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Shawn sees his fantasy woman in a bar in Houston. He's been studying and adoring her nude pictures online for three years. He's drinking himself to oblivion after a split with an ex and decides to kidnap Katalin in a desperate grasp for happiness!
I had been vacationing in Houston, Texas, one of our state's largest cities for the last six months. Actually, I had been vacationing and trying to get my head on straight after a tough personal loss.

My name is Shawn McGregor. My girl friend of two years, Stephanie, had left me for her boss. He'd finally filed divorce papers on his wife and had made Steph a lucrative offer of marriage and money I wasn't willing to match.

If she were willing to leave me for material things I had to bid her a fond bon voyage and go on my way. My mind knew that and accepted it, but my broken heart would take much longer to convince.

The bar in my hotel was one of my usual hangouts, so much so the bartender knew my regular drink and how long it took for me to finish one. I was making round wet marks on the table cloth with the last inch of my eighth or tenth double scotch on the rocks of the evening.

Katalin walked in and my heart must have stopped beating. Either I was totally blitzed and seeing things or my favorite erotic model of all time had walked into the bar and sat down! My waitress came over with another double scotch on the rocks.

"That filthy bitch, she thinks she's better than Americans because she's a Hungarian model!" She'd just confirmed my own instant identification of the beautiful woman.

I recovered and told the waitress, "Everyone has to be somewhere. Me? I'm a drunk. Tell the bartender her drinks are on my tab." She walked off muttering to herself.

I had never imagined I'd live to see the woman in real life, much less buy her a drink, but I had dreamed about her often. I'd even researched her on the forums and found Katalin had flatly refused to do hard porn and sex acts for pay.

Considering the lengths some of the other models in her business went to this only served to make her seem more exclusive and attractive to most of her loyal fans, including me.

It had been reported on her own fan forums three popular magazines had made huge offers for exclusive photos of her. The girl was more than gorgeous and seemed to deserve the attention.

While every other man in the bar was trying to strip Katalin with his eyes, I was enjoying the view of her attractively dressed. Every inch of her nude body was as familiar to me as the backs of my own hands.

I had personally collected and studied every high resolution photograph available of her online magnified as many times as my equipment would allow. If there were perfection in a sky-blue eyed, 36B-24-37, auburn haired woman, with a 5 feet, 7 inch tall long-legged body, she was it!

The online site "Freeones" would show there were literally hundreds of models from Hungary and the surrounding region of Europe. None of them seemed to match Katalin! Was that a tribute to her or my feeings about her? I wasn't certain at that point.

I knew she was probably in town for a photoshoot, and I had no illusions about my innate charm and sensational pick up lines making her jump into my bed. If I wanted her, I'd have to do something aggressive, like taking her.

Did I want her enough to risk years in prison? Not enough for a brutal one time rape, I certainly didn't! I cared much more than that about the girl, though I knew that was bizarre reasoning from a man willing to consider kidnapping her.

That decision made, I began considering how I could have the girl of my dreams on a longer term basis, perhaps even long enough to form a friendly relationship eventually.

I hoped this wasn't the twenty shots of scotch I had imbibed doing my thinking for me. I'm reasonably attractive and have sufficient funds I usually don't have to kidnap a pretty girl to get a date.

Of a sudden I knew I was thinking insanely, as far as the laws and morals of modern civilization were concerned. I was really going to kidnap that girl! There was no real risk in it for me, my life was totally worthless to me and everyone else as it was.

Asking the waitress for my tab, I laid the payment and tip on the table. I went to my room and retrieved something I thought vital to the mission I'd set myself on, then headed back down.

As the elevator I was about to use to go down opened I saw Katalin walk out of it and down the hall.

Getting behind her as quietly as possible, I had to stifle a laugh as the Pink Panther theme song ran through my mind. When she stopped at her door I made a mental note of the number, drew the stun gun from my pocket, and used it on her spine.

She went lifeless, and I gathered up her purse, put her over my shoulder, then carried her to my room. I was prepared to use the explanation my wife had been overserved, but no one observed us.

I was committed to this crime now. I had her, now what was I going to do with her? I could only hope there would be some enjoyment in it to compensate for my inevitable guilt and the probable many years in prison.

