This story is for my gay/bi male readers. Its themes include incest and young so reed no further if you are not interested in those topics. This is the story of a teenager named Billy staying with his Uncle for the summer and discovering his uncle’s gay porn stash…
My name is Billy. When I was twelve my parents started sending me off to stay with my uncle Joe in Hawaii for a month in the summer. The first summer really sucked. There were no kids my age in the neighborhood and my Aunt Jenny and Uncle Joe didn’t even have cable. The summer after that I really was not looking forward to going. I had a girlfriend, who I had just gotten to second base with, I had friends and other things like video games and T.V. that I would have to spend almost a month without. No matter how much I begged them, my parents still sent me there. My Uncle Joe and Aunt Jenny were younger than my mother who was forty. Being my mother’s youngest brother, Joe was thirty-two and his wife Jenny was twenty-eight. They lived in a quiet suburban neighborhood. They were both really nice, and very laid back. The first summer I spent there I met Matt and his younger brother Mike. Matt was now two years younger than me, eleven, and Mike was nine. They loved to hang out with me but I wasn’t into a lot of the stuff they were so I tried to avoid them. My uncle’s house was a single floor home with 4 bedrooms. They gave me a whole room to myself.

A couple days after getting settled in I eventually ran into Matt and Mike walking to the store with my Aunt Jenny. My Aunt told me to go play with them so we went back to check out their new clubhouse. They had built a cardboard fortress out in half of their parents lawn shed. We all crawled into it and hung out, talking about the past school year. I told them about my girlfriend Brittney. I was soon being accosted by a hundred questions about her and if I had gone all the way with her. I told them that I had kissed her and felt her tits. Matt shuffled his hand under a cabinet in the fort and pulled out a porn magazine. Soon we were all checking out the women inside. I had never seen porn before so I really checked out all the hot women. I looked around and could tell that I was not the only one with a boner. I asked them where they got it and they told me they found it in their dad’s closet. After a while I headed back to my uncle’s place a couple of blocks away. By then Jenny was back and cooking dinner. My uncle was out in the garage working on a motorcycle, he did that a lot. I went back to my room and closed the door. With the naked women’s images still fresh in my head I needed to masturbate.

I was thirteen and had been masturbating since I was about eleven. But this last year was the first time I had climaxed. It was about a month after school started, I was in the basement jerking off to a Victoria Secret catalog, something I did almost every night. I remember this time my cock started to throb with pleasure, I wasn’t sure what was going on so I kept going. Soon the throbs started getting closer and closer as I felt a beautiful feeling starting to intensify in my groin. I picked up the pace and then all of a sudden the most intense waves of pleasure burst out from my penis as my groin convulsed. Another convulsion followed and the next wave intensified. The third spasm made my legs jump as a small amount of white stuff spurted out of my cockhead, landing on my cockhead and hand. The next wave brought a larger spurt of semen, this one landing on my belly, the next one after that was smaller than the first and every spasm after nothing came out and the feeling subsided. I remember lying there stunned, and in awe, my twelve year old cock becoming limp, but still jumping every so often as another convulsion reflex over took it. I started religiously masturbating after that happened, at least once a day, and more often than not twice a day.

I laid down on the bed and pulled out of my dresser some baby oil I had brought with me. I pulled down my shorts and lubricated my erect penis. My penis was about five inches long and uncircumcised. I had a small amount of pubic hair that was light brown like the color of my hair, but the rest of my body was still mostly hairless. I sighed out loud as I began stroking my cock. The images of the hot women and the recent memory of the feeling of my girlfriend Brittney’s small breast cupped in my one of my hands flooded my mind. After about four minutes I was shooting cum all over my chest. I cleaned up and went to eat dinner.

