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An unrequited mother-son love story with a happy end
The yell was almost deafening to the fifteen, almost sixteen years old boy, and his hand, about to grab and pet the turgid breast cringed as if bitten by a scorpion, his face was a masque of confusion, as he sent a look of heartbroken bewilderment to his mother, not understanding the reason for such a fierce cry. He was just trying to do what he thought, both of them, his thirty five years old mother and he wanted, what she had been causing with her permanent and mercilessly erotic and sexualy charged flirting in recent months with her son.
His mother, a very gorgeous and beautiful woman was the centre of his dreams and the cause of his undesirable permanent nocturnal emissions.
“Nothing, I…I…I have just thought…”
“What did you think you thought you little pervert, trying to get a feel and grip your mother that way”
“I…I…I am sorry mom…..I. I. I… just….” stammered the boy, and with a sob darted away. He ran, ran, and ran out and away from home, his mother’s cry, which he loved with a desperate passion, piercing his eardrums in her scorn and rejection. He did swear himself never; never again would he be in a position so humiliating with any woman, least of all with his mother. While the tears flowed freely down his cheeks he promised himself never, never again be humiliated in this way by any person in the whole world.

It was a dark and stormy night several months later. Rain and slate was coming down in sheets and wind was sweeping it around furiously. Doors and windows were trembling against the onslaught of both air and water on the dilapidated house where some boys and other street people had taken refuge; Pierce Bridgeport, because of the resulting cold was almost sick.
It was a dreadful night. The blanket over him was not thick enough to keep the cold from seeping in and the small brazier next to his sleeping mattress on the floor was too weak to keep anything warm. There wasn’t heat, only a small comfort in the dim red glow coming from the few, almost burned out coals, overshadowed every now and then by the bright lightning in the skies
He was counting his heartbeats to keep his attention away from the roaring thunder and to occupy his thoughts with something other than the weather and memories of his parents, mostly of his mother; and of his warm bed and comfortable room in what he now thought of as his former and lost forever home. At sixteen years old, and protected from the worst aspects of life, nature’s ferocity was unsettling to say the least.
Somewhere along the way, in the wee hours of the night, the cold became even more biting, when his body started to shiver in an effort to instinctively warm itself, he realized that the red glow from the brazier was no more. Coal had gone and there were only ashes. He curled himself into as tight a foetal position as he could; wrapped himself from all around to minimize the cold coming inside the blanket and started praying. Night was more than half way over and the rain wasn't showing any signs of subsiding and he started dreaming.
They were at the poolside, mother’s beautiful tanned body dressed in a so skimpy bikini she didn’t ever use when father was around or when they went as a family to the beach.

Natasha Bridgeport stretched her long, slender body on the huge towel, the hot sun heating her. She rested her face on crossed arms, her smoldering eyes hidden behind dark glasses. Her rich luxuriant blonde white hair moved lazily in the slight breeze of the hot afternoon. Sitting at her side, her young son Pierce was pouring tanning oil onto her back, rubbing it into her satiny flesh; his hands felt good on her skin, the slow way they moved up and down from her shoulders to her skimpy bikini bottom. She had untied her halter, not wanting to have a tell-tale strip of whiteness on her flesh. It was bad enough she had to wear the bottom, as it was.

Natasha would have preferred to have been nude, completely naked to the rays of the midday sun. But she certainly couldn’t strip off on her son side, could she? Even without people around. She didn’t like going to the public beach much, it was better for her purpose be at the bedside pool on her backyard. She murmured softly as Pierce’s hands kept up their movements, massaging her flesh gently, almost too lightly. She shifted her shoulders, finding a more comfortable pressure on her tits. To look at her, one would have thought she was dozing as her son rubbed the oil into her flesh, but Natasha was wide awake, her eyes open behind the dark sunglasses. She was watching her son, her eyes taking in the changes in his body, the shapes and forms of his abs, his young muscles, and the bulge below.

“Your skin is so soft, Mom,” she heard Pierce say softly.

“Mmmm,” she replied lazily.

“I like to feel your skin,” I said as I worked my hands up and down her back.

She purred with excitement, gazing at the young boy nearby, her son, her eyes fixed upon the enticing bulge of his swimsuit. She wondered how big the boy's cock was, how big his balls were, if they were full, loaded. Natasha liked full balls, hot balls. She especially liked what they contained.

She then turned around on the towel and sat.

“Darling, would you mind getting me a paper towel, please?”

I looked at her and saw her hand putting thin drops of milky sun cream over the front her body to protect her of the sunrays; the cream appeared to be leaking from her exposed and engorged nipple. I stared mesmerised a few moments too long and when I came to my senses I found my mother staring right into the boner I was sporting with a huge grin on her face. I blushed and immediately went into the house and the kitchen, it took me a few seconds to get my wits and remember why I had went inside the house, that gorgeous shinning breast with its dark angry red nipple was making me crazy. Then I looked for and found the paper towels, grabbing a handful and carrying them to her.

Mother laughed when she looked up to see him standing there handing her almost the whole pack. She looked up at me, who looked almost drunk and to the bulge in my shorts and said laughingly,

“Your big little brother down there thinks mommy made a big mess with the sun screen, doesn't he? Yes he does.” She looked up and smiled. “I only need one, Sweetie.”

With shaking hands I had ripped the first towel from the pack to shreds and cursed under my breath for being so stupid.

”It's all right, Baby. There are plenty more where that came from,” his mom had told him.

And then, when I felt it, I almost fainted. My mom's foot was pressing against the inside of my leg, just below the knee, her toes were lightly scraping and playing as I was standing in front of her.

She chuckled again and he quickly tore off another paper towel and waited as she wiped her fingers and then her bare breast. Sweat drops dribbled between and under her breasts and she roughly ran the paper towel up and across her breast and nipples. He was almost catatonic and for some reason couldn't bring himself to move from his position in front of his mother, and then her foot which she had pressed harder against his leg had and moved up and down his calf, he had wondered at the moment if he was misreading things; that she was just using his leg to keep balance and not flirting with him. But she knew, yes she knew her impact in the still developing libido of her son.


Somewhere between the knocking of windows, clapping of the thunder, and banging of the rain on the doors, and in between dreams of his mother he heard a creak, then a small hand shook him through the blanket and he heard a smaller boy saying,

"Move over Pierce, please, so I can get in with you. I’m freezing”.

Some of the kids taking shelter that night in the decrepit house, had ran away from home like him and became street kids, while others, non living in the street, when they left school, hung around the shopping mall pinching old ladies handbags, stealing little things and stuff like that. Pierce went with them, they were his new pals, but the first time the group had problems with the police, as he was the least experienced and wise with life on the streets bore all the blame, both his and that of the others.

Belonging to a good and respected family, and being a minor, the judge ordered to call his parents to decide what punishment he was going to apply. The boy was adamant, when his parents arrived at the Court House were informed he would talk with his father only; he wouldn’t see or talk to his mother. His father, a respected neurosurgeon and college professor went alone to talk with his son in custody.
As it was, he was sent to a young offender's institute until he was eighteen and as luck would have it, there was where he picked up the diving bug and love for the ocean from a young intern whose father was a professional diver, it was something that would change his life forever. He was very lucky because he was good at physics and maths, and maybe, that was what got him the apprenticeship to become a sub-aquatic welder.
On his release, he went to a swimming and diving school and at the same time persuaded his father to pay for him to go to college on a very technical course of underwater electric and argon welding which proved to be a very sound investment, he graduated eighteen months later and soon was working in the oil industry, after a year, being twenty one, he was sent to work at the construction site of several high sea oil rigs and platforms where he become an specialist and earned fantastic wages in the North sea, Gulf of Mexico and elsewhere ever since.

Natasha Bridgeport, neé Sorenson, was the only offspring of a couple formed by third generation Norwegian immigrants in the mountain ranges of Idaho, near Montana. In fact the nearest town to their family ranch is Clark Fork over interstate 95. Despite her parents being strict Presbyterians, she was a loved and pampered girl, not strange to the works of the ranch as any hand would, who went from a long legged and adorable teenager to a beautiful young woman. She had inherited the genes of her norwegian ancestors; good and long bones, which sustained the frame of a spectacular slim and trim body of 5 foot nine, 125 pounds with coltish long muscular legs, which ended in supple hips with an intriguing view of that magical area where a woman's legs transform into a round and perk derriere, she had a tiny waist with hourglass shape and an incredible pair of 36 inches breasts roughly the size of medium-sized oranges, they were up thrust and proud; her nipples were pale pink and somewhat thicker and longer than the average pencil eraser. The areoles that surrounded them were quarter-sized and similarly pale pink and quite smooth.

The vision of this goddess was completed with her hair long and fair, blonde almost white, that she used in a pony–tail that went almost to her waist and framed an unforgettable face of large jade or emerald green eyes, natural full rose colored lips that were maybe just a touch wide; she has a small and straight nose, with toned and tanned skin, firm and supple, with only a few laugh and sun lines around her eyes. Her cheekbones were high and well-defined. The small vee of hair that covered her pubic mound was thin and light honey coloured, and she kept it neatly landscaped. This gorgeous person, this goddess, was eighteen years old when she left her parents ranch to go east, to Boston Medical College to learn how to become a registered nurse and a lady world wise, she got her second wish, and instead of the first (becoming a registered nurse) she met her destiny.

Dale Bridgeport was an eminent neurosurgeon and twenty four years Natasha’s senior.
Now in his early forties, Dr Bridgeport still rated second glances from women. He had retained the build which had made him an outstanding quarterback in his college years —a tall erect figure with big, broad shoulders and muscular arms. Even nowadays he has a trick of squaring his shoulders when ready to do something difficult or make a decision—as if readying instinctively the charge of a red-dogging tackle. Yet despite his bulk, mostly bone and muscle with less than a pound of overweight, he still moves lightly, like a dancer.

He had never been handsome in the Adonis sense, but he had a rugged, creased irregularity of face, his nose still carried the scar of an old football injury, which women so often, and perversely, find attractive in men. Only his hair showed traces of the pass of time; his not so long ago jet black hair, now it was graying swiftly as if the color of pigments had suddenly surrendered and were marching out.

When Natasha first arrived at campus in Boston form rural Idaho the change was like an earthquake in her life, she was dazzled, and amazed by everything she saw. It was a new world. In the first weeks she went from surprise to surprise, everything was new and different and exciting, her classmates, hospital technology, every think was amazing, but soon her curriculum demands, the work routine of the nurse block, and having to do, as a rookie, the heavier and boring tasks, made what had been a wonderful impression in the first moments, loose its luster in the light of reality; in the opacity of a job that was dramatically exciting and glamorous on TV series only. However, her life would change dramatically in a few months. She was going to meet her future.


From the corridor outside there was the sound of feet. Then the autopsy-room door opened, and a nurse, whom Natasha recognized as a member of the nursing school’s teaching staff, looked in. She said,

“Good morning Dr Bridgeport” behind her was a group of young student nurses.

“Good morning” answered the neuro surgeon. “You can all come in”

The students filed through the doorway. There were six, and as they entered all glanced nervously at the body on the table. Dr Bridgeport grinned.

“Hurry up girls. You want the best seats; we have them”.

Dale Bridgeport ran his eyes appraisingly over the group. There were a couple of new ones here he had not seen previously, including the young blonde girl. He took a second look. Yes indeed; even camouflaged by the Spartan student’ uniform, it was evident here was something very special. With apparent casualness he crossed the autopsy room, then, returning, managed to position himself between the girl he had noticed and the rest of the group. He gave her a broad smile and said quietly,

“I don’t remember seeing you before”

“I’ve been around as long as the other girls” She looked at him with a mixture of frankness and curiosity, then added mockingly,

“Besides, I’ve been told that doctors never notice first-year nursing students anyway”

He appeared to consider, “Well, it’s a general rule. But sometimes we make exceptions—depending on the student, of course”

His eyes candidly admiring, he added, “By the way I’m Dale Bridgeport”

He didn’t say, “I’m Dr Dale Bridgeport”; No, just his name, that was class.

She answered, “I’m Natasha Sorensen” and laughed, them catching a disapproving eye from her class instructor, she stopped abruptly.

Natasha had liked the looks of this dark haired and mature professor, but it did seem wrong to be talking and joking in here. After all, the man on the table was dead. He had just died, she had been told upstairs; that was the reason she and the other student nurses had been taken from their work to watch an autopsy. A brain’s autopsy. The eminent neuro-surgeon Dr Bridgeport, performing.

To say Dale Bridgeport had been struck by Natasha’s youth and beauty is a no-brainer. She was different from the students to which he was used, she had not the sophisticated or sometimes predator style of the girls in the big city. Her attitude had an unusual freshness in the environment in which he moved, he was sure that those features would not last long, and he proposed to himself to seize them and make her his, It didn’t matter how, even if he had to abandon his desirable bachelorhood and marry her. He had fallen in love with a young woman who was old enough to be his daughter. But she was not.


The cafeteria of the hospital was a traditional meeting place for most of the hospital grapevine; few events occurred inside its walls –promotions, scandals, firings, and hirings – which were not known and discussed in the cafeteria long before they became official.

Medical staff frequently used the cafeteria for “curbstone consultations” with colleagues whom they seldom saw except as a meal or coffee break. Generally the cafeteria was a democratic area where hospital rank, if not forgotten, was at least temporarily ignored. An exception, possibly, was the practice of setting aside a group of tables for the medical staff.

With few exceptions the senior attending physicians used the reserved tables. House staff, however, was less consistent, residents, interns and eventually some professor joined the nurses and other groups. There was nothing unusual, therefore, in Dr Dale Bridgeport dropping into a chair opposite Natasha Sorensen who, released from an assignment earlier than some of her fellow student nurses, was eating lunch alone.
Since they had met a few days before in the autopsy room, Natasha had occasionally encountered Dr Bridgeport in the hospital corridors and on each occasion -- seeing his elegant bearing, his dark hair strewn with silver threads and his buying smile—she had increasingly come to like the look of him. Intuitively she had expected that soon he might make a direct approach to her, and now here he was.

“Hi” Dr Bridgeport said.

“Uh, hello” the greeting was awkward. Natasha had just bitten a chicken leg and had her mouth full; then mumbled “Excuse me”.

“That’s perfectly all right,” “Bon appetit and take your time, I’m here to make you a proposition”

She finished her mouthful of leg chicken, and then said: “I thought, usually, that was supposed to come later”

Dale Bridgeport grinned. “Haven’t you heard? -- This is the jet age. No time for formal frills. Here’s my proposition; theater the day after tomorrow, proceeded by dinner at the Cuban Grill.”

Natasha asked curiously “Can you afford it?” Among home staff and student nurses poverty was a time honored, rueful joke.

Dale lowered his voice to a stage whisper. “Don’t tell a soul, but I’m on a side line. Those patients we got in autopsy. A lot of them have gold fillings in their teeth; it’s a very simple matter…”

“Oh shut up, you’ll ruin my lunch” She bit the chicken leg again, and Dale reached over and took two of her french fries.

“Well, will you come?”

“I’d love to,” Natasha said, and she meant it.

“Great ¡ I’ll pick you up at your apartment at seven o’clock. Okay? As he spoke Dale Bridgeport found himself regarding this girl with even greater interest. He was suddenly aware that she had a deal more than a pretty face and a good figure. When she looked at him and smiled it conveyed the feeling of something warm and fragrant.

“Okay,” Natasha said. “I might be a little late but not much.”


Afterward, Dale had driven Natasha home, she had recently moved from nurses quarters to a not as large as fashionable apartment not far from not far from medical school and hospital.

She had said, “You’ll come in for a nightcap, of course”

He left his car in the parking lot and followed her. They rode the gleaming, silent elevator to her floor, and then turned down a birch paneled corridor, their footsteps silenced by the deep broadloom. He had raised his eyebrows and Natasha timidly smiled.

“It is a little awesome, isn’t it, it was my parent’s idea, they are a little old fashioned and disagree with what they thought the promiscuity of the nurses building, I’m still impressed myself.”

She had used her key to open a door and inside touched a switch. Tasteful, subdued lighting sprang in an elegant lounge. He could see the partly opened door of a bedroom, directly ahead.

“Would you like a drink” she asked.

Her back to him, ice clinked and she asked, “Dale, you have never married?”

“No” he had answered to her back. And said to himself “I’ve sometimes wondered why”

Natasha turned, carrying the drinks and gave Dale his, then moved to a chair.

He said thoughtfully,” Now I think of it, I wanted a career in medicine. At the time it seemed terrible important. That and marriage didn’t seem to go together”

She asked, “Any regrets?”

Dale considered, “Not really, at least not until now, I’ve achieved what I wanted, I have my niche in medicine, I am respected and I think I’m a good surgeon. Of course, sometimes one wonders how things would have turned out with a different decision, but after all, that’s the human condition isn’t it?”

“I suppose so” she was strangely moved, there was a sense of depth and tenderness about Dale.

“I’m no longer dogmatic about anything” he smiled. “That at least I’ve learned with age”.

Natasha wondered what, from her own point of view, marriage to Dale would be like. Would there be love and mellowness, how would they adjust? If married how would they spend their time after his work time. Would the talk be intimate and domestic? Or would it be about his work and hospital.

Dale has finished his drink and rose to leave; he realized they both had said more than had passed in words.

“There is really no need for you to go Dale. Stay if you wish; I wish you would stay” Natasha had said it simply, and knew if he stayed it would be up to him what happened next.


And so he stayed, as the evening progressed, with wine and his constant and very gratifying attention, her nipples had hardened again and again, finally sending her to the bathroom to place some tissue between her pussy and panties to absorb the moisture she involuntarily was producing. Yet, for all his teasing, he remained the perfect gentleman seeping his drink and placing, from time to time, his hand in hers with a subtle caress; as their hands touched, the contact sent impassioned flames of desire coursing through their bodies. After a while and several drinks later Dale considered prudent to end the night and go home.

Both their libidos were highly aroused as they parted company. Each stimulated to orgasm dreaming of the other in their beds that night. Hormones he had forgotten in his mature years renewed his interest in sex and life as they raced through his body, followed by the goose bumps and shivers they produced.

Next morning he noticed the more conservative clothing she wore when she arrived at the nurse’s station to work with the team. He was in love with her, knowing it to be the foolish dreams of a sexually deprived older man. He forcibly shoved his growing desire to the back of his mind. She, on the other hand, allowed her growing love of him to blossom and began to contrive how she might seduce him without letting him know she was the aggressor. Natasha understood he was of the old school and that he believed he should make the first move.

The next night, after he had invited her to dinner again, she planned her wardrobe carefully picking what she believed to be the most provocative yet, demure, elegant, and classy outfit she could devise. Natasha wore a short skirt and a semi-opaque blouse of a gauzy material; she decided to use her new underwear, a Victoria’s Secret tiny set, allowing her pendulous bosom sway and jounce with every movement she made.
She completed her dressing with an elegant and light coat of black leather, and knee high leather boots,

He watched her mesmerized as she slowly walked down to the curb where he had his car waiting, but the glimpses she allowed him galvanized him to new heights of fervency. As he opened her side of the car door he was afforded a quick peek of her long and beautiful thighs. His long time forgotten hormones raged as he attempted to hide his unusual arousal from her, yet he still insisted on being the perfect gentleman, despite the blouse that allowed her erect nipples to be examined albeit only slightly through the semi opaque material and the leather coat.

After a wonderful dinner, well watered with two bottles of excellent Merlot, from which Natasha had consumed almost one not being used to consume wine (her upbringing) , she was almost drunk, and if not so, she was very, very happy, bustling, so they had decided not to go dancing as planned and return to her apartment.

When she tried to stand up getting out of the car she lost her balance and stumbled against him bringing her breasts against his chest. When he grabbed her to prevent her fall, his hands inadvertently went to her buttocks to support her and he felt the firm, almost naked, flesh. She, unable to help herself, giggled and kissed his neck as he held her; his face turned red as he attempted to apologize for touching her, however, she whispered in his ear that his touch was very pleasurable. After all, hadn't he saved her from a nasty fall?

Natasha kissed him on the lips, a luscious thank you, before releasing him. His hands shook like a young teenager as his hormones raged from her stimulation. Then, she took everything into her own hands unable to restrain herself any longer; the wait for his first advance was over. She at once realized his fear of their age difference would not allow him to take advantage of her. Natasha with the recklessness that gives youth and the wine approached him again, throwing her arms around his neck and pulling him tightly to her body she kissed him; it was a prolonged kiss, full of tongue, sexual promise and inflamed passionate desire. The sensation of the kiss lingered on his lips long after she broke contact to hold his head in her hand as he tried to further separate them. She whispered in his ear,

"Oh Dale, my body longs for you. And I belong to you; I don't care about our age’s difference. I know there is love between us and that makes the age barrier that worries you so much meaningless. Your body reacts to mine as mine reacts to you. This has nothing to do with age and everything to do with each of us instinctively recognizing a soul mate by some age-old human response. I have tried to understand it and have no answers other than the one my body tells me. It is the age-old craving of a woman for her man."

“Baby” he replied, “I can't believe you are serious. I 'm almost old enough to be your grandfather, and I could certainly be your father, I’ll be an old man before you are middle-aged, and probably die before you are fifty. I will not put you through the pain of loss. You're still too young to know your own mind”

“But you are neither my father nor grandfather. Then you deny you love me?” she asked. “Do you deny you crave my touch? Are you saying if I were to leave, you wouldn't experience any pain? The pain you want to keep from me?”

“No, please don’t say that, I can't deny my love for you. However, I can save you from your own impetuosity, protect you from yourself. What would your parents think if you marry and set up house with me? I'm sure I'm of an age with your parents. What would your friends say? No my love this is impossible.”

“Don't you dare use that argument with me, I’m a woman, young, yes, but not a baby” she replied in tears “This has nothing to do with anyone else. If you reject me now, you'll bring on me the pain of rejection. If you leave tonight, it will be forever, and it will take me years to recover, if I ever do.”

Her body moved against him with shameless ardor attempting to coerce where verbal argument seemed to fail. Suddenly, he noticed his hands of their own volition had returned to the globes of her bottom now holding her tight against him. His erection was obvious to them both as she ground against it inducing him to further act on it. Dale could not help himself as the scent of a fully aroused woman wafted in the air. He began to sink into the abyss of her lust no longer able to contain his own needs; their lips once again sent messages of their needs.

His resistance vanished. First he helped her get to her apartment without tripping or falling, then he took the keys from her trembling hands opened the door and once inside closed and put the lock. She pushed him against the door and started kissing him. Their tongues entwined as she reached for him and unfastening his pants, she took his sex into her warm soft hand and gently guided it to her streaming pussy. She attempted to climb him like a monkey, her pussy searching for relief by the insertion of his potent flesh.

He stopped her took her hand and guided her to her bedroom and stripped them both before again taking her succulent ass into his hands squeezing her to him. This time, he initiated the kiss that consumed them in devouring sexuality. She writhed against him; he fondled her breasts feeling their fleshy weight, their roundness. Her nipples sprung into his hands, he rolled the sexy buds between thumb and forefinger eliciting groans of passion as her pussy raged with lust and her eyes wept.

