A young male explores a mental gift of touching other minds
I was a reserved and introspective child. Seldom asking pointless questions or needlessly yammering on about inane subjects. Some though me morose but I was quite happy living inside my own mind. I interacted with both adults and other children as was required but was most comfortable with my own thoughts. Later testing revealed I had a rather high IQ.

I realized at the age of seven I was different. Friends and family might have suspected something over the years but never knew what odd ability I possessed. The first revelation was sparked when my aunt Elly was staying with our family after the birth of her first child. Her husband was in the military and they were awaiting his finding them housing at his new station. She and the baby were to join him when he secured and readied a place. Aunt Elly was nursing at the time which intrigued me to no end. At feeding time I was always present with big eyes and full of questions which was unusual for me.

She never hid her exposed breasts if it was just me or my mother around so I spent a lot of time watching and developing a yearning to suck them my self. I soon realized there was something about my interest that was frowned upon so I quit hanging around or acting to interested if my mother was present. Fortunately I was left with my aunt as my baby sitter often. I had asked her all about the process of feeding her baby and had asked several times for a taste.

Being only seven at the time I assume now there was no sexual turn on for her in using me but found me handy to supplement her stimulation on that one occasion. I had heard her and my mother talk about the fact she produced enough milk to feed several kids. She would laugh and say “it's to bad Bill is on the east coast. He developed quit a liking for mothers milk after the birth. The two weeks he was here I think he put on fifteen pounds sucking my boobs dry after I fed the baby. I think his gorging himself is the cause of me producing so much extra milk”. I always remember she had a small petite body and very large oversized tits that when seen bare looked like they were about to burst and spew milk all over.

The day she relented my mother was out shopping and I had begged for a taste through the whole nursing process. When the baby was put down to sleep she sat on a kitchen chair and called me over while she removed both large swollen breasts from her bra. I knew what I was about to do was taboo when she made me promise not to tell anyone, especially my mother. I promised and she helped me onto her lap facing her with my legs straddling to each side. She guided my head to her chest where I could see the milk dripping from her swollen nipples. As I took it into my mouth and began to suck she gave a loud sigh and pulled my face in tighter to her breast. The milk was warm and had a pleasant flavor. She was coaxing me on by saying “ OH God that feels good. Yes Johnny suck harder. Take it all. Drain me dry”.

My mouth was full of nipple that had become larger as I roughly sucked and nipped at it. I placed both hands on her boob and was squeezing the sides causing a steady stream of milk to fill me which pleased her even more. She was squirming around and I could see she had her hand down between my legs and buried in her crotch. She had hiked her skirt up before taking me onto her lap and I could see she had pulled her panties aside and was rubbing her self franticly.

Being to young to appreciate what was going on I was enjoying my self filling up on milk and at the same time feeling an odd stirring in my own crotch as if I needed to pee and was itching on the inside of my little penis at the same time.

The strong female aroma wafting up from her crotch as she rubbed and prodded it seamed to add to the excitement of what she was letting me do. As I mostly depleted the milk from one tit I instinctively mover to the other and looking down saw all her gooey coated fingers disappear inside her slit as she pumped away. My renewed sucking and squeezing of the other tit was enough stimulation to bring on an orgasm. She pulled me tight to her with one arm and continued rubbing herself with the other. All the jumping and twitching was rubbing my crotch against her forearm and exciting me to suck harder.

She was moaning and repeating a string of “OH GOD, OH YES, OH YES OH OH” that kept getting louder as she squeezed me to her and finally went rigid and began to shiver. She finished and as her body relaxed her breathing was still hard and fast. I kept my mouth affixed to her nipple and could taste the salty perspiration that was running down her chest.

She abruptly pushed me off her lap and with a disgusted look said “ well that's enough of that. Don't ever ask me to do that again and you better not ever say anything”. I sensed I had somehow offended her but didn't understand how and was was crushed that she spurned me after giving her pleasure. I sulked for a few days and she would eye me suspiciously when my mom asked what was wrong. I always answered nothing and she finally quit acting funny so life returned to normal except that I was no longer welcome to watch her nurse and breasts were no longer left exposed to my view if I wandered near her.