The next morning my aunt and uncle both went to work. It was my first day alone. I made myself something to eat after waking up. After eating I couldn’t help but think about the hot chicks I had seen in the porn magazine the day before. I began to wonder if my Uncle Joe had a porn collection of his own. I spent the next few hours going through every place in the house where I thought he might stash some porn. I was about to give up after combing over the entire house when I started wondering where I would put my stash if I didn’t want my Aunt Jenny to find it. The garage. My uncle was out there all the time and my aunt Jenny never was. I went out into the garage and after about a half an hour of searching I hit the gold mine. In the corner of the workshop under a bench was an old backpack. I opened it and saw VHS tapes and a bunch of magazines. I glimpsed at the one of them and saw a picture of a hot chick wearing lingerie. I closed the bag and brought it inside. I still had a few hours before anyone would get home from work. My heart pounding with excitement I sat down in the living room and emptied the bag out on the coffee table. There were about ten magazines, five VHS tapes and a plastic shopping bag full of stuff. I grabbed the first magazine, the same one I had glimpsed at earlier. I looked at the cover; it read “Tranny Dreams”. I had no idea what a ‘tranny’ was. I opened the magazine, my cock already rock hard with anticipation. The first spread of pictures was of a hot Asian chick dressed up in a school girl outfit. The first few pictures she was clothed, posing in provocative forms, the next page she stripped down to her underwear revealing her small but sexy Asian tits. I turned to the next page and my jaw hit the floor. The pictures showed her removing her underwear revealing a hard cock! I had no idea there were women with cocks at that age, but I liked what I was seeing. I continued to inspect the magazine, looking at pictures of men fucking trannies in the ass, men sucking tranny cocks and so on. I read a couple of sex stories in the magazine as well. The next magazine was gay. It was filled with pictures of men fucking and sucking each other. After reading a few of the magazines I knew my uncle liked gay porn. I was about to put the video in when I remembered the plastic shopping bag. I opened that up to find several dildos, a set of beads, a couple tubes of lubrication, as well as a bunch of lingerie and pantyhose. Now that I knew what the toys were for I pictured my uncle playing with them while dressed up. I popped a video into the VCR and sat down on the couch. My cock was still rock hard, my pre-cum was seeping through my shorts. For the next hour I watched gay and tranny porn, my cock raging hard the entire time. The first tape was all Asian tranny porn. My curiosity grew as I watched men and trannies alike fucking each other’s ass and sucking each other’s cocks.

Finally I decided I needed to cum. So I pulled off my shorts and shirt. I put some lube on my aching uncircumcised cock and began stroking. Not more than a minute later I heard someone say “You need a hand with that?” I jumped up and looked behind me to find my uncle standing there watching me while he rubbed a large bulge in his jeans. I quickly tried to cover up what I was doing but soon after realized it was pointless. My uncle Joe tried to calm me down. “Whoa, slow down there champ, its okay, what you are doing is normal, just try to relax. I promise I won’t tell anyone if you don’t tell.” I thought about it for a second and mumbled okay. Joe continued, “Your Aunt Jenny doesn’t know I swing that way and I would like to keep it like that.”

“Swing that way?” I asked confused, as I covered up my privates with my hands. I felt really exposed. My previously hard penis was now deflating quickly.

“Oh, yeah, well you know, that I like guys, trannies and stuff, you know, she has no idea I love hard cock and like hard cock in the ass. And by the looks of things I am not the only one who does. Looks like you’re a bit turned on by what you found there. And I bet you wouldn’t want you mom and dad to know about it. So let’s just keep it between us.”

Then he walked over and pulled out a movie, he put it in the VCR and rewound it. “This is one of my favorites.” He said as he sat on the couch next to me. He pressed play on the remote and a sexy tranny with a huge penis was ass fucking a young college guy. “Don’t be shy, we both want the same thing right now, and that’s to cum. Right?” He took off his shirt, and lifted his butt off the couch a little for a second to pull off his pants. He was wearing a pair of fly-less jock tights for underwear, they were light blue and I could see a wet spot at the top by the waistband, at the end of the huge bulge in them. I stared in disbelief, and now my own limp penis that I was still hiding under my hands began to stir. He pulled down the underwear and his semi-hard cock fell onto his belly with a slap. His cock was long and thick, probably eight or nine inches, it was un-circumcised like mine, I could not see the head as it was still covered by his foreskin, and he had a lot more of it than I did. The foreskin sat at the end of the penis, even though he was almost erect the foreskin still extended almost an inch or so past his cock, it was all shriveled and wrinkly, with pre cum oozing out of its dark cavern onto his belly. His crotch was completely shaven and smooth, and he had a small tattoo, above his cock on right side, by where the pubic hair would be, it was an Asian symbol. A new scene in the porn began in the background, but I was not focused on that, I was still fascinated and turned on by my uncle’s huge member, lying there like a hungry sexy snake, twitching occasionally.

