this is a long story with very little sex ...

...Sally walked away from hospital emerge, hips swaying, heels clicking, hair bouncing some and moving lightly in the night breeze... She carried only a small wallet in her hand with her hotel key and credit card from Luther Corp..., Capital One... The wallet snapped onto her skirt belt courtesy of her clothing designers.

It-s times like this she missed the serenity of living with those monks..., they-ve got it right, Sally thought...!

...Sally had decided to walk to her hotel, about a mile and a half. She knew she would get cat calls, probably an invitation...but, Sally wanted to think about Molly, and a walk in the night air would help. Her black dress would keep her inconspicuous, but her blonde hair and heels would she expected company.

There was about a quarter mile of parkland, maybe half mile of residential streets...then three quarters too ONE mile of divided thoroughfare running right to her hotel. The boulevards were wide.

Sally set out walking, first thru the small park...which was open lawn with a few trees and shrubs... and of course a sidewalk running between the hospital and the intersection near the houses. Sally passed a couple out late and two young men. The men looked at her but said nothing...checking her out after they had past. A hushed approval was overheard, Sally smiled.

The residential area was well laid out...with a passage way between properties leading to the divided thoroughfare. There were only a handful of homes with lights on... after all it is a weeknight and it is well past midnight.

During this time walking thru the park and houses Sally thought about Molly. She already knew her options for bringing Molly back to a fully functioning life would take divine intervention. What was done to that woman was monstrous.

Despite her good looks Sally made it to with-in a couple of blocks of her hotel before she received her first cat call... No big deal really. A second – hey baby - was delivered as she walked up the steps to her hotel ... all in all, a very nice stroll.

Back in her room Sally showered..., then lay awake in bed most of the night. Tomorrow she would begin... first Molly needed to start the re-construction of her physical body...

Molly-s mind... Sally thought for a moment; that will take some doing...more like resurrection; for that is what it really was... Sally reaffirmed her decision to use AML-s nearest piece of technology.

ANGEL MEDICAL LABORITORIES..., AML is the company name... The sun was up before Sally went to sleep.


It-s a brand new week and the juggernaut that hit O-Leon Corp had staff running for cover. Most had no idea what was going on. Jacqueline is a fine executive...when she moves its fast...nothing is overlooked.

She had determined in two days that O-Leon Corp itself was not complicit in Molly-s rape. She had heard rumors and later confirmed that several other wives of O-Leon employee-s had also been forced to perform sexual favours, but no rapes. However she could not get anyone to agree to take legal action.

So..., Jacqueline talked with Bob. Bob flew out to O-Leon and got personally involved but once again lips were sealed tight. Bob and Jacqueline flew back to head office...the decision was made to take up space right in the middle of the big brass at O-Leon Corp...

A special security detail along with several Luther Corp people stayed on at O-Leon. The police were also represented; the idea being to keep O-Leon under heavy surveillance...pressure – pressure – pressure.

What lay behind Jacqueline-s plan was something quite different... Bob Smithe himself was not privy to the inner workings of her female mind. ... Jacqueline knew she would catch it after the investigation.

Sally was too busy with Molly to take on the O-Leon investigation, Molly-s rehab was important to Sally, Molly had children; the rest could wait. ...
Now that she understood what had happened to Molly.., she was going to fix Molly using AML cutting edge technologies.


Sally got a chuckle after reading that head-line.

Molly was going to be a guinea pig of sorts. This would be the first time this technology would be used on a human being. Molly-s condition was such that there was no other choice. ...


KRIS -- opened the door and invited Dr. Sally Hudson and Mrs. Jacqueline Belaya into his home; smiling meekly at Jacqueline. He had already apologized to her but still felt very uncomfortable.

Jacqueline could see Kris was tense;
--- Ease up Kris, makes you wish you were a woman, does it not...? [Continuing]... Gives one the insight needed when arguing with a bitch...! [Jacqueline placed a hand on his shoulder trying to ease his tension].

This did nothing for Kris-s tension; however the sound of two children running and yelling did.
--- Mommy – mommy --- the Angel is here. Stefani and Kristi both yelling and running toward Sally...