I knew she was often in an aroused state after nursing and would go into the bathroom to rub herself as she did with me on her lap that day. The house we lived in was very old and had the skeleton key type locks that no longer were used. I would sneak to the door of the bathroom and look thru the key hole to watch her. She would lower her panties and pull her slit open with one hand while rubbing a small button at the top with the other as she sat on the toilet. In between rubbing she would insert all the fingers of one hand and pump them in and out. I could tell it made her feel good and she would go through the same moaning as the day I sat on her lap.

Several weeks later I sat reading a comic book with her across the room to my left finishing up nursing my cousin. Mom was in the kitchen, busy preparing dinner. This was my first experience with what I later started to call Saint Vitus touch. It began as I was watching her out of my peripheral vision and thinking about the day I had sucked her tits dry. Since I wasn't hovering close her tit's were not covered. I kept reliving the experience on her lap in my mind and was rubbing my tongue against the inside of my mouth as if I were sucking her nipples. I bit down on my tongue a little imagining it was her nipple. She let out a startled squeal and jumped. It startled me as I new my cousin had gone to sleep and was finished nursing. My mom heard the yelp from the kitchen and came in to ask what was wrong. She said the baby had bit her and everything was OK so mom went back to the kitchen.

I sat there and continued to turn pages in the comic book with out looking up as she held my cousin on her shoulder and patted her back. I again started working my tongue and thinking about her large milk filled tits as I sucked and flicked my tongue around. Soon she was fidgeting and moaning softly with her eyes closed. I new I had something to do with what was happening and began to experiment. I would increase the pressure of my tongue against my teeth and then abruptly nip the end of it. Each time I did she would jump and let out a small noise. I knew I was causing the pleasure and pain sensations she was feeling.

I had grown to resent the rejection I experienced from her and was quietly enjoying tormenting her for not letting me partake of the nursing any longer. I continued to molest her nipples mentally with my tongue. She was enjoying the stimulation but was having a hard time not crying out when I would send her a jolt by biting down hard. She was holding the boob I was mentally sucking trying to figure out what was going on. Milk was squirting in small pumping streams in time with my sucking rhythm. I wanted to try something so in my mind I switched to the other boob. When I did the other nipple stood at attention and began squirting.

Aunt Elly was distressed and having a hard time coping but enjoying the feeling at the same time. She had laid the baby down and was busy moaning softly in pleasure while trying to mop up the flowing milk. I was having so much fun I could hardly keep from smiling. I had studied closely what I saw her doing between her legs and wanted to do the same. I continued to mentally suck her tits and using my thumb and fore finger began rubbing them together while concentrating on what it would feel like to rub that little bump at the top of her slit. When I got it right in my mind she almost slid out of the chair she was sitting in.

A jolt of pleasure hit her and she shrieked. She was sitting there shuddering when my mother again ran in to see what happened. Aunt Elly was having a hard time talking and had no explanation for what was going on. I got up and walked down the hall toward the bathroom but tried to continue my mental manipulation. As I left sight of her I lost the mental contact, feeling it break. I stopped in the hall out of sight to listen. Elly let out a loud sigh of relief saying “ My god that was weird. I almost had a climax after feeding the baby. I hope Bill finds us base housing soon or I may go crazy”.

At the time I didn't understand what I was hearing but knew I possessed a gift that I could not tell anyone about. I cautiously experimented with it over the next few years. Just that week I tried it on my mother and had her almost in tears at dinner as I mentally manipulated her clitoris and nipples. She shakily led my father from the dinner table to the bedroom and screwed him until they both couldn't walk. Aunt Elly and I were left alone to finish dinner. Elly sat with an envious look on her face as she listened to them bang away and turned giving me a suspicious look. I continued to eat without acknowledging anything was going on, knowing I had caused it but wondering what they were doing.

For several years I used my ability to do mean and spiteful things to women. I never again gave aunt Elly pleasure. Until she left to join uncle Bill I would tweak her nipple or clit at the most inopportune times making her stumble or jump and drop what ever she was carrying. I think she was the only one for years who ever suspected me but she never again spoke of the lap sitting incident or her suspicions.

