By popular reader demand. Richard goes back to his secret area looking for a virgin, but gets to cherries to break.
After his experience with Hillary and Doug, Richard was looking to have sex with a young girl again. Hoping for a virgin so he could pop their cherry. He decided he would have to go back to his secret area and really look at the girls.

He had made a plug for the hole he had drilled, just in case that chubby girl looked through it. He went into his area, just before practices got over. He put the plug into the hole and he waited for the girls to enter.

After about 15 minutes of waiting, he heard the door swing open and the normal chatting and giggling from them. 5 minutes later heard the showers starting up. He looked through his peephole, seeing 3 girls in the shower. One of them was the chubby girl he had fucked a few weeks ago. The other 2 looked fairly young to him. He guessed they were freshman, or maybe sophmores, 14 or 15 at the most. He looked at the younger girls, both of them had hairless slits from what he could tell. One of them had nothing for a chest, a B-cup at best, but the other youngster had a nice rack, but only a C-cup, he figured. Both of them had long brown hair and fairly slender builds. They were also a little shorter than the chubby girl in there with them.

'Damn why couldn't they have been last,' he thought to himself. He focused on the girls as they washed their young bodies. His dick twitched as he watched the girl, with the bigger chest, wash her firm tits and they lightly bounced as she washed them.

More girls started entering the showers, as he was slowly stroking his cock. They were all chatting and giggling as they started their own showers. Richard's dick throbbed hard as he watched all of them wash their supple bodies.

The showers started to empty out as the girls finished up. There was still 3 girls remaining in the shower, as he jacked his dick faster, focussing on one of the girl's hairless slit. He guessed the girls were about the same age as the other 2 earlier, 14 or 15. He thought about removing the plug and inserting his dick to see what they would do, but he figured with their age, they would run, screaming.

One of the girls shut off her shower and exited the area, leaving the other 2 in the showers. Both of the remaining girls had nice firm bodies, with about the same size chest. A solid b-cup, he guessed. One of the girl's had fiery red hair, that was shoulder length. The other girl had dark brown hair that almost reached the middle of her back. Both of them had rather slender, but muscular builds.

The girl's were chatting with each other when Richard decided he would take a chance with them. He slowly removed the plug as he watched them. After it was out, he set it on the ground slowly and stood back up. He slipped his erection into the hole, looking to see if they had noticed him. They were to enthralled in their conversation that they hadn't noticed it yet.

The redhead shut off her shower and walked out, not even looking towards the wall where Richard was. He watched her hips sway as she walked out, causing his dick to jump in excitement. He turned his attention back to brunette, who was now rinsing out her hair. She had her head back, with her eyes closed, facing him.

He thought about giving up and trying again tomorrow. He looked on the ground for the plug, his erection still in the hole. As he was looking he heard a light screech, followed by, "oh my god." He quickly looked back through his peephole and saw the young girl staring at the wall. She had noticed his member as it throbbed through the hole.

The redhead came running back into the shower area, still naked, her firm tits bouncing as she came up. "What is it Jessica?" The redhead asked, looking at Jessica. Jessica pointed towards the wall that Richard was standing behind. The redhead covered her mouth when she saw Richard's dick. "What the heck is that?" The redhead asked, just staring.

Jessica slowly started walking towards the wall, "it looks like a penis, Kendra." Richard remained motionless and silent as Jessica inched closer. Kendra stood at the entrance of the showers, watching her friend.

Jessica moved up to the wall, her eyes fixed on his dick. She bit her lower lip as she carefully studied it. His dick throbbed, begging for attention. This caused Jessica to jump and scream a little. She turned to look at Kendra, "it is a penis, come look," she motioned Kendra over.

Kendra hesitantly crept her way towards the wall, her eyes moving from her friend and to Richard's cock, then back. She slowly made her way up next Jessica. Both of the girls studied his dick as it bounced in the hole. "Where did it come from?" Kendra asked her friend.

Jessica shook her head slowly, "I don't know, but it's the first one I have ever seen up close." Kendra nodded, "same here. Why don't you touch it?" Jessica looked at Kendra, "no way, you touch it."

Richard wanted to yell at them both, and tell them both to knock it off and just touch it, but he restrained himself. Kendra looked at Jessica, "I will, if you do after me." Jessica nodded, "ok."

Richard held his breath as he waited for the touch. He watched Kendra's red hair disappear below his peephole and a soft hand graze across his glans. It took everything in him to not groan in pleasure. He cock responded though, surging towards the touch. He heard a giggle from the other side, as her hand lightly petted the head of his dick. "I think it likes me," Kendra said as she looked at Jessica.

"Let me see," Jessica said as her head disappeared as well. He felt Kendra remove her hand, and then a hand wrapped around his shaft, just below his head. His dick surged harder as he almost cried in pleasure from her delicate touch. "Oh my god look," he heard a muffled voice. He felt a finger push against his piss-hole and move away.

