it right now! It was as if the pink insides of her slit and her clitoris had been bitten by a dozen angry hornets, or her cunt and labia lips had been pierced and laced with black lacing cord wide open and her swollen clit had been clamped with a metal clamp until it turned a bluish purple was swollen and incredibly sensitive! Followed by the feeling of her clitoris being lanced right through it with numerous sharp 18 Gage needles!

As her lips pulled free of his cock she could not help herself saying to who ever was on the other side, fuck me I need fucked, pleeeeze, fuck me anyone OMG! Anyone,.... please help me Catherine pleaded!......

Her boss had not enjoyed a good blow job for several months and had been eagerly looking forward to this sinful glory hole oral experience with a willing female, and had asked for a different girl one more nasty than the last one Carl and Clyde had set him up with in the past! He had been busy with work and his beautiful wife had little interest in him much less giving him a decent blow job, so this was one way he could really get off, and his wife, none of his friends employees or business associates would ever know!
But now for him to hear the voice and a familiar one at that, beg for sexual intercourse was even more sinfully appealing! Could it be? It had to,.. everything was starting to fall into place, her red convertible, the pursed lips and now the voice, it had to be Catherine it just had to be, his cock was harder than it had ever been with the thought as ejaculated off into her willing mouth! He could hear the nasty gluck gluck, glucking of a hard cock, wet luscious pursed red lips and the perverted sound of them sucking his cum and pleasuring him through the glory hole!

Now he wondered,... how he was going to make this most sinful sexual encounter “cum” (pardon the pun), together? He was not done as he pulled his pants up and tried unsuccessfully to stuff his enormous and now incredibly hard dark skinned penis back into his pants as he fumbled for the door!
Catherine was wondering why the cock had pulled back and out? She was sure he was not finished and was going crazy as her cunt and clit was more stimulated than it had ever been, and man did it ever itch with perverse anticipation for hard sex !

Tony now off work and trying to decide the best way to pursue an intimate relationship with this attractive older woman was thinking? He imagined all sorts of kinky sex with her and was certain he was going to spend some more, of what one might call quality time with Catherine. He had been setting in her car waiting for the high paying customer to do his business and leave, when he heard Catherine pleading to be fucked!. The fact that he knew the Black Cadillac Escalade belonged to one of the big wigs where Catherine worked had not escaped him, but it rarely stopped at the B P station! He of course had no idea that the man that owned it was not only Catherine's boss, he was also the man getting some really gooood head from the very same shapely blond woman!

Just about the time he was wondering about all this, the men's room door burst open! The look in Mr Zeberts eyes were that of incredible lust with a hint of mad frustration, he had been looking for Carl or Clyde, as their eyes met locked onto each other! He assumed that Tony now setting in what he was sure was Catherine's red convertible, might know a bit more about what was going on, and for sure who the woman in the ladies rest room was? Tony worried about the crazed unpredictable look on his face, had moved over to the passenger side and away as Mr Zebert walked over not knowing what he might do? His big hard cock was gleaming unencumbered and still sticking out of his suit trousers from his last release and Catherine's wanton oral attention!

Then said in a most convincing voice, I know who the woman is in there, and she wants to be fucked, and I want to fuck her? Tony unsure and now caught in the middle stammered that he was there only to make sure that Catherine got home safely. Mr Zebert then fumbled again with his wallet and pealed off a handful of hundred dollar bills saying, no you don't understand I want to fuck her, do you need more money? Then said..hesitantly,... but she can't see me, and she must not know it is me, I am her boss!.....
Tony not at all sure what to do, but with more than three weeks pay now in his hand, and all he had to do was let this man fuck Catherine,.. who apparently wants badly to be fucked! Was now trying to figure out a way to make this perversely sinful sex act come together? Then says to Catherine's boss I got an idea, as he got out of the convertible and disappeared into one of the service doors and quickly re emerged with a green B P shop towel!

Tony had taken the towel and unlocked the women's rest room door! Catherine of course was almost beside herself, hornier than hell and was pleasantly surprised to see Tony! Thinking she was going to get some personal attention to her pleas, and that the demanding itch she had in her crotch would soon be scratched! Still on her knees she immediately crawled over trying to unzip his pants! Tony said whoa Catherine not yet as he helped her up, I have some one else that wants to fuck you even worse than me! Then said, turn around put your hands up on the wall spread your legs and stick your bottom out! Now stay that way no matter what!

Tony then took the green shop towel and tied it tightly around her blond head covering her eyes. Catherine now unable to see was wondering, and trembling with incredible excitement and burning desire did exactly what she was told, saying please hurry Tony. The blindfold is an incredible tool that creates perverse thoughts in a woman that cannot see. Then, he fondled her soft bare bottom as he kneeled down, seeing the gold metal vibrator with her legs spread that was just barely sticking out of her dripping pussy.