Some of my neckties were convenient to bind her, blindfold, and gag her, then I rummaged into her purse for the key card for her room. I went across the street and placed a call to her room and no one answered.

There was a store nearby where I'd browsed and seen large trunks for travelers during my recent months of boredom, and I bought two.

I called her room from across the street again, and when no one answered I used gloves and a back entrance of the hotel and went up and put all her belongings into the large bags. I figured that would confuse any immediate pursuit.

Again using a rear exit of the hotel, I took the two bags downstairs and left one in my car, and emptied the other's contents there to use it to transport her down.

She was pretending to be unconscious when I got back to my room and closely examined her. She'd twisted around in her efforts to get free.

I kissed her cheek, just because I could, and she gasped. I pinched one of her pretty nipples as punishment for her playing possum, then stunned her again to make certain of her silence while I carried her to my car.

Her limp body fit easily into the large bag. Using the hotels rear door again, I carried her down. I was tense and ready for another drink then, and went back to the bar.

Nothing seemed unusual as the bartender and waitress served me. I nursed the drink for about half an hour, then decided I'd better get my new pet home and in for the night.

I used the rear exit of the hotel again, and carefully drove to one of my properties at the posted speed limit. I backed into my barn, then unloaded my prize.

I had to lift the hatch to my root cellar I'd converted into a tidy hideaway apartment I liked for its total privacy and silence. Lowering a twelve foot aluminum ladder gave me access to carry her down.

She tried to scream as I opened the bag and dumped her gently onto the bed, her blindfold and gag were still in place. She hadn't soiled herself yet, so I decided the bathroom should be our next port of call.

As I began stripping her she tried to fight me, and I rolled her over and pulled her over my lap. I enjoyed spanking her lovely ass briskly with my hands.

She was so beautiful it was tempting to take her then, but that wasn't in the plan.

When she stopped fighting me I went back to stripping her. She struggled again, and I spanked her pretty ass twenty more times, then she allowed me to finish stripping her. I left only the blindfold on her, then led her to the toilet and sat her down on it.

I looked in the cabinet under the lavatory and found a clean five gallon bucket and a roll of toilet paper. I went up into the barn and brought a tow chain and two stout locks back down with me.

They were but two of dozens of locks I had bought for the property, all keyed alike. She was fidgeting with the blind fold and I slapped her hands away, then spanked her several more times.

One end of the chain went around her slim waist and locked, then I locked the other to an eyebolt anchored in the cinderblock wall and the concrete behind it.

I sighed, the picture she made in person was more erotic than one of my favorite actresses, Christina Ricci in "Black Snake Moan". I knew this was no longer the fan craze thing. I was totally in love with this dazzlingly beautiful woman!

She couldn't reach the restroom, that would be part of her reward and punishment system as a full time resident, right now she was only a captive. I dismantled the bed frame and shoved it and the mattress back up into the barn.

There were clean twelve ounce styrofoam cups in the restroom, and I filled one with water and nudged it into her hands. She sniffed it, sipped it, then drank thirstily. She spoke in an accented feminine voice, "Thank you, I was very thirsty!"

I took the cup from her and handed her the roll of toilet paper and the five gallon bucket. I pulled the ladder out of her new home, then replaced the trapdoor and stacked twenty bales of hay over it.

My switching the breaker off to that part of the barn for safety left her in complete darkness. I was back to the hotel in time to get several hours of sound sleep, though I was anxious to be at home playing with my new toy.

When I woke I took care of my business in the bathroom, dressed, and went down for the continental breakfast. I spread cream cheese and pineapple marmalade on a couple of bagels, poured a coffee, then headed for the bar.

"I'd like a shot of Irish Cream for this coffee, please, mix a Bloody Mary, too." I enjoyed my light breakfast as I wondered how long my pet would hold out before trying to please me enough to feed her. What do you feed a Hungarian Goddess anyway?

I knew of no one to ask, and none of the Gabor sisters were among my list of friends. The only Hungarian dishes I was aware of were goulash and chicken or veal paprika. I decided she should be able to exist on any reasonably edible and tasty foods, but this could be interesting!

One of the hotel employees came in and asked the bartender on duty if he had seen Katalin, he said someone had made inquiries about her. I told him the late shift waitress had remarked about her having had a drink the night before, but I'd seen nothing out of line.

