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Howard continues his work and meets a girl, his parents get it trouble
Wi Fi Master Part 3

Helen and Helena were soaping each other’s bodies as the transmitter was turned off. Helen panicked immediately wondering what the hell she was in the shower with Helena for. Her own hands busy on her daughter’s breast. Helen dropped her hands and stepped back as Helena followed her stepping forward with her left hand on her mother’s vagina and her right hand on her mom’s butt. She didn’t mind washing her mom’s older body but Helen was sure taken back by it. Helen said, “I can wash my own stuff if you don’t mind” and lightly brushed her daughters hand away.

Helena said, “Oh but I do mind, I’m enjoying this very much” as she placed her hands back on her mom’s pussy. Helen said, “OK I guess if you like this old body that much.” That’s all the encouragement Helena needed as she continued apply and then rinsing the soap from her mom’s lower half. Helen began to enjoy the soft caresses of another woman’s touch and began to touch her daughter’s 35 year old body. Appreciating that firm high riding bubble butt of hers, Helen continued to caress it softly even after the soap was rinsed away. They looked at each other and came together in a light kiss.

Helen thought this was odd, but had to admit to herself it was nice. She thought they had better get away from each other before this went any further. But she instead turned her daughter Helena around and said, “Bend over”. Helena did as ordered and her mom dove into her ass crack and licked it from the top of her crack to the bottom of her pussy. “Mmm!” was all Helen could say. Her daughter’s ass was yummy! She was licking away when Helena suddenly spun around while Helen’s tongue was sticking out and now her pussy was right in Helen’s face. Helen’s tongue touched her daughter’s pussy and Helena said, “Yeah lick that” as she pushed her hips forward pressing her pussy into her mother’s face.

Helen saw the look on her daughter’s face as she leaned into her and then all she could see was pussy. She licked it attentively not sure about all this but it was making her own juices flow. Helena raised one leg up on the built in soap rack and used one hand to spread her pussy lips and the other hand to push her mother in deeper. “Yeah eat my pussy mom!” Helena growled as she began to buck her hips into her mom’s face and tongue.

Howard and Ronnie were in the kitchen wondering what had happen to the women since they had been up there 20 – 30 minutes. Howard said to his Dad, “I better go see what happen to them”, knowing what he had done to them with the turning off of the transmitters while they were in the shower together. So he went upstairs and when he got to the Master Bath the shower was still running. “Damn he thought what are they doing?” He found out when he opened the door and walked in.

Over the noise of the shower he hadn’t hear Helena moaning as her mother licked her pussy and had two fingers pumping in and out of her hot cunt. He saw it all when he slid the glass doors open and looked at his mother on her knees in front of his sister, with her head buried in her gash. She was so into it she didn’t even know Howard was there. As he looked at his sister she put a finger to her lips in the gesture Shhh! He nodded to her as her eyes rolled up into her head and he slid the shower door back closed and walked back down stairs.

Howard explained to Ronnie what was going on up there and his dad just couldn’t believe it. They both headed to the shop to take notes on the changes of the women. In a later discussion with Helen Ronnie found out that she had thought of another woman sexually and was interested in trying it but was far too shy to bring it up to him or to another woman. She also said she couldn’t understand what made her get in the shower with her daughter but that she was glad she did, commenting that Helena never missed a beat when Helen herself was so surprised they were in there together and touching each other. Helena just kept right on washing her and didn’t seem to think it was strange at all. Making Helen think it must not be a big deal. This got Ronnie to thinking and he took more notes, reminding himself to talk with Howard about this.

After the meal Ronnie fixed they all sat around and talked and had some wine. Helena said, “Howard I have someone I want you to meet.” Howard looked puzzled and said, “What kind of someone?” “You know”, she said. “The kind you take out to Dinner.” Howard said, “Oh yeah the kind you get set up with for a blind date. She ends up having three eyes and six fingers with real thick glasses. No thanks,” he said. “Oh she’s not like that Howard, although she is a real brainier like you, always researching something or other, reading old books on lectures from scientist and others I’ve never even heard of. But she is a sweetheart and really cute for a book worm.”

Howard’s curiosity was peaked now. He had thought of finding someone with brains and looks to go out with, but they’re hard to find. “Do you have a photo of her?” He asked. “No but she can be here in fifteen minutes if you want to meet her first.” Howard thought any woman who was smart, good looking and could even be ready to go somewhere in fifteen minutes had to be something. It always took his mom and sister hours to get ready to leave to go somewhere, and the few girlfriends he had over the years were the same.

