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The continuing adventures of a super powered nympho.
Hello, I want to say thank you to everyone who has been reading my stories and commenting on them. I focused on writing this next Chapter as a direct result of the comments and many PMs asking me to please do this.

I am not a professional. I am certain, despite my best efforts, that there are errors in the story. Hoepfully you can overlook them and enjoy yourself.

A Super Life – Chapter 2

When my brother, Hiro, asked if I wanted a massage all I could do was smile. He looked so happy to see me. My parents were home and that was a factor though. I felt bad knowing I would turn his kind offer down, but drawing him into another sexual encounter at this moment seemed like a bad idea.

“That's very sweet Hiro... but I have to go out.” What the hell was I going to say? I was far to energized from all the sexual fluids my body had consumed over the last 24 hours. I had to go someplace alone and experiment a little to find out what my powers were.

His smile diminished slightly and he said “You don't trust me?”

“I trust you more than anyone, but I really do have to go. I just need to get some fresh clothes.” I said smiling reassuringly at him. I wanted to admit that the idea of getting fucked again by him was really tempting, but I thought it best to keep this as level as possible.

“Okay Eriko.” he said seemingly reassured. “Can I maybe talk to you later?”

“Of course.” I replied still smiling.

He stared at me for a bit just before Dad called his name. Hiro smiled and went to see what dad wanted.

I decided my fitness attire would be best so I pulled on some running pants, my runners, a sports bra and athletic top. Fixing my hair into a pony tail. When I picked up my hoody and started zipping it up I checked my look in the mirror. Simply put, I was still glowing with the sexual power inside me. I checked my butt in the mirror and loved the way my ass looked in my tight pants. I started chuckling realizing I looked like a hot fitness model.

Deciding to head out I grabbed my Ipod and some cash and headed downstairs. My Mother was already working in her flower garden. Dad was busy in his office on the phone with the door closed. When I heard the lawnmower start I was able to guess what Hiro was doing.

Leaving a note saying I had gone for a run I headed out to the street. When I started running I was amazed because it had never been this easy. I decided the best place to go was the large conservation area about three miles from my home. I did not expect many people to be there and I could maybe experiment with the more physical aspects of my new powers.

When I got tot he park I ran down the hiking paths into the forested area. The path follows the river and eventually circles the lake it leads to. It is a good 20 mile network of paths and I was enjoying the run. I sped up and found I could jump over logs and leaped up and grabbed a thick tree branch a good ten feet above the path. I pulled myself up easily onto it and stood there for a moment. I found that my dexterity was really impressive as I was able to jump from tree to tree and was landing like a cat each time. This was so easy for me!

With a forward flip off a limb I landed on the path again and hit the ground running. I was covered with a thin sheen of sweat, but I should have been collapsed with the exertion. This was awesome!

When I reached the lake I stopped running and stood there looking at the water. It was so pretty and I could see a blue heron across the lake in the shallow water moving around slowly looking for food. The sun was shining and reflected off the water. It was a beautiful morning and with the sound of the gentle breeze in the trees I relaxed and just soaked it in.

I don't know how many times I was told by my parents to pay closer attention to my surroundings, not go off into remote places alone etc. Well with my Ipod in I could not hear anything other than Usher. I did not know anyone was near me until I noticed a new shadow near mine.

I spun around and there were three guys standing there in shorts and t-shirts. They had running shoes on, but their clothes suggested campers. They were all about 19 or 20 years old. They were saying something as I yanked my ear buds out.

“I'm sorry, I didn't hear you.” I said.

“Yeah we see that. Sorry we startled you.” the closest guy said. He was only five feet away. Standing at about 6' tall and with an athletic build he looked pretty good. He was smiling at me.

The other two guys were just standing there. One was looking at my legs, the other was smiling as he looked my in the eyes.

“What do you want?” I asked somewhat firmly.

They all looked a bit surprised as they glanced at each other. One of them said “Sorry, we just came out on that path.” he pointed to another trail leading to the lake. “Honestly we really didn't intend to sneak up on you.... sorry.” He looked very sheepish and I felt like a bitch almost instantly.

“I'm sorry guys, it is my fault. I should have been paying more attention.” I said smiling to try and smooth things over. “I'm Eriko.”