The wafting and savory scent demanded he tasted her; his fevered brain asked him to ravish her with his tongue. He was a man utterly possessed by a thousand demons of lust when he laid her on the bed. Docile, she awaited his approach. She held her legs wide open with an arm wrapped around each thigh, presenting her virgin cunt for his tonguing.

Her juices flowed like a river as his mouth descended onto the sweet savory succulence that would only partially sate his overwhelming thirst. Dale, not forgetting even for a second she was a virgin and this was her first time, sucked her nectar from its source creating further moans; his tongue danced on from her cunt lips to her clit, up and down, not inserting his tongue into the vagina.

Her juices continued to flow freely over his probing tongue bringing an intense sensuality to this act of love. Natasha felt in her womb and brain her impending orgasm; but each time she desperately reached for it, he would back off a little. Although she was on the precipice, he would not allow her the release she craved so intently. He seemed to know exactly when she was going to cumm and stopped just in the nick of time. Finally, in the throes of passion she sent her fingers to work under his ravishing tongue to finish herself what he didn’t want to do, but he would not allow it and held her hand away from her sex.

Occasionally, he would remove his mouth form her crotch to watch her cunt heave up from the bed looking for his mouth and tongue while he enjoyed her fragrance. Eventually, his mouth moved up from her furnace and the molten lava, traveled up her body firing further the flames of passion with the tip of his tongue. He kissed her repeatedly finding and inflaming each new erogenous zone, her navel, her breasts, and her nipples. His tongue penetrated her mouth and at the same time his cock penetrated her cunt.

Something stopped him; the fog of desire that filled his brain began to dissolve. He had stumbled on her hymen, he was taking her virginity. The realization made him stop the penetration;

“Please Dale, don’t stop, please my love keep going” begged a delirious Natasha.

“I don’t want to hurt you”

“It doesn’t matter, keep pushing, it’s only natural, I know what I’m talking about”

Dale pushed again breaking the membrane and filling her with such carnal sensations she climaxed immediately around his shaft. It was only the beginning. With each thrust of his cock, her body convulsed in orgasm after orgasm leaving her thrashing, biting, scratching and begging for more. He fucked her to sexual submission; then he felt his semen start spurting in her womb and a few minutes later they lay exhausted and fulfilled on the bed, their mixed juices flowing from her body.

His cock, still hard from their first fuck, was prepared for their second round. This time he would be more careful than the first time, so his body would enrapture her. He intended to enslave her forever with sexuality as she has enslaved him with her beauty. If they were going to be lovers, he insisted her as his dick entered her for a second time, then it must be a long lifetime commitment. His thrusting soon brought her close to orgasm; and as with his tongue, he would stop his big cock each time she grew close repeating this process time and time again.

Natasha’s inexperience made her feel that her body was like a mass of jelly, and that her head was continuously exploding into a fireworks symphony of endless orgasms; Dale brought her closer and closer to the edge of the abyss, and each time she reached a higher plane of pleasure, she received more stimulation. She tensed with each approach to her orgasm until every muscle in her body strained for release; her body was a taut bowstring, awaiting to be plucked.

Forcefully, he thrust his dick inside her sheath again and again, his cock struck her womb deepest as he spewed his seed and flooded her with cum. Her response was an orgasm of such immense proportions that the spasms opened her cervix to the head of his prick so his emissions went to the far end. Natasha instinctively knew in that moment of erotic delight, he had impregnated her. This man, who only a few hours ago had argued his age was a barrier to their love, would now be the father of her child. As she moaned away the bliss, she told him she was sure she was pregnant with his child, but expected to be fucked many more times to be positive. He was surprised at how pleased he felt their union would result in a baby. His baby.

His age seemed to melt away as she mounted him to take her erotic revenge. Her cunt wanted to consume the new erection that shocked him with it almost immediate resurgence. Natasha crouched over his erection bringing her pussy slowly down, engulfing and devouring his penis with her cavity, still full of their cream from their last fuck. She leaned over so her dangling tits would drag her nipples across his chest and graze his nipples further arousing him. When he attempted to thrust upwards, she rode with him not allowing the friction he was trying to produce. Only when she felt his cock start softening slightly did she grind forcibly her cunt muscles against him to maintain his erection. He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her towards his mouth and the nibbling and suckling of her nipples sent wonderful messages of passion to her twat. Her juices flowed down his shaft wetting his balls and ass with a continuous drip of cream. Impassioned, he finally let go of her breasts and reattached his mouth to hers as both his hands gripped her bum.

She fiercely prolonged the kiss, driving her tongue deep into his mouth, and sucking his tongue into hers. Natasha began a series of muscle exercises with her vagina, which sent ripples along the walls of her excited sex eliciting even stronger desires in him. His balls ached with his need for release once more. Using muscles she had exercised for this day, she began a series of squeezes that further engorged his already swollen cock; his sexual tension rose to a peak he had never before attained, and when she felt he was ready, maintaining the kiss and with saliva flowing into his mouth, she used his own strategy and thrust up and down forcibly several times. She drove his cock deep inside her as he erupted bathing her cunt in hot cum. She collapsed on his chest and said,

“This fuck guarantees me a baby and will seal our love”.

Nine months later the baby was named Pierce


But before Pierce was born there were some hard facts of life they should have taken into account. Everything had been very beautiful, fantastic. Cupid’s arrow t had made them fall in love instantly; the loving dates; contempt, especially by Natasha, for their age difference; the hot sex, the beautiful making of love, in other words all the madness of love. All had been like living in a world of fantasy. But with her pregnancy, came the reality that forced them out of their cocoon and face hundreds of problems, of which it was not the least Natasha’s parents’ reaction.

Natasha's parents, were very religious, with a very ultra conservative vision in every aspect of social life, they were anti-abortion, they were contrary to any premarital sex, and were furious with the conduct of their darling and only daughter. When she called them by phone to announce them, hers and Dales visit, their reaction was coldest than the air coming down from Canada in winter.

When Natasha and Dale arrived at her family ranch the reception they received from her parents was even colder than the phone call had been. When her parents learned that their little girl was pregnant from that old lecher, they went berserk. They did not care that Dr. Dale Bridgeport, of whom they had had never heard of, was a world-renowned medical eminence, he had abused their child and they could not forgive. They did not want his daughter to marry an old man, albeit of the same age of theirs, they did not want an abortion, and did not want a grandchild born in sin.

For them it was an insoluble problem, so they disengaged completely from the issue and asked the parents of their grandchild to go away and not return again.

From that moment on their lives were full, the lacking they would feel years later. After the first moments of anguish following the rejection of her parents, Natasha was happily involved in creating a home in which to raise her son and her husband could be proud of. They married, being accompanied by his colleagues and a few of her former nurse-friends. The first years of their marriage were happy, they had their son, Dale had his career and work at the university and hospital and Natasha had her home, her friends and her social life.

But over the years, as her son began to grow, Natasha needs in bed wasn’t met. Moreover Dale spent increasingly more and more time in the college cloisters and the operating room that at home, his interest in sex waned with the increasing of his age, and when he turned fifty-five years old they had intercourse, not the making of love, once a month or even every forty-five days.

Natasha by contrast, at thirty-three years old and in the prime of her maturity as a woman, felt she needed more sex, she needed to fuck and be fucked, and not having sex, her needs increased exponentially. And so the marriage was on its way to the wreck. Not to divorce, mind you, they would not separate; they would maintain appearances for society and their son's sake. They were no longer lovers, sex was no more. They loved the other as good friends, not as lovers. This had been her first marriage to her first love.

His, was also his first marriage, but, to his second love, being the first the practice and teachings of neurosurgery. He had missed living the mundane early years of his adulthood, and, like many successful men his age, had succumbed to the attraction of a younger, very young, woman and eagerly embraced her desire for a family, one that, at this time in his life, he would enjoy fully. He was a good husband and a better father, but the attraction of a second love often waned and Dr Bridgeport seemed to be following the path of so many others that had led to the estrangement with their wives — work was his primary focus and love.


I am Pierce Bridgeport, I am twenty six years old, and from now on, I’ll relate you the story of mine and my mother’s torn lives and our final relationship.
I have been working as a deep sea welder on several oil platforms in the North Sea for an American company and only went to shore every fourth week, from the beginning my job has kept me away from the mainland for weeks at a time. I could usually expect to be home (a spacious apartment where I live alone, with the occasional feminine visit) one weekend each month or even every six weeks and sometimes I was able to stay, if things were easy at work, for a whole week. I’m used to work way up north in the sea rigs looking for oil on the sea-bed doing everything that needs sub aquatic welding, within and outside, on the big oil and gas drill wells.
My eight hours shift at work let me with long periods of free time and after a couple of weeks I realized I could not be more than eight or ten hours a day loitering without doing something useful with my life, so when I returned from my first weekend on the ground without a dollar in the pocket, I realized that not only should I make better use of my free time at sea, I also realized it made no sense to spend, in a few hours of drinking and womanizing, je, je, the hard-earned money I earned with so much effort and danger, in a month.
So, very early in my work life I changed my way of life. and decided that to be ten or twelve hours a day playing cards, reading magazines or comics, sleeping, eating and looking forward to my new work shift was not good for my future, so I decided to tell the foreman that I would like an increase in my day workload, and I began to save my money spending as little as possible. As I still had much spare time I became interested in the movements of the stock market and how to invest my money in profitable companies with which I could get a good return.

Working in the search and extracting of oil industry, I thought that this was the best field in which to start investing my money; working within the industry I was connected and knew many people, engineers, accountants etc, with whom, from time to time, when they were in the mood, I could get some tips with insurance to invest in stocks or to sell them at the right time. So, my life was hard work, study, savings and little fun. I was twenty two and I promised myself to be rich at twenty five.

Of course in a so rough work environment I was the laughing stock of my fellow workers some of whom thought I was a “sissy”, their words. I didn’t go to town and got roaring drunk or went with the women sailors go; I mostly went down underwater and worked several hours a day and when I was resting in my cabin I was always reading technical stuff incomprehensible to most of them.

I never went to my parent’s home again; I went to the ranch in Idaho to see my maternal grandparents and remember better times a couple times, and when I wanted to see my father I usually took a plane and went to see him at the University where he was a professor, we spent the day together, and we talked about our lives and other stuff; but I asked him for, and my mother was never mentioned, though I saw the pain in his eyes, once I gave him my address and that of the company I work, and my lawyer’s phone in case he, only he, ever needed to contact me.

Beyond that I did not want my mother to be named in my presence, through her memory was my own living hell; I could not rip her from my mind, her memory was an obsession that never left me, and that made me reject other women, I cannot have a normal romantic relationship, no one of them is my mother, so my contact with them was reduced to the minimum and I looked for sex merely for sanitary reasons, in that respect talk about Oedipus complex.

I wish I had had the balls to tell her that I'm in love with her. But I was young and couldn’t. She is the reason I can't be with any other woman. Being with another woman after just existing in Mom's world would be akin to living in an efficiency apartment after having lived in a Hollywood mansion. I know, it’s bad the analogy, but it comes close.

Beyond the fact that she is extremely beautiful, what I feel for her is much deeper, goes beyond the sexual desire, goes beyond wanting to possess her, to own her body, what I want and need is to possess her soul, I think that she still loves me as a mother to her son, but my dream is that I need her to love me like a woman loves her man.

I'm in love with her and I need for her to love me too, because mother is the reason there is no longer a woman who satisfies me. Till now, when fucking I had settled for my dick to enter the woman and fuck her like animals do, instinctively but without love. Today that is no longer enough.

Young girls my age doesn’t interest me as I found them superficial and immature, so when I need company I contact an escort service and ask for mature women of an age around that of my mother.

I wasn’t a virgin by any means, if by virgin you mean the person who has never had intercourse, but my proficiency in the fine arts of sex was to say the least lacked of everything that makes sex joyful and enjoyable to your partner. I had bedded a few girls before going offshore and a couple or tree prostitutes when I was far away from home.
And my only proficiency in sex was my endurance; I could fuck for hours untiringly.


When I was twenty three years old my life was a mess. The only interest I had in life was my work, saving money, the control of my investments, and long hours studying the papers in stock trading to invest trying to make more money for an early retire, as working for long periods of time under water had begun to affect my health, I had few mundane diversions and no permanent female company. I loved and respected my father very much, but I loved my mother with carnal desires and sex repressed passion.
I was coming to the end for the first time of a three year contract and one day when I was working on a particularly troublesome and dangerous task occurred something it was supposed could never happen. I was at a depth of about one hundred feet welding a part of the structure of the platform when the accident occurred. I never knew what happened, if it was a mistake in calculus I made, if the oxidric torch flame cut a supporting structure steel cable, or if it was some other reason I can’t discern, but the fact was the cable was released and with its tension, whiplashed and swatted my head producing a deep cut wound from the top of the head, across my face to my chin, breaking the oxygen mask and the breathing equipment.
I lost consciousness and the profuse amount of blood coming out of the wound that began to redden the water around me and seeping upward shocked my coworkers who immediately called for help to get me out of the water and to take me to the nearest hospital when they saw the wound could not be definitively healed with first aid.

I hardly remember what happened the following days; I seem to remember as if I was in the middle of a thick fog, the pounding of the blades of a helicopter, screaming, and a flight of several hours with someone trying to keep my head still. Arriving to a large building, a couch, lit corridors, and lights on the ceiling, then silence, nothing. I woke up with excruciating pain in my head and in blind darkness, when I tried to touch my face to find what had happened, a steady hand squeezed my hands and my father's voice was telling me everything was fine, to be careful and I was going to be fine. As in a dream I seemed to hear for the first time in years the voice of my mother, sobbing, weeping and calling me:

“Oh my baby, oh my love, oh my dear son…”

Her voice was trailing into the distance as I lost my consciousness again. As I awoke the darkness surrounded me, this time, a gentle feminine voice, that of a nurse, told me that I was not blind, I had my head completely bandaged because the surgery to restore my face and close my wounds had taken several hours and over a hundred and fifty stitches. So, after several days they took away the bandages and slowly in a darkened room they uncovered my eyes.

When I saw my new face in the mirror I wanted to drop death; physically I am a perfect blend of genes from both my parents. I'm quite tall at six inches four and 220 pounds in weight, with an agile and muscular body almost weightless in the water; I have dark blond hair, regular features with dark almond eyes set at both sides of a straight greek-type nose, my skin has a dark golden hue like that of the surfers on California beaches, a direct product of the sun, salt water and time.

Now my face is swollen and deformed, crossed by a terrible wound that goes from the front of my scalp, down my forehead to my face, crossing my right cheek to the chin. I look like a monster and suddenly I could not hold the tears and started to mourn with grief for the loss of my old face looks. Doctors and nurses assured me in a few days I would feel better and my face would be slowly coming back to normal, and as a bad memory of my accident I would have to live with the long scar crossing my face, but that should not stop me from returning to a normal life. It is easier said than done. In the interim my father managed to transfer me to Boston and got me a bed in the hospital where he worked, so he could take care of my wound personally.

He seemed to have aged twenty years in a few weeks and he asked me if I eventually would like to see my mother.

“You know dad that I love you very much, I love you, and respect you and I’m grateful for all you has made for me, but don’t ask me that, maybe some day, but not now and less in the state I am, all deformed, I could not stand her compassion and the look of disgust in her eyes” .

“But you are wrong, son, your mother loves you very much. Wouldn’t you do it for me?

“Not now pa, sometime later” I answered him tiredly.

Convalescing in the hospital bed, I couldn’t fail to recall again and again my past and my and my mother's sex life or the lack of it, and her seething sexuality.And still, there was now no question in my mind that my mother, whatever she had said at the moment, had been flirting and teasing with me since I entered puberty and started developing. At first, I thought it was just her way to connect with me, for us to be like pals on our own, then, that I was older. But she'd gone beyond that, directing my attention to her womanly charms, emphasizing her body, and encouraging me to react in a sexual way. The pain killers made me drowsy most of the time and I dreamed and dreamed semi conscientiously. I always dream with her. Only with her, with my mother.


Mom was laughing and I heard commotion in the living room. I finished the dishes in relative disgust and when I came out I saw Mom sitting on Dad's lap; dad was trying to read some medical magazine, she with her long and slim hand grabbing him as she kissed and fondled him.

"Don't forget the laundry in my room," Mom called after me, Dad was trying to dislodge her, and her face was buried in his neck. Her laughing practically haunted me in my way up the stairs to their room.

“Please Natasha, be quiet, it is no way to act this way with our son in the house” I heard my father say.

“Then show me more attention when you are home” was her response.

I was mad at her, because I thought I knew what she was doing, she was flirting with me going heavy like that on dad, trying to interest him in front of me , the age difference between them showing now in all its splendour.

As I was not used to disobeying my parents, I did as I was told. But I didn't like her flirting with me one second and with Dad the next. Because she did flirt with me, didn’t she? It just didn't seem right. Oddly, the fact that she was flirting with me at all did not enter my mind as being wrong for some reason.

I gathered the laundry and when I passed the living room, Mom was again straddling his lap not permitting him to have his way. I ignored them. I heard them whispering and then Mom was laughing again as I made my way down to the basement. It made me angry that just seeing her long legs on him made me hard.

A few days later she was gazing at the pool ten feet away in the shade of the trees as I was again rubbing oil into her flesh, I fantasized watching her jack off my cock big and hard, I had my balls full. I saw her lick her lips and I saw, in my mind, the hot spurts of my cock cream spew from my piss hole...right, yes right into her mouth. Suddenly she moaned, the cheeks of her ass bunching as if a small, but nice orgasm had exploded in her cunt. I let my hands pause on her back as she came.

"Something wrong, Mom?" I had asked.

"Mmmm, no darling," she had breathed. "I'm fine," she then whispered.

With my hands at my mother's lower back, I had seen the sudden clutching of her ass, and I stared at it, I was fascinated. The tiny bikini bottoms had drawn up into the split of her cheeks, exposing her creamy ass cheeks. I had watched them ripple and contract.
Leaning over, as I was very curious I had glanced quickly at my mother’s crotch. I saw a few honey blonde cunt hairs curling from the tight band, and also a trace of moisture there.

I had felt my cock stiffen inside my trunks, and I had sat up straight, my hands now shaking slightly as I continued to rub oil into her flesh. I kept looking at her ass, the backs of her thighs, and realized my breathing was getting louder.

Mum knew, though. She was listening to my labored breathing, and knew the sounds very well. She understood, I, her young son had probably seen her ass cheeks bunch and squeeze, but she didn’t seem embarrassed. On the contrary, she worked her ass some more, knowing I was getting a hard-on, and I wanted to take a peek at her. So she flexed her ass cheeks time and again, spreading her long thighs a little wider. She purred softly, and my imagination was becoming wilder and wilder.

Mom is so amazingly beautiful it makes my heart hurt to look at her. I melt inside when she smiles at me and I hate to see her unhappy.
I wheezed and panted, struggling to control myself.
"Mom, I have to tell you, I want you. I want to make love to you. I want you in every way a man can want a woman. I want to make you my own."
That was a persistent dream by night; it was also a day dream. After several months of restorative surgery I left the hospital to go back to work, my face was completely changed, the right side, where I had been hit and wounded, was nearly paralyzed, and the deep wound had left a scar that even the best surgeons had been unable to remove.

I needed to cover the big scar so I started to grow a beard and let my hair long; when I left the hospital I had no hair or beard, I looked like a monster out of the depths of the oceans; but, after a couple months being back on the rig in the middle of the sea, my beard and hair were long enough to go to the barber shop and arrange them to make me look like a human been again.

With the barbershop professionals we decided that my beard and mustache would be permanently half inches long, that would be able to cover the scar and the paralysis of that side of my face, at the same time I decided that my hair would reach down to my neck and use it in a horse-tail form.

One of the consequences of my accident at sea was that the new hair growing in both my head and beard, was not jet black, my new hair color was less intense black and had a wide strip of hair as white as snow where the scar was, and my appearance is totally different than it was.

I didn’t dive as much as before, not for so long a time, now I rather performed tasks of control and supervision of other divers and welders, only when they were highly specialized tasks did I went down to do or control.

Life wasn’t the same, something had broken inside me and I didn’t enjoy submarine work anymore. I did control my financial assets and with some good inversions I was in my way to be, if not rich, at least, financially sound.


This is, I thought to myself as I dialed, one of the strangest phone calls I have ever made in my life. What was even more bizarre was that the first strangest phone call I had ever made was only two months ago. And was related to this one, in fact, without that one this one would not be possible; I thought sardonically that I was breaking personal records right and left.

But how do I go about this thing, I started to wonder; Hang out in single bars? I couldn't do that. I didn't even like bars that much. I mean, my physical appearance is the issue. I’m a twenty four years old guy, I am in good shape. I kept myself pretty fit, and though I had a good muscular body, is my impression my face and head still draw too much attention which makes me very nervous and I feel uncomfortable in the presence of people who I do not know.

Besides, women put as much emphasis on men’s good looks, or so I think. So, the bar scene was out. Then what? –do I approach a mature female, and say, “Hey, I want to jump in bed with you because I want to get experience with a mature woman before I die" I’m sure the slap would win me a word championship, if only it would just stop there and the police didn’t lockup me in a mental institution and threw the key away
And then it hit me. I didn't want to get in trouble, I didn’t want to risk an emotional development and then leave, but I wanted to feel a mature woman's body, feel what it's like to be made love and be educated in the nuisances of sex by a knowledgeable female. The only choice was, at first, distasteful, and then, like the evolution of my emotions about living with a scarred face, totally reasonable: A call girl.
With someone who does this professionally, several aspects of my search are eliminated: no hunting, no rejection, no embarrassment and disrespect of anyone I don’t know, and no long games of persuasion. It was simple, I pay her, and she comes to me.
I was about to find out, and receive the biggest surprise of my life.
In one of my now infrequent landings I went to talk to my lawyer and stockbroker, now a friend, and we talked about my investments and other particular aspects of my life, my health and the proximity of my retirement and what was I going to do with my life from now on.

“Ok Pierce, now, I’m your friend, you know that, I ‘m worried about you. After the accident your life has changed, and except the money part, you are almost rich, your life is in shambles. I think is a good time for you to look for a good girl and get married, or else” my lawyer said to me.

“Is that a legal advice?” said I trying to joke with the theme
“No Pierce, is a friend’s advice, you need a woman in your life, someone who loves you”
“As if that were so easy; Ok, maybe to you it is, you’re a brilliant and rich lawyer, and have lots of nice women at your snapping of fingers, but look at me, I’m deformed and I can’t go asking women to date me”

“First let me tell you something: YOU ARE NOT DEFORMED, you are a little, very little different to the handsome boy you were, you think you are deformed, your face has only changed a bit, in fact you are more interesting, your aspect is manlier now than before”

“Yea, yea, right, and frogs fly”

“Let me think, maybe I have a solution, a transitory one mind you, but none the less it would do for now, until you get back your self-esteem.”,” Call me in a few days ok, I must make some calls and try to connect some important people”

A couple months later I called my lawyer and friend; he had a phone number and two names I should contact. It was time to found out if the tip I had received from my lawyer was true or it was a joke. I was making the second strangest phone call of my life, and it was being answered.
“Good evening, International Trade Company, Miss Forrest speaking, how can I help you?” The lady's voice sounded professional and calm.
I cleared my throat. Just be direct, I told myself. The worst think it can happen is they hang up on you. "Hi, I’m Pierce Bridgeport" I said pleasantly, as if I were about to order a gift basket for someone, "I was uh... given your company name by my lawyer Dr Phillips and I was wondering if I could make use of the services of your company.

