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Look could you please comment because this is my first story ever and I was going to add sex but thought of adding it on the next chapter I know lame right so please comment and honest opinion please.

Being me is pretty hard seeing as I can electrocute any living being upon contact and as an added bonus (which is good) I can control electricity at my will and absorb or distribute it. Ok I know that sounds really cool I mean who wouldn’t want to control lightning at their very will but imagine it going out of control and blacking out an entire city because you where hungry and couldn’t see in the dark so you decide to turn on the lights but accidentally eat and entire city’s worth of electricity for three months. Bright side is that you aren’t hungry anymore down side an entire city black out. At least the city had some backup generators. Other than that my life is almost good mostly because I am an orphan and 18 going to college after high school that’s getting paid by me after taking on so many jobs, well enough about my Life’s story lets get on about what s going on now.

Walking to school isn’t so bad unless your getting chased by guys who really want to kill you. So really it isn’t that bad I mean I could shoot them with 2000 volts of electricity each but I have been hiding my powers for eighteen years so why start blowing my cover now right? So instead of shocking the living hell out of them ill use martial arts to kick their asses right? Wrong. Why because I am trying to look like a weak guy that doesn’t draw attention to himself so I let myself get beat up. Everybody probably thinks its funny a well after a few months I am out of here on my way to college but I have to get out of this hell hole so I go to class with a black eye its a good thing I have instant regeneration, after six hours of hell I go to my last class to one of pure heaven mostly because its science and we have a smoking hot teacher with an hourglass figure and (bright side) she is eighteen which is funny when most of the guys strike out so far I am the only one in the whole school who hasn’t asked her out and before you think about it I am not gay at all so don’t ask that well as it turns out apparently there are a total of thirteen students in this class mostly its because its for advanced advanced students with really high grades.

Not to brag but apparently I am really smart along with three guys and ten other girls me being included with the guys, I try to remember all of their names but its hard enough to just remember one for me and/ that name is mine which is jack or Joe maybe Jones but ill go with jak cause its easy to remember and also its the name of a favorite video game of mine. As I walk in the classroom I see I am the second one there along with another girl, Ms. Gonzalez says she is about to start class so I should get in my seat as I sit in my seat the other girl looks my way she's pretty so I say “hi” “hi” she says back to me I realize as I look at her that she Is new here so I ask her :are you new here?” “i am how did you know?” “i don't remember names but I do remember faces, and I’d think I’d remember seeing yours” “i don’t know whether that’s a compliment or an insult” “its a compliment” Ms. Gonzalez “ok class we may be the only people here but it doesn’t mean that you two should be flirting we still have a class to go on” as she said it she was looking at me with a hint of jealousy? “Ok class or other wise Mr. jak we have a new classmate with us her name is Alison so at least we have one more person to say hi to her other than me so hi well lets continue on what we left yesterday Alison we where learning about our body’s electrical current and how our brain generates our own electricity so ill just give you the quiz jak and ill catch Alison up to date on our lesson as I take the quiz I start wondering if my powers with electricity work this way then I wonder why I wasn’t wondering this before until I realize that before I was looking at Ms. Gonzalez body but since now I have time to wonder about it now.

When I finish my quiz I look over at Alison and Ms. Gonzalez who seem to have become best friends with each other than I raise my hand and say “i finished” “ill be right there jak” she says, “ well now I think we will continue on with our lesson from before since I have brought Alison up to date with us”. As she talks my eyes start to wonder over her amazing and beautiful body then my eyes roam over her body as I take notes then I look at her beautiful dark brown eyes and her long wavy brown hair and those kissable lips of hers plus she is eighteen which also means she is really smart then she sees that I am staring at her “do you see something you like Mr jak?” before I even think about it I say “just you” then I realize what I said and I start blushing she blushes as well “well jak I thank you for your compliment….ummm well lets continue with the lesson as I was saying the human body generates electricity from all of the cells in our body such as the electrons or protons being out of balance within our body” “umm I have a question” “yes jak what is it?” “can our bodies generate or absorb electricity?” “well the human body can absorb it but only minor quantities of course because if the human body contains or absorbs more than its supposed to it might kill the person one example is when a person is sentenced to death in the electric chair” Alison surprises me by saying “ but what if the DNA that involves the holding of electricity where altered so that the human body could conduct more than the said to be total amount of electricity and even absorb it?” “well if that where quite at all possible that could happen, that’s quite an interesting theory you have there ms Alison”. “well class I assume that this discussion will be held tomorrow good bye” “ seeya jak” says Alison At that very moment the bell decided to ring which to my disappointment ended rather quickly.

