We open Carrie's Place for fun in the sun.
In the last Chapter Carrie, Brenda and I got together and talked about turning our little home up on the lake into a swingers retreat. I had gone to my uncle to see about adding a couple more bedrooms. Instead he pulled out some plans he had drew up a couple years back showing what he had envision turning his little cottage into.

Carrie and I both told him that we could not afford that much remodeling. He told me that as long as I took over his construction company when our project was finished that the remodel went with the job. We enlarged our little cottage into a lovely place on the lake with six bedrooms, one master bedroom, a huge kitchen as well as a huge living room with a big stone fireplace. When the project finished my uncle headed to Florida retired and his company in my hands.

We had not been able to hold any parties yet due to the passing of my dad then my mom. The stress of losing them both had made my nightmares and flashbacks of that dam jungle in Vietnam to resurface. I had thought that being married to Carrie and living here on the lake would stop them however, it did not.

Carrie had told me before that my mind was probably hiding something not only from her but also from myself. She was right and with Carrie’s help, it came out one cold, snowy January night. I would prefer not to rewrite a horror from my past again. Therefore, I suggest you read Chapter 9 as well as other chapters.

Carrie and I danced that snowy night away before going to bed. The power was out so we cuddled up on the sofa together by the fireplace. I awoke to find Carrie no longer wrapped in my arms. I sat up on the sofa to see that she was sitting at the kitchen table. At least the power had came back on I thought as I went into the kitchen. Carrie was hard at work writing something down in her notebook.

“Good morning my love,” I said as I wrapped my arms around her from behind. “What you doing?” I asked as I looked down into her notebook.

“Not finished John,” Carrie replied as she closed her notebook.

“So doc should we call for the padded wagon?” I asked jokingly.

“JOHN, you are not crazy, you have nightmares and flashbacks because of what you went through over in Vietnam.” Carrie replied with some anger in her voice. “To tell you the truth John if I had known about what you saw during your first tour over there I would not have left you return,” Carrie added glaring at me.

I did not say anything back for a few seconds as I just stared back into her lovely blues eyes. I took my hand and I placed it to the side of her face as I replied, “You know I would have went anyways, right.”

“I know that John,” Carrie replied putting her head down.

I tilted her head back up as I placed my lips onto hers. I picked her up from the chair taking her into my arms. I kissed her deeply and with passion as I embraced her. Carrie returned my kisses with passion as well. We told each other how much we loved each other before she returned to her writing as I went outside to shovel the snow that had fallen.

During the next few months, I was at peace with myself. The nightmares had stopped. The flashbacks stopped as well. Thanks to Carrie because of the fact, she had gotten me to talk about my ordeal. Carrie also told me that deep down I had scarred myself because of falling in love with Terri then losing her. Carrie told me that she had told me before that I should have told Terri how I felt. I told her I was glad I had not smiling at her. We did not stop our little sessions instead we both talked about what was on our mines or if something was troubling one of us.

The business was on my mind as I was never too good at bookkeeping. However, Carrie told me that she would gladly help me with the operations of our new construction company. Carrie had just finished her last year of college. I wanted her to go on to a graduate school to get her masters in Psychology. However, Carrie would not hear of it, as she wanted to help me with our business.

“Carrie, you know you could help a lot of people,” I said to her.

Carrie smiled as she replied, “As long as I have helped the one I love.” “Besides I hate leaving you each day and this way we can be together as it was meant to be,” as she rubbed at my face.

Carrie did a major overhaul on the business. Our company grew larger under her supervision. We originally were into mostly building homes, however under Carrie’s control we branched out into something that was sweeping the whole nation. We were now helping with building malls in our state as well as one out of our state. Carrie always made sure we did not take on a project that we could not finish on time or over budget. My uncle praised her as he still took a piece of the profits. He even told me that he wished she had worked for him a long time ago.

There are some benefits to having your wife work with you. Carrie was our bookkeeper, manager as well as my secretary. She knew just how to treat our clients. The older ones always wanted to see some legs and tits. When we had a meeting with someone like that, Carrie always made sure she wore a short skirt and a revealing top.

One day I was stuck out at the job site and I could not make it back to meet with a client. This person had more money than he knew what to do with it. We had built him houses and now he was interested in a mini shopping plaza. I told Carrie to handle it alone, as there was no way I would be back in time for the meeting.

That dam job site had been giving me nothing but problems from the start. It was late in the evening before I returned home. I entered our house to find Carrie sitting on the sofa with her head hanging down. I went over and sat beside her.

“Did you make the deal?” I asked.

Carrie kept her head down as she replied, “Yeah,” halfheartedly.

“Then why are you so down?” I asked.

Carrie looked up into my eyes as her lips trembled, “John, I did something awful today,” as she hung her head back down.

I raised her head with my fingers as I asked, “Now just how awful is it?”

Carrie started to cry as she threw her arms around my neck. Between her sobs she replied, “John I cheated on you today with another man.” “I had a little too much wine at lunch,” “I am sorry John,” as she cried louder and harder into my shoulder.

“Was it with our client?” I asked.

“YES,” Carrie cried out.

I rubbed at her back as I said, “It’s OK Carrie I am to blame.”

Carrie pulled back from me as she asked, “Why are you to blame?”

I told her I might have given our client the impression that he could get into your pants. I told her about how once he had asked if I had ever shared my wife. I had told him yes. He had jokingly told me that he would build a whole city for a piece of that ass.

“JOHN,” Carrie screamed at me as she wiped her tears.

I told her not to worry about it. I also told her I would not do something like that again. I also told her maybe next time she should not drink wine during lunch, as you know it makes you horny. Carrie told me she still felt bad about it. I told her as long as she told me instead of acting as if nothing had happened it was all right.

I smiled at her as I asked, “Did you get a good price?”

Carrie smiled as she replied, “Let’s just say we could build him two for what he is paying.”

“That’s my girl,” I replied as I wrapped her in my arms. “So just how did all this happen?” I asked sitting back waiting to hear her story.

Carrie told me that Ken the client showed up on time. She told me that she pulled out the set of drawings we had been working on. Carrie said that as she laid the drawings out onto the table she was bending over. She told me that her tits had dam near fell out of her top.

She told me that Ken had told her, “I like what I see so far,” giving her a smile.

Carrie told me that she went over all the details and even pointed out some of the special features in the blueprint. That meant she had to lean over more than a few times. Carrie told me that each time she did Ken’s eyes were looking at her exposed tits.

