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Carly called her boyfriend letting him know that she had to go and get some things from a friend of hers from work. She was stopped at a red light right behind him and she followed him as best she could till he stopped in front of a ranch style suburban house she pulled up to the curb and followed him inside. “Would you like a glass of wine to help unwind after today”, he said.

Carly thought about it for a moment and then nodded. He poured the blood colored liquid into a glass and handed it to her after pouring one himself. “So what was it?”

“Oh right” he said “They are in the basement where I do most of my after work, work. She followed him; his name was Tom, down the stairs into a nicely appointed office. He pulled out a file box and set it on the desk “there you go”

“Oh Hell no!” a Contralto voice said from the doorway.

“What?” Tom said

“I come home and I find you fooling around with another woman?”

“Honey we…”

“Shut the hell up!” Carly turned and found her face buried in the biggest cleavage she had ever encountered in fact as she looked up she was facing the biggest woman she had ever encountered, Not big like wide, big like Amazonian, towering over her at what must have been close to seven feet tall, the buxom blonde gripped Carly by the hair. “Don’t you say a fucking word I caught you in the act” The intimidating blonde said pulling her hair to emphasize the point. “So you like stealing another woman’s cock? Or did he lure you in here telling you his cock was big?”

“I…” Carly stammered

“Shut up bitch!” she said as she pushed her down to her knees, this woman was no joke strong and Carly’s knees buckled under the pressure “Well Tom let me see what you have been doing while I was out working”


“Tom, don’t argue with me whip you’re shit out” Samantha said. Tom looked down at Carly who was on her knees in front of him and mouthed “I’m sorry” as he unfastened his pants and let them drop to the floor he pulled his briefs down exposing a cock as big as Carly’s arm. “Well come on slut show me what you do that I don’t do for him”. Carly gasped unable to move awed by the sheer size of Tom’s member and almost afraid to touch it. “I don’t have all day here bitch get going” Carly reached out a trembling hand and grasped Tom’s cock it filled her entire hand and she couldn’t close her fingers around it she looked up at Samantha “What are you looking at me for get to sucking, I know I have seen your lipstick on his cock!”.
Carly brought her mouth in contact with the head of toms cock and she let her lips stretch around the tip. She couldn’t fit it between her lips the purple head was almost the size of a soda can, here Samantha helped her by pushing her head down on Tom’s hardening cock. She sucked barely able to get the first few inches past her lips and after a few frustrating minutes Samantha helped her again by pushing her head down on the now hard cock, Carly gagged and choked as the long thick piece of meat slid to the back of her throat. Samantha Slid her hands up Carly’s back and peeled away her dress exposing her generous ripe breasts. Carly inhaled deeply when the other woman’s fingers began to gently tweak her nipples. “Suck his cock you whore” Samantha hissed into her ear. Her hand traveled down between her legs to find her warm moist slit dripping with desire. “Tom, I don’t think you have properly fucked this girl” Samantha said sucking Carly’s juices from her fingers “I don’t taste you.” Samantha hopped up on the desk that was situated against the wall and having shed her clothes moments before.

Samantha used Carly’s hair to pull Carly’s face against her bare snatch as Tom positioned herself behind her. She groaned and moaned as tom stretched her insides her mouth and nose rubbing against the Samantha’s slippery slot. “Suck my slit you slut” Samantha hissed between her jiggling melons, “If your gonna cum on my man’s cock your damn well gonna make me cum too.”

Carly Growled in primal lust as her tongue lapped at the sweet musky slit in front of her “Shit she’s tight” Tom grunted as he slammed his cock into Carly. Samantha started humping Carly’s face as Tom started thrusting into Carly’s quivering quim. Carly’s mouth clamped on Samantha’s quivering clit as Tom slammed his cock into her again and again, she wordlessly howled in pleasure, as she felt the fire of an orgasm spreading out from her tightly stretched little box. She moaned loudly into Samantha’s pussy as Tom kept his unrelenting pace the ebb of the orgasm was followed by the tide of another. Tom held her hip up as her legs gave way. Her whole body shook as the feelings exploded inside her a third time. She was wrenched onto the desk and Samantha turned her onto her back and sucked at her battered slit. Samantha lowered her own pussy onto Carly’s face. Tom taking this as a queue came around and slid his cock into Samantha’s pussy just inches from Carly’s face, he thrust and Carly alternately licked Samantha’s steaming gash and sucked on Tom’s bloated balls. Tom Groaned finally and Carly could see his cream pumping into Samantha’s slit slot. He pulled out his cock dribbling onto her face. She lapped at it and sucked it. She looked up to see Tom taking pictures of her licking his cock clean and cleaning out Samantha’s flooded pussy. She didn’t care it was so sexy she slurped until the last of the salty fluid was sucked from both tom’s prick and Samantha’s box.

“See you at work tomorrow” Tom said as Carly struggled into her clothes. She climbed the stairs out of the basement hearing the sounds of wild love making going on below she almost turned and came back for seconds. But she had to go home, she had to call Dave what would she tell him, nothing happened would be best for now she thought.

