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megan's education continues, with the principal adding to the syllabus.
A bitches fall episode F (renamed to Megan's education 2)

As the crowd closed in, megan was forced to notice the faces, recognize her classmates turned rapists who remorselessly approached her exhausted and helpless body. To her shock, she saw girls as well. Trish was a bitch, no doubt, but here the ones included her own friends, some members of bitch brigade. Others she'd often chatted with in the canteen, shared her precious notes with, enjoyed being with....

Megan's mind refused to accept that they would rape her. Even if one girl protested, defended her, she'd be saved. It was a college after all. She knew she had enemies who always desired the worst for her, but she had friends too. Atleast she thought she did.

The first to reach her was a basketball player, Henry, who grabbed her head and began rubbing it on his engorged crotch. It smelt of sweat and piss, given he wasn't into regular showers, and Megan remembered trying to enforce a,shower law on the team. Henry had found it stupid, and marginally irritating.

But for him, marginal irritation was a serious issue, nobody messed with the team, and this bitch was trying to act like mommy? Hell, even his girlfriend tolerated it, and if she could do it spending her waking hours wrapped around his dick, so could any girl.

His blood starting to boil, he kicked her off his crotch and unzipped, exposing a huge hairy black dick, enough to make any girl bleed. Grabbing Megan's dishevelled hair, he shoved it in in one stroke, Megan not even bothering to protest. As trish had taught her fucking was any day better than thrashing.

The dick squashed her tongue down, and grazed her teeth, the poor cunt unable to open wider. But Henry knew what to do. Taking a handful of her hair, he began pulling hard, hard enough for her scalp to become visible as her hair tried desperately to hang on. Megam felt as if her scalp itself was being ripped off. Her natural reaction being to scream, she opened up half a inch more.

But no scream came. Instead, the dick went in more comfortably, until it was grazing the back of her mouth, initiating a gag reflex, which only had the effect of pressing her mouth tightly around his dick. Henry could tell the bitch could takr it, she'd just not been opened enough. And given her bitchiness, she deserved to be not just opened, but splayed.

His thoughts and the new tightness made him push even further down her throat. Megan's body responded with more gagging as her throat began to be invaded. She felt she wouldn't be able to breathe any longer, as she could tell the dick bulging from inside her throat. She was going to suffocate.

But Henry wasn't so kind. Having explored her throat, he pulled out, his dick slick with saliva. Megan began choking and spluttering, her utter disbelief in her ability to deep throat only worsening her predicament. Henry watched amused. It was the same with every bitch, including his girlfriend who'd taken two days to take it all in. Megan was better, she'd already taken the whole of it; pity she had been a prude, she'd have made an ideal lover. But hell, he thought, no point crying over lost chances. Rather, he should make her cry, for being what she was.

So the dick went in again, this time staying longer making megan again think of suffocating and dying. Again it came out, but didn't stay out. Instead it reversed gear at her lips and she was back to being stuffed. The next cycle was even shorter, and so on till megan was more concerned with her throat being rubbed raw than with dick asphyxiation.

Meanwhile, the remaining students had made a circle around the duo, cheering and hollering each time henry pushed his pole in. If megan had known, she'd have been shocked that her best friend caroline was in fact standing a little way off, discreetly fingering her sex.

As henry approached orgasm from the helpless ex-prude, the crowd began screaming in excitement. Almost all of them knew megan, and knew her bitchy attitude that made consensual sex a crime. Well, she was getting her payback now, and the crowd was willing to condone anyc crime that entailed.

Dicks were coming out, hands went to breasts and pussies, and the crowd began to itch towards the bloated-cheeked megan. Henry knew the others were getting excited, but he couldnt help it. He'd made his gf suck him dry before leaving for college : megan wold get an extra long ride.

But the sheer tightness saved megan. Unable to hold on for long, she instinctively gagged again, this time pushing him over. For megan, the gag was followed by a brutal thrust into her gullet, as she felt him drain directly into her throat. Henry savored the sight of the helpless cunthead stuck on his pole, before pulling out and cleaning his dick on her face.

