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“Aw come on bro, you promised you would bring it”, I said into my iPhone, talking to my best friend Mike. “You can’t let me down like this!”
“I’m trying to man, don’t worry I promise you I’ll bring it”.
Let me start off with a little bit of background, my name is John, and I had just turned 14. I’m about 5’7, 140 pounds of muscle, and I’m a football player. I was known as “The Savior” because my parties were legendary for the things that happened. One time, we took a balloon, tied a paper ball to it, set the paper ball on fire, and watched the balloon pop.
Mike was my best friend, and he was still 13, but he was gonna be 14 in a month. Mike and me, we had been best friends our whole lives, and we were like brothers. Mike was like 5’1 110 pounds, he was small with reddish, brown hair, freckles, and I never understood why he never got any girls. He was honestly really cute, and he had a smile that lit up the room as corny as it sounds. Anyways, it was June and I was throwing this huge end of year party because my dad was away on business for the weekend in Jersey, which meant he was probably gambling, but fuck it. 80+ kids in a mansion relaxing in the pool in 70 degree weather, ayy I was gonna get pussy that night.
Now, I was asking Mike to bring some redbull, because redbull was like my drug haha. Mike lived like right next to a CVS and I knew it was no problem for him to grab a bottle. I wanted to get in the shower cause even though it was June, I still wanted to look somewhat nice, even though I was going swimming and probably just hanging out by the pool. I was wiped out of my train of thought by the sound of my phone going off and I looked at the screen and saw Shawn on the caller ID.
Shawn was the man, no better way to put it. Big black kid who lived in the projects and was our running back, me and him got along great. Shawn came to our school around 3rd grade, and his first day was sent to the principal for not taking his Braves hat off. I then got sent down there for saying he got sent down there for being black, and our friendship went from there. The high point of our friendship was when he got in some problems with the cops after beating the shit out of a kid for calling him the n word, and I convinced the school to get involved and defend Shawn. Shawn was pretty much addicted to weed, and smoked it on a daily basis. Think Ryder from GTA that was Shawn. Shawn was my boy though, and saved my back a couple times. Shawn’s brother Randy worked at the Modell’s about 20 minutes away, and was always willing to hook me up with stuff, so I was always rocking the new shoes before they came out.
“Yo what’s up broo? You ready for later?”
“Yeah you know it my dude? You care if I smoke at your place?”
I thought for a second, because even though I threw legendary parties, I don’t smoke. I have before, but I liked being in control of myself at parties. But it’s Shawn, and if Shawn doesn’t smoke, Shawn flips a shit. Shawn literally has yelled at the assistant principal before because she said that smoking is bad.
“Nah I don’t care, just don’t set my woods on fire!”
“Haha thanks bro, I’ll see you soon ight”
“Yeah for sure bro drive safe”
At that moment I heard the doorbell ring, and I said who could be here this early. Of course, it was Mike, looking perky as always. He was wearing a snapback hat, a solid white tee, and a red and white bathing suit. I forgot Mike was coming early to help set up, and I felt really stupid because, I mean, how could I forget. Than I thought to myself he looks different for some reason. His hair looks the same, he didn’t get any taller so what could it be? Probably nothing too important I thought.
“What’s up bro? Thanks for coming early”
“You know it’s no problem man, anything to make you happy”
That was weird, Mike never talked like that, and he had a bit of nervousness in his voice. He must have been ready to get some pussy, and I don’t blame him. For 13 and 14 year olds, we had some really hot girls in our grade.
“Alright man let’s get to work. Let’s fix up the place”.
For the next 30 minutes or so, Mike and me cleaned up, and I noticed he was giving me these weird stares, like with a lust in his eyes, but I ignored it for the time. Pretty soon we were done, and as people started coming, I started welcoming them, like the host I am, and keeping an eye on things. Everyone was having a blast, and the sounds of Wiz Khalifa, Drake, Lil’ Wayne, LMFAO, all that party shit blared through the speakers. I looked over and saw Shawn picking up a girl and throwing her in the pool. See, this is how life should be. Drake put it best, you do only live once. As I was talking with some guys from football about summer workouts at the park, Casey came up to me.