“OK he said, give me twenty!” He jumped up like a school kid with a new bike and bolted upstairs to his room. Helena looked at her parents and they all laughed. She called her friend and asked her if she still wanted to meet her nerdy brother to come over in twenty minutes. Gwen said fine that she would be there soon. Helena gave her the address and hung up. Howard took a quick shower and got dressed and ready in fifteen minutes. He went downstairs and sat with Ronnie in the living room.

“How do I look dad?” He asked. Ronnie looked at him and said, “You look fine Howard, but stop being nervous. You want me to go turn the transmitters on?” Howard thought about it for a second and then said, “No,” The door bell rang and Helena came from the kitchen to answer it. “Hi Gwen” she said, please come in. Gwen came in and looked around at the old house and thought it must be the family home. It smelled like sixty year old people lived there.

Helen came from the kitchen just then and Gwen could tell it was Helena’s mom immediately. Helena introduced them as Howard could hear them chatting around the corner. Helena said, Come in here and meet my Dad and my brother. She led the way to the living room and when she came around the corner Howard stood up along with Ronnie. When Gwen came around the corner Howard suddenly felt weak in the knees. She was good looking, as tall as him, slender, lovely brown hair and eyes. Her figure looked much like his sisters, nice 36 or 38” bust, slim waist and flaring hips.

He hadn’t seen her from the back yet, but could tell he would like it. She came shook both of their hands and sat on the couch next to Howard. Not too close but close enough he could smell her perfume. It was intoxicating. They talked for awhile and the rest of the family kinda drifted out of the room leaving Howard and Gwen alone. The two talked and talked, the next thing you know, three hours had went by. Gwen realized it had been awhile and said as she looked at her watch, “Oh my, look at the time, I must be going.”
Gwen got up to leave and Howard stood up with her and took her hand and looked into her eyes and said, “I wish you could stay longer.” She said, Perhaps another time, I really must be going.” “Ok” Howard said and seen her to the door Helena heard them and came from the dining room. They all said goodbye and Gwen left. As the door closed Howard leaned against the wall and let out a sigh of relief. Helena asked what was wrong and Howard said he was afraid he had blown it. Helena said she would let him know what Gwen thought soon enough and asked what he thought of her. He told her he thought she was a wonderful girl and would like to see her again.

Howard went home that weekend thinking of Gwen, hoping to see her again. He was back to work on Monday and sat in his class room going over the papers from the previous class when three young ladies came into class and sat at the table together not too far from Howard. As they waited for his class to begin, he could hear parts of their conversation. It seemed that they were planning a sleep over but couldn’t decide whose Dorm to use. Since they wanted to drink and play games to all hours and were likely to get kicked out for such things in each of their Dorms.

Howard had an idea; they could have it at his house. How was he going to convince them of this? He turned on the transmitter in his desk drawer, and took the laser from his pocket. Aiming it at the obvious leader he hit the button. As soon as her head came up with that blank look on her face, he walked up and said to her that they could use his house for the weekend since he would be away visiting relatives out of town. “Mr. G that’s a great idea.” The other two weren’t going along at first, but Howard figured they would. “Well you ladies think it over and let me know by Thursday. He walked back to his desk as the class started to fill up. The three stayed after class and talked some more. Just to make sure Howard hit the other two with the laser as they all sat talking. The first girl, Amy suggested they take Howard up on his offer and they agreed. Howard walked up and said, “Remember girls it was your idea to use my place and you asked me.”

Chapter 2

Friday night came after a long week and not a word from Gwen. Howard made up his mind he would get her number from Helena and call her on Saturday. The three college girls showed up at Howard’s on Friday night and Howard had his old transmitter unit running full blast throughout the house. As soon as Amy, Heather and Lisa walked in their faces got the look that Howard had come to know and love. They carried in sleeping bags, food and wine. Howard told them he should stay awhile till they familiarize themselves with his house. Of course they all agreed. He also suggested they get comfortable.

When Lisa went to her overnight bag Howard said, “No girls comfortable is naked, take all your clothes off and put them away.”
Each one did as suggested, Lisa took off her top and lacey yellow bra she had cone shaped tits, probably 34c in size 50 cent piece size areolas and little pink nipples. Cute Howard thought as his dick began to stir. Amy had her shirt off when Howard looked over and had a red new fangled thing called the underwire bra on. Her tits were much larger than both the other girls. 38d Howard guessed, while she undid the front clasp. Howard wasn’t expecting that and had never seen a bra unhook in the front. Wonderful he thought, as her beautiful full firm tits popped free from confinement. The two girls who were topless were now looking at Heather like, “Well your turn”.