The lead man kept doing the talking for them. “I'm Pat, this is Walt, and that's Jim.” he said as he gestured at his friends. They smiled as they were introduced.

Walt was the tallest, around 6'2” and I guessed around 220lbs. He had red hair cut short. His pale blue eyes were gentle and he simply looked like the gentle giant type.

Jim was about 5”9” tall, around 180lbs, and had his dark brown hair cut short as well.

Pat extended his hand and I shook it and then shook each of the other guys hands. They all were pretty fit. They had the same hair cuts and I just had to ask “Are you guys in the Army?”

They all started laughing and Pat said “Is it that obvious?” with a smile.

“Well... yeah. You're all pretty buff and have those hair cuts.” I said smiling.

“We're buff?” Walt said “You like a living fitness add. Do you run a lot?”

“Yes. I like running and try to get out as often as I can.” I replied thinking I hardly ever ran before, but today was so amazing.

It was at that point I noticed they were all still smiling, but they were breathing a bit deeper and their eyes were taking on a sort of fixed look. “What the hell?” I thought. I didn't do anything to them. It dawned on me I had. I had been running and sweating and we had just shaken hands. This could go sideways in a hurry I thought.

“So you guys are camping?” I asked. I wanted them to start thinking and maybe that and the fresh air would resolve this little issue.

“Yeah, we figured we could camp in comfort... enjoy some nice steaks and beer and meet some girls for a good time.” Walt said with a smile.

Pat added “Damn straight.”

Jim stood there looking thoughtful and said “You're not camping?”

“No. Just came out for a run. I live nearby.” I replied.

“Care to join us for a late breakfast? Its a good one.” Pat said.

I stood there for a moment and decided why not? I could look at this as another experiment. Besides, the power I had felt so full of this morning seemed to have slacked off a bit. I still felt good, but I wondered what the fluids of three guys would do for me.

“That's very nice of you. I would be happy to have breakfast with you.” I replied smiling.

“Great, come on. I promise you will love it.” he said. I was sure I would since I knew where this was headed.

I walked in the middle of the group as we headed to their campsite. I asked the guys about their Army careers and found out they were all from the same unit. They had done tours in Afganistan, and planned to stay in the military. They told me funny stories about the jokes they played on each other and kept the chat light.

When we reached their camp I saw that they had a large ten person dome tent, a whole kitchen set up, and even a solar heated camping shower. Folding chairs were around the fire pit and the whole place looked really organized.

“Wow, you guys know how to camp.” I said.

They were all smiling and while breakfast was made they told me more than I ever imagined about survival skills. When breakfast was ready we all sat at a large picnic table and enjoyed it. Pat sat down next to me and was smiling at the other two. Clearly that position was one the all wanted judging by the looks the other two shot him.

During breakfast Pat moved a bit closer to me a couple of times. When I looked in his eyes he was clearly aroused. A simple glance down at his cock tenting his shorts and I knew this was going well. I decided to try an exercise with my will. I channelled feelings of arousal to them and soon all three of these hot men looked like I might get jumped at any second.

Pat brought his hand off the table and set it on my thigh, caressing it. I just smiled at him. I looked at the other two and said “I'm a lucky girl to be having breakfast at the campsite of three hot guys.”

They all smiled at that. Walt said “I think we might be the lucky ones.” in a voice filled with lust.

Jim said “Fucking A man. Eriko, you are so damn hot.”

Smiling I looked at Pat and leaned over and kissed his lips lightly. Before I could pull back his hand was on the back of my head pulling me in for a hot kiss. I brought my hands to his face, holding his cheeks as we kissed. Pat was an amazing kisser and it was easy to tune out the world.

When I felt a pair of hands run along my back I was drawn back the reality. There were three hot soldiers here, and I was planning to Support Our Troops.

Walters lips came to the back of my neck and her ran his tongue along and up to my ear before he began gently licking and nibbling on my ear lobe, his hand on my back.

I broke the kiss with Pat and said hotly “Guys, take me in the tent... I want you... all three of you. Is that okay?”

Jim said “Oh babe we are going to rock your world!”