Carrie told me that Ken invited her to lunch to discuss the other details. She told me that when he had walked her to his sport car that she had seen he had a hard out pushing his pants out in front of him. Carrie told me that he even brushed his hand against her ass when he helped her into his car.

I felt Carrie’s hand drift to the front of my pants. My cock was up and standing hard. She gave it a quick squeeze with her hand.

“JOHN, you got a boner yourself,” Carrie screamed out.

“I sure do now go on telling me,” I replied smiling.

Carrie smiled at me as she went on with her story. She told me that Ken had driven her to the new fancy place in the next town over. Carrie told me that they ordered lunch and some wine. She told me that they discussed the project up until the second bottle of wine. Carrie told me that Ken reached across the table taking her hand into his.

“You have to be the most beautiful woman I have ever seen,” Ken said to her.

Carrie told me that Ken sat there praising her looks, her hair, her legs and those big tits. Carrie told me that when he had praised her tits that with the wine buzz she had going that she flashed her tits at him. Carrie told me that by the time the second bottle was gone so was she.

Carrie told me that Ken asked her to join him in a near by hotel to seal the deal. My cock was throbbing in my pants and against Carrie’s hand. I felt her unzipping my cock and freeing it from my pants. She wrapped her hand around it pulling at it as she went on with her story.

Carrie told me that Ken got a room and they went to it. She told me that they no sooner got into the room than he was kissing her deeply. Carrie told me that as she kissed him back she left her hand brush against his pants. She told me that she grabbed at his cock through his pants. Carrie told me that his cock felt thick as she tried to wrap her hand around it.

Carrie told me that the two of them literally fell into the bed. Ken had her remove her top and her bra. Carrie told me that he kissed and licked his way around both of her tits. Ken sucked at my tits as I fished his cock from his pants. Carrie told me that Ken got undressed and that she removed her skirt leaving her nylons and high heels on.

Carrie told me that Ken was sitting on the edge of the bed watching her slowly tease him as she took her skirt off. She told me that his cock was hard and throbbing as she did. When she had removed it, she dropped downed to her knees in front of Ken.

Carrie told me she reached up and took his cock into her hand. She told me that he had a fat cock about six inches long. Carrie smiled at me as she rubbed her hand up and down my hard throbbing cock. She told me that she pumped at his cock with her hand for a while before she used her tongue around just the head of his cock.

Carrie told me she had a hard time wrapping her mouth around his cock because it was so thick. She told me she sucked and licked at his cock for a while with Ken telling her how good her mouth felt on his cock. Carrie bent down over my cock and she wrapped her mouth around it.

Carrie sucked and licked at my cock as she lapped up the pre-cum that oozed from it. She was soon sucking my cock deep into her mouth as I settled back into the sofa moaning as she worked her magic mouth on my cock. Carrie sucked my cock for about five minutes before she removed her mouth from it.

Carrie sat back beside me as she told me that she removed her mouth from Ken’s fat cock as she pushed him down into the bed. Carrie told me that she climbed onto top of him. Carrie guided his cock to her pussy, which was wet with her juices. She sat down onto his cock as Ken grabbed at her huge tits.

Carrie told me that she rode his fat cock wildly as he played with her tits. She told me that she had a deep wet orgasm when Ken started to suck at her tits as she rode him. Carrie told me that Ken asked her if he could do her doggie.

Carrie got off his cock getting onto her hands and knees. She told me that Ken got behind her and he shoved his fat cock deeply up into her pussy making her moan with delight. Carrie told me that after about five or six pumps of his cock into her pussy from behind like that. Her pussy started to leave out pussy farts each time he drove his cock into her.

Carrie told me that Ken loved that. Carrie told me that Ken started to bang her hard and fast from behind. She told me that she was having another wet orgasm as he slammed his cock deep into her pussy from behind. Carrie told me that she heard him moan then his cock throbbed as he filled her full of cum from his cock.

Carrie told me that when he withdrew his cock her pussy belched out his cum as it farted loudly. Carrie told me that she had to pee so she started to get off the bed when Ken asked her where she was going. Carrie told him to pee. He smiled and asked if he could watch. Carrie was pulling on my cock as she told me they peed on each other and then took a shower together where they had sex again. Carrie smiled at me as she pulled on my throbbing hard cock.

“John, I am horny again,” Carrie said as she stood up.

Carrie removed all of her clothes before she sat down onto my cock. Carrie and I kissed deeply and with passion as she rode my cock. I wrapped my arms beneath her buttocks as I stood up off the sofa. I had her bouncing on my cock as I held her standing there in our living room.

We both moaned out, “AHHHHHH.”

I felt her pussy squeezing at my cock. Her wet pussy juices were flowing down my cock as it fired shot after shot of cum into her pussy. We kissed deeply and passionately with her legs wrapped around my waist as I held on to her. My cock grew soft and slipped from her pussy as it left off a loud wet pussy fart. Our mixture of juices flowed and dripped from her pussy.

I broke our kiss as I said, “I love you Carrie.”

I love you too John,” Carrie replied as I carried her down the hall to our shower.

I used to sit in my office and watch her work around the office. We even had made Tuesdays play at the office day. Carrie would wear the most revealing clothes and tease me through out the day. I fucked her on my desk, on her desk, against the wall and against the filing cabinets.

That was when I was not out in the field. Carrie would visit the project site from time to time to see that we were on time and on budget. She would even pitch in when she was there. Now as to the men working for us they, all trusted her and worshiped her. Carrie knew just how to bring out the best in everyone. Carrie also did most of the hiring with me having the final say so.

Carrie one day came into my office with six applications she laid them on my desk as she said, “John you need to hire these men,” before she turned and shook that lovely ass of hers on the way out of my office.

I glanced over their applications sitting there leaning back in my chair. I noticed something that all the men had in common. They all had served in Vietnam. Their tours of duty ranged from one year all the way to four years. I called Carrie into my office and I told her to close the door behind her.

Carrie sat on my desk as I stood over her looking at those applications I looked to her as I asked, “Do you think it is wise to hire these men?”

“Why do you ask that?” Carrie replied giving me that look of hers.

“You know some of them may be carrying some excess baggage with them,” I replied.

“JOHN, I remember another soldier who returned with his own baggage a couple of years ago,” Carrie said smiling at me.

“Well I still want to interview these men before we go any further,” I replied feeling ashamed of what I had just told her.