Heather hesitated a moment and then proceeded to take her top off and lay it on her bag. To Howard’s surprise she wasn’t wearing a bra, and her tits were awesome. Not huge or anything but perfect in size and shape. Howard figured a small b cup probably and loved the way they were shaped like saucers, sticking out from her body about two inches perfectly round and the nipples were centered magnificently on both tits. The areolas were light tan in color and about as big around as a quarter. Her nipples were a light pink in color.

It was early in the spring and the weather was still kinda cool so all the girls had jeans on, but soon had nothing at all on. Howard looked at these three perfect female specimens and with a major hard on said, “Girls come and strip me as naked as you are.” All three 20 year olds advanced on Howard at once each taking off an article until his boxers came down and his 6.5 incher popped free and almost hit Heather in the face as it bobbed around freely. Amy knew what to do with that it seemed as she nudged Heather aside and dropped to her knees in front of Mr.G. She licked him from top to bottom and worked his rod like an expert, juicing it up with her own saliva and stroking its full length and then popping the head into her mouth and began to suck on it.

Wow Howard thought, “This girl has obviously been sucking some dicks.” He knew he had to be careful as he would come too soon the way she was gobbling his cock. He told them to spread their sleeping bags out in the living room and for one of them to open the wine. In a few minutes they were all sipping wine and giggling as Amy was trying to get at Mr. G’s rod again. He suggested Lisa lie down and spread her legs, then he had Heather lick her pussy. He had to take a few minutes to instruct her on how to go about that, but she caught on quickly listening to Lisa’s moans of pleasure and figured out what was good for Lisa pretty fast.

Howard told Heather to get on her hands and knees and stick that gorgeous ass of hers in the air. She did exactly what he suggested and was soon licking away at Lisa again. He moved around behind Heather and on his knees leaned forward and began to lick her ass and pussy. He looked over at Amy who was pouting on the sofa and said, “Amy darling come and lie on your back with your head between my legs and continue that wonderful blow job you started earlier.” Amy was eager to continue and dove into place and had wonderful access to Howard’s balls as they hung down right above her chin. Once again she worked him expertly as he worked on Heather and she worked on Lisa.

Damn Amy was good; Howard came first, then Lisa, then Heather. Fantastic Howard thought, then he had Lisa lick Amy just the way Heather had licked her as Howard and Heather sat watching the action. Sipping wine and enjoying the show, Howard suggested that Heather dip his cock in the wine and then lick it off. She did and it was a great feeling but Howard was ready for some pussy.

As soon as Amy came Howard barked, “Amy get on your hands and knees on the sofa!” Amy jumped up and complied. Her pussy was still pulsing from the orgasm Lisa had licked her to, of course at Amy’s suggestion she used to fingers to plunge into Amy’s pussy as she licked and sucked hard on her clit. Lisa went over and sat in the chair sipping her glass of wine and resting her jaws, mouth and tongue washing the taste of Amy down with each sip. Speaking of suggestions Howard almost forgot his ear plugs. He went and got them and put them in. Now he went back into the living room and saw Amy still on her knees and said, “Hold on baby here cums the beef!” Amy’s pussy was as wet as could be and Howard knelt down and lined his cock up with her fuck hole and was able to shove about half of it in before Amy began to grunt and squirm around a little. “Push back into me Amy when you’re ready for more,” Howard said.

Then he suggested Heather crawl under him and lick his balls while
Lisa began working spit lubricated fingers into his ass. Oh fuck he thought as the three hot young things worked him over. He thought he needed just one more girl to have a pussy to munch on right then, dreaming of this gorgeous young Latina sitting on Amy’s back with her luscious cunt right in Howard’s face. That will be it the next time he thought. Eventually Howard shot a huge load of cream in Amy’s pussy and instructed the other girls to eat it out.

He got up and dressed, he went down stairs to secure the transmitter stuff in his little lab, setting the small vault to lock by a timer in 25 minutes. He went back upstairs and prepared himself to leave, taking a quick shower and changing clothes took 15 minutes and then he went to give the girls their instructions. While the transmitters were still on Howard told them to take care of his house while he was gone, to have no one over, clean up everything they had dirtied and not to be snooping around in his house. He also told them not to go down stairs and to make sure they locked up all windows and doors when they left tomorrow afternoon, leaving no sign they had ever been there. Then the final thing he wanted to try was a test he was interested in, the memory thing.

His question to himself was the ones who did remember what they were doing while the transmitters were on, would they forget if he told them to while the transmitters were still on.
He was pretty sure it had worked on Nikki but wanted to be sure. So he told the girls to remember nothing of what he had done with them and to begin remembering when he walks out the door. Satisfied he had everything covered, and then he remembered, “Don’t answer the phone”. After that he went to the kitchen reaching behind the cereal boxes and turned off the transmitters. Then unplugging them and taking them down to the vault. Just three minutes to go before it locked he grabbed the laser transmitter and its companion, closing the heavy door and stuffing the toys in his pockets. When he reached the basement door just as he was about to close it and lock it he heard the lock click on the vault.