It became a practice of mine to mentally manipulate most every woman I met from the first moment. I used it all the way through school on my new female teachers and could give them the push that would either entice them in or frighten them away, depending on what I wanted. One of my junior high teachers was a particularly attractive woman, I would give her a low sensual stimulation all through class. Never enough to embarrass her but enough so she obviously looked forward to the two classes I attended of hers every day. Another who I found attracted but later realized was a conceited self centered bitch learned to dread her third period English class and finally had to trade with another teacher for personal reasons.

I didn't learn until my first year of high school it would work on males also. Most of the freshmen were being bullied by several older boys who were led by one nasty little shit. Most of their torment was a punch in the arm or stomach as they walked by. On one occasion the leader managed to embarrass me in front of a girl I liked by punching me in the stomach causing me to drop to my knees in pain as I tried to get a breath. As he walked away I retaliated by imagining I had his balls in my hand and I squeezed for all I was worth. He fell to the ground screaming in pain and was unconscious in less than a minute. About three months later his parents took him out of school and sent him to live with relatives in another state. I had made it a point to get within range several times a day and drop his sorry ass ever time. When he left it was said he was on the verge of a mental breakdown. It still makes me smile remembering the hollow look and dark sunken eyes the last time I saw him. I made it a point to ferret out anyone guilty of bullying from then on and leave them with a small touch.

In my sophomore year I was embarressed and snubbed by a senior named Valerie who was the most attractive and popular girl at school. She was the smart girl who had the perfect body and gorgeous face with long shapely legs, large perfect tits and a great ass. The long auburn hair accompanied by that great smile gave her the ability to charm everyone she met. Being from a rich family didn't hurt either.

I had no intention of hitting on her and had only turned to asked directions. Being quite full of her self and above talking to the underclass she had told me in a loud voice to “fuck off dick head”. Had it not been in front of a large group of people I might have let it slide. After thinking for a moment as I stood there with a red face I followed her into the cafeteria with the intention of giving her something to remember me by. I had decided on a massive orgasm in front of half the school.

As I sat down and started in on her she managed to stumble to a chair. While manipulating her nipple mentally I conjured up an erection which was hidden by my coat and mentally jammed it up her ass. She screamed as my mental cock ripped into her, which drew everyone’s attention. I alternated between having my cock in her pussy and in her ass. She was almost doubled over as if in pain. As she would grasp one tit I would move to the other with my mind so she would have to hold the other also.

The beginning effect was hilarious. The school prima donna massaging her breasts in front of everyone. When I started mentally violating her ass and pussy she was forced to shove her hand up under her skirt and hold her pubic mound. She continued to moan while rocking back and forth. At first people though she was in pain but soon realized her distress was caused by some kind of perverse pleasure. Large knots of people stood around watching and smiling. The boys were leering with desire while the girls were laughing and quietly making fun of every females antagonist and envy. I did see a few girls with looks of lust and the same leers as the males.

Fortunately I was sitting and no one was watching me as the show she was providing had all the attention. The stimulation had me on the brink of orgasm also as I concentrated on continuing to violate both her holes and breasts. The coup de grace was when I switched mentally from sucking her breasts to sucking and biting her clit while filling her pussy with my cock. I couldn't figure how to pump my mental dick into her as I felt I would have to move my hips so I tried something else. I was expanding the diameter and length of my cock mentally causing her snatch to feel as if it was being stretched to it's maximum diameter while having the entire length of her vaginal canal filled. I focused on leaving the length at what her insides would accommodate while expanding the diameter to bursting and then contracting down to normal.

She jerked and went rigid as the orgasm took her. She was letting out a low sexual moan as waves of pleasure washed over her and held her rigid as she finished. I was sitting with a clinched jaw as I squirted the largest load of cum I had ever expelled into my undershorts. I had climaxed along with her and was wishing I could have really had my cock in her as I shot my load.

After she finished and I broke the mental contact she laid her head in her arms on the table and sobbed with both relief and embarrassment. I looked around to see many bulging crotches gathered as the young men were tempted to approach her but no one did. I drifted away with the rest of the crowd and found a bathroom stall where I could mop up the mess I made of my shorts.

Valerie was not at school for the rest of the week. When she did return I heard through school gossip she had dropped most of her extra curricular activities due to what was being called ''her lunch time spontaneous orgasm''. She now walked around with her head down not meeting any one's stare or making eye contact. I would often walk by her and give her clit a little mental tweak just to see her go rigid with fear. Toward the end of the school year I met her in a deserted hallway.

