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Arnold, Arnie looked at my bro, Neil:
---- I-ve gotta go to work Neil; can Glenda stay the night...? I will pick her up in the morning...

--- Ya, problem Arnie. She can have the front bedroom.

Arnold, Arnie is a lifelong friend of ours. We went to elementary school together and have been friends since. Arnie works at a steel works and works shift work. If we are partying and he has to go to work Glenda stays the night... it-s been that way for years.

The bro and I love Glenda; she is like a sister and friend all rolled-up into one. Hell, sometimes Glenda will stay with us just for company when Arnie is at work, no party necessary... I love Glenda..., we love Glenda. Actually, when I think about it...she stays with us allot...

Neil, and myself, Mel, own a house in a less than reputable part of the city. Not inner city but close enough to have some of their problems. Arnie and Glenda live one block over and two doors down. Same applies to them.

We renovated about three years ago. It was a three bedroom bungalow... NOW, it-s a two bedroom bungalow with dormers and a larger main bath and second bath accessible from either bedroom; two guys, two bathrooms needed...

The front bedroom was the master bedroom so all we did was reconfigure the closet, made it smaller, and added access to the secondary bathroom. I use this room for my own.

The back bedrooms became one and increased the main bathroom size. WE cantilevered the back of the house three feet were the bedroom is, adding a large deck to this extended area. WE added two gabled - dormers. One of which became a loft / office over Neil-s bedroom.

The other gabled - dormer is over the kitchen area and serves to greatly increase the size of the kitchen. WE had a metal spiral stair installed leading to a seated nook in the dormer above the kitchen for those mood moments. It is really cool actually.

WE insulated all the interior walls and floor for sound-proofing. WE did this for other mood moments. NOT all of our motivations are gentlemanly. ... Aka we will fuck any-woman we fancy if the opportunity presents itself, and expect others to do the same.


Arnie went off to work and the party-ing continued well into the early morning. The last guest left near 3:00am leaving only Neil, Glenda and myself. Glenda was in the bag some but not really drunk. Neil was ok and I was sober, as I usually am.

The three of us cleaned-up and after we stood on the deck, coffee-s in hand as the sun began to make its appearance. The chill in the morning air had giving rise to Glenda-s nipples. I looked and commented, my usual off the cuff humor. Glenda laughed. We are all very good friends and kibitzing is par with us.

To my surprise Neil placed fingers on Glenda-s nipple and played with it. Glenda is like a sister and we never discussed doing her, it just was not in the cards.

I looked at the bro and he was fully occupied with nipple play. I looked to Glenda expecting to see some adverse reaction. She was biting her lip, eyes closed with no indication she was about to defend herself. If anything she seemed to be enjoying Neil working her nipple.

Neil had already placed his cup on a nearby table. Glenda-s cup was running over as she was not holding it properly. I gently removed the cup from her hand...not wanting to fuck-up her mood. Her hand dropped slowly to her side... Neil was pulling at her nipple enthusiastically...

He was starting to pull at her clothing. Glenda for her part was standing still, head tipped back just a smidgeon...and breathing in soft sighs... I was the only one not ruled at this moment by my crotch...
---- Lets take this inside, the neighbors will see soon.

I never had a chance to move as Neil whisk her by me into the house thru the patio door. I followed, closing doors and drapes, locking up. When I found them they were in my bedroom, the front bedroom... I did not mind it just caught me off guard. ... They would have had to go thru Neil-s bedroom to be in

I was at a loss as to what to do... My brother was after our very good friend and our best friend-s wife... and not tenderly... From what I could see Glenda-s right nipple was getting bitten, and bitten hard thru her shirt and bra. Her face showed signs of pain...

Her right arm was behind her...I think the bro was holding it behind her back. Glenda-s left hand was flinching as if to intercede on her nipples behalf but kept dropping back to her side indecisively.

Neil looked over at me and said:
----Take her pants of bro, I-ve been wanting this for a very long time.

Glenda-s eyes opened and what I saw was not fear but a look of pride in those lovely hazel eyes of hers. I do not have to be asked twice when it comes to fucking an-other man-s women...the bro and I specialize in doing attached women..., but Glenda is special. Not only do I consider her my sister and very good friend, but she has this amazing personality. It just never occurred to me to fuck her.

...I guess the best likeness would be a female Edward G. Robinson. With maybe a slightly wider jaw... Glenda is not fact she is rather ugly...but she is very-very special to me, and I think also to the bro.

She is tall, like 6’2 or there about...she never says...embarrassed I think. She weighs over 200 LBS. Glenda is a big woman but not obese of even fat...she is big boned. Her feet are manly. Her hands big but fine; I always liked them. Her stomach is nearly flat...she has strong shoulders, big strong legs. Her hips are at least 30 inches from hip to hip...yet she has a figure...

Glenda is ethnically German or Scandinavian or some mixture like that; and has one of those gorgeous asses those ladies possess. I always check-out a woman-s ass...that is my favourite part of a woman.

Glenda-s tit-s are huge, and I mean huge... each one nearly football size. Glenda has to order special bras for those tits. I am just finding out how much my brother likes those tits of hers.

Her eyes --- if anything Glenda-s eyes tell the story: ...hazel in color...sunken..., showing tenderness and warmth every second. Glenda is a very loving human being.

So here I am in front of Glenda; on my knees...undo-ing her pants..., thinking about what we are doing to her... I look to her face for a clue...what direction should I take...? I did not want to do this..., I-m pretty sure of that.

HER face shows that she is in pain, or at least discomfort. Neil-s gnawing on her tits..., twisting her arm behind her back... With my bro I am sure he is hurting her, he likes to hurt a woman; so it cannot be pleasant for Glenda.