Carrie smiled as she asked, “Should I send them all in at once or one at a time?” I looked at her in wonder as she added, “I knew you would so I had them all come in today to see you.”

“One at a time,” I replied smacking her on her butt as she walked from my office.

I interviewed each of those six men. The interview was not about whether they were qualified for the job. I asked them where they had served at in Vietnam. I told each of them that I had served over in that hellhole as well. Each of them told me the same thing, “Yes I know your lovely wife informed me of that Sgt. J.”

I asked each of them, “Just what else did my wife inform you about?”

Each of those men replied with, “That if we needed someone to talk to that you and she would gladly listen.”

I sat there interviewing these men and I could see the troubled looks in their eyes. I had seen that same look in my eyes each time I looked at myself in the mirror. I sent each of them down to our conference office after their interview. I called Carrie back into my office. Carrie stood by my desk as I got up and walked over closing the door.

I turned back to her as I asked, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes John,” Carrie replied as she wrapped her arms around my neck pulling me down.

I kissed her deeply before I said, “Well let’s go welcome the new hires.”

Carrie and I went to the conference room where I told the six men that they all were hired and that they could start tomorrow. One of the six men asked just what they would be doing. I looked to Carrie who smiled at me before she turned to those men.

“All of you will be working closely with my husband,” Carrie replied. “I suggest you listen and follow his orders as he knows what he is doing,” looking to them then to me.

Over the next few weeks, I became good friends with each of them. I also watched and worked with each of them doing different construction at different sites. I was with them when the darkness of Vietnam filled their minds or their eyes. I would see them suddenly freeze and I knew from the looks on their faces. I knew and I felt the hell they were facing each time it came over them.

I took a special interest in one; his name was Frank. He had done three tours in Vietnam where he too had done LRRP. The two of us were working at a job site one day when a helicopter flew overhead. I watched him as he looked up to the helicopter in the sky. He bowed his head as he said a silent prayer. His hands started to tremble and shake as he stood there.

“Care to talk about it, Frank,” I asked as I draped my arm around his shoulder.

That night Carrie and I sat at home with a small fire burning before us in the fireplace. I told Carrie about Frank and the other men whom I had been watching. I told her about seeing the horrors I knew each of them were facing daily. I asked her what I could do to take their horrors away or at least to be able to allow them to face them.

“You could invite them to your happy place John,” Carrie replied as she stroked her hand on my face.

For the next sixteen weekends, our house on the lake had six guests. All of us would relax during the day with some early spring fishing. Then at night, all of us would sit down and face the horrors going through their minds. Carrie was there to guide us back out of our darkness and into the light if one us slipped to far into the darkness.

All of the men agreed that it was nice to have someone to talk to about their horrors they had faced both here now and while in Vietnam. I noticed a change in each of them as we worked together through the week then talked on the weekends. It seemed like such a small deal that just talking about it helped each of them so much. Those men were now able to deal and cope with their horrors.

Each of them told Carrie and me that when they felt troubled they would close their eyes and first they would hear the gentle lapping of the waves against the shoreline. Their head would fill with the vision of the moon dancing on the water. The stars would be shining in the night sky with to many to count. Each of them had found that happy place where the darkness could not surround them no more.

It was soon late May and summer came to our house on the lake. Carrie and I talked about what was next for our house on the lake. I told Carrie it was time to party. We both agreed that during the summer it would be a swingers retreat. During the fall and winter, we would try to help any Vietnam vets we may have hired. Carrie always found six men for us to take under our wing and into our hearts.

Carrie and Brenda got together and put the final changes on our house at the lake. Brenda even moved in with us as Carrie and I worked through the week. Brenda handpicked the first six people then she placed an ad in a swinger’s magazine with photos telling people to come and enjoy themselves at Carrie’s place on the lake. We had the whole summer booked on weekends in just about a week. We had to turn people down or place them on a waiting list.

It was our first weekend opening our home to swingers. I came home in the afternoon with a little surprise for the girls. I had a big fancy wooded carved sign made up that said, “CARRIE’S PLACE,” on it. I hung it above our front door. I went and got the girls to show them.

They both hugged and kissed me especially Carrie. The girls each told me that they had a surprise for me as well. Brenda took one of my hands as Carrie took the other. They told me to close my eyes as they led me around back to the patio and the big hot tub.

“You can open your eyes now, John,” The girls said together.

I opened my eyes and sitting there just a few feet from the hot tub and patio was that back yard bench swing. The swing was gentle swinging back and forth from the breeze blowing in from the lake. I had to hide the tears filling my eyes when I saw it.

“I also have something to show you as well,” Carrie, said taking my hand.

The girls walked me into the house and over to the fireplace. There above the stone fireplace hung a lovely sign framed with wooden branches. The sign said, “Hush, Hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you.” Just below, it hung a glass case, which contained the medals I received during Vietnam.

I turned to Carrie and I was going to ask her about the sign and my medals however, she placed her finger to my lips as she said, “You will see tonight,” smiling at me.

The three of us hugged there by the fireplace. The six couples would be arriving shortly. They soon showed up and Carrie and Brenda gave them all a tour of our house by the lake. We got them all settled into their rooms and dinner was served next. Over dinner, Carrie and Brenda lined out what they could do if they wanted to or they could just sit around relaxing.

We now had two boats so the guests could go fishing daily. Carrie even told them that if they were lucky they might even get to take a trip to “Orange Island.” The guest all were at a lost however, Carrie told them she could not tell them more or it would ruin it as she smiled to me. Carrie informed everyone that after dinner we would sit in the living room getting to know a little something about each other.

Dinner was finished and we moved into the living room. We served drinks and cigars. Brenda introduced herself then she introduced Carrie and me to the group. She told them that it was our house and our hearts that we had opened to them. Brenda told the group that this house held a very special meaning in our hearts and that they would soon learn what it was. The group then told us all a little bit about them selves. After everyone had met each other, Carrie got up in front of the fireplace.

“Now if any one has any questions we will gladly answer them for you,” Carrie said looking to our guest.

One of the guest replied, “I have a question what is the meaning of that sign above the fireplace, Hush, hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you?”

Carrie smiled at me as she replied, “Well the story behind that sign all started many years ago.”

Carrie went on to tell them how a girl and a boy had grown up together side by side from birth. She told how the young boy fell hopelessly in love with this girl in their teens. Carrie told them how this girl’s cousin came for a visit. She told them how the three of them would have sex and fun together at the near by lake.

Carrie pointed to the bench swing, that you could see from our back patio doors as she said, “The boy and the girls would often sit on that swing and talk.”

