This is the last part of my small series I hope you enjoy
This is Keene’s challenge for me.
I woke up to see Keene in my bed fondling my balls. I had an extreme hard on. I was so surprised that I jumped away from Keene.
“What’s wrong?” Keene said. I just sat there and stared at him.
“What are you doing? What if mom or dad walks in?” I asked. Keene just rubbed my cheek and kissed me on the lips.
“Don’t worry. They got called in for a car wreck. They just left and by the sounds of it the Ambulance is still trying to get to the scene.” He reached into my underwear and I jumped as his cool hands rubbed my balls. I wrapped my arms around his neck and let him rub. Keene sat up and pulled me onto his lap. He grabbed the back of my boxers and pulled them just low enough for his dick to get into my hole. I slid right onto Keene and I held on tightly to him. He bounced up and down slowly. And each time I slid down my dick got a little bit harder. I was moaning and Keene slowly fucked me.
“You poor thing. You probably haven’t cummed in forever. Let me take care of that.” He reached down and slowly started to wank me. He did that for maybe ten minutes when I shot a hug load onto Keene’s abs. Keene didn’t bother to wipe the cum off. He just continued to bounce me on his dick. This went on for a little bit, but ended as Keene unloaded his man seed into my ass.
“Keene… how do you always have this much cum to give me?” I whispered in his ear.
“You just bring it out of me.” He said back as he held me in that spot. He let me climbed off and he followed me into the bathroom. We hopped into the shower together and he very slowly cleaned me off. When we were done he pulled me into his bedroom and locked the door. We climbed into his bed and we laid there just looking at each other. I had fallen in love with my brother and he was in love with me.
“Derrick, have you ever fucked a girl?” Keene asked. I shook my head no.
“Well then I have a challenge for you. We can have the most sexual time of our lives for one week; just you and me in the same bed. If you can fuck a certain girl by the end of today.” Keene said. I was shocked. My brother just offered one week of fucking if I just plow my first girl. I nodded excitedly.
“Okay… than you have to fuck… Olivia.” Keene said, looking me straight in the eyes. I was speechless.
“But… I can’t do that. She wouldn’t go for it.” I argued. Keene just smiled. He reached into a drawer and pulled out a small box of condoms. “What if mom and dad find the condoms?” I asked slowly taking the box.
“You can hide the used condoms in my trash bin. And by 12:00 tonight I will go through it and look for the condoms. If I find any used with pussy juice on the outside we will do whatever for an entire week. But if you don’t than we won’t do anything for a MONTH!” he said. I just stared at the box and I slowly nodded okay. I got up and got dressed. I walked into Olivia’s room to see her drawing on a huge sketch pad.
“Hey Olivia… whatca drawing?” I asked as casually as I could, trying very carefully to keep the box of condoms hidden behind my back.
“Nothing important.” She said. I just smiled and sat next to her. It was a layout of a house. The top was titled “MY DREAM HOUSE.” I smiled and looked at the picture. I looked on top of the second floor to see the bedroom. The bed in the room was very lumpy and looked very uncomfortable. I pointed it out and Olivia just laughed.
“No silly… that’s me and my husband having sex!” She said, my mouth dropped. Olivia looked sad for a second.
“Although…I don’t know who would marry me or have sex with me.” She started to cry. I put my arm around her to comfort her when the box slipped out of my hand. The box hit the ground with what seemed like a loud bang.
“What was that?” Olivia asked looking down at the ground. She saw the box and the condoms spilling out of the lid.
“You wanted to … fuck me?” Olivia asked her face instantly red.
“Um. Yes.” I said very quietly. Olivia just stared at me and then jumped on top of me. She planted a kiss right on my lips. She whispered a thank you into my ear. She then pulled of her clothes and started to claw at my shorts. She pulled them off and ripped off my shirt. I was sitting there in my
to form and her cute little crotch area was starting to grow some pubic hair. She grabbed a condom sister’s bed, wearing only my underwear with Olivia sitting on my crotch. I was growing insanely hard.
“Well?” Olivia asked. Her golden hair fell to her shoulders, her buds on her chest were just starting and ripped it open. She slipped her hand into my shorts and started to jack me off. She fully pulled of my boxers and let them fall to the ground. She slipped the condom on my boner and she lay down. I climbed on top of her and started to rub my dick against her vagina.
“Please be careful. I’m still a virgin.” She whispered as I slowly started to enter her. OH MY GOD, IT FELT AMAZING. I started slowly but then started to speed up. Olivia was under me moaning in pleasure. Sadly it didn’t last long; between Keene having already played with my balls and Olivia’s tight hole I was cumming like none other. It was a million times better than any wet dream. I finished cumming and I pulled off the used condom and tied it in a knot.
“Oh Derrick that was amazing! Can we do it again?” Olivia begged me. And we did…in fact we fucked every hour for the rest of the day until mom and dad came home.

That night Keene came in and crawled into my bed while everyone was asleep. He whispered in my ear that he had found the condoms and that he was proud of me.
“A deal’s a deal, Keene.” I whispered back to him. He just smiled and asked me what I wanted. I smiled and said I want him. And we spent the entire week fucking and sucking. And still to this day we meet up every so often and have a little fuck fest.
The End

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2013-04-08 10:16:23
loved it seems a little fake though. brother sister relationship is not that easy to fuck up. but still liked it.

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