Having overcome their initial shyness and insecurities, James and Ruth’s relationship began to blossom, both loving each and every moment they spent together . . .

This is a fictitious story which I have based on true accounts from friends, along with personal experience. This is not a hard sex story, and although it does contain graphic sexual descriptions; it is the continuation of a romantic tale of first experiences and the feelings experienced by many, many people, when confronted by sexual situations and sensations for the first time. I hope you enjoy.

It was Sunday morning and sixteen year old James awoke with his usual erection, reaching down and grabbing his shaft. The memory of his evening with Ruth was fresh in his mind. He could visualise her naked body, and the perfection of it. He thought back to the way that she had touched him, bringing him to several spectacular orgasms. Thinking back to the way that Ruth had touched him, he placed his other hand upon his scrotum, tickling it and rolling his testicles around. He slowly worked his foreskin back and forth, the sensation filling his loins with joy. In his mind he could see Ruth’s pert breasts and her dusky brown pubic hair, which had been trimmed, and removed lower down, revealing her luscious looking inner lips, which stood proud. ‘She’s so perfect,’ he thought as he continued stroking his penis, concentrating on the shaft, leaving the sensitive glans in order to prolong the pleasure.

Smiling, James thought back to the sexy underwear Ruth had worn. ‘She’s so gorgeous,’ he thought, squeezing his penis and looking down at it. ‘She thought I’m big, as well.’ For the next ten minutes he teased himself, watching precum dribble, scooping it up and tasting it, thinking: ‘It tastes a bit like Ruth’s pussy juice. I wonder what it’s like to be inside a pussy.’ James dribbled some saliva onto his right hand and placed it upon his shiny purple helmet, fully retracting his foreskin with the other. The warm and sticky saliva felt good on his glans, and he increased his strokes, reaching his climax moments later. He watched as the semen squirted from his pride and joy, decorating his stomach and chest. Closing his eyes, he began to feel guilty for pleasuring himself, rather than having Ruth do it for him. ‘Later today we’ll be able to do something together. I just can’t wait to see her again.’


Ruth awoke, thinking back to her evening with James. A shudder of excitement ran through her sixteen year old body. She placed a hand upon her breast, feeling her nipple begin to harden. She gently tweaked it, thinking back to James’s soft touch, and felt a tingling between her legs. Stretching her body and yawning, she moved a hand down to her vulva, touching her outer lips. ‘They’re prickly,’ she thought. ‘I’m going to have to shave again.’

Ruth climbed out of bed and put on her dressing gown, making her way into the bathroom and turning the shower on. Stepping in, she ran her hands across her body, closed her eyes and visualised James’s smiling face. After soaping herself all over she looked down at her pubic hair, thinking: ‘It’s still thick and there’s too much.’ Picking up a pair of scissors she began trimming it, ensuring there were no thick clumps. Once complete she picked up her razor and began cautiously running it across the smooth areas of her outer lips, removing a little extra at the top. Looking down, Ruth frowned, thinking: ‘Maybe a bit from the sides.’ After removing a little extra hair, Ruth pulled the shower hose from the wall and sprayed it onto her nether region, jumping with delight when the water blasted against her sensitive lips and clitoris.

‘Wow, that’s nice,’ she thought, and pulled her lips apart with her other hand. The feeling on her love button was intense, causing Ruth’s legs to shake. Feeling overwhelmed, she touched her clit with her finger and massaged it. Wishing to use two hands, she replaced the shower hose and crouched down, inserting a finger into her vagina whilst continuing to stimulate her favourite part. A minute later she felt that her orgasm was almost upon her, closing her eyes and imagining James licking her. “Aaaaaaaaaaaah,” she softly moaned as her climax gripped her, the feeling emanating through her as her legs buckled beneath her. Leaning on the wall, Ruth panted, smiling and sighing, having enjoyed the orgasm, yet fully aware that it had been significantly less powerful than those provided by James. After rinsing herself off she stepped out and began to rub the towel over her body. ‘Mmmmmmm. I can’t wait to see James.’


James stood waiting for Ruth in the usual place. He had spent the day helping his father with the garden, clearing away the remnants of the winter. During their endeavours, James had proudly told him about Ruth.