He grabbed his bag from his room and said goodbye to the girls on his way out the door. He drove straight to his parent’s house. It was dark out when he arrived and so was the house. Before going inside he put his ear plugs in just to make sure his dad hadn’t started using his own transmitter set up.

Chapter 3
Ronnie and Howard go to a Car Show

Ronnie was the first one up on Saturday morning and was sitting in the kitchen reading the newspaper and drinking coffee when Howard came downstairs. They bid each other a good morning and Howard set about making pancakes and sausage for breakfast.

Ronnie was looking through the paper when he spotted a big advertisement for a Car Show today at 11am to 4pm. He thought of all the cars that would be there, and remembered his ol’ 1932 Ford Coupe. He wished he had kept it now, since they’re worth so much money now and he thought back to the days and nights when he used to bend Helen over the fender of his Coupe and drill her pussy till she screamed. Those were the good old days he thought. Then he got an idea, he could use Howard’s transmitter on someone at that Car Show and borrow a Coupe for some fun with Helen.

“Hey Howard are you busy today?” he asked. “No not really” Howard answered as he browned the sausage links. Ronnie asked him if he wanted to go to a Car Show today and Howard said it sounded good to him.

So around 11am they headed for the local Burger King where the Show was to be in their parking lot. They arrived and began strolling through the first 50 cars or so, and then Ronnie spotted it.
A 1932 Ford 5 window coupe, the color wasn’t the same as his old one, but it was a beauty! Ronnie told Howard to sit tight, turn on the transmitter and be ready to use it on the person he was going to be talking to when he scratches his head. Ronnie said hello to the man standing near the rear fender of the Coupe with a dust cloth in his hand. They talked a couple of minutes and Ronnie had asked the man if he owned the car and the man said yes. Ronnie congratulated him on it and said how wonderful a job the man had done restoring it. Then he scratched his head. Howard hit the man with the laser transmitter from 25 feet away and could just see his face go blank from where he stood.

Ronnie suggested to the man that he let Ronnie borrow his car for the rest of the weekend and of course the man said that was a great idea. Ronnie got the keys, got in and started the car. He motioned for the owner to come over and told him to tell anyone who asked that they were old friends and wanted to surprise his wife with a ride in the old 32. Ronnie told him to be right here in this parking lot at 9pm sharp tomorrow night and he would bring the car back to him. The man said fine and Ronnie closed the car door and drove off.

Howard was waiting for him in the parking lot and said, “Dad what the hell are you doing?” Ronnie said, “Relax Howard I’m just borrowing this until tomorrow evening. I thought I would surprise your mom and take her for a ride.” Howard still thought it was crazy, but said Ok. When they arrived home Helen and her daughter were gone so Ronnie opened the garage door and drove the Coupe inside where their car normally sat, and shut it off. Howard came into the house headed for the liquor cabinet and made them both a Scotch on the rocks. He went out to the garage and his father was sitting on a stool next to the work bench just looking at the car. “Man she’s a Beauty isn’t she son?” Howard had to admit it was a fine looking machine, and said as much to his father. They talked about it and Ronnie told Howard stories about the car he had owned that was just like this one but a different color.

Chapter 4

It wasn’t long before Helen and Helena arrived back home. Helen opened the garage door thinking she was going to park their car in there, and instead got quite a shock when she saw the Beautiful dark green 1932 Ford Coupe sitting in her spot. She got out of the car and Ronnie met her in the driveway in front of the garage and said, “Surprise!”

He told her he had borrowed it from an old friend and wanted to surprise her with it. “I thought we could take it for a ride tomorrow Honey, like we used to do.” Ronnie said. “Awe Ronnie that’s sweet,” Helen answered. So they brought in the packages and groceries they had picked up and the ladies began fixing Dinner. The men went to the Shop for a discussion. They talked about the memory things that they had both discovered and Ronnie told Howard he thought Helena remembered what she was doing during the time the transmitters were on. Howard thought so too and they talked about what was next for them and their discoveries. Soon Dinner was ready, they had a nice meal and the ladies began to gather up the dishes.

Ronnie asked his children to clean up and said him and Helen were going out to the garage to look at the car. Helen went with Ronnie and they headed to the garage. They talked about it for a few minutes and as Helen was ready to head back inside Ronnie said, “Come over here and look at this” pointing to the front fender. Helen came around to the front of the vehicle and Ronnie said put your hands on the fender Helen. She didn’t realize what he was thinking or wanting at first. But when she bent slightly to put her hands on the fender he stepped up behind her and pressed his hard on into the crack of her ass. “Does this bring back any memories Helen?” Ronnie asked in a husky deep voice.

