...KRIS SMILED AT HER; --- Was it good for you Jacqueline...?

--- Yes... She answered with a weak smile. Jacqueline was tired now, sleep would come easily.

--- My turn know, and maybe a second one for you.

--- Ok. She answered. Most men cum quickly so she did not object to his suggestion.

--- I am going to be a little inventive...

--- Ok. Jacqueline answered, without really hearing Kris.

Kris moved atop her again kissing her tits... her light brown nipples showed pink when erect. Kris moved Jacqueline-s arms above her head gently...holding them there while her sniffs at her hair.
--- You smell fantastic Jacqueline. A little rougher this time, he whispers in her ear.

Kris moves higher holding her arms.

Jacqueline wonders what he has in store for her. He holds her thumbs together with one hand. Suddenly Jacqueline feels several seconds her wrists are cuffed.

--- No – No – No – Kris, take them off, I do not like being restrained.

--- Oh, good. That will make I so much better for you... maybe a seven on the Richter scale Jacqueline.

Jacqueline could not help herself, she laughed. Despite her dislike for having her freedom taken from her she laughed at the spin he put on bondage... Kris was funny...

She felt him leaking onto her stomach...pre-cum. Ok; she thought this will not take long. Plus she wanted to feel him cum inside her. She always enjoyed the feeling of a man ejaculating inside her. AND lately it seemed to Jacqueline the rougher the sex the higher the reward.

Kris kissed Jacqueline-s face, and smelled her hair, nibbled on her neck and upper arms. Reaching for the ball - gag he took hold of Jacqueline-s hair pulling gently forcing her head back and mouth open. With no warning he slipped the ball gag into her mouth. Jacqueline-s eyes grew to saucer size...

She was yelling into the gag to no avail.

Kris leaned forward;
--- You look so cute; I wish I had a camera so you could see this later.

Jacqueline was twisting trying to get Kris off of her, kicking her feet.
--- Don-t kick your feet Jacqueline, you will hurt them on the end of this hide - a – bed.

She stopped kicking her feet but not the twisting to get free. Kris took a minute to secure the gag. He spun about, pinning her legs and fastened restraints to them also. Jacqueline was bound and gagged and she did not like it. Boy was she going to give it to him when he let her loose. Her French temper was revving up.

---- Just a minute Kris said.
He got off Jacqueline and proceeded to the large wall cabinet. Kris hauled out four privacy screens used on the deck. Opening them and placing them between the bed and the window / patio door;
--- I don-t want some kid peeping in and seeing you Jacqueline.

Kris returned to Jacqueline;
--- Now you can relax and enjoy this game... [Kris stood for a minute looking her over]... MY God..., but you are beautiful Jacqueline.

--- Close your eyes... I want to kiss them. [Jacqueline glared at him but Kris asked again]. Come on honey, don-t ruin the game and your chance for a second Earth shattering orgasm.

Jacqueline was still pissed at him but he seemed to be trying to give her an orgasm so what the hell, why not. She closed her eyes and felt Kris kiss them soothing she though.

Jacqueline lay there finally enjoying this game when she felt pressure on her eye-s and face around her eye-s; a blind-fold pressing down on her closed eyes... She reacted of course but soon just lay there while Kris fastened the blindfold... Like what the hell else could she do...?

--- Now your senses are inhibited, your mind will focus on the sensations of sex. Kris said to her.

Jacqueline lies there waiting for Kris. He had thrown a light cover of some kind over her naked body. She lay there for what seemed like a long time.

Her legs begin to move apart...and up...the cover slips down her legs as they rise, this causes her to fidget as it tickles. Her thighs are wrapped and pulled apart wide... Jacqueline smiles into the gag. He-s really getting a good look at me. I-m going to be fucked...

Jacqueline lay on the bed waiting for Kris to start with her.

The bed moves and SILENCE...large head-phones cover her ears...what the hell...he really believes in inhibiting my senses.
This just might be great she thought. Jacqueline felt a tingle of excitement; this would be her first time in bondage.

The bed moves;
He is sniffing her pussy...touching her inner thighs with his nose, or tongue..., a peck or nibble... tasting her sex...mmmm that feels nice she thinks. He licks the hollow between her pussy lips and inner thighs...nuzzling her crotch...pushing his nose into her crack...moving up and down, back and forth in her pussy lips. Fucking her with his nose...