I did not have to worry about walking there. Walt and Pat each took a hand and helped me stand. Jim stepped right up to me leaving me looking up at him. He brought his arms around me and his hands to my ass, and lifted me off the ground as he kissed me. Wrapping my legs around him I was carried to the tent and inside.

Jim gently set me down, still kissing me, as the other two men worked together, removing my shoes and pants and thong quickly. While Jim and I continued to duel with our tongues, his hands came up and he pulled my top and sports bra off. There I was naked with three men preparing to fuck my brains out and I loved the slutty situation.

As soon as he tossed my clothes aside Jim resumed kissing me, his hands coming up to cup my breasts, squeezing them. His fingers and thumb worked their way to my nipples, pinching them with just the right amount of force and tugging on them, drawing them out. Within seconds he felt the beads of milk coming from them.

Breaking the kiss he said “Holy shit... you've got milk... that is so fucking hot.” and he leaned down and captured a nipple in his mouth, sucking hungrily. I threw my head back moaning in pleasure. When I felt myself being lifted up into the air I squeaked in surprise.

Walter had taken hold of the backs of my thighs and lifted my lower body into the air, setting the back of my thighs on his shoulders. Jim and Pat supported my upper body, as Pat joined Jim in feasting on my tits. When Walter's mouth fastened onto my pussy, his tongue driving deeply into me I cried out in pleasure. Having three mouths servicing me was better than I ever imagined.

Walter's big hands cupped my ass cheeks, pulling me hard against his mouth. His hands were spreading my ass cheeks and his thumbs were in the crease of my ass, nudging at my tight little rosebud.

I was moaning and whimpering with the pleasure they were giving me. Pat came off my nipple with a pop and said “I fucking love the way you whimper baby... so fucking erotic.” and went back to sucking on my breast.

In no time I knew I was going to cum and when it hit I screamed “Oh fuck YES!!! YES YES YES!!!”
My whole body began to spasm and their strong hands supported me as my body struggled to arch and I began squirting all over Walter's face. They held me there, not stopping their oral assault on me, until I went limp.

Carrying me over the a large air mattress with a sleeping bag on it they set me down on my back. Laying there I watched as these men stripped. All were fit, and their cocks were a buffet of pleasure that I intended to eat.

Jim had a nice 6.5” cock that stuck up proudly pointing upwards from his groin.

Pat had a nice dick that looked to be closer to 7” and it was thick. His balls also looked huge to me.

When I looked at Walter I know my eyes bugged out. His dick was at least ten inches long and hard as a rock. If he ever left the Army he could have a job as a porn star or professional dildo model any day.

I sat up quickly and got on my knees, kneeling before them. Being surrounded by three men with nice big hard cocks inches from my face struck me as a amazing place to be. Reaching out I took Walter and Jim's cocks in my hands and leaned forward, licking the tip of Pat's cock. As my hands began stroking two hot cocks, I locked eyes with Pat and slid his entire length into my mouth and deep down my throat. His hands came to my head holding me there. I swirled my tongue and rhythmically began using my throat muscles to massage his cockhead. Judging from his moaning he was loving it.

“Holy shit, she took that all the way!” Jim said.

“This hot little bitch has some talent.” Walter said.

“How old do you think she is?” Jim suddenly asked.

I popped my mouth off of Pat's cock and looked at Jim saying “Old enough to do it to your hot cock.” and I slammed down on it sucking his all the way down. He moaned and his knees shook as he put his hand on my head.

My hands, never idle, were stroking Pat and Walt's cocks. I knew I was going to get these guys off like never before.

I finally knew I had to try it, and sliding my mouth off of Jim's dick I turned to Walter. “Good luck baby.” he said. I could tell he doubted me. I was going to prove him wrong.

Leaning over I gripped the base of his cock and licked his cock head. Looking up at Walt I could see he was praying to God I would be able to do it. At that moment, I was praying for the very same thing.

I spit on his cock and then slid my mouth onto it, forcing myself to do it. At least, I thought I was going to have to force myself. My powers made this easier than I could have ever imagined. When my lips made contact with his pubic hair, his big dick lodged in my throat, and I swiped out with my tongue licking his balls it was so satisfying. I wanted more... more of this delicious feeling.