“Don’t be shy.” He said looking into my eyes, a shiver flew down my spine, butterflies began to fly in my torso, my heart began to pound and my limbs went numb. I was stunned at what sensations were flying through my young body; I had never felt like this before. At first I thought it was fear, but then I realized that being scared doesn’t feel this good. I felt nervous yes, but not scared. Instead I felt devious, naughty, exposed, yet wanting more, wanting it all. I figured out that this must be lust. Joe broke our stare and he looked down at his now fully erect cock and then looked back at me with a half smile. High on whatever this was, I nervously lifted my hand off my little penis, which was still only semi hard, and I reached over to touch my Uncle Joes cock. In anticipation, his cock twitched again as my hand approached. Now that his cock was fully erect his foreskin had pulled back exposing about half of his red glands, the tip covered in pre cum. I bashfully grasped the middle of his shaft and lifted the member up. I had never really seen another penis first hand before, let alone touched one, so it was all very new to me. I was surprised at how different his cock felt compared to how mine felt. Granted mine was much smaller and not as thick, still his just felt different. It felt so warm, and the skin felt so soft. As I squeezed the shaft he moaned, “ohhhh Billy, ohhh yeah.” His shaft was rock hard. I moved my hand down the shaft, bringing with it his foreskin, exposing his wet cockhead. A fragrance of uncut cock filled my nose, I recognized the smell from my own cock. His glans were large, and had a very pronounced mushroom cap.

“Go ahead, touch my cockhead.” He said as he again looked into my young eyes. I wondered if he was feeling as high as I was. I grasped his cockhead, it was covered in slimy pre-cum, it felt so soft and spongy, and as smooth as silk. I squeezed and stroked it firmly a few times, which caused him to moan again, and his legs to jump a little. By now my own cock was so hard it was starting to feel uncomfortable, after all I had been erect on and off for over an hour watching gay porn for the first time. I began to stroke Joes cock at a steady pace, as I did his moans became more frequent and more pronounced. My thirteen year old hand barely wrapped around his vein covered shaft. After about a minute of this he stopped me. Without saying a word he stood up and pushed the coffee table forward, away from the couch, as he did I caught a good look at his ass. My uncle Joe had a tight and very athletic butt, as he bent over to push the table I saw his butthole, no hair and it was very clean. I began to stroke my own dick. Joe looked back and saw me looking at his ass.

“You like my ass, I see you looked at all of my toys, and I am sure you know where they are meant to go.” He said with a smirk. He picked up a bottle of lubrication from the table and put some on his hands, then while still bent over in front of me he smeared the lube onto his anus, he circled it a few times with two of his fingers then he slipped two of them into his ass. He pulled them out and picked up a butt plug. He applied some lubrication to it and then slowly inserted it into his ass. It looked like it hurt a little, he grimaced as his forced it in, and finally it snapped into place.

