The first chapter in a long epic sex story. This story revolve around a lot of sexual themes that may be offensive to some readers. I don't mean to offend anyone so please read the themes and introductions before reading the chapters. If it doesn't sound like a story to get you horny and cumming, I won't be offended if you stop reading. Everyone else, ENJOY!

Prologue: The Day Before

Chapter 1: Blowjob Wake Up

I gave the little, 15 year old, brunette a good look up and down her slim, sexy body. From head to toe, this girl was damn fine. I kept trying to keep my eyes on somewhere safe like her straight, dark hair that fell down to her shoulders, but my eyes kept getting drawn down to her creamy, exposed legs. I knew it was wrong to look, but I couldn't help noticing how little her beautiful, long legs were covered by her sexy, short skirt. The rest of her scantily assemble outfit consist of a pair of open-toed sandals and a fancy top that really accentuated her breasts. I could also tell she wasn’t wearing a bra and feared she wasn’t wearing any panties either. I was wickedly tempted to try my luck with this gorgeous vixen, especially considering the lucky sex streak I'd been having all that day. It was only 6 pm and I'd already gotten off five times with five different women, and my rock hard cock was still aching for more.

The teen was clearly nervous about the night to come as she fidgeted in her seat. Again, taking my eyes off the road, I took in the sexy sight of the girl's legs as they slowly opened and closed with her uneasiness. As I watched her legs drift open and then close, I desperate urge was building in my loins. I knew I could make the sexy chick in the passenger seat cum number six of the day, but I also knew how much I shouldn't.

Because of what my girlfriend, Madison, had done to me that afternoon, I was so incredibly horny and my dick was so painfully hard that now I couldn't resist fantasizing about fucking my own scantily dressed, teen sister as I snuck glances at her beside me, and on top of that, I feared I might do much more than fantasize. Again, her soft luscious legs slid slowly apart again and my cock gave another hard twitch in my jeans. God help me, I'm gonna rape my sister tonight and it gonna be all my girlfriend's fault. Well, mostly.

But first, I should start at the beginning. It all started with a wonderfully familiar sensation on my cock when I awoke that morning.


I awoke that morning to the unmistakeable sensation of a small, warm hand running its fingers along the shaft of my penis. I had been in a half-sleepy state for a while since I had actually woken up half an hour ago with the need to pee. I hadn't gotten up because I didn't want to open my eyes, let alone get out of bed, plus it hadn't been urgent yet.

As usual, I had woken up with a huge slab of morning wood; however, unlike most days, I now felt the small, soft hand brushing up and down it's length. At first, I thought I had fallen back asleep and was dreaming the sensation on my hard cock, but that thought went away as my senses slowly and thickly came back to me.

I'm not overly well endowed but I'd like to say that I've at least got a nice package on me. Erect, it's a good 8 inches long, but the main attraction is it's girth. My cock's got a good weight to it that shocks and occasionally frightens most girls that have had the pleasure of seeing it. Also, I was a shower, not a grower, so even flaccid my cock looked large. This of course meant that any tight fitting clothes below the belt revealed the package beneath. Okay, maybe I was well endowed but I never thought of myself that way. That day, with my big, frightening erection twitching and throbbing, the small hand didn't shy away. If anything, it was getting more curious as it moved up and down the thick slab of man cock.

Besides having a lean, toned quarterback's physique (because I had been one, go figure), my main talent when it came to sex was the amount of cum my balls could produce. Even though it's more for my pleasure than any girl's, there's nothing like the sight of one of my massive loads of cum hosing down an eagerly awaiting cumslut. When properly "coaxed", I have the ability to produce the biggest cum blast I've ever scene, and that's including all the porn I've watched. I just can't get enough of seeing girls' reactions after a good blowjob when I pull out at the last second and let fly all over their pretty faces. The words expressed afterwards are usually along the lines of "Oh my God! I'm fucking drenched!". Even with the thickness of my rod, my biggest source of pride is the amount of semen my cock can spit out of it's bulbous, purple head.

Anyways, back to what I was feeling that morning. The night before I had decided to stay over at my friend's house because I had drank a little too much and didn't want to drink and drive (Mike and I had been playing video games with a 12-pack of beer). When I had gotten tired enough, I had made my way to Mike's brother's room to crash since he had already left for summer camp. With my head buzzing, I had stripped down and flopped on the bed with the intention of covering myself with the blanket but my body had never made it that far. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out.