I began moving my mouth back and forth on Walt's cock, milking it. He grabbed hold of my head and began thrusting, fucking my face as he moaned and grunted with the effort.

Jim and Pat were not ignored and I kept stroking their cocks as they reached down and began playing with my tits, mauling my breasts. All three were calling me a nasty bitch, a slut, a good little whore and I loved it. I felt so small kneeling there, but the pleasure I was giving them was making me feel so sexy.

When the mental image of all three of them shooting their hot thick cum at the same time flashed through my mind I knew I had a new goal. I began alternating, taking turns sucking on all three cocks while stroking the other two with my hands. My saliva had soaked their cocks and made beating their hot hard cocks so much easier.

Hearing them all moaning above me I knew my goal was at hand and I projected my will onto them. I wanted their cum. Burying Walt's big cock in my throat I felt his hips buck and he began shooting his massive load down my throat as the other two began spraying as well. It was amazing, taking that massive load in while hot cum was shooting all over my face and tits. They were all yelling in pleasure and I was shocked when my own orgasm suddenly hit.

Something about my powers must have linked us all, whether I tried to do it or not. Walt's cock kept dropping rope after rope of hot cum in my mouth. He grabbed my hair hard, using the grip to push his cock so hard into my throat my nose was crushed against his groin.

I was cum drunk, there was so much energy flowing through me that I felt like a Goddess. Nothing else mattered in that moment. I was blinded to the world around me as the energy rippled through my body and my soul.

When Walter's cock slid from my mouth I brought my hands up to my face. Kneeling there I began scooping Pat and James' cum into my mouth, licking my fingers clean. When I looked down at all the cum on my tits I began cupping them and licking out with my tongue to gather it all up. Mentally I knew that my tongue seemed longer than usual, but I did not care. My entire existence was focused on gathering their cum... and I wanted more.

I stood up and looked at them. All three were sprawled on their backs, their heads thrown back in pleasure, apparently in some sort of blissful trance. Their cocks were all hard and gently throbbing. It was surprising to see they had drops of precum forming at the tips again.

Looking down at my body again I was fascinated. My breasts were standing full and proud, milk leaking freely from them down my body in little rivulets. I followed their trail and noticed how they rippled across my now muscular abdomen. My skin was radiant. I could not help it and ran my hands over myself, feeling the silken softness and noticing that it just seemed so perfect.

Laughing lightly I knew that the cum I craved so badly had done this and I had these three hot soldiers to thank for it. That thought and the gratitude that was swelling inside me drew my attention back to them.

I saw that Walter was laying with his eyes open, slowly stroking his turgid cock as he gazed at me.

“You... you are so fucking beautiful... I can't find words.” he said softly. I saw his eyes will filling with tears as he stared at me.

Moving gracefully I stood over him, straddling his waist looking down into his eyes as a tear escaped each one, slowly sliding along his handsome face.

I knelt down and seated myself, my pussy resting atop his hot cock. Reaching out with my hand I caressed his face gently and took it in both hands.

“Why are you crying?” I asked softly as I looked into his eyes.

“Because I... I didn't think there was anything truly beautiful left in the world... I don't think I deserve...” he said.

Cutting him off I leaned down, my hands moving to his chest to support me, and brought my lips to his face and began kissing his gently, lovingly. He responded to my kiss and his strong hands came to my waist, settling there gently as we kissed.

“You deserve beautiful things, you deserve to know peace.” I said and began kissing him more passionately. I felt him shudder under me, his big cock rubbing my clit, causing me to moan into his mouth.

Moving my hips I lined his huge cock up and slid myself back onto it, burying it inside me. Our kissing became more insistent, and his hands came to my shoulders, pushing my body upwards. He leaned forward and ran his tongue around my chest, just below my left breast. He was licking up my milk, following the trail erotically as his tongue flicked and lapped it's way along the curve of my full tit. Eventually he reached my nipple, his tongue causing me to whimper in pleasure.

“God I love that.” he said just before his mouth locked onto my erect nipple and began feasting on my milk, sucking from my breasts like a starving man. His eager feeding filled me with so much pleasure. With the combined stimulation of that big cock stretching my bald pussy as I rode him, I found I was in heaven.