Gerry, James’s father, smiled at his son. “Well done. She sounds nice. When do we get to meet her?”

Coyly, James said, “I don’t know. I’ll ask her.”
“You do that. She must be something to get the attention of such a good looking lad.”
James smiled. “She is. She’s perfect.”

Thinking back to his conversation, James smiled. ‘I’ll ask her what she thinks.’ Seeing Ruth approach him, James felt a warm glow within him, smiling as he moved towards her. the couple embraced and initiated a passionate kiss, uncaring of a man who walked past.

Eventually pulling her lips away, Ruth dreamily said, “So, how are you today?”

“Glad to see you,” James said, looking admiringly at his girl. Ruth was wearing a T-shirt and another loose fitting skirt. His eyes moved to her chest, which he could see through her open jacket. “Are you wearing a bra?”

Ruth grinned impishly. “No. I wanted to treat you.”
James kissed her. “You naughty girl.”
“I’m just fed up with being treated like a baby by my parents.”
“Well, you certainly look good.”

Ruth looked James up and down, admiring his cool jeans and black shirt. “You look good enough to eat. Come on, let’s go into town.”

The couple, hand in hand, walked slowly away, discussing their respective days, kissing occasionally. The evening was cooler than it had been of late. James and Ruth, though, did not care. They had decided to visit The Willow Tree, which was a quaint old pub close to the edge of the town.

“Why don’t we cut down by the river?” Ruth suggested.

Approaching the bridge that led to it, James frowned. “No, we might bump into those weirdoes, and I don’t want any trouble.” Glancing down to the river, James saw the couple approaching. The lad was wearing a shell suit, while the girl wore a short skirt and baggy jumper. “Come on; let’s keep walking.”

“You better not come down here, you fucking pricks!” the scruffy lad shouted.

“No, we’re not,” James called back. He squeezed Ruth’s hand. “Come on. We’ll go the long way around.”

Feeling annoyed at having her freedom interrupted, Ruth glanced back. “I hate them!”
“Me too, but we’ll do our own thing.”

Aware that James had been sensible in his outlook, Ruth smiled and they continued on their way. James mentioned his father requesting to meet Ruth, to which she agreed, both deciding on Wednesday evening. Ruth went on to say that she would be telling her parents about them. James asked if this was wise.

Entering The Willow Tree, Ruth said, “I don’t care! I’m a young woman and young women date young men.”

“But what if they don’t let you out?”
“They wouldn’t do that, so don’t worry.”
“Good, because I don’t know what I’d do with myself.”

After purchasing drinks at the bar, they sat at a table in the corner of the room, quietly talking and sharing the occasional kiss. Every moment Ruth spent with James, felt magical. She adored his smile, and the way he showed an interest in every aspect of her life, both past and present. James felt the same way about Ruth. He found himself transfixed with her blue eyes that blazed with both intelligence and honesty, and always found interest in what she had to say.

Fifteen minutes later, though, their evening suffered a setback. James looked across to the bar and said, “Oh no. It’s them.”

Ruth glanced across. “Oh God.”
“Just ignore them.”
“Oh no; they’re coming over.”
“What are you doing in here?” the rough lad demanded.

“Just having a drink,” James said nervously.
“What are you looking at?” the girl said aggressively to Ruth.
“This is our pub!” said scruffy. “We want you out!”

“Look, this is ridiculous!” Ruth said.
“If you want a fucking pasting,” the girl said, “you’ll fucking well get one!”
Not wishing for the confrontation to escalate, James stood up. “It’s okay; we’ll go.”
Scruffy glowered at James. “If we see you in here again, we’ll do you. Got it?”
Ruth stood beside James, who placed his arm around her. She said, “We’ll not be back.”

James and Ruth left their drinks and made for the door, saying nothing. They walked along the road, glancing back occasionally, feeling relieved that the aggressors were nowhere in sight.

James was the first to speak. “We’ll go to The Coach and Horses. They’ll probably stay in there, so we won’t see them again.”

“I hope not. I think they were a bit drunk.”
James grinned. So am I. I’m drunk on you.”