As I approached I gave her clitoris a twenty second work out. She stopped and leaned against the wall with her eyes closed and her face strained. As I broke mental contact and started to walk by she looked up at me with a frantic and confused face. All of a sudden her eyes went wide with a bit of understanding. I smiled innocently and went on. As I rounded the corner I looked back to see her standing there staring at me.

Two days later she was waiting for me as I left my last class of the day. She walked up boldly and blurted out “I know it was you and we need to talk. If you will come with me to the parking lot I would like to give you a ride home”. I answered simply “ no thank you, this dick head is busy fucking off” and started to walk away. She stepped in front of me as if she hadn't heard and said “ please! oh please! all I want is to talk”. I was curious so I nodded my assent and motioned for her to lead the way.

When we reached the parking lot she asked me to get in the back seat with her. As we did she began her plea. “About a month ago I had a mental aberration in the cafeteria that changed my life. At first I thought it ruined it but now I’m not so sure. I have in the last four years fucked most of the guys on the football and basketball team. Sometimes I let three or four of them fuck me at the same time. In all those experiences I have only had a couple of mediocre orgasms. The strange orgasm I had in the cafeteria was so intense I pissed myself at the end. I have never in my life experienced anything so intense or sexually fulfilling. I had an after orgasm glow that kept me on the edge of pleasure late into the evening leaving me with the euphoric feeling of taking drugs. All I want and need is to feel it again and I think you are the one that made it happen. Please do it again”.

I denied having anything to do with it and was about to leave when she started in again with “ I know you are doing something. If you don't help me with this I will tell everybody you did it. If that doesn't work I will tell everyone you have raped me and I will file charges with the police. Please help me. I will let you do anything you want to me if you will just let me feel that way again. Please!”

I told her it was not a good idea to threaten someone you wanted something from. She apologized and again pleaded for me to help her. I said I would like to see if she really would do anything and asked her to remove her panties and give them to me. She took a deep breath and pulled her skirt up. She lifter her ass off the seat while hooking her panties with her thumbs and pulling them down to her knees. With a little finagling and a few breath taking glimpses of her lovely pussy I soon had a pair of bikini panties with a soaking wet crotch in my hands. As I held them to my mouth and nose the aroma was more intoxicating than what I remembered from my aunt Elly.

We were sitting in the back seat of the new SUV her parents had bought her and and I knew the darkened windows hid us from any prying eyes. I reached over and pulled her leg towards me exposing her cute little slit with the well trimmed muff. It was matted and gooey with the vaginal fluids she was leaking. I unzipped and removed my erect dick and put my hand behind her head pulling her down to suck me off. She pulled back and said” I don't do that”. I kept pulling and said “ you do now and when I come I want you to swallow it all and keep sucking until I’m dry.

She laid down in the seat on her stomach with her head in my lap and my dick in her mouth. Her sucking of my cock began with long sensuous strokes as her head bobbed up and down. This was no new experience for her as she was doing a great job and knew a lot of little tricks. I pulled her skirt up exposing her firm round ass cheeks with the soft tanned skin. As I separated her legs I lightly massaged her buns and crack. Her position gave me complete assess to her asshole and pussy. I wet my finger all the way to the knuckle in her gooey pussy and slipped it in her tight little ass hole stroking in and out hard and fast. I finally slid down in the seat and helped move her body on top of me with her pelvis on to my face. She never removed her lips from my cock or missed a stroke as my mouth found her slit and I began tonguing her as deeply as I could.

I could feel the excitement she had started out with waning fast as my physical manipulations were not giving her the stimulation she craved. From underneath her I shoved my tongue as far into her pussy as I could then mentally increased the size of it to match the size of my cock in her mouth. She immediately responded by grinding her crotch into my face and clamping her mouth down on my cock. She began to moan and breath harder. She raked the length of my cock with her teeth as she arched her back holding herself rigid with just the head held in her teeth. I was pumping my face into her crotch to help stroke my tongue in and out of her. I created the image in my mind of my tongue growing in size and large knobby bumps covering the complete surface. The stimulating friction it was mentally causing her brought on a climax to match intensity of the cafeteria session.