Henry walked off, leaving megan gasping amid the general clamour for more. The circle closed in, hands outstretched for her luscious meat. Seconds later, her tits were being mauled like dough, her mouth was again filled with dick and her pussy and ass were being probed. To megan it felt like she was back in the bus, standing with one hand on the rail, being used in all ways possible.The speed quickened as more and more people lined up and the ones in the back shoved for a piece of prude meat. Soon megan�s hands were grabbed and she was made to jack off two guys whom she had once tried to block for honours society for fucking their girlfriends before getting married. Not that she succeeded, but they remembered her nonetheless, and like a good many others, today was payback for them.

So now they stood on either side of the cunt, her long fingers wrapped around their dicks, making a nice contrast given her light nail polish. Megan, in fact was not even aware where her hands were. All her attention was focused on the effort to breathe between deep throating strokes that the guys all seemed capable of. She was sometimes made to look up at their sneering faces as they enjoyed a female head move up and down their pole, especially one that was usually arranging for chastity drives. They wished they had been the one to deflower her and savour the pain in her eyes. But they nevertheless used her with gay abandon, refusing to allow her to even splutter between blowjobs.

At the other end, the skinny guy who had first got her pussy had been pushed away by a thick black female , who was busy poking and pinching the poor abused sex of the other girl. Her nails were long, and when she pushed her fingers into the slut�s cunt, megan felt as if nails were ripping the sides of her tender walls. She tried to shake them off, only to have them dig deeper into her womb. The black girl, called Shawna, knew well that her nails won�t do any serious damage, as she herself had undergone such treatment at 14. But she still wanted to hurt, and so kept up the assault. Eventually tiring of this, she let one of the all to desperate boys to have the hole, and contented herself trying to see how far her heels would go into the asshole.

The two handjob guys were by now nearing climax, given their hatred for the cunt in front of them sharpened their lust manifold. However, they didn�t simply want to enjoy her, they wanted to degrade her. So when the 10th guy at her mouth was done, they moved in front of her, her hands still on their dicks. Megan instantly recognized the duo, and a feeling of fear crept through her. They had made no secret of their hatred for her, and now she was at their mercy. The last one hour had convinced her that nobody would bother to save her, or even speak up for her. Her friends were either busy raping her, or were more interested in their own work now that megan was useless to their needs. At the same instant, they came, making sure they sprayed their cum on her face, her hair and her lips, till Meagan felt she would drown in it. They then placed their dicks on her head and got the black girl to click a pic of her. She remembered how she�d made them pose with chastity drive posters, threatening to get them kicked out if they didn�t. Now, with their victorious weapons of cunt destruction triumphantly above her defeated head, it seemed she�d come full circle. Megan began to cry again. Would everything she cherished be reversed one by one ?

The duo now grabbed her hair and made her stare directly at them. They were smiling. Suddenly, she felt a boot on her stomach and doubled over, pushing the heel in her ass even deeper. Her head hit one guy�s foot, and he promptly raised it to make the impact worse. Megan, stunned, was pushed back up. The other guy meanwhile had placed his foot above her head, the result being she slammed into his shoe as she went up. Megan�s head was aching like anything , and her vision was getting fuzzyfrom the repeated hits. She somehow attained a kneeling position, staring at four men in front of her. Two of the guys, she saw, removed their shoes and raised it to her mouth, already leaking cum from the numerous visits it had had.

Megan unquestioningly took the toes in her mouth and began to lick them like dickheads, only that these were far more smelly and made her gag from the taste. Still,she didn�t want another kick so she kept up the licking , followed by sucking the toes one by one. The other two placed their dicks on her head from the back, like an obscene tiara along the middle of her hair. The guy now pulled his toes out and instead pressed it firmly on her face,such that she could only stare at the darkness of his feet. Unknown to her, Shawna was busy clicking away at her misery, ensuring that the cum and the humiliation were clearly visible on her face. After all, these were going to be megan�s CV when she applied for a whore�s job some day�

One of the guys now began to fish out something which looked like a poster. Megan realized, to her horror, that it was the poster she had designed for the upcoming feminist�s seminar in the college. Shed spent atleast a week designing it, and she�d been proud of how it showed the woman with her foot on the globe. It seemed to fit the theme of women�s empowerment . The guys spread the design out, such that it covered her body completely like a shroud. Then they made her lie down with only her face visible. They�d have liked to cut out holes, but they made it up by rippin the parts above her tits and cunt, without wrecking the image of the woman. Then they each placed a foot on her abdomen, right above the woman�s face (in the poster), and clicked a pic, making sure that megan was looking directly into the camera.