Figuring I had made enough show of my presence so no one would suspect me of doing a cut and run, I went to my car and made a stop at a supermarket and found a brand of Hungarian paprika, and the caraway spice I knew were popular in their cooking. I bought several containers of each, since the dates showed they were fresh.

I had cooked with them myself, and liked them. I also bought some other foods I felt might be useful, then leisurely drove around town a while before hitting the freeway toward my home and Katalin.

Wearing a ski mask to protect my identity from her, I turned on the electrical breaker, and moved the hay and hatch. My heart was pounding in my anxiety to see her safe.

I peered into the silent prison I had selfishly condemned a flawlessly beautiful innocent creature into. Katalin was lying sprawled as if lifeless on the cold concrete floor!

After lowering the ladder I descended carefully. As she kicked the bottom of the ladder with her bare foot, I sprang for the hatch opening and pulled myself up and out, then put the hatch lid back on, securing it with the weight of bales of hay.

I carried the sack of delicatessen cheeses, meats, and salads I'd bought for her to my kitchen refrigerator, then cut perhaps a quarter of a loaf of fresh baked bread off one end to feed her. She'd be on bread and water rations until I decided different.

My next stop was a large willow tree beside the house where I cut a handful of long supple switches, then stripped them of twigs and leaves. When I dropped into the converted root cellar again, Katalin was cringing in a corner and weeping, as well she should have been.

I laid into her with the switches with all my strength, she could only bear so much pain and made a futile effort to run.

That only supplied me with fresh areas on the chained girl to target.

I beat that screeching girl fore and aft, on her famous breasts, nipples, and her ass. I made one vicious swing between her thighs and right onto her cunt, and the poor girl passed out.

When she revived I held her soaking in a warm tub with two cups of epsom salts (magnesium sulfate), a natural sedative for the nervous system. I told her what was in the water and she thanked me politely.

She added, "I know what it is, they used it at the orphanage. We were beaten very often there, and they didn't want the visitors to know."

I ran some cool water from the tap into the styrofoam cup and handed it to her, she drank it, then thanked me again.

I decided I had to level with her, I was aware there were tears in my eyes as I confided my feelings to her.

"If that fall had killed or crippled me you would have slowly starved to death or died of thirst, I didn't have my keys on me. That was the only reason for your thrashing. my own death would have been no great loss to anyone, not even me."

"I wasn't cut out for this slavemaster thing. I'll take you back to your hotel and free you after you've had something to eat and rested."

Katalin shocked me with her next statement, she was crying! "No, please don't! My manager will beat me for being stolen. You are an ameteur at beating women, he is a Russian ex-KGB agent!"

That changed the scenario completely! "Alright," I told her, "you can stay here until you decide what you want to do for the long term. There is soap, shampoo, and conditioner on the counter, along with toothpaste and a new brush. I'll bring you some food and your luggage with your clothing."

Katalin had another surprise for me. "So now you want me to dress? You kidnapped me, then stripped me and chained me in your dungeon like your slave, then you beat me. This has been the greatest adventure of my life! You've made me so hot, and I don't deserve at least a token ravishment? Am I not, how you say, sexy any more?"

As you may have guessed from my impulsively having kidnapped her the night before, I believe in the saying carpe diem, seize the day. I pulled Katalin from the tub and threw her naked and dripping wet sleek body across my shoulders behind my neck.

I used the "Fireman's carry" and secured her long leg that was in front of my chest in the crook of my arm, then grasped and held her leading wrist in my hand. That secured her while leaving her center of weight above my shoulders. My other arm and hand were free to climb with.

I used the ladder I'd put back up in the hatchway while she was unconscious, then carried her kicking, screaming, and laughing up and into my house, then into my bedroom.

I tossed her onto my king sized bed, and grabbed a handful of scarves before she could gather the momentum to make a run for it.

Straddling her nude body I tied her wrists to my headboard. "Please don't rape your poor starving slave, Master!" Katalin pleaded pitifully! "I am an orphaned Catholic school girl, and little more than a baby!"