The guest and I looked out to see the bench swing by the patio encased in colored light shining up from the ground. It swayed gentle in the lake's night’s breeze. Carrie told them about how the girl’s cousin had fallen madly in love with this boy but that his heart belonged to another.

She told them how this young man never told the one how much he did love her. Carrie told them about how the boys heart had been broken when the girl he loved gave her heart to someone else so he ran away turning his back on everyone close to him. Carrie told them that the young man enlisted into the army to go fight in Vietnam all because of his broken heart.

Carrie had the group of people listening intently to her story as well as me. She went on telling them how each of the girls would write to the brave young soldier. She told them how one of them told him how much she hated him for leaving her in her letters. While the other young girl confessed just how much she loved him and wanted him. Carrie told them how their letter went unanswered leaving them both scared and worried for the safety of that young soldier.

Carrie looked over to me as she said, “One night the cousin had a horrible nightmare in which she saw that brave soldier standing in fire with a lost look in his eyes.”

She told them how she had motioned for him to come to her by the lake. Carrie told them how he walked out of the fire untouched by the flames to her. She told them they embraced and lay onto the ground. Carrie told them how the girl held him tightly in her arms telling him to lie still and not to move.

Carrie said, “The young girls whispered in his ear, " Lie still John do not move,” "We have you and you are safe," as they lie in each others arms.

Carrie told them how the next day the cousin had called the other girl only to find out that she too had the same nightmare. Carrie told them how they got together to write to the soldier. They both begged him in their letter to let them know that he was safe. Carrie paused for a second or two to wipe a tear from her eye. I looked around to see that most of our quests were wiping tears away as well.

“What happened next?” someone asked from the group.

Carrie told them that the letter went unanswered just like the others. Carrie told them that one of the girls gave up hope and feared the worst had happened to the young soldier. She told them that the other never gave up hope. Carrie told them that the young girl would often come up here to the lake. She told them that she always felt him near her when she was by the lake for they had made beautiful love here always.

Carrie told them that two long years had past. She told them that out of the blue the brave young soldier finally returned home. Carrie told them how the soldier had changed since his tour in Vietnam.

“That young boy had turned into a brave man as he faced the horrors of war alone except for the memories of his fun with the girls who waited for him back home,” said Carrie. “That brave soldier told the girl who had broken his heart that he was sorry for leaving and that he hoped her and her boyfriend would be happy together.” “He also confessed his love for the other girl and told her how sorry he was for never noticing how much she loved him,” Carrie added.

Carrie told them that one night when they were all together the soldier told them he had a story to share with them. Carrie told them how the brave soldier was out on night patrol with two other men in the jungle of Vietnam. The young man told them how a firefight had broken out in the jungle. She told them that the brave young soldier ran through the jungle to save his fellow soldiers. Carrie told them how he had gotten there to late to save them and how the enemy was now all around him.

Carrie told them how that soldier lies there motionless on the ground. She told them some of the enemy walked right by him before they sent up their camp. Carrie told them how the soldier had decided that he had enough of just laying there. The brave soldier decided it was time to fight and to avenge his fallen friends knowing that it would cost him his own life. Carrie told them as he got his rifle ready and took a hand grenade from his chest. The brave young soldier closed his eyes to say a prayer; for he knew he would not make it out of that jungle that night.

Carrie said, “As he finished his prayer a vision came into his head.”

The young man was back at the lake in his mind. Carrie told them that he saw the two girls he had left at home standing by the lake. They were motioning for him to come to them. Carrie told them that the soldier walked over to them embracing them both. The girls lie down with him by the lake. Carrie told them how the young soldier heard them telling him to lie still and not to move.

“The girls whispering into his ear as they lie there,” “Hush, hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you,” Carrie said poetically as she pointed to the sign above our fireplace.

Carrie told them how the young soldier heard a loud clap of thunder. He opened his eyes to find that the enemy had finally moved on allowing him to return safely to his base. Carrie told them how his story had left them all with tears in their eyes. She told them how they all told him he was safe now and would not have to return to the jungles of Vietnam.

“However the young soldier told them that he did have to return to Vietnam,” Carrie said to our guests as Brenda handed her another tissue before she passed them out to the guests.

Carrie stood by the fireplace smiling at me. I offered our guests refills of their drinks and they returned to their seats in the living room. One of the guests asked Carrie if there was more to her story.

“Yes, but lets move outside onto the dock before I go on,” Carrie replied.

Once at the dock Carrie went on with her story. She told them how the young soldier had told them about never reading any of their letters until he was on his way home. He also told the girls that when ever he felt lost or lonely in the deep dark jungle he would close his eyes filling his mind with visions of the girls holding him as they whispered into his ear, " Hush, hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you."

Carrie told them that the young soldier fell deeper in love with the cousin. The young soldier asked her to marry him after his tour of duty was finished. Carrie told them that their happiness was short lived when he received a call back to duty early.

Carrie told them how that girl and that brave soldier would come up here to this lake at night before he had to leave for Vietnam. She told how they would stand at the shoreline looking out over the lake. Carrie reached over and she took a hold of my hand. Carrie told them how they both agreed that this was to be their happy place when their life filled with trouble or their hearts felt troubled.

Carrie said, “This was their happy place where you can hear the gentle lapping of the waves against the shoreline,” “Where the moon dances on the water,” “Where stars shine in the night sky to many to count.” "All they had to do was to close their eyes and remember their hearts belonged to each other as well as to their happy place," Carrie added as I embraced her.

We turned to see our guests all embracing each other as they joined us in watching the moon dance across the water. Carrie and I opened our arms to let Brenda in with us. The group and we stood there with our eyes closed as we listened to the gentle lapping of the waves against the shoreline. The three of us then lead the group back inside.

We refilled their drinks as Carrie told them she would finish her story. Carrie told them how that young girl and the soldier would think of this place whenever they felt lonely. Carrie told them that the young soldier went back to fight in the war leaving the girl behind to stay with his parents. Carrie stopped as she looked around the room all the guests had their eyes on her.

Carrie looked to me as one of the guest asked, “What happened next?” “There has to be more.”

I smiled at her as I shook my head yes for her to continue. Carrie went on with her story telling them that the soldier was back in Vietnam far from that girl that he loved. When the soldier would feel lonely, he would close his eyes and think about their happy place on the lake. I noticed that everyone had his or her eyes on me as well.