Their fun complete, the duo now headed back, leaving megan to recoup from her morning ordeals. Only the black bitch remained, she getting her attendance from cums instead of classes. She hoisted the devastated megan up,and draped the poster on her, making sure her cunt and tits were on display. Megan, now wearing her own poster fastened with pins like a towel, began the long walk towards the now empty portico. To keep her motivated, Shawna kept kicking the poor cunt every few steps, making sure it landed on the part exposed by the cut outs she�d made off her ass.

Megan no longer seemed to register the kicks and expletives. Her mind was in shock. How could everything collapse like this ? she�d hoped that even if she herself was enslaved, the bitches of bitch brigade would keep up the work. Hadn�t she taught them to stand up to men ? to defend women�s interests (as she defined them), best as they could. To keep up the patrols and postering to limit immorality on the campus ? where were they now ? Meagan could tell the duo had somehow accessed the main drawers of the bitch brigade office, or they�d be unable to get the poster. Plus, the absence of any bitch brigade member during her torture did not bode well. She�d made them take an oath that they�d protect any girl in distress. News must have reached the classes, yet not one soul came. Whatever happened to the bitch brigade ? and whatever was going to happen to the seminar ? she�d spent an age organizing it. How could she do it now, being herded to the college building with her own poster obscenely draped around her ? whatever would anyone think of the vaunted bitch brigade if they found them messing up like this ?and her going about like a slut in need of dicks ?she didn�t even dare think of the consequences, but the question kept nagging her - was everything she�d created going to go down with her ?

However, first she�d to fend for herself. Shawna, it seemed , had been only interested in kicking and humiliating her as much as possinle. Once it was done, she walked off,leaving megan alone for the first time since last evening in the woods. Megans mind instantly began to think of ways to escape. Wouldn�t it be easy if she could just head back home ? she had her bag, meaning she had her locker keys and some money. She�d then leave home or something�.her wild hopes came to the ground when she turned a corner and looked straight at herself. Naked, and giving a blowjob on her knees to a person she knew as stewie. It was a life size flex board, placed where yesterday the bitch brigade seminar announcement had been. She remembered having to fight with the cheerleaders for that hallowed spot,and she�d won it by tripping Trish and Shawna onto their own poster, thereby ruining it. Now her own ruin was displayed for all to see. Megan fell to her knees,crying .

She didn�t remain there for long. The sweeper soon came round, and swept his mop over her, opening the pins and exposing her naked body. He then proceeded to thoroughly clean the part of floor that was megan, and completed it by emptying his bucket of water on the cunt. He too hated the way she�d behaved with the staff, and had punished her in his own way.

Megan�s �dress� was now ruined, simply because the mop had carried off the pins. So she somehow crawled to her locker, and fished out the change of clothes she kept in case of emergencies.It was typically conservative, a black blouse with jeans that were more loose than tight. There was no underwear though, and megan went through the odd experience of her nips rubbing against the cloth as her tits hung out of the blouse. For the firat time in her life, she felt conscious of her figure, wondering if the sagging bustline was due to lack of lingerie or the hours in the tit press. Her pussy also felt odd, the lips rubbing against the coarse crotch.

But megan had more worrying issues. She was late, and doubtless would have to enter a class full of rapists and friend-turned-haters. But there was no option, her parents would kill her if attendance dipped. Reluctantly, she climbed the stairs and approached her comp engineering class.

Unlike other days when she was late, nobody acknowledged that the most powerful girl in college had just arrived. The teacher, mrs taylor, merely looked up and asked her to take her seat. Relieved, she went to her usual seat, which was between caroline and another bitch called mandy. Both pretended she wasn't there. That wasn't unusual given the call she'd received last night. She lowered her ass to the seat, and jumped up.

The seat had an attached dildo! Megan had landed right on top, almost pushing it into her ass. The guys started sniggering, and the girls either giggled or pretended she was a leper. Megan, still standing, looked at John, sitting lazily between stewie and mark. He nodded.