The bliss I was feeling with Walter made me forget the other two. I was shortly reminded of those lovely men when I felt four hands and two sets of lips begin massaging and kissing my back. They were being so gentle and so erotic in their explorations. It was sensuality at a level I had never experienced before in my life. The exquisite feelings were building in me and when Patrick softly whispered into my ear “Please cum for us.” I did just that.

It started as a languid and slowly moving pleasure and grew from my nipples and pussy into an orgasm that suffused my entire body. I went rigid as it consumed me fully. The force of that breaking wave caused me to flood milk into Walter's mouth and squirt it onto his chest. My pussy exploded, drenching Walters cock and groin in my hot pussy juices.

All three men just continued pleasuring my body until at last, with a gasp, I relaxed. Gently they lowered me until I was resting on top of Walter, his cock buried deep inside me, the head sitting against my cervix.

“Can I ask you to do me a favour?” I said softly. “All of you?”

Walter kissed the top of my head and said “Anything.”

“Just name it.” was James's response as he kissed my shoulder.

“Of course”. Patrick said as he licked my lower back.

“I've never done it before... do you guys thing you could all penetrate me... you know... at the same time?” I asked softly.

I felt James move around behind me as Patrick came around and knelt by my head. Without a word I felt James' hands spread my ass cheeks and the head of his cock nudging at my tight little rosebud. Patrick presented his cock to my mouth and slowly slid it between my lips.

Jams asked Walter for help, and I felt Walter's big hand spreading my ass cheeks apart and holding them open as James pushed his big cock into my ass. Finally, for the first time in my life, I had a long hot cock buried in each of my holes.

By some silent agreement, perhaps my mental influence, they all began thrusting into me. I could do nothing except take all that cock as their pace increased and soon I was getting the triple cock pounding I had always dreamed of. Hands were all over my body, pinching and milking my nipples and strumming my clit as they fucked me. It was mind blowing and I began cumming within mere minutes. My body was rocked by orgasm after orgasm as they pounded and grunted.

Somehow I focused my will and delayed their orgasms, selfishly wanting to prolong this penetration of my body. For over an hour all three men fucked and used me. Changing positions as they wished, always making sure that I was full of hard hot cock. Alternately they were spanking me, pinching me and mauling my breasts as my clit was also pleasured.

My own control failed me... I wanted their cum inside my body. I wanted to feel it in my ass, deep inside my womb, and down my throat.

Our furious fucking must have been audible outside the tent, but I did not care. I was screaming in pleasure and could hear their grunts and words of encouragement as we fucked. It had become animalistic, pure unadulterated fucking for fucking sake.

When our orgasms hit I screamed as I felt the power rush through me. My body taking in all the cum their hot hard cocks could provide. My tiny body was crushed between their much larger muscular bodies, a pleasurable prison of hot male flesh.

When our shared orgasms subsided the men fell to the floor of the tent, sprawling out again. I realized I was straddling James as he slept beneath me. All three men had expressions of peace and pleasure on their faces.

The power was coursing through me and I was anything but tired. I felt more alive than I ever thought possible. I slowly climbed off of James and gave him a soft kiss. Moving gently I gave Walter and Patrick soft kisses of thanks.

I gathered my clothes and dressed. It was amazing how I was not covered in cum. Again my body had absorbed it all, fuel for my powers.

Smiling at the three sleeping men who had given me so much pleasure, I stepped out of the tent and into the sunshine.

I was surprised when I saw a heavy set older woman standing near a tree about ninety feet away. She had hiking attire on and was holding a cell phone in her hand, speaking into it. She saw me and began frantically gesturing me over to her.

“What the fuck?” I thought. I walked over to her and she said “Are you okay? I knew those guys were trouble.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” I said feeling more then slightly annoyed.

“Here, it's the Police. I called 911 when I heard them attacking you. They said the cars would be here any minute now.” She explained as she handed me the cell phone.

“Are you serious?” I said in shock. “I was not attacked!!! We were having sex!”

I heard a female voice on the cell phone say “Can you speak to me miss?”

I said “Hello, sorry, but I was not being attacked. We were just having sex! I'm serious I am not hurt and I was not attacked.”

The dispatcher said “Miss, are you injured in any way?”