My cock popped out of her mouth as she began to shake and spasm as if she were having an epileptic fit. I was holding her to keep her from falling or bouncing off into the floor as she continued to experience wave after wave of intense pleasure. My mouth was being filled with thick slimy vaginal fluids as I pumped away with my tongue. Toward the end of her spasms she lost bladder control drenching my face and mouth with hot pee. She continued to scrub my face washing it with her sparse pubic haired pussy and urine.

Valerie had laid her head back down in my lap. I had shot a load of cum hitting her in the face and one side of her hair. She was to physically spent to even care and I couldn't lift her off me. She just kept rubbing her crotch into my face as the last trickle of pee ran off the sides of my face. We laid there for a good ten minutes before she finally managed to roll off and let me sit up. During those minutes I mentally named my ability after a condition I had heard called Saint Vitus Dance as it really did make her shimmy and shake.

She took me to her parents house so we both could clean up. No one was home so she launder my clothes as I mopped up the interior of her car in the garage looking quite the fool in my undershorts and socks. As my clothes dried we sat and talked as she said she wanted to know more about me. What she wanted to know was how I had manipulated her mentally. I had used my ability many times to torment or distract others over the years. I once used it to defend myself and then punish but this was only the second time I had received physical pleasure from it. I told her some of it as she was wanting to learn more. I was in a position for the first time to experiment with a beautiful young girls willing participation.

She was filled with questions and wanted to know and especially feel more. Her hands were still shaking from the extrema orgasm she had less than an hour before but she was already begging me do it again. I was not ready for another mental fuck and really just wanted to fondle and explore her perfect body. My thoughts were of getting my cock inside her. I'd had only a few occasions to be with girls and had not used my mental abilities on either of them. Valerie was the most sexually stimulating female I had ever been this close to and I wanted to enjoy and explore her but her craving was like what I pictured a heroin addict to be. As I tried to embrace and touch her she kept pushing me away while going on about me giving her another orgasm quickly.

I relented and promised to give her another experience as I retrieved my clothing and dressed. We went to her bedroom where I slowly removed her remaining cloths and fondled her entire body as she kept asking for mental sex. I was becoming tired of her already and just wanted to get this over. In my mind I knew I could have and do anything I wanted to her but was becoming bored with her incessant craving for carnal release. My thoughts kept drifting to the fact I could probably control anyone I wanted using just my mind. The vast implications of the power I could have was just starting to creep into my head.

Valerie was laying on the bed nude with her legs wide apart and pulling her vagina lips open as she begged me to hurry and do her. I would have liked to fuck her in a normal manner but as I approached to try she began whining for me to do her with my mind. My patients were running out and I was becoming angry. I knew this was going to become a constant demand on me to give her orgasms of ever increasing intensity. Standing at the end of the bed I quickly conjured in my mind two large and cruel knobby cocks that I jammed in her ass and pussy at the same time. While rolling each nipple between my fingers I sucked and nipped at her clit as the large knobby cocks bumped their way in and out. I alternated the thrusts so one was going in as the other was pulling out. I turned my tongue into a harsh powerful vibrator I used to massively over stimulated her clitoris.

Valerie went into a violent climax within twenty seconds that resembled another seizure and she looked as if she were a rag doll being shook by an angry child. Her body jumped and writhed to the point of almost bouncing off the bed. She was unconscious in less than a minute and would have probably pissed again but had already depleted her excess bodily fluids. This time I knew I had over stimulated her as she had a small amount of blood running from her nose and was shivering as if she were experiencing hypothermia.

I covered her and waited as her body slowly returned to normal. I knew as I left and walked out it would be our last session. No amount of blackmail was going to push me into another sexual bought with her and I was starting to realize the power I possessed was getting stronger with each episode. I wondered if I might soon become lethal to anyone who might wish to cross me. By simply thinking of crushing a persons heart or some other vital organ an unusual but undetectable death might be obtained.

As I slowly walked home my thoughts kept drifting back to the idea I could probably use my powers to kill if I wanted. The idea was intriguing and I was searching my memory for someone to experiment on. I so far in life had not really come across anyone I truly wanted dead but was sure if I thought about it I could find some deserving soul. Life is looking up. Just turned sixteen and found a release for the teenage sexual desires and maybe a new career path also.

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