I barely slept that night. All I could think of was how cool it was that I made Doreen come. That was so great! And, of course, Dory enthusiastically jerked me off again and seemed to like it. She seemed to like it a lot! My mind was reeling with the possibilities of where this path would lead us next. I was going to find out sooner than I could have imagined.

Around 10 AM the next morning the phone rang. It was Doreen. Since it was already a hot day she invited me to come cool off in her pool. Of course, I immediately accepted her invitation and told her I'd be right there. I swiftly put on my swim shorts, grabbed a towel and some sunscreen and bolted out the door. I had to force myself to slow down so as not to appear too anxious to see Doreen again, although I hoped she was just as eager to see me. I strolled as casually as I could to her home and walked directly to the backyard.

The pool wasn't anything fancy, just a four foot above ground pool, but we had made good use of it since her parents installed it several years before. On days like this most of the neighborhood kids were likely to show up. I was kind of surprised when I was the only one there.

“Hey, you're here,” I heard Dory call from an upstairs window. “I'll be right down.”

I set out my towel and started applying some sunscreen. When I heard the back door open I looked up and froze. Have you ever had one of those 'movie moments'? You know, like when the beautiful girl is walking toward the camera and time seems to slow down? This was one of those moments.

Dory came down the stairs wearing the tiniest white bikini (with blue trim) that I had ever seen. The top cupped and accentuated her perky B-cups and the triangular patch of the bottom didn't cover her pubic area so much as draw attention to it. Her jet black hair was pulled back in a ponytail which revealed her graceful neck. I was struck speechless. Doreen's eyes held an amused look as she strode past me. When she bent down to lay out her towel I saw how the snug bottom caressed her behind.

“Do you like my new suit?” Dory asked. Her eyes flicked down to the bulge in my shorts. “ I guess so,” she quipped with a smile.

“Dory, you look...incredible,” I stammered. Suddenly panicked I looked towards the house. “Your Mom let you where that?” I was sure her mother was going to come charging out of the house at any moment demanding that Doreen cover up.

“God, no,” she exclaimed. “Mom would never let me wear something like this. She'd kill me.” Once again I cast a fearful look a the the back door.

“Relax, she's not home,” Dory assured me. “She took my brother to visit her sister in Springfield. They won't be back until tonight.”

“What about your Dad?”

“He's at work. He doesn't get home before six.”

“You mean...?”

“Yep. There's no one here but us.”

At that point you could cut the sexual tension in the air with a knife. We had the house to ourselves for the whole day and we were both horny as hell. Dory's nipples were clearly visible beneath her bikini top and my erection couldn't be more obvious. Still, we tried to pretend things were normal between us. We got in the pool and horsed around, splashing and playing the way we always had. But there was more touching, more grabbing. Eventually I backed her against the wall of the pool, my hands on her waist. We shed the pretense and I kissed her.

We started out slowly but our hunger soon rose. We kissed each other deeply and we explored each other with our hands. I had exposed one of he perfect 14 year old tits and I was feasting on her swollen nipple while Dory stroked my cock underwater. I grabbed her ass and pulled her tight to me, humping my hardness against her mound. The only thing preserving our virginity was the nearly non-existent bottom of her bathing suit. Dory moaned as I kissed her neck and ground against her. Trembling she pushed me away.

“I think we should go inside,” she said.

We both knew what that meant. We climbed out of the pool and hurried to the house. Both of us were excited but I'd be lying if I didn't admit to a little fear, too. We were about to stake a step from which there was no return. It was our time, though, and we were going to see this through.

I followed Doreen through the house as she led me to her room. How many hundreds (thousands?) of times had I been in this house, how many games had we played, how many moments had we shared? This was another one, one where we surrendered our innocence to one another. We arrived in her bedroom, still dripping wet from the pool, and faced each other. I still had no idea whether or not I would be able to go through with this, despite my excitement. We stood silently looking at each other for what felt like hours. I reached out to Dory and we joined hands. I still didn't know what I was going to do.

“I want it to be you,” Doreen said.

We each shed the little clothing we were wearing and embraced each other. We kissed again and lowered ourselves to her bed. I will never forget her moans and whimpers as we spurred each others' desire to new heights. Finally I was above her, poised between her spread legs, ready to take her most precious gift. My prick pressed against the entrance to her body and we both groaned in anticipation. I pushed forward with my cock to penetrate her virgin cunt.