"Your empty belly will soon swell with my own baby, pretty little slave girl, and I will suckle from your full breasts and use your milk in my coffee and cereal!" I ordered her, "Kiss your Master, slave, and you had better make this good for me!"

She kissed me passionately as I ran my hands all over her beautiful body. She hadn't been lying about being hot. She was literally trembling with her need! I gently bit her lower lip and she moaned.

I stood and removed my clothing and the mask, then ordered her, "Don't try to get away, slave. You will deny your master nothing I demand of you, and today I will breed you!"

"Yes, Master!" Katalin purred, "Your willing slave will bear you a dynasty of beautiful children." I couldn't have thought of anything more erotic she could have said to me, and I hadn't yet touched her sexually anywhere but her luscious lips.

My mouth felt an uncontrollable attraction to the rest of her. My right hand went to her wet slit, and I began fucking her tight pussy with my two largest fingers while strumming her clit with my thumb.

I gave her breasts equal attention with my left hand and mouth. I was living out my sexual fantasy of the last several years!

The prominent Montgomery glands and wrinkles on her areola and her erect nipples I had admired in hundreds of her pictures drove my tongue wild!

"Oh, please, Master," Katalin begged, "I haven't been on birth control in years, and it's the right time of the month for ovulation. Breed your little slave girl with our child now! I must be looking at your face when you cum in me to make a boy child for you."

I was more than willing to go along with the Master/slave play, since it turned her on, and the Hungarian folklore, but on my own schedule. My own biological time clock was screaming I'd never find a more attractive mother for my babies! "Slave, I will plant my child in your fertile womb, but only after I properly prepare you to be its loving mother."

My mouth went to her wet satiny shaved pussy and my hands to her nipples. The beating had turned her on so I suspected she would love some rough play with her breasts. Licking and lapping at the lips of her vagina, I tugged alternately on her nipples as I firmly squeezed them.

I broke from my oral play to ask her, "Have you made some milk for me yet, little slave girl, or shall Master beat you again?"

Her only answer was a wail as she came uncontrollably! My mouth went back to her clit to ride out the storm. Her pelvis slammed into my face for several more minutes, until her wailing subsided into babbling sounds.

I moved up to hold her in my arms and she clung to me. Her strength seemed to weaken and I realized she'd either gone to sleep or passed out.

After a few moments rest Katalin stirred again. I told her, "Wake up, lazy little slave! Your Master is hungry, and I'll feed you something so you can make milk for me and my children."

I helped her to her feet and led her to the dining room. She sat gratefully when I held out her chair. "Would you prefer wine, milk, or a cold soda, little slave?"

She opted for wine and I went to the kitchen and brought two of my better bottles, to give her a choice. I then put wine glasses and platters out, then went for the bags from the deli.

I put a fresh loaf of the bread before each of us, then the salads, meats, and cheeses. "I was thinking the cabbage cole slaw would make a good sandwich with the deli meats and cheeses, what do you think?"

She was busily assembling our sandwiches to my order, then I pulled forth the containers of paprika and the caraway. She pounced on those like a hungry cat and applied a liberal sprinkling of each on both our meals.

I had poured our wines, and lifted a glass to her. "Here's to the most beautiful slave girl in the world, mine." She sipped the wine, then attacked her sandwich ravenously!

I had to reflect I had no idea when she'd eaten last. She put me to shame though I found the meal delectable. When she finished, she sighed and leaned back in her chair, her hunger sated.

"That sandwich was delicious, Master," She said, "and it was so thoughtful of you to buy paprika and caraway."

She patted her stomach, then pouted and said sadly, "There is still no baby growing there. We must attend to that, Master, then you must take me in my two other orifices within twenty-four hours. That's the way slave taking has been done for centuries."

A Master doesn't always appreciate being dictated to, but then who can argue with hundreds of years of tradition? I put away the rest of our food then we took a wine bottle and glasses, and went back to our bed.

"Katalin," I spoke to her. "During my research of you I found 'Kitti' is used as the pet name for yours. Would you mind if I called you that sometimes?"

Her pretty smile gave me my answer before she answered. "Of course, Master, you may call me anything you wish, but that endearment from Hungary would be so sweet to hear from your lips to my ears!"

"Precious Kitti," I remarked, "I want you on top of me for part of this so I can nurse and play with your fantastic milk machines to get you into the mood to conceive our baby!"

