the story continues

Jacqueline opened her eyes.

--- Good morning sleepy head; a voice said.

She turned; behold security, sitting in a chair, coffee in hand and warm friendly smile.
--- High. A barely audible high at that...

Jerry smiled at her.
--- Tough night boss...?

--- Uh HUH...!

--- Adrian has gone to Dallas to pick up Sheila. So it-s just you, me, my coffee, and your hang-over boss...

--- Oh, it-s more than a hangover Jerry. I ache all over. [Jacqueline started to sit up in bed but fell back]... I am just drained... Ouch - pain...!

--- What the hell Jacqueline. What happened to you...? Jerry was all business.

--- The short version; I got drunk and said yes...I think.

--- Why the pain Jacqueline...?

--- He tied me up...well more than that actually.

--- Bondage Jacqueline. [Showing concern...]

--- Yes.

--- I am going to exam you boss... [Pause] in the contract.

--- I know; I made up the contract. [Jacqueline moved]... This should make for some interesting jokes around work Jerry.

--- NOT from my side Jacqueline. What happens between you and your security stays between you and your security. You wrote that into the contract protocol. Jerry was already at her side by the time he finished his remark.
--- Not to mention a gentleman never tells Jacqueline... [Jerry winks...].

Jacqueline lay in bed and watches Jerry pull the covers back. She noticed her night shirt, light pink, had ridden up, exposing nearly all her legs to Jerry.

Jerry looked down at Jacqueline;
--- If this wasn-t serious I could really appreciate your beauty boss. [Long pause].
...............God you have fantastic gams on ya!

Jacqueline smiled;
--- Thanks Jerry. [I am going to get fucked again].

Jerry stood waiting – waiting;
--- Uh boss, would you take off your sleeping clothes. [NOT really knowing what to call it].

--- Let-s make it interesting Jerry, you undress me... Oh, and you should call me Jacqueline from now on... formalities seem odd

Jerry went to the door shutting it, Click - Click... Returning to Jacqueline, Jerry took off his suit jacket, shoes, tie, shirt and pants...and even his socks. He looked up to her see Jacqueline looking at his man-hood tucked inside his white boxers, which had a big yellow smilie on the front of them;
--- A gift. Jerry said.

--- Why the striptease Jerry...?

--- Keep lint, etc off my suit... [She looked at him]. ... No lint, no questions, no innuendo, Jacqueline... Your reputation is paramount in all things we do here.

-- Thank you Jerry.

Jerry picked up Jacqueline-s legs to lift her hips as he began undressing her. This examination of her was for marks... aka was she raped...hit or in any way harmed that left markings on her skin.

Straight away he noticed she was dull, numbed in her responses compared to the regular Jacqueline. Jerry suspected she was lightly sedated, or perhaps dosed with pain killers. Jerry had seen this in rape cases when he worked in vice in San Francisco. . . . [...FUCK the hell out of a drugged woman then fill her with pain killers to numb her...time passes, some healing and she will not suspect being raped...].

A pussy is a flexible thing and will respond to rest quickly. There are of course salves which can be used to conceal rape. He would check Jacqueline over, thoroughly from head to toe.

One thing was certain; if Jacqueline was raped he would not tell her. She would self destruct; Jacqueline is a very proud woman. He would look after the bastard himself. God help Kris if he hurt Jacqueline in any way. Jerry had experience.

Jerry hiked Jacqueline-s shirt up over her hips... Sliding a hand under her upper back he raised her to pull the garment up to her head...once there he gently raised her arms and guided this piece of clothing off her.

She watched his eye-s, enjoying the pleased look on his face;
--- MY God woman, are you put together or what...? Your fucking gorgeous boss. [Jerry winked]. You should be ashamed hiding this body from me... what about my fringe benefits...

--- What do you call this, work...?

Jerry laughed;
--- No I guess not... BOSS...! ... BUT I am serious about checking you over for marks Mrs. Belaya.

She just smiled no riposte... [That settles that Jerry said to himself, the real Jacqueline would have run with that remark].

--- Ok Jacqueline, let-s start.
Jerry first pressured her skull looking for tender spots...her arms...shoulders...and so on. He checked over her legs, taking more time than necessary and joking with her about how gorgeous they were and how he had hoped she would require a massage.

--- I do need a massage. I will even sign a chit... Jacqueline said, smiling pertly.

Jerry asked her to roll onto her stomach. He helped her as she was plagued with aching muscles.
Her back... there were marks on her lower back, on the back of her shoulders and a reddish line under her hair were her scalp and the nape of her neck met.