Brief interlude: This is the part of the story where I'm supposed to describe the wondrous, acrobatic sex we enjoyed the first time out of the gate. Well, that's not what happened. In these first-timer stories it's always the hymen that's presented as the biggest obstacle to pass, but that's not the case. You see, a woman's vagina is not a hole, it's a potential space. And that space is created by spreading apart the tissue that comprises the vagina. And if that tissue has never been stretched before....

Doreen let out a yelp as I attempted to enter her. I pulled back and asked if she was okay. She said yes and asked me to go slow. Despite our mutual arousal and her wetness it took several minutes to just get the head of my dick into her. Then it took a few more minutes for me to get about half of my cock in. Dory was in obvious discomfort and there were tears in her eyes. I attempted to penetrate her deeper and she cried out in pain and fear, so I pulled out and lay down beside her. She hugged me and lay her head on my chest.

“I'm so sorry,” she said. “I want to do this, I really do. I want to do this with you! But it felt like I was being ripped apart inside.” Dory checked between her legs and, sure enough, there was some blood. Doreen sobbed and apologized again.

I held her tight, trying to comfort her. “Hey, Dory! Relax,” I said. “You know I never want to hurt you. We can try again. If you want to. When you're ready, I mean.” She snuggled close to me and noticed that I was still hard.

“Do you want me to take care of that for you?” Doreen asked. Of course I wanted her to take care of it. I was a fifteen year old boy with a boner. Still, I managed to say the right thing.

“No. I'm okay,” I said. “The next time I want it to be something we do together. I'll wait until you're ready.” Dory smiled and said “Thank you.”

The next few days were busy for both of us so we didn't get to see much of one another. My mother had me busy with chores and Dory's family went away for a long weekend. Still, I made a point of calling her every day, if only for a few minutes. Doreen reassured me that she wasn't mad at me and that we would be having sex soon. She told me she was “practicing”. I didn't find out 'til years later that she was using a candle as a dildo to get used to being penetrated.

Finally one morning Dory called me. Her mother was away for a few hours and her brother was at football practice. She wanted to get rid of 'the rest of her virginity' as she put it. I hung up the phone and took a few minutes to make myself presentable. For some reason I felt a bit awkward going over to Dory's house just to fuck her. I was a teenage boy and like all teenage boy I joked about sex with my buddies. We talked about the girls we knew and who was a slut or a skank or who (supposedly) gave the best blow jobs But Dory was my oldest friend and I didn't want to treat her like that. I wasn't in love with her, I know that much. But she was my friend and I cared about her deeply.

I hopped on my bike and pedaled my way to Doreen's house with a speed that would do Lance Armstrong proud. I swung into Dory's driveway, right into a roadblock. Or should I say cock block Because there in front of the garage was Dory and her good pal Cindy and Cindy looked pissed about something. Dory gave me a helpless look that Cindy picked up on immediately.

“Hey, guys,” I said, trying to sound casual. “What's up?”

“We're going to the mall,” Cindy stated as if it were a moral imperative. “My mother will be picking us up in a few minutes and we're meeting the girls there.” Dory just shrugged and gave me a “What-am-I-supposed-to-do-?” look.

“Cool,” I said. “You guys have fun. I'll catch up with you later.” I spun the bike and wheeled out of the driveway leaving Doreen looking frustrated and Cindy smugly triumphant. Once again, it was years later when I found out exactly why Cindy took such pleasure in standing between me and Dory. It seems she had a crush on me. She told me that while drinking beer at a local bar when we were in college. Just before she sucked me off in the men's room. She gives a pretty good blow job

After that the universe seemed to conspire to keep us apart. We couldn't seem to get enough alone time to make out, much less make love. The summer was winding down and school would be starting again soon, which felt like some kind of deadline to us. If we wanted to consummate our desires it would have to be soon. But how? Our mother's never seemed to leave the house anymore and there were always friends or siblings around. Then the simplest idea of all struck me. Finish it where it began. The “Secret Meadows”.

I wandered around the wooded area which surrounded the meadow looking for an appropriate spot. There were lots of places where kids went to drink beer, party or hook up. I was looking for something else and eventually I found it. A small clearing with no sign that anyone had been there recently. There were no beer cans, condoms or footprints to be seen and it was far enough away from the other party areas so that we should have our privacy. After that I spent hours preparing a love nest for Dory and me.