Megan, having no options if she were to sit, undid her pants and settled down, taking the dildo into her cumdry pussy. Luckily, mrs taylor didn't notice. Megan now saw a pair of nipple clamps on her desk, which, without thinking, she quietly placed on her nips. Her desperation made her ignore the shocked stare of the teacher, who was a firm supporter of bitch brigade.

However, megan knew that her options were limited. Mark was gently poking her ass with his foot, while stewie had what looked like a dart in his hand,,aimed at the side of her tits. She didn't even want to know what john was upto.

So, her pussy stuffed and nips crushed, megan tried to concentrate on studies. Mrs taylor had recovered from the shock, and was trying to make up for lost time by asking for people's projects. Megan felt a dead weight in her stomach : she won't be the only one to miss out, but it would be her first time. Tense, she looked as one by one the boys and girls began giving theirs. Stewie gave his, a 50 page tome, mark a 3 page excuse for not doing any work. Next came john. John? He didn't belong to her class! But he was pulling out a project, no a packet of.....megan almost fainted as realization hit her.

It was her cum drenched ruin from the bus. She looked on as John explained that he was in class primarily to give her project, given she was expected late. The teacher took it, and examined the contents. She turned to megan.

"Is this a joke? "

" no ma'm" Megan's voice failed her for the first time in class.

" then what is this.....this...."

"My project ma'm. It got a bit wet." The nerdy girls giggled.

"And how exactly did it end up like this ? Did you EAT it? "

"Yes ma'm" tears were welling up in her eyes, but she had no escape. Trish, at a diagonal, was poking her ass with her heels.

Mrs taylor stood shell shocked. But megan went on with a hard kick to her ass.

"Yes ma'm. I stuffed it in my vagina, ripped it to pieces and ate it. That's why I was late."

The class was utterly silent. Many of the goody people gaped, others laughed and trish stuffed her heel into Megan's ass. Megan herself was in utter shock. She'd had high ideals of education, of her mission in life, to be fulfilled through education. Now, she was handing a cum drenched joke to her favorite teacher, while sitting on a dildo with a heel up her ass. She wanted to die.

It took mrs taylor full 5 minutes to recover, in which time stewie fired his dart, which got stuck at the side of her tit, obscenely advertising her agony. Trish s heel went out and kicked in again, making the helpless and utterly humiliated girl writhe on the dildo.

Finally the teacher spoke "get out" megan wanted the same, and got up to rush out to escape the horror. she forgot she'd removed the jeans, and trish obligingly pulled it down as she got up. a collective laugh erupted as her cum-covered sex was revealed. A signal from mark made her move without the jeans.

But it only worsened matters. The jeans were bunched around her legs, and she tripped, taking caroline with her as she landed hard on the floor. A,second later, caroline was inches from her face, but her expression was anything but sympathetic, not even shocked at,being knocked over. It was lusty.

In the short time they lay,on top, carol raised her head to meet Megan's lips, and the two kissed. Megan could hardly believe it as her best friend smooched her like a lover. Like a lover! Somehow the affection made her forget her predicament and she went on kissing the girl.

Mrs taylor was not amused. She'd hoped to clear the class of the nuisance as fast as possible. Instead, two girls were kissing at her feet, one,naked down the waist. Disgusted, she kicked the duo, effectively hitting caroline, who rolled over to avoid more. But megan refused to let go, and the two kept kissing. More kicks followed, some coming from enthusiastic students.this time, megan rolled.

And so ut went on. The bizarre scene of a teacher kicking two lesbian girls out as they kissed went into many phone cameras, ready for upload to facebook no doubt. Finally, mrs taylor, exhausted and disgusted equally, pushed them out into the corridor, out of sight of her horny class.

Megan's side was burning. She wished she could get up and run out of class. Bu the taste of carol was too much for the nubile cunt. She just couldn't let go of the soft lips which had always parotted whatever she said. Just like she couldn't believe what was happening, it was too bizarre to believe yet it was real enough. And her desire was real too, her vagina smearing juices onto her friends cunt area and thighs as they had rolled.

Megan's hands now instinctively went Carol's tits, Pressed against her as they lay together. They felt large and soft, her fingers digging into the meat that megan had ensured remained confined in tight bras and loose clothes, till carol herself had wondered if there was any point having tits if only she noticed them. Now the same megan, degraded and abused beyond either girl's imagination (or any guy s wet dream), was busy clawing off the clothes she'd been proud to see on Carol's body.

