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Kate never suspected he could love her back.
One thing that I have been very aware of for a number of years is that my area of interest is predominantly dominated by males. From a young age my idea of a future career was solely computer based and as I grew older my specialty became programming, however where I live that was always a business area that not many women went into, so I didn’t have a lot of female friends. In all honest I never had a lot of friends of either gender, from the age of eleven to eighteen I always had the same friend and that was purely my luck.

When I first started secondary school I was coming from a very rural area and because we had just moved home I didn’t actually know anyone, Ashley was my first friend purely because she took pity on me being on my own, but she turned out to be the best friend I ever had. In my third year of secondary school I took ICT GCSE, because I wanted to be a programmer, and I took art GCSE, because Ashley did; it was quite a strange mix. During my art lessons there were no guys at all, but I didn’t really fit in with the girls, I’ll explain why in a little while. During my ICT lessons I was the only female, even my teacher was a guy, but I fit in with them just fine. Ever since I was young I’ve always had the feeling that guys don’t see me as much of a girl, but more like ‘one of the guys’, and in all honesty I think I liked it better this way.

Other girls fussed over things like their make-up and their hair, but that stuff never came into the mix. I worried about my studies and concentrated on school work, it seems like an odd thing for a school student to say but I really wanted to get good qualifications, I had a set aim in my life and that was to complete school, get through college, get a university degree and become a top-end programmer, boys and kids didn’t even come into the equation (but for the record I hate children and have for as long as I can remember, the younger they are the worse they are). I got through school and the only exam I failed was art; but I didn’t particularly care about that.

Ashley and I ended up going to the same college after school, she was doing games and animation, and I was doing software and business. We didn’t see nearly as much of each other during this time, accept for commuting to and from college, but there were more girls in my class now. In fact there were three of us; Lucy, Becca and me. A guy from the same secondary school as me ended up in my class too, Tom, who I’ll admit I think I secretly sort of liked. I mean, if I had to pick a guy it would have been him and over our two years of college me and him got to be pretty close friends, and of course the rest of the guys in the class. During the time at college I did have a brief relationship; it was a guy from the hardware class, Michael. In the end he turned out to be a stupid bastard who had it in his warped little mind that he owned me; but he did end up being my first, I often wonder what the hell I was thinking.
Anyway; this story isn’t about secondary school, or college, it’s about university and the real guy I love. I ended up going to university in the city, so I moved there and found a nice little flat, I got myself a part time job in a web development company where I do general Search Engine Optimization, my boss called it the dark side of the online community but it earned me a more than fair amount of money and I could work from home, so it suited me perfectly. The real surprise was going to university the first day and bumping into someone I knew.

It was a cool September morning and from my flat the route to university passed a very conveniently placed Starbucks. I was just in there to get myself a little morning kick start when a young man in front turned around and smiled at me, his long dark brown hair had a ‘just woke up’ look to it and his soft green eyes looked puffy and tired.

“Jesus! Tom!” I was too surprised to say much else but he just laughed and looked at me.
“Come on now Kate, you don’t have to look so shocked. I did tell you I wanted to go to the business school here.” It was true, he had in fact told me that he wanted to attend the same university as me, or rather he wanted to attend the business school that was a part of the university, but his dad had wanted him to study closer to home, so I had just assumed his dad would have won.

He hadn’t changed at all, he was still very handsome. He was only slightly taller than me, but I had always teased him about how long it had taken him to catch up because during secondary school he had been much shorter, until around fourth year when he had suddenly grown.

Things became more relaxed between us fairly quickly and we decided to walk up to the university together, somehow this meant I completely forgot about getting a coffee but at the time that didn’t matter. He told me about his holidays and about commuting, it turned out he was still living at home and had to drive for over an hour to get to the university every morning, this was because the flat he had been going to rent had been taken off the market at the last minute. Even as we got close to the university we didn’t run out of things to talk about, in the end we had to part ways but before we did we made plans to meet up that evening and go out to dinner and some drinks, which would give us plenty of time to talk more.