Without opening my eyes, I knew I had passed out in the nude but what I didn't know was who was lightly caressing my twitching, hard cock. In my head, I quickly worked some logistics. I remembered that Mike had to work early that morning with his dad, his brother was definitely away at camp, and I was pretty sure his mom had to work early that day as well. So... the only person unaccounted for was Mike's 14-year-old sister, Stephanie. Steph! Mmm, delicious, little Steph.

Steph had started out as just being "Mike's younger sister" but then she had hit puberty. During puberty sometime, she had become "Mike's female sister". A six inch growth spurt later which served to trim off the baby fat, and a nice addition of breasts that, even though they were small, everyone (even Mike) couldn't help noticing, and now my eyes couldn't help follow the girl who slinked in the background at my bestfriend's house. Eventually, Steph recognized the looks she had been getting from the other sex and probably quite enjoyed it, as she took to wearing tighter shirts to show off her slender, fit body and other "assets". Now equiped with some outstandingly sexy curves and a pair of small but very nice A-cups tits, she had transformed into "Mike's hot sister". Mike's hot sister that I often secretly fantasized about fucking while I masturbated. Mike's hot sister who was lightly caressing the shaft of my engorged penis while she thought I was asleep.

Since Steph's "Mike's female sister" days, I had been having this reoccurring fantasy of being her first. In my mind, I figured it was easy. I had known her for years, she trusted me completely, and I knew she had always had a crush on me. But instead of giving me confidence, these thought had made me ten times more nervous. It got so bad that I couldn't even look at Steph when she was around. Worst of all, the fantasies had been increasing in intensity to the point that now if given the chance, I would do anything to pop Steph's little cherry. I wanted her so badly.

Now, I couldn't believe her tiny hand was rubbing my cock. The sensation was wonderful and my cock throbbed in agreement. Steph started with a soft "Oh" but after a brief pause and some praying by me that she wouldn't stop, she resumed her curious venture. I was so relieved when her hand resumed it's exploration. Maybe today was the day to act on my desires.

To my continued surprise, I then felt warm, breath brush across my cock and balls and I wondered what she was doing. It dawned on me after a minute of this that she might just be getting a closer look at my erect and engorged penis. I knew from Mike telling us at a party while he was drunk that his sister had once walked in on him jerking off. He had said that she had walked in just as he was cumming. He had yelled and she had run off scared. Even after that first frightening encounter with a penis, maybe Steph was still curious to explore another, especially as its owner slept. The best way to make someone curious is to forbid them to do it, or in this case, see it and touch it.

Steph's small hand started tracing the big veins along my shaft as I heard the quickening of her breaths. She was definitely curious. Her light touch on my cock felt amazing, but part of me was dying to feel that soft, little hand grab hold and stroke me. She moved in the right direction by rubbing more firmly along my shaft. My cock felt so hard as it throbbed again as I felt the soft skin of her little, innocent hand. Again, I heard a soft "oh" escape her mouth as she gasped with my twitching member.

In my head, I quickly devised a plan that could get me and my cock what we so urgently needed. I let out a soft moan and in a sleepy voice I said, "Yeah, stroke me. I love it when you touch me, baby." I hoped she would think I was just talking in my sleep. I cursed my impatient self when her hand flinched away at the sound of my voice. For an agonizing half minute afterwards nothing happened. I breathed in deep, rhythmic breaths as I kept the faked sleeping act up. My head whirled as I mentally begged her to touch me again. Come on, baby. Please, grab my cock.

Finally, to my immense joy and exhilaration, I felt Steph's petite fingers wrap around my aching shaft. My cock gave a hard twitch, but this time, she wasn't phased. Her small hands squeezed me so gently and so sweetly. Then, I noticed something that turned me on to no end. Steph's teeny tiny hand couldn't wrap all the way around my shaft. Her little fingers only made it about 7/8 around my rigid shaft which made my cock feel gigantic. Just her holding it in her fist was enough to send surges of sexual energy through my body, so it felt like nothing I've ever felt before when she started sliding her fist gently up and down. I couldn't believe she was actually jerking me off. My long awaited fantasy was finally coming true.

After an incredible couple minutes of this, it was time for some more sleepy encouragement. I whispered, "That's it," through another moan and then said, "That's feels so good, baby. Oh, squeeze a little firmer." Instantly, I felt the young hand's grip tighten as it kept a good rhythm on my shaft. I could tell that she was concentrating as her hand stroked the full length of my shaft. This sent me to a new height. I felt her other hand on my flexing thigh and it rubbed with sexual eagerness. I began to moan louder and more frequently, and this seemed to embolden Steph even more. Her pace quickened and she whispered in a sexy voice I'd never heard her use before, "Oh Adam. Your dick feels so good in my hand. I can't believe how big and hard you are. I've wanted this for so long. I've wanted you for so long."