All of a sudden Helen remembered the days of old, Ronnie had banged her so many times in this position and she had some great orgasms standing just like she was now. Her pussy began to tingle and moisten up at the thoughts of what they used to do in and around their old car.

Ronnie spun her around to face him and said, “Tomorrow I’m taking you to our old favorite weekend spot Helen and I’m going to fuck your brains out just like I used to do.” Helen said, “Oh Ronnie, we’re getting too old for that kinda stuff don’t you think?” “Hell no I don’t think we are Helen.” Ronnie said. Helen thought, “For Pete’s sake, we’re in our 60’s.

The next day Ronnie said he and Helen were going for a ride and would be back after lunch. Ronnie told Howard and Helena that he and Helen would be gone for the whole afternoon cruising the old Ford around. Ronnie helped Helen prepare a picnic lunch and got blankets from the closet and stowed them in the trunk. They headed out and cruised town for a little while remembering the old shops and buildings that were mostly gone now, but had fun remembering.

Once the parents were gone Howard decided to find out for sure if Helena was remembering what she did while the transmitters were on. Howard had his transmitters in his pocket and switched the main one on, as Helena was watching TV Howard came into the living room. He pulled the laser transmitter from his pocket and shot his sister with it.

He knew the look on her face and said, “Helena dear I want you to suck my dick.” She said, “OK, would you like to sit, stand or lay? “Oh I think I’ll sit he said.” He sat down in the easy chair lowering his pants enough to expose his soft cock to her view. She came over got on her knees in front of her brother and began working on his cock. Boy she was good at it to Howard thought. She bobbed up and down on it, and then she would lick all around the head, and then lick the length of his shaft. Then back up to the head she would suck it into her mouth again. Damn she’s sucking me good, Howard thought. But before he came he was reminded this was a test for memory of your activities with the transmitter on. So he reached in his pocket and shut off the main frequency while Helena was burying his cock in her throat. She paused for a second and then kept right on going blowing first his cock and then his mind.

She knew what she was doing after the transmitter was turned off and hardly missed a beat. Howard said to her, “Why are you sucking your brother’s cock?” (Thinking this would shock her out of it like it did Nikki that time.) But instead she stopped, looked up into his eyes and said, “Because I like it!” She kept up a steady pace until Howard shot his load into her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could and the rest dribbled down her chin.

After riding around reminiscing about the old days for an hour,
Ronnie headed out of town and went to the spot they used to go almost 40 years ago. On a deserted back road there was a lane that went way back into this old property that had never had anyone living there as long as Ronnie could remember. The old gate creaked as he opened it and then got back in the Coupe and drove on through and down the lane. Winding back through a few trees and around a couple of bends in the lane they arrived in a clearing of pasture grass and stopped the car. They got out and set out the blankets for their picnic. Helen broke out a bottle of wine and some cheese from the basket. They enjoyed little finger sandwiches and finished off the wine. Ronnie said, “Helen its time I take you for nice long ride.” He got up and helped her up and led her to the front fender of the old Coupe.
They began a passionate kiss groping each other fondly as the wine was having a nice warming affect on them. Before long Ronnie had his cock buried in Helen and was long stroking her while playing with her clit. Helen was reaching her first orgasm and Ronnie was close behind her when they heard someone clear their throat not 20 feet away.

Ronnie stopped mid stroke on Helen’s pussy and looked over his shoulder. There not twenty feet from him was a County Sheriff’s Deputy. “What’s going on here folks?” The Deputy asked? Deputy Alexander Steele noticed the couple was kinda old for this kinda stuff, but had to smirk a little as he watched Ronnie pull out of Helen’s juicy snatch. He heard the sound a juicy pussy makes when a hard dick is pulled out of it and thought, “Damn her pussy sounds hungry.”

Helen scrambled to cover herself and so did Ronnie. “Hold it right there and don’t move!” He said as he drew his side arm and pointed directly at Ronnie. Both Golispi’s froze in their tracks and the held perfectly still. “Both of you put your hands on the vehicle real slowly now. Mr. you put yours on the fender in front of you and Mama you come around to this side of the vehicle and put your hands on that fender. As they did as they were told Deputy Steele got a good look at old Helen’s goodies. He thought to himself, “Shit this old white bitch ain’t bad lookin’!”

Ronnie was looking at the Officer and saw him looking at Helen with hungry eyes and thought, “Get your eyes off her you Black Bastard!” But Ronnie knew he was in no kinda physical condition to handle this big black cop. Nor was he in a position to get mouthy, so he kept quiet. Then Deputy Steele began his interrogation. Asking their names and what they were doing on Private Property. Even though it was pretty obvious what they had been doing when he walked up, he wanted to see what they would say in their defense. Ronnie said they were just out trying to “re-live the glory days.”