“Yes you can, in fact Dr Phillips has contacted us and mentioned your name as a potential customer of our services” she said, not sounding surprised at all.

"I just need a few personal data from you sir, like name, address, credit card number and a sponsor; in this case Dr Phillips recommendation is sufficient, and uh sir you will need a complete medical check-out including blood tests to prevent the possibility of spreading some disease, if there is any; our ladies are protected, the same as our clients are; ours is a very discreet and careful enterprise”

I smiled. They must be fairly popular in some social circles, I thought.
“Okay, that's fine. I’ll fax you the medical tests” And I gave her the data she needed, Phillips had told me they checked very thoroughly every new prospective client.
“Now sir, when would you like the lady keep you company? I mean from two days on”
I presumed that these two days were needed to check that my identity would not create problems to the enterprise.
“What do you need from me; I mean where do we go from here?”
“Well, sir, first of all, is there any type of lady you are looking for? Specific physical things, race, size, hair color...?”
I let out a little nervous laugh. "Well, yes I don't know if you can get what I’m specially looking for, I mean I'm assuming they are all pretty young and pretty attractive-"
"Yes, they all are that," she joined me in the little laugh, and I was much more comfortable now.”What are you looking for specifically?
“Well, I just want someone who has umm... experience. That won't feel uncomfortable with me, you know, she must be around forty years old, and blond, very blond with deep blue eyes... "
“Don't worry. I think I've got just the lady of your dreams. Her name is Rachel. She's forty-four, and very open-minded, and I'm pretty sure she's what you are looking for."
"Hum. Well fine, now umm... how much is all this going to cost me?"
“There's a flat fee of $1.000 for her to come out, and that's for an hour and a half with her. That's just for being with her. You may go dancing, to dine, to walk, anything other than companionship you have to negotiate with her. Your activities and the time they take you'll discuss with Rachel, and if she requires more, then you work it out with her."
I was silent several seconds, and then the voice brought me out of my reverie:
“Are you there sir? Do you need time to think? Would you like to call another time?
“No, no, no I’m here, everything is all right. So may I hope to receive your call in a couple days to confirm the date of my… err reunion with the lady?”
“Yes sir we will contact you, one way or another. Good evening”
“Good evening, I wait your call. Thank you”
Rachel. A shiver went through me, and I already was fascinated by this mystery “call lady”. There would be more than an hour and half if I had anything to say. I wasn't a guy, who wanted to “get laid” I wanted a life experience,. I knew already this was a good decision.
Three days later I was called and asked what day would suit me. I told them and I paid the flat fee over the phone with my credit card, and supplied again my address, and directions. The woman assured me that Rachel would be arriving within an hour to an hour and a half. My apartment was in a condo a little ways out of the city, and it would take her a while to get here.
I walked through the living room and made sure it looked neat, and then I got into the shower. I had a light, dancing feeling in my groin. My fingers went to my sex and stroked gently, but I resisted the urge to masturbate. I wanted to save my sexual energy for what; I was sure, lie ahead.
I toweled off and went to my closet. What to wear? I laughed at myself. I haven’t had the opportunity to dress formal many times, and never for the visit of a “call lady” coming to my home. I chose to keep it basic, Canadian shirt and Jeans, loafers with white socks. My apartment was simply decorated, Mexican tile, and wood. Ceiling fans with rattan blades, and big Afghan throw rugs. I wondered what Rachel, probably used to meeting men in hotels, would think of being here.

Very nervous while I waited, I looked at my reflection in the mirror, turned both ways. Not bad, not bad at all. Then I looked closely at my face and almost instantly, I regretted the phone call. A vision of a "prostitute"-that's what she was, wasn't it? pushed its way into my mind's eye like a burglar coming in a window. A saw this pretty, pouty, overly made up girl, eyes dulled by robotic sex, chewing gum and counting my money, going through the motions with me, because I was paying her, and asking me,

“Hey, what happen to yore face”
Feeling the hammering of my jugular veins, I went to the living room, and put on some soft classical music. Then I thought about it, and wondered what she liked. Fuck it and fuck her. Every passing minute more nervous, I switched the stereo off completely. I looked at my watch and saw that it was 8:05pm. She was scheduled to arrive right around now. The woman on the phone had said about 8 pm, give or take for traffic. Relax, boy!
I headed to the kitchen and decided to open a bottle of wine. On the way, I heard by the open window the gentle crunch of tires on the gravel drive, and peeked out the window. My heart thumped faster in my chest as I strained to see who was getting out of the shiny silver Mercedes sports car, and then I decided to wait until she got to the door.
I went to the kitchen, uncorked a bottle of Tannat, and waited for the doorbell to ring.
I opened the door and bang, it felt like a sledgehammer had hit me in the nape. Something oppressed my chest and I could not breathe. Well, she was beautiful, alright. Beautiful and gorgeous, she is like something who came from another world, and there are no words to describe her, making her justice.
“Hi, are you... Pierce?” Her eyes swept me quickly, but met my eyes and stayed there. The woman on the phone at International Trade Company had not asked my age, and I was wondering just how surprised Rachel was.
“Yes,” I smiled and my voice trembled “And you are Rachel.”
“That's me.” Her smile was bright, charming in fact, and her demeanor caught me off guard. She did not in any way fit the bored, gum-chomping sex tramp that my brain had feared.
Rachel came in and I saw her eyes sweep the room, taking it in as she set her purse on the sofa. She was dressed in a white body hugging tube dress that outlined a nearly perfect body. Her breasts were big, maternal, but looked entirely natural, and well, she was a knockout. She was not petite, a couple of inches shorter than me, and reminded me of the vision I had of my mother in my early years, with the same type of long haircut, only Rachel's was maybe a little less whitish blonde with a few dark blonde highlights, and it was flowing over her shoulders in straight, silky strands, out of which peeked a pair of gold and diamonds hoop earrings. She looked very sexy without looking cheap; on the contrary she looked great, mature and very sophisticated.
Her deep blue eyes were calm and focused as she accepted my invitation to sit. She crossed her legs
“Well, this is different,” she said, smiling softly.
“Not as different as it is for me,” I said, causing her to laugh a little.
“Ok, so let's get the business out of the way.”
I nodded.
“First let me tell you something about me. I don’t need the money, so what I am, for my own reasons, is a high class gentleman's escort. I take as much or as little work as I want from a reputable agency. The clients pay the agency and then the agency pays me. The clients are charged ten hundred dollars for my company in the evening, of which I get half. Most of the clients are well heeled businessmen or diplomats, usually from out of town but occasionally local. They use the agency for two main reasons: either they prefer to have dinner with a beautiful and intelligent companion rather than eat alone, or they want to impress their colleagues by having a desirable escort on their arm.

Most of the clients I have had are in their fifties and upwards. As you know the agency does not promote sexual relations, but, of course, the subject usually crops up sometime during the evening with most of my clients. Any money or gifts that are offered in return for sex are between the escort and the client. I have only occasionally turned down such a request so far, for very personal and specific reasons, as I can usually make another ten or fifteen hundred dollars. However, I always insist that the client wear a condom; you never know, even some of the old guys might be carrying something.”

“Now, about us and this evening, do we go out to pass the time or do we stay here?”

I was mesmerized; I had to clear my throat before I could say a word. “If you don’t mind I would prefer to stay here”
“How long do you want me to stay?” she asked pleasantly, her head tilted to one side.
“That is, if you know yet. If you like, we can spend the hour and a half you paid for, and you can decide then, or whatever. But I need to have an idea of how long our, umm... session is, and what are you looking for.”
I had already thought about that, and I knew the answer.
“I'll try to make this easy,” I said, swallowing hard. But it wasn't easy. Not for me. I took a breath, and took the leap.
“I want you to stay until tomorrow morning,” I said, holding her gaze. Her eyebrows lifted when I said this. “And” I said, glancing away and then back to her, “I want you to be... um... willing to do everything and anything with me.”
She nodded slowly, “Everything and anything...” she repeated trailing off, looking my body up and down quickly.
“Look”, I said, “one thing I want to be clear on, Rachel, please. I don’t have a lot of experience with women. I need to learn many things, if my being twenty four years old is somehow uncomfortable to you after what you just has told me... well, that's fine, I’ll understand if you want someone older, really won't take offense. I just want you to be comfortable with me, and relaxed enough to just be... adventurous I guess is the word I'm looking for.” I watched her carefully.
She nodded. “I think I understand. Adventurous is not a problem, Pierce. Teaching you as much as I can of what I know would be my pleasure. But you must know that I have limitations-no animals, no children, no violence, and no scat.”
“You don't have to worry about me being involved in those…, in that kind of practices”
I flinched. “People actually ask you…”
“Yes, you would be amazed what people have asked me to do. But I don't deal with any of those things, under any circumstances, no matter how much money they may offer.”
If I liked her before, now I liked her more for that. “I'm not into that either. I just want to be able to let loose, and take some time, and relax, and just do things with you I've only fantasized about. I want you to relax too, not feel like you have to pretend anything... just be yourself, and be open to whatever I want.”
She looked at me deeply, and said quietly, “You got it.”
She certainly filled me with a deep thrill, and I had to take a long breath. I felt my lips getting dry.
“And as for your… umm... age... Pierce, you look splendid to me. I mean, you look great; you have nothing to worry about. I think your hair and beard are gorgeous, by the way,” she said.
I felt an incommensurable relief, and I felt very grateful for her kindness “Thank you, very much” I replied. “Would you like a glass of wine, or something else?”
“I normally don't drink when I'm working, but it sounds nice. If you're going to have a glass I'll have one with you.”
I came back with two glasses of the Tannat, and I sat closer to her.
“So,” she said, wanting to get the financial aspects out of the way, which I was glad for. I wanted that part to be settled too. “You want me overnight, and you want me all the way.”
It sounded so weird and commercial when she put it that way, but yes, that was what it was and what I wanted. As much as I wanted her to be, she was not my mother, only a paid substitute
"Yes, that’s right" I said.
She stood up with her glass, and walked slowly by my curio shelf, looking at my collection of copper and fossil miniature sea creatures, pictures, hand-made wood coasters from Brazil, and other kind of souvenir from the sea I had gathered in my travels. Then she sauntered over by a painting of a woman resembling my mother, I watched her as she walked, obviously doing some calculating and assessing, I assumed, how much was I worth as she moved gracefully through my living room. She was an alarmingly beautiful and mature woman.
She took another long sip of wine, turned and walked over to where I was.
“Ok. Pierce, I'll need three thousand," she said. And she looked at me almost with a glint of expectation, as if she thought I would back out, or at least try to haggle with her, but I didn't care for money, I wanted her.
“Three thousand,” I repeated with a nod, and fished into my leather portfolio. I opened a large envelope, and counted out thirty one one-hundred dollar bills, and handed them to her.
She nodded, I noted, impressed, and smiled as she carefully put the money in her purse. “Thank you,” she said. “I'm all yours, now,” she said, spreading her arms and laughing gently.
“Do you want me to get undressed now, or...?”, as we went to the bedroom.

She slid the spaghetti of her dress down her shoulders and then took off her white dress and pulled it down and away from her body, and threw it on the floor. Underneath she wore an absolutely wicked white demi-bra and panties set with a matching garter belt and stockings. In her five inch spiked heels she looked spectacular to say the least.

I awkwardly hugged her and leaned over to kiss her mouth with overheated passion. She gently pushed me back with her tiny yet strong hands and taking my head with her two hands, told me,

“Lesson number one Pierce, kiss softly; your lips are very hard against mine and you hurt my lips, your lips must be pliant, soft, caressing, you open your lips a little and let the tip of your tongue touch my lips like a feather”

We kissed again, she moulding her lips to my mouth and teaching me how to kiss a woman. After a few minutes, she slowly opened her mouth letting my tongue slid inside. Her tongue met mine softly touching the tip, and then our tongues were locked in a duel, touching, feinting, curled on the other, producing and filling our mouths with saliva. She took my tongue with her lips and swallowed it like a penis. She sucked and suckled trying to gobble it and pull it out of my throat.

My excitement was growing and I couldn’t keep my hands off her breasts, I had to touch and caress them above the bra.

“Now Pierce, let me take the bra off” with that her hands went to her back and with practiced easy unclasped the bra hooks, letting it fall to the floor. She was now in her tiny white panties, white stockings and garter belt.

She was stunning, her body that of a goddess, Aphrodite was the beast and Rachel the Beauty. My hands went now to her bare breasts, and I started to caress and squeeze the nipples between my fingers, then, immediately my mouth went straight to her nipples, sucking on them urgently for two or three minutes as the blood was filling my hard cock. The urgency of my desires made me try to do everything at once, touching her breasts, sucking, kissing and biting her nipples, and my actions were more abrupt than usual.

She slide her hands on my chest, stroking my abds and then gently stroking my nipples, making the tips as hard as stone, then she leaned and took one nipple in her mouth, then the other, it was amazing, an electric current went from the tips to my cock.

“You see my dear, men's nipples are as sensitive as that of women, you just have to be tender and excite them to come alive and produce pleasure, as is the case with women breast, this is another lesson, be tender, your lovers will be grateful”

“Oh Rachel, can’t believe it, it’s incredible, never thought my nipples were like this”

“They are, men think women like her breasts to be manhandled, that may be so sometimes, but you must let the woman to tell you when and how they want it rough lets go to bed now and make love properly”

“Pierce” she whispered as she lay on her stomach in the bed. The long length of her naked back stretched from her waist, along the center, directly over her spine, a deep valley ran between the muscles in her back, rising and disappearing into her slender neck. From the waist down the same valley sank into a deep crack that ended in a beautiful pair of long tanned legs. I was mesmerized, the tiny panty, the stockings, the pumps, my memory going back ten years to a similar and beautiful body to which I was applying sun screen at our poolside. It was my mother’s body.

“What is it, Rachel?” My voice was hoarse, trembling and unrecognizable

"I want you to touch me wherever you want to."

"Are you sure?"

I saw her nod into the pillows. “Not just sure, Pierce. I need you to touch me everywhere. I need that very badly, and I’ll tell you how, where and when” a silence,

“I’ll teach you to really make love to a woman, wasn’t that what you wanted?”

“Yes Rachel, that’s what I want, and I would like very much to touch you anywhere” I said.

She sighed profoundly and sank further into the mattress. I ran my hands up along her back, astounded at the silky smoothness of her skin, the unblemished surface burning to my touch. I don’t remember how long was I stroking her back and neck, sliding my hands down to the curve of her ass, cupping her round cheeks in my palms.

Finally, I couldn’t hold myself back any longer; I allowed my fingers to drift down, along the cleft between her cheeks. I pulled off the flimsy panties and touched very lightly the pucker of her asshole and felt her twitch as my fingers passed over it. Then I moved them down, stroking her inner thighs and she widened her legs for me to gain greater access. Again my memories came back.

I stroked downwards, and my fingers ran along the outer fold of her labia, her pussy-lips were very wet and I took her fluids with the tip of my fingers. I ran them up to her perineum, to the star of her ass and I tickled the rim letting it moist, and then I went back down, moving my fingers inwards a fraction, repeating this, moving them in a little more each time until I had stroked the full width of her pussy lips and eventually came to my target. At last I ran a finger directly up over the closed slit of her pussy. Her fluids had by now filled her and leaked out and my fingertip was coated as I ran it along the slit. Rachel moaned and lifted her hips backward.

“Am I doing it right” I asked a moaning Rachel.

“Yes, yes, keep it, keep doing it” was her only answer.

I lowered my hand again and stroked her, pushing more firmly on each pass, parting her lips and probing her inner labia with my middle finger, her wetness was pouring out and onto my hand, and onto the sheet. I cupped my palm downwards over her pussy, two fingers parting the labia and inserting them inside, now my middle finger had found the hard nub of her clitoris and was teasing the slippery surface.

She was completely hairless and smooth, no sign of stubble or razor burn, no bikini lines, top or bottom, she suntanned au natural, she had just soft smooth skin as though she had never had any hair down there in her life, her pink flesh brilliant. She moaned, again and again.

Rachel was breathing harder now, the red tip of her tongue licking her lips continuously and I began to rub faster and more meaningfully at her dripping sex. My own cock was painfully hard and the head was leaking pre-cumm along my side. I didn’t know how long it could take for Rachel to look for release, but this seemed longer than any experience I had ever had or remembered. I desperately wanted to caress myself and let it go but dared not spoil the pleasure I was giving to her. She wanted me to make her cum, she was making that clear, but I was not sure of anything else. I was content with that, content with making this heavenly vision happy.

Rachel moved, turned on swinging her legs at the same time off the bed, her legs were parted and her wet sex glistened and drew my hand, she reached around and grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand aside. At the same time she pushed herself back towards me in the bed, once, twice, and then she kneeled before me with her head down.

In other time I couldn't have dreamed this angel wanted me to fuck her, but now there were more things I could do. I lowered myself down, bringing my face close to her ass-cheeks and kissed them, I ran my tongue up along her crack to her back, sucked it, then back down, passing over her asshole, letting my tongue rim her briefly, and onwards until my tongue parted her pussy-lips and I tasted for the first time her juices. She was tangy and sweet and the scent of her enclosed my face and almost made faint of pleasure.

I lifted her hips in my hands and pushed my tongue deep between her pussy-lips, savoring her moisture, playing with her engorged clitoris. Rachel pushed back against me and grunted.

"Oh Pierce," she murmured, then again, "Oh Pierce..."

I was kneeling behind her licking her cunt and at the same gently stroking and caressing all over her thighs with my fingertips, while she moaned breathlessly, sobbing at the same time; I put one arm around her and reached her crotch from the front, massaging her clitoris with my fingers while my tongue pushed hard into her from behind. My face and mouth were soaked as I worked hard to bring her close to orgasm and then, just as I was sure she was going to climax she released the pressure and dropped back down.

She grunted and looked back at me, calming down now, I held off, waiting until she had drawn back from the edge, then she raised her back again and I started to push my tongue into her again, she was managing the times for her release as I brought her to the edge a second time and then I felt her thighs begin to tremble again.

“Oh fuck Pierce,” Rachel groaned. “Make me cum now, please..." She was shaking, hardly able to control herself. I wanted desperately to release my cock and push it inside her, but I made no move to do that.

I lowered my head and licked her again, then I let go of her pussy and went to her asshole, I started tonguing the rim, occasionally allowing the tip to push hard into her passage. Rachel moaned loudly and rocked her hips against my face.

“Yes Pierce, yes, make me cum... I need to cum badly now... make me cum pleaseee!”

Then I dropped in the bed turned around on my back and slipped my head between her legs from behind, now I had her pussy right over my face, I took hold of her ass and pulled her down; her pussy on my mouth I pushed my tongue deep inside, tasting the juices that flowed freely from her. My left hand fingers rubbed her clitoris and she gasped and started to tremble again and this time I didn’t let her withdraw again I pushed harder, reached deeper, rubbed roughly as pleasure grew and rolled through her.

As her thighs twitched and spammed I pushed my tongue as far as it would go into her vagina, and as she squealed and shook and I felt a new warm gush of fluid flood out of her and into my mouth. She was delicious, she was wanton, she was going to cumm hard. As she cried out again and jerked, trying to pull away from me I then pushed the middle finger of my right hand up her ass-hole hard.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh my fucking god, oh fuck!” she cried.

At the throes of her ecstasy I keep working on her, extending the peak as long as possible, but finally it began to subside and I felt her muscles loosening and relaxing above my mouth. I feel her slump against the pillow and my head, I licked her a final time along the slit of her pussy, got up from under her and licked up along her ass, then I sat back and watched her slowly come to her senses.

Finally she sighed deeply and rolled over. For the first time I saw her as human and not a goddess. She lay back with her head propped on the pillow, her legs parted around me, her flat stomach still heaving as she breathed. Her breasts were the most beautiful I had ever seen. They were not overly large, but maternal, and their shape, texture and firmness were from another world. Her areolas were dark rose in color and her nipples were a soft light pink, long and stiff.

She looked down over her body at me, amused, unembarrassed, and smiling happily.

“Pierce. That was incredible. I have never cummed like that in my entire life. Thank you. I don’t think you need much to learn, you are a natural”

"It was my pleasure, I haven’t done that before," I said.

She placed her hand flat on her underbelly. “I can still feel it, here,” she said softly. Her eyes were heavy with aroused passion and I could see her lids beginning to close. She smiled and shook her head. “I can’t believe it, I'm sleepy now, it had never happened to me before.....”

“Don't worry.”

“But what about you, Pierce? I have to do something for you...that was the dea....Let me rest a couple hours, but don’t let me sleep all the night”

“You don’t know what you already have done for me, don’t you worry” I said.

“I don't want to leave you like this. Come and at least fuck me.”

“Don’t worry I’ll do in a couple hours, or in the morning”

“You're sure?”

“More sure than of anything before”

I sat back on my heels and stood up, offered her my hand and when she took it pulled me in bed and on her. She threw her arms around me and hugged me, I enclosed her in mine, still not quite sure how to deal with her. She cuddled against me then pulled her face away and kissed me deeply on the mouth.

“I think I love you, Pierce”

I smiled. I knew I had made a good performance in what I had just done to her, but I also knew it was her satisfaction talking and not her heart.

“Let's go to sleep” I said to her.

I took her hand and as she pulled the sheets aside slid into the large bed.

“Let me have a look at you, at what you have for me, Pierce. I want to see what you have been keeping from me”

I looked down at the tent the long bulge made in the sheets. I was still very hard, and I was no longer embarrassed, she hadn’t look or commented about my face, my two color beard or hair, she hadn’t even been disgusted when she had kissed me in the mouth. My cock jerked upwards when I lifted the sheet. At my age it stand vertical leaning to the left and on my stomach. It rose just above horizontal, veined and pale, jutting out from my dense black pubic hair, the foreskin pulled back and the deep ridge around the head raised and angry purple.

Rachel was watching me and my cock with eyes that were barely open.

“Pierce, Am I dreaming?" she whispered.

“Not yet,” I said.

“My god, Pierce, THAT thing is really huge... that’s the biggest penis I have ever seen... mmmm... Come and hold me, my dear”

I let the cover down and slid beside her; she turned around and wriggled her ass back towards me.

“Put that big penis between my legs, Pierce. Just let it rest in between my legs...”

I scooted across the bed from my side to hers, slid my cock between her parted thighs and put my arms around her, cupping her breasts into my palms.

