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A Run To Northern California.
3 Weeks Later....

I woke up at 4 AM i took care of my usual morning routine and got dressed.

I walked into the "Living room" as it came to be called. Walking over to the fridge behind the bar to get the creamer for my coffee. I opened it up and looked in the right. "No creamer, damn." I mumbled to myself. 

I proceeded to try and drink the coffee black but failing in the process, I coughed it up all over the counter. I put the cup in the sink. Then stepped out side.

The sun glared in my eyes causing me to squint. I saw Natalie, her and I haven't really talked much since we had sex a couple weeks back. I went back inside to pack my stuff up, a camp-out in the woods up in northern California. 

I packed a sleeping bag, 1 man tent and my hygiene items and bungy-corded then on my bike with Red & Black cords.  "Prospect! Get your ass over here!" shouted Knuckle. I ran toward him. I saw with another guy about my age with only a bottom rocker. "This is Prospect Shady, he came from Northern Cali, he's prospecting for us now, he started a week before you so you shouldn't have to show him the ropes." 

I stuck my hand out and shook his firmly "Duece." I said. He shook back just as firmly. He rode a Dyna Fat Bob painted Red & Black.

"It'll be fun not riding in the back by myself for once." I told him. "I know how you feel, I was the odd man out to." he replied. 

He was about 6' Skinny, not any tattoos visible with brown hair and grey eyes. 

At about 7 AM we started our bikes waiting for Eagle to go. He pulled up to the front of the gate with the rest of us forming behind him and Junior, of course Shady and I in the back. Convict was towing the trailer with Natalie. 

We rode 100 miles before our first rest-stop. I walked in because I needed to take a piss. When I got out I heard Shady arguing with someone else, but I couldn't tell who. I followed the voices and found him arguing with a man about 45 years old and about 5' 11". 

I walked nearer, as I approach I heard "You know all were trying to do is have a peaceful rest here after a 500 mile long road-trip, and you guys have to come and frighten the whole damn area!" The older man said raising his voice. "Sir we're just resting after a bit of a bit of a ride ourselves." Shady retorted. 

As the argument went on the mans daughter came over. She probably was around 18, 5' 8" jaw length blonde hair, green eyes, early D cups and an ok ass. she tried talking him out of what was going to be an inevitable. The mans son also came over he was about as big as his father, a little on the chubby side, the kind of guy you would see play linemen, and just as big of an ass. 

"You know what, Fuck you Gay Biker Fags!" The older man yelled. That was the last straw, Shady hit him square in the nose breaking it. I went after his son, I hit him with a upper-cut to the ribs breaking or at least bruising some on the right. Then I hit him in the cheek bone breaking it. He fell backwards knocking himself out by hitting his head against the cement I looked over and Shady had him pinned against the tree bombarding  his face with punches. 

I grabbed his shoulder and walked back to the bikes. His daughter followed me and slapped me. I grabbed her by the hand "What the fuck you want?" I said "You bastard let me go!" she said struggling against my grip. "Nah, gimme your number maybe I will." I retorted. She reached into her pocket and grabbed her phone showing me her number I entered it into mine. Instead of letting her go I took her into the bathroom. 

I walked in and pulled my pants down letting my dick hang out."Suck" I told her she dropped to her knees engulfing my head, then the rest. I could tell she wasn't very experienced because she kept letting her teeth graze my tip when she came back. Her mouth was so warm, wet, and willing to take my whole shaft. She pushed pass her gag reflexs and had me fully engorged on her throat. On her way back I came, filling her whole mouth up with my seed, she gasped for air as cum was leaking all over her shirt and exposed cleavage. 

I walked out and mounted my bike, not saying another word as we left the rest-stop. 

As we were riding my I saw Eagle signal to pull over, I looked in my mirror and saw a Police cruiser. We pulled over pretending like we had a problem, really we just wanted our shadow gone. 

We arrived a half an hour late turning the corner into a big rectangle parking lot filled with bikes. We dismounted our bikes, took off our helmets and when and joined the other prospects. 

I met up with Goblin and Gas who had recently gotten their top rockers. "Shady, this is Goblin, and this is Gas." I introduced them. "Hey you two!" Junior yelled. We walked over to him. "Sow these on." he said pushing into out chests our top rockers. 

We walked over to a picnic table and sowed the patches on, silently. When we finished we walked back over to Gas and Goblin were they hugged us. Eagle walked over and said "You four make a run into town, bring some of the local women with you." he said with a smile. We shoved on our helmets and started our bikes. We were joined by 4 other prospects from Montana and Arizona. We rode in formation with Top rockers in front and bottom rockers on back. Shady and I were behind Gas and Goblin who were leading the pack. 

Now if any civilians had any sense, they would be respectful to MC's. Especially prospects, who have something to gain, respect from patch-holding members. We pulled into a club looking for some legal women, we all walked in side. When some idiot bouncers decided they didn't like our 'kind' and tried to kick us out, they ended up in the hospital with broken ribs, noses, and check bones, and maybe some missing teeth.

The whole party stopped like they were frozen when we walked in, like we were gonna shoot them or something. We split up, deciding it will be better to find. 

The music started up again, and I found a nice looking blonde with shoulder length hair, bright blue eyes, large C-cup tits and a medium sized ass. I walked up to her "Hey would you like to dance." I asked. Now, I'm not much of a danced but figured I could just stand there and let her grind on me. 

She did much my then grind though, she lead me through the crowd and to the other side of the room, to the bathrooms. "Thank God for bathrooms!l I thought to myself as this was my third sexual encounter in one. 

I could feel my rod getting erect, trying to break free of my pants. Once we got in the room she locked the door and un buttoned my pants. "mmmmmmmmm!" I heard moaning as she took my shaft into her mouth. 

Once she was satisfied I was rock hard she pulled down her pants, and jumped on me. I caught her and she must've weighed only 110 pounds. She picked her self up then dropped herself down on my hardened prick. As she did this she flexed her pussy my muscles until we both came in unison. 

"Your a keeper." I whispered into her ear. She hopped off me and sucked my dick clean, then we both got dressed and left the restroom. 

The other prospects picked up girls that weren't half bad looking either, we regrouped and took our temporary women back to camp.  

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