Then Joe came over to me, his eight and half inch cock pointed crookedly in the air, it had a curve to the right of his body, to his stroking hand. He knelt between my spread legs and grabbed my cock. He looked it over and then pulled my foreskin forward so it covered my cockhead, he then bent over and slowly licked the pre-cum covered wrinkly sheath. Pleasure ran through my spine. He then pulled back my foreskin and put the head of my cock into its first mouth. I felt his tongue swirl around my head a few times, his mouth feeling hot and wet. Then he sucked really hard on my cockhead and pulled my penis out of his mouth, it made a loud popping noise, like what a child might do with a loli-pop. Then Joe began to slowly stroke my five inch cock. He stared at it intently, only looking away to look at the expression on my face. I had never had another hand stroke my cock, it felt so different. After about ten or eleven strokes I began to ejaculate. Joe moaned and said, “Ohhh yeah, that’s right Billy, let it all out, cum for your uncle Joe. Mmmmm.” Waves of pleasure flew through my body as I shot cum all over my belly and chest, and also all over my uncle’s hand. After I stopped cumming Joe licked all of the semen off of his hand.

On the screen a man with a huge cock was ramming a trannies ass. It looked like it hurt, and I suddenly got really nervous. I for a second wanted my uncle Joe to bang my ass, then I thought about the size of his cock, and new it would hurt. Joe knelt over and sucked on one of my nipples, it felt so hot, but also tickled, I giggled a little, sounding like a little girl. He then scooped up as much of my cum as he could and rubbed it all over his hard cock. Then he started stroking it. His cock was right over mine because Joe was still kneeling between my legs. His hand stroking his slimy cum covered cock made funny and loud slurping noises, he used one hand to grasp the base of his cock, holding back his foreskin, and also partially grasping his huge balls, while with the other hand he stroked his cockhead. It didn’t take Uncle Joe very long to climax. After only a minute he began to moan and then he began to cum. He cried out. “Ohh Billy, ohh yeah, watch your uncle Joe’s big cock, watch it cum, just for you, I want more of your little cock, I want you to be my little boy slut.” The first rope of cum was huge and hit me right in the face, all over my nose and mouth. I couldn’t help but try to wipe it away, getting some of his cum in my mouth. I had tasted my own cum out of curiosity before, his tasted a lot like mine did. The next few ropes formed pools of cum all over my belly and chest. When I came it was usually over quickly, like within five seconds, but uncle Joe came for at least ten seconds. After he finished he pulled the plug out of his ass and began picking up all of his porn and putting that and his toys away.

Finally after we were both dressed he started heading into the garage to put back his porn. He turned around and broke the awkward silence. “Fuck, I don’t know how that all just happened, but I want you to know it was the hottest and sexiest thing that has ever happened to me.” I thought about what he was saying, I laughed a little in my own mind, it was obviously the hottest and sexiest thing I had ever done as well. “And I hope that we can keep it between us, and also I really want to do it again.”

“Me too.” I said without hesitation.

The next day my uncle Joe took off from work. As soon as my aunt left he smiled at me. “Are you horny yet?” He asked, already knowing the answer. He brought in his sex bag and this time he pulled out a large bladder with a hose on it. “Let’s go take a shower.” He stated. We went into the shower and he told me to try to go to poop. He left me in there as I crapped. Once I was done he came back in and filled the bladder with water. I undressed. He set the bladder aside and wet my pubic hair. “First we need to take care of this.” He said as he sprayed some shaving cream onto his hand. He rubbed it into my light brown pubic hair, and all over my balls. He then carefully shaved away all of the hair. Afterward he rinsed me off and dried the area with a towel. I looked down in amazement. I had not seen myself without my pubic hair for a couple of years. I was surprised how much it turned me on. Then my uncle Joe grabbed the bladder again. “You know what this is Billy?” He asked me.

“No Uncle Joe. What is it?” I asked.

“It is an enema bladder. You see before we play with our butts, we need to make sure they are clean and that there is no poop in them. So you fill this with water and insert the hose into your butthole, then you squeeze the bladder, filling your rectum with clean water. Then you sit down on the toilet and poop the water out. Here, watch me. He said. He lubricated his fingers and the end of the hose. He then slipped two fingers into his ass. He pulled them out and then inserted the hose. He squeezed the large bag, and then pulled the hose out. Next he sat on the toilet and let all the water gush out. It didn’t sound like pooping, it sounded to me like peeing. He did it twice more and then refilled the bladder.