Such a wonderful day and I forgot to ask Alison for her phone number not that I might have a chance but she could still be my friend right? After school I usually go to a bar or practice with my powers which im going to go to at the moment, you see about when I was thirteen I was having surges and I blew out all the lights near the orphanage in which I was in then after that I made sure to always try to control the surges which to my dismay happens all the time because if it don't I may fry a person with out realizing that I fried a person. So when ever one of these surges I run to the bathroom I shoot all of the power that I was holding back out the window trying to hit a bird for some dog or cat to eat. When I reach the abandoned power plant I start with target practice with an electrical voltage bolt at all of the near lamp lights after that I started trying to form grenades like in infamous 2 after two successful attempts I tried forming a tornado of lightning pretty amazing but a failed attempt I knew I could do because I once did it by accident after more failed attempts I started surging I mad sure to release it in a continues burst to the surrounding power fuses trying to restart them then after restarting them I re absorbed all the electricity after finishing I was about to head home to my apartments until I see a womanly figure in all black looking me fear in her eyes. She runs. I chase after her making sure she doesn’t start talking so I release a small bolt enough to stun her I hit her on the back and she falls I go to get her.

When I reach the body I see that she was unconscious I take of her mask and to my surprise its my teacher!? I pick up her body and take her to my apartment. after an hour or so she begins to stir and automatically begins to run I shock her again she falls I pick her up again so then I put her on the bed and wrap the blankets around her legs another hour passes she stirs again but this time she falls I laugh a bit and tell her to calm down “where am I?” “well I couldn’t have you telling people about meso I chased you then I knocked you out and brought you to my place” “ok so are you going to let me go?” umm I would but how do I know your not going to tell people about what I was doing hm?” “uh ok I wont” “I really wish I could believe you but now I got a question or two now listen what where you doing near the power plant at the time?” “well I cant tell you that” I shock her a little “ow ok ill tell you I was walking around because I live ner the power plant and I wanted to know what all the commotion was about” “yea right then why where dressed in black?” because I didn’t want to get caught if it was something important” “damn as much as I want to believe you I just cant so please tell me the truth because I really like you but you just wont tell me the truth please” “ ok now I don't know if you know this but I kinda like you” “ok now I know so what does that have to do with you being at the power plant?” “I was kind stalking you because I sometimes do this and I always see you go into a bar so I thought it was weird you going to the power plant by yourself today” “well not that im appalled by you stalking me im actually quite happy but why where you stalking me?” she starts blushing “ well I didn’t know if you liked me or not” “well of course I do but about what I was doing you can never tell anybody is that alright?” “yes” “alright then time for me to eat dinner”.