“The Glory Days are gonna get you arrested Mr. Goulipsi,” said the Deputy. “That’s Golispi!” Ronald said. “Well whatever, you two are being arrested for trespassing and I’m impounding this vehicle.” Deputy Steele said. Ronald thought about that for a moment and then realized the trouble he was in and the trouble he was going to be in if he didn’t return this vehicle tonight at 9pm. Deputy Steele saw the expression change on Ronald’s face and knew he had him by the balls.

About then Helen spoke up and said, “Ronnie can’t you do something about this?” Before Ronnie could answer, the Deputy Sheriff spoke up and said, “No he can’t but you can.” As he stepped closer to Helen he grabbed her by the hips and spread her ass cheeks before she jerked away and screamed. “Ronnie, Help me!” Well old Ronnie came around the front of the car pretty fast just to get knocked on his bare ass by the Deputy’s huge back hand.

Helen rushed over to Ronnie and got on down on her knees and leaned over Ronnie as he lie on the ground, his eyes closed and lying lifeless in a heap on the dusty pasture grass. Ronnie had been knocked out cold. Before Helen could get a response from Ronnie, Deputy Steele was on her in a flash. “Now Momma here’s how it’s gonna be, you stay right where you are and take what’s given yuh, and when I’m satisfied you and old Ronnie there can get dressed and leave. Otherwise I’m arrestin’ you and him for trespassin’ and adding resisting arrest to his charges.” “What’s it gonna be?” he asked.

Helen thought about the disgusting things he would probably do to her, but seeing Ronnie out cold and blood running from his nose, she was afraid to resist any further. “Ok” she said. Without wasting any time, the Deputy undid his uniform pants and slid them and his boxer shorts off over his shoes and laid them on the fender of the old Ford. Walking around in front of Helen with his semi hard 7 inch black circumcised cock swinging around in the open air felt good to him and he grinned as Helen’s eyes saw his cock for the first time and her mouth flew open in a gasped. “Think that will satisfy yuh Momma?” The cocky Deputy asked.

“Oh my God” Helen whispered. She thought to herself, “I’ve never seen anything that big and he’s not even hard yet. Then she became frightened. Inching away from the big man and his weapon Helen tried to stand up. But the Deputy pushed her back down and said in a demanding voice, “Suck it bitch!” Helen, scared shitless, looked at Ronnie still out cold and reached forward and took hold of the big black cock that was now beginning to fill with blood and become more solid.

Within a few strokes it grew another two inches in length and bigger around, Helen put the large head up to her mouth and began to lick and suck the big thing and running her tongue around the crown of it. Deputy Steele began to moan as he slowly rocked his hips toward Helen’s warm wet mouth. Helen had begun to pump the now rigid shaft and licking its entire 9 ½ inch length. She was getting used to the size and color of this big man’s meat and was beginning to get into it a little when she came to her senses. She said, “Holy Shit” and quickly moved back from it, dropping her hand away from it like it burned her or something.

“Now Momma don’t be afraid of ‘Ol Big Willy, he won’t hurt you, too much anyway.” The Deputy said with an evil grin on his face as he told Helen it was time to pay her dues. “Get on your hands and knees again Momma, and this time hike that old ass right up in the air.” Helen hesitated for a couple of seconds and he slapped her lightly across the face. Not hard enough to leave a mark, but she felt it none the less. She then obeyed and got into position thinking he was going to shove that big black cock into her poor old pussy. But to her surprise he began caressing her ass and rubbing his big hands all over her back end. Then moving into her inner thighs and finally sticking his fat thumb in her slit. Her pussy was still juicy from the pounding Ronnie had been giving her earlier and the Deputy’s thick digit went right in. Then using his trigger finger he began massaging her clit.

As much as Helen hated what was happening, her body began to respond, she fought it as long as she could but her pussy was betraying her. As the juices began to flow Mr. Steele lifted himself up and positioned his heavy cock to Helen’s entrance. He slowly began rubbing it against her moist pussy lips and then inserted the big head into her. Helen gasped at the stretching she felt but it was slowly beginning to feel good. As Deputy Steele began inching into her hot hole he couldn’t get over how tight, wet and hot it was.

He said, “Damn yo pussy is tight Momma.” Helen groaned from the penetration and said, “My name is Helen, stop calling me Momma!”
“OK Helen.” He said as he shoved his meat into her with force and began long stroking her glorious hot tight pussy. Helen was stretching to accommodate his large cock and began rocking back into him, meeting his forward thrust with a backward one of her own.