After that the day dragged by, all I could think about was what we would do, and for a change I found myself worrying about what I looked like, what I would wear. It was a very exciting experience but I did my best to concentrate on the lectures and classes that I had. By lunch time I was so excited that I went into town and bought a new outfit for that night, this calmed me down a little and I managed to concentrate on making notes during my final lecture. My first day of university had been a success, or so it seemed, I was pleased enough with this and headed back home to change and get ready.
After a quick shower and a cup of coffee it was time to go, I looked at myself nervously in the mirror. I had always been a plain sort of girl and my appearance had never gotten me any attention so I had to admit to being a little concerned that the efforts I made had been wasted. I wasn’t wearing any makeup, I never did, and at this stage in life it was purely because I didn’t know how to use it anyway. However I had curled the ends of my long blonde hair, so it hung like little springs around my shoulders. I was thankfully slim, I have always been a very active person and despite my love of food I’ve never had a problem keeping weight off, I suppose some people are just lucky like that.

The clothes I had bought looked good in my opinion; I had bought a denim skirt but it was pretty short so I had decided to get a pair of black leggings to wear underneath it too (I’ve never been one for showing my legs, though this is usually because I’m so clumsy and they’re always bruised). The top was a smart black dress shirt; of course the top buttons were undone to show off some of my cleavage. I did have to keep in mind that I wanted this guy’s attention after all, and nothing I had was going to get it better than my pushed up c-cup breasts.

I picked up my keys from the table by the door and left, I was anxious but eager and I was certain we would have a good time.

Of course we did, we met up outside of a little place I was familiar with, a lovely little family restaurant, we talked and laughed and ate and drank and before I knew it we were finished there and on our way back to his car. I can’t really remember why but we stopped by at a bar, had some more drinks and I recall we even danced together at one stage, though I know I should feel at least a little ashamed of myself for doing so, but we had fun.

It was getting late and I suggested that Tom stay at my place, after all he had to be way over the legal limit and I just didn’t trust him to drive home considering he was walking a little all over the place. After that night I was certain we would be friends forever, but nothing more. We passed out together on my couch and when I woke up the next morning he had made me breakfast and he had even remembered how I liked my coffee. In the end I suggested that he just move in with me, even if it was only until he found somewhere else. He could have the couch and it would save him the commuting. It took him a day to think about it but he decided it was a good idea and many months later that’s how it was; he was living on my couch. It wasn’t until Ashley came over at the beginning of the summer holidays that I realized just how close me and Tom had become.

“Good morning!” I jumped out of the door and embrace Ashley in the usual fashion before inviting her inside. It was the first time she had been in the flat, though she had heard about the situation with Tom from me.

“Nice place, how’s it going with the roomy?” She asked with a sly smirk and a glance at the couch. Tom was still sleeping there, it was folded out pretty much all the time now and made up as a bed, Tom was the lump under the sheets that rose and fell every now and again.
“He’s fine, cleans up after himself, cooks for me, and sleeps till noon whenever he has a day off.” We smiled looking at the lump under the sheets but decided to let him be while we caught up with one another. Ashley had been with the same guy since our last year of secondary school, which meant it was nearly a four year old relationship, he had never liked me much be he made her happy, so I didn’t mind hearing her ramble on about him.

“He never moved in with you did he?” Tom had woken up and appeared behind Ashley, adding to the conversation a little.

“No, we went to different universities so it just made more sense for me to stay at home. Actually he doesn’t live far from here now.” She seemed quick to defend the fact, but I knew that Tom had woken up in a bit of a bad mood and as he and Liam had never gotten on well either he was probably going to argue for a little while, so I busied myself with making some coffee for us, and some tea for Ashley.
“He’s close by and you still came to see us? We’re honored.” Tom was sounding sarcastic, but Ashley didn’t seem bothered by it yet, only forced a little laugh and looked at him sharply before letting out a little yelp and looking away again quickly, flushing red.

“Come on Tom, you could at least put a shirt on,” to me this was normal; Ashley didn’t seem to appreciate Tom walking around in his boxers.

“Jesus! Do you have no regard for the women in here!?” Despite yelling at him Ashley still wouldn’t look at him and her face was still flushed red.

“I live here too! And besides, Kitty doesn’t mind, right?” He walked around the counter and stood behind me, I couldn’t see it but I knew he was looking over my shoulder at Ashley because her cheeks were looking even redder, if that was possible. I finished pouring the drinks and Tom embraced my tightly, I could feel every bit of him pushed against me, it was something I had gotten used to but it still drove me mad. Just thinking how close he was, how warm he was, and yet knowing that nothing would happen.