Ruth chuckled and hugged him. “I’m drunk on you as well. Tell you what, let’s go somewhere quiet.”

“There’s a quiet bench in the park just down there.”
“You, Ruth, are really naughty.”
Ruth kissed him on the cheek. “Only when I’m with you.”

“Good. I don’t want you being naughty with my mates.”
Ruth laughed. “From what I saw of them, none were appealing.”
“None of yours were either.”
“Good. Come on; let’s get to that park. I want to be close to you.”

The small park was empty when James and Ruth entered. Exchanging soft kisses they walked past the pond, admiring the freedom of the ducks that waddled around on the path and paddled in the water. Ruth gestured to a bench that was just visible from the path, winking at James, who grinned.

Sitting down, Ruth said, “I’ve been looking forward to us being alone all day long.”
James kissed Ruth on the cheek. “Me too. It feels right when I’m with you.”
“Same here.”

With their arms around each other they touched lips, closed their eyes and gently moved their heads. Their tongues touched and entwined, both parties becoming lost in the moment. Ruth ran her fingers through James’s dark hair, placing her other hand upon his thigh, rubbing it gently. James had one arm around Ruth’s shoulders, the other feeling her pert breasts, detecting the nipples and stimulating them. Their lips parted and they looked longingly into one another’s eyes, brushing lips once more.

“I really like you, James,” Ruth breathed.
James kissed her neck. “I really like you as well. God, you’re lovely.”

Their lips continued to brush together, Ruth adoring the attention that James paid to her breasts, moaning softly. She licked his neck and nibbled his earlobe as he continued loving her breasts, sending waves of pleasure through her. Ruth could feel that her vagina was beginning to moisten, the stimulus upon her breasts filtering through her young body. James, meanwhile, had become fully erect and could feel his penis pulsating with anticipation of being touched.

Feeling a surge of passion, Ruth moved her hand up James’s thigh, clasping her hand around the hard shaft. Not content with feeling it through James’s jeans, Ruth unbuckled his belt and undid the button on his trousers, lowering the zip slightly. She surreptitiously glanced around to check that they were alone before slipping her hand inside her lover’s briefs and wrapping her hand around her new found friend. James gulped at the feel of her soft hand upon his manhood.

In heaven due to Ruth’s manoeuvre, James moved his hand from Ruth’s breast, down to her leg, which he fondled before placing his hand upon her knee and delicately running it up the inside of her thigh, detecting her cotton panties when he reached the top.

“Take them off,” Ruth whispered.
Astounded, James reached for the waistband and began slipping the garment down. Ruth raised her bottom to aid him. James glanced around to check that they were alone before slipping the panties all the way down, and off, placing them beside him. He then ran his hand back up her leg, detecting the patch of pubic hair and the shaven area below. Feeling her wetness, he inserted a finger into her tunnel, transferring the lubricant to her erect clitoris. Ruth twitched and squeezed his erection, softly moaning.

They continued with their loving, both continually glancing around. Feeling James breathing heavily, Ruth knew that his orgasm was approaching. ‘I’ll need to catch his cum or he’ll have wet trousers,’ she thought. In an attempt to minimalize the amount of semen in his briefs, Ruth cupped her hand, using just her fingers to pull his foreskin back and forth, whilst simultaneously feeling torrents of overwhelming vibrations pulse around her lower regions.

With their tongues dancing harmoniously, James could feel his testicles tighten and his groin ready to explode. Seconds later the climax hit him, and his finger pushed further up into Ruth, causing her to jump with desire. She could feel his hot seed filling her cupped hand as his penis throbbed and his hips moved around, his penis sending wad after wad of thick cream into her hand. Sensing that James’s orgasm had finished, Ruth opened her legs wider, and withdrew her hand, doing her utmost not to spill the contents onto either of them. As James continued to tease Ruth’s clit, she emptied the contents of her hand onto the grass beside them, before licking her hand whilst James played in her wetness and kissed her neck. She had enjoyed the taste of his sperm the previous evening, and wanted more.