I unzipped Glenda-s pants. White panties...not thong-s... I hate thongs. I looked at her panty covered tummy with her bush pushing her panties out... It looked so fucking lovely. I moved her pants off her hips so they slipped just a bit showing me her white panty cover pubic bone and panty covered lips. I never knew Glenda-s box looked this good. It did a near ninety degree return at her fucking nice.

Glenda is a thick woman as you might expect, being a large woman... I was sort of mesmerized at what I saw. Such a delicious looking box on her...fuck...perfect to my tastes.

---- You don-t have her pants of Mel...fuck...get outta here... [Neil spun her about knocking her onto my bed... she winched in pain as her arm was under her]. I just knelt there, watching my brother pull at Glenda-s clothes.

----Don-t take my bra off Neil... my tits hurt if they are not harnessed. [She laughed nervously].

---- Ok – ok... Neil said.

I knew he was not happy about that but would abide by Glenda-s request, I think. Neil loved tits. He would eat her tits raw. He always did with woman.
---- Pull -m out, I want to suck on your nipples. Neil commanded.

Glenda pulled her bra straps down and her tits out leaving the sides of her large bra up for support. She revealed her large nipples to Neil... his mouth promptly feasting on her nipples.

Drunk as she may be, Glenda knew this was not going to be one of her favourite memories...she was making a gift of herself to the bro. Her lifelong friend...


Neil loved cunt...and tits...and Glenda had both in abundance...fuck what a big bitch. Neil wanted to fuck the hell out of her for years... Now he was doing it...Neil wanted to rip her vagina right out of her body. Pretty hard to do but he was going to give it his best... God I hope she bleeds...

Neil saw Mel leave, closing the door quietly.

Neil sucked Glenda-s nipples...pulling them hard with his teeth. He wanted to see tears in her eyes... [She did have nice eyes though, Neil had to admit that]... but those tits... fuck they-re huge. Neil wanted to bite them so hard they would have his teeth makes in them forever...but alas, best not.

He knew Mel loved Glenda, even if Mel did not know it, or would not admit it...

Glenda opened herself wide for Neil... He drove his cock into Glenda in one push, she jumped a bit reacting to the hurt...but settled into Neal fucking her...

NEAL FUCKED ON...and on...and on...and on...grinding into Glenda...twisting, pounding, screwing her until he spoiled his fucking her by cum-ing. My God she had deliciously fantastic cunt on her... Neil never would have guessed.

Neil loved fucking big woman in shape...they had such a wide crotch on them...and, they were happy to get the attention..., most of the time. He loved having that leverage. He could make them do dirty tings. Big and ugly...that is how Neil like them.


Glenda looks at Arnie:
---- I will catch up to you darling, I want to say my good-byes to Mel and thank him for letting me spend the night in his room.

Arnie exits thru the front door, Neil leaves with him, talking as if nothing happened.

Glenda spies Mel standing on the deck:
--- Hi Mel, we are leaving.

--- Ok, be safe Glenda...I love you.

--- Mel..., know. [She looks toward the house to see if anyone is within earshot]. Have sex with me...?

---- I undid your pants, and...

--- I know Mel...., but why didn-t you screw me Mel...? Is it because I am ugly...?


Mel sat on the deck having his late night coffee. Neil was doing the books, his job... Mel sat quietly. Mel was brooding... Glenda had not been over for a few days now. Mel felt lost. He missed her. If she wasn-t coming over she would always phone...this time nothing.

There was a large hole in Mel-s stomach and he knew why. He-d lost something special and it would never come back. HE tipped back his cup and drank the last mouth-full of coffee. MEL loved his coffee.

He got up and stepped off the deck. He saw a movement, Neil waving at him. Mel waved back to his that guy...

Mel walked away from the house towards the ravine...he loved walking thru the ravine at night...dark...maybe dangerous...maybe not. Mel carried the 38 with him on his late night excursions.
He-d walked this walk a few hundred times at least.

There was a large bolder in the middle of the small river which runs nearly perpendicular to the mouth of this ravine. Mel had spent many an hour sitting on that boulder. ...

Mel stopped to look back at the house. He could see Neil-s back and the back of the chair. Mel could see his bedroom door thru the patio door and Neil-s open bedroom door. He looked at the neighboring houses, the street lights and portions of the street that were visible from this vantage.

Mel looked to the sky, a beautiful clear sky...stars a plenty.

He looked again at his brother...waving unnoticed in the the brother he loves...turning, Mel proceeds down the path toward that boulder which plays a big part in his life. It is a 20 minute hike thru the ravine... Mel loved this ravine, the trees, the smell of various plants...flowering in the spring...a perfect place.

MEL sat on the boulder watching the water rush bye... this little river runs fast here...he liked that about the boulder. Mel sat for a long time just enjoying his spot.

Eventually he slipped into the water, which was thigh deep here and walked down stream several steps. Mel looked into the water to see his reflection in the water...

Starlight he thought. Mel loved the universe, what a wondrous place.

Mel looked at his reflection again, his hair line indistinguishable from his face...but the 38 under his chin stood out... MEL felt so lonely.


Neil sipped at his morning coffee between bites of toast...the sound of the door bell... Neil put down the book he was re-reading; he loved it; The River Styx; the River of Hate.

Neil answered the door;
---- Oh wonderful...Officers Fuller and Brenda the bitch. [PAUSE]... What-s the matter officers, you look a little down today..., miss your fucking donut and coffee this morning did we. [Sarcasm dripping from every syllable...].

--- Wait, Neil said to the cops; I will wake Mel...I would hate for him to miss this morning-s bullshit.


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