I couldn't resist moaning her name, "Oh, Stephanie, I've always dreamt of this."

My risky move paid off as she said, "Oh, Adam! Me too. I want to see your cock spurt." That confirmed my suspicions of her still being curious after the incident with her brother. She had walked in just as Mike's cock had "spurted". In the sweetest, most innocent voice, she whispered, "Should I suck it? Do you want me to suck it?" Her breathing was fast and I could tell she was getting horny herself. I wondered how wet she was between her legs. I also wondered if she still believed I was sleeping. With her panting like she was in heat, I didn't think she cared. With the excitement of her first sexual experience, she was probably more aroused then I was.

"Oh yeah, Suck me, baby. I want to feel your mouth. Oh Stephanie, take my cock in your sexy mouth." Again, she immediately responded to my words. With my eyes still closed, I felt Steph move forward to get her eager mouth closer to my throbbing member. Her hand that was on my thigh before, now moved to run along my hard six-pack abs. I heard her gasp at the rigid muscles she felt. To get into a better position for oral action, she moved closer and straddled my knee. I had an answer to my earlier thoughts of how wet she was. I couldn't believe the dampness I felt where the crotch of her panties met my skin. She was so wet it was dripping through her panties and down my leg. This pure, little 14-year-old was ready for a good fuck.

Again, I felt her warm breath on my cock but this time it only lasted a few seconds before she leaned in and planted soft kisses around the head. I tried to get a grip on what was about to happen. My best friend's, hot, little sister, who I had secretly jerked off to, was about to give me her first blowjob. She kissed along the underside of my shaft, but as soon as she reached the top again, she took the head into her sweet, wet mouth. I felt her little tongue swirl around the tip and then her lips started to slide down. At first, she could only reach about two inches down before having to come back up, but it didn't discourage her. With a few more tries, she was able to take three inches of thick cock. I didn't fault her for not being able to take even half my length. I knew it was her first time, and to be fair my girlfriend could only take a little more than half in her mouth and she's a cock sucking expert. (Yes, as I mentioned earlier, I have a girlfriend, but don't jump to conclusions. We have a special arrangement that I'll gladly explain later.)

As she sucked up and down on what she was able, Steph's one small hand wanked the base of my shaft and when she had a good rhythm going, she was giving me pleasure like a pro, sucking and stroking in sync. Her other hand slowly drifted up past my abs, and was now caressing my strong pectoral muscles. As her wanking hand worked the base of my penis and her mouth worked the top, I decided it was time to open my eyes and have a peek at the beautiful girl of my desires.

Steph was a breathtaking sight. Puberty had left Steph with a thin, lithe body which was straddling my one leg as her upper body bobbed with her stroking and sucking on my cock. Her long, brunette hair was tucked behind her ears, so I had a clear view of her mouth and hand at work. Swaying with her bobbing head were her short bangs and a pair of little, pink heart shaped earrings dangled from her ears, which made the sight of her sucking me off all the more erotic. It was so incredible seeing such a cute, innocent girl doing something so dirty and with her hand rubbing all over my pecks and broad shoulders as she worked hard on my cock, I was getting extremely close to exploding in her mouth. I briefly wondered if I should warn her but then got distracted watching her chest heaving to the rhythm of her blowjob. Her pink night shirt matched her earrings and was loose enough that I had a great view down the collar. She had the small, pert tits with cute little nipples that were sticking out in her state of arousal. Another huge sign of her arousal was the soaked crotch of her cute, white thong panties as she ground her hips hard against my leg. She let out a deep moan that vibrated along my pulsing shaft.

She suddenly noticed my eyes staring at her and she lifted her head off my cock. Her beautiful eyes met mine. While her hand kept pumping away, she gave me the cutest, biggest smile as she continued to breathe hard with her arousal. It was a smile of relief and accomplishment as she was clearly proud of herself. I smiled broadly back through my own pleasure. Staring into her lustrous eyes as her little hand jerked me off, I fell deeply in love with Stephanie and then I hit my climax. My dick erupted with a large spurt like a geyser. The eruption splashed Steph right in her unexpected, 14-year-old face. I let out an "oh fuck, baby girl" as more cum spurted forth.

