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A story about my sister and me, grounded in reality with some liberties taken in the end.
One night, after spending some time at a friend’s house drinking, I arrived home to a dark house. I wandered to the family room in our basement to watch some television. Some time later, my sister Susan wandered in half-drunk. She had been at the same party, stayed longer, and consumed more beer.

She sat down on the floor next to me, then pushed me off the pillow I was using so she could lay down. I reached over acting like I was going to push her back off the pillow, but tickled her ribs, instead. She responded by trying to tickle me, a pointless effort as I’m not overly ticklish.

When she gave up trying to tickle me, I reached back to tickler her, again, slightly lower on her ribs. She made a second vain attempt to tickle me, encouraging me to do the same, even lower on her body. Each time Susan tried to tickle me, I forced her to stop by tickling her back. And each time I did so, I targeted a spot lower on her body.

In only a few minutes, I was tickling her hips instead of her ribs. As Susan gave up on tickling me, my touch became more of a caress than a tickle. My sister closed her eyes and started breathing more heavily as my hand wandered just under the waist of her jeans. Then she made a move that demonstrated that she was both drunk and horny.

Taking my hand in hers, she forced both into her jeans and down her panties until my fingers were at the opening of her very wet pussy. Where our typical encounter was slow and cautious, Susan was almost shaking with excitement and desire. With hers, she pushed my fingers toward the opening of her cunt, forcing three fingers into her slippery hole. She moaned as my fingers eased inside her, and her breathing became even more pronounced.

As I started to work my fingers in and out of my sister’s body, she used her free hand to undo the button on her jeans and lower the zipper. That gave me better access to her pussy, and I started to finger fuck her with greater force. Susan, surrendering to the feelings, slid her hand out of her panties and ran them up her body, sliding her shirt up exposing her bra. Though I was already rock hard, I became even more aroused as I watched her release the front hook, exposing her still tiny titties.

Though she was now 17, my sister was still tiny. At barely 5 feet and 100 pounds, my little sister was just that, little. And the tiny tits she had as a preteen were still “barely there.” To this day, I don’t know if I love tiny tits because of my sister, or if a small part of my attraction to her is that she IS so flat.

At the time, though, all that mattered was that my sister had offered herself up to me, and I wasn’t going to waste time thinking about it. As I continued to ease my fingers in and out of her wet pussy, I leaned my head down and started to tease her nipples with my tongue. As they hardened, I lowered my head further, taking each tiny titty into my mouth, licking

and sucking at it. Susan responded by pulling my head tight into her body.

I was only able to play with my sister’s titties for a few moments, as she quickly became more aroused. Through the moans, Susan made sure I knew what she wanted.

“Eat me, Tom. Eat my pussy,” was my sister’s half-moaned encouragement. That was all I needed, and I started working my way down Susan’s body. She sucked in her breath as my tongue went down her stomach. She moaned with pleasure when my tongue wandered across her hips. And she raised her hips as I slid her jeans and panties down her legs.

“Not all the way off,” was her request as they hit her ankles.

Susan slid her feet up and together, spreading her knees apart so I had access to her hot, wet pussy. I started by laying on my stomach between her feet, forcing her to give in to the sexual pleasure I hoped to give her. Leaning in, I savored the scent of her juices and started by licking around the well groomed hair on her mound. Her beautiful smell aroused me, and I had to resist the urge to simply drive my face into her cunt.

Instead, I took time and showed my sister how much I loved her and how much I loved her body. I licked slowly, gently, around her hips, legs, and pussy. I licked from her pubic mound all the way down the crease of her legs until I was almost to her anus. Across the ridge between her pussy and ass, then back up the other side.

Susan was starting to go wild, and she squeezed her legs together, guiding me into her waiting hole. Sensing her need, I allowed her to control the encounter and eased my tongue between her engorged lips and into her waiting hole. I felt her tense with pleasure as I started to thrust in and our of her cunt, fucking her with my tongue. The control I had shown prior to actually starting to eat my sister out was now gone. I attacked her hole with the passion we shared with each other.

As Susan got more and more excited, I changed positions so I had better access to her pussy and lips. I moved into a near “69” with my face between her legs, though I didn’t straddle her face. Knowing I could now handle it, my sister started to rock her hips as I continued to lick and suck at her juices. As she did, I allowed my tongue to move between her clit and her taint.

At times, Susan would drop her hips and keep them there, encouraging me to flick at her clit and suck it into my lips. She went wild each time I dragged my tongue over her trapped button. She would then thrust her hips back up. If she drove them high enough, I would tease her anus with my tongue, pushing gently at her tight, brown hole.