“Oh yes, I like that very much, hold me tightly” she said to me sleepily. She closed her thighs and my shaft was pressed by the lips of her vagina. I could not see the head of my cock, but I'm sure it appeared in front of her legs free, I'm sure it must have seemed that my cock was hers, that she was sporting a cock

“I'm sorry, Pierce, but I am just so tired... It is been a long time since I've had a session like this, I will make it up to you tomorrow...”

“That’s all right, we’ll talk in the morning” I said. “sweet and happy dreams.”

She wriggled her ass back against me, her hand dropped and I felt her fingers encircle my cock and grip it hard. Gradually I felt how the tensed muscles of her body relaxed as her breathing deepened into sleep. I lay there carefully listening, feeling her soft breath leave her body; proof of the depth of her sleep and her fatigue were the soft snores from time to time escaped her mouth. I was happy; I was feeling the firm weight of her breast in my hand, and my cock was as hard as a rock, would it stay as hard as it was all night? I haven’t cummed. Most probably will.

I took a look at the bright clockwise in the night table, it was 2 am and I was awake. We had come to bed just after nine. At eleven and a half she had gone to sleep, at some point sleep should have won because the next thing I knew I was lying on my back and some noise woke me to the darkness, it was Rachel flushing the toilet and then she walked back into the bedroom, naked and unselfconscious.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered as she slid back in bed, “I needed to pee. I didn't want to wake you up.”

“Don’t worry” I said, and lifted my arm. She curled beside it and hugged against me, her breasts parting around my ribcage so one flattened on my chest and the other pushed against my side. She kissed me on my right side cheek, not mattering to her, the beard or the scar in it; then she took my head with her hand and kissed me hotly on the mouth. Our lips opened and I felt her tongue dueling against mine. She lifted herself on the bed, put both of her hands on my face and kissed me with uncontrollable passion.

I felt my cock stretching and beginning to fill again,. Rachel’s leg mounted over my waist, her hands released my face, one caressed my face and the other moved down across my chest, dragged over my stomach to find the base of my cock and gripped it. Now I was fully erect again, and she slid her hand up along my, until she reached my cock’s head and then enclosed it. I could feel her fingers rubbing my piss hole in the centre of my head-cock, drawing fluids out from it and rubbing it over me.

She threw the sheets down and pulled herself up, holding my cock and looking at it. I laid back in the pillow, my hands under my head and let her watch me. She stared intently at it, fascinated; I couldn’t believe it, she was after all a mature woman with knowledge, in the biblical sense, of many men and their tools. She pushed it to one side and then the other, gently plying my foreskin back up and down, no masturbating me, to cover my cock head and then drawing it back. She leaned further down and looked at my balls. They are large and heavy, covered in hair, and she cupped them, squeezed them gently and kissed them.

“Why don't you shave your balls?” she asked.”They are beautiful, and I could see them better if you did.”

“Well…you see, I work in a very rough environment, people who works with me are very rude, and you maybe can’t believe me, but because I don’t go whoring with them, so they thing maybe I am gay”

She looked up at me. “They think WHAT, Really? Is that truth?”

“Yes really, it doesn’t matter to me what they think, but they do”

“But that’s nonsense; nowadays many men shave completely their genitals” She exclaimed.

“Ok, if you like it I’ll do it as soon as I get up,” I said.

“Are you sure, would you that for me?” Her eyes like saucers

“Of course, you shave your pussy, so it seems only fair.”

"Oh that," she said. "I don't shave it. The agency paid for laser removal. Many clients prefer a bald pussy, my husband does not care one way or other, and It’s better for my work, and I don’t worry about it again."

“Your husband didn't mind?”

“No, why? He doesn’t usually look my crotch or touch it, and I like my pussy to be clean and smooth. Don't you like it?”

“I sure do,” I said.

She laughed “That’s what I thought last evening.” She looked closer at my cock. “This is beautiful,” she said, “So very beautiful.” She leaned down and kissed the side of my cock. “I want to make you cum now. Can I do that for you Pierce?"

I smiled. “That would make me very happy.”

“It would make me very happy,” she said looking into my eyes.

Rachel kissed my cock again, planting tiny circles of wetness with the tip of her tongue from the base to the head. Then she slid her tongue out and with the flat licked me all along my shaft, dropped, lay down and licked and sucked my balls into her mouth, wetting them all over. She lifted her head and asked me,

“You like?”

Without waiting for an answer she dipped her head again and began tonguing my testicles delicately, deliberately massaging and probing at them. As she tongued me I saw her white blonde hair falling around her face and my pubis, it was the image that I had so often imagined, that of my mother sucking me, she wasn’t, but I felt evil and lewd and lecherous. I felt finally free.

I squealed loudly and rose up off the bed when she gently sucked one of my testes into her hungry mouth and rolled it across with her tongue. I thought I was losing my mind; for several minutes she alternated from one heavy testicle to the other, sucking and licking and slurping. I could only writhe and bucked over her as she mouthed me.

She got herself back up, her face against my stomach, her warm moist breath against the head of my cock and I felt her lips gently enclose it. Her tongue ran around my glands, the tip felt under the ridge and then back up and probed inside the slit of my cock.

“I like the taste of you; young cock has a way of tasting, so good, so different from olds man cocks” she said, and then sucked my cock again, sliding me deeper into her mouth.

My cock was much too big for her to get anywhere near taking my full length, but with her experience, she took three quarters of my cock inside her mouth. She opened it wider and tried to gobble more, she started to gag as I touched the top of her throat, fighting it off and continuing to swallow me.

She made a small noise, like a gurgle, and continued to gobble my engorged dick. I haven’t had many women, but none could take more than five inches of my cock in their mouths, my goddess had already swallowed seven and was trying to get the remaining inch. I felt her throat clench and constrict, then she pulled away and breathed deeply.

"Oh Rachel” I whimpered

I took her from the shoulders and she came up to me and kissed me deeply. I could taste my cock on her mouth and it made me even more excited as I ran my tongue all around in her mouth and lips.

“It's okay,” I said. “You don't have to do that. You don’t have to take all”

“I know it, but I want to,” she said. “I want all of you. Let me try again.” She slid down over me and closed her lips over my bloated cock again. I sat up against the pillows and watched as more and more of my cock disappeared between her lips. I watched as with her experience she adjusted her head angle, turning around so I was sliding it over her chin and straight into her throat. I felt the fat head touch her tonsils, then the top of her throat and I heard her take a deep breath in through her nose, she was deep throating me.

She opened her throat and pressed down and I felt the tight muscles close around me. She twitched and then steadied herself, breathing thorough her nose, as she pushed down harder to let me slid inside her, down into the top of her gullet, slid until her mouth was pushed hard against my pubic bone and my cock head was buried inside her throat.

I felt the muscles in her neck contract and open around my cock, felt her head bob and I slid back out and then in again. She lifted her head and took a deep breath, took me back inside. Deep inside my asshole, in my prostate I was starting to ache. My balls pulled up and contracted against my body and Rachel could felt it as she cupped them. My cock seemed to expand a little more.

Next time she pulled away to breathe I took her chin in my hand and looked into her eyes. I said nothing at all, I was mesmerized just watching her, the she softly said,

“I want you to let go now, Pierce. I want you to cum in my mouth,” and I nodded.

She took me inside her mouth again, and breathed profoundly two or three times, before she lowered her head and I slid inside, touched the opening of her throat and then went deeper. That’s when I felt the urge rise in my testes, and I gave up and allowed myself the release.

She seemed to recognise the symptoms, she let go of my cock and asked, “Are you ready baby”

The word “baby” made something snap inside of my head. I just nodded feebly and she began jerking me harder and faster. My world seemed to freeze momentarily and I cried out sharply. I felt my cock spasm in her hand and as I started to come I yelled, “Mom!”

She bent sharply at the waist and tried to stuff the enormous head of my penis in her mouth to catch my ejaculation. She was just a second too slow and my first jet of warm semen splattered against her upper lip and cheek. She moaned and scrambled to wrap her lips around my engorged and angry knob. The pent up tension of months of sexual deprivation were released as stream after stream of thick, warm come boiled up out of my balls and filled her mouth, she swallowed as fast as she could as a river of thick, warm semen poured from my lurching penis.

My head was spinning as she hungrily gobbled my warm, salty come and I was conscious of my tortured moans of pleasure filling the bedroom and echoing inside my head. I used my hands on the back of her head urging her not to stop.

“Mommmm” I cried again, pushing her head hard, “It feels so good! Please don't stop Mom! Oh God! Oh God”

I could hear her moan against my warm thickness; her hand was pulling at the base of my cock, squeezing and yanking him vigorously. Only a small portion of my dick was in her mouth but it felt like I was entirely swallowed.

I came so hard and so heavy I saw she was unable to swallow fast enough. Over and over I convulsed in her mouth, flooding it to overflowing. Trickles of my slippery syrup escaped the corners of her mouth and ran down its length to her chin.

“Ooooohhhhhhhhh Mother” I heard myself sobbing as my orgasm gradually slowed to a stop and my head slowed its spinning. I could feel my entire body trembling as she ran her fingers up the underside of my massive organ and squeezed the last of my come into her ravenous mouth.

My cock began to soften and Rachel propped herself on her elbows and watched me as it deflate, I thought she was fascinated at the change as it finally lay down on my thigh, still long but no longer threatening, but it was something different she was fascinated.

“How did you do that,” I gasped.

“What do you mean baby” she said.

I was confused, I had no recollection of what I had said while cumming

“I did it because I wanted to. I wanted to do something special for you. I've never had something as big as your cock before in my mouth. But it wasn't so hard”

“Oh, I thought it was pretty hard,” I said jokingly, and she slapped my stomach with the back of her hand.

“How long until you can get hard again, Pierce?” she asked.

“I don't know. Not right away, I guess maybe an hour or two probably”

“Okay. We'll wait until tonight then.”

I felt confused, I looked at the bedside table clock; it was six thirty in the morning, it had been a long and satisfying night, maybe the best of my life, but the night had ended, and her time with me. It had been worth the three grand.

She climbed up along my chest and kissed me. I could still taste my cock on her mouth, but now also tasted my own cum. I licked her cheeks and lips, and I allowed myself to taste it.

“I would like that very much”

“That's good, very good. But tonight I want you to fuck me properly. I have other needs you are going to fulfill. Okay?”

“Okay," I said, "I might be able to manage that”

Then, out of the blue, as if reading my mind she said.

“Don’t worry Pierce, tonight is on me”

She bounced up out of bed like a teenager. “Come on Pierce, come and shower with me and let me shave your balls for you”

After that we went to bed until it was time for her to go.

Oh my God, I thought, if only….


Sleep claimed me at last and, surprisingly, it was free of dreams and nightmares. I swam up from an inky blackness to the greyish light that entered my bedroom via the windows on the south side of the room. I sensed Rachel was already gone. I blinked and rose up on one elbow. It was gloomy and raining. The bedside clock read 9:45 a.m.

Then I remembered the night before and my heart was filled with warm sunshine and bright happiness. I jumped out of bed and paused as my neck and shoulder muscles protested and my mouth and tongue were a little sore. “Hey, little boy take it easy, we aren't used to that kind of workouts as you put us through last night.”

I felt weird inside my shorts, too smooth, too sensitive. And at inconvenient times my cock hardened and bulged in my suit pants as I thought of Rachel, so I had a hard time in order to hide myself. But apart from these inconveniences the day went well, I saw my lawyer and went to talk with my broker about some stock I wanted to buy.

After lunch I had a face to face with the CEO of the small company I worked for and filled her in on how my recovery was almost complete and when I would return to work the rigs, probably the middle of the following week. She thanked me and walked me all the way out through the front of the office and shook my hand as I left. Maybe the thawing of my heart showed on my face, or in some other way, because it seemed that today people had been treating me differently.

I caught a cab back to the condo and went up to my apartment. It felt strange and empty, not a place I wanted to be alone today. I changed, took a nap and prepare myself to wait for Rachel. The maid had been around and everything was sparkling and smelling fresh. I sat at the dining table and continued to work on my papers, going fast but not so much I could lose any important detail.

I was deep into the work when I heard the doorbell; I took a look at a mantel clock and saw it was almost 8:30 p.m. I went, opened the door and my goddess stepped into the room.

“Good evening Pierce, how was your day”

I looked at her, her finely shaped brows drawn down in amusement. There was no need to be a mind reader to know what she was thinking. But what I was thinking was: “what the hell was Rachel doing with someone like me?”

“Can I get you something to drink?”

“Uh, not today... okay then. I’ll have mineral water please”

I found a bottle of sparkling Vichy in the fridge and poured some into a wine glass for her. I was nervous, tonight was different and I didn’t have much experience with woman, flirting or otherwise.

I sat on the couch and after a moment Rachel sat across from me in the armchair. She sipped at her drink and looked at me again. She took a breath.

“I know it's none of my business... uh...” her silence was deafening.

“Yes, what isn’t Rachel?” I said.

“Well, Yeah Pierce, I remembered…. I was just wondering….are you, you know, in love with someone?”

“Uh, no, why do you ask?”

She shrugged. “Well it was WHO you called when you did cumm last night and this morning” she said, emphasizing the word who.

And in that instant a bolt struck me, I remembered whom I had called when I was orgasming.

“Pierce, the fact that I’m here today tells you, you can trust me” she said softly.

I was stunned, never before had I let my secret see the daylight, it was always in the dark recesses of my mind. I was terrified, what would Rachel think of me.

“We're friends, you can trust me” She said again. “Have you loved her long?”

“Oh, ages” I said. “Since I was thirteen”

“Thirteen… oh my, does she know”

“No, you are the first person to know; it was the first time my subconscious betrayed me” I couldn’t look her to the eyes.

“Oh my dear, your secret is well and safe with me. I know how to keep a secret, don’t you think so?”

She smiled again, this time her teeth flashing white between her gloss darkened lips. She relaxed into her chair. She was now happy as she understood my purpose. She was going to be my subrogating mother.

She crossed her elegant legs, long and tanned and smooth. I could see how she accepted me, no judgment, she was beautiful, her soul was beautiful also, and, oh mygod her breasts pushed out against the front of her dress in a way many younger breasts didn’t.

She got up came directly across the room and flung herself down onto the couch at my side, leaned over and kissed me on the lips, then put her arm around my waist and leant her head on my shoulder.

“What do you want to do today Pierce," she asked me. “Because I want to strip you naked and fuck your brains out”

As conversation went, it was probably the best one I had ever had. I got up took her and folded my arms around her. I was beginning to get used to her beauty.

“Perhaps we'd better wait until we eat something,” I suggested.

Rachel pouted. “Only if we have to do it, if it's inevitably, or it’s absolutely necessary. But Pierce, I've been thinking about you all day. I've been thinking about that long penis of yours and what I want to do with it”

“Well I've been a little distracted myself,” I said.

I didn't tell her I had asked my cab to swing past a pharmacy on the way back to the apartment. I had gone inside and asked about Cialis and been given a foil pack containing four small grey tablets. This was my last night with Rachel and I wanted to stay hard for her all night long if that was what she wanted, at my age I don’t need help, but was not to be passed over. The chemist said they could take twenty minutes to start working, and was good for 48 hours so I planned to take one before we started to make love so that it would kick in after my first climax, hopefully boosting my recovery time and keeping me hard.

Rachel hugged me tight to her and slid her hand down my stomach and over my cock. I was already semi-erect and she squeezed me through my pants.

“I can't wait,” she said. “Here, help me.”

She let me go and went into the bedroom; she turned around and said, “Unzip me, please.”

I took off the catch at her neck and pulled the zip down her long back. Rachel moved her shoulders and the dress slid down her gorgeous body, with the tip of her shoe tossed it on the corner floor. She stood there in only a pair of small high cut panties and a tiny bra that was cut so low down as to reveal the tops of her pink nipples. It was a fuck me set of lingerie, telling me this night, for her, was not for the money, I lowered my head a little and sucked one nipple into my mouth and as Rachel pushed her loins against me, I delicately pushed her back and we fell on the bed.

I lowered my head to her and kissed her long and hard, I was so filled with lust I was being clumsy, forgetting last night lessons.
Rachel took my head with her hands and separated from her face. “Easy baby easy, you’re hurting my lips, don’t be rough, you must always be soft when kissing, women will tell you when do they want more” she softly told me while caressing my face.

I looked her with lust filled eyes and mumbled, “Sorry, sorry I’ll be more careful”

Then she opened her mouth bringing my head down again and kissed me hard, passionately, her tongue sliding into my mouth and entwining with mine, mixing our oral fluids, and spitting her saliva into my mouth for several minutes.

“That’s how it must be, and then women will be yours forever” Panted Rachel into my mouth.

“You too?” I asked

“Yes, mommy is yours forever, you have only to find the way” she said with a double meaning.

I was too full of lust to completely understand her meaning, I had a fixation, I needed to fuck this gorgeous woman, so much like my mother.

She pushed my head down to her succulent breasts and said, “Suck my tits son, suckle them like when you were a baby”.

¡Son¡ I was amazed.

I sucked one of her long nipples in between my teeth, drawing its length inside my mouth and trapping it with my lips while my tongue flicked and played with the now angry rose tip. Rachel put her hand on the back of my head and held me there. I tugged her nipple with my teeth and when she moaned I bit her a little harder, then a little more, until she gasped and jerked away. That was good; now I knew how hard I could go. I was fast learning.

I went from one breast to the other and repeated the ministrations, using just the right amount of pressure with my lips. After ten or more minutes of adoring her maternal breasts, sucking, licking and suckling, again and again I began to move down, licking the curved underside of her breasts. I took Rachel's arm lifted it, and then licked along the underside of her arm and right into her armpit. She shuddered and dropped her hands to my head to put a kiss in my bearded cheek.

“Oh baby boy, that’s so good, suckle mommy again as you did before” she whined.

Hearing her muffled words I went mad with lust, and whimpered as a little puppy.

I had to go to the target on my mind, traveling my path down her mature stomach, her birth giving stomach, pausing just enough at her navel to tease the dimple with my tongue tip and then descending to the flat muscle above her mons veneris, and down, down, moving my tongue along the inner edges of her hips, down the outside of her thighs to the back of her knee, there I sucked and teased the flesh, Rachel trembled with excitement, and whimpered and moaned, then I followed the reverse path up her legs to the center of pleasure, the giver life, to the small channels that dipped there to the juncture of her legs; she writhed and tried to push her pussy up onto my mouth, trying to make contact, but each time she did I detached my face.

“Oh God, Pierce my baby, don't... I need you so badly,” she moaned.

I played with her again, and began to slowly lick and kiss Rachel's smooth, bare thighs, licking up and down the inside of her thighs, lifting her left leg so my tongue had a better access. Her pussy was slightly opened, the outer rose lips full and plump, and I worked my way up and into them.

After I had reached her nether outer lips I began to run my tongue up one side, across the top and down the other. On my fourth pass she told me,

“Baby, just like that, suck my folds and open me with your tongue, then push your tongue like a cock inside and move it in and out, mother like it like that”

“Mother¡¡¡”I followed her instructions, but when she said mother she was not play-acting; to her, she was my mother, I did not understand it but a delicious chill ran through my body

“Oh yes, yes, just like that, so good, so fucking good” now she was delirious, she wasn’t yesterday’s cool professional, today her mind was wandering in a world of her own.

I pushed my head down and I licked her perineum and my nose inserted herself deep into her cunt, with my nose well into her inter labia, I stretched my tongue and then tapped her anus

“Yes Pierce, Come to mommy, oh! Yes, oh yes! Eat your mom”

I moved up and pulled the hard nub of her clitoris into my mouth and sucked on it. Rachel emitted a long groan, and I sucked her more, then I let the clit and slid my tongue down directly over her slit, parting it with the tip as she pushed towards me, I took mercy on her and slid my tongue inside, tasting her sharpness, tasting the tart oiled inner folds. I could smell her heady, sexy scent. It titillated me, I could also feel her nectar leak out, today was very copious and was smearing her thighs, my mouth and my beard, what to say of the bed .

“Ahhhhh,! Oh! Ahhhhh, Pierce! Yesssss, oh yes my beautiful son!”

My lips were still planted around her electrified snatch, and at the same time I steadily fluttered my tongue against her excited clit. My entire face and mouth had been covered in so much of her sap, while my throat was happily gulping the descending froth.

Rachel's wailing intensified. “I'm going to cum! Oh yes! I'm going to cum, baby.”

“Eat your mother, baby,” she repeated incoherently. Please baby, eat your mother! I want it; I need it...from you!"

I stuck a hand between the sheets and her body and cupped it around her buttock, and put my thumb up along the crack of her ass pressing the thick part of it directly onto her rear opening. Then I began to seriously work my tongue into her, opening her inner lips and delving inside as far as I could.

I wiggled my tongue in between the cunt petals, nudging the tip again past the fleshy nether lapels, into her humid, syrupy depths.

“Ahhhhh, Ohhh! That's it! Stick your tongue in it, John! Stick your tongue in your mommy's cunt!” Rachel deliriously insisted.

I readjusted my position from kneeling to lying down, tilted my head diagonally, and commenced devouring Rachel's cuntal lips. I took them in between my own lips and gently rolled them in my mouth, frequently nibbling on them; I would affectionately pull them, savour their spongy texture, and release them, enjoying how they moved back as an spring

¡John! My foggy mind was in no condition to catch the meaning of the cried word, as Rachel pumped frenetically her hips up onto my face, doing most of the work herself. She had thrown her head back and the pillows only let me see her chin and breasts, my position was awkward but I kept pushing my tongue into her, then with my other hand inserted two fingers directly inside her, pushing them in and out. At the same time I moved my mouth up and drew her clitoris back between my lips and began to suck it and nip it with my front teeth in an in and out movement, trying to suck the clit like it was a miniature cock.

I could feel the muscles all along her legs tensing, and I knew she was very close. Unlike last night I did not tease, did not draw her back from the brink, instead I worked harder, bringing her to a climax swiftly and smoothly.

Her right leg lifted and she laid it over my shoulder and I pulled her clitoris hard against my tongue, pushed my fingers deep inside her, pressed my thumb against her rear opening and felt her tremble, twitch and then cry out as her climax peaked and tore through her. She grabbed my head and pushed me hard against her, pumped her hips against my face, bent over as the passion left her powerless and I felt her cumm spurt against my mouth and mix with my saliva.

“Oh my baby, oh my darling baby” she said softly in a murmur I barely heard.

I kept my mouth pressed against her as her trembling died away, and then as she released the back of my head I unraveled from her legs, stood, and lay beside her,

“Pierce” she said, putting her arms around me, resting her head against mine.

Now I was Pierce again, not baby, son, and least of all not John, my mind was spinning like a carrousel and not from lust. Who the fuck was John?

“Pierce, you are fucking unbelievable”

“That means you enjoyed that.”

"But now I must do something for you. Now you must cumm like that as well. I want you to fuck me, Pierce.”

“Ok, but before I must go to the toilet, I need to pee” I said her.