Kitti began to ooze atop me. Her soft lips paused to nurse, suckle, and lick at my own nipples, while I rejoiced in holding both cheeks of her fine ass in my hands.

She moved further up and her mouth reached mine. I have never before been blessed in knowing a woman with a hungry body like hers! She would never leave me if I could prevent it in any way.

"Master," She said, "most people have laughed at the cartoons of the caveman and his club, dragging his woman home to his cave by her hair, yet whose DNA and genes have succeeded for eons? His!"

She resumed, "My own genes were those of fiery gypsys who believed in magic. Religious fanatics saw the devil in their eyes and killed them. They beat me for the same reason. Men would adopt me for my beauty, then try to tame me. You are the one man who simply wanted me and took me as your own possession!"

"My dearest Kitti," I confided to her, "I have been admiring your perfect face and body for three years. Now I find myself captivated by your remarkable mind and spirit too!"

She began to frantically place my erection inside her as I did my best to excite her breasts and nipples even further. "Have you made any milk for our son and me yet, slave? He will be as hungry for your full breasts as his sire!"

I began driving my hard prick up inside her, suddenly as desperate to breed her as she was to be bred! I rolled her over and slammed my pubic bone incessantly into hers!

"Look into your Master's eyes, slave girl!" I literally shouted at her, "Make a son for me to be proud of now!" My ejaculation and sensations were my most intense ever!

In my adult life, and some of my adolescence, I had been with a number of gorgeous women and enjoyed some fantastic sex. None of it anything to compare with what I felt with the wild creature who clung to me now!

She kissed me passionately, then finally regained her breath.

"Our son is well planted, Master, and I know what I want to do for the rest of my life." Kitti whispered as she patted her belly contentedly. "I want to be your slave, and raise our children."

Why I believed her immediately about our son, I can't say. Perhaps it was because I wanted it to happen from the depths of my soul, maybe I felt the sheer magic in this girl, too. Whichever, my entire life's course had just taken an abrupt change.

We made love again, much more leisurely, but our mutual enjoyment was just as intense. We rested, and she slept, then we made love again. Our shower was refreshing as well as erotic.

We decided to drive to my club for dinner. When I saw the designer sky-blue gown, purse, and heels Katalin took from her suitcase I went to my closet for my best tuxedo.

I took the red 1967 Corvette out of the garage, too. For what I'd spent restoring that baby I felt I deserved to show it off now and then.

As we rode, Katalin asked me, "Would you find a collar for me, please, Master? Nothing expensive, of course, only a symbol of my bondage to you. Beat me for my pride, as you wish, but I am proud to be your slave girl."

"I think we can do that now, slave, and the beating won't be necessary." I turned at the next light and drove to my jewelers, who I knew carried some high-quality specialty items.

"Here we are, my dear, let's see if they have anything that suits us." We entered and I was pleased the proprietor was there. I introduced Katalin to my friend.

"Aaron, this is my slave Katalin. We're looking for a very special gift for her. Do you have a nice diamond choker or collar and perhaps a matching leash as a remembrance of this day?"

Aaron came from behind the counter and slowly circled my companion. He said, "I congratulate you, Shawn. She is superb! I do have one exquisite collar set made by a Master jeweler that may be worthy of her beauty."

Aaron electronically locked the front door from behind the counter, then went to his safe. He returned with a plush royal purple velvet pillow, with her collar and leash in its center.

I knew it was hers because it was one of the most exquisite items of jewelry I had ever seen! Katalin saw the hundreds of gleaming diamonds and began to cry. "Please Master, no! It is far too expensive for your unworthy little slave."

I chuckled and asked Aaron, "Was that a 'no' I just heard from my slave, Aaron? I will have to discipline her later for that."

Aaron laughed and said, "Shawn, I predict she will be saying anything you want her to say for the rest of the evening. Here, don't forget her matching ear rings."

I steered Katalin to a mirror, and clasped the collar around her long slender neck. She beamed when she saw how it accented her beauty, the sin of vanity can be quite alluring in a deserving woman!

"Slave, though you consider it as far too expensive for your unworthy little self will you accept this collar and leash from your Master as a small token of how much I treasure you?" She went to her knees at my feet sobbing and clinging to my legs.