Carrie told them how that brave soldier entered that deep dark jungle to await the return of the creatures of the night. Carrie told them how brave he was to be facing his fears in that jungle once again all alone. Carrie told them how the brave soldier was never afraid of the dark jungle as he faced the creatures of the night in the jungle. Because of the girl that was in his heart as well as at his happy place.

I saw the guests all smiling at me as they wiped their tears away. Carrie told them that the soldier had saved many lives with his bravery while over there. She told them how his commanding officer wanted him to teach others how to rid the neighborhood of creatures of the night.

Carrie told them how that brave soldier never told his girl back home of his bravery in any of his letters. He would only write to her and tell her of his dreams of her and the fun they were having at the lake when he had to take himself to their happy place. Only ever telling her that he missed her and loved her.

Carrie told them that the girl longed for her soldier to be back home safely in her arms again. Carrie told them that the young girl started to have nightmares at night; she knew her soldier was in grave danger and could only hope and pray that he was safe.

Carrie told them that the young girl’s nightmares turned into reality. The young soldier had received serious wounds while in combat. He was to receive treatment in Japan where he would receive the best care in hopes of saving his life. Carrie told our guests that the young girl was going crazy with worry. She told them that after hearing that the brave soldier was laying alone in a coma; the family decided that she should go be with him in Japan. Carrie told them that the day before she was to leave for Japan a letter arrived for her.

Carrie reached up lifting the glass case with the medals in it. An envelope fell into her hand; Carrie opened it and pulled out a letter. She looked to me then to our guests as she read it aloud.

My dear Carrie,
You do not know me but my name is LT._______. I proudly served with your boyfriend here in Vietnam. I know by now you have been informed of your boyfriend (SGT. J) having been wounded in action. I felt compelled to write to you as your brave boyfriend saved my life over here more than once. First by defusing a mine that I had stepped on then by risking his own life to protect us all from enemy fire. If not for his bravery, many would have lost their life. Each time he had to go out into that jungle I would be with him before he left. I happened to have seen your picture one day and asked him if that was his girl. He told me you are the holder of his heart. He would always do the same thing before going into that jungle. Sgt J would kiss his finger and lay them upon your picture, as he would say, “I will see you soon my love.” Sgt J would also always tell me just before he ran into the jungle that if anything ever happened to him to tell you that he loved you and if nothing else he would be waiting for you at our happy place. I never asked him just what he meant by that. The day he was hurt was as any other mission he had went out on; he kissed his fingers laying them to your photo. I walked with him to the end of our base. Sgt J told me I knew what to do if something should happen. As you know, something did happen. However, you may not know the full details.

I was waiting for his patrol to return, as I was to take his report. I knew where he was coming out of the jungle at so I went there and I waited. I heard a loud explosion as the jungle flashed brightly. The jungle is normally a noisy place however; it grew silent after that explosion. I wanted to run in there to see if Sgt. J and the three men with him were OK however, I knew I could not. All I could do was watch and wait to see; I waited for almost 30 minutes. I saw a figure slowly emerge from the darkness of the jungle. I saw Sgt. J he was badly hurt with blood pouring from the side of his chest.

He fell into my arms and I laid him onto the ground as I called for the medics. Sgt. J gave me a set of coordinates telling me someone had stepped on a land mine. I told him to lie still as I feared from the looks of his wounds he was in bad shape. To be truthful with you I do not know how he even walked that mile and half to here. Sgt. J grabbed my hand as he told me to tell you, “I am waiting for you where the moon dances on the water,” “Where the night sky is filled with stars to many to count,” “Where I can hear the gentle lapping of the waves against the shoreline.” “Tell her I love her,” were his last words before he pasted out. He woke up again as we were loading him into the helicopter calling out your name. I had often wondered why I would see a smile come to his face as we sat in that dark jungle at nights. I know now it was because he was thinking of you and that special place. I do hope that god finds it in his heart to let you two be together once more. I had asked him many times over here after seeing your picture, “Why in the hell would you leave that to come back to this stinky jungle?” He would just smile and shake his head; he never did give me an answer. I just thought you should know how brave that man of yours is and to tell you that he loved you more than anything in his life. You both are in my prayers tonight.


Carrie folded the letter back up slipped it back into the envelope tucking it back beneath the medal case hanging on the wall. I stood there fighting back my tears. I started to say something however; Carrie stopped me placing her finger to my lips.

She looked into my eyes as she said, “Hush, hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you,” before she wrapped her arms around my neck pulling my lips to hers.

We broke our kiss turning to our guests with her still in my arms. Carrie looked to them as she said, “That is the story behind that sign hanging there.” Carrie added, “This is Sgt. J and I am Carrie that young girl who was waiting back at home.”

There was not a dry eye in the house as our guests stared at us. They all clapped as they came over to us. The men shaking my hand, and then kissing Carrie as the women hugged and kissed me.

Most of them told Carrie they had never been as engrossed in a story as in hers. They told her that it was the most heart felt story they had ever heard. They told her how proud she must be of me. However, I was proud of her because without her in my life I surely would not have returned from that hell. Carrie told our guest that our house was their house and to go have fun for the rest of the evening.

“Also if you want to join us in running to Orange Island in the morning the boats will be leaving at about 5 in the morning,” Carrie said to them as she walked me out the back sliding doors onto the patio.

Carrie took me over to the swing. I sat her down then I sat beside her. I slipped my arm around her shoulders pulling her tightly into my side. Carrie looked up to be and I saw the sparkle in those blue eyes. I stared into them for a while just smiling at her.

“Why didn’t you ever show me that letter?” I asked her.

Carrie smiled at me as she replied, “Because it was addressed to me not to you,” as she rubbed her hand along the side of my face. Carrie added, “If I would have you would have wanted me to throw it away just like your medals.” “Whether you know it or care John; I am proud of what you did during the Vietnam War.”

I leaned down and placed my lips to hers. I gave her a long passionate kiss as we sat swinging on the bench swing. As we broke our kiss, Brenda came walking over to us.

“Damn you two are the talk of the room,” Brenda said smiling at us.

“What do you mean?” Carrie asked with a questionable look.

“Not many couples have a love story to tell like yours,” Brenda replied smiling.

“There would be no story if not for my lovely wife here,” I replied as I kissed Carrie on her forehead. “Now you two get back inside with your guests I am going for a little walk,” I added as I got off the swing.

Carrie looked at me with her head tilted as she asked, “You OK John?”