The bed moves again;
Jacqueline feels him hovering between her legs again...smelling her crotch...his tongue licking her clit...a kiss to her knee, her ankle...licking her calf, kissing her calf. Tasting her with small little bites to her calves...sucking her toes. ... Jacqueline has been loved in her life but never worshiped before.

The bed moves again;
Sniffing me, nuzzling my pubic hair, gnawing at my groin, moving down between my legs...nibbling my inner thighs...rubbing my vaginal opening...oh – oh that feels good...
His tongue rimming her vaginal opening...tongue fucking her... Pulling her lips with his teeth...Mmmm...!

The bed moves;
Jacqueline feels his thrust and he is all in...Fucking - fucking...fucking... Jacqueline-s arousal grows, but he a condom.

That is different she thinks...disappointed. Oh well, not what I expected. I guess he will un-tie me now. I-m kind of tired anyhow.

The bed moves again;
Jacqueline feels the tip of a cock pushing into her vagina... Alarm follows confusion. Jacqueline-s mind is on full alert. Her mind is focused one hundred percent on this cock inside her now. Fear replaces alarm...this cock feels differently than the last one...PANIC...!

OH – NO, IT COULDN-T BE. ... NO..., I TRUST HIM. ... HE WAS CLEARED IN HIS WIFES RAPE. No - please no... Oh God no... This can-t be happening.

PAUSING ..., her mind racing..., the cock that is in her now...feels different form before; it moves differently...she thought. Or was it her imagination...

Jacqueline thought..., it must be..., yes, my imagination... Of course woman...he changed condoms...he-s using Viagra... Just enjoy the sex game he is having with you... Jesus Jacqueline, getting your-self all worked up.

The bed moves;
Kisses touch her clit... fingers...fingers moving about in her folds, fingers going into her vagina...fingers fucking her...hooking his fingers up searching for her – G - spot...rapidly fingering her...and licking her clit.

Jacqueline lays there feeling his fingers searching... he is not rough...just very - very thorough. He is trying so hard to find her sensitive spots. She moves her hips to try and help... He gives up.

The bed moves again;
He takes her and begins moving in her --- Piston-ing her, going on and on and on and on and on...fucking – fucking – fucking – fucking...harder – harder - harder, and harder.
It-s starting to hurt but she has no way to communicate this...she feels lubricant of some kind.

Fucking and fucking and fuckng and fucking... Jacqueline-s body suddenly wakens, her sexual urges getting stronger...raging...faster...faster...faster ...hips pumping...
---Oh God..., Oh God....she yells into the gag...Oh my God..., Jacqueline-s body stiffens first..., spasms..., then bounces on the bed.

Jacqueline could feel his cock pulsing inside her as it ejaculated...twitching...driven in as deep as he could push it... Straining, it seemed, to force his body inside her vagina. She loved the pressure a man exerted on a woman when cum-ing and the feel of that creamy white love lotion, but alas, he wore a condom.

Jacqueline lays there exhausted; resting in bondage. Her legs begin moving downward, bending at the knees...the VEE she was disappears.

Jacqueline feels a kiss on her nose..., a second kiss to her cheek...a third atop her head, a fourth and fifth to each nipple ... wow she be loved and appreciated...


Jacqueline awoke. She looked straight ahead for a minute..., or two..., then slowly turned onto her back... Slowly her mind turned on, one small green lite at a time... Smart as she may be, Jacqueline is slow to rise in the morning...this particular morning she did not want to get out of bed at all.

God I ache she noted. My cunt hurts...thighs...stomach muscles ache a little...her lower back ached. Wow she thought what a good fuck last night...early morning... even her arms hurt a little.

Jacqueline touched her tits. Thank God something doesn-t hurt. She wondered what time it might be, but that was only for a brief moment. I will have to try this bondage thing again she decided.

She moved again feeling herself dressed in a large night shirt... Probably Molly-s... Jacqueline curled up...back to sleep.


Jacqueline opened her eyes.

--- Good morning sleepy head. She heard a voice.

She turned to behold security, sitting in a chair, coffee in hand.
--- High. A barely audible high at that...

Jerry smiled at her.
--- Tough night boss...?

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Mixing present tense and past tense almost randomly is off-putting for the reader. Stick to past tense as this is a story, not a commentary on a football game.

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