The lesbian lust caused a desperate scramble as tits, pussies and lips sought out the other's in frantic haste, the desires of their young lives bursting forth as the dam of modesty was broken once and for all. Sadly for megan, she wasn't meant to enjoy love in peace.

Class dissolved without either girl raising her head. The class pooled out, snidely admiring the two lithe bodies locked in love in the passage like a pair of canines having sex. John had decided to get rid of Megan's jeans, and burnt her blouse with his lighter the moment he saw the discarded pile of clothes. But if he had hoped to take her with him, he was partly disappointed.

Taylor seemed hell bent on taking the two girls to task. She made both girls get up and follow her to the principal s chamber. Megan felt scared, she was,sure she'd be kicked out of college. How would she face her parents? Especially when they learnt the reasons?

The three entered the big formal looking chamber that megan was so familiar with thanks to her bitch brigade job. Taylor closed the door and locked it. Never a good sign, given that it usually meant a long session. Taylor now went to the desk and mr Howard, the principal looked up. She spoke in hushed voice and he nodded. Then he reached up and squeezed Taylor's tit.

Megan wasn't sure she'd seen it right. Taylor being molested? Wasn't she the most straight (read frigid) woman on the campus? However, howard merely went on feeling her, as Taylor parted her legs slightly for easier access. Megan looked at carol to see her face filled with lust. The poor girl had lost her modesty completely.

Eventually, Howard motioned for the two females to come forward. They obeyed like zombies, standing where the desk ended. Howard, wordless still, reached out and squeezed Megan's titty, then Carol's. He appeared amused, and asked Taylor to prepare them.

Taylor, that frigid woman, seemed to know a great lot about females. Ahe expertly took the two teenage pussies on offer, and soon megan and carol were wet, their fear giving way to a surreal lust as they longed for each other, for taylor, for howard, for any male or female who'd fuck them.

But taylor didn't oblige by taking them to orgasM. Instead, she dragged the two by their hair and laid them face down on the desk, megan tit being pressed by a paperweight and her pussy enjoying the cool ac air. She prepared for her upcoming fuck, instead she felt something at her ass, something that was too thin to be a dick and too flexible to be a butt plug. Unfortunately for her, the mystery was soon solved.

Megan felt liquid pour into her bowels as she lay helpless for a fuck that never came. The liquid filled in steadily, the coldness shocking the poor cunt. But she lay there, undergoing the unique sensation of having an enema in the principal s chamber.

Howard stood back in satisfaction. Taylor had informed him that megan was quite 'used', and Carol needed to be readied. Instead, he now stood there,watching the two tubes fill the bowels as taylor took his dick between her boobs. His mind went back to when he'd broken the poor woman, ironically with Megan's help.

Taylor was always the leader of feminist rallies, standing beside megan as she read out from gerda lerner in bitch seminars. He'd decided he'd take both, starting with megan. It had been accident that'd had brought him charlotte, or taylor as the world knew her.

megan had brought a grand design for a feminist newsletter, which had charlotte taylor inscribed boldly at the recommendations column. Howard had just increased his own salary, and wasn't least interested in more expenses. So he was about to turn the eager girl down when he had an idea. He asked for a detailed budget, which the meticulous cunt had ready. He askec her to leave it with him, and she left. He cooly changed the numbers, so the total didn't tally, and asked megan to get the sanctioned budget. Megan, too excited, forgot to verify the numbers, ending up spending $10000 more than was sanctioned. It was really a question of which cunt to take now, megan and taylot being equally compromised. Again, an accident helped.

Shocked at belatedly realizing her error, megan had innocently asked howard what could be done. He'd asked her to change the name of in charge from taylor to herself, thus making herself more vulnerable. Megan forgot or didn't bother, and funnily, howard did too. Nwt result was when he made the threatening call to the offender, it was Taylor's mature voice he heard.

Blackmail was something howard was good at. so he had charlotte taylor at his desk at 8 am and his feet at 8 15. He still remembered how he'd slapped her time and again, pinching her ample tits and kicking her sex to make her submit. And she did. He remembered the first tentative fingers reaching for his zipper, the pleading eyes of the poor woman as she knelt and sucked cock like a whore, the tears which were lost In his dickhairs. It had felt warm taking the woman's mouth, the red lipstick framing his dick beautifully as he enjoyed pushing her head in and out. And then he'd come, spilling the gunk all over her otherwise pretty face, taking care to coat her hair.