“Yeah its nothing just need some alone time that’s all,” I replied as I headed out onto the dock.

I walked out onto the dock to the edge staring out over the water. My mind drifted to those three men who lost their lives with me that night on patrol. Phil, Kevin and Joe names I will never forget. If I could change places with any them I would. As Carrie would tell me if only we had not got involved in that dam war I thought standing there.

“Excuse me Sgt. J,” a woman voice said behind me.

I turned to see a dark short haired woman standing behind me as I replied, “Please call me John that dam war was over for me a long time ago.”

“I just wanted to thank you, too many soldiers never got the thanks coming to them,” the woman said as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

She had caught me with surprise when she did that. The woman pulled my face down to hers where she kissed me deeply. I lightly kissed her back as I felt a little uncomfortable kissing her without Carrie around. The woman broke our kiss as she removed her arms from around my neck.

She stuck her hand out as she said, “My name is Cathy,” with a smile on her face.

I shook her hand as I replied, “Nice to meet you Cathy.”

Cathy stood along side of me looking out over the water. She told me that this place was heaven. She fully understood why we had chosen this as our happy place. We were standing there when a shooting star streaked across the night sky.

“Did you make a wish?” Cathy asked me as she slipped her arm through mine.

“Yes, I did,” I replied smiling at her.

“I did too,” Cathy said looking up into my eyes. “I wished for a whole lot of fun with you,” Cathy added smiling sensually at me.

“Well you will have to check with my wife about that,” I replied.

“I already did, she sent me out here to get you,” Cathy said. “Seems that Brenda will be sleeping with my husband while I sleep with the two of you,” She added wrapping her arms around my neck once more.

“Well we better not keep her waiting then,” I replied giving her a quick kiss.

I took her arm and I laced it through mine. I told her to tell the lake good night as I walked her back up into our house. Carrie walked over to us as we walked in through the patio doors. She wrapped her arms around Cathy and they kissed deeply with me at their side.

I stepped back a ways to watch the girls standing there making out. I could see that they were swapping tongues. I had not really checked Cathy out until now. She was the same size as Carrie, her dark brunette hair was short, and her boobs were of average size I would say. My eyes and my head went to her back side my god that girl had a fucking nice ass on her tightly packed into the jeans she worn.

I was still checking out her ass when I heard Carrie as she asked, “Looking for something John?”

“Just checking my late night snack that was all,” I replied giving both of them a smile.

The girls each gave a little laugh before they got on each side of me. How about we go over to the bar and I fix you women one of my special drinks I told them both. We made our way over to the bar where I sat them down in a couple stools. I turned to get a few glasses and when I turned back around, I had four more couples standing there.

I looked out from behind the bar at them as I said, “Name your poison,” smiling at them.

“What ever they are having?” the group replied as they gather around Carrie and Cathy.

“Harvey wall bangers for everyone then,” I said.

Carrie leaned across the bar with those big tits overflowing her top as she replied, “Make mine a John bed banger,” smiling at me.

I smiled at her as I said, “Oh ladies I forgot your drinks are going to cost you,” looking to each woman at the bar. “My bar is a topless only bar,” I added smiling.

The men all gave a big cheer as the women started to remove their tops. Carrie winked at me before I saw her pulling her top over her head then freeing those big tits from her bra. I went about making the drinks as I checked out all the tits around the bar. Carrie’s were the biggest out of the women that were at the bar. Cathy and she were rubbing their tits together as I past out the drinks.

I slipped some music on and returned behind the bar. Most of the couples were out dancing except for one that stayed at the bar. They were the oldest couple here in their 50’s. At the time I hoped Carrie and I looked as good as the two of them did when we reached that age. They introduced themselves to us; their names were Tina and Gary.

Tina was a lovely blonde but with short hair to look at her figure you would never guess she was in her 50’s. Tina had on a low cut top, which showed most of her lovely round tits. She had a lovely rose tattoo at the top of her tit I could not help but stare at it. Tina and the other girls were soon talking and laughing it up. I reached under the bar and pulled out two cigars. I handed one to Gary as I asked him to join me.

Gary lit his cigar as he asked, “So how long did you serve in Vietnam, Sgt. J?”

“Call me John,” I replied. Then added, “My first tour was two years and my last one last about 5 months before I got wounded,” I also seen Carrie looking toward me as I talked to Gary.

“Two years dam did you get lost in the rotation or something,” Gary replied.

“Something, like that,” I replied with a smile.

“So what did you do over there?” Gary asked me.

I took a big pull from my cigar and blew the smoke into the air before I replied, “Mostly LRRP.” Now most people would have no idea just what that was.

“Damn long range recon patrol that sucks in a jungle like that,” Gary replied looking at me.

“So I take it you’re a military man,” I replied.

“28 years retired Navy man,” Gary said.

I reached my hand over the bar and replied, “Man you guys helped me out of a jam or two especially when our planes could not fly because of that dam rain,” as I shook his hand.

“We did our part but from the story your wife told tonight you did more than your part,” Gary replied giving me a serious look.

Carrie had been watching and listening to us the whole time we had been talking. She knew I did not like to talk about my service however since our little sessions I felt comfortable talking to Gary about it. The two of us swapped some stories as Carrie cuddled up onto his arm. While his wife cuddled up to me at the bar.

I was checking out her tattoo most of the time. Most of the stories were of the few fun things we did like running the crank up radio wires to the officers shit house. They used to fly out of there with their pants down around their ankles.

“Well we hate to be party poopers but if we are to see this Orange Island in the morning the wife and I had better be getting to bed,” Gary said giving me a wink.

I looked around and yelled out, “A toast to bring this night to a close.”

The other couples came up to the bar I pulled a bottle of smooth old whiskey from under the bar. I asked if this was OK for the nightcap so to speak. Everyone agreed it was. I sat up 12 shot glasses and filled them with whiskey. Carrie looked at me funny like as she took a head count. I handed out 11 shot glasses with the twelve sitting still at the bar.

I held my glass above my head as I said,
“Here’s to the ships of our navy,
And the ladies of our land;
May the first be ever well rigged,
And the latter ever welled manned.”

I heard a few here, here before we all downed our shots. Everyone said his or her good nights. As Gary was getting up from his stool, Carrie asked me about the other full shot glass.

Gary smiled at her as he said, “I believe that is for those who have fallen.”

Carrie looked to him them to me; she smiled toward the shot glass as she said, “To live in hearts we leave behind, is not to die,” as she bowed her head.