Before leaving for the bathroom I picked up my trousers and took one of the tablets, then before going back to the bedroom I swallowed it. First time, I thought.

In the bed Rachel was kneeling and as I climbed on the bed behind her she half rolled over and looked back at me. “I want you to fuck me like this, doggy style, Pierce. I want you to drive that great long pole inside me and fuck me until you cumm”

“I am going to fuck you now, just as you requested,” I told her seductively. “I am going to have my penis in your pretty pussy. I am about to fuck that pretty pussy and your beautiful body. Are you ready?”

“As ready as I ever will be” she answered.

I moved up until my legs were just touching the back of her thighs and the head of my cock hovered just behind her opening. My cockhead was against the wet softness of her sex lips. I pushed very carefully through...into the yielding, balmy succulence of her vaginal canal. Her engorged clit and pussy lips spread wide around the thick meat as the helmet popped into her slobbery cunt. She groaned and pushed back towards me. I started to move away, and then realized I didn't want to prolong this anymore. I pushed back at her and my cock forced the slick opening of her pussy through both sets of her parted lips and slid inside. The head buried itself inside her, and I marveled at how tight she felt.

I leaned over her back to whisper in her ear. “How much do you want of it baby?”

“Every fucking millimeter,” she grunted hoarsely.

The taut, sweltering confines of her pussy rippled along the entering shaft, accommodating itself to take the entire length and its girth.

“Wait a second!” she sobbed, “You're too...ughn...big. Give me a minute to g...get used it.”

I paused, and when she told me, pushed again and slid deeper into her and she sighed. When I was three quarter of the way inside I felt a pressure. I had reached about as far as I could go, but in some way Rachel squirmed and twisted and I felt myself slide further in. In this way, I was embedded as far as I could go; I began to pump my hips, sliding in and out.

With a few more strokes, I bottomed out. We grunted in unison as my bald balls careened against the silky skin of her entire cock was buried from tip to root into her cunt. Now my consciousness was centered on my cock moving into this warm, wet cavity. I couldn’t think of anything else, except this incredible sensation.

I could feel Rachel’s vaginal walls suck, harden and draw back from my cock. I opened my eyes and looked down at her, splayed beneath me, the long perfect length of her back, her sex opened and enfolding me, her ass parted to reveal her pink, perfect rear entrance. I touched it with my finger, and applied pressure. I lifted my hand to my mouth and licked my finger, wetting it, and then touched her ass again; I pushed until my finger slipped inside. The sight of my cock deep inside her and my finger inside her ass was more than I could stand and I felt myself tighten. The head of my cock ached, my balls ached, deep inside my ass I ached but it wasn't a pain but pleasure.

I increased my speed and Rachel knowing what was happening panted like a bitch in heat, moving her hips up and down underneath me, pounding my cock with my same rhythm.

“Cumm Pierce,” she moaned, “Cumm with me because I'm going to cumm... again...!”

It was too much, twenty four hours, and I felt the semen start its trip from my testes all along the length of my cock to discharge inside her womb, rope, after rope, after rope. I think she felt that first explosion of seed because she cried out and I felt the walls of her vagina tightening on my cock and sucking all my cream.

“Ooooooooooh yessssssssss...” I moaned deeply, as spasms of erotic joy ripped through me as I settled on her. My whole being was covered in gooseflesh; I was shaking uncontrollably, and my entire body was wracked with bolts of electricity that raised the hair on the back of my neck. I shuddered several times more, and squirted again until nothing more would come. I collapsed onto her back, still buried deep inside of her body.

I felt her wetness slide around me and into the mattress. I took a look at the bedside clock and found I had been fucking her for half an hour or more, and I found I was not going soft as I usually did. I was still rock hard, still buried deep inside my mature beauty, I supposed the Cialis had kicked in and I was ready for two days of fucking.

We leaned into each other and our mouths came together in a deliciously wet kiss. She wrapped her arms around my neck and sucked my tongue into her mouth. Finally, panting and heaving, we peeled our lips apart and.

“Was it what you expected, Pierce?” she asked hopefully.

“God, Rachel! It was much better than I ever dreamed it would be.” I answered. “You're so tight...and hot and so wet. It was unbelievable, like nothing before”

“Thank you, sweet” She grinned flexing her vaginal muscles on my still hard penis, “I'll give you the hot and wet part, you get me that way, wet, but I'm only tight because you're so...big. I felt like a virgin again when you entered me.”

My penis was dark red and angry looking. It was coated with our fluids and shone in the dimmed light of the bedroom. My bald crotch was full of our mixed fluids. Spent but not limp, my penis lay heavily against my abdomen and to Rachel astonishment extended nearly to my navel, she reached up and gently took him in her hand, it was sticky and heavy and she said the scent was intoxicating.

“Just relax, honey” and she smiled, “I'll have this cleaned up in no time at all.” and grasped my cock, slid it into her mouth and sucked our juices off me.

“I’m still excited,” she said when she popped me out between her lips.

“You want more?” I asked her.

“Much, much more,” she nodded, smiling. She slithered back up the bed and turned onto her stomach again. “Lick me; Pierce, like you did last night. Lick my bum hole.”

“Do you like that?” I asked, knowing she did.

“Yes, you think I’m being naughty?”

“Nothing is naughty, nothing at all.”

“Then lick me back there. And then... if you want to... fuck my ass as well...” She rolled around on the bed and looked at me. “Do you want to do that, Pierce, fuck mommy in the ass with that big dick?”

“Yes, I want to fuck my mommy on the ass”

She stared at me deep in the eyes, her face was flushed and serious, but now the cards were over the table; it was play-acting, but it was a play-acting with an undercurrent of truth. She knew, and she now knew I now knew. Both our secrets were no more, but, who was John.

“I want you to do that, Pierce. I want you to fuck me in my ass. I always like when my ass is being played with, licked, sucked, rimmed, but I am often afraid to do what I want, because most men are pigs. But I trust you; I know you will not hurt me.”

Her coiffured hair was now matted and stuck against her face and neck. A large damp stain spread across the bed beneath her pussy where our juices had dripped from her insides. And still I found her the most beautiful creature in the world.

I went back down to the bottom of the bed and I lie face down between her thighs. She shifted and spread her legs to accommodate me, laid her head back on the bed with a deep sigh.

I opened her ass cheeks with my fingers and then I lowered my face and began to work my tongue on her ass hole, letting my spit run from my mouth onto her, pushing it in with my tongue, working more firmly now, making my tongue stiff and I put it directly into her opening, pushing it inside her ass. I had hardly thought how she might taste, but now, as an inch of my tongue slid inside her rear passage I discovered she tasted good, musty and a little soapy and a lot of Rachel; it had a hint of spice and sweetness.

I continued to work her with my tongue, probing further, pushing as far as I could, and opening that tight passage to me until it was soaking wet and slippery all the way inside. Only then did I lift my head and move up the bed.

“Are you ready to receive your son’s dick in your ass? Mommy” I asked her.

I hardly felt heard her muffled answer “Yes, yes, give it to your mother, give me your hard cock up my ass”

I then placed the engorged glands of my cock against the rim of her asshole and left it there, resting both myself and her. I applied a very small amount of pressure and looked down, watching as the very top of my cock pressed and opened her, hardly penetrating at all yet, simply making that tight entrance widen and then pucker back as I pulled away.

I continued to work us both like this, pushing hard a little the head of my cock into her before withdrawing. Rachel was beginning to breathe harder, and her hips rocked from side to side. I spit saliva at the ring to better lubricate it, and then pushed again.

“Pierce... I like it very much... I want you to fuck me all the way inside my ass now... I want it so much, but please careful, you are very big”

I lowered my head to her ear and whispered, "I love you, mommy."

“Oh John,” she whispered into her pillow. “My darling John...”

We were together, we were fucking, I was going to break her tight ass, yet the two of us were in a different world, a world of our own, with the persons we wanted to be.

I was kissing and licking her neck; collarbone, her shoulders and her upper back, I needed to reduce the effort in my arms, so I lifted my head and chest allowing my weight to fall on my hips. I pressed the head of my cock down into her tight and small back passage. For a moment the ring resistance kept me out, then slowly it opened for me and I slid inside. My head popped through the tight ring of muscle and I took my weight back on my arms, allowing Rachel to get used to the head of my cock being inside her ass.

She moaned and rocked her hips back and forth again and I relaxed pushed slowly and suddenly I was sliding inch by inch inside of her, first it was two inches, then three, her bowels were tight and enclosing but welcoming, there was nothing to stop me entering her further, except some dryness, she needed more lubrication, I took my cock back a little spit abundantly on it and I let myself slip inside again, now there were four inches of my cock inside her ass and I watched it, stretching her, and felt the warmth and slickness and the tightness.

“Put it all the way, John... push it into me hard as far as it will go...”said a maddened

John again¡¡¡, he must be very important in Rachel’s life. Was he a secret lover? Those interchange of names, mine and his, whoever he is, always in moments of passion were to say the least intriguing to me, and a little annoying

I pushed and two more inches slid in, went back spit on my cock again to lubricate it and pushed again and another inch went inside. I looked down and I saw that almost the entire length of my cock was now deep embedded inside Rachel's ass.

I heard her moaning again, “No, put it all the way... I need more; I need all of you inside me!”

I pushed harder, and my cock encountered more resistance, but she made peristaltic movements with her bowels and I felt myself sliding deeper all the way inside her gut, her ass was swallowing my cock as a Boa constrictor do; then my bald pubis flattened against her ass cheeks. She twisted sideways a little and I followed her to accommodate her move and lifted one of my legs so that my cock managed to enter another half inch inside her. My big and full of cumm balls were now pressed tightly against her pussy, and the base of my cock was like a sledgehammer against her perineum pounding hard up against her asshole, the entirety of my eight inch cock length was buried and the head was somewhere up inside her, where? I had no idea, all I did know was that it was the most wonderful feeling I had ever experienced.

“Pierce...” she whispered, and there was a note of awe or wonder in her voice, “You are going to make me cum again... I have never felt anything like that..., it feels wonderful... I feel so filled, so full, so bloated... Unnh... I am cumming again... fuck me, fuck me hard now...”

I did rotate my hips; moving my cock inside of her, withdrawing a little and then forcefully sinking all the way back inside. I felt Rachel trembling wildly beneath me; I was giving her the pounding of my life, the muscles of her ass quivering. I reached around and with my right middle finger I started rubbing her clit.

She cried out and her hips bucked underneath me and then kept still.

My cock felt enormous inside her ass, harder than I had ever been before, Cealis working so well I was not yet ready to cumm so soon after the first time and I continued to pound with force in and out of Rachel. She wailed and pushed her face down into the bed. I took her hard nub between two of my fingers and squeezed it hard.

Then with a hand in her crotch and other around her at breast height, as not to dislodge her from me I turned and she with me, rolling my body with her to lie on my side. I was still so far into her ass it seemed we were buttoned, and as she laid turned half over, one leg lifted back over mine, I grabbed with my left hand her right breast and kneaded it without compassion, pinching and stretching the nipple; with my right hand to her pussy I inserted two fingers inside her while punishing her clitoris with my thumb. She was soaking, her cunt juices flowing out of her and onto my finger and balls, and I restarted to pump myself in and out of her ass at the same time as my fingers moved in her pussy and she made a squealing noise deep inside her throat and started to cum again.

I continued working on her, pulling hard on her nipple, rolling her clitoris, and pushing into both her front and back openings, I was mad and she had lost all control and was cumming continuously, peaking over and over again in one long rolling climax.

I wasn't sure how much more of this pounding she could take, as she was fairly young at forty two I was half her age, almost, and I was tiring, albeit through my dick I was feeling my own climax building at last. I removed my hand from her pussy gripped her hips, and rolled her again, onto her face, lifted her up to her knees and pumped my cock deep in and out of her asshole. My head went back and I gasped for air; my lungs bursting and trying desperately to suck and full with air. It was coming. Finally, my release arrived. It began far back inside my own ass, around the prostate, a hot pleasurable ache that built, make my own asshole twitch and then, like a cannon shot up gallons of seed along the length of my cock. I felt the cumm jet from the head of my cock deep inside Rachel's bowels, felt it gush against the walls of her insides, and she felt it too and trembled and I thought she peaked for the last time when she yelled loudly and unintelligibly,

“Fffffuck, Oh, fuckkkk! John ¡¡¡¡¡¡! Ooooohhhhhhh yessssssssss...John, I love you soooo fucking...much...”

¡John!, I pushed hard one last time, burying my cock head more inside her if that was possible, enjoying the spasms of painful pleasure in my own insides. My balls were pulled tight to my body, my hips were shaking uncontrollably as with an epileptic seizure, and sweat poured from every inch of my body. I lost all sense of myself for a while. When I came back my cock was still hard, still buried deep inside Rachel's tight asshole, and she was crying.

I thought I had hurt her, so I eased myself back, feeling her tighten on me and trying to hold me there, but I pulled back and felt my cock slipping out and away. It was released from her asshole with a twitch and I ran my hand over it, checking for any blood from her rectum, but it was, perfectly clean.

I turned Rachel her towards me, put my arms around her and held her to me as she sobbed. Her tears dripped onto my cheek and ran down my beard to my lips and I licked them and tasted their saltiness.

“What is it?" I whispered in her ear. "My darling girl, what's wrong?”

“I love you, Pierce, I’m not in love with you, but I love you and must talk to you”

“Yes, I think we must talk, you see I have some doubts....”

She took a shuddering breath and lifted her head and looked at me with pink eyes. “You mean what I said in the throes of passion?”

I kissed her eyes, her nose, and her mouth. “You know who I am, and maybe you know whom I want; Rachel you don’t have to tell anything you don’t want, but consider with me that to hear the name of another person when you're making love, is at least a bit humiliating, don’t you think so?”

For the first time since I met her I saw her lose her usual restraint, self-control, and mastery of herself, her coldness in handling tough or difficult situations, but again she couldn’t restraint her tears,

“Oh Pierce I’m so sorry I never intended to say or do anything to hurt you. You have melted my heart this time I’ve been with you. I never thought I could feel like this, if you have me patience I want to confess something”

I felt my own eyes start to well up and swallowed hard. “You may tell me anything you want, I’m grateful to you, for treat me the way you did”

She pulled me to her and hugged me hard, forcing the air from my lungs. “Pierce, my name it’s not Rachel, my real name is Melanie, I’m a married woman, I’m forty two, with two children in college, I don’t need money, nor do I need to work, and I’m not a whore, I mean, yes I like sex, and actually my husband is a big shareholder in one of the “seven sisters”, being in the oil business you know what I’m talking about and belongs to a good high society family”

I was stunned, not every day you find yourself in that kind of situation or with someone who shows so intimate details of their person or theirs life. When I opened my mouth to say to her she didn’t need to tell anything she stopped me....

“Please Pierce, don’t say anything, please let me continue; you want to know who John is don’t you? He is the love of my life, one love I can’t have...”

“Does he know how you feel about him?”

“No, he doesn’t and he won’t. That was why I let myself go when we were making love, and his name let my mouth. I want you to believe me it was accidental, I’m truly embarrassed I have had this sentiment bottled for so long, it exploded like a champagne cork,”

“But surely you may....”

“No I won’t, you see he is out of reach, I’ll confess to you and then you may tell me your sin. Deal?”

“Deal, but you don’t need to tell me anything”

She filled her lungs with air, breathing deeply and then she said me,

“John is my twenty one years old son”

After hearing her words I realized that I was not as surprised as I should have been. All coincided, a husband older than herself, her clients were usually older men to prevent temptation, and the day she decided to take a younger client, the likeness with his son made the incestual repressed passion burst aflame. She silently waited my reaction.

“I love you Melanie, thanks for your trust. Now is my turn. I hate my mother for what she did me when I was sixteen, but I’m desperately and hopelessly in love with her since I was thirteen, and it is not an Oedipus complex, sometimes I wish it had been”

“That was then why all the mom, mommy, etc play acting or game with me, Pierce, you were trying to get a fantasy come true, even if it was temporarily?”

“Yes, that's the truth, pitiful isn’t”

“No my love, in any case we are two of a kind”

“I’ll tell you what Pierce; I want to see you again, for as long as you want and whenever you are free, except weekends and family days for me, we’ll explore our fantasies together and be as happy as we can in these estrange circumstances; do you agree?

In the middle of my romance with Melanie I received the news of my grandparent’s death. My father came to tell me the news; they had crashed their small Cessna against the mountains in the range when they were looking over the cattle herds. Father asked me to go with them, him and mother to the memorial services in Idaho. I refused; nobody knows how sorry I am. I loved my old grumpy grandparents and they loved me, maybe they were sorry for how they had treated my parents so many years ago.


And then a few months later, suddenly, I received a call from my lawyer. The rig foreman calls to tell me I had a mainland call. I let what a was doing and went to take the call,

“Pierce” It was my lawyer.

“Yeah, how are you, something special?

“Yes Pierce, sorry to tell you the news, your mother called a few minutes ago, I don’t know err…how to tell you this…sorry old boy, your father passed away this early morning”.

I was at first stunned, then grief made my eyes fill with tears, which began to fall down my cheeks and bearded chin, while distress and pain made my heart sank in my chest.
My father was young, hardly sixty six or seven, he was a man who took care of himself, who didn’t smoke and had an orderly life. After a long silence I did ask him,

“How, I mean….Do you know what was the cause of his death?”

“Well, if it's any consolation, he died peacefully in his sleep, probably from a heart attack”

“How….how is my mother doing, how is she taking it, do you know?”

“Well, she was calm in the phone, but you could feel the stress and I think that she had a hint of loneliness in her voice, she also told me to tell you your father’s funeral will be four days from today so you can fix things and be able to come home”

“Ok, today is Tuesday, I’ll see you tomorrow, I’ll call you when I get to the condo, and... thanks my friend, many thanks”

“Ok, Pierce, take care and call me, see you tomorrow”.

After the call ended, I talked with the manager to fix my transfer to land by helicopter that same day; I told him my reasons and he make sure that there was no problem, while giving his condolences. That same day I took the most important of my things and went to the mainland.

The unexpected news of my father’s death was a blow in my perception of the world. It was no longer certain as the world had been so far, as from today my father was not anymore. I guess my mother had found my address and the phone numbers I had given my father, or perhaps my father in an act of love, had given them to her so she knew also how to contact me. It was a tremendous blow, I felt that my life was falling apart; he had died without seeing his dream fulfilled; his son reconciled with his mother. And me, not having been able to say to him again, how much I loved and I respected him.

Once in land, in a daze, I was somehow able to find my car in the parking lot and take off. I drove around aimlessly for a while and then headed home. For the next several hours I paced back and forth trying to make sense out of what just happened; not forgiving me for the little time I had been with my father.

The emotional pain of the unjust death became a physical pain as well. I couldn’t forget all the years of what I thought were love and devotion for each other, now I knew I was wrong he has devotion and love for me, I had loved him but had not been devoted to him

The phone had been ringing constantly since I returned to the house. The first time I let the answering machine pick up and heard a voice I didn’t recognize at first, a voice asking me that I return the call so we could talk. Then like a distant memory, surfaced in my mind's a voice asking me to put sunscreen on her front, it was, with minor differences the same voice of the telephone, the voice of my mother. Even today, I couldn’t answer her.

She called five more times in the next hour, each message becoming less demanding until the final one, when she was crying and begging me to talk to her. I lay on my bed but did not get undressed. I lay there staring up at the ceiling and remembering my father as every emotion in my body slowly drained away, leaving me completely numb. I must have eventually fallen asleep because the next thing I knew it was daylight.

First thing in the morning I called Melanie and told her the sad news, she cried in despair and then promised me to be with me around noon, as she arranged her schedule to be free the next few days. Then I called my lawyer and asked him if I could stop by his law firm in the afternoon, he told OK, to come at three o’clock.

Melanie came home around noon and her presence was like a balm for my hurting spirit, she hugged me tightly and caressed my hair and my face, not as the lover she was to me, but as a mother do with her sick child; and after all, being the mother she was, she asked me if I had eaten something in the last twenty four hours, and as I told her no, she prepared me a hearty breakfast I ate ravenously.

She accompanied me to see my lawyer to settle some legal matters I considered necessary. After introductions and greetings, we talked about the things I wanted to settle; first point out was that when my father’s testament was opened, I was not going to be there and I wanted him to represent me in the reading of the document; then I told him I wanted to sign a document in which it was to be established that I waived any rights I may have on my father’s estate to my mother; they had worked and had won their assets, they were marital property and I did not think I was entitled to anything.

Secondly I said I wanted to ask them both to accompany me to the funeral home to give my father the last goodbye in private, that way if my mother was there, she would not know which of the two men was her son. Melanie moved her head slightly in disapproval but she did not say a single word; at that moment again she wasn’t my lover, she was a mother, and her sympathies ran my mother’s side. Then I asked them if they would accompany me to the cemetery the day of burial, with which the two agreed.

The day before the burial, we went to the funeral home, found out we were alone, I did enter alone to give my father my last respects. After, I went home to mourn my father, alone. Next day, wearing rigorous mourning black, the three of us went to the cemetery;
Melanie was striking, her blond hair contrasting with the blackness of her elegant dress.
Sam, my lawyer and I were in black, and I had trimmed my beard so we looked almost alike. At a distance we were undistinguishable.

When we arrived near the grave we stood several yards aside. Around the tomb there was a crowd, my father’s colleagues and their wives, students, and a whole world of people who knew and loved him and had gone to give him their last respects, among them, alone, aloof, looking around, was my mother. She seemed lost and my heart went to her, but I couldn’t go near, Melanie hissed to me to go to my mother side, I couldn't; I thought at that moment if I went to her side with what I felt for her I was cuckolding and betraying my father.

In a moment her gaze was directed towards us and greeted us with a slight inclination of her head, as when greeting someone for commitment but not knowing who the person or persons are. When the funeral was over and my father's body lowered into the grave, we left without approaching to greet my mother; next day I went alone to the grave and mourned for my father and the years we had lost.

A few days later a returned to work, but my heart wasn’t in it anymore; after my accident I wasn’t inclined to descend under water again and on the deck my presence was not absolutely necessary, after a couple months I went to the company headquarters and took my live. A new phase of my life was closed, which one would open?.

Money wasn’t an issue; I had enough, so I decided to take a long holiday. At first I ate, slept and made love to Melanie, soon I was restless, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life; did I ?, yes I did.
Once again was Melanie who set the record straight in my head. One evening, after another memorable session of loving sex she told me,

“Pierce, my darling, tonight is the last time we make love, and I won’t be coming back for a time”.

“But why….? I was stunned.

“Because you must follow your destiny, and it is not with me; I care dearly for you, if not were…. Well, I could even fall in love with you, but you will only be happy at your mother’s side”


“Shussss….Now my dear, make love to me for the last time, but before, would you like to shower with me?” she asked. “I'm all hot and sweaty from today. Can you come and make me clean, and then come and make me cumm. I want to make love to you all night, Pierce. Is that okay with you?”