“No, God no... seriously nothing bad happened.” I told her. I kind of felt bad for the dispatcher. She was caught in the middle. “If you want, I can get the lady who called to explain it. Oh never mind... your guys are here. I'm fine seriously.” I said as I saw three Police cars pull up and the officers getting out looking all business and ready to kick ass. I guess thinking they are going to stop a rape will get them in that frame of mind.

I handed the cell phone back to the woman and walked over to them “Hey, Officers... I'm sorry, but there has been a misunderstanding... I'm fine. I was not being attacked.”

The officers relaxed but still had that suspicious look on their faces.

“Do I look like I am hurt?” I said in a playful voice. All three men were looking me over and I saw they clearly liked what they saw and also knew that I was not hurt.

“Okay. If you're sure your fine.” one of them said.

I indicated the woman who called and said “She just heard me, well, being a little to loud. I'm sorry.” I said gently.

“How old are you?” he asked as he was taking his notebook out.

“I'm eighteen.” I said exerting my will toward him. He hesitated for a moment and said “Okay, age 18 and what is your name please?”

“This is a misunderstanding. That's all. You don't need to know my name.” I said.

“I don't need to know your name.” he repeated.

“There is no reason to be here, everything is fine.” I said.

“Everything is fine.” he said and put his notebook away.

“Thank you so much for your help, but I am sure we are keeping you from more important things.” I told him.

He smiled brightly at me and said “Well. These things happen, but we have other things we could be doing. Have a good day Miss.” and he turned, gesturing at the other officers and they got into their cars and left.

You gotta love being able to do the Jedi Mind Trick!

I was smiling brightly and waving as they drove off.

The woman came over and said “I don't think a young lady like you should be conducting herself in such a wanton and slattern like manner.” she said firmly.

I stared at her and said “Are you married?”

“Yes I am and I am a mother. Your mother would be so disappointed in you! Don't you have any respect for God? For propriety?” she said in exasperation.

“Please, don't worry about me. You should go home and have sex with your husband, do all the naughty little things you have always said no too. But now, you will enjoy them, in fact you will ask him to do them to you. You will love everything he does no matter how kinky. A sexually satisfied husband is a good husband don't you think?” I said, exerting my will again.

“Yes, yes I... I want to go home and do that.” she said simply.

“ You realize you should always be a slut for him in the bedroom don't you.” I said smiling.

“Yes, I'm going to always be a slut for him in the bedroom.” she replied.

“Good. Now head home... thanks for your help.” I told her.

“You're welcome.” she said happily and wandered off.

Looking over at the tent the guys were clearly still sleeping.

Feeling very energetic I decided to run home. I could not believe how fast I was able to run. Realizing it might attract to much attention I slowed myself to simply an Olympic pace. Running four minute miles seemed perfectly good to me. I was almost laughing with the ease of it.

When I reached my house I arrive just in time to see my parents backing out of the driveway and heading down the road.

Going inside the house I was so happy. I felt better than I ever had in my life. I trotted up to my room and stripped. It was impossible not to admire my body in the mirror. My mind wandered as I stood there. My powers had a lot of potential. I began exploring the idea of preventing or solving crime. It was very possible that I could be a super hero and help people. With all this power I could do so much. I decided at that moment that I was going to do all I could to help people. I did not know the full extent of my powers yet, but I definitely wanted to. Maybe I could learn on the fly?

A gentle knock at my door drew me out of my thoughts. I could sense it was Hiro, my older brother.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Eriko, can I come in?” he asked softly.

“Of course.” I said.

When he opened the door and saw me standing there naked he smiled slightly but just stood there.

“Are you okay?” I asked him.

“Eriko... I... I miss you. You have hardly been home and I'm worried it is my fault.” He replied.

“Come here.” I said holding my arms out to him.

Hiro quickly crossed the distance and hugged me tightly. His embrace was loving and surrounded me with the warmth of his real caring for me.

“I love you Hiro. Your my brother and we have always been the best and closest of friends. I would never go out of my way to avoid you, I was just busy Hiro-Chan.” I said and kissed his neck before hugging him tighter.

“I've always loved you too, but I don't understand this... not all of it. I never wanted to... be like this with you before. But it seems somehow right now... and I miss not being able to hold you or even just hang out with you like we used to.” he said.