Aaron laughed again, and remarked, "I'd take that as a definite yes, Shawn." He wrote out my receipt, as I pulled out one of my cash cards and handed it to him.

I had an idea and asked him, "Aaron, could you watch for a nice diamond tiara as a future gift for her?"

Aaron's eyes lit up. "I may have just the thing for her now, Shawn."

He went back to his safe and returned with yet another royal purple pillow. Kitti's curiosity had gotten the better of her, and she stood to hold me tightly while peeking at the treasure on the pillow like a shy child.

I was already in love with it, and couldn't wait to see it on her! I asked her, "Aren't you going to put it on for your Master to enjoy, Kitti?"

She picked up the tiara with trembling hands and moved to the mirror. She adjusted it in her hair, then turned to me, "Master, it is breathtaking!"

"You are breathtaking, my dear Kitti. The beauty of the jewelry pales beside yours. Aaron, please add this gift to my card, there's no reason for her to wait for it."

She squealed, then gushed to me, "Just you wait until I get you home! You have dressed me for a coronation or something!"

I returned, "Yes, I have. You, my dear slave Katalin, are now the royal princess of my heart!" That honest statement made me the recipient of one of the hottest kisses I have ever enjoyed in my life!

Aaron asked eagerly, "Would either of you mind if I took a few pictures of her? I like having pictures of my satisfied customers, and Katalin's the most beautiful I've ever served!"

Kitti and I looked at each other, then gave him our permission. I told him, "Keep these private for a while, except for the copies you send to me. I want some for new desktop backgrounds for my computers. We can discuss your using them in your promotions later."

Kitti touched up her makeup, then stood in front of a neutral backdrop in the shop. She struck a number of her modelng poses, using her jeweled leash as a prop, and Aaron kept clicking his digital camera.

I gave him a reasonable amount of time, then laughed and told him, "She and I have a reservation for dinner at my club. This is supposed to be a celebration of our new relationship, and modeling is her work."

Aaron thanked us profusely and apologized for taking so much of our time. He assured us we were now his top ranking customers and as such would receive generous discounts on any future purchases.

Aaron unlocked the front door and I got a good first look at my sparkle girl in full sunlight. No adjectives served to describe her! She told me she had never had a more perfect day and I assured her I had only dreamed of days like this with her.

My Kitti was literally bubbling over with excitement now. I was exhilerated, too. I was at the wheel of my fantasy machine, with my fantasy woman beside me.

We had no more than relinquished the keys to the parking attendant and stepped into the door of my club when I saw Stephanie seated at a table with two of her girlfriends. She had a smug look on her face when she first saw me, but it vanished when she saw the elegant woman on my arm and her expensive jewelry.

Faux diamonds don't sparkle like that, and I'd bought Stephanie enough real ones for her to know the difference at a glance. You could almost see Steph's eyes flashing as her mind registered, 'Ka-ching! Ka-ching! Ka-ching!'

"Uh oh, ex-girlfriend straight ahead." I warned Katalin. "She left me for her bosses money and a ring." I laughed, then told her, "The ironic thing is I'd met her only because I own the holding company both she and her boss work for."

I seated Katalin at the table the head waiter had led us to, then turned to meet Stephanie's approach. She was very capable of causing a loud scene, and had before in that same club. Unknown to her, that had been one of the precise reasons I had not been tempted to outbid her bosses triflng offers, though I had still been very much in love with her.

Steph's head of steam seemed to have cooled as she approached our table. Perhaps it was the regal picture Katalin presented. She could have been the centerpiece of any exclusive fashion or society magazine in the world! I cordially introduced the two natural enemies, present girlfriend and ex.

Katalin smoothly stood and embraced Stephanie, She asked me, "This is the girlfriend who left you, Master? She is very beautiful." She put a perfectly manicured index finger under Steph's chin, then imperatively raised Steph's face to kiss her passionately. Kitti licked Steph's lush lips, then penetrated them with her pink tongue.

Steph began to respond and I believe she'd lost touch of where she was and who she was with. Their tongues wrestled fiercely for a number of moments, then Katalin broke their kiss and purred sweetly, "I hope we can be good friends, Stephanie, I am Master's slave now."