Jacqueline looked at Sally;
--- What have you been telling these children...Angel yet...! [Jacqueline smiled]. Tarnished or what...!

--- From the mouths of babe-s. [Sally winked].

The children crashed into Sally exactly as she finished sparing with Jacqueline..., wrapping their little arms about her, Stefani, around Sally-s waist, the youngest girl, Kristi around Sally-s right thigh. ...

Jacqueline watches Sally place a hand on each child-s head. She could see their faces partially... their little faces beamed...eyes sparkling. Without saying a word the children let go of Sally ...Sally knelt and the children hugged her again...Sally held both children with her hands cupping the back of the little darling-s respective heads.

Jacqueline heard Kris gasp...she knew why...she too was in awe of the scene in front of her. Jacqueline was sure she could see the aura of the children. To be able to love like that Jacqueline thought, so pure.

Jacqueline and Kris watched Sally squeeze the children tight to her. Rising with both children in her arms she walked, heels clicking, holding them tightly. Both Stefani and Kristi hugging Sally as if they never wanted to be let go. Sally carried the girls into the kitchen area some 20 feet away...sitting them on the large center island;

Would you like me to show you some magic, Sally offered;
---Yes please, in stereo.

Sally put her left hand behind her away from any prying eyes;
---OUCH...! She said and produced a feather... Sally rubbed her bum a little...
.......... A tail feather, she said... continuing – WE angels have feathers you know...Both girls nodded, totally captivated.

Kris, Molly and Jacqueline also watched. Molly had taken to sitting at the top of the stairs, watching over the railing. Sally kept the feather floating, moving her hands causing air currents... the feather was drifting about, traveling between the girls, above the girls, etc. Both girls watched and laughed and stared on in awe... as did the adults.
----Would you both like an ANGEL feather to keep?

--- Yes.., again in stereo.

Sally reached behind her this time with her right hand, and, looking a Jacqueline..., giving one of her comical facial expressions; produced a feather;
--- OUCH...! And rubbed her bum again... [Winking at Jacqueline and Kris]...

She held the two feathers up in front of the girls;
---Put your hands out and I will have the feathers float from way up there [pointing toward the high kitchen ceiling] and land softly in your hands...

Speaking again to the children but in a more excited tone;
--- Don-t move your hands or the feathers will fall to the floor.

Sally moved the feathers about in her hands before thrusting them sky-ward. The feathers began their descent...Sally moving her hands, controlling their descent until each child had a feather in her hands.
--- You know, she said, I learned that long ago. I went to school in mountains far away and my teachers, monks..., taught me that trick.

--- Angels have to go to school, Stefani asked.

--- Yes...! Just like you.

There was a pause..., a moment for gathering in what had just been seen.
Sally spoke;
--- Here, Sally said, I have a treat for the both of you... Sally reached into her bag and pulled out two small rocks with jewels imbedded in them...
--- These are from a volcano I once visited far away. Cherish them...they are yours forever.

Kris looked at Jacqueline...he had tears in his eyes... His children-s faces were all lit up.

Jacqueline took Kris-s arm, giving it a gentle squeeze as they both watched. My God Jacqueline thought, is there no end to what this woman can accomplish.

There was a soft noise and all heads turned to see Molly standing, unsteadily at the top of the stairs.
---- Mommy – mommy...! Look what she gave us.

Stefani slid herself off the counter top running to the stairs, stopping to wait for her sister. Sally helped Kristi down. Together they sped up the long curved stairs to their mother.
--- Look mommy Kristi said. Both girls showed their mother the rocks..., and feathers.

--- Oh...! They-re beautiful, just like my girls. Molly said...and the tears came.

--- Why are you crying mommy..., are you sick...? Stefani asked. Looking to Sally... Stefani-s face showing deep concern for her mother.

--- NO...! Mommy-s just very happy to see her girls, Molly replied...hugging.

Sally, Jacqueline and Kris stood watching Molly and her children...
--- If it was like that all the time I-d have a hundred of them..., Jacqueline says.

--- Be a little tough on the birth canal Jacqueline but I will get working on that one for you. Sally says, whilst wearing one of her patented facial expressions.