I leaned back and looked him in the eyes. Gently leaning in I kissed his lips softly. Hearing my brother moan in pleasure and hold me even tighter made me so happy. He truly is one of the best and kindest of people I have ever met in my life. If I was asked to pick the one person in the world I knew would always care for me and be there anytime, anywhere, it was my brother.

“Would you like to take a shower?” I said gently as I licked his ear lobe.

“Oh God Eriko... yes... yes.” he moaned out as his hands cupped my ass cheeks and squeezed them, pulling my pussy into his growing erection.

Stepping back I took his hand and lead him to my bathroom. Once there I turned an kissed him, grabbing the bottom of his t-shirt and pulling it over his head. Tossing that aside we resumed our kissing, before I sank to my knees and undid his shorts. He leaned back against the wall looking down at me as I pulled his shorts and boxers down. His erect cock sprang into view and I smiled up at him.

Leaning forward I licked him from the base of his cock to the tip, before sliding it inside my mouth. It tasted salty from his exertions cutting the lawn, but I did not care. It was my loving brother's cock and I sucked at it, wanting to give him pleasure.

His hands came to my head and gripped my hair. “Oh fuck... Eriko... your so good at that.” he moaned as I continued fucking his cock in and out of my mouth.

“Wait.. I don't want to cum yet... please.” he said.

I leaned back and slid his cock from my mouth looking up at him. “You don't?” I said a bit surprised.

“No.” he said taking my hands and pulling me to my feet. “I want to do something for you... please, can I?”

Kissing him lightly I said “I am a very lucky sister.”

He turned on the shower and we stepped inside together. Hiro gave me a wonderfully sensuous shower, bathing me from head to toe, gently massaging and rubbing his soapy hands over my entire body. It felt so good, and as he rinsed me clean he gently licked and kissed me... all of me.

When we were done he lead me out of the shower and dried me off, softly towelling my body off, before scooping my up in his arms and carrying me to my bed.

He laid me down and said “Roll over”.

I rolled onto my stomach and felt him straddle my thighs. I closed me eyes, having decided that no matter what he had in mind it was going to be good. When his hands, covered with oil, began massaging my body I found my faith totally justified.

Being massaged by someone with talent who also happens to love you is one of the greatest feelings on this Earth. Hiro was a master and I was putty in my brother's hands. He massaged my neck and shoulders and moved lower, taking his time, not missing a single muscle. I was purring in delight as he did this. When he reached my ass and began massaging the cheeks it was relaxing and so arousing at the same time.

Shuffling lower he massaged the backs of my thighs, his fingers not coming into contact with my soaking wet pussy. I could feel his hard cock as he moved, the head dragging along my silken legs. Yet, he was in complete control and seemed to be having no issue focusing solely on pleasing me.

After massaging my feet he had me roll onto my back. Working his way methodically back up my body he massaged every inch, never touching my pussy though. I was making quiet whimpering sounds whenever he got close but he did not touch my hot pussy. When he reached my breasts I opened my eyes and saw he had a sly smile on his face.

He cupped them in his hands and with an amazingly deft touch gently massaged and squeezed them. I was on fire and felt juices running out of my pussy. It took everything I had not to just give into my lust and attack him. Just went milk began to emerge in beads from my nipples, he moved on, massaging my arms and neck and face.

When he finished my body was on the edge of explosion. When my loving brother leaned down and kissed me I erupted in orgasm. I squirted my super heated pussy juice right off the end of the bed. Milk erupted from my breasts hitting his chest and splashing back to hit us in our faces as we were kissing.

As I lay there panting I looked into Hiro's eyes. They were filled with red hot lust and I had no idea how he was not simply fucking me to within an inch of my life.

“Eriko.... can I... can I... I need... I...” He managed to stammer out, his breath was ragged as he was so overcome with lust.

“Hiro... you don't need to ask... but if you are waiting for permission... fuck me.” I said lustfully.

I unleashed a demon with those last two words! He grabbed my ankles and brought them up, pushing them behind my head. I was totally doubled over and exposed as he thrust his hard cock into my exposed pussy and began pounding me like a machine gun. My brother was fucking me like his life depended on it and I was loving every second.