As she'd broken down crying, he'd roughly dragged her to the same desk, and had sampled her holes. In the first of many rapes,he'd made her beg for his cock, thank him for each thrust, and realize once and for all she was property.

Now he saw two cunts before him, naked with steadily bloating bellies as taylor, now adept at sucking and fucking, increased the pressure with one hand as she kept up the blwojob. Howard knew some worthy guy had broken Megan, he'd seen thd fb pics. He felt pleased. Not only was megan too usable now, it also meant the younger generation had imbibed his values. Pleased would be an understatement, he felt proud.

The girls were bloating up well by now. But he kept up the pressure, ensuring that both cunts were soon pleading for release. But there was none. Taylor could be a mean bitch, but he let her have her way.

Megan could tell her bowels were stretching as her sphincters began to scream in protest. She tried to get up to ease the pain, but it only made taylor push her back down. Beside her, carol s face was reflecting her own feelings. Her eyes were closed, her teeth clenched in grim desperation. Megan herself felt she'd burst. She could feel her tummy bloating, her own endurance reaching breaking point.

Howard looked on in pleasure as the two cunts panted and groaned as the tubes remorselessly poured in water into their helpless assholes. Both, he guessed, had pregnancy grade swelled tummies now. He reached out and shut down the machine.

Taylor now pulled the two cunts up, plugging the holes to prevent premature pooping. The two girls were then led out, taylor walking two steps behind the captive duo. Megan could hardly believe that she could no longer see her legs no matter how she looked Down. All she saw was her fattened tummy, bouncing from the high liquid contents in its interior. Beside her carol was crying, her body fighting against her will as each step made life worse for the fattened cunt.

Finally, the two cunts were brought to the girls shower room where they were asked to put on some very minimal clothing. Then they were led out to the waiting area. Megan, as so often in the past, began to think the omens were not good. She felt she was right when she saw two couples begin to walk in.

The first was Carol's parents, followed by her own. Megan's tummy did a flip flop ,making the pressure almost unbearable. Her parents came near, and stopped dead when they saw her bloated tummy, in no way concealable by the skimpy top and shorts.

Taylor smiled, and In a swift motion pulled the plug out, in another she was turned around, her ass facing her shocked parents. Megan held on, against all odds, refusing to be humiliated, to do what Taylor desired. time stopped still, and she felt she was winning. She sighed in relief: the dam burst.

As waves of relief washed over the distended tummy, waves of ass fluids flew out of the poor cunt s asshole, making waves in the air before crashing into her parents clothes. Her ass clenched and released time and again, vomiting fluids it was never meant to hold. And each landed in rythmic motion on her father's suit, her mother's dress, her humiliation splattered over every concievable surface. Unnoticed by her, carol had begun as well, making for two fountains spraying water all over their parents.

finally, exhausted, megan collapsed, her knees and then her body landing in her own refuse, in her own humiliation. For a minute time again stood still, and then it hit her. She'd just crapped in front of her parents. She'd always tried to be the ideal girl, the ideal daughter. Now it lay ruined with her parents soggy clothes and her own nudity. She'd exposed herself to the one part of her existence that she'd been most desperate to conceal her degradation from. She was no longer their daughter,, she'd become a whore in everyone's eyes.

(To be continued )

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this story gets more and more rediculas, I just can read any more of this shit, sorry. bye

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to the one who commented last - unfortunately this was the last part of the Bitch's fall series to come out. I stopped writing on this about a year back, so the plot's gone clean out of my head by now. I'll see if anything can be done, but as a reader one shouldn't be optimistic about my ability to pick up on old series.

That said, why don't you check out some of my newer stories, I've done some amount of writing since the Megan stories.

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this is one sick story and it amazes me that she would even stand up to this type of abuse without even trying to gain some sort of revenge on all these people who have humiliated her nobody could possibly enjoy being treated like this it takes a sick mind to even dream up such a story please don't write any more of this trash ay the very least have her commit suicide so all those mean shits can feel some sort of misery for having killed her ......... her brother really needs a good beating too

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