Casey was 14, with decent sized tits and long blonde hair, and she was stunning. Casey was in this really tight bathing two-piece, and it was no secret most guys wanted to fuck Casey; she just had that perfect body and the perfect ass. In fact, up until last year, she was so innocent, and was one of the smarter people in our grade, and probably even in the high school, where we were going next. But you know how girls change. It started with the facebook pics, than what she wore, and ultimately she was hooking up with guys, and then leaving them with cold feet when they tried going further. She came up to me with this flirtatious look on her face.
“Johnnnnn sick party dude thanks for the invite” she said, putting emphasis on John, which I thought was pretty cute.
“Aw no prob Case you know I always invite you to this shit”
“Cause you’re the shit!!” she screamed. I forgot to mention she had a high pitched voice.
“Hey that means a lot coming from you”
“Well if you need anything, just call me,” she said with a wink, and than she left to go find her friends.
I walked back in the house for a second, just to go and change into shorts, As soon as I walked in the house though; I saw that the door to my room was open. I started freaking out because I thought someone was in there stealing shit. I walked into my room and found Mike sitting on my bed, with his head in his hands and tears down his face. That was the first time I had seen Mike cry since like we were 8, and I was so surprised. He saw me and turned bright red.
“Oh J-John uh I was..I mean” He sputtered out
“What the fuck? What’s wrong” I asked him, with concern in my voice.
“John there’s something I gotta tell you. I’m gay.”
“WHAT?” I yelled. But than I realized it did make sort of sense. The fact that he never had a girlfriend even though he was one of the cutest boys in the grade, the fact that he always wore colors like purple and pink, and the way he was acting before. Shock overtook me as I realized my best friend was gay. What?
“I uh, How did you find out? I mean like, I don’t know when did you find out” I didn’t know what to say.
“I saw you with Casey outside, and I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I love you man, so much more than I should, and I’m sorry.”
“Mike I.I just don’t” But I was interrupted by Mike kissing me on the lips. For a second I was in a state of shock, and than I realized I was enjoying it. I was in a pure state of bliss, as I hooked up with my best friend for a good 30 seconds.
“Mike..I love you too” I didn’t even know the words that were coming out of my mouth but fuck it, it felt good to say it, and it felt even nicer when he started hugging me and cuddling me. It’s like, 5 minutes ago I was thinking about fucking Casey in her tight, pussy and getting with her, yet now I was with my best friend about to get with him. Life’s crazy ain’t it?
“Let’s lock this door, because no one needs to know what we’re doing” I whispered, locking the door double tight.
“Okay” Mike said, his eyes wide, beaming as his dreams came true.
Mike took his pants off and turned even redder than before. In front of me was a roughly 4-inch circumcised dick, but it looked like he had never shaved before. It was like a forest it was so bushy, but I thought that was hot. I got on my knees and put his hard dick into my mouth. For my first time, it felt weird. It had a really weird taste to it, but I got used to it. Mike than began fucking my face, and I started getting dizzy as my head went back and forth, but him busting in my mouth was one of the greatest things I had ever experienced.
I than bent Mike over,and put my face close to his tight, little bubble butt. There was no hair on it, and my dick was harder than ever. I slowly put my head closer, and smelled the murky, awful smell from his butt, but it smelled so good I was falling in love. I put one of my fingers inside his ass and begin fingering him lightly, and his body began shaking. As I began licking his ass lightly, he slowly shuddered and started moaning, and his moans became faster as I inserted my 7-inch cut penis and began thrusting in and out. Mike started screaming “YES JOHN FASTER, HARDER DEEPER”
As calm as always, I said, “Shut up” and proceeded to bust a nut in his tight asshole.
Mike and me sprawled out onto the bed as I kissed his cute pink lips for more time. Mike than got onto his knees and put his lips around my hard cock and began licking the head of my dick as I began moaning, and I was in such a state of enjoyment and I put my hand through his hair and began feeling his thick, auburnish hair. I then bust again, and Mike kept it in his mouth and hooked up with him, letting my own cum go down my throat. Mike and Me than embraced, and he whispered to me,
“John, this was the best day of my life. I love you”
I leaned over and said, “I love you too”.
Suddenly we heard the door opening, and a gasp.
“Oh. My. God” as I recognized the voice
“Oh shit..Casey!”

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That isighnt's perfect for what I need. Thanks!

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