James, now familiar with Ruth’s private area, James continued to kiss Ruth’s neck, and ran his index and middle fingers up and down, either side of her hard clitoris, entering her slippery tunnel from time to time. Ruth’s breathing became heavier and her hips swayed from side to side. As he continued, James thought how good it would be for them both for him to lick her to a climax. He wished to do it there and then; however, he was acutely aware of where they were.

Ruth was in another world when her orgasm approached. The combination of James’s hot breath upon her neck, the stimulation around her clit and vagina, plus the daring location, excited her. Just as James placed his finger directly upon her button, Ruth felt the explosion. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaah,” she moaned, somewhat audibly. Her body quivered and she gripped onto James tightly as he slowed his hand actions. Ruth’s legs flailed around as she sat there with her eyes closed, gently panting.

“Oh God, James,” Ruth mumbled. “That was lovely.”
James kissed her warm lips. “Good. It was for me as well.”
Ruth put her hand down to her pussy. “I’m soaking.”
“I know,” James grinned, kissing her once again.

Ruth giggled and opened her handbag, pulling out a tissue, with which she proceeded to wipe herself. James, meanwhile, examined the inside of his briefs, requesting the tissue after Ruth had finished with it, and attempting to remove the remnants of his ejaculation. Watching him, Ruth picked up her panties and placed them in her bag.

“You’re not wearing them?” James said, wide eyed.
Ruth pouted. “I’m feeling sexy and daring.”
“You’re getting ‘really’ naughty,” James said with a chuckle.
Ruth kissed him. “You’ve awoken me. Come on; let’s get to that pub.”


Throughout the week, the couple became yet closer. Monday evening, they did not see one another, although they continually texted, proclaiming their desire to be together. On the Wednesday evening, James collected Ruth, taking her back home to meet his parents and elder sister, Adeline, who took a shine to Ruth, as did James’s mother. His father, reserved in his external emotions, also liked Ruth, considering her to be both pretty and charming.

Throughout the week, Ruth considered telling her parents about her James, failing to build the courage, deciding to do it the following week. Since meeting James, Ruth had seen less of her parents, and hoped that it would not be picked up on by them.

Saturday evening, the couple were due to spend the evening at James’s house. Once again, his parents and sister would be out. James told them that he and Ruth would be indoors, which his mother was initially uncertain about. His father, though, could remember what it was like to be an eager young man, and agreed, taking his son to one side and warning him to ‘be careful’.

Throughout the day, Ruth had continually thought about James, feeling soppy when she did so. ‘It was lovely when we were naked,’ she thought. ‘I want to do that again. James is just so gentle.’

Approaching James’s house, the couple were completely smitten. Since meeting, they had continually kissed and hugged, looking into each other’s eyes and grinning like Cheshire cats. James could feel the tension within him building. ‘I hope it’s as good as last time,’ he thought. ‘I’d love to lick her pussy and make her cum even harder.’

“I like coming here,” Ruth said dreamily.
“I like it when you come here.”

Feeling completely at ease, Ruth said, “Do you mean when I come here, or when I ‘cum’ here.”

James laughed. “What happened to that sweet girl I met in The Crown?”
“She’s still here, but she’s more confident now.”
“I never thought you’d say anything like that.”

“I always join in with the sexy talk with the girls, but it’s usually me asking what it’s like.”
Opening the front door, James said, “Well, you don’t have to now.”
Ruth smiled. “No, I don’t.”

After preparing drinks and nibbles, James led Ruth upstairs. Both being aware that they had plenty of time, they sat talking and sipping their wine, exchanging soft kisses. They discussed Ruth informing her parents, neither of them able to suggest a way of phrasing it that they believed would work.

“Oh, don’t worry,” said Ruth. “They can’t stop me from seeing you, and I don’t think they would.”
James squeezed her hand. “I just don’t want you getting any hassle.”

“The worst that can happen is that they won’t approve of you, but I don’t want that.”
“I don’t mind.”
“But I do! You are nice, sweet, kind and sensitive, and genuine person.”

James felt a warm glow flood through him, looking into Ruth’s eyes he pulled her close, initiating a lingering kiss that sent shivers through his partner. Breaking away, they smiled and placed their glasses down. Ruth lay upon the bed, smiling up at James, who gazed adoringly down at her, lowering himself down and kissing her once again.