Stephanie appeared as if she had been struck dumb. She watched open mouthed as Katalin turned and gave me the same scorching kiss she'd shared with her. Steph excused herself and fled blindly back to where she had been seated.

Katalin chuckled delightfully as we sat. "She will dream of that kiss, Master, tonight and many nights to come!"

I told her, "Kitti, that had to be the most erotic kiss I have ever seen! I didn't know you were..."

"I am not, I am sexual, but not bi-sexual." Katalin giggled, "The point I made with Little Miss Stephanie is she is asking herself right now if she is bi-sexual. She is also wondering why she tossed you away so soon, before you became so incredibly debonair and arousing. Here, hold my leash and draw me to you for another kiss, she and her friends are staring!"

We ordered our meals and I asked Katalin if she'd prefer to order the wine. She chatted in French with the wine sommelier, and they laughed, then agreed on the choices.

I had never had a waiter comment on such a thing, but ours said to me, "Your beautiful lady is quite knowledgable about wines, Sir. Only her intelligence matches her elegance."

Katalin laughed enchantingly with both of us then we thanked him, of course!

"Master," she confided to me, "I have dined at many of the five star restaurants in Europe. Never before have I enjoyed an evening out like this one!"

"My Darling." I told her, "You have totally captivated my own imagination as well as that of every man in this club, and most of the women. We'll dance after our meal, and you will see how many of the men try to cut in on us!"

We did exactly that. We enjoyed our meals and then I asked my sweetheart if any of her favorite slow songs might be known here. I made a list and took it to the band.

They told me they were comfortable with four of her songs, and I tipped them five hundred dollars. One of the songs began as I reached her and took her into my arms.

I told her, "My love, I've been waiting to hold you in my arms and dance with you for three years!" I felt a tap on my shoulder, and Katalin raised her diamond adorned leash up high. She said, "No one but my Master may hold my leash unless he hands it to them!" We made it through two more dances before the Grand High Mucky Muck and Great Poohbah of the club tapped me on my shoulder.

"This is a friend of mine, Kitti, the president of our club. Mike, meet my Katalin." I told her, "He will return you to me safely." I handed him her leash, confident she'd wrap him around one of her little fingers during their dance.

Stephanie tapped me on my shoulder, and asked, "May I have this dance please, Shawn? Seeing you with her I've begun to realize how stupid I've been. Is she really your slave?"

"Yes, she is my slave, Stephanie, but it's under her own free will. After six months I tired of doing nothing but drinking and grieving over losing you."

"You will never know how much I regret that stupid decision, Shawn. Paul's children are all older than me and they've made my life a living hell! We haven't married yet, and life as a slave seems a welcome alternative."

"Stephanie," I told her honestly, "please take some time to reflect on any future move you make. Your last major decision hurt both of us very much, I sincerely hope your future is happier."

"Thank you, Shawn. That is so very kind of you to say after the cruel way I treated you!" Steph dashed sobbing to the restroom, with her girlfriends close behind her.

Mike returned Kitti's leash to me with his profuse thanks and admiration for her, then left. I knew he was insanely jealous of me!

Kitti immediately asked me, "What has upset Stephanie, Master?"

"Stephanie seems to have decided her life with me was not so terrible as she'd thought, and she'd been cruel to me by leaving as she did. A few months ago I'd have gloated to hear that, but now it only makes me sad for her."

"It makes me sad too, Master." Kitti said. "Her loss and my gain, but I can't gloat either. I'll go see if I can help comfort her."

I had never met a charmer like Kitti! First, she gives my ex a mind blowing passionate kiss on their first meeting, then she attempts to comfort her for her regretting leaving me? She should have gone into the diplomatic corps, instead of modeling.

I began wondering if all Hungarian women were like her, then I decided they couldn't have been, otherwise there never would have been a World War I or II! Five minutes later my Princess Kitti, Stephanie, and her girlfriends all appeared back on the scene. They were arm in arm, giggling, and behaving like life long friends!

In my heart I knew my Kitti had been negotiating with Stephanie, and this could cost us both dearly. Kitti smiled at me and I frowned. She frowned at me and I had to laugh. "Darling," I pleaded, "Please don't do this to us so soon after us becoming a couple. Can we at least wait until we get home to discuss it?"