She looked and felt cool and fresh, but if she wanted to shower again, who was I to say no? “That’s more than okay.” I said anxiously.

We went to the bathroom and I turned on the shower. She took off her dressing gown and dropped it on the floor, and then she pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. She turned to face me and displayed herself in all her glorious beauty; she knew well how she looked and knew how much I pleasured at the sight of her. I gazed in awe, I couldn’t believe she was here for me, and me alone. Then I removed my briefs and we stood facing each other, naked, Melanie's fair beauty and my big…, well, was not beauty.

She looked down at me as my cock filled and grew hard again, and then she took me in her hand, gently, wrapping her long slim fingers around me, not moving, just holding me.

“Come to mommy” she said.


She grinned. “Come with me, baby, tonight I’m mom again, lets role play, tonight all your wishes will be fulfilled” She closed her hand and squeezed me.

I put my arms around her waist and pushed her back into the shower; I released her and turned her around, took the soap and lathered my hands and the lather cloth and began to wash her back, taking my time, fascinated again by the smooth slippery feel of her perfect skin. Melanie leaned forward; resting her palms on the tiles, her head under the spray, regardless of her styled hair, then took a deep breath as I dug my fingers hard into her back muscles.

She purred like a kitten, “That's very nice, baby, give mommy a gooood massage”

I felt my cock give a lurch hearing those words again and continued to soap her back, trying to find any hard knots but founding none, I let my hands and finger caress her shoulders as I lathered her, I worked down her body, taking the round firm cheeks of her ass in my hands, knelt and worked my way down the back of her thighs to her knees and her calves. She lifted one foot and then the other so that I could soap them as well. Then I returned the same way up, stopping at her ass and spending more time there. All of it was unbelievably perfect, the shape, the texture, the size, the firmness.

Melanie moved her feet wider apart and she leaned forward, lowering her head more and pushing her ass back towards me and opening the crack between her buttocks. Water ran down her body like a waterfall from her head, along her back, and down the crack of her ass and running like a stream between her legs.

I took the soaped sponge in my hands and spread the soap suds in between her ass cheeks, then I run my fingers over her rear opening, lightly tracing the outside edge, then moving down on I traced my fingers along the inside of her thighs and on to her outer pussy labia.

She moaned again and moved her feet to widen her posture. I touched her outer pussy lips again, keeping my hands away from my intended target. Then I went back to her ass, touching the rim of her asshole with my tongue tip, wetting it with my saliva and then I gently and deliberately pushed my fingertip directly into the hole.

Melanie jerked her hips and grunted “Unnh, Unnh, you dirty boy, you nasty boy”

I rubbed her opening with my fingertip, not pushing, not pressing, just teasing her and massaging her bloated inner rectal muscle. I felt her pushing her ass back onto my hand and moving to keep the pressure constant, I took my hand off then, and when she stopped backing I pressed again only, slightly harder, opening her passage a little.

She grunted softly again, letting her breath out.

I stood and turned her around, and then I began to soap her front. I had hardly touched her breasts this night, and I intended to make up for that omission now. I soaped them, massaged them, there was no sag at all, and were actually larger than I had thought, curving out from her ribcage, a perfect parabola rising to her nipples, which sat on a small triangle that pushed them upwards and out. Her nipples were long and pink.

Melanie’s long white blond hair hung wet to her shoulders, plastered tight to her skull and cheeks the fashionable and coiffured hairdo gone into the shower drain.


With Melanie we had been meeting as lovers, companions of misfortune and friends for almost two years and a half; once every ten or fifteen days for sex, and oftener for talking. As I told before, I met Melanie through a somewhat chain of unusual circumstances. She is an un-happily married woman, to a banker, in her early forties, with two children in college, elegant, very beautiful, with a body to kill. she likes fucking, but she actually belongs to a good high society family, and her sexual escapades were caused by the almost total absence of sexual contact with her husband, the syndrome of the empty nest, her unfulfilled sexual desires and her passion for a young man, I was who subrogated her loved one, all of it could only be met working part time, when she wanted, and anonymously with a secure and very select escort agency, who catered only high standing clients.

And I can say, without any shame, that Melanie was my teacher, she taught me all I know about the joy of sex, the joy of giving good sex, how to enjoy a woman’s body and soul, and most important how to make a woman enjoy in bed, and she made me a better person. She taught me the value of forgetfulness and forgiveness, especially to those we love, and above all things, she taught me to reconcile with my mother, to look for and try to win her love, not her mother’s love a woman’s love, and prove to her that I'm completely in love with her. Not with the fever of a hormonal teenager son, but with the passion of a man who is in love with a woman, no matter who she is.


These are my mother’s words, the story of her life as she told me after our reconciliation, so I would be able to fill the gaps in my mind of her and my family’s life story, everything that I did not know and should.


When I met Pierce’s father, my late husband, I was a young and impressionable woman, just a newcomer to the big city from the distant western lands. He, he was a dream-like come true, the man with which all women, from their earliest childhood, dream to get.
We met and fell in love, it was like a fairy tale, she was older than me, but it didn’t matter to me, as I was madly in love with him and him with me. Our first time together was full of thunder and lightning, we were like ancient Olympic gods clashing, we were Zeus and Hera, Hefesto and Aphrodite, Apollo and Artemisia, Jupiter and Juno.

Then reality showed its ugly claws in my parents' refusal to accept any part of my new life. They didn’t accept my pregnancy, didn’t accept my love for the man it was going to be my husband next, they refused to accept my yet unborn son, only because he had been conceived out of wedlock, and worse than anything else the three of us were thrown out of their home. We were cursed in their strict compliance with the laws of a god they said was all love and forgiveness.

Contrary to their predictions, our marriage was very happy those early years, but unfortunately we could not have any more children. That was perhaps the biggest shadow of our marriage.

I did not talk to my parents again until Pierce was eight years old; I wanted him to know his grandparents and for their grandparents to know him, since he could not meet his other grandparents whom had died years ago in a plane crash. Pierce’s father had no other family and I wanted my child to have some kind of family reference. Dale agreed with me but let me be the one who handled the matter, only forced by circumstances would he speak with my parents again…

I was apprehensive. How would they receive me after so long a estrangement. What would happen in my first trip to my parent’s ranch after so many years was a mystery. How would my parents receive me? And Pierce? Would they be willing to love their grandson? I was no longer the girl who had gone ten years ago to study in the big city. Today I was a woman of sophistication and world wise; with different concerns and values to that they had taught me. Above all things I wondered: how were they? Had they aged well? How was their health?

When we arrived at the ranch they were both waiting on the porch gallery. Our image must have been a surprise for them. From the car got out a tall and slender woman, elegantly dressed in the latest fashions and fully produced, I looked more like one of those famous models in magazines and on TV that the recently pregnant girl that they had driven from her home several years back. I do not know what was really what they expected of her daughter, I'm sure it was not the vision of elegance sophistication that appeared before their eyes.

And Pierce, my son, tall for his eight years, handsome, with dark hair, and dressed with elegance, he had with an affectionate smile, well educated, he went to his grandparents and greeted them as if he had known them all of a lifetime. His words carried emotion when he approached my mother, kissed her on the cheek and asked, "How are you dear Grandma", while turning around to shake my father’s hand with his and asked, "And you, how are you grandpa"

The polite attitude and gentle presence of his grandson seemed to melt slightly their icy attitude toward us of the earliest moments of our visit. None the less the first few days were very uncomfortable, especially for me, their arrogant attitude, their belief that they were beyond good and evil and that I was still a sinner, made my stay with them very uncomfortable. So after a week with them in the ranch I, let Pierce, with whom they had bonded very well, in their care to pass the summer and I returned to me home and to Dale, who truth be told, never badmouthed my parents or told me “I told you this would happen”. In that moment I loved him more if that was possible.

From then on, became a custom that Pierce would go to visit his grandparents during the holidays, almost always alone, I put him on the road, bus or plane and his grandparents would go to meet him at the bus station or airport, according to the way he traveled. I was very glad the way they bonded.

Pierce’s holiday visits to his grand-parents continued until that unfortunate day when Pierce left the house forever after that afternoon in which I flirted shamelessly with him half-naked, and he reacted trying to caress my breast, at which I answered venting my sexual frustrations and cursing him and losing him forever..

After the first eight or ten years of our marriage, Dale was missing his full time work, he wanted more time to study and read technical journals, so he had less time for family life. Oh, I know he still loved and worshiped me, and he loved profoundly our son; but it wasn’t enough for me. I loved him just as the first day I laid my eyes on him at that dreadful autopsy room, but the years had dented his interest in sex, so our love sessions were less and less frequent, becoming more spaced in time; in the meanwhile, I was on the prime of my life and I wanted to make love, or just have sex every day, whatever.

By the social position that our family and the academic position my husband had, I had to be the perfect wife, I couldn’t flirt even as a joke, I should act with prudence, and of course any extramarital affair was off limits if I wanted for my marriage to survive. And I did want it to survive. But I was sexually frustrated, very frustrated, and I could not argue that Dale had not warned me before our marriage, he did warn me that could come to happen. Maybe, hence the subconscious and unintentional flirting with my son that led to the events that in some way destroyed my family, or at least part of my family; me.

When that year summer, the first after Pierce running from home and me, came and Pierce didn’t go to the ranch vacationing, my parents didn’t contact me; they did the following year and I went to the ranch to tell them what had happened. His displeasure was evident, but this time they didn’t blame me and we could at least talk civilly; their age had been softening their character so much that allowed us to began smoothing the asperities of the past and start again to bond and understand ourselves.

From them I knew Pierce went, from time to time, to the ranch and spend a few days with them when he was working at sea. But after his accident he never went back, and so he did not see his grandparents alive again.

From that point on my life became a nightmare. First my only child had suffered and accident and didn’t want to see me, my father died of a heart stroke and I had to go to the ranch to accompany my mother and help her in those moments leaving Dale alone in Boston. When mother thought she could be alone, I returned to my husband’s side.

A few months later I was notified my mother was hospitalized and had not much time left. She had no organic problem; she just had lost the will to live after the death of my father, her life partner. So again I went to Idaho and the ranch. Mother died and luckily this time Dale was accompanying me so I was not alone. After the funeral I let the ranch management in the hands of my parent’s attorney and the foreman of my parents.

Dale wasn’t feeling well; he denied having any health problem, maybe so I would not worry being as it were recent the loss of my parents. But one morning he didn’t wake up, and for the first time in my life I was and felt alone.

In the funeral among all participants, colleagues and their families, students, friends and acquaintances, the only person that mattered for me to be there, and I could not find, was my son. I tried to discover whether he was attending the funeral of his father or not, I could not believe that he was not there even if he detested me and would not want to see me. I looked through the crowd as he was not by my side and could not find him;
one of the many times I scanned the crowd trying to find him, I saw at a distance, perhaps thirty yards, three people together but separate from the rest, two men and a beautiful blonde woman dressed in full black, the men, younger than her, looked like they could be her children, both very similar physically, with a difference; one had a lively expression, the other....

....When near other people his expression was not more substantive than the images projected on a screen. In its relaxed, natural state, his face lacked emotions of any kind. He seemed to have mastered the politician’s smile to perfection, and he could turn it on-off as if he had a built-in electrical switch. He could feign sincere interest in the dullest of conversations, and project sympathy or joy, donning a mask like an actor from antiquity. At times, he seemed more an illusion than a man.

Dale passed away at sixty-seven bringing all of the pain he had warned me about so long before. Amongst the pain was principal a sense of sadness, as I tried to remember, without being able, the features of my estranged son now in his middle twenties. Dale had been a vigorous man seemingly years younger than his birth certificate allowed but his heart had failed him. I felt my youth had returned him his, and the twenty-five years we had together was a testament to our love. A love I know many never achieve.

One thought was recurrent in my mind day after day, over and over, time after time, again and again, and it was the rejection of my son to have any contact with me or let me have news of his life. I blamed myself for the kind of life my child had had, and the problems he could have now.

When Dale’s libido decreased until we almost completely paralyzed any sex contact, I had held with tight reins my sexuality, and I had begun to reconsider my pubescent son's feelings toward me, to see them in another way, to interpret what they in truth were, an Oedipus complex, my son was in love with his mother and wanted her, his attitude to try to pet me, was the manifestation of love of a boy who was not ripe yet for words to express such deep and prohibited thoughts.

And mine? Which were and are my feelings toward my son, are they oedipal too?

Several months after the death of my husband, I was completely alone in my house in Boston; friends, after a reasonable time of being interested in me, had continued with their lives and had gradually been forgetting me. There were the occasional phone calls inquiring about my health and general condition, but as an example, the invitations to get together and lunch by the wives of Dale colleagues had mostly ended.

So, without much motivation or future plans in that city, without any contact with my son, beyond the fact that I had tried to contact him through his attorney, I made the decision to sell the house and other properties and assets, and with that and Dale’s insurance money, decided to close the circle. Twenty-five years later after leaving the ranch to a new life, I was back on to try to rebuild my life, if that was possible. I was forty three at the time; I felt like eighty.
I went back to work after my father’s burial, but I was indifferent to everything around me, soulless. When back in my condo from the cemetery to take a drink, Melanie had told me unequivocally that she did not want to see me ever again; to her, my attitude towards my mother in the graveyard had been a huge disappointment about me as a person, as a son, and a lover.

I really didn’t know what to do with my life. I thought, and thought, and thought trying to make a decision to sort my life and make sense of it. I didn’t need to work for money, I hadn’t any friends, and now I didn’t have the only person in the world that loved me and cared for me. Well I told myself, the last part it is not truth. Melanie cared for me, and I did apart her from my side with my behavior and my stubbornness. And mother? Did she love me? Did she care for me......?

Yes, I finished telling myself, she loves me and cares about me, as a mother do, and I also love her, but, the big difference is, I'm also in love with her, I want her, and now she is free. Now the obstacle who stood between the two, my father, is no more, unfortunately because I loved him deeply; but now if I get my mother to love me as my life partner, I will not be cuckolding him.

After looking deeply inside my soul and thinking hard, I decided to quit my job in maritime platforms for good, go to the house that had been my home, make peace with my mother and try to get her to fall in love with me, not small task. Great was my surprise when I got to what had been my parents home and found strangers living in it.

I found out the name of their lawyer and through mine I got to know what had happened to my mother and where had she moved to. Her new mail address was in Clark Fork, Idaho, so I knew she was again at her parent’s ranch. I decided then and there that was my destiny.


Clark Ford had not changed much with the passage of time from my childhood. Same old main street, Fourth Ave., the same Old Town Square with its monument to some veteran born in the town and died in some war, the forest, and the beautiful river that gives the town its name Clark Fork River. It still has that small town charm where the most hustle and bustle you will see is the elk and deer playing in the meadows. Its six hundred residents are some of the best around with a humble reputation to please.

So, to Clark Fork I went looking for my mother. Last time I had been in town was when I was sixteen years old, almost ten years before, so the risk of someone recognizing me as the grandson of the Sorensen’s was almost nil. At that time I was a young city boy who spent his summer holidays with his grandparents, now I was a man of twenty-six years who appeared to be forty.

And considering that my features have changed, in some way disfigured, with much gray in my beard and hair, the scar on my face and the strip of snow-white hair on my head and face, I thought I was fairly safe in my anonymity. To complete my disguise I needed to change my name, I elected John Van Nuys, Melanie’s son name.

One of my first concerns was to find accommodation in a town that by its few inhabitants had no hotel, I remembered that a few miles before reaching the town by Interstate 95, there was a small motel that catered mostly to hunters and fishermen in hunting or fishing season.

So for the time being I made this place my residence site. In every small township gossip is a way of life, and Clark Ford was no different in this regard. I, being a stranger was a subject of gossip, and at the same time, after a couple weeks in residence I was treated to some small tidbits of the town peccadilloes. Best place was the barbershop, followed by the station-service-bar-restaurant, but I did prefer the post office.

I had spread the word I was looking for work, preferably something related to numbers, but accepted any other kind of work; since I was in a kind of spiritual and sentimental recovery from a failed relationship. In the whole time I was in the town, I hadn’t seen my mother even once, and I would not inquire about her to avoid any suspicion. I wanted that when we were going to meet it were by chance.

I sounded out the lady of the post office as subtly as possible, without naming her, when Mrs. Sorensen appeared by the post office to pick up her mail. It was easy, the answer was she came to town once a month, and was due anytime. I tried to be prepared for what I was going to do.

Three days later I was loitering near noon looking at some notices at the post office when she opened the door and entered. My heart leapt and skipped a beat and it seemed to stop in my chest. She was incredibly beautiful, gorgeous and glamorous, even wearing cowboy clothes; jeans pants, ranch riding boots, a red plaid flannel shirt and a cowboy hat that covered her beautiful white blond hair now combed in a ponytail held with a red cloth strip.

“Oh mother, mother” I thought “How much do I love you”.

She gave a perfunctory look at the place and looked at me disinterestedly when passing by my side as she asked for any mail.

The answer to her question was negative, and she made a gesture of ill humour to that answer. She gave the impression of being a person not accustomed to be denied. When she apparently took the reins of her temper and calmed her bad humour, she asked politely to the lady in the post office to send for her when the booklet she was waiting came.

The post office clerk, answered yes of course, and asked what kind of book was, and what topic was referring to, so she knew when she sorted the mail.

My mother answered it was a kind of accounting book, as she was having some trouble to straighten the bills and the bookkeeping of the ranch. I was elated, I had now the means to approach the ranch, become indispensable to my mother in the management of the ranch, and become indispensable to her in other ways.

Next day with my accounting books, the same I use to manage my investments, I headed for the well-known road to my grandparents' ranch. Now all my years of study would bear fruit; not money, of that I have enough, now they would serve to get me my mother, or so I hoped.

The road to the ranch ran through a dense forest, quiet and in communion with nature; I made the thirty or so miles to the ranch house in less than an hour; at the end of the road, the forest opened into a wide valley to the bottom of which, were the house, barns, corrals, warehouses, and peons sheds.

When my car approached the railing of the house veranda, the door opened and on the threshold appeared the figure of a beautiful blonde goddess covering her eyes from the sunlight to distinguish who had arrived, my mother. I was mesmerized, and in a flash I felt how difficult was going to be working at her side, if she accepted my offer.

“Good morning sir, may I be of service” was her greeting.
I was tongue tied and with a tremendous effort I answered her.

“Good morning to you Mrs. Sorensen”

She looked at me patiently waiting I explained what was my business. I tried to explain.

“Well, err…I was yesterday morning at the post office and….and…”

“Yes?” her manner was cold, not arrogant or disdainful, just in a kind of---explain your business and lets go forward with our lives--- manner.

“Well, as I said, I was yesterday in the post office when you went in and I heard, unintentionally of course, your conversation and your need of a certain book”.

She did not say a word, just raised her eyebrows and her eyes had a certain air of interrogation, or perhaps indifference, her attitude was remote and I was getting increasingly nervous and could not express my thoughts clearly. And to think this was the same woman I thought I hated and had refused to see her.

“You see madam I have worked as an accountant, not registered, and I was thinking that I could work for you and be of help”.

She looked at me in a strange way and said mockingly, “Just like that, you come out of nowhere, and you try to come into my house”

My mother was as tough as beautiful.

“No, no, it would be preposterous of my part to think that way; I would go to town after work, of course, that is if you hire me, I could help with other chores at the ranch as well”.

She looked thoughtfully, as if trying to remember something or someone, and then with a shake of her head she asked me:

“Do you have any references?, someone who can vouch and endorse what you say”

At that moment I almost made a mistake that could had been fatal, I was about to give her the phone number of my attorney to contact. Suddenly I remembered she had the number, and with despair I thought of who else could give references of my character that my mother didn't know of my previous life; I thought: Melanie.

“Well yes, I have the phone number of someone who can attest, whom I am, and what I am” and with that I took out of my wallet a business card with the name and phone number of Melanie and gave it to her.

She took the card and after reading the name and number raised her eyebrows and only said,

“Your only reference is a woman?”

My face grew red violently under my beard and before I could answer her she dismissed me with an “I’ll let one notice for you at the post office, telling you my decision. Good morning”.

Suddenly I was alone in front of one house I knew intimately, the door closed behind her. I got in my car to go back to Clark Ford and wait for her answer. But an idea came to mind, I had to talk to Melanie to put her aware of what was happening, and she to give my mother a good reference on mine. So, from the ranch I went directly to the town of Troy in neighboring Montana to call and tell her my last steps to reach out to my mother and what I needed for her to tell mother if she phoned her. I also told her I was using, as an alias, the name of her son John, and not take this the wrong way. She only said coldly Ok.


I have in my hands this unknown woman’s card, it is strange, everything is strange, this man is known to me, but I can’t remember the how or the where. I ask myself, I don’t know why, this woman, were his boss or were something else, is she young or is she old, do I call her or just forget it and tell this man I don’t need him. My thoughts were stormy inside my head. I need badly someone with accounting skills that allowed me to unravel the accounts of the ranch from several years back, I do not where I stand with respect to taxes due or not to the Treasury, I have to sort and pay overdue bills to suppliers, and I have accounts receivable to slaughterhouses for cattle sent and not collected, in short I need urgent help on something I have no idea whatsoever.

I was hesitant and let pass two days before going myself to talk to him. I don't know why, call it female intuition, but I did no phone call to the person he had told me to ask for referrals, do not know, maybe I didn’t want to find out things from his past.

It was almost noon when I got to Clark Fork and went directly to the post office; in there I asked the whereabouts of one John Van Nuys and was directed to a small motel outside town. I asked a boy to go fetch him and put a ten dollar bill in his hand. Half an hour later John and the boy were back, I gave the boy another ten dollar bill and started the relationship that was to change, for good, the remainder of my life.

“Well John Van Nuys, I’m of a mind to hire you, but first we must discuss your terms of work, wages and how it will be our working relationship”

“Of course madam, you just tell me what you want for me to do” he answered politely.

“Well as apparently you know, first of all I need someone with the skills to unravel for me the accounting of the ranch; do you have the skills?”

“Yes, madam....” he started when I interrupted him.

“You just call me Natasha, or boss, whichever you like better, just not madam anymore”

“Ok, Natasha boss...” I interrupted him, with the launch a hearty laugh, the first in many, many months.

“Oh, sorry to interrupt you, it was funny calling me that”, please continue.

“Well Natasha, I have been in accounting now several years and I’m quite good at it, I hope I won’t disappoint you, also I have with me everything necessary to start work”

“Well now the terms of work, you’ll live in an annex of the house; it makes no sense for you to go back to your room in the motel every day at dark and back in the morning, your wages will....”I was quietly interrupted

“If you don’t mind we’ll discuss that later, when you have a good idea of my work, how I do it and the worth of it.”

“All right if that’s how you want it”

“Good, now I will remove my belongings from the motel and I'll see you at the ranch in the evening if you don’t mind”

And with that he went for his things and I did return to the ranch.


That was, I hoped, my definitive returning home, to my mother, to my new life. The ranch bookkeeping was a mess, and I started methodically from very way back to today. It was a hell of a work and it would take several months putting all accounts in order and up to date.