At first, Steph just stared shocked and panting with her mouth still slightly open in that beautiful smile as my hot jizz hit her nose, cheeks and lips. As my second spurt splashed up at her, she let out a little squeal and started giggling as she turned her head back and forth to avoid more cum in her face. Instead of getting it on her young face, my cum arched up, missing her dodging face, and rained down on her sexy collarbone and down the valley of her newly developed chest.

The last gobs of cum spat up a few inches and then dribbled down my bulbous head to her still grasping fist. Steph was a nasty mess with her face slightly bowed with cum dripping from it. Her mouth was still wide in shock as she panted breathlessly, and I noticed some of my jizz had smeared across her lower lips which bubbled with each breath. I don't think I could have covered her more in my man sauce if I had tried. Her brown eyes were staring at me and her chest heaved with her hard breathing as she managed to say one word, "Wow".

"Oh Steph, baby. That was wonderful. You can wake me like that any day. You're so gorgeously messy. You look amazingly hot with my cum dripping off your face and tits."

Her tongue snaked out of her mouth to lick the cum off her lower lip. "Mmmm. Next time, I'll avoid the mess and take it in my mouth." Suddenly she burst out giggling and said, "I didn't expect there to be so much. It's so warm. You got me everywhere. Oh Adam, I'm so happy. I've wanted to do something to show the feelings I have for you for such a long time. I guess I skipped a couple steps. That was pretty naughty." Her fit of giggling trailed off nervously and I pulled her in for our first kiss. Her eyes went wide and she tensed up, but quickly she relaxed and fell on to me in a passionate embrace. I felt my own cum smear my face and chest as we made out on the bed. Her lips parted and I slid my tongue into her mouth to rub against hers. She caught on quickly and suddenly we were French kissing and I was grabbing at her ass with one hand as the other slipped into the front of her sopping wet panties. She moaned deep on my tongue as my clever fingers rubbed her dripping pussy.

In her ear I whispered, "There are lots of fun, naughty things we can do." I stroked a deft finger along her clit for emphasis as I then whispered, "I want to lick your little, wet, teenage pussy." I began kissing the sweet spot of her neck and flicking her clit back and forth with my skillful middle finger. I was going to fuck her so good.

All this drove her wild as she screamed, "Oh, oh, oh, Adam! FFFFFFFFFUUUCK!" She came hard, pressed against my hard chest and I could feel her shaking and quivering in my arms. When she came down, her breath was hard in my ear as she panted out the words, "Well, that certainly wasn't my usual Monday morning."

A bolt of panic shot through me. "Monday! Oh shit, I gotta go, babe." I rolled her off me with a kiss and leaped out of the bed. She let out a slight whimper as I moved away from her and I felt a pang of guilt for leaving so quickly after blasting her face. I was torn between staying in bed with Steph and possibly popping her sweet cherry, or doing my other responsibilities which I was already late for.

My semi-hard cock hung near Steph's face and I thought of an idea that might please her before I go. Grabbing the base and pointing it at her mouth, I said, "Wanna use that sweet mouth of yours to suck me clean and dry before I go?" She smiled that adorably cute smile of hers and took me in her young mouth. Now almost flaccid, she was nearly able to suck my whole dick down as she slurped and swallowed any remaining cum. She let out a drawn out moan which vibrated on my penis, and I couldn't help moaning myself. "Mmmmm, yeah baby. Clean my cock with your dirty mouth."

I was really enjoying the tongue bath she was giving me, but a quick glance at the clock screamed that I was really late in my brain. I reluctantly slid my limp dick from her mouth. Any more of her sucking and I'd be good to go again. Before the distraction of another erection came along, I began to put my clothes on. Steph sat on her haunches on the bed with a dumb, satisfied look on her pretty face. She was watching me with a small smile and a puppy-love look in her eyes. God, she was cute!

Once fully dressed, I leaned in for a last kiss. Our wet tongues swirled around one another and I could taste her sweet breath. Mike's sister was so fucking hot and she had just full on blown me. I guess now she was "Mike's Dirty Slut Sister". I couldn't wait to feel her virgin pussy around my thick shaft. My cock twitched and I broke off the kiss saying, "I really gotta go but I can be right back after I drop off Madison at school. Just stay like that with my cum drying on your beautiful face and tits, and I'll be right back before you know it to taste your delicious pussy nectar." Her smile widened and I made my way for the door.

Before I left through the door, I stole one last look at the sexy bitch covered in cum and noticed she was lightly rubbing herself under her panties as she watched me go. I couldn't wait to get a taste of her delicious, 14-year-old flower. At the time, 14 was the youngest I'd ever touched, but that would soon change.

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