It looked like that is where the gag was tied. It looked to Jerry like her head had been rubbing back and forth on a pillow or mattress...Jerry was sure the marks on her back were from rubbing against the mattress during sex... Finally Jerry looked closely between Jacqueline-s legs...
--- YUP. You-ve had sex BOSS. [...and lots of it Jerry noted.]... I am going to look at you closely Jacqueline...

--- I will bet you are...
Jacqueline opened her legs for Jerry... She was enjoying being looked at again by a man who had never seen her naked before. [Slut..., she remarked to herself with a deep, naughty, satisfaction.]...

ONCE he was finished Jerry got Jacqueline to dress; they cab-d it back to the hotel. Jerry wanted to get her where he had control of her surround. Jacqueline showered and went to bed, Jerry watched over her.


It was mid-afternoon before Jacqueline woke-up. Her aches and pains had subsided. She took a second hot shower which helped allot with her aches and pains. All in all Jacqueline felt pretty good.

BUT... there was a fly in the ointment. This fly had a name; it-s name was Jerry. Her own personnel security man was adamant she follow her own protocols. So he made her an appointment with a highly regarded doctor who also happened to be the company-s doctor, a Dr. S. A. Samuelson.

He was busy but scheduled Jacqueline in for 6:00pm today, making a special appointment for her. He normally only worked until 5:30pm he had told Jerry. The good doctor knew of Jacqueline so he said he would be pleased to extend her this extra courtesy.

Jerry and Dr. Samuelsson had a disagreement though. Jerry is Jacqueline-s personnel security and was not leaving her alone with anyone. Dr. Samuelson told Jerry he was not having some guy looking at one of his female patients naked while he examined her... They both got a bit heated over this... they compromised. Jerry would sit in the waiting room while the good doctor examined Jacqueline.

Jacqueline was to keep her PERSONAL security device with her at all times. ARROGANT prick Jerry thought...

Jerry had to admit he admired Jacqueline though... She was vehement about the personal safety of all those who worked at or for Luther corp. and its subsidiaries. Yet, she trivialized her own security. No chicken shit this babe he thought.

If the news was rape, and he was certain it was, Jerry would tell Sally eventually but he wanted to handle this quietly so Jacqueline would not find out. After all, the deed was already done so what-s the sense in fuckng up Jacqueline-s life with old news; that is how Jerry saw it..., anyhow.

In his discussion with Dr. Samuelson he explained to the doctor his concerns about Jacqueline. Dr. Samuelson agreed to tell Jacqueline all was well and tell Jerry the truth... A bit unconventional he said but he concurred.

Jerry was also wondering how Kris-s roughness with Jacqueline would sit with Sally... that could be something to see he mused. Thinking for a moment about Sally Jerry wondered how a woman with a PHD in Microelectronic Engineering could hide that for so many years.

HOW could she be specialized enough and find the time to design and build advanced equipment at AML Corp. , a here to fore unheard of subsidiary of Luther Corp, while acting as V.P. in charge of special security issues and on top of that be one of the world-s top Marshal Artist-s... Jerry knew he was going to investigate that... The business world sure is full of surprises Jerry conceded.


It is 5:58pm;
..................Jerry sits in Dr. Samuelson-s office reading a two year old magazine. Adrian is outside in the limo and Jacqueline is with the good doctor. Adrian is an excellent driver and made it to Dr. Samuelson-s office ten minutes after Jacqueline and Jerry.

Dr. Samuelson had been briefed by Jacqueline about having rough sex the night before. Luther Corp-s policy regarding personal protection dictates she must have a medical exam if she appears to have suffered any trauma, real or imaginary...

Jacqueline is asked to put her personal protection device on a nearby table; with-in arms length if that makes her feel comfortable. Jacqueline has no problem with this and complies.

--- I could give you a quick once over Jacqueline but I think considering what I-ve learned from your body guard out there I should give you an internal... It will be extensive so I recommend a local... We could also just put you out for half an hour or so to reduce your level of boredom. Dr. Samuelson smiles at his quip.

Jacqueline laughs;
--- Put me out...? Absolutely...! [Pause]... Hey doc..., do you serve coffee when your patients wake up...?

Dr. Samuelson laughs;
--- Tell you what Jacqueline; I will give you a couple of bucks for the drive thru...