---You are such a witch, Jacqueline replies. I am going to spank that cute ass of yours Sal-.

Unbeknownst to the three adults Molly and her children had made their way down stairs:
---You cannot spank an Angel aunty Jacqueline...says Kristi..., God will punish you.

... [PAUSE]...

--- I know honey, aunty Jacqueline was just joking. [Jacqueline looks at Sally and narrows her eyes slightly, after turning her head to avoid having her lips read by the children, she mouths, I-m going to spank you].


SALLY - had taken Molly back to the medical facility before supper. Much to the delight of Stefani and Kristi they would be spending the night with their mother, sleeping in an adjacent room... Sally would also spend the night at the facility. Tending both Molly and her children...

All told the facility had a staff of 27 plus 7 security. There would be 5 medical staff on all night with Molly, same as usual. Security would be full; all 7 would be on tonight plus one police cruiser with two cops. Jacqueline was taking no chances.


Jacqueline and Kris had business to discuss. Instead of going out to dinner they had pizza delivered. The gist of the business talk was Kris-s appointment as CEO of AML. He was more than capable and had been cleared of any involvement in his wife vicious rape.

Jacqueline did not want to go back to an empty hotel room with Sally staying the night at AML so she asked Kris if she could spend the night. Kris was pleased to be able to offer her a bed... they had two extra bedrooms he told her she could have her choice.

It had gotten quite late; Kris and Jacqueline had buried the hatchet with the help of a bottle of a couple of late hi-balls.

Jacqueline told her security she would be spending the night so they had the night off. SECURITY differed, telling her Bob would not allow that and they would be outside all night. Unless she got lonely...wink. Some laughter and Jackie went back inside...but not without wiggling her classy chassis.

Jacqueline smiled at herself acknowledging Sally-s influence...never going to tell her though...cocky bitch Jacqueline mused jokingly. Jacqueline really liked Sally...aka the Salamander as Jacqueline liked to refer to her from time to time.


During the evening and early night conversations...on many varied topics, Kris was sure he-d picked up on Jacqueline-s having recently becoming infatuated with rough sex. Not in so many words; but in Jacqueline-s nuances.

IT WAS ABOUT MID-NIGHT WHEN Kris suggested another drink before retiring. Both he and Jackie were feeling no pain. She agreed...Kris suggested they sit in the den which had the most comfortable furniture in the house.

Kris had been looking at Jacqueline-s legs throughout the night...the woman had gorgeous pins. Being a mature woman, Jacqueline, with her French ethnicity, made nothing of this...she knew she had good looking legs. BOYS WILL BE BOYS.

--- Phew, a bit warm in here, Kris says. [Undoing a button on his shirt]. I think we are comfortable enough with one another Jacqueline..., make yourself at home if you wish.

--- It is a bit warm... She moved her hair back off her shoulders, shaking her head to allow it to hang down her back. Jacqueline noticed Kris eyeing her legs again.
--- You like my legs Kris...?

--- Yes..., very much so..., he answers... [Jacqueline takes a sip from her glass].

--- I like the look of lace too Jacqueline; that is a beautiful dress. [His eyes on Jacqueline-s neck line].

Jacqueline undoes one button.

--- One more would be better, Kris says.

Jacqueline undoes one more button;
--- Better.

--- Much... [Kris can see the lace edge of her bra].

--- What color is that Jacqueline...?

--- Lavender.

I find it very sensual when a lady has both feet on the floor allowing me to see past her knees...

Jacqueline laughed;
--- Oh you do - do you.

--- Yes Ma-am. [Kris winks].

Jacqueline places a hand against her dress pressing it between her thighs as she moves those gorgeous legs of hers. Sitting now with both feet on the floor, Jacqueline keeps her knees together. Looking at Kris all the while...his facial expressions changing as she moves.
--- How-s that Kris...?

--- Fantastic.

Jacqueline took an-other sip of her drink;
--- Female emergency over here; gotta pee Kris.

--- Ok, there is another room I want to show you Jacqueline. [She smiles and walks to the main floor washroom].

Kris waits for her in an adjacent room maybe 5 minutes, keeping a decent distance away so as not to over hear her peeing...the gentlemanly thing to do he believes.


