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The sun was shining in my kitchen window, and as beautiful day as it appeared, I was preoccupied. As I sat in a chair, I looked down at my lap, to see my bare legs spread, and the top of Mike's head. There was no sign of my erect penis, as it was totally buried in Mike's mouth.

Mike was sucking on me, and slowly, slowly, slid his mouth up and off my cock. It gave me a tingling sensation, starting on the skin of my organ and radiating all over my body. The guy was good at this, and I loved it.

My lover just looked at my cock for a minute, occasionally giving it a lick, or a quick suck. He'd slide his tongue down and up the sensitive underside, and I'd throb in response, making my cock spring away from his licking and drop back against his tongue. Mike looked up at me, and after a pause, said "I love your cock. It's a beautiful hunk of meat."

"Thanks, and I love yours too."

Mike paused and I could tell he was gathering his thoughts. "Remember when you told me about your neighbor with the smaller dick, and you did 'almost everything'?" He looked me straight in the eye, and I could tell he wanted the rest of the story.

I replied, "So you want to know it all?" Mike nodded. I went on, "Well, we were going to try anal one night. We lubed me up real good, and he was already hard and poked my hole, and next thing I knew he had slid inside me. He didn't say anything, but started to slide in and out of me a little. I began to meet his thrusts, and I realized that I wanted him to come inside of me. But suddenly he took it out; he never explained why but he didn't want to do it any more. We never discussed it, though we continued to blow each other after that."

Mike reached down and wrapped his hand around my cock, then said, "Lately I've wanted you to fuck me."

"Are you sure, man? I hear that it hurts, at first anyway."

"It can't be too terrible, gay guys do it all the time. And haven't you thought of sticking that beautiful dick in me?" I had to admit to myself that I did. I got up and went to my end table for some lube, my stiff cock waving back and forth as I did. When I got back, Mike pulled me to him and put his mouth back on my cock. He started moving up and down on me, and I could see his stiff rod throbbing as he worked.

Mike took his mouth off me and took the lube out of my hand. He put a glob in his hand and slathered it on my rod. Then he stood up and put another glob on his fingers, and reached through his legs to coat the outside of his hole. "Put some inside me," he said, then turned and bent over a chair.

I took the lube and put some on my finger, and found his tight hole, sliding in one finger. Mike said, "Oh.... that heightens my senses." And I could tell because his cock throbbed and made his balls roll. The idea of fucking him was making my rod harder; I approached him and put the head of my cock against his pucker. Mike said, "Just put the head in." I applied pressure and felt my head pop into his asshole. He grunted a little, and I let it rest there.

After a minute, Mike said, "OK, slide in a little farther." I did so, and suddenly I could feel the pressure and warmth of his insides around my cock, and it felt great! I moaned, and Mike followed. I gave it some time, at first just savoring the pressure against my cock, with my hands holding his hips. Mike's strong back looked so sexy. I slowly slid my hands around and found his meat, which was still hard. I wrapped around it and gave him a squeeze, and he throbbed in response. I stretched a little to cup his balls, and found I was slowly going farther into his ass; in response, Mike slid back against me.

Mike reached between his legs and felt my cock in him, and moaned, "God, it's so sexy to feel you there. Slide it in a little farther, it's not so uncomfortable now." I did as he said, now having about three of my six inside. The farther I went in, the better it felt on my cock; the pressure and heat was making me feel great. Mike suddenly pushed back, and I was buried to the balls.

It's hard to describe how it felt. To me, it was a tighter fit than pussy, but had a different feel to it. It was really intense, though. I slowly started to move in and out, just a little, and the pressure on my dick started sending me up right away. I stopped so I wouldn't lose it too soon. I wanted to return the favor, so I reached around and found his cock, somewhat deflated, so I caressed it and slid my hand slowly up and down it. Mike was enjoying this too, I could tell. As I ran my hand slowly up and down his shaft, he throbbed and I could feel his veins. I started slowly sliding out, about halfway, then back in.

I started a slow repeating fuck on his asshole. I was starting to build already and stopped, but Mike said, "I want your cum in me, now. Fuck me!" In I went, and my pleasure built as I humped him, faster now, then I pumped him hard, in and out. Before I knew it, I was pumping him with short jabs, and as my climax built I could feel my cum suddenly pumping out my cock and filling Mike's hole. I froze and cried out, then with my own jism lubing the way I gave him some hard thrusts, which make my orgasm last so... long. I slowed and just felt the pleasure of afterglow.

I managed to say, "Mike...that...was...amazing", and I ran my hands up and down his sides. Mike slid forward and I fell to my knees. He turned and his hard cock was throbbing in front of my face. I immediately took him in my mouth; I wanted to do for him like he did for me. He urgently and hoarsely said, "I want your face, John." I opened wide and angled my face to give him a straight shot. He held the sides of my head and started pumping his meat into my mouth, his head going right to the back of my throat. He stopped every few seconds to let me breathe, but his urgency was there, so when he withdrew I sucked him hard and ran my tongue over his sensitive area. He just said, "so good..." - I sucked hard and started sliding my head up and down on him. He half grunted and half cried out, took my head and buried himself in me, then he froze and I could feel him throb in my mouth, pumping his cum down my throat.

Mike slowly relaxed, and I slid off his rod. We laid down on the floor and cuddled up. I said, "Fucking you was incredible, Mike. You gotta try that." "Man, I'm spent. That was one hard cum." We sat quietly for a while. After a bit, we got a couple of beers and sat on the couch, still naked, and cuddled up.

The next time Mike and I got together, I made good on my promise and got his dick inside me. After a few minutes it felt pretty good, and I got to like the feel of his meat inside me. We didn't fuck a lot, but did so pretty regularly. We both liked blowjobs a lot, so that was our regular thing.

Every once in a while Cathy would join us, and in time she and Mike would fuck. Sometimes I'd watch, and sometimes she or Mike would suck me off while they screwed. Cathy gave good head, but Mike still gave great head. It was a good run, and we kept each other satisfied for a long time. It was great to have a resurrection of our sex lives when we were in our upper mid-lives, made us feel almost like kids. Cumming is one of the good things in life, and we made the most of it.

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2016-09-26 14:14:16
Oh Mysemen, one Hell of a story.....I jerked off the into re time until Cathy joined. How about a gangbang story? In a fat who loves getting gangbanged. Last time was August of 15. So hot! Thanks, luv u, mean it!

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2015-06-09 18:55:00
Use ur writing talent to give us a rousing story of a foursome .come on mysemean

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2015-04-25 14:43:08
Thanks, reminds me of times past and, hopefully, they will return. Love doing it both ways!

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2015-04-13 16:48:40
Second story
Cathy is busy with her toy a purple dildo
Mike& John go over to watch they are aroused.
While the do their oral the persuade Cathy to do them anally one at a time
Every body is over the moon

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2015-04-02 16:54:48
MySemen u have a terrific fan following
Guidelines for story one
Bonnie & Cathy visit Mike & John to view . They r in 69 .
B&C consider & go into 69 themseves.
Both couples have an enjoyable time.
Considering the fun they had they swap partners.
After some great time the swap partners again.
By the time they finish the R exhausted.& call it a day .
Promising to meet againj

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