After several minutes of this attention, Susan was unable to restrain herself any longer. I felt her hands move to the waist of my shorts and start tugging them down. I let her slide

the shorts then underwear off my feet, then reposition herself so she was between my legs. As I returned my attention to her pussy, I felt my solid cock slide between the lips of my sister’s mouth as her tongue began to lubricate the shaft. It was my turn to moan into my sister’s cunt as she took nearly my entire length into her mouth and throat.

I began to rock my own hips in time with my sister’s thrusts, fucking her mouth with more and more force as Susan relaxed. As I did, I dove into her cunt with ever greater desire. No longer worried about gentle romance, I attacked my sister’s pussy with passionate lust. I forced my tongue deep into her hole, driving her to gasp in pleasure, which only increased my own pleasure as her throat contracted around my cock.

Complete aroused by my sister’s attention, I stopped eating her pussy long enough to tell moan, “God, Susan, I want you so bad,” then drive my tongue back into her cunt. Susan, always eager to play the role of girlfriend, slid her mouth off my cock and answered, “Then turn around and show me how much you love me.”

That was all the encouragement I needed. I turned around and laid next to my sister, taking in the beauty of her half naked body. Using my feet, I pushed her pants and panties off her feet, explaining, “You’ll need those off if you’re going to be on top.”

Susan grinned with lust, pushed me fully onto my back, and rolled on top of me, pushing herself into a sitting position with her legs straddling me. Grabbing my cock in her fingers, she lowered herself down, guiding my shaft between her velvety lips. We moaned together as my length slid into her hole.

Susan continued to lower herself until she was resting her hips on mine. As she started to lay her body onto mine, I slipped her shirt over her head then slipped her bra off her arms. Finally completely nude, my sister lowered herself into my arms and offered her mouth to mine. Our tongues came together in a passionate kiss as Susan started to rock her hips, sliding her pussy up and down the length of my cock. As we kissed, I ran one hand through my sister’s air and caressed her hips and back with the other.

We stayed locked in this embrace for several more minutes, kissing deeply, hands wandering. Then, Susan pushed herself up until she was once again straddling my waist and started to grind on my cock with greater need. As she did, I reached up and started playing with her titties, one nipple in each hand. Susan responded by pushing herself up and down, impaling herself on my shaft with each thrust.

My sister responded to having her nipples in the first grasp of my fingers, and she started to bite back screams. Though we were in the basement, she wanted to avoid screaming out and waking our parents. Since she was unable to yell out, she swallowed the intense emotions and as I felt her cunt start to contract with the impending orgasm, Susan collapsed into me, tears running down her cheeks.

“I love you so much, Tom, I can’t take it. I want you, too. I love you that much.”

My sister’s words were more than I could take, and my cum shot into her pussy as I had my own orgasm. The feeling of my hot seed filling her womb pushed Susan into another orgasm, and she shook on top of me. As she recovered from the feelings and emotions running through her, I brushed her tears away.

“Those are tears of joy, I hope. Or ecstasy.”

Susan giggled through the tears. “A bit of both, actually. It’s hard to hold things back when mom and dad are home.”

“That’s easy to fix,” I said. “We’ll just have to take advantage of those times they’re out.”

“Sure,” she replied. “Only they’re home far more often than they’re out, and I won’t wait that long to be with you. Someone has to be having sex in this house. If they won’t act like a married couple, we will.”

I laughed, then pulled her into me and started caressing her neck with my lips and tongue. “Does that mean you’ll stay with me, tonight?”

“I don’t know about the whole night. But perhaps a bit longer. If you can encourage me to stay.”

My cock jumped at the thought. Pulling her to me, I said, “I bet I can find a way to make you stay.”

My hands started to caress her body as I thought of the best ways to do just that.

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2016-11-18 15:18:13
It's a great story. Don't stop writing because of him or her. They are just jello us because you write better than them!!

Anonymous readerReport

2016-07-12 16:49:09
Don't listen to them. I reached orgasm reading this.


2014-12-24 12:10:01
Good point, Don's. There is a thread of reality in most of my stories. Including those about my sister.


2014-11-21 21:47:46
Nothing wrong with this story at all. In fact, if it's not a true happening, it very well could be. I've been there and done that. Each time my little sis came home drunk, she was horny... even if she'd already been plowed by another cock. I was always happy to oblige and give her more.
P.S. Pay no attention to the anonymous assholes that have nothing to write but negative criticism. They lead sexless lives, anyway, so they have nothing else to do.


2014-07-20 02:17:32
Anonymous 7/10, when you are man enough to post under a screen name, get back to me. I write for me and share with others. I'm sorry if the amateur writings on a smut site didn't live up to your professional (but hidden in anonymity cowardice) standards.

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