"Of course we can, Master." Kitti purred soothingly. "After all, it's not like you are the impulsive sort of man who would decide to take a slave overnight!" From the subject matter, I knew I was in trouble then, and Steph was once again the catalyst!

I made a decision right then the McGregors would be out of town and unavailable for several days, consummating our new relationship.

I told Katalin, "We are leaving now, Kitti, gather your things, please."

"But, Master..." She stammered.

"Shall I make this an order to my slave, or an urgent appeal to the Mother of my just conceived child? Either way, Kitti, it's for the good of our family we leave now."

We left a few moments later, and I told Kitti we'd go by the house to pick up another car with more room and some luggage. She asked me, "How many cars do you have anyway?"

I laughed, and told her honestly, "Now you've asked me a tough question, Darling. I suppose one of the accountants could tell you. They may be driving all the others for all I know."

"How much may I pack then, Master?" She asked.

"You will have plenty of room, Dear." I confided, "We'll take the Lincoln Limo for comfort. It's a ten passenger car. We may come back in the Hummer, if you buy too many things you want to bring back here."

We changed into more casual clothing and loaded her things into the Limo, including her prized paprika and caraway, and our remaining deli treats.

I asked, "Would you be more comfortable in the back where you could stretch out? It will be at least a two hour long drive."

"No, thank you." She said, "I will be more comfortable up front where I can hold my Master, and the father of our child."

"Will your manager report you as missing," I asked, "or avoid the police?"

She laughed musically, "Oh, he would never call the police! His own legal status in the world is still in question. There are several countries in the former USSR trying to extradite him."

Her pretty head was in my lap, and I caressed her smooth shoulders and back. "Are you here on a work visa, Kitti? If so, we'll get our lawyers working on something more permanent."

"Yes, yes, thank you, Master, I hadn't considered that."

I used the car phone and called a friend of mine, an official high up in the Houston Police Department. We'd been college room mates, and friends ever since.

"Dave, old friend, old room mate, remember when I paid off your student loans?" I'd gotten very friendly when he'd begun to protest the hour at which I was calling.

He asked, "Okay, Shawn, who did you kill this time?"

I laughed and told him, "It's nothing like that, Dave, but if you happen to hear I assaulted, kidnapped, and unlawfully imprisoned a beautiful young Hungarian national by the name of Katalin Baschalde from my hotel, it's all true."

Dave was sputtering and totally beside himself now! I told him, "Relax Dave, before you have a stroke. Here, I'll let you talk to her."

Kitti giggled at hearing our conversation, she took the phone. "Dave, this is Katalin Baschalde. Master left out the best part where he carried me from his dungeon where he'd chained me, tied me to his bed, and impregnated me. I am in love with the father of our child!"

"So you wouldn't support charges of any kind pressed against him?" Dave asked.

"Support charges?" Kitti retorted. "I will fight for my master tooth and nail!"

I took the phone back, then told Dave, "It might be better if you said I'd rescued her from her brutal ex-KGB manager."

"Okay, Shawn." Dave agreed. "At least you saved us some wiggle room. I'll get right on the damage control in the morning, which happens to be a couple of hours from now. I'm going back to bed, and you buy the drinks next time!"

We were nearing the drive way to our home on Lake Livingston. I reached for the remote control and Kitti's beautiful head popped up in time to see the tall steel gates swing open in front of us. The garage door also opened which triggered remote sensing lights around the house.

She could see a long driveway, several acres of yard, and a large building. She came to a reasonable assumption, then asked, "Is this a motel?"

I snickered and told her, "No, this is one of your lake homes, young lady. I'm sure it needs cleaning, too! When your little body gets heavy with our child, I promise you I won't beat you too harshly for slacking on your duties."

My Kitti reached up to my cheek and wiped away a tear with a fingertip, then kissed it. "I am certain you won't either, Master." She kissed me adoringly.

We parked the Lincoln Limo next to the Hummer and the WWII Jeep in the garage, and I carried her luggage to our master bedroom, then showed her to the master bath.

She decided to shower, and I joined her. We held the interaction to affectionate kissing. I knew she had to be exhausted.

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