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"Babe I promise you that i will call you when I get home." I was getting ready to leave my girlfriend of whom I was with for 2 years. I was your typical young African American male. I was in college and 20 years old. Sex ruled my life. And frankly I loved it. I went to a school in North Jersey. And my girl friend at the time lived about 1.5 hours away, with smooth traffic. She normally came to visit me because I lived on campus. But I decided to go and see her. Because of where she lived and my lack of knowledge of the nj transit system, I took the bus from my school to NYC port authority and then another bus that headed to south Jersey. Altogether the trip costed me over $30, which is pretty steep for a college student. Especially when you factor in that i wasn't working and relied om my parents to give me the bulk of my money. I ended up spending that money anyway because she always wanted to go out and eat, and I had to give her gas money.

''Drew you better call me, don't play me out like you always do!"
" OK Nic, I got you, give me a kiss. My bus is loading up." Kissing always made my dick hard and she knew this. After the kiss she grabbed my dick and said this is my dick, don't give it to none of those hoes on campus. That made me chuckle, especially since I cheated on her regularly. She had no clue and that's how I intended to keep it.

On the ride home I sat in the middle of the bus thinking about how good her pussy felt. Nic was light skin with a nice fat juicy ass. When she bent over her holes just looked at you. Every time we were together we fucked. And this time we had went to a motel room so that we could be loud. The thing about fucking Nic was that she was a big girl. So she like it rough and hard. I loved having her sit on my face. A whole lot of ass and pussy. She got really wet too. Even though I was a player, I appreciated each girl for their talents. These thought where making me horny again and i was tempted to jerk of on the bus, but got a little nervous that i would get caught.

After about 15 minutes of being on the bus I noticed this beautiful female get on the bus. I always had an eye for picking out cute girls. This girl had on some skin tight jeans along with a halter top. She had long black hair and looked Spanish. Her figure was nice. Flat stomach, nice poke out ass, along with b cup breast. Definately was a work of art to gaze upon. As the ride went on, I kept glancing over at her trying to catch her eye in the slickest way possible. I was already trying to figure out what her pussy possibly tasted like. I proclaimed myself to be the best pussy eater known to women lol. I had no problem going down on a woman before she sucked my dick. Sometimes I ate pussy just to get some ass.

Finally she saw me and said hello. I waived back and immediately felt my heart starting to race. I was sitting in the window seat, so I looked out the window to gather my thoughts and plan out my next move. Finally, it hit me. Just start up a silly conversation with her, and go from there.

"Where you heading?" I called myself stupid for starting the convo out like that but to my surprise she took the bait.

"I'm going to my cousin house in Old Bridge." She had a heavy Spanish accent, but I didn't care. "And you?" At this point I was getting ready to snap into full Mack mode. But I couldn't make any more mistakes.

"I'm heading to NYC. I was visiting my friend" I didn't even bother mentioning what town I was heading to or my school because I doubt she ever heard of it. And of course I lied. Why would I tell another female about me visiting my Girlfriend that i just fucked for 3 hours straight.

"New York, I love NY." She exclaimed. "You can come sit next to me instead of talking across the bus if you like." I waisted no time but didn't want to look overly eager. I decided to hit her with a little stupid question.

"Are you sure? Your boyfriend isn't going to get on the bus and beat the shit out of me is he?" I smiled as I said that to let her know it was a joke.

"No,no, papi... no boyfriend." At this point I was very interested to find out more about this chic. She was getting off the bus in about 20 minutes, so I didn't have much time to get her number. As I sat there she start playing with my arms and squeezing them. "Such big arms papi". It was at that moment that i realized that something was different. I was so turned on that i ignored the obvious things that stood out.

"Thank you" I proceeded to feel on her legs and rub closer to her pussy when I felt it. It was something that i only fantasized about. This sexy female was a man, a shemale. A Transexual. Noticing the shock on my face she starting rubbing my crotch and said, "everything OK papi". I was horny and just said, "yes everything is alright."

I looked around the bus and unzipped my pants so that she could get a closer feel. When her hands touched my dick I was rock hard. This was such a thrill. She pulled my dick out and started to jerk it while staring at me. I don't know what came over me but I kissed her. And my hands became nosey. I un buttoned her pants so that i could feel what was really down there and see it also. She started to moan softly in my ear when I felt the skin on her now hard cock trapped in her tight jeans. I thought that my head was about to explode. I never been with a man before, but this feeling was amazing.

"Suck my dick" I told her and she hesitated and said no papi, but the male dominant side of me came out. I shoved her head on my dick and she started to suck it. While she was sucking it I remembered that i never showered or cleaned up, so my dick still had the taste of my girlfriends pussy and cum all over it. However she didn't care. She sucked my dick as I slid her pants down and started rubbing on her ass. Her dick was now hard and was at least 9 inches. It was so big and thick it scared me lol. My dick was big but it wasn't 9 inches and definately not that thick. I was about to cum and shoved her head on my dick. She really didn't want to swallow but I didn't want to come on my clothes. After she finished I felt compelled to try and suck her dick. She didn't stop me at all. As my mouth went over her dick, she began to tremble. The smell of her dick was like soap, wherever she just came from she was clean and fresh. Not li,e I could say the same for my ass. I. Sucked and licked and fingered her ass until she grabbed my head and came in my mouth. It was so much cum that some of it flowed out my mouth. It was salty and warm but felt good. I felt like a gay whore. But this feeling was great. She zipped up her pants, kissed me and smiled. "So sex I papi".

We sat there in silence and just had our hands on each others lap. And she layed her head on my shoulder. Ten minutes later we pulled up to her drop off spot. She gathered her stuff and kissed me again, and then purposely put her ass in my face when passing out.

I watched her get off the bus as I sat there in disbelief of what I just did. Was I now gay or bisexual. I struggled with this the entire way home but loved the thrill and felling that i had. It was a dirty whorish feeling that i experienced when I ate pussy on the first date. I then dozed off and when I woke up realizing we were in NYC. When I got back to my dorm, I called my girlfriend. She asked me was sup.
"Nothing, my ride home was relaxing. I slept most of it." I jerked off 2 more times thinking about my first encounter On my way home.

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A non motherfuckin factor in the bedroom?????? I don't get it and shit I'm black

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You know that really the man with the biggest dick in the world is white? I was surprised too. I was like what the fuck man i thought us blacks had the biggest cocks

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He mad cuz he got a lil dick and is a non motherfuckin factor in the bedroom lol

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Ha and WE NIGGERS FUCK YOUR BANCHY WIVES AND DAUGHTERS... lol ... Ohh u mad.. Yea.. U MAD lololol

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Hey fuck you man all niggars should die WPWW KKK RULES ALL

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