He removed it and seeing the glass tube, had twisted and pulled it free also the one that had been surrounding her swollen and pumped clitoris wondering what it was for? The feeling and relief from both, for Catherine was immediate and euphoric as she said to Tony in the most sexually laced sultry voice thank you! The still warm early evening air now soothing was wonderful as it rushed around this sensitive wet opening and swollen slathered and so tender intimate piece of female flesh!

Tony then opened the door almost hitting Catherine's boss in the face, he had been standing only inches away in lustful anticipation! She's ready Tony said, enjoy yourself as she more than anything wants a good hard fucking! Mr Zebert now with the burning desire of a young high school boy on his first date with the most beautiful girl in school, the one that has just whispered in his ear, I am not wearing any panties and you can do what ever you want to me!....

For Mr Zebert Catherine's boss, he did not have to be encouraged or told twice as his fantasy to do Catherine,.. had always been sinful and very inappropriate, but he had never in his wildest dreams thought it would ever happen, this fantasy was now not hard at all for him to visualize as she was naked willing and waiting!.

Once in the door he, more than anyone planned on using this once in a lifetime chance to enjoy himself. He looked at her beautiful naked bare bottom arched out in anticipation as he slowly removed his clothes! For Catherine it mattered little who, as she trying to hurry things along started pleading for sex in her soft beautiful and wanting voice as the words trailed off!...Fuck me,..“Please Fuck me hard”.....

Her bosses cock was harder that it had ever been from hearing these words. So hard in fact, like that of a young man in blissful pain trying to hold back. Knowing that this sexual intercourse was going to be like no other,.. he forced himself by sure will power to relax and savor the moment! He was not disappointed as he stared at her naked beauty! Catherine, for her age was what most men lusted after, and perhaps a bit more! Her only drawback if she had any might have been her small breasts, but they were so perfectly shaped 32” C cup little titties with long hard brown nipples, they easily made up in shape for what little they lacked in size!

The rest of Catherine's body was everything a man or even a bisexual women would ever want. Standing there totally naked with her hands up on the wall legs spread wearing only high heels and her soft lovely shapely milk colored unblemished ass jutting out in anticipation, was a thing of perverse sexual beauty! There is just something about a naked woman wearing only high heels, the shape of her caves, her thighs and buttocks that heels seem to bring out in women wearing them! Along with the taunt femenine muscles that make a woman's lower extremities so incredibly attractive and desirable! The fact that she had spent a lot of time in the gym,... and had just asked to be fucked only added to this most interesting and perverse situation!

For Mr Zebert it was all he could do,.. biting his tongue as he wanted to tell her how incredibly attractive and desirable she was. His lust for her was mounting as he drank in her sinful shapely beauty. He slowly moved up,..placing his arms around her body just under her breasts as he hugged her to him bending down at the same time, and placing his head next to hers. He could feel her bare breasts on his fore arm as his big hard cock pushed down under and along the inside of her upper thighs an in between her swollen cunt lips nestling itself firmly into her wet feminine folds! He could feel her naked body trembling as she slowly exhaled, then held her breath for what seemed like an eternity as his arms held her tight!

My god she was so wonderful to hold and feel her nakedness against him, for Catherine she could also feel the intense desire of a man she did not know, that was lusting only for her,... his arms and his breath was one thing. But his rigid hard cock was almost lifting her up onto the tips of her toes even in heels,..and leaving her with incredible anticipation!. Her first words were only please, followed by, pleeeaseee,.. fuck me! Her boss needed little encouragement as his plan, the one he had been savoring for a long time was to do just that! He bent down a bit more and just enough so that the head of his big cock the one with the gold band under it, sprang up finding her wet and ready sexual opening, then easily slipped up and in with almost no resistance!

For Catherine the feeling was wonderful and she let out a long slow and very pleasurable groan as his cock continued up and into her, farther and farther it went. She tried to help by letting her heels down and bending her knees in order to get it up and into the place that needed the most attention! She needn't worry as the penetration continued, deeper until she was again standing on her toes followed by standing on the very tips of her toes! She tried to work them together and gain just a bit more height and keep from being helplessly and totally impaled by only his enormous hard cock!

She should have known better what was coming as he slowly and deliberately started pushing it up as he humped her a bit harder each time, and in doing so it went in just a bit farther! Her toes would leave the floor on the up thrusts until she was hanging by only his hard massive cock! Her hands were trying unsuccessfully to clutch the wall they being the only thing to steady her! This left her toes pointing straight down and dangling only several inches above the the floor on each of his harder and harder thrusts!
The slow and deliberate thrusts in the beginning had increase in speed and aggressiveness that only moments ago were loving and tempered. They now had become more forceful from a man that was really getting to the depth of Catherine's problem,.. so to speak with his big hard cock, and his straight to the point fucking!