She climbed into the car and checked herself in the rear view mirror, she was a mess her hair was all over and there were bits of cum clinging in it, and her makeup was a total disaster. She fixed herself up as best she could and slowly drove home. She found herself walking gingerly from the soreness of her pussy a little bowlegged one might say.

She got up for work the next day feeling better but still sore and as she walked into work she felt men looking at her, she liked it her short skirt and halter top, Showed off just what she wanted to show with the promise of more.

It was lunchtime when she was heading to the bathroom. A large black man who she knew only as Leon pushed her into the men’s room. “I hear you’re a cock sucking slut,” he whispered in her ear as he pushed her down on the wet floor in front of bank of sinks. She reached her knees to find herself confronted with a large thick piece of black cock; she looked up at him and licked her lips. “Oh yeah baby you know what to do” She took his cock in her hand and licked the tip “That’s it baby” he said as she wrapped her lips around the tip. She was just getting into it when two other men she worked with came in.

“Oh damn” the first one named Kevin said

“That’s what I’m talking about” The second one named Brian said. They quickly opened their pants and offered up their fat cocks for her empty hands. She loved the feel of so many cocks in her hands and the men’s hands on her body her head and her breasts. She swallowed when Leon began to pump his thick creamy load into her mouth. She took Kevin’s cock into her mouth just as he was about to shoot and she sucked and swallowed just as Brian blew his load all over the side of her face.

“Fucking awesome” Leon said.

“Yeah” Brian said

“Damn Straight” Kevin said as his limp cock slipped from between Carly’s lips.

Carly straightened her clothes and scooped the congealing cock cream from the side of her face into her mouth. She cleaned up a little more in front of the mirror and exited a few minutes behind the men.

She was walking out to the parking lot after work. “Hey Baby don’t walk away like that” it was Leon again.

“Oh hi Leon”

“Hey Carly” Kevin said coming up behind her and firmly grabbing her ass.

“Guys not in the parking lot”

“Okay then where?” Brian said coming up on the other side of her.

“Um… How about my boyfriend’s flat he gave me the key and he shouldn’t be home from work for a couple of hours”

“That’s what I’m talking about I want a piece of that tail” Leon said.

They pulled up in three different cars in front of Dave’s flat and Carly asked them to wait a few so she could make sure that Dave was indeed out. She found David in one of the two bedrooms. She quickly shooed him into a closet, it had one of those door where you could kind of see out of with the little slats running along its length. “Stay in there and be quiet” She hissed at him as she shut the door.

Carly led the three men into the bedroom and let them undress her first her top, she thrilled at the feeling of their large hands on her breasts and then as she stepped out of her shorts the hands on her ass and the finger or two probing her tight little twat. She opened the nearest pair of pants and pulled out the large piece of meat, and started stroking it. Dave watched from inside the closed as her lips wrapped around the thick piece of meat, she slurped loudly on it and as another cock appeared in her view she took it in hand and stroked it. The black man Leon pulled her to her feet and she had to bend over to keep slurping on the meat that she was obsessing over.

Leon took his time rubbing the head of his cock over her swollen and slick pussy lips she groaned around the cock in her mouth every time he teased her hole until she was bucking her hips back at him and he let her pussy envelop his hard cock. He slammed his cock deep inside her and she choked on the cock in her mouth as the two men pounded her from either end.

Dave watched as these perverts exploited his apparently willing girlfriend the black man’s finger delved between the cheeks of her ass and she bucked wildly as he apparently found his mark. He pulled out and she took her mouth off the cock to whimper and look back at him as he sat on the bed situated in the middle of the room.

“Come sit on it” he said. She sashayed over her body glistening in a light sweat and she turned around and aimed her pussy at Leon’s cock. “Not there” he said and moved his cock to the tight pink pucker of her ass.

“Ooh, you are nasty” she laughed and slowly impaled her ass on the long black cock. One of the other men moved between her spread legs and impaled her pussy while she was still getting comfortable on the large cock that was invading her insides. The two men pushed and pulled their respective cocks moving in and out of Carly’s body the third man took her by the hair and brought his cock to her lips.

Dave watched as the three men fucked his girlfriend in every opening until one of them, the one buried in her pussy, pulled out and spurted long thick strings of hot cum onto her breasts. The one in her mouth lost it shortly thereafter and the first glob of cock cream shot into her throat, the second and third blasted across her face closing one of her eyes. The two men stood back as Leon physically used her masturbating his cock in her ass, his cock disappearing and reappearing every second until he clenched her to him. “Oh god” Carly cried “your cumming in my ass, oh shit oh shit”. She got up and was shaky on her legs like a newborn colt, she gave each one a long lingering kiss and pulled the last drops of cum from their cock’s onto her belly. “You better go,” she said “I don’t know when Dave will be home” the men nodded and left.

Carly opened the door to the closet hot goo sliding in droplets down her heaving breasts her nipples glistened with sweat and slime and were erect to the point of diamond hardness. Cum ran down her thighs, as she licked her lips like a lioness before devouring an antelope. “You had better have saved some for me!” as she pushed David down on the floor.

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