“Okay, your turn Billy.” He said as he bent me over the toilet and put a little lubrication onto his finger. I felt his finger circle my ass a few times; it felt really hot, tickling a little. Then I felt him push one finger up into my virgin asshole. It felt weird, but didn’t hurt. I felt him finger fuck my ass a few times then pull out. I felt him push the hose into my ass. Once it was in there he told me to squeeze my asshole tight around the hose and also to resist the urge to poop. He squeezed the bladder forcing water up into my bowels. All of a sudden my innards felt cold and full, and then I felt a pain in my tummy. I groaned with discomfort and burped. I felt the need to poop, really poop badly, like I could not hold it. He pulled the hose out and I quickly planted my ass on the toilet seat and opened the flood gates. The water rushed out of my ass, I felt a few chunks of shit plop out also. We repeated the process three times, and then he told me to shower, and meet him in my bedroom.

After my shower I dried off and walked over to the bedroom naked. I entered and found Joe on my bed with an assortment of anal toys lying around. I almost did not recognize him at first; he was wearing panties, a black garter belt, fishnet stockings and a stuffed bra. “Where did you get all of the girl’s clothes?” I asked out of curiosity.

He smiled; rubbing his limp mound threw a pair of pink panties. “ I bought all of it at a sex shop, well except the panties, let’s just say your cousin Megan unknowingly let me borrow them.” He smiled. That blew my mind. My cousin also would come stay with Uncle Joe, just during winter break. The thought of her panties on my uncle began to arouse me more. She was a year older than I was, and had blonde hair, blue eyes; she was absolutely gorgeous, and developing well for her age.

I went over and Uncle Joe sat me on edge of the bed. He knelt down in front of me and began sucking my limp penis. My cock quickly hardened in his wet warm mouth. He did not tease me this time like he did last time. He went right to sucking the whole length of my cock, while stroking it or playing with my balls. I moaned as very subtle waves of pleasure began emanating from my groin. Getting your cock sucked was not as intense as jerking off, the sensation was much more mild and relaxing. He occasionally would lick his fingers and pinch and stroke my little nipples. He began also sucking my balls then moving back to my young cock. After a few minutes of this, what seemed o me like an eternity in heaven, it was about to get better. My uncle pulled my cock out of his mouth and I thought he was going to start sucking on my little balls, but instead I felt him pull me to the very edge of the bed, he used his large hands to spread apart my butt cheeks. I felt his tongue starting to explore my boyhole. It sent tingles up my spine. He did this for a minute before forcing his tongue into my ass. He began to stroke my cock. He stopped after a few minutes and looked at me. “You like how that feels?” I was in so much bliss all I could manage to spit out as a response was an un-intelligible mumbling moan. He then began to tickle my asshole with the tips of his fingers, circling it and massaging it. Joe then slid his middle finger into my ass and began slowly finger fucking my ass. Soon the uncomfortable sensations of a foreign object being slid inside me were replaced by a new sensation, and it felt really good. Then he began licking the tip of my cock, quickly flicking his tongue up and down, swiping the tip each time. This almost tickled my little cockhead, causing a reflex that made my legs jump occasionally. After about a minute more of that I felt my climax coming on. I cried out that I was almost ready to cum. My Uncle Joe quickly stopped what he was doing, pulling his finger out of my boyhole. As fast as lightning he pinched the base of my penis really hard and with the other had grasped and squeezed my hairless ball sack. Pleasure turned to pain and the urge to climax disappeared.

“Oh no you don’t, you’re not getting off this soon, I need to teach you a few things first.” He then stood up and went over to his bag and grabbed a bottle of message oil and a neatly folded up plastic shower curtain. He gestured for me to stand up so I did, then he spread the plastic material over my bed sheets and placed several anal toys on one side of the bed. As he handed me the oil I looked down at his crotch. My fourteen year old cousin Megan’s panties were too small to hold back his fat semi-hard member, its plump pink head was sticking out of the top of them, and the panties bulged out between his legs trying their best to contain his large testicles. His glans were exposed, the tight waistband of the panties had held back his foreskin, and clear pre-cum was already leaking out. He said, “Boy it sure is hot in here, maybe you wouldn’t mind helping your uncle undress a little, I sure would like to feel your hands rubbing that oil into my skin.”