Gary looked at me as he said, “Son you got yourself an angel there,” giving me a smile before walking away.

I told the girls to go ahead back and I would turn the lights out. They walked down the long hall toward the master bedroom as I turned the lights off. I returned to the bar where the shot glass lie. I picked it up and I walked to the patio door where I opened it and tossed the drink toward the night sky.

“To all that have fallen from my angel to you,” I silently said.

I closed the door and I sat the shot glass empty back onto the bar. Something for that angel of mine to find in the morning I thought as I turned toward the hall. I smiled as I thought about going to be with my angel.

It seemed that the girls had started without me. They were in a 69 across the middle of our bed. I undressed as I watched the two of them. Cathy was on top lapping away between Carrie’s legs. Carrie was pulling those lovely butt cheeks of Cathy’s apart as her tongue slipped inside her pussy.

I slipped my clothes off and joined the women on the bed. I lie next to Carrie as I checked out Cathy’s hot looking pussy and her asshole. Cathy had a dark patch of hair around her pussy as well as a hairy asshole that is for a woman.

“Fuck her John,” Carrie moaned from beneath her.

I got behind Cathy as Carrie grabbed my cock. She rubbed it up and down between Cathy’s pussy lips before she placed it at her entrance. I eased the head of my dick into her. Carrie’s tongue was licking at the underside of my cock as I did. I started to fuck Cathy while Carrie used her tongue on my cock and balls.

“AHHhh,” Cathy moaned as I fucked her harder and deeper with each stroke.

I was soon banging the hell out of Cathy from behind. When I got going to fast and my cock would pop out from her pussy. Carrie would give it a lick before she slipped it back into her wet pussy. I took my thumb and I ran it around Cathy’s asshole as I fucked her.

“AHhhh yes,” Cathy screamed out.

Cathy started to work her butt back against my thumb. I got my thumb wet with my saliva before I shoved it up her asshole. Cathy moaned and shook as I worked my cock in her pussy and my thumb in her ass. I felt her juices surrounding my cock as I fucked her.

“I want some of that cock too,” Carrie cried out.

I with drew my cock from Cathy’s pussy as well as my thumb from her ass. Cathy rolled off Carrie who told me to get onto my back. Carrie got on top of me and she guided my hard wet cock to her pussy.

Carrie leaned forward kissing me passionately as she worked her pussy up and down onto my cock. Carrie was bouncing her pussy over my cock. That girl could ride when she was on top of you. I felt a hand rubbing at my balls as Carrie rode me. I saw that Cathy was behind Carrie and it was her playing with my balls. Carrie broke our kiss as her head went to the side of my head.

“AHhh John she is licking my asshole,” Carrie said into my ear.

All I could see was the top of Cathy’s head behind Carrie I took my hands and I pulled Carrie’s butt cheeks apart giving Cathy a better shot of her asshole. Carrie moaned again telling me that she was poking her tongue in and out of her asshole.

I started to work my hips upward driving more of my cock into Carrie’s pussy. I felt my balls tightening as my cock throbbed. Carrie screamed into my ear that she was going to orgasm.

“AHhhhh,” I moaned as I shoved my cock upward burying it deep into Carrie’s pussy.

My cock twitched then throbbed as cum filled her pussy. Cathy removed her tongue from Carrie’s asshole. She then grabbed my cock, which was still shooting. Cathy pulled it from Carrie’s pussy then covered her mouth over it as she sucked out the last drop of cum from my cock.

Carrie rolled off me and I slipped up to the head of the bed. The women joined me one on each side of me. They kissed over my chest telling each other that they had enjoyed that. The girls rubbed at my chest as I wrapped an arm around them both. We played for another hour or so each getting off again.

“We all have better get some sleep if we want to see Orange Island in the morning,” Carrie said looking to Cathy then to me.

Cathy cuddled up to me and I watched her close her eyes. I turned to Carrie whose head was lying on my chest. Carrie was writing something on my chest right where my heart was with her finger. I lie there thinking what she was writing by just the feel of her touch.

“I love you too,” I said as I pulled her face to mine.

We kissed deeply and with passion before she too cuddled up next to me. I lie there awake as the both of them fell asleep in my arms. A smile came to my face as I closed my eyes. The first night at Carrie’s Place had been one to remember I thought as I drifted off to sleep.

“Time to get up John,” I heard Carrie telling me as she shook me.

I looked at her with heavy eyes. I swear I had just fallen asleep. I rolled over closing my eyes once more. Carrie pulled the sheet from me telling me to get up again. I sat up in bed to see that she was dressed already.

“What time is it?” I asked.

“It’s time for you to shower before we head to Orange Island,” She replied smiling. “I have already got breakfast going so you shower then come join us,” Carrie added.

I got out of bed and went into the bathroom in our master bedroom. I splashed some cold water onto my face. I then jumped into the shower still trying to wake up. I turned the shower to cold as I stood there. That woke me up real quick like. I slipped my jogging pants on and a t-shirt before heading down the hallway. I was trying to be quiet so I did not wake up our guests.

When I entered the living room, I saw that I did not need to be quiet as everyone was already up. There was a small fire going in the fireplace. I also noticed that the fog was around the house. I grabbed myself a cup of coffee as I did a head count. All of our guest were up and waiting on me. I looked to the clock; it was 4:15 in the morning. I sat down at the table as Carrie came over with a plate of scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. Carrie smiled as she sat the plate in front of me.

“I did not think everyone would be up,” I said to Carrie giving her a smile.

“They were waiting when I got up,” Carrie replied with a bigger smile.

I finished my breakfast during which each of our guest had something to say be it “Good Morning,” or “It’s so beautiful up here.” I grabbed the keys to our boathouse and as I was going out the patio doors.

“Do you need the hands of an old sailor?” Gary asked me.

“Sure could,” I replied.

Gary and I walked down to the boathouse where we loaded our two boats. One was a big pontoon boat build for up to twelve persons. The other was a sleek brand new speedboat rigged for fun and for fishing. I jumped into the speedboat and turned the engine over. I looked to Gary standing on the dock near by.

“Here you go Captain the other is yours,” I said as I tossed him the keys.

Gary smiled at me before he got onto the pontoon boat and started her up. I jumped out of the speedboat and walked over to Gary. I told him she was not the destroyer that he was used to serving on.

Gary turned to me and he replied, “A fine ship she is to watch the sunrise I mean to sail to Orange Island,” as I saw the twinkle in his eyes.