I could appreciate Samantha, my mother, was a very lonely woman. At first she was very reserved around me; I worked from my grandfather office, comfortable blend of living room and den and she rarely appeared; talking to me outside the room, I usually gave her the reports on the morning after drinking coffee, or at night after dinner if there was something important she had to resolve early in the morning.

In the first few months our relationship was strictly professional; her attitude towards me and my work had changed little by little as we got into confidence and began to know each other better. After a time her cool stance was warming, and our relationship was, at least, friendly enough for her bring me a cup of coffee in my working hours. It was nearly Christmas one night, when after dinner, she very subtly started to ask me about my family, my previous works, and for aspects of my former life, questions such as if I had a wife or ex-wife; any girl friends and what a was thinking to do after, if ever, I finished my work with her.

I didn’t know which way was going her interest, I wouldn’t had any trouble answering all her questions, my life in general had been quite vanilla, but being her son, I had to be very careful with my answers so that when I whitened our family relationship with her, we shouldn’t return to have conflicts again.

By that time winter had come discharging all its fury, first rain, and then heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures; with the livestock sheltered the remaining peons on the ranch didn’t come out of their barn except to give the animals water and food; at the ranch house Natasha and I were alone, she cooked and made her things and I mostly watched TV and read in my free time, most evenings, after dinner she with a glass of wine and me with coffee or tea, watched TV if the signal was clear, and talked. She asked me again and again about my hobbies, my interests in life and my plans for the future, I answered her the best I could without compromising myself too much my answers were deliberately vague, and as a counterpart I started to ask her about her life and how she, such a beautiful lady, had become a rancher.

She blushed at my words praising her beauty and I realized how lonely my mother was. I decided that by the New Year I was going to conquer the heart of my mother as John Van Nuys and bed her, after that I would see how to change John for Pierce Bridgeport, her son, without affecting or changing our relationship.

She told me how my parents met when she was at college and dad at that time was a professor; she told me how they had fell in love and that when she got pregnant dropped out of college and married my dad. She told me at the start have been many golden sparks in her marriage, but as time went on and they had me, the romance, not the love, had silently waned but they had stayed married and were good friends.

She told me to the best of her knowledge my parents had never cheated on each other.
I almost asked her what kind of sexual life she had, but I refrained to avoid damaging a relationship that was going smoothly in the way for me desired.


At Christmas, inspired, I remembered a Christmas fifteen years ago with my grandparents and I went to the storeroom in the back of the house and brought up an old Christmas tree that we had first used when I came on vacation from High School. It was an old artificial tree, in a place full of live pines, which had grown old with. Mom; it was still packed full of old ornaments and lights. We, Natasha and me, spent that evening putting it up and we thoroughly enjoyed decorating the tree as we silently recalled ( each for different motives) special memories evoked by specific ornaments and of hilarious disasters involving the tree and our efforts to decorate it in our youth. Miraculously the lights were still in a working state the first time we plugged them in. Natasha was delighted and clapped her hands and jumped up and down like a child; she isn’t a child and I couldn't help but notice how her breasts bounced enticingly under her blouse.

After dinner we turned off all the other lights and cuddled up on the couch a blanket draped over us. Mom's body was pressed firmly up against mine, and I could feel her breasts move as she breathed. We held hands and once in a while, Mom would squeeze my hand and I would look at her only to find her staring intently at me. I asked myself, “Had she recognized ne; does she know who I am?” I answered myself, “No, that’s not possible”; anyway a chill ran through my body.

During most of those intense moments, we would kiss, sometimes chastely, sometimes with the passion that only lovers ever experience, and back to watch our tree. She had some Christmas music playing softly on the stereo. And Natasha, my mom, her feet curled up beneath her, leaned into me, my arm around her and her head on my shoulder. “This is so perfect” she said softly. “This is so...”

“Romantic?” I suggested, pulling her against me.

“Yes, romantic” she replied, looking up into my eyes. “This is how I always wanted Christmas to be like, cuddled up on the couch with the man I love, but...well, you know how it is, it hasn’t been like this for a long time now" She left the rest unsaid.

“Yes, I know, and now I guess you'll have to make do with me” I said it kind of jokingly, but also realizing she might take it as if I was flirting.

“Actually, John, I like being with you. You had always being respectful exactly what I like. I can't imagine anyone I'd rather be with right now. Thank you for this”. She rose up and kissed me on the corner of the mouth. “I love you, like a son.”

Natasha gasped a little and for a moment as I pulled slightly back, she looked as if she might kiss me back, we just gazed at each other for a long time, the air was full of erotic tension; and finally, she smiled at me and leaned into me again, putting her head on my chest. “It's very romantic,” she whispered and then she fell silent and the tension slowly drained away. The moment was wonderful and romantic and we watched our blinking Christmas tree for a long time, content to be in each other's arms.

At the time, from the onset, when I first figured it out, at least in my mind, that she was attracted to me, it was something, not for desired, less unexpected. I wasn’t waiting it, it was something I was not expecting at that moment but, at the same time, it had been in my mind for so very long that I congratulated she felt that way about me, and expressed this depth interest in being with me.

She asked if I would like to see a movie, I said yes and she looked for and found a chick flick she liked; Natasha went to got ready for bed. I changed into some boxer shorts and a T-shirt. Natasha came out wearing only a nice sweatshirt, looking sexy as hell as it showed off part of her shapely legs and was just long enough to make me wonder what she had on underneath. After the movie, we watched the news, the weatherman gleefully predicting another five or six inches of snow overnight. She was touching me all over, while drinking and cuddling together, further exploring the boundaries, suddenly the TV went blank, the snow had apparently cut the reception.

And then I tuned the radio into a station playing slow blues and jazz Christmas music.

“Mmmm, I like this music, John,” She said, swaying a little in time to the tune.

I smiled and replied, “Would you like to dance?”

She grinned from ear to ear. “I'd love to, John!” I turned off the lights on the Christmas tree lights and took her by the hand and walked her to the middle of the room in front of the blinking fireplace. She put her arms around my neck and I wrapped my arms around her waist and we slowly moved to the music.

As the melodies flowed out the radio, Mom rested her head against my chest and whispered, “I love you, John”

I wanted to cry “I’m not John, I’m your son” My heart felt like it would burst and I whispered back, “I love you, Natasha”

Mom sighed and pressed herself more snugly against me. She lifted her head to look me in the face, her eyes glittering with love and I think desire. "Whatever we are, whatever we become, I’ll always love you. Never forget that, John.”

I could barely make my voice rise above a whisper, “I won't. I love you so much, Natasha, you cannot know how much I do.” We continued dancing, our movements slow and steady, almost melding into one being, and both our hearts beating at the same rhythm. I pulled Natasha, my mom, more tightly against me, relishing her warmth, her softness against my body. My hands seemed to slowly stray downwards, finding their way underneath her sweatshirt until almost with a start, I realized I was holding my mother by her bare ass cheeks. Her skin was soft and hot to the touch. I slowly realized I was as hard as a rock, my cock pressing against Natasha's stomach.

The only hurdle remaining was to make love; and so my heart beat faster, with each step, drawing us closer to her bed and the moment where I would cross the line, a line I dreamed to cross, but I never thought I would ever approach.

In the few steps it took for us to reach her bedroom, my mind began racing, as I thought about how very surreal this all was. Natasha was my mother, and she was someone whom I had been in love with for a long time now. In all this time we hadn’t really touched each other, here and there sometimes a brushing of hands, on rare occasions, a touch on my shoulder or arm when she wished to call my attention and point out something that she did not understand in the accounts, today had been the first time touching had had a different meaning, in one way had been, but it was not, a sort of flirting; as if we had been trying to discern if this was what we really wanted.


“I’m going to give you an around the world tour, if that is Ok with you, would you like it?” I asked Natasha, my unsuspecting mother.

“I, I…I don’t know what it is, maybe”

It was clear her uncertainty, beyond her elegant figure, her offhand attitude, that of a sophisticated woman of the world, she hadn’t stopped being inside her a teenager from a rural world; her amatory experience was, apparently, not very extensive, my father, who was a great scientist, was probably an average lover. A thought flashed across my mind that made me smile inwardly. Surely my father hadn’t had a professor at the University as good as Melanie; who had a master degree in "Loving 101", “102”, etc, etc.

While Natashaa stepped over to the dresser, placing her wine glass atop it, I walked to the nightstand by the bed, setting mine there; and just as she was about to turn, I went to her from behind, placing my hands on her shoulders. She leaned back to me her head on my chest, I tilted her head to the side, and then I pulled her long hair back and aside and started kissing and licking her neck with the tip of my tongue, as my hands slipped around her chest, where they began delicately manipulating and caressing her breasts.

She moaned in arousal, and the delicate tips of her breasts began to stiffen and to get hard as if they were stone pebbles, at the same time she slide her right hand down between us and began strumming my bulge over my shorts, and at the same time she arched her back backward to meet my shaft rubbing away at her derriere and began to moan and cry out softly in pleasure. Natasha slid her hand under the fabric of my boxer and caressed the inside of my right thigh as my cock throbbed harder and I felt a patina of sweat on my palms as I caressed her breasts.

I heard Natasha let out a low moan, and she ran her left hand down to the small of my back and pressed on it, urging me to push myself harder against her. I ran my right hand down to her ass and stroked it, then grabbed it hard and holding her tighter, I began to lift her sweatshirt up her torso and press against her with more force, feeling my cock move about and poke into the crack of her bare ass as I thrust my hips.

I unravelled our arms from each other and took off my shorts and then I pushed her gently to the bed and made her lay on her stomach in the bed.

“John” she whispered with trembling voice as she lay at my disposal not knowing what the meaning of an --around the world-- was. “Please be gentle with me, I don’t want to be hurt”

“Don’t worry my love, this is all about pleasure, I love you too much to hurt you in anyway “I tried to reassure her.

She was a tall and statuesque woman and over the bed, the long length of her naked back stretched from her head to her waist, her long and graceful neck and along the center, directly over her spine, a deep valley ran between the muscles in her back, rising and disappearing into her slender asscheeks. From there down, the same valley sank into the deep crack that ended in a beautiful pair of long tanned legs. I was mesmerized, there were no marks except for a tiny thong line, the rest of her unblemished body was beautifully tanned to perfection, and my memory went back to two similar mementos in my life; ten years ago to this same body to which I was applying sun screen at my parents poolside, little more than one year back to a similar and beautiful body. It was Melanie’s body.

She sighed profoundly with contentment and confidence and sank further into the bed mattress. I ran my hands up along her back, astounded at the silky smoothness of her skin, the unblemished surface burning to my touch. I don’t remember how long I was stroking her back and neck, sliding my hands down to the curve of her ass, cupping her round cheeks in my palms.

I allowed my fingers to drift down, along the cleft between her cheeks and touched very lightly the star of her asshole and felt her twitch as my fingers passed softly over it. Then I moved them down, stroking her inner thighs and she widened her legs for me to gain greater access. Again my memories came back.

I stroked downwards, and my fingers ran along the outer fold of her labia, her pussy-lips were very wet and I took her fluids with the tip of my fingers. I ran them up to her perineum, to the star of her ass and I tickled the rim letting it moist, and then I went back down, moving my fingers inwards a fraction, repeating this, moving them in a little more each time until I had stroked the full width of her pussy lips and eventually came to my target. At last I ran a finger directly up over the closed slit of her pussy. Her fluids had by now filled her and leaked out and my fingertip was coated as I ran it along the slit. Natasha moaned and lifted her hips backward.
Finally, I couldn’t hold myself back any longer; and I started to fulfill my promise, I was going to give her a saliva bath with my lips and tongue; I was going to make the tour around my world, her body. Kneeling on the floor, I spread her legs wide and my hot mouth once more found her sex, and it found her hot, wet and willing.
My hands, lips and tongue, roamed over the back of her gorgeous body from neck to thighs as I licked her into a steamy simmer, still on my knees I continued to lap at her exquisite body living her humid with a trail of saliva, my hands stroking the back of her thighs and over her hips, and then onto her ass cheeks, caressing, squeezing, pushing together and pulling gently apart. She pushed forward onto her forearms as my fingers trailed up and down along her legs, from her ankles slowly along her inner thigh to dip into the wet heat of her.
Natasha groaned as my lips left a trail of wetness, moving slowly across her soft ass cheeks. She knew where this was heading and she trembled in anticipation. She couldn’t know that I would take my time and draw out my and her pleasure.
I chuckled as I watched this beautiful woman squirm in front of me. I was learning to love teasing her. With Natalie I would, sometimes, take an hour or more to build up to the final act. She had made become a master at slow, sensual seduction.
“Oh God, sweetie,” Natasha moaned. “Please!”
Her mind was a fog of lusty arousal as she surrendered to the sensations I was giving her, my probing fingers, my hot breath on her thigh, my moist lips and wet tongue sliding completely over her hot body and preferably on her ass cheeks. She just gave in to it, sought the pleasure in every touch. When I raised her hand to her asscheeks she instinctively raised the other with it, and spread her cheeks as my tongue trailed from the base of her spine and down between.
She shuddered and moaned when the probing tip of my tongue found her puckered hole and swirled around it, my fingers still thrusting gently into her hungry sex. Her face pressed into the mattress now and she rocked her hips back at to me as I trailed a finger over her clit that sent a jolt right through to her sizzling core.

My tongue pushed and probed at her ass, jostling the nerves that sent tingles ricocheting down her legs and up her spine to her brain. Her hands fell to the mattress as she succumbed to the erotic heat emanating from my tongue, pushing, pushing, and seeking entry inside her entrails. Her moans were constant, muffled by the mattress as she rocked back and forth as my hungry mouth devoured her tasty ass, her own fingers plunging into her sex in time with her rocking, thrusting hips.

“Ohhhh, yes, yessss,” she gasped, already pushing up her buttocks, unable to stop herself as her lust filled and debauched mind took total control of her body. She felt her insides stretching, opening as my tongue worked in deeper and deeper, until my chin sat snugly against the back of her hand that she was fingering herself deeply with.

I bit her soft flesh gently, leaving teeth marks on the white skin. Then I sat back slightly and paused for a moment to take in the view in front of me. My mother’s firm buttocks were perfect; and my hands trembled as I reached out and caressed the soft skin, I saw goose bumps rise on her ass cheeks and then run down the back of her thighs. Slowly, I opened her cheeks again.
We moaned at the same time as mother's tiny rose was exposed. I loved looking at her puckered little hole. It was wrinkled and pale pink; Natasha couldn't stop her hips from squirming as she felt her—what was him to her: lover, husband to be, trustworthy employee, one night stand --- adoring eyes centered on her most private place. Suddenly, she could feel again his hot breath on her pulsing hole. It was getting very warm in the room.
My tongue came out and he touched, once more, the little rim. I felt her tremble with excitement; then my tongue circled around the hole in a teasing fashion. When Natasha pushed back, I pulled away and chuckled teasingly again. Then I moved my tongue to the top of her buttocks before sliding it down one cheek and up the other, leaving a trail of saliva.
Natasha was growing impatient. "Oh please!" she moaned as she felt me begin to lick her again. This time, my tongue started at the top of her crack and moved slowly downward, edging closer and closer, teasing her again and again; and finally my tongue touched the tiny hole again.
“Ohhhh my god” she moaned and pushed her ass back toward my tongue again.
I stiffened my tongue and pressed forward.
"Oh mmmyyyyy Goddddddddd" she screamed and the noise rattled the room walls and her body trembled like a leaf. I had done this to Melanie countless times and every time seemed to be the first. I could tell Natasha could feel my wide tongue separating her sphincter and slipping into her body; she had always thought that this act was too dirty for words, now she felt it was a necessary part of their lovemaking; it was a prelude to something much bigger and much longer. “Yes, yes, yes” she moaned as she felt my tongue beginning to move in and out of her slowly stretching hole.
Suddenly, Natasha cried, and her body went, first rigid, and then limp, I took my tongue out her ass, her hole pulsed, as if it had a mind of its own, like it needed something to stretch it to the limit.

I turned her so she was lying on her back now. I kissed her mouth and placed little kisses all over her face. I sucked her ear lobes. I kissed her neck. I licked her breast and sucked her nipples into my mouth. I kissed and licked my way down her body; then I reached the pubic hair above her pussy; oh my god, it is so soft and fluffy, it’s like dew in a mountain side. I put my nose close to the lips of her pussy; her smell was intoxicating me. I spread her pussy lips apart and saw the moisture had made her pink flesh glisten. I was so desperate to taste her I spread her legs a little more and I moved so my face was lying between her legs, my nose an inch from her beautiful pussy.

“I could lay here for hours and just smell you; this is what heaven must smell like. It makes me lightheaded”. I told her. This is something I’ve wanted to do since I was thirteen. I thought

“I am delighted you like my smell so much but you are going to have to do more than just lay there. You have got me all worked up again”.

I stick a finger in her pussy and then placed it under her nose. “See what I am talking about”.

She took hold of my hand and licked her cream from my finger. “Yes, it smells nice and taste good too. Soooo…”

“Ok, Ok I can take a hint”. Spreading her cunt lips I dived my head until my mouth was covering her pussy; oh, it was so soft and warm, the syrup from flesh was like thick cream. I started to lap it all up; in the meanwhile Natasha was making little moaning sounds, I licked deep inside her; she was right, it tasted wonderful; I pulled a pillow down and she raised her hips and I placed the pillow under her ass, She spread her legs and her pussy opened slightly, It was the most beautiful sight of my life, nothing was comparable; my mouth covered her cunt and I licked, sucked and suckled. But, I avoided her clitoris, for now.

She reminded me of a kitten purring. My father's widow, my mother, was responding to my every move. How lucky I was. How lucky I am. I adore her. I had wanted for a long time to eat her up. I found her clit with my tongue and at the same time stuck two fingers in her cunt all the while licking up and down her slit and teasing her clit; her moans were louder; her hands were clutching at her breast. My father's widow is so close to orgasm, but I don't want her to cumm yet, I want to keep her on the edge, on the brink. This is so perfect. I love it. I’m in love with her. I had loved my father too but I don't feel guilty. She’s desperate and raises her ass further up off the bed. She moves her hips up and down in a fucking motion.

She is close and wants release; I want to prolong my and her enjoyment, sucking and licking her cunt; my father's widow wants to cum, soon sweetheart, soon, I thought. I decided it was time to let her finish. I licked her clit hard and rammed my two fingers deep into her pussy trying to connect her g point. Her hands left her breasts and went to the back of my head; she pulled my head into her crotch and lifted her ass up from the pillow as far as she could to meet my face. My father's widow is cumming. And Oh my god, how hard she cums. She screams out my name, which is the name she thinks is mine. She locks her legs around my head. She bucks up and down. . Oh how I love it. Oh How I love her; my father's widow; my mother.
Her back was arching, her nails were digging into my shoulder blades. I was inhaling her fragrance, infatuated with her sex. My tongue was probing at her clitoris as my fingers continuously penetrate her.
“Ohhh,” she moaned with her eyes closed. Her heels were digging into the mattress as her hands continued to run through my hair. The moans were becoming louder and I knew she was close to climax.
I moved both my hands up to her breasts and gently squeeze them. Her nipples were completely erect and I rubbed the areolas softly, making her grunt with pleasure. She was pleading me to allow her to climax.
“Please John. Please, please, please...”
I was teasing her wet cunt, not giving her complete satisfaction yet; I waited until the orgasm was close, and then eased off her clitoris. I gave light flickers against it with my tongue, tantalizing her while she was so incredibly close to that brink of no return.
The passion between her legs was building again. My fingers were inside, furiously going back and forth; In and out they go as she cried with raw pleasure. Her large breasts were bouncing around as her pussy was enduring the most pure torture desire can give. I can only keep my wicked smile as I pushed back and forth, harder and harder with three fingers.
“Right there...Ohhh, Ohhh, make me cumm!”
I thought, I am going to let her go, seeing as she was so riled up. Her hips were thrusting at my face harshly, erotically. I could feel her knees buckle, her sex contracting. Her face was a hot red. I could tell she had let all her emotions go into what she was feeling. Lust
“Oh, I can’t take it anymore,” she cried. Her hips gave a strong lunge at my face as I buried my fingers deep inside her. Four of them were fucking her pussy as my mouth buzzed on her clitoris, I was not stopping even to save my life. She thrust her pussy at my face even though her orgasm was almost at an end.
“Please, please, please John. You are driving me crazy. Please lick me higher. I can't stand it. Oh God! Oh God”

I kept her on the verge of cumming. I knew that when I touched her clit again she was going to explode. She was clutching the back of my head trying to force me higher. OK dear mother, I thought, if that’s what you want… here it goes; I licked across her clit over and over and….

I waited a few more minutes until the spasms subsided before I removed my mouth from her cunt.
It took her several minutes to descend from the cloud where her mind had gone, after she leaned forward and kissed me deeply, craving my tongue against hers, she sucked her cream from my tongue and mouth, I rubbed her breasts again, and twisted the nipples as she erotically pressed her lips against mine.
“That was fucking great,” she said. She leaned back against the head bed, smiling like a little schoolgirl. Her heart was finally beating normally.
“So, did you like the around the world tour I promised you?”

She looked at me with adoring eyes, a lover’s look, a look of love, a look that I wanted she would give me when she finds out that I am his son.

“Yes, it was a magnificent experience; something I would like to repeat in the near future. But now is your turn. What do you want me do to you?”

“If you don’t mind, now I would like we make love in the missionary position, I want to see your face and look in your eyes when I’m inside you”

“Oh John yes, I want to see your face too; I want to feel you inside me, I want that big penis giving me pleasure”

I, her unknown son, was standing naked with my cock jutting out from my groin. My prick was eight and a half-inch in length, very thick and very stiff looking.

“My god, John, THAT thing is really huge... that’s the biggest penis I have ever seen... mmmm... Come and hold me, my dear”

I held her and kissed her, on the lips, slipping my tongue into her mouth. Mother reacted favourably and after a moment, was kissing me back; we were soon sliding our tongues into each other's mouths. I knelt between her thighs posing myself over her in the bed, in the secular fucking position, my pole rigid with desire and dripping pre-cum.

Natasha immediately began repositioning herself on the bed waiting for me to fulfill her. First she just slid her body so her very wet and eager pussy was in front of my dangling pole, then she took it with her two hands and begun to slid its mushroom head back and forth on her pussy lips, getting it wetter with her juices. Then she intentionally maneuvered her hips so that her hole found my glands. I put my hands on her hips and helped guide her to where I needed to be. Then with a few brief strokes, my dick plunged into the cunt I had been dreaming about since I was 13.

We held each other very tightly as we made love the first time. The intensity of our connection made us feel like if we were truly of one flesh, which in a way we are, being mother-son. My fully erect prick seemed to be the perfect length and thickness to fill up my mother perfectly. When she ground me down on herself the head of my cock rubbed against her cervix and the heads entering her womb, and I felt I had penetrated her like she had never been, I think not even my father.

“Fuck me, John. Make me never forget this first time.”