Feeling a surge of previously unknown passion, Ruth squeezed him tightly, probing his mouth with her tongue. James, also lost in hormonal overload, stroked her neck and hair as Ruth raised a leg, wrapping it around him. Their hands wandered, stroking and caressing. With her skirt hitched up, Ruth began undoing the catch at the rear, sliding the zip down. ‘God, I so want our bodies to touch,’ she thought as she began removing James’s shirt. Looking down into Ruth’s piercingly beautiful blue eyes, James melted and began unbuttoning her blouse, being aided by his fervent partner. Their lips made contact once again, and Ruth unbuttoned and unzipped James’s’ jeans. James slid them down.

“God, Ruth,” James said softly into her ear. “I fucking well want you.”
Ruth closed her eyes and let out a gentle sigh. “I want you as well.”

Seeing that Ruth’s skirt had been removed, James looked down at the black and red lingerie. ‘She looks so wonderful,’ he thought, kissing her neck. “You’re so sexy.”

Ruth could feel that now familiar tingle between her legs intensifying dramatically, which seemed substantially stronger than usual. She placed her hand upon James’s briefs, feeling his erection and slipping the garments down. Manoeuvring onto her side, Ruth took hold of James’s penis, and licked his neck. James placed his hand upon Ruth’s head, his eyes closed. Ruth then began moving down his neck and onto his chest, licking and sucking his nipples as she held his shaft. She moved further down, shuffling and repositioning herself between James’s legs.

With her hand still gripping his length, Ruth looked down. ‘Go on,’ a voice within her head said. ‘You want to. He’s your man, and it’s natural. You feel strongly for him, so do it.’ Ruth lowered her head and picked his penis up. With James’s foreskin forward, Ruth lowered her head, hesitating before opening her mouth and taking the area of the glans in, closing her lips and running them down to the end, James’s penis exiting her mouth. James groaned. Gaining in confidence, Ruth delicately pulled back the foreskin and placed her lips onto the end of his glans, moving them over and engulfing it.

“Fuck,” James spluttered.

Encouraged by James’s reaction, Ruth began moving her lips up and down upon the shiny helmet, flicking her tongue against it, whilst fondling his mobile testicles. Ruth then took more of his length into her mouth, slowly moving her head up and down. James’s penis was two inches inside Ruth’s nervous yet eager mouth, when she decided to take more in, adding another inch as she ran her hand up and down the still exposed area of the shaft.

James was in heaven as Ruth removed her mouth completely, before reinserting his manhood and moving her head down further she previously had, taking in five inches before feeling uncomfortable. James had begun to wriggle around, continually moaning. He placed his hand lovingly onto her head, stroking it as she provided the ultimate in pleasurable experiences that he had yet known.

“Ruth,” James gasped. “I’m gonna cum.”

Ruth could feel that his testicles had begun to retract, sensing that he was close to climaxing. ‘He’s going to cum in my mouth,’ Ruth thought. ‘I hope I don’t choke.’ With consternation building within her, Ruth carried on regardless; nevertheless, she moved her head back, leaving just two inches inside. Feeling James’s legs tense up and his penis marginally larger than it had been, Ruth braced herself, and moments later she felt a jet of hot, thick semen hit the back of her throat. Managing not to gag, she stroked his shaft and continued to move her head, accepting the following deposits of James’s seed, which began to build up around her teeth and lips. James, meanwhile, was crying out, lost in paradise.

Reasoning that James had finished ejaculating, Ruth kept her lips tight upon James’s weapon, slowly sliding them off, looking down at his wonderful penis that she loved with a passion. In a millisecond, several thoughts flashed through her mind. ‘Some of the girls swallow, but some don’t. What do I do? No, I have to swallow it for my James, to show him that I care. He’s given it to me, so I must accept it.’ Ruth sat up and felt the thick substance move in her mouth. With determination, she swallowed, although not everything went down during the first gulp. She swallowed again, emptying her mouth. Looking down at James’s penis, she milked it, seeing a little more seep from his meatus, licking it and swirling it around her mouth with her tongue. ‘It tastes weird, but it’s not horrid.’