Under normal circumstances and several weeks ago when her husband might have finally been in the mood. This kind of hard fucking, if he would have ever done so would have been unbearably brutal! Her husband though would never have thought of such a thing much less have done anything to hurt her! But now she wanted to be hurt and this sex was not a normal husband and wife plain Jane vanilla fucking session, in their marital bed!

It was more like for him an over sexed wild animal, and not that of a loving husband! Her boss had released his arms from around her and had grasped both of her long hard brown nipples quite sadistically with his thumb and fore fingers pulling them down and out to each side harshly as he hard humped her! The feeling for Catherine was electric as the sensitive nerve endings coupled with her over stimulated abused clitoris and the brutal intercourse seemed to be all tied together only making her want sexual intercourse rougher than ever! The hard grinding and fucking had brought them both to the sexual relief they wanted as Catherine breathlessly said OMG! That was wonderful, please, please let me pleasure you?

Tony again setting in Catherine's convertible had called several of his black well endowed college football buddies as his plan was to take her,... after her boss was finished to one of his friends apartment next to the College where they would be waiting. So they would not only believe the pictures he had sent were real, but that they two could reap the pleasure of Tony's good fortune and give her a good black dicked fucking! The noises Catherine was making and the sounds “Whap, Whap, Whap”! Of a soft white bottom and the black male pubic area smacking together that was coming from the ladies room only made his dick harder. The thumping and banging of her naked fair skinned body against the thin metal partition along with the moans of sexual released pleasure only added to his thoughts as to what he and his friends were going to do to her!

The hard humping and bumping of sexual frustrated thrashing against the metal walls followed by these incredible orgasms of both had jarred the unlocked door open and allowed Tony to actually see into the small room! Catherine still wearing the blindfold was now on her knees giving her boss another really good close up and best blow job ever! It was as if she was trying to suck what little cum was left out of his big balls! Mr Zerbert was now beside himself as the sexual pleasure of four sinful ejaculations in the last hour from sex with this incredible woman, and the last had left him barely able to stand as he pulled his well used dick free! Catherine on her knees was waiting as he put on his suit trousers and dress shirt! Then haphazardly, gathered up the rest of his clothes and headed for the Black Cadillac Escalade!

Tony had watched in awe as this formerly powerful business man gave him a thankful satisfied and fucked out glance on his way to the Cadillac! For Tony as he watched their last intimate sex act, had seen these two horny people, one a female wanting to thank by oral pleasuring, and the other wanting these beautiful pursed red lips of this woman to pleasure him! Cathrine still naked and on her knees was wondering?... The Escalade was driving out of the lot with one incredibly happy and sexually satisfied man, her boss!

Tony now out of the car with her skirt and blouse in his hand was helping Catherine up and had undone the blindfold, she had wiped her face and done her best with handfuls of tissue to stem the incredible amount of cum that was leaking out of her cunt as he told her to get dressed!
Catherine still pleasurably shaken and trembling from this glory hole experience, followed by the blindfolded hard fucking and the clitoral stimulation in the B P Station ladies room was still not satisfied as the sexual itch was again starting to return and give her the buzz for more sex! Upon seeing Tony she said as she put her arms around his neck, please Fuck me, I want you to? Don't worry Tony said, I plan on doing just that and more, as she finished pulling her skirt up and buttoned her blouse he took her hand and led her to the car!

It was now dark and later the busy traffic out front earlier was slower and apparently the sinful noise had alarmed no one, and none had even bothered to investigate the unusually loud female noises and banging that had come from behind the station. Once in the car she had pulled her skirt up as the seat under her still leaking cum filled pussy was already wet! They sat for several minutes as Catherine got herself together and collected her thoughts, She was still wondering who it was that had just just fucked her, and that she had given the incredible deep throat blow job?

Tony now feeling that he was in charge and that this incredibly attractive older woman he had so lusted after the one that had just asked him to fuck her, told Catherine to drive! With the white top mostly buttoned and Catherine feeling a bit more modest drove out around the station and onto the highway following Tony's directions!

In only a matter of minutes she was driving down I-670 on her way to the apartments that surrounded the city of Columbus Old Dominion University. This was a liberal arts college that gave financial aide to mostly African American males! In the excitement with her breasts partially hidden and Tony unable to keep his hands off of her, he had scooted over and unbuttoned her blouse. First fondling her naked breasts and pulling really hard on the long brown nipples! Then his other hand descended down between her bare legs and into her incredibly gooey and very wet slit! Catherine had not complained at all, since her stimulated cunt and clit still needed attention and lots of it!

She in her excited haste had been driving quite a bit faster than the posted speed limit and a red convertible with a blond driving, and a black male setting up close even after dark had drawn the attention of a local motorcycle police officer! But this particular officer was not at all what anyone had expected?

Continued in Chapter 7

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