I set down the oil on the bed and began by unsnapping his bra, which took me a little while having no experience with how the bra straps worked. I took off the bra, its cups were filled with fake rubber boobs, I set them aside. Next I looked down at his panties, they were on the outside of the garter straps, as I reached down to pull them off he told me to leave the stockings and garter on him. I pulled down the panties allowing his cock and balls to hang free, as his cock slumped down, his foreskin that was previously held back by the panties folded back over his plump cockhead. His cock was still semi-erect, his balls were huge, their sack stretched out and hanging low. He then turned around and laid face down on my bed. I noticed he had something up his butt because there was a square sticking out of it. I oiled up my hands and crawled on top of his lower back, my legs spread across him, by small balls and ass resting on his warm skin. I began to slowly message the oil into his skin. I worked my way down his back and finally to his ass. Now I was straddling the back of his legs, as I rubbed the oil into his athletic bubble butt he sighed and occasionally told me how good it felt. He asked me to pull the plug out of his ass. I grasped the square base of the black rubber toy and gently tugged on it until it slid out of his rectum. It was the smallest of his butt plugs. I knew what he wanted next. I put more oil on my hands and began rubbing his asshole like he rubbed mine earlier, not inserting my finger though. This drove him wild. I played with his asshole like that for a couple of minutes then he asked me to put his clear dildo in him. I grabbed the dildo, it was long and medium in size, it was actually about the size of his cock. I rubbed some oil on it then slid it into his ass. He cringed a little, and then relaxed. I slowly pumped it into him as he moaned. He then cried out, “Fuck my ass harder, fuck it hard.” I picked up the pace and soon was ramming it into his ass, pulling all the way out every time then thrusting it back in. After a few minutes of this I stopped because my arm was getting tired, I pulled the dildo out of his ass, I noticed that his asshole did not close, but hung gaping open. “Ahhhh yes that felt good, put the medium size plug in me now.” He requested.

I did as he instructed. This plug did not slide in so easy; I really had to push hard as it stretched out his manhole. Soon after reaching the full breadth of it’s thickness, the plug quickly snapped into place leaving only it’s square base sticking out. Next my Uncle Joe rolled over, now I was straddling the front of his fishnet covered legs, his large now fully erect cock right in front of me. His belly was wet with a little pre cum from his cock. His hands began caressing the top of my hairless thighs. I rubbed his hairless chest and belly down then his crotch. Before I rubbed his cock he told me to suck it. I bent over and picked up his shaft with one hand. I had never put a cock in my mouth before, and I wondered how much of his thick cock I could fit into my mouth. I pulled his foreskin back tight and brought my mouth close to his penis. Its pink head glistened with his clear juices. I could smell the muskiness of his sex tool. I innocently started with a small lick of the tip of his head. His pre-cum tasted salty like my own did, it clung to my tongue as I raised my tongue from his glans. I went back down, this time licking most of his cock-head, I began stroking the base of his cock with my hand. I finally sucked his swollen cockhead into my mouth, liking it inside my mouth with my tongue. This made his legs flinch and he moaned. After a while of doing this I felt his hand on the back of my head. He gently pushed my head down, forcing me to take more of his cock into my mouth. I got the picture and then began fucking his cock with my mouth, at least as much of it as I could fit in my mouth. I gagged occasionally. He used his other hand to rub his nipple. I sucked him like this for at least five minutes before his legs began to spasm and he cried out he was cumming. He held the back of my head down as his penis erupted and shot cum into my mouth. It hit the back of my throat, causing me to gag; instinctively I pulled my head back, getting his cock out of my mouth. I then coughed up his cum spitting it out while his cock still ejaculated, spraying my face with cum.