Helen and Deputy Steele were humping each other furiously when Ronnie woke up. Ronnie opened his eyes and began to move his arms and legs trying to wake up. As he became coherent again he realized what was going on. He sat up and looked at his wife grinding against the Officer who had knocked him out. “What the hell is going on?” He shouted. Helen looked up at Ronnie and mouthed silently to Ronnie, “I’m Sorry.” Deputy Steele looked at Ronnie and said, “Oh you finally wake up Granddad?” “Piss on you and get off my wife” Ronnie said angrily. The big black man kept right on pounding into Helen and said, “I don’t think so old man, you see Helen here is paying your fines and bailing you out of jail right now.” “The best things for you to do are shut up and watch my big meat spread open her wet willing pussy. Ronnie just sat there in disbelief as Helen was getting the fuck of her life right in front of him. After his anger subsided he knew this was the only way to get out of the trouble he had gotten them into. Damn transmitters he thought. Then he got an idea, he would play along and then get this cop over to his house with the transmitters running and show this big prick a thing or two.

“Wow Helen you’re really taking a pounding,” Ronnie said. “Yeah Honey I tried to resist at first then once he was in me with that big thing it began to feel too good to resist.” “Now I just want to cum all over his big dick!” Helen moaned. Ronnie crawled over and got under Helen and began massaging her clit with one hand and playing with Deputy Steele’s balls hoping to end this debauchery as soon as possible. “That feels good old man but I got a better idea,” said Steele. With that he pulled his big black log out of Helen’s gaping pussy and got up and went over to the picnic blanket that was lying on the ground near the other side of the car.

After taking off his uniform shirt and white wife beater, he lay down on the blanket on his back with his big pole sticking up in the air. He said, “Helen come here and sit on this” as he held the base of his long shaft. Helen got up on wobbly legs and stumbled over to him, looking at Ronnie with tears in her eyes she started to straddle his lap. “No, turn around and face your husband.” Deputy Steele ordered her and she did as he commanded. Now gently easing herself down on his stiff pole she was opened enough and juicy enough that it slid right in. Once she felt she had all she could take of his monster cock, she leaned back and put her hands on either side of his huge hairy chest.

Ronnie looked at the most obscene thing he had ever seen as Helen’s pussy was stuffed with big black cock. As she began to rock back and forth on Deputy Steele grinding her ass into his groin and pelvic bone she was gyrating her hips. Then Deputy Steele said, “Ok Pops get over here and join your wife pleasing my cock!” Ronnie just sat there stunned at the thought of what the big black man had in mind.

“Come on damn it I ain’t got all day!” Steele shouted at Ronnie. As the Deputy began mauling Helen’s big tits in his black hands, Ronnie felt about half sick to his stomach but got up and went over to them. As he watched Helen ride the big meat he began to get a hard on himself. He couldn’t believe it, but he knelt down on his tired old knees and put his face right in the action.

“Lick her pussy, my dick, and my balls,” shouted the Deputy as he picked up Helen’s hips and slammed her down on him. Helen went Ugh! As he crammed another inch into her already stuffed cunt. Wow that hurt she thought but kept grinding on the big thick meat of the Deputy’s. Ronnie, having no other choice, but thinking the whole time how this prick was going to pay out the ass for this real soon, began tonguing the two before him.

He ran his tongue over Helen’s clit and got a moan from her as he continued down to her hole and licked the shaft of this black man he despised. Then going further he licked his balls and then began his journey back to Helen’s clit. Both Deputy Steele and Helen were groaning and grinding away until Ronnie hit her clit with his tongue for about the fifth time. She began to have a wild orgasm and shook and shuddered all over the place. Steele let go a huge load into Helen about the time she began to come down from her mind blowing orgasm. No sooner had he started shooting his hot load into her and she came again, just as hard as or harder than the first one. She swore the second one blew her toe nails off!

Finally the night mare was about over, they all got up and got dressed and Ronnie said that was a huge turn on and he would like to do it again real soon. Helen couldn’t believe what he was saying and about said something when Ronnie signaled her to be quiet. As Steele had his back to them trying to get his pants back on over his shoes Ronnie looked at Helen and whispered, “Play along.”

Deputy Steele said, so you both enjoyed that? They both said, “Oh Yeah” in unison, sounding really convincing. Ronnie said, “Helen, Show him how much you enjoyed it!” Before the Deputy could get his pants all the way up Helen rushed over and grabbed his soft cock in her hand. She began stroking it and looked back at Ronnie as she took the head into her mouth. Ronnie walked over to seal the deal and bent over with his hand on the fender of the old Ford and licked The Deputy’s balls and sucked one into his mouth almost gagging but acted like he like it as he let go of it and Helen stepped away from him.