Richard's precum stuck to Kendra's finger as she pulled it away. She pulled back until it broke, some of it stringing down from his tip, and the other part still sticking to Kendra's finger. "What is that?" Jessica asked looking at it clinging to her friend's finger. "I don't know, but it's sticky," Kendra answered touching her thumb and forefinger together, the precum sticking between her fingers as she opened and closed them. "Could it be semen?" Jessica asked looking back at Richard's dick as the precum broke off and fell to the floor.

Kendra studied it some more and said, "no semen is white, and it shoots out of the penis." Jessica giggled, "how would you know?" Kendra looked at Jessica, "I've looked at someof my brother's dirty magazines." Jessica looked at Kendra seriously, "you've looked at dirty magazines?" Kendra nodded quickly.

Richard was beginning to get inpatient as he listened to their muffled voices. He wanted them to hurry up start playing with his dick, but he figured they were virgins and didn't want to scare them off.

Jessica stared at her friend, "a penis shoots out white stuff and that's semen?" Kendra nodded again. "Why didn't they tell us that in sex ed?" Jessica asked. Kendra shrugged her shoulders as she knelt up, "this is what they do in the magazines to get it to shoot." She said pushing Jessica's hand away.

She put her hands against the wall as she brought her face towards Richard's dick. She slowly opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head of his dick.

Richard had to bite his fist to keep from crying out in pleasure, as he felt her warm, wet mouth engulf the head of his dick. He felt her suck hard on the head of his dick. The tip of her tongue flicking against the tip of his dick, causing his body to tremble in excitement. 'For an inexperienced girl, she sure can suck a cock,' he thought to himself, biting his fist harder.

Kendra pulled off of his dick and looked at Jessica, "you wanna try it?" Jessica shrugged her shoulders, "I don't know how." Kendra laughed, "its easy, just put it in mouth and suck on it." Jessica knelt up and took Kendra's place, "ok," she said hesitantly.

Richard felt his dick engulfed again by a wet mouth. He dick throbbed hard as Jessica sucked hard, like she was sucking on a straw. Richard could feel his balls tingling, and tightening up. 'No, I can't cum yet,' he thought. He grabbed his ball sack and pulled on it, trying to stifle the feeling of ejaculation. The feeling slowly began to subside as he pulled harder, while Jessica continued to suck hard.

"Hey take turns," Kendra yelled, trying to pull Jessica away. Jessica resisted, but eventually moved back. "Wow Kendra, that was incredible," Jessica said. Kendra nodded as she stood back up into Richard's view again. She looked at Jessica, "want me to show you what else I saw in the magazines?" Jessica nodded, "is it sex?" Kendra smiled, "yeah, I'm gonna lose my virginity today."

Richard heard what she had said and almost yelled out a yes, but still stifled it.

Jessica stood up next to her friend, "ok, if you do I will too." Richard was beside himself when he heard her, he just hoped he could hold back enough to take both of their cherries.

Kendra turned around and looked at her friend, "hold it so I can get it in." Richard felt Jessica grab his dick as Kendra bent over, out of his view. He waited patiently until he felt her slit push against his dick. He bit his fist again, preparing for her to push herself onto him.

Jessica held his dick firm, as Kendra steadily pushed herself onto him. Richard felt his dick slowly spread her labia open as he began to penetrate her. Her pussy was like a vise, almost denying him entry. Kendra's breathing was ragged as she continued pushing, "oh my god," she yelled out as his dick slowly penetrated her.

Richard felt his dick being enveloped by her pussy until head pushed against her barrier. Kendra realized it too, "it's touching my hymen," she said, looking at Jessica. "Are you sure? Only the end of it is inside of you," Jessica said, letting go of Richard's dick.

Kendra nodded as she moved her hips slightly forward. She looked at Jessica, "here goes nothing." With one swift motion, Kendra moved her hips back into the wall. She cried out as her hymen broke and her ass rested against the wall. "Are you ok Kendra?" Jessica asked.

"Oh my god that hurt," Kendra said, her ass pressed against the wall. Her pussy squeezing hard at his dick as Richard gave up his silence, groaning in great pleasure as her pussy was almost milking him. He didn't know how long he could hold back inside of her, he wanted to hold back long enough to take Jessica's cherry too.

Kendra was starting to relax as the pain started to subside. She was still breathing heavily as she slowly moved her hips forward. She moved until his dick was almost out her, she steadied herself then slowly sank back onto his dick.

Richard pinched the base of his dick, trying to quell the urge to cum already.

Kendra started moving forward and back on his dick, the blood from her cherry coating the shaft of his dick that was sticking out. "Oh my god you're bleeding Kendra," Jessica exclaimed as she watched her friend. Through her breathing she got out, "yeah... It's my... Cherry." Jessica continued to watch Kendra, as she started moving faster on Richard's dick.

"Oh... My god... My whole body... Is tingling," Kendra let out as she thrust her hips harder.