“Alright, you don’t have to get dressed yet. Just drink your coffee and behave!” I was trying to be serious, but I couldn’t hold back laughing at him; it was just impossible to actually be mad at him. He hugged me tighter and pulled me close, his lips brushed my neck and he muttered softly against my bare flesh, “thanks kitty.”

“When did you two get pet names?” asked Ashley with a raised eyebrow as she took her tea and sipped it.

“I… have no idea…” I was trying to remember but no amount of concentration was helping, I couldn’t remember when Tom had started calling me kitty, it had just sort of happened and hadn’t been something I had bothered with, I shrugged it off and unwrapped his arms from around me to pick up my coffee and sit on the stool beside Ashley.

“So how long are you going to be around?” I asked conversationally, Ashley happily grinned at the change of topic and moved with it quickly.

“Well, you’ll be happy to know you have my company all day. Liam is working today, but he has a gig tonight, so I said I’d go with and then I’m staying at his.” She was, as always, very pleased to be back on the topic of her beloved, so I obliged to maintain it, though in the corner of my eye I could see Tom looking deliberately bored. We briefly discussed the band Liam was in and how that was going, the sorts of things those two got up to and Ashley retold some of the events she considered to be amusing or cute or romantic or remotely worth discussing.

She joined me when I went shopping, during which I left Tom with instructions to shower and dress and I’d make dinner when I returned. We got back to find Tom lying on his bed with a towel hardly concealing him, Ashley went to unpack the shopping and seemed to be trying to hide the fact that she was blushing like a school girl, I went to attempt to scold Tom.

“Back already?” he asked, looking up at me with a cocky smile.

“Why aren’t you dressed? I did ask you to be dressed when we got back.”

“I had a very hot shower and wanted to lie down,” he began with a smirk, “but I thought I had more time until you came back. Suppose it’s a good thing you walked in when you did, Ashley would have probably had a heart attack if she’d seen what I was about to do.”

I was no good, laughing so hard that I fell and hit my head, Tom became concerned when he heard the thud and stood up which meant he lost his towel. The sight of him made Ashley scream but I was laughing too much to really see what was going on and Ashley’s screaming and yelling abuse at Tom while he quickly attempted to pull on some clean clothes only made me laugh more.

When things finally calmed down we settled back in the small kitchen area of our little flat, it was all open plan accept for the bathroom and my room, so Tom’s living room was easily visible from the kitchen area and the space between it was a sort of dining area with a little dining table. The kitchen itself had a small marble top kitchen counter in the middle and the two walls either side, because the kitchen was built into a corner, held the typical units with fridge, freezer, sink, oven and such. It had been decided that we would have a nice simple pasta dinner, so I prepared to make a pasta bake.
I have a tendency to go into my own little world when doing things like cooking, so I wasn’t paying much attention to the other two while the chatted away but suddenly Tom was hugging me again. “Kitty, your friend is being mean to me,” he was speaking soft and close, his breath was like a warm caress on my neck and it made me feel suddenly very aware of him.

“Well, you did give her quite a shock,” I started to giggle as I recalled the events previously.

Tom helped me with the cooking a bit, he had always been a good cook but given that the guest was mine the agreement we had meant that I would cook, the rest of the time we just took it in turns. The rest of the day passed in much the same way, Tom and I were just as we always were and Ashley joined in our laughing and joking and argued with Tom. Early evening came and I was walking with Ashley to the corner to make sure she found her way out of the street alright (Ashley is useless with places she doesn’t know and I had to be sure she knew where Liam’s was and how to get there).

“Are you and him like that all the time?” It was a surprise when she spoke because I hadn’t been expecting it.

“Like what?” She looked at me with narrowed eyes.

“You know what I mean! Are you always so close with each other?” I thought about it a moment and nodded.

“Yeah, I guess we are,” I said at last, laughing a bit to think we were always so stupid.

“But you’re just friends?” She didn’t sound convinced when she said it.

I nodded and gave a small sigh, “I have told you, lots of times. I like him, he’s great and I really can’t imagine life without him or life with anyone else. But we’re just friends, I’m sure he’ll never think of me any other way.” I was sure that this was true and Ashley hugged me and smiled.

“One day, I hope you let him know how much you like him.” With that she announced that she recognized the street and could find Liam’s house from there, so we said goodbye and I headed back home.

The moment I walked through the door I was grabbed and pulled into the room, the door was slammed behind me and I was crushed against a strong body by powerful arms. “I hate it when she’s around,” Tom’s voice was rough and agitated, “she always tells me off.”

