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Ms. Y, the principal of a high school, has always been good at her job. But when the budgets get cut and her school is still craving more, she comes up with a completely new way to earn money. One of the teachers is a virgin, and is forced to experience new heights of pleasure as her boss is obsessed with the lust and money her new job produces.
Chapter 1
As another day at Thomas Jefferson High ended with the last of the students being picked up by their parents, Ms. Y let out a small smirk to the other teachers around her. They all knew what was in store on this day. Due to the recent budget cuts from the board of directors, Ms. Y had to get a little creative in finding new ways to get money.
She went into her office and found the extremely tiny french maid outfit she had been saving for so long. She was standing in her chilly office naked, nipples erect. She twisted the left one slightly only to get her pussy sopping. She may have had a kid already, but she was still tight as ever. She quickly put on the outfit and the small pair of underwear. She was pleased to see that the outfit accentuated her perky breasts and outlined her lower lips slightly enough that people were bound to notice.
She walked out to see Ms. Kline in her sexy cop outfit that Ms. Y had given to her. She felt a sudden wave of lust go over her as she licked her lips. She kissed Ms. Kline sloppily on her neck while she explored her tight virgin ass. She heard someone’s throat clear and snapped to the direction to see who was interrupting her moment. Mr. Crisco grinned slightly, and Ms. Y walked down the hall. She had a new recruit to go talk to.
Chapter 2
Ms. Vinch walked down the hall. The air slightly chilly so her nipples were poking through her pink sweater. She was expecting to go home and take a nice long bubble bath. It had been a while since she had had some time to herself. Her sexual energy was just bounding to get out, and she had a nice new vibrator to try out. She grinned slightly at the thought, her underwear getting a little wet.
As she was walking down the 8th grade hallway, her boss, Ms. Y cut her off. A very confused look crossed her face; her boss was wearing an extremely revealing french maid outfit. She also held a small crop, with a wry grin across her face.
“Hello Karen.” She began the soon to be interesting conversation.
“Umm, Raquel, it’s nowhere near Halloween. Maybe you should take that home to your husband.” Ms. Vinch reluctantly replied.
“Dear, you shall call me Nanny. I make the rules and you are our new recruit.” Ms. Hellen came around the corner wearing nothing but a tiny thong, six inch black heels, and tassles over her nipples. She also held a small crop, smacking it into her hand at a steady rhythm.
Ms. Y took her confusion as an invitation to move closer. She found her workers puzzled look arousing, knowing that Karen could see her nipples through her tiny dress. “Karen, TJH is a whore house by night. You are our new recruit. There are no objections, welcome to the team.”
Chapter 3
Ms. Vinch was very confused, but then again excited as she was taken to her designated classroom; Room 8. It had always been her secret dream when she was younger to be stripper, but now it seems her dream has been intensified to being a full blown whore. The only problem was she was scared, she was a complete virgin.
Ms. Y came in, very impressed at Ms. Vinch’s slim body. Her nipples were fully erect. She could see a troubled expression on her face.
“What’s troubling you dear?” Ms. Y said.
“Well, I don’t object to being a whore, but I am a virgin.” Ms. Vinch said with a hint of embarrassment.
Ms. Y couldn’t help herself any longer. She passionately kissed Ms. Vinch and laid her down on the back desks. She rubbed Karen’s erect nipples producing a soft moan. Raquel felt the dampness of Karen’s underwear. She carefully removed it, and began licking her outer lips. It tasted sweet, and aroused Raquel even more. Her underwear was becoming a pool of her own sweet.
She licked Karen’s clit slightly, sending a soft chill through her. She moaned in complete ecstasy as Raquel slid her fingers slowly in and out of her while picking up the pace with licking her clit.
Karen had never experienced such energy. Not only was she a virgin, but she had never even had an orgasm.
“Rub my nipples and my pussy at the same time,” explained Raquel who then hastily got back to eating out Karen.
The explosion of pleasure came back as she did what she was told. Raquel slid her tongue inside Karen which brought her to her peak. She began to lose a hold of herself and put her fingers inside her boss to give something back. Raquel smiled happy that Karen’s natural instincts were kicking in. When Karen exploded all over her face, she licked the walls of her pussy to heighten the feeling. Ms. Y was slightly disappointed that she didn’t cum, but was satisfied at the harsh breathing Karen was experiencing.
Ms. Y slowly stood up and smiled at the ever so sweet Ms. Vinch. She thought she looked almost disgusted with herself. She went to go hug her, but Karen flinched away.
"Honey, it's okay. It gets easier with time, I promise." Then she exited the room, leaving Ms. Vinch to contemplate her new lifestyle alone.

Hey guys! This is my first story here on xnxx, and I hope you enjoy. I decided to split up the story a little to keep you all reeling, but please don't be afraid to criticize in the comments. I would love to hear what all of you have to say!

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HONEY HOT! Wish I had had teachers like this when I was in high school!

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make it longer next time.

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Wwhen do we get part 2

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