She looked at him and said, “When can we meet again?” Ronnie piped in and said, “Well if you’re a real stud you could come by our house tonight about 10pm.” Deputy Steele couldn’t believe this old couple; he was thinking it wasn’t all that great but Helen’s pussy had been tight and hungry for him. “OK he said, but I’ll have to bring the Rookie with me, I’m training him on night patrol tonight.” “Oh good Ronnie said, is he black too?”

Chapter 5
Ronnie’s Reckoning

Ronnie and Helen both looked a mess when they arrived back home. Helena and Howard had quite a time while their parents were away but had managed to clean up before they arrived, but as the two parents walked in they could tell they had had a full day. But they had no idea what was about to happen. Ronald look worn out had a swollen nose with dried blood on his lip. Helen’s hair was a mess and her clothes were all dirty.

Howard took in their appearance and knew something was wrong. “What happen to you two?” Howard asked. Ronald said, “No time to talk right now but I need your help son.” I’ll explain after we get ready for that son of a bitch.” “Will you help?” “Yeah dad whatever you need I’ll help.” Howard said. He knew his father well enough to know something had went wrong, but was willing to do whatever his father needed him to do to make it right. Ronald had laid out his plan for Mr. Big Dick to Helen on their way home so she went to work immediately as she walked through the door.

“Helena, Come with me” Helen said as she went towards the stairs. Confused and a little shaken, Helena got up and followed her mother upstairs. Helen told her daughter to go to the linen closet and get all the white sheets she could find and bring them to Howard’s room. Helena did as mom asked and found the linen closet full of white bed sheets. Every bed in the house had white linens so there were plenty to gather. Helena thought what the hell is going on, but got the linens and headed to Howard’s room as her mother had asked. Helen went into Howard’s room and in his closet found a roll of duct tape. Then she told Helena to begin unfolding the sheets and spread them out on the floor.

Helen and Helena began hanging the bed sheets up all around the room, attaching them to the wall using the duct tape. They covered the whole room. When they stood back, they couldn’t see anything in the room except white sheets. The walls and floor were both covered and Helen was satisfied that you couldn’t tell it was Howard’s room anymore. They had a few sheets left and covered Howard’s furniture including the bed frame all in white.

Meanwhile Ronnie had gone to the basement with Howard right on his heels. Ronnie pulled out the transmitters and set them up. Then he found the ear plugs Howard had made for him and said, if you have a pair of these you’re going to need them in about……. an hour.

Ronnie explained to Howard what had happened and his plan to get even with the Mr. Big Dick as he referred to Deputy Steele. We have to return the car now. Ronnie looked at Howard and said, just in case he’s early, and flipped the switch on the transmitters as they walked out. Ronnie had Howard drive their car and follow him to the local Burger King. It was 8:45pm when they pulled into the parking lot. Ronnie said goodbye to the old Ford and got out and got in their car. He told Howard to drive around the block once and park across the street and wait.

When they parked across the street it was 8:55. They talked about Ronnie’s plan and Howard had a few ideas of his own. They were talking and watching the car when at precisely 9pm a big Ford dually pulling a car trailer pulled into the parking lot. The Golispi’s watched as the man they had borrowed the car from got out and looked at his car. Scratching his head and walking around like he couldn’t believe something. Howard said, “Should we go over and see if he remembers anything? Ronnie said, “Hell no, that car has caused me a lot of trouble and I want rid of it, let’s go.”

Howard drove them back to the house and they went inside. The women weren’t in the kitchen or living room, so panicking Ronnie ran up the stairs as best his old legs would carry him. After looking around he found the women in the garden tub in the Master Bathroom, together. Just lying there in the bubble bath holding each other, they both looked like they had been crying. “You girls ok?” Ronnie asked. They both nodded their heads. Helena was the first to speak she said, “Daddy you are going to get that Bastard for doing this to mom aren’t you? Mom’s afraid what he will do when he gets here.” Howard spoke up and said, “Oh don’t neither of you worry Dad has things well under control.” When the big son of a bitch walks into this house Dad will own his ass!

Helen felt a little relief in Howard’s confidence but was still unsure of how Ronnie was going to make the big black cop sorry for what he had made them do. In the back of her mind she was afraid to think of the sex she had with the black man because although at first it was repulsive, she began to like the size and strength of his cock. She could barely admit to herself that she liked it, and was afraid of what she might do if presented with it again.

Howard and Ronnie went into Howard’s room and looked around. Perfect for what they had in mind, he thought. No way could anyone identify this room and as long as the Golispi’s kept their faces out of the photos they couldn’t prove it was them.


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