“Oh, Ruth, that was amazing. Fucking hell!”
Ruth lay beside him. “It was. Feeling that cum in my mouth was incredible.”
“You’re incredible.”
“And you cum bucket loads,” Ruth said, feeling his nipple, chuckling.

James kissed her, uncaring that his semen had been inside her beautiful mouth. Looking into Ruth’s eyes, he placed his hand upon her breast, detecting her nipple through the silky material of her bra. Licking her neck, he reached around for her bra-strap, managing to unclip it first time, slipping it off with ease. He kissed Ruth’s exposed breasts and massaged them, taking her nipples into his mouth one after the other, whilst gliding his hand down to her tummy, reaching her silky and sexy panties.

Ruth lay there, allowing her man to do as he wished. ‘Please lick me,’ Ruth thought. ‘Please lick my pussy.’ James moved his hand inside her panties, running his fingers through her pubic hair. Awkwardly, he turned himself around, positioning his legs either side of Ruth’s shoulders, and began slipping her panties down, exposing her beautiful pussy. He dipped his head down, kissing the insides of her thighs. Looking at her inner lips, James could not wait to feel them upon his tongue and between his lips.

Ruth opened her legs wider as he ran his tongue along the shaven outer lips, tasting the viscous fluid that seeped from her vaginal orifice. Delicately, he flicked her crinkly light brown minora with his tongue. Ruth flinched. He then placed his fingers either side of her lips, parting them and placing one inside his mouth, lovingly sucking it. ‘That feels so good,’ James thought as he inserted a finger into her wet hole, and pulling up her clitoral hood with his other hand. Seeing her hard button close up, James felt a surge of excitement. Placing his tongue upon it, Ruth jumped, whimpering. He continued to probe her clit and began to encircle it with his tongue, adding a second finger to the inside of her tingling pussy.

‘Oh my God,’ thought Ruth. ‘This is even better than I thought it would be.’ She looked down to see James’s head moving around, creating sensations that she never knew could be possible. Feeling both of her floppy lips inside James’s mouth, she placed her hand upon his head, pushing him onto her, desperate for more.

Sensing that Ruth was experiencing pre-orgasmic vibrations, James continued to suck her lips and flick her clitoris with his tongue. ‘I wonder if she’d like her clit to be sucked.’ James placed his lips around her erect button and tickled it with his tongue, before gently sucking it into his mouth. Ruth cried out. “Ooooooooooh!” Encouraged by her reaction, he moved his lips back. Her clit came out of his mouth with a pop. He licked it again, simultaneously sliding his fingers in and out of her tunnel.

Feeling Ruth’s hips writhing around and hearing the sweet noises she made, James sensed that she was fast approaching her orgasm. He sucked her lips into his mouth and tickled them with his tongue, allowing them to flop around on his oral probe. He then moved his tongue back to her clitoris, lifting the hood with his finger to expose the entire surface of this fantastic organ, running his tongue up and down, and in circular motions. Suddenly Ruth cried out loudly, her arms and legs flailing around and her pelvis gyrating. Fluid oozed from her vagina as James removed his fingers. Ruth closed her legs as James moved his head away, smiling to himself, pleased that he had given his partner a powerful orgasm.

While Ruth lay recovering, James turned around, placing his hand upon his breast and kissing her on the cheek, whispering, “How was that?”

“I thought my pussy was going to catch fire.”
James sniggered. “I wouldn’t worry. There’s enough juice down there to put it out.”

A smile appeared on Ruth’s face. “When you did it with your fingers for the first time, I thought it could never get better, but what you’ve just done blew my mind.”

“Same here.”
Ruth kissed him passionately. “I just hope it keeps on getting better.”
“Me too. Every time I meet you is better than the last. Even just talking.”

Whilst James kissed her neck, Ruth looked up at the ceiling, thoroughly content with everything. The couple lay naked together, exchanging sweet nothings, lost in their own world. Throughout the remainder of the evening they continued to explore each other, talking candidly in between physical endeavours. For James and Ruth, their journey into a new sphere of life continued to blossom, and they loved each moment they were together.

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