After he stopped cumming he grabbed a towel and wiped off my face. He told me to lay down on the bed, I did, laying on my back, my five inch cock erect. Joe grabbed the oil and began rubbing my young body down with it. He started at my chest and slowly worked his way south. When he reached my now shaven bare crotch he massaged the oil in carefully avoiding my hungry and swollen penis and balls. He finished at my feet then put more oil on his hands and slowly rubbed down my balls and cock. I needed to cum so badly, but he was careful to still deny me that pleasure. When he finished he rolled me over onto my belly, straddling my legs like I had his earlier. Again he started at the top of my body and worked his way to my feet until my entire thirteen year old body was slick with oil. He began to lick and eat my boyhole, the feeling made me want more. I asked him to use a dildo on my ass. He picked up one smaller than the ones he used on himself. This one was just about as thick as my hard penis, and it was longer than mine. He lubricated it and I felt the tip of it begin to rub up and down on my oiled up rectum. He told me to relax, that when I felt it begin to enter me I needed to push like I was trying to poop. We both laughed a little and he continued messaging my asshole with the object. After a while I felt him begin to push it into me, he went very slow and it started to hurt. I pushed like he had told me and my ass accepted the plastic cock. He slid it deep into me, I winced, my whole ass was hurting really badly. Once he had it in almost all the way, he held it in me.

“Just relax Billy. It will hurt a little at first, but then it will feel better, just don’t fight it.” He used his other hand to pull one of my butt cheeks off to the side, helping stretch my ass open. Gradually he began sliding the dildo back and forth, not pulling it out of my ass all the way though. It hurt for a minute or two then it began to feel good. As he picked up the pace the pleasure increased until I began to moan and grunt. The pleasure was strange, it felt like the relief of taking a crap after holding it for awhile, also like peeing after holding it. The faster he went the stronger the peeing sensation I felt.

I cried out “I think I am going to pee.” He told me to piss if needed to as he continued to fuck my boyhole with the dildo. I gave into the feeling but strangely nothing came out, just more intense pleasure. “Ohhhh. I need to cum Uncle Joe, please let me cum, please.” I begged. He pulled the dildo out and picked up a small butt plug. He slid it into my ass. It hurt because it was slightly thicker than the dildo. It snapped into place. Then he turned a knob at the base of it and it began to vibrate.

“Stand up.” He instructed. I followed his orders, the plug in my ass made me feel weird, almost like I had to poop, but the vibration of it was keeping some of the pleasure of being ass-fucked around, so I enjoyed it. He then laid down on the bed on his back, he pulled back his stocking covered legs, leaving his bare plugged ass exposed at the edge of the bed. “Fuck my ass Billy, I want you to cum in your Uncle Joes ass.”

I timidly approached the edge of the bed, my five inch cock pointing up in the air. I knew what to do. I grabbed onto the medium plug in his ass and pulled, it didn’t come out easy, and when it finally popped out he grunted. My cock was dripping with pre-cum, I nestled its head at his warm entrance and slid it all the way in. He moaned “Oooohh yes Billy uhhh….” I felt his rectum clinch around the base of my cock. I began fucking his ass, this felt better that a blowjob, even better than jerking off. The plug in my ass pumped waves of pleasure through my young body as I listened to the sound of our skin slapping together every time I rammed my small cock in his hungry hole. His balls bounced around as he stroked his semi hard cock. Soon my climax began to build and I could not hold it back any longer. As I began to cum I cried out in pleasure, I had never had an orgasm this intense. I buried my cock deep inside my uncle’s ass and shot load after load of cum into him. After I finished the plug popped out of my ass and we both laughed.

My Uncle Joe sat up; I noticed he cock was fully erect again. “Just stand right there.” He told me as he furiously jerked his large cock. He grasped my cum soaked cock in his other hand and fondled it as it deflated. Soon he began to cum again. “Ohhhh yes Billy, oghhhhh.” He cried as he shot another huge load out of his eight inch member.

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