My usual dinner consisted of about 22000 volts of electricity so what I do to eat is quite simple I go find a fuse box and absorb all the electricity there about enough for an appetizer second all I do is roam the city by going on top of roofs im not copying the guy from that game its just a hell of a lot of fun and hey if you ever get powers like mine you could do it to. Tomorrow being Saturday I go to the dojo where I learn martial arts. After meeting up with my martial arts instructor her name is Sara smith very beautiful but in her twenties sadly after five painful hours we ate lunch then it was time to start actual training with five more hours that’s why I always get there early otherwise I wouldn’t have any time to go to local bars my favorite was the bar downtown called THE OFFICE when I went there I asked the bar owner why he named it that and he said that it was for any guy who said to his wife this “honey im going to be stuck at the office tonight” then I laughed and said that was a good name then it turns out the place was a big hit mostly because there where a lot of people there men and women mostly in business suites which made me laugh hard one time and one time I saw a couple fight because they said they where going to be stuck at the office that they didn’t know that they where practically right behind each other then I was really tempted to go over there to look behind them which I did then they both turned crimson red and I laughed even harder so I decided to work there as the second bartender in command. On my walk there I noticed something out of my corner of my eye then I start thinking someone is following me so I turn into an alley and start climbing to the top. as it turns out the person was following me and then I jump on the persons back “ who are you and why are you following me?” “you have to help me” then they disappear and I stare open mouthed looking at concrete. As I arrive at the bar I was still thinking back on what had just happened then I bump into the manager “hey jak sorry my man we are going to close early tonight something has come up recently my brother is dieing so i want to close up for a week oh and here a woman came here awhile ago and said she wanted to talk to you here she left an address seeya jak” as i saw my manager walk away I read the card. After arriving to the destination said on the card which apparently was the power plant the woman that was following me was there instantly I got ready for a fight “i am not here for a fight” she said in a husky voice “then what are you here for then” “I just want to talk” “about what?” “you have a power similar to mine” “ I dont see how since teleporting doesn’t really involve electricity” “look all I want is help and you can help me” thinking about my next words she continues to speak “please the man trying to kill me is from an organization that believes that humans shouldn't have these powers and that only god can have them and I need help or they are going to kill me!” sometimes I wished I didn't have a nice heart “fine but your going to have to stay at my place cause I don't think I could protect you if you where far away from me is that ok?” “ oh thank you I don't now how I could repay you” I could, I thought with perverted thoughts. Getting horny as I made my way to my apartment I asked hr for her name “my name is mona” “that's a beautiful, a fitting name for someone so beautiful” I can see her blushing deeply even during the night, as we walk I notice her stunning features her large breasts a slim waist and a nice ass along with lips covered in hot fire engine red lipstick with deep blue eyes and long silky smooth golden hair getting hornier and hornier I start walking a bit faster to get to my apartments.

“hey wait are we being followed or something?” “oh sorry I am not used to walking with anybody else except myself” “oh its alright” I stare at her a bit “well we are almost at my place so don't worry” “oh ok”. We arrive at my place I unlock my door “welcome to my house and it will be your new sanctuary” “its a bit dirty would you mind if I cleaned a bit?” “ I won't mind at all really” “ok good” I watch in astonishment as she teleports all over my apartment picking up and dropping things and some just disappearing and in a matter of seconds my house is clean and all I did was sit down and open up a beer and watch tv then she appears next to me on my little couch “so how do you like it clean huh?” “ive got to say you did a wonderful job” “why thank you oh and where is the bathroom?” “its right next to my bedroom down the hall on the left” oh ok well im going to go take a shower see ya” she is gone again and while I sit there I hear the water running in the bathroom I start thinking about how I can get her into my bed but I get a sudden chill as if something bad where about to happen so I run to the bathroom and quickly open the door and see mona there about to electrocute her self, I rush at her yelling no and grab the wire but it in my mouth and surge, after I surge mona looks at me in awe “sorry about that I was about to release a shock wave of energy and since I remembered about you being here I had to use the emergency cord here” I show her the cord “well thank you but do you think you could get out im kind of umm...” I notice her blushing deep red until I notice that she is completely naked and I make sure to take fifty mental pictures then apologize and leave I study the mental pictures and I get an instant hard on, I remember her nice lollipop pink nipples apparently erect and her shaved pussy that looks so smooth and soft and delicious I would love to kiss her all over. Im sitting on the couch until I hear something to the left of me until I realize that she teleported right next to me in all but a simple towel covering her body then im instantly hard “ I forgot that I didn't have any clothes with me and I still took the shower” “well you can use my clothes if you want” “no its alright I kind of like sleeping naked” she looks down and sees the tent in my pants, “well I was wondering where I was going to sleep?” thinking fast I said we only had one bed so she could sleep in my bed and me in my couch unfortunately I was still horny so I decided to rub one out. I took out my 13 inch dick and rubbed one off sadly hopefully the next day would be better.

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