Jacqueline and Kris had been out on the rear deck for only a few minutes;

--- Brrr...! Cool out her Kris.

--- Ya..., it is..., let-s go back inside.

Kris places a hand on Jacqueline-s waist guiding her thru the patio door, assuring she does not trip over the threshold. Once inside Kris closes the patio doors, making sure they are locked. He draws the blinds closing them, pulling the heavy drapes shut... Kris does the same for the only other window in the room.

Jacqueline walks towards the door only to be intercepted by Kris;
--- Earlier in the night Jacqueline I believe you hinted at an interest in robust bedroom play. That is not my forte..., but I am inventive and can be energetic.

Jacqueline looked up at Kris with those big dark eyes of hers; saying nothing and enjoying every second of Kris-s come - on. His gentle touch, his mild manner gave her no cause for concern.

--- Am I right...?

Jacqueline gave no hint one way or the other, except a soft smile.

--- Wait...
Kris stepped out of the room turning the lights off in the living room and den. He locked the door to the games room, as Kris referred to this room, Click - Click – Click.

Kris turned Jacqueline toward the center of the room; guiding her with a hand upon her waist, he then led her to a large sofa. Turning her again so her back was to the sofa, Kris knelt before Jacqueline.
--- Sit please... I like to take a lady-s shoes off before I ravish her.

Jacqueline sat crossing her legs being a lady in doing so...Jacqueline always acts the lady, she was raised that way and was thankful for that. Jacqueline believed and had proven on many occasions that a lady has the advantage.

Kris took hold of her foot and raised it enough to remove the shoe.
--- I like looking past your knees when I take your shoes off Jacqueline, other shoe please.

Jacqueline complied. This is fun she thought...he is inventive; naughty, and cute kneeling in front of me. She watched as he raised her foot to remove her shoe, while looking up her dress.

Normally she would react differently but this is naughty, a near stranger looking up her dress... She wondered if he could see her panties. She did not concern herself about whether he liked what he saw or not, she knew he would. But how much did he like it...did it affect him to a point of near rape.

Was he going to undress her, she was sure he was, if he did he would know her body intimately. Kris would be able to look right thru her clothing in a meeting...seeing her every charm. Knowing her nipple size...what they looked like erect...her pubic hair...her smell...her bum, and soon how she felt to fuck.

Kris reached for the buttons; carefully un-fastening each one until the dress easily slipped off her shoulders. He unclasped her bra...nearly gasping at the beauty of her breasts.

He took her hand and led her to stand.

She rose wondering what he had in mind.

Kris stood and moved Jacqueline away from the sofa a couple of steps, he reaches under and pulls...a load thump and crash... Out came a twin hide – a - bed...of sorts.
Kris stepped to a cabinet, opening the door, removing a large Swedish Blanket... shaking it and placing it on the newly unfolded bed;
--- For your comfort my – lady.

Jacqueline stepped toward the bed, once again Kris intercepted her. Kris dropped to his knees again...sliding her panties and patterned nylons down those gorgeous legs of hers...asking Jacqueline to step out of them.

...Kris took her panties smelling them;
--- A hint of perfection Jacqueline. God you smell good.

Kris stood and disrobed in seconds.

Jacqueline eyed his fit, toned body with a very nice hard cock pointing straight at her.

Kris gently moved Jacqueline onto the bed, laying her down...swooping down to kiss her breasts. He took pride in hearing her soft gasp. He kissed and pulled at her breasts for a couple of minutes before pulling back...going down on her...raising her legs...over his shoulders.

Kris-s tongue introduced itself to Jacqueline. Her soft folds, small opening, sensitive little nub...all enjoyed meeting his tongue. ... A sigh; a gasp; her breath catching in her throat... Kris loved the sounds she made.

He rose up...moving ahead Kris entered Jacqueline easily..., what dreamy eyes..., her motion; sex with Mrs. Jacqueline Belaya was pure and simply put, heavenly. God what a great fuck she is Kris noted. Her face gets so red just before her orgasm...and the motion of her hips...hungry; she really enjoys fucking.

( continued)



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