I could only laugh and turn to face him, I looked up into his eyes and smiled, “maybe that’s because you never behave yourself.”

“Would you rather I did?” He sounded almost concerned but I shook my head.

“No, you’re more fun this way.” We smiled at each other for a moment before I nudged him away and turned, “I think I’ll take a bath.”

Our bathroom was small but the bath was a nice size, generally we would just stand in it and use the shower, but it was occasionally nice to soak in the hot water which sounded particularly nice on that particular evening. In fact it was so nice that I ended up lying in the hot water for over an hour, when I emerged back into the living room there was the pleasant aroma of something coming from the kitchen. I laughed when I saw it, Tom had ordered Chinese food and gone out and bought plenty of drinks; vodka, larger, lemonade, coke, cider and white wine.

“We’re having a nice night in then?” I asked, he nodded enthusiastically from by the counter and smirked at me.

“If you stay in the towel though I can’t promise you’ll still be wearing it in the morning.” I just smiled at him and moved the topic onto the evening entertainment.

“You find a movie, I’ll get changed.”

When I came back from my room I was wearing a pair of pajama shorts and a large baggy t-shirt that had in fact belonged to my dad at some point. It was generally what I wore on evening so it seemed suitable for our night in; Tom looked across at me and smiled.

“Does this mean I’m allowed to wear my boxers?” he asked eagerly with a broad grin. I just nodded and sat down beside him, he hadn’t folded his bed up into a couch, but he had made it and set the pillows up so we could lie across the bed sideways and see the TV easily, but generally we sat on the floor and leaned against the bed to eat, which was the case tonight. He pulled off his shirt and jeans and started the movie. We had the white wine with the Chinese food and talked together, not paying too much attention to the movie.

It was pretty late in the evening when we lay across his bed, I was resting my head on his arm and we were talking a little. We hadn’t really drunk much at all, just a glass of wine with food, but he was already looking like he was dozing off. Eventually he just stopped answering me, I propped myself up on my elbow and looked at him smiling; he looked so calm it made me feel relaxed to see him like that. I was considering heading back to my room and going to sleep but for some reason I couldn’t be sure of I just lay there, looking at him. What Ashley had said was going round and round in my head over and over again, I wasn’t sure why but something about the day had made me think that perhaps he liked me too.

I sat up and sighed, “I really do love you, you big idiot.” I got up and started making my way to my room for the night.

“Do I really deserve to be called an idiot? Let alone a big one?” I heard him sit up, his words had frozen me where I stood and even though I could hear him moving towards me I couldn’t seem to do anything. Felt him right behind me, I felt the heat rising in my cheeks, could I brush it off as the love between friends or even maybe siblings? Did I want to brush it off? I wanted him to know I love him, but I never wanted to hear him say he didn’t love me, and I certainly didn’t want him to feel awkward and move out.

“Look at me,” Despite his words I didn’t want to, I didn’t want him to see my face right now, the thought of facing him was just too much. “Look at me Kate!” I had never heard him sound so sharp before, without thinking about it I spun round and looked up at him, my cheeks were burning and his intense green eyes seemed to see right through me. Before I even knew what was going on he had grabbed my waist with his left hand and used it to pull me into him, his right hand cupped my cheek and his thumb pushed my chin up so that I was forced to stand looking up at him. Then his mouth was over mine, his lips were on mine. For a brief moment my mind was blank, but it was brief, my arms were soon enough wrapped around him, I pulled myself up to him and kissed him back with all the passion I had been with holding for the months we had been together.

When the kiss broke there was no time for words, I thought I would have to speak, I tried to but nothing came and he made no attempt to aid me. His lips tenderly trace my jaw and neck making me gasp and moan lightly.

“I’m finally going to have you, my little kitty,” he whispered softly into my ear, it was a sensation that made my want him all the more; the need for him was overwhelming. It felt as though his kiss had released all of the tension and longing I had ever felt, the only thing in my mind was that I had to have him and that he was going to have me. I felt his arms around me; tight and safe they lifted me up and took me back to the bed, suddenly he was over me and lifting my shirt over my head. His lips returned to my mouth and I greeted them enthusiastically, I could feel the coolness of his skin against my own, his body felt eager and tense and that excited me.