Richard was slowly moving his hips into her thrusts as he pinched the base harder, and pulled hard on his ball sack. Her pussy was the tightest pussy he had ever felt, as it squeezed and milked at the head of his cock.

Kendra's breathing was becoming more labored as her moans got louder. "Oh god, it feels like I have to pee," she cried out as her orgasm built up. She slammed hard into the as a low scream started coming from her, "oooohhhhh myyyy gggoooodddd." She cried out as her orgasm started. Her body shook as she fell forward, slipping off of Richard's dick. Pussy juice ran out of her, running down her legs as she collapsed onto the floor, convulsing in ecstasy.

Richard was happy that she had pulled off when she started cumming, because he couldn't have held back much longer in her tight hole.

Jessica watched Kendra shaking on the ground as the orgasm went through her. More pussy juice ran out, as Kendra's body was hit with the most incredible feeling she had ever felt. Finally her body started to stop shaking as her orgasm subsided.

"Are you ok?" Jessica asked, looking at Kendra sincerely. "Oh my, that was incredible," Kendra said, breathlessly. She slowly sat up and looked at Jessica, "you have definitely got to try that."

Jessica nodded rapidly at her friend as she moved into position. Kendra stood up and moved against the wall. She grabbed Richard's dick to hold it steady, "it will hurt when your cherry breaks, but then it's incredible."

Jessica nodded as bent over like her friend had just done. She back up until her slit rested against his dick. She took some deep breaths, trying to relax.

Richard readied himself, not wanting to cum immediately. He felt the head of his dick start penetrating the young girl as she pushed against him. Slowly his slick head slid into her, until it met her hymen. Richard was breathing heavily, concentrating on not cumming yet as her pussy squeezed the head.

"Ok Kendra, I think I'm at my cherry," Jessica said, taking deep breaths. Kendra moved her hand away, to watch. Without moving forward she pushed back hard, feeling her hymen snap as she was penetrated. "Holy shit," Jessica cried out. Kendra giggled at her friend as she tears were rolling from Jessica's eyes.

Richard just wanted to move his hips in and out, and blow his load into her right now.

"It feels funny in there," Jessica said, still crying a little, "it feels like its throbbing inside of me." Kendra smiled at her friend and nodded as she moved in front of her. Jessica's pussy grew accustomed to the penetration, as she slowly rocked herself forward and back. "Feel better now?" Kendra asked.

Jessica nodded as she started moving more on Richard's dick. She started moving forward and back, like she had watched her friend do earlier.

Richard started moving his hips now, not caring about holding his cum back anymore. Jessica's pussy was just as tight as Kendra's, as he felt it suck on his dick each time she moved forward.

"Wow, Kendra you were right, this is incredible," Jessica exclaimed as she picked up speed.

Richard knew he couldn't hold back much longer as his balls pulled up tight, ready for release. He moved into the wall faster as he felt Jessica's pussy start squeezing harder. His dick started to grow inside of her as his cum boiled up.

"Holy shit, it's getting bigger in me," Jessica announced as she pounded her ass into the wall. With a loud roar, Richard felt his cum move up his shaft and fire deep into her pussy.

As he started cumming in her, Jessica's orgasm started. "Oooohhhhh fffffuuuucccckkk," she yelled out as her ass slammed into the wall. Richard grunted as he shot 4 more times into her young pussy. Jessica's orgasm continued on as she screamed out, "it feels like it's peeing in me!"

Jessica's orgasm slowly subsided as her legs shook and gave out. She collapsed to the floor, Richard's leaking dick slipping out of her filled pussy. Kendra looked at Richard's deflating dick and noticed a string of cum still hanging from it still. "Um it didn't pee in you, but it didn't shoot its semen in you," Kendra said.

Jessica rolled onto her ass, looking at her friend, "what?" Kendra looked down her friend, then down at her leaking pussy, "look," she said, pointing between Jessica's legs. Jessica spread her legs and look down, her pussy was gaping, her lips bright red and swollen. Her pussy was leaking a mixture of Richard's cum and her virgin blood. "What the hell?" Jessica yelled, scooping the leaking cum from hole and looking at it.

Richard finally came back to earth and heard them talking and Jessica yelling. He quickly pulled his limp dick and put the plug in before they could look through it.

"What if I get pregnant?" Jessica asked. "Don't worry you won't, the guy has to be on top of you to get you pregnant," Kendra answered. "You sure?" Jessica asked. Kendra nodded, "that's what my mom told me."

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Make them get pregnat

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2012-12-13 11:34:15 to be on top to get preggos, let them get pregnant. Have them come back for seconds so they switch who goes first. So they both get preggos and can have their baby's just weeks apart. Lol...have to be on funny.

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great story do more get some cheerleaders

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NO PREGNANCY! Keep the anon/gloryhole theme going.

Waiting for the next installment, nice series

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NO PREGNANCY! Keep the anon/gloryhole theme going.

Waiting for the next installment, nice series

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