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this is a somewharmt true story based on me, a redneck living in small vermont town and lovin a girl, i have changed a lot from the truth so it is more fiction than reality
i was walking my girl friend home from highschool. i was in my carhartts and work boots, and she was wearing a nice pair of tight blue jeans and a white tee shirt. as we were walkin along up the street i stopped at the corner to turn down Orchard off Main and when i started to go down she wasnt moving. "lets go to your place" she said with a wry smile. "ok" i said, so i turned back around and we went up main some more, till we got to my house. when we got there i unlocked the door and let her inside. "what u want to drink courtney"? i asked "pepsi" was her answer. so we ha a pepsi and she was very quiet, then she asked qhat time my parents got home and i said in a few hours. "percect" was the only word she said before taking my hand and pulling me i to my room. when we got in there she took off her shirt and bra, and was already stripping her tight jeans off her self. within 30 seconds she was naked and undressing me. after my carhartts were off she laid down and put her legs up... needless to say i had the hint long before this. my member was hard as rock and dripping precum already i was starting to go down on her
"fuck" i thought to my self. it was only a dream, "im coming im comjng hold your horses ma" i yelled back. so today was just like anyother day. get up eat breakfast, use bathroom, shower, dress, and walk out the dorr dressed in carhartts chipewas and a carhartt winter jacket, oh ywah i forgot to mention im a fat kid in northern Vermont, not popular and a social outcast. anyways as i wss walking to school i noticed Courtney walkig about 75 yards ahead of me with hersister and her mom, shes a junior and im a sophmore who should have been a senior but my mom wouldnt let me skip two grades (2-3) ya, im also smart as fuck too. i gues i will may e try and talk with her and there goes my brain raging at itself, "just do it, no i cant, DO IT, im scared" ya the usual stuff. so i just continued walking and she turned around and saw me and waved. my heart thumpped into my throat and i wanted to die of heart failure, shes so beautiful. she is about 5 inches shorter than me im about 5'10" so ya im short too i guess and i weigh about 300 pounds, like i even have a chance. now she is not that ski ny either but shes also not fat, if i had to guess i would say she weighs about 130 pounds if that, with light brown hair, a voice of golden harps, and a smile of a godess vampire. (sorry forgot to mention im kinda a goth kid inside the big fat hillbilly redneck) infact the o ly thing that keeps me from being goth is me being fat and being a country boy. i hate the city and everything to do with it. anyways ba k to the story... ya so courtney is this hot piece of chubb ass that is to die for, but she is so conservative about showing ANYTHING, npw i understand that its winter and uts like 30 degrees ou right now, but seriously during the summer its like 75 and she still wears longer shorts and a tee shirt at the least! i wear jeans or carhartt shorts and a tee shirt because of my size i dont like there being much of the jiggle affect so i try to keep covered up with a hoddie most of the year, (ya notice a pattern, i like wearing carhartts) anyways after school i have to work on a friends farm, it is a short drive i i hop in my Ranger but a midium walk, i figured i wojld walk so i could try and talk to the beautiful girl in front of me, (probally not ever gonna happen) so as we are crossing thru the park her mom and sister leave and go another way, and as she is waiting for traffic to stop (not mhch except loggin trucks) i catch up and so she notices and smiles at me, AGAIN! im gonna pass out shes so beautiful and smells so nice, like a country side flower shop just not overwhelming like a funeral. im thinkin" talk to her dumb ass just do it" all that comes out is "well at least its warm today" she says " ya its like 30, totally warm" btw i was born i. GA and she was born and raised for mostof her life in TX . so i said" well arent u used tk the cold get, i ha e been here since i was 2 im used to it" "ya but i still would rather have a warmer place, oh finally a god damned break in the traffuc, come on lets get to school im freezing" she was wearing a hoodie and jeans, no wonder shes cold. "u r dressed for spring, its not texas where u dress like this for 60 degree weather its vermo nt we have to live like eskimos" she started laughing, YES i got her to laugh. "i know, its really just my hands that r cold though" she said. " here take my gloves, sorry there a little dirty from the farm but they r warm, i pulled them off and gave them to her. "thanks" "no prob" i replyed. we were almost to the back door when she started to slip on a patch of ice and went to reach out for somethi g and caught ahold of my hand, i held on and lifted her back up before she could realy hit the ground." thanks im so sorry look i got ur pants wet with the slush, it makes no sence, slush here ice there! i HATE winter!" i quickly let go of her hand. i get embarassed really easily and am very shy. finally we were in school, "later" was the last we spoke until the walk home. it was a warm afternoon, aboht 45 degrees, i took off my big carhartt and was just in my hoodie. i heard someone walking behind me, not payi g attention i kept on my way, listening to m ipod, Black Veil Brides Iwrestledabearonce and lots of country. then i felt a tap on my shoulder and looked back to see Courtney there, she looks so grwat no matter what. i took my earbuds out and said hi. "hi, i have a huge favor to ask" whats up" i said. "could u walk me home or at least to my street please, im not feeling good." "sure" i said. "whats wrong" i asked, somehow i didnt feel shy today maybe it was luck, fate or somethkng but it was easg to talk to her today. "honestly, i feel like shit, look like shit, and dont give a shit" "u dont look like shit, but u sound sick" i said to her, man where am i getting all this courage from? "thanks" "uh huh" i said. "you live on Orchard right, just after the bank?" "ya" "cool i luve just up from there, why do t insee you walking everyday?" "i get a ride sometimes" she said. "oh, me too, i have a truck bu. no liscence, i hate it" "lucky im in drivers ed, but no car." "ya, u sure ur gonna be ok" man i like this new me, if only i could always be like this!

end 1-1-2012
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2012-03-28 20:19:57
it depends what you mean by iipcisldne? never ever hit, yell or scream. to do so means you've become about 3 years old. as the adult you need to lead the 16 months she's naughty because she wants your attention and the guaranteed way to get if fully is to do something she knows will get a reaction. the trick is to distract from the negative and ignore it. they will learn that it's no longer any fun.My 14 month old recently started biting bits off her chalk and giggling because she knows it elicits a uh-uh and mummy fishing in her mouth for the bits while holding her. to stop her doing it the next few times (after i realized what was happening) I ignored her doing it and focused on something positive to take her attention that we could both work on. we where outside and I had a small bucket of water nearby so I splashing in that making yay noises. when she got close I grabbed her, giggled and we played with the water for awhile. she forgot all bout the chalk and spat it out. Sh

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2012-03-27 01:08:57
by finding a deeffrint way to say no instead of saying no you cannot have that ..say maybe after .?? you can have thatno, you cannot play with that toy maybe after lunch you can play with that toyno, you cannot have candy when you are all done your dinner, you might be able to have some candyinstead of saying no' (which your daughter is only imitating because you say to her) ..find a way to keep things positive, without actually giving in she shakes her head and laughs because she can sense that it is upsetting youand the more it upsets you .the more funny she will find it .and the more funny she finds it the more it will p you off ..vicious(sp) circle it's very hard to do, but a couple more years and you'll see that it was a good thing to do .you will have a much easier time saying no in a couple more years when it will have it's appropriate meaning to your daughter AND she won't repeat it back like she is doing right nowdoing it here, and it works!!Good Luck D

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