His kisses trailed down to my neck and then down between my breasts, his hands held my sides while his tongue circled one nipple and then the other, teasing me delicately and making the breath catch in my chest. Finally his mouth closed around a nipple, his tongue flicked it gently and without any control over my own voice I moaned softly, my hand reached up to stroke his hair while he played with me. He moved lower, trailing kissed along my stomach and tugging down my shorts as he moved. His kisses moved down each thigh a little way and back up and then the other thigh, he kept going and every time he would slowly pass over my most sensitive areas so closely that I could feel his breath again me.

“Please,” I moaned as I wrapped my fingers up in his hair. He didn’t hesitate, his lips met my clit in a light kiss that made me gasp and then his tongue flicked me quickly and repeatedly. One hand tightened in his hair the other gripped his bed sheets as I moaned between clenched teeth. He looked up at me and I relaxed, he was smirking at me and looking more charming than ever.

“It really is so sexy when you do that,” he said with a soft mocking tone. His face suddenly vanished from sight and I felt his tongue slip inside me and rub against my inner walls. He caught me off guard, I wasn’t expecting it and didn’t get a chance to stifle my gasp or the moan that came mixed with it. He came away from my thighs and smirked at me, bringing his body back level with mine he kissed me hard and I tasted myself on his tongue. It was such a strange and yet thrilling moment.

I could feel his cock against my leg, it felt so big and hard I could barely believe it, more than anything I wanted to feel that inside me and it seemed that Tom was eager to oblige me. He looked at me and smirked with that cocky look of his.

“You really do make a fella wait, eight years of friendship and I finally get to fuck you,” he laughed softly and quickly pulled off his boxers. His cock was so close, I could feel the tip of it against my entrance but he wasn’t pushing himself in yet, I tried to encourage him with kisses. I tried kissing his mouth, his neck and his chest but still he didn’t enter me. When encouragement failed I tried to pull him into me, but he was in much better shape lately, having been taking advantage of the free university gym facilities, I couldn’t push him into me and resorted to just looking up at him desperately.

He slowly lowered his face down to mine, his lips by my ear he nibbled gently on the lobe and then whispered lightly “I want to hear you beg again.”

“Please?” I gasped, but he shook his head.

“Beg. Properly,” I knew he was smirking again even without looking at him.

“Please Tom, please fuck me,” I pleaded. Suddenly his cock rammed deep inside me and made me cry out.

“I that what you wanted?” his tone was almost mocking as he lifted his face to look at mine.

“Yes, please, fuck me,” I said as I closed my eyes.

“Look at me!” he spoke suddenly sharply and I looked up at him with obvious surprise, he smiled at me. “Good girl, I want to look into those pretty blue eyes of yours while I take you.”

He watched my every move while he quickly started thrusting in and out of me, I didn’t care, the fact that he kept stopping and telling me to look at him turned me on for some reason, maybe I just liked the way he took charge like that, I don’t know.

I could feel my climax rising inside me, and I was sure I could feel his too. We didn’t have to worry about pregnancy, I had been taking birth control pills the majority of the time we had been living together just to make things easier in terms of monthly cycles, but I wasn’t sure he trusted himself enough to risk cumming inside me, I hopes he did, I wanted him to.

I couldn’t stop moaning and gasping, my hands clutched his shoulders tightly and I felt myself tighten, I tried to warn him but all I managed was a little whimper before I cried out with the sudden wave of pleasure that took me. I clutched him so tight as I came and I could feel my pussy squeezing him, he was moaning now, his thrusts had become slow and shaky; I was sure he was near. Still holding him tight I lifted my head to whisper in his ear, “I want to feel you cum inside me, please.”

He looked at me uncertainly but my mind was made up, I wanted to feel it and I wasn’t going to let him chicken out. I wrapped my legs around him just as I felt him move to pull out and I tightened my pussy around him, he gave one last moan that sounded as though he had tried to speak and failed. I felt him inside me, his cock bulged and twitched and hot strings of semen shot inside me, the sensation made me gasp and moan softly. Tom was shaking a little and breathing heavily; I kissed his neck lightly and smiled at him.

“Your birthday,” he said with a quiet chuckle.

“What’s that?”

“That’s when I started calling you Kitty; when you got smashed and Jason offered to let you stay over, you said ‘I can’t, Tom will worry about his kitty’.”

He looked at me for a moment with a loving smile and kissed my lips lightly again.

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