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My first story, hope you guys enjoy !!
Chapter 1:
I applied the dark black makeup to my eyes and put on my red lipstick, I was getting horny as fuck and was extremely ready for action. I'm a 15 year old love machine, as innocent as I look... And I have a fetish for way older men, that's why I was especially excited that my uncle was coming over for the week, my uncle Mike. I sat down on my bed slowly getting wet just at the thought of him slowly filling me with his hot penis... I tossed and turned as I let out another orgasm of the day and sighed "Come to me baby.." I kissed the small picture frame of him on my nightstand. In the picture, hes standing with my dad; holding me as a baby, and my mom is next to them smiling to the camera, too. Tomorrow my mom and dad would be going away on a second honeymoon for at least two weeks, and they had only been generous to ask their most trusted person to ask their favorite daughter, me, Nessa. Uncle Mike had Black curly hair and stood 5'8 with brilliant brown eyes. in contrast to my black hair and bright blue eyes, I stood 5'5 with busty boobs and a tight ass. At the age of 11 I experimented with masturbation and only discovered that all I wanted was just to be penetrated by a mature cock at age 13. And this week I wanted to be fucked for hours by uncle Mike, whether he liked it or not.

Chapter 2:
"Hey, Nessa !! I missed you so much girl ! damn, you sure grew up !" he laughed and showed off his brilliant smile at me, I was immediately moved by his attitude. "My height isn't 'all' that I've grown, uncle Mike." I whispered as he passed me by the door and dropped his bags by the staircase, " What's that you say, dear?"
"Nothing, Uncle Mike !" I smiled innocently and ran upstairs. My parents had already left an hour early to catch their flight to Hawaii, and I had already gotten my room all set up with candles, and some cock toys I had taken from my mother, she never knew that I knew about them, and that I used them every time I could. As I was walking by my window looking for my leather bra, I caught a glimpse of Uncle Mike slowly making his way in our backyard jacuzzi. "ooh, so he wants to get hot.." I bit my lips and got moist just thinking about it, I grabbed my black bikini and put it on, admiring myself in the mirror. the small triangles of the top barely fit over my perky tits, and I had shaved most of my pubic hair into a triangle so not one little hair was poking out..My body had just gained a mild tan too, and my long legs accentuated how silky smooth my skin was. My Gothic makeup was still on, and my log black hair came down like a waterfall over my shoulders and curled at the right places.. "I'm ready, uncle Mike..." I grabbed my towel and left for downstairs.
"Hey, joining me in here ? I got it all nice and bubbly" uncle Mike said as he saw me going through the sliding door, "Yeah it's cold out today ! I wanna get toasty" I giggled and got into the jacuzzi, splashing him a little while he laughed with me.
"So, how is my little angel?" He asked me as I got acquainted next to him.
"Well," I started. "I have been so bored here, nothing much to do really. Oh ! and I also got into playing the flute." he shook his head, listening to me and said "Flute is hard, you have to move your lips the right way just to make the thing make a sound" he put some water in his hair and tousled it a bit. "It's easy for me, but that's not all my mouth can do..." I looked him in the eyes, and i could see the sudden surprise on his face.
"Oh really ?" he got closer to me and put his hand on my thigh. "Really," I answered, and finished my sentence by putting my hand in his lap, softly rubbing his inner thigh. I could already feel his hard-on through his swimming trunks.
"What are you implying, Nessa ?" He started rubbing my thigh, too. "I'm implying that ever since I turned 13, I have wanted you so badly, uncle Mike..." I looked down, modestly and he giggled.
"God, you're so fucking sexy !" he immediately put his lips on mine and we were feverishly kissing, I was running my hands through his hair and he was petting my soft boobs like kittens. "Wait, this is wrong, Nessa. Youre my niece." he stopped< but held our foreheads together. "It doesn't matter uncle Mike, this is life and you need to live it to the fullest, enjoying ALL of the pleasurable needs. After that it was like he was possessed, as he darted his hand immediately to my bikini bottom and started violently tugging it down for me. I moaned and pulled his hair some more, god was this turning me on the second.. I started to grind my hand over his huge bulge and he grunted in unison. "Nessa, are you sure you want to do this now"
"yes I am positive." I pulled his swimming trunks off, from under the jacuzzi bubbles. He looked at me with lust,
"Great. now lets fuck."

To be continued...

P.S. should I continue this story, everybody ?

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2012-03-16 16:18:37
yes! Make him fuck that sluts cumt real good. I wana cme all over my fingers when i read it

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2012-03-15 19:23:26
no question u should continue! i need the details on how this hot little slut gets fucked!

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2012-03-15 09:17:29
Fuck yeah more have him skull fuck her and fuck her ass

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2012-03-15 09:17:21
Fuck yeah more have him skull fuck her and fuck her ass

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2012-03-14 18:37:31
Please continue it seems like a good story that could develop into something more.

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