Dr. Samuelson went back to the waiting room to chat with Jerry while the med-s took effect. Their discussion was cordial ending with Jerry heading outside to have a cigarette with Adrian... The good doctor gave Jerry the keys to the building and his office. Both of which were locked at this time of day.

Dr. Samuelson watched Adrian and Jerry enjoying a smoke break from a darkened room. Turning, he walks to the examination room were Jacqueline laid waiting. The good doctor picked up the necessary medical instruments en-route.

Dr. Samuelson-s rooms were first class, and he supplied good quality linen for the examination tables. He could afford it and his patients appreciated it. Jacqueline lay on such a sheet covered by a second such sheet.

Samuelson had these especially made for this examination table. In general his examination tables were more like narrow hospital beds with a hard surface thinly padded. He also had a vaginal examination chair but preferred this one for this evening. The vaginal examination table had it-s place in the good doctor-s medical practice.


Dr. Samuelson approached Jacqueline..., placing the medical instruments on a nearby counter in this room. He had locked the door to the examination room hallway and to this particular room itself. He wanted no interruption or theft of drugs stored here...

He turned to look at Jacqueline, resting comfortably he hoped. He walked the perimeter of the bed raising the side bars, including the special ones this table had for gynecological examinations.

Rolling the linen off Jacqueline he placed each foot in a stirrup...resting her knees against the special upright. The doctor lowered the extensions which allowing him access to perform an internal.

Grabbing the linen upon which she lay he pulled toward himself bringing Jacqueline-s pussy to the edge of the table thus revealing the real purpose for the nice linen.

He rolled up her gown exposing her body from the neck down. Cool air in the room causing her nipples to stand erect. He looked at the clock; each room had one... Dr. S. A. Samuelson noted that it had taken him less than five minutes to get her ready...right on time.

S. A. Samuelson looked at the clock again...twelve minutes of fucking. His rather large cock moved in Jacqueline with a steady slow rhythm. ... S. A. Samuelson had the experience and size to exact all that Jacqueline-s vagina could give. ... S.A. was not shy about giving himself credit; getting the most out of a woman-s vagina was perhaps his greatest skill. . . . He was going to do just that with Jacqueline.

A small amount of even smaller amount of pharmaceuticals....and the lovely Mrs. Belaya was about to give the best fuck of her life to a man she had little knowledge of... although her body would participate very willingly... Her conscious would have no recollection...

THE cock moves with THE vagina, a dance of sorts. Touch dancing, slithering about, enjoying the motion of two moving as one, the slipperiness that helps them glide together searching for all the right moves.

Within a few minutes that which stands guard over the soft entrance to THE vagina began to spasm...and so the tug o- war between like minded organs with different perspectives goes on...

THE vagina gained as the hips in which it lived fought for leverage...changing the angle continuously at which it held its opponent. ... Holding onto THE cock a second longer each time it returned.

THE cock enjoyed and encouraged THE vagina and THE hips to be more aggressive. Cocks are like that, sticking their necks were they don-t belong; they love the tussle that comes with such an intrusion.

The struggle intensified as THE cock and THE vagina fought for the advantage... By this time THE vagina usually called upon THE legs to wrap themselves around the back of the cock-s owner... but alas this was not to be this time.

THE vagina struggled with this handy-cap. THE cock sensing an advantage pummelled THE vagina relentlessly. THE vagina took blow upon blow, thrust after thrust, parry-ing all; never quitting the quest.

Then the unexpected happened. THE hands betrayed THE cock. THE hands grabbed the hip bones of THE vagina-s body... pushing THE cock deep inside THE vagina, and not allowing him to pull back.

THE vagina relished this sudden and welcome ally. THE vagina wrestled with THE cock holding him firmly, squeezing and pulling at him...forcing him to yield.

THE cock fought hard, unable to overcome the betrayal of THE hands THE cock gave its all to an elated vagina. THE vagina celebrated with a less ostentatious display than THE cock.

Jacqueline’s hips moved wildly as her orgasm gripped her... S.A. relished her slutty-ness...her cunt losing itself in reckless debauchery... no whims, no moral inhibitors, no conscious... just a cunt fucking...

S.A. tipped his head back; his throbbing jerking cock unloaded its stored liquid into Jacqueline-s body...
--- GOD what a fuck you are Jacqueline.


Jerry looked at Jacqueline sleeping in bed. She seemed to be just plain fucking exhausted...from a medical exam yet...Jerry-s suspicious mind was at work this evening. Sitting in the hotel room, sipping his coffee, Jerry pondered.

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