Gary and I returned to the house. We got our passengers and we headed for our boats. Once at the docks I told our guest that Captain Gary was in charge of the pontoon boat. Our guest clapped and cheered as four couples went with Gary and his wife. The other couples and Brenda came with Carrie and me.

We cast off our lines and pulled our boats from the dock. We were just a ways from our docks the morning fog was all around us our boats side by side. It was a thick heavy damp fog. I stood behind the wheel of our speedboat looking around. I saw Gary doing the same I wondered if his thoughts were as mine.

“John, if it’s to foggy,” Carrie said as she rubbed my back.

“This is a perfect day for Orange Island,” I replied before kissing her. I looked to Gary as I said, “Follow me Captain.”

We slowly pulled away as the gentle waves broke across our bow. We had only gone a little ways when I noticed the fog start to race across the water. Carrie smiled at me when she saw it as well. I turned my boat to the east as I looked over to see that Gary had done the same.

“Onward to Orange Island,” I yelled out as I gave her some gas.

The bow was soon above the waves. I kept our boat rather slow as not to lose Gary. The fog soon disappeared from the water. I stopped our boat as Gary pulled up along side of us. The dark night was breaking all around us. Part of the sky had stars in it as the other half started to turn blue. Orange Island started to rise up over the edge of the water.

“Time to race Orange Island,” I yelled out.

I told Gary we would see them there as I fired our engine back up. I told my passengers to hang on to their seats. I brought our speedboat up onto plane as we raced toward Orange Island. I drove until you could see just what looked like a small Orange Island sticking up on the horizon. I stopped the boat, as a small cloud appeared right above it. Gary and his party caught up with us and he placed his boat along side of ours.

“Welcome to Orange Island,” I yelled out as I pointed toward it.

The people stood in amazement as they looked toward it. Most of them had no idea what it was. I stood there with Carrie in one arm and Brenda in the other. Brenda told Carrie that it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. The other couples looked toward Orange Island as they hugged with smiles on their faces.

Two boats adrift on the lake as Orange Island slowly arose. Orange Island was now the bright morning sun. I saw that there were nothing but smiles on our guests faces as they hugged and kissed each other. We turned our boats and we made our way back home.

Once there all of the guest were saying the same thing, “That was so lovely to see.”

“It is lovely and we lucked out for you can not always catch a glimpse of Orange Island only if the conditions are just right,” Carrie said as she smiled to me.

Carrie took our guest back up to the house as Gary and I tended to the boats. Gary handed me the keys to his ship. I told him to keep them that he was the Captain of that ship for the rest of his stay. I showed him the lake map marked with the best fishing spots.

The rest of the weekend went great. Our guests fished, skied and had sex on the boats. We had a BBQ for dinner Saturday night. After dinner, there was dancing, sex, hot tub sex and more sex. The night ended with a group orgy on the living room floor. Sunday was fishing and sex until it was time to say good-bye to our guests. As the couples were getting ready to leave Carrie and I asked Gary and Tina to stay behind as we wanted to talk to them about something.

That something was to ask them if they would like to become regulars and to lend us a hand on the weekends. I had told Gary that we would get them a camping trailer and put it down by the boathouse. Gary told me not to bother, as they owned their own motor home. Carrie and I both told them that we would work out a deal for payment of their services.

“Just to be asked to stay on and help you two with this lovely place is payment enough,” They both told us as we told them we would see them next Friday.

The guests were all gone as Carrie and I cuddled up onto the sofa. We both agreed that it had been a lovely and a fun weekend. We were remembering some of the highlights when Brenda joined us. Brenda handed Carrie a stack of envelopes.

“What are these?” Carrie asked.

“Six letters telling you how wonderful your guests had enjoyed their stay,” Brenda replied. “This last envelope is something special for the both of you,” Brenda added smiling.

Carrie read each of the letters. Their letters were full of praise of their stay at Carrie’s Place. All the letters made mention of the story Carrie had told them on Friday when they had arrived. Our guests told us that the story had touched their hearts deeply and that they could see and feel the special bond and love that was between Carrie and me as they joined us this weekend. They wished us both happiness and that our love never stopped.

Carrie opened the last envelope as she said, “Holy shit,” “What is all this money?”

Carrie counted it and there was $2,400.00 there. Brenda smiled at us as she told us that each couple had given her 400.00 telling her that we deserved it for showing them all such a wonderful weekend.

I took the money from Carrie and I counted out eight hundred dollars. I handed it to Brenda as I told her that was her cut. I handed the rest to Carrie as I told her to use it for any improvements to Carrie’s Place as I smiled at her.

Brenda and Carrie sat down beside me on the sofa. The girls wrapped their arms around me as they both said, “Thank you John,” before they took turns kissing each other and me.

Carrie’s Place was a big hit and the three of us started to plan next weekend’s party. Well the girls did that is, as I had to deal with work from our construction company that we renamed with approval from my uncle to C&J Construction.

Carrie and I were riding high and our love for each other grew bigger and better each day. My nightmares were gone; the only flashbacks I had were of past fun with Carrie. Sometimes I would just stare at her thinking how wonderful of a wife she had made.

I will close this chapter here. In my next chapter, more fun at Carrie’s Place. However, the darkness is right around the corner waiting to send me back to hell once more.

Sorry was late in getting this chapter out as it has been nice out and got busy with getting the boat ready for the season. As always, let me know that you are enjoying my story and more to come in my next chapter.
Sgt. J


2015-01-03 03:49:45
Cheating, a little harsh, I think. "other posters" I found your story and went to your 1st chapter to start. I understand how you could share the one you love and be happy and forgiving. "also getting hard hearing her tell me about it"
Great story
Thank you for your service, with all my heart. Stevers

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I enjoyed the part where Carrie fucked the client. I do not agree that its cheating, just because they have an open marriage. Putting myself in Johns shoes, I would have reacted just like he did, with a hard cock and I would not have been upset. Although I don't lead a swingers lifestyle, I wish I could, but my wife just aint interested. I have always told her, if she wants to fool around with anyone, its OK, just tell me afterwards. Thats really how I feel, as Im not the jealous type. In fact my personality is a lot like Johns. What a GREAT true story.

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I think i may have to concur with other peoples opinions on this story. I personnaly find it unacceptable and unforgivable that Carrie would cheat on John like that. I have no idea how he was so cool about it.

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Your story is just as great if not better than the first time I read it. I know what is coming next, but I still enjoy reading it again. Thank you John for writing about your life.

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