I no time I had a massive orgasm, soaking us both with my pussy juice and milk.

He pulled out suddenly and flipped me over forcefully, pulled my onto my knees and drove his cock back into my hot wet cunt. Slapping my ass he began fucking me furiously, his cock slamming into my cervix creating a delicious blend of pain and pleasure. When he grabbed my long hair and his fist and jerked me back, nailing me and making me scream, I was lost in a red hot fever of lust.

I had no where to run as he used my cunt, fucking me like a whore. I could not believe the way Hiro was fucking me. When I orgasmed a second time he did not let up, continuing to fuck his cock deep into me.

As my orgasm was tapering off, he let go of my hair and abruptly reached forward, grabbing my elbows. He pulled them backwards, elevating my upper body totally off the bed. Hiro was using them for leverage to keep fucking his cock deep inside me.

In not time I could feel another orgasm building, a huge body rocking orgasm.

“Please... Hiro... cum in me... fuck your sister's cunt full of your hot cum!” I begged. My powers hit him and he held me in a death like grip and he shot rope after rope of his hot manly seed deep inside my willing cunt. The his explosive orgasm, feeling all that hot cum inside me, sent me over the edge and I cam again. “AHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!” I screamed as the wave hit.

Hiro collapsed on my back, pinning me under him, his cock still hard and buried inside me.

We both lay there panting. His arms came around me and held me as he kissed the back of my exposed neck. I jolted with bliss as my weak spot was caressed by his soft lips and tongue.

“I love you.” he said softly.

“I love you too.” I replied dreamily. The massive load he had flooded my womb with was being absorbed and I could feel the power of it rippling through me. My body was full of erotic power and I knew I was addicted to that feeling. I had truly become a total cum whore, loving the gifts it bestowed on me. Unconsciously I rotated my hips and moaned in pleasure.

Hiro's cock twitched inside me and he was soon thrusting away again, my body pinned under him. I was moaning in pleasure and blurted out “Please... please fuck my ass.”

He lifted his hips and lined up his cock with my ass and began feeding his cock deep into my ass.

“Oh fuck... your ass is so tight Eriko... so fucking hot and tight... I love your ass.” he moaned into my ear as he ground his cock deep in my ass and began fucking me again.

“Oh yeah... oh fuck me... I love how good your cock feels in my ass.” I whimpered back at him.

As he fucked my ass I marvelled again at my body. It seemed no matter how much cock I took I would always be tight, yet able to take anything. At that moment I was taking my brother's cock deep inside my ass, and it was an awe inspiring feeling.

“Oh God.... of fuck so tight, your ass is milking me... milking my cock.” he moaned out.

“Cum for me Hiro-Chan, fill my ass with your cum” I begged him.

With several powerful cock burying thrusts he did just that, his cock releasing a huge load deep into my bowels. His exertions gave me another powerful orgasm. We were covered with sweat and panting together in satisfaction.

We spent the afternoon fucking each other senseless. Hiro proved to be a great lover. When we were done he collapsed beside me and curled up. He looked so happy and so content. I watched him as he slept, and leaned over and kissed his cheek, before curling up with him. I did not realize it, but if I made a conscious decision to sleep I could. It was a wonderful feeling to fall asleep cuddling with him.

I am not sure how long as I was asleep. Slowly I was awakened by the delicious feeling of my pussy being eaten. Moaning as I came awake, I laid there loving it, reaching down with my hands to touch the head buried between my thighs. What a wonderful way to be awakened.

That sweet tongue was making circles now, teasing my clit sweetly. I spread my legs further and when me hands encountered long hair as I ran my fingers into it, I started grinding my pussy into my sweet oral lover's face. I realized in my sleep addled brain that I had been in bed with my short haired brother. Who the hell was pleasuring my pussy?

Opening my eyes I looked down and was completely shocked. My whole world had turned onto it's side with one simple lick of my clit.

“Mom???” I gasped.


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love incest tales and this is a good one,,very imaginative,very erotic,wouldn't it be marvelous if we could all gain strength and energy from cum!! especialyy our family's cum, hhhmmmmm,,good story,,love it!,,more like this, please!

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