Later that evening, shortly before sunset, I met up with Doreen and we took a walk together. Of course I led her to the meadows. We stopped at the picnic bench and I kissed her.

“I have something I want to show you,” I told her. I took her by the hand and led her into the woods. As we approached the area I had prepared I suddenly felt really stupid, like the preparations I made were inadequate. I had set up a small pop-up tent and furnished it with inflatable camping mattresses, pillows and blankets. I had brought along a portable stereo so we could have music and even a cooler with sodas and energy drinks. (Because things could go really well, right?) But standing there with Doreen, somehow it all looked clumsy and desperate to me.

“What's this?” Dory asked.

“Well, we haven't had a chance to be alone together for a while,” I said, “so I figured Id make a place for us to go.” At that point I was blushing from head to toe. I didn't even know feet could blush.

Dory looked in the tent and saw what I had prepared. “You did all this for me?”

“I did this for us.”

“ I have to be home in an hour,” Dory said. “We'd better get busy!” With that Dory stepped into my arms and kissed me. I think at that point we could have been on the 50 yard line at the Super Bowl and we still would have made love. We quickly ducked into the tent and threw off our clothing as fast as possible. Her perfect, young tits drew my mouth to them like a magnet and Dory clutched my head to her chest while I suckled them. Her slim hand grasped my cock and vigorously jacked me to full hardness.

“I want to feel you in me,” Doreen moaned. “I'm ready this time.” Her words inflamed my lust even more. She wanted me to fuck her? She was going to get fucked, then. But not before I was ready to give it to her.

I kissed her hard and ground my cock against her pussy without entering her. She moaned and squirmed her hips, trying to get me inside of her. I kissed her neck and her tits, then ran my tongue down her belly until I was eye to eye with her wet pussy. Gently I blew on her moist lips before running the tip of my tongue the full length of her slit. The pointers I picked up on those lesbian web-sites I mentioned were really paying off. Soon I had two fingers buried deep in Doreen's tight pussy, finger fucking her while I gently sucked on her sensitive clit. Dory had legs pulled so far back her toes were nearly touching the ground behind her head, giving me full access to her sweet, teen cunt. Finally her legs wrapped around my neck and she began humping my face while her first ever oral orgasm decimated her senses.

Dory pulled me up so that I was on top of her. “I want to feel you in me,” she gasped. “Please don't make me wait any more.”

Nothing more needed to be said. I lined up my virgin cock with her virgin cunt and pushed into her. Penetration was much easier this time, though I still had to go slow due to her tightness. It wasn't long before my cock was all the way in her velvety cunt and my balls were pressed against her smooth little ass cheeks, however. Dory let out a long moan as I penetrated her fully for the first time.

“Are you okay?” I asked her.

“Oh, I'm a lot more than okay,” she whispered. We kissed some more and I began slowly pumping her. Dory softly moaned as I fucked her, clutching my ass to draw me in deeper. How do you describe that, the first time being with a lover. Feeling your naked flesh writhing together, your cock sliding in and out of a tight, virgin pussy? Doreen's passion matched my own as we struggled to maximize our sensual pleasure. Her buttery pussy brought out sensations in me that I would never have thought possible as I thrust in and out of her willing body. I never wanted to stop fucking her. Too quickly I reached my climax and pumped my sperm into her eager womb.

“I could feel it,” she said. “I could feel your dick squirting inside me.” We kissed for a while until, through the magic of teen hormones, I was hard again. This time I propped her up on her knees and took her doggie-style, which she liked a lot. I liked seeing her cute little ass spread out for me while I fucked her. And Dory made some of the sweetest sex-noises of any woman I've ever been with, moaning and sighing and cooing. Finally, she straddled me and rode my cock until she was satisfied and I gave her the third load of the night.

And that's it, that's the whole story. There are other adventures I could tell you about. The first blow job, the first (disastrous) attempt at anal, how she broke my heart when she dumped me for a senior on the football team. But to me this was the story, how we got together in the “Secret Meadows”. Thanks for reading it. I'd like to dedicate this story to all of the “Doreens” out there. Thank you, ladies. We miss you.

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Great first time story, ahhh memories. :-)

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It's so real it's almost tragic in the end, but life is like that, isn't it?

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