A few minutes later I felt her squeeze me harder inside her. I continued stabbing at her deep inside. Without a pause, our instincts kicked in and we began to move together as if we'd been lovers for years. Natasha's legs came up and back as she gripped me with her thighs, her heels pressing into my flanks, guiding the pace of my thrusts, wincing at times if my thrusts were too hard and profound. I rested on her big, pillow-like breasts, enjoying the sensations of her hard, thick nipples scraping against my chest. I brought my mouth to hers and we teasingly kissed each other, tongues reaching out to lick a lip or to dance together before finally we pressed our mouths together in a passionate kiss of soul mates.

We moved together and kissed, deeply, with passion, and we kept our eyes open, looking into each other's gaze and getting lost in the immensity of our souls. Natasha's pussy clasped at my shaft, resisting every movement my cock took to withdraw and then gently caressing my flesh as I sank back into her moist, creamy flesh. I was buried deep within her womb and her whole body seemed to throb with desire, with each deep thrust, Mom-Natasha's eyes grew wider and seemed to beg me for more.

She uncurled her arms from around my neck and she reached back and used the headboard for leverage to thrust up with her hips more fiercely at my pushing penis. She spread her legs very wide and then wrapped them again around my pistoning ass, digging into my butt. She suddenly broke the kiss, crying out as an orgasm began to explode inside her womb, “More, lover, give everything; fuck me, fuck me harder, deeper, oh, oh Johnnn" A look of joyous disbelief broke out on Natasha's face. “Omigod, omigod, making me cummmm, John, You're making me cummmm”

She bit her lip as overwhelming waves of pleasure swept through her mind. Her body began to spasm; her pussy was tightening around my cock, deeply buried in her flesh. I bit my own lip, wanting the minor pain to keep my own incredible pleasure from sending me over the edge. Natasha arched her back as she continued to orgasm, her face now contorted with ecstatic sobs.

Finally, she went limp like a puppet whose strings were suddenly cut. Her legs slipped down my back to the bed and she sniffled as she gasped, “Whooooaa, I've never, ever cum like that before, sweetheart"

Her entire body had seemed to clench up as she screamed and convulsed beneath me, her cunt clasping my dick tightly, her womb literally sucking my seed out of my body. I let my throbbing cock explode inside her and I kissed her roughly on the mouth, driving my tongue between her lips to her throat. We kissed hungrily, madly, passionately as we rode out our mutual orgasms. It seemed for a moment that I might never stop cumming, I was ejaculating at the woman I had held in the back of my mind for years, saving my baby making sperm for the one pussy that deserved it the most, my beloved mother.

“I'm gonna cum,” I moaned after an eternity of sexual bliss. This woman was carnality incarnated; her long white blond hair wet with sweat was swinging around her face, her lovely rose skinned body dripping with sweat, her scent was thick in my nostrils, urging me to cum.

"Cum in me, please” this goddess gasped, “Give me your seed, lover. I want it. I need your spunk, John! Fill me up with your sperm making babies! Make me pregnant, John”

Gradually, things began to calm down. My flood of semen became a trickle with Natasha's milking cunt sucking the last few drops of my seed as we caught our breath. "My god” I gasped. “This was the most incredible fuck of my life”

“This is the best Christmas present I've ever had. It's given me more pleasure in one night that I had in a lifetime before”

I was taken aback, she didn’t know, but she was referring to my father.

She giggled and waggled her eyebrows. "And your little friend downstairs it's a lot bigger than any cock I had known”

“Merry Christmas, Mot...Natasha. I love you,” I whispered as I lowered myself on top of her wondering if I had not committed a gaffe when I almost had let escape the word mother.

Only one thought marred my felicity, I hadn’t used a condom, and I didn’t know, I thought no, if Natasha, my mother, used any kind of contraceptive.


After that wonderful Christmas evening the next days and weeks were uneventful, snow kept falling and we made the ranch house a living cocoon; we had everything we needed to live our romance undisturbed, leaving the house the minimum required to breathe clean air and walk around. Surely, we made love, she didn’t know it, but I was living a dream, a long time dream. The bed was the place where we spent most of the time, but the floor in front of the fire place on a blanket was our favorite place to make love late at night; soft, languid, unhurried sex, with many caresses, kisses and tenderness, everything I had wished for so long and making good use of the love lessons I had taken with Natalie, not so long ago.

The New Year came and went and our love affair was as the first day, our commitment grew and grew with the passing of the days, January gave way to February, and that is when by the end of the month our world seemed to blow into pieces, our romance shatter, and our idyll in ruins.

Natasha got up one morning nauseous and with an upset stomach, after the first symptoms had passed and when she felt better, we examined whether there were any food that might have gone bad and got her sick. It seemed impossible that two adult persons would not think of a possible pregnancy, especially when neither of the two had taken precautions against.

Natasha because she believed that her life cycle to become pregnant had passed, although she was still menstruating regularly; and I, well I, because I had no fucking idea about the mysteries of womanhood. I was going to learn quickly about those mysteries with tears of blood. After several days of morning nauseas and stomach cramps, we decided go to see the town doctor; we went to Troy, not Clark Fork, that for no other reason than Natasha didn’t like Dr Fergusson, Clark Fork physician.
In Troy the resident physician, after hearing Natasha, sent us to buy a pregnant test, and oh heavens, the test was positive. Then all the hell fell upon my head. After the news Natasha in shock started giving me the silent treatment; I was the guilty one, we both had made love, but it was me who had the guilt of the pregnancy. The return to the ranch was hell; she became a statue of ice, cold, distant, no answering me when I spoke to her. All of a sudden I was reminded of her, my mother, thirteen years ago when I was a teenager, and the reasons for which I had fled my parents house and why had I not wanted to see her for so many years. Would history repeat again?

My heart broke in my chest like a fragile crystal vase.

Arriving to the ranch she got down the car, always silent, and did enter the house, I put the car in the carport and entered the house not knowing which would be my role from now on. Soon it was made clear to me,

“John, I need time alone to discern what I’m going to do about this....this....this pregnancy, will you please take your clothes and personal things from my bedroom and return to your former room”. She told me not looking at me.

I was confounded, aghast, this was the woman I had adored all this years, the woman who had told me she loved me only a few days ago; I almost turned to leave the house and disappear forever. Common sense told me to cool my mood, make as she said and wait for a few days and see how events unfolded. After I took my things from the bedroom, she went inside, closed the door and didn’t come out for several days; I heard her come out always at night, go to the kitchen, take some food and return to her room. I left her alone.

I don’t have very clear how much time she confined herself, ¿It was a week, ten days?
I cannot say for sure; but when she came out of her room looking for me she told me she had already made a decision about her pregnancy,

She just said: “I’m going to abort before is too late”

I was stunned, speechless, mute, and deaf, with a bitter feeling in the mouth and my stomach decomposed; my head was spinning and I had to take a hold to steady myself and not fall down.

“Say something John, say you agree with me, say it, please” she said, almost begging.

I reacted of my near paralysis and numbly blurted in a whisper “I’m not John”

She looked at me not understanding, shook her head and said; “Never mind that, now, will you take me to the clinic?

I shook my head in despair and without another word I went to prepare the car for the trip. The journey was a repetition of the last one. She silent, adamant in her purpose, I, driving with a doom over my head, thinking of the return and about my future, I decided I would return east, to Boston, and forget, if possible, I have a mother.

We arrived in town at the last hours of the evening, almost night, and we had to wait until morning to see the gynecologist. The accommodation would be an awkward moment, since in the house we did not share the bedroom anymore, so I decided move to a different boarding house and meet her at the clinic first time in the morning. She didn’t oppose the arrangement.

That night was a sleepless one and a journey of introspection of my life. With its lights and shadows, with which I did and what I could have done better. And reached several conclusions, if my mother got an abortion I would come out of her life forever, without remorse and trying to overcome the fascination she had exercised over me throughout my life, another of my conclusions was to repent for not having been closer to my father.

In the morning I was haggard, gaunt but had decided of the steps to follow. I went looking for her and when she saw me took a step back and a quick cloud of uncertainty passed over her face; my only words were,

“Good morning, shall we go”

She had uncertainty written all over her face but answered civilly: “Good morning, you don’t look well, are you OK”.

“Don’t worry about me, I’m fine” and again “Shall we go”

Without another word she got in the car and we went to her appointment in the clinic.

She explained to the gynecologist what was happening and what did she want; I had been invited by the doctor to be present in the office, he must had supposed I was her husband or....something, and when she had finished he looked at me, I stood in silence giving no opinion, and after several seconds he asked Natasha to go up to the gurney to examine her.

I excused myself and went outside to the corridor to wait the news; after half an hour the doctor’s office door opened and I was asked to get inside. Natasha’s face expression was different, I could not read her thoughts, but she seemed at times joyful, at times worried, even preoccupied, but at no time indifferent.

“Well Mr. Sorensen, your wife can’t have an abortion, with her age its very dangerous and even her life may be in danger”

I was astounded, Mr. Sorensen!! My wife!! What the hell was happening, but before I could open my mouth to say something, the good doctor followed:

“As I was saying no abortion for your wife, but she is very healthy and there is no reason not to carry the pregnancy to term and have a healthy child. So I wait you again in a month and congratulations”, and with that he took my hand in a handshake, dismissing us. Now it was my turn to be silent.

The return trip to the ranch was like a story of another time, she began to speak making plans for the future and at the same time she looked at me with a radiant face; I, contrary to her, didn’t respond her and was as silent as death. It was Kafkaesque, and I did not understand her reaction or new attitude; what shows I really know nothing of feminine psychology. When we were approaching the ranch she began to realize I was silent and hadn’t said a word, she stopped talking.

When we reached the ranch, I parked in the path and left the car outside the garage, and then I headed straight to my room to prepare my luggage. Natasha followed me and when she saw what I was doing stopped short and couldn’t react.

“Well, now that you are your own self again, is time for me to go and let you alone, as you wanted” I told her with a bleeding heart.

“John….what….what are you talking about; you can’t leave me now” she said with a stricken face.

“Well, until this afternoon in the clinic, you didn’t want anything to do with – your husband, dr. words--, you even let me go to another place to sleep last night; so I think I have nothing to do here”

“But that’s not true, I mean…. Wait a minute, yesterday morning before going to the clinic you told me you were not John, if you are not him, who are you?”

That was a question that once, not so long ago, in my dreams I had wished her to make me, now I wasn’t so sure, “I’m your son, I’m Pierce Bridgeport”

Her face went white as if she had seen a ghost; her hand to her mouth, her eyes popping out of its sockets she started murmuring, “Oh my god, oh my god, it can’t be true, can’t be true”.

I was as petrified as her, my arms limp at my sides, the suitcases forgotten; I was waiting for her reaction.

She just stood there, with a numbed expression on her face; I had to say something to start the wheels of life turning again, so I told her, “Its true mother, I’m Pierce, the son that refused to see you year after year”

That seemed to take her out of her paralysis, “But you made love to me, we made love, you knew I’m your mother, and we are going to have a child together, that’s incest….” Her voice was losing force and was gradually lost in the silence.

“Yes I did, I did make love to you, my mother, because I love you, I’m in love with you”

Suddenly she turned around and was going to get out of the room when she stopped, her back to me, and with a thin voice asked me to not go away, for me to stay. It was clear to me that her proud spirit was broken, and that inside her mind was taking place a fierce struggle.

“But we can’t love…, you can’t love me that way, it’s a sin, it’s against the law, you are my son” and sobbing heartbreakingly she went to her room and closed softly the door.
She didn’t come out her bedroom for the next two days, not even for a drink of water, and really, I was getting more worried with each passing day; I called to her, I knocked her door every couple hours and asked her to talk to me, anything to get her out from that self-destructive state . Her only answer was “Please Pierce, let me be alone, but don’t go away, we need to talk, I need to talk to you”.

At last, very early in the morning of the third day, she resurrected, went to take a shower and when she had finished I had her breakfast on the table. Her countenance had improved in appearance; she was still pale and haggard but she had begun to come out of this cloud of misery sufficiently to talk.
“Pierce, I want you to know that I had always loved you, I have never stopped loving you”
“I know mother, now that I’m a mature man, I know you always loved me and I hope it isn’t too late for us to bond again”
“Yes, but I have a major problem, I'm pregnant and I carry in my womb your child, who is also your sibling, what are we going to do, please tell me, my head is very numb and I can’t think clearly”.
“Ok mother, now, first things first; and one thing at a time. You made love with me, someone who everybody knows as John Van Nuys, Ok....”
“Yes, but you are my son and...”
“Mother, mother, please listen to me, nobody knows in one thousand miles around we are related, less than less that we are family, in fact mother and son; so the social aspect of the issue is solved, don’t you agree ?“
“Yes, that may be true but all the same we committed incest and that...”

“No mother, you didn’t commit incest, I did, I knew you are my mother, you didn’t know I’m your son; if there is, I charge with the responsibility and the guilt, not you. And although this child was conceived in love, if it makes you feel better think about it as a child product of rape, you love your child but not his father”

“But I can’t do that, I love you, I have always loved you, what I cannot understand is all this farce to pass yourself off as other person to have sex with me”
“Oh mother, mother, you are not so thick, don’t you understand, mother I’m in love with you, mother I love you, I’m in love with you, I have always been in love with you; ask yourself, ¿what other reason could I have had for not wanting to see you?”
Her expression did not demonstrate, to my great confusion, surprise at my confession. It seemed that she already knew it and that I only had confirmed to her the truth by the manifestation of my sentiments.

She let the silence envelop us for several minutes before she pointed to me she was very tired and we would continue this conversation the following day, if I was in the ranch. She was apparently very worried because she thought I might desert her again. That thought did not occur to me, because I was getting used to the idea of being the father of my own brother or sister.

I went to my room but couldn’t sleep; my mind was in turmoil and my life was chaos.
I have always had an orderly life, I had a final purpose in mind, maybe it was utopian, but in my daily life everything was very orderly, with no surprises, perhaps monotonous, but that kind of life gave me peace of mind. Now I didn’t know which was to become of my life or future.

Next morning I was up before sunrise, made coffee and waited for my mother to get up.
When she did and came to the kitchen, there was something different to her, I poured her a cup of coffee and waited expectantly for her to tell me what was in her mind.

“Pierce” she started, “I have thought about us and our relationship the whole night, I don’t want for you to go away again, if you do, I’m sure this time will be forever, I don’t want to lose you again, but we can’t have sex again; I don’t think about us making love as rape, because I did consent, and it was beautiful, but it can’t go on...”

I tried to interrupt her and make her see my viewpoint, but she didn’t let me,

“Pierce let me finish, please, if you want to make me happy, stay with me; to the world we’ll be a couple with a son or daughter, in the privacy of our home we’ll be mother and children, and you'll be a brother to our child”.

I was astounded; she wanted me to forget, just like that, our liaison, which had been not only carnal, but emotional as well. I felt like if a black void was engulfing me and I could not do anything. She remained adamant in that posture.

“I’ll let you think about this my dear for you to take a decision, just remember, I love you very much”

“Not to be my wife”

“But I can’t Pierce, I’m already your mother” she said and went out of the kitchen.

I needed to get out of the house, I was feverish, I was sick with anguish, I couldn’t be her man, but if I stayed, I will have to be near her day after day, I was going to be her husband outside the house with everything that that means, I will have to go to parenting classes, touch her and act like a loving husband. I will have to attend childbirth, and see our child come out of the same channel I came out to the world twenty seven years ago. It was utter madness, I could not stay here, and I could not do what she was asking me.

But, no matter what, I was going to do it.


Since that morning we started living a routine in which to the outside world, we were a couple with age difference; when we went to the clinic for pregnancy checks or to town to buy groceries, and even to dinner and dancing outside town, everyone treated us just like any other couple expecting a baby, and I was treated with the condescension with which are treated all young fathers. Everything was smiles and laughter, only I was crying inside.

No one questioned our relationship; no one imagined that we were related in the first degree. My mother is white blonde and I have black hair, like my father, with the snow-white stripe that left me my accident at sea, which ran from my chin by my right cheek to the middle of my head, her eyes are grey green and mine are brown. Beautiful my life eh?, Right.

It was just that when the house door was closed behind us and we were alone, everything changed. The domestic life was a hell for me, I had her with me all day, I’m in love with her and want to hold, caress and kiss her, but inside the house, when alone, she was treating me as what I am, her child, love-making days were a thing of the past, to never return, apparently; it was a living hell. That wasn’t so for my mother, who seemed to be living in heaven, she have rejuvenated with the pregnancy; and after her second month of pregnancy when the morning discomforts had disappeared and her only issue was to care for our child inside her, she was as a first time Mom.

When she was reaching her sixth month of pregnancy and her body had begun to change, my life was unbearable and I started to think of leaving after childbirth. I was nervous, moody and restless and could not concentrate on anything, in the end I was thinking that when she has the child, she won't need me anymore, she has money and she will have another son not to be alone, probably he or she will keep company with her forever.

I started to leave home early in the morning and return at the end of the evening, I was beginning to take care of my own investment business, I phoned daily to my lawyer and broker in Boston and I was distracted when at home, not paying so much attention to her as at the beginning; it was the way my mind had to defend itself of the pain and the depression that was taking over me.

I helped her with the bookkeeping and little more. Little by little I was drifting away from her, doing my part of the bargain by acting as her husband in the increasingly rare occasions on which she came out of the house.

Suddenly, one morning when I woke up smelled an exquisite scent of freshly brewed coffee coming into my room; still groggy, I went to the kitchen to see my pregnant mother in a floral housecoat bustling in the kitchen singing to herself as she was fixing breakfast. When she felt my presence turned her head and smiling broadly she said.

“Good morning sweetie”

Astonished and not understanding anything I asked her:”What are you doing up so early”

She looked surprised by my question and answered, “Why, fixing breakfast for my husband, what else”
I dropped heavily in a chair, I looked at her not understanding what was going on and told her stupidly, “But I’m your son, not......”

“Not anymore, I mean, yes you are my son, but from now on you are also my mate, and soon my legally wedded husband; ¿ was not that what you wanted?”

“Yes of course but you said.... I thought.....”

“Yes my love, I know what I said to you, I know what you thought, and I’m very sorry, ¿will you forgive me?”

“Yes, of course, that means....”

“Let me explain myself my dear. I always have known you loved me, what I didn´t know, but later suspected, was that when you came to work for me you were my son. with the passing of days I started to suspect that you were not who you said you were; you had a very intimate knowledge of the house and the places to look for stuff in it, only someone in the family (and my parents had only two relatives, you and I) could know, where they are kept certain things, and so I began to suspect that you could be my long lost son”

“Yes, but why did you let me make love to you” I was utterly confused.

“Because I fell in love with you; I’m madly in love with you. I convinced myself that you were John, in truth I fell in love with the person you are, no matter what name that person has, you are sensible, kind, loving, passionate, and very lovable”

“Yes, but since the pregnancy, with your attitude towards me, I have been living in hell”

“Yes, I know, because I have been living in the same hell.”

And then mother, went so far as to explain me that she and my father had always intended to have more children, but, one way or the other, it had never happened. Now, when she got pregnant, she was delighted that I'd impregnated her, but she was terrified in the light of the risks that involved. Her reaction was ambivalent, on the one hand she wanted this child, by the other was terrified and that’s why she thought of an abortion.

I was speechless; at last all of my dreams were to become true. “What do we do now?”

“First, finish your breakfast, then go to shower, you’re a little ripe you know, and then come to our bedroom, I’ll be waiting for you, we have many... hummm, things to talk about. And Pierce...”


“When we go outside and meet other people, as we are married, you call me: dear, sweetie, Natasha, wife, or whatever catches your fancy. Home or bedroom you call me
Mom, mommy, mother; I prefer the first two. That’s all right with you?”

I was grinning, and my smile was from ear to ear.
Dear, I have one question;”will you shave your face, I love you anyway, but I would like to know you with no hair on your face, if after, you are not comfortable how you look, you let the beard grow again”

I was going to say NO, and then on second thought I said to myself, ¿why not, you shaved your balls for Melanie and the crotch too? “Ok mother, as you wish?


I showered and then shaved, my face was not so different, only the scar marred my face, but far less than what I had feared, the scar was like a white stripe 2 mm wide in a pale face that had not taken the sun in years. I put cologne, my robe, and naked underneath, went to mother’ room.

She was waiting on the bed, over the mattress, she had her long hair spread on the pillow and a sexy nightie was all she had on. Her breasts, now bountiful with pregnancy were gorgeous, and her tummy, now six months in the pregnancy looked lovely, not very bulging, just as a medium watermelon. I could not take my eyes from her.

“My god Pierce, you are very handsome, come near my love so mom can kiss your face hurt”
At those words my penis did inflate like a balloon and as one went up instantly. I took her in my arms and started kissing her, mouth, nose, eyes, neck, breasts and down to her tummy. When I was sniffing her wafting scent and preparing to plunge into her pussy, she stopped me taking my head with her hands and told me, “Wait my dear, today I repay you, let me make love to you”.

I could see my mother's sexy body, barely hidden in her negligee, her breasts and her bountiful muff under her belly. “You're beautiful, Mom. The most beautiful woman I've ever seen”.

She smiled with a pleased look on her face. She turned around in my arms, not a bit ashamed that she was rubbing her meaty breasts and pregnant belly across my lower chest and crotch as she did so. “Do you like this gown, Pierce? I bought it at the Mall the other day thinking maybe you'd like it. Maybe I always knew I was getting it for you, my darling son, and not other."

“It's beautiful, Mom, but only because you are in it. Thank you very much.”

Mom wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her body more firmly against me. “I can't ignore this anymore, can I? I love you, Pierce and I need you; I love you as my son but I love you more as my man, my life mate. I want us to be lovers forever, son”

Mom looked up at me, her grey-green eyes wide and anxious; she seemed so vulnerable at that moment. I couldn't help but love her more than ever. Did she think there was even a slight chance I'd say no?
“Oh, Mom, I can't think of anything I want more. I love you so much, Mom. I've loved you and dreamed of this for so many years. I've wai…..”

Mom kissed me again, leaning into me, the weight of her meaty breasts and tummy feeling delicious on my skin. Mom pushed me onto my back and began to kiss her way downwards. She stopped at my nipples, circling the hard nubs with her tongue, making me groan as she nipped them with her sharp teeth.

Her tongue travelled further down my body as she gave me butterfly kisses down below my stomach. Mom ran her face across my groin, when she saw my shaved pubis, her eyes opened wide in surprise,

“Why did you shave your err....”

“Why, don’t you like it, I shaved my face and supposed you would like that part shaved too, its clean”

Her breath felt incredible as she rubbed her face in my bald pubis; she was now lying at my side her head to my feet and her feet beside my face, Mom looked lustily at my rapidly rock hardening cock which she slowly and lovingly was stroking. I clawed the sheets as Mom showed me that despite a lack of practice, she knew how to suck her son's cock.

“I wasn’t a good cocksucker when I was younger,” Mom said teasingly after licking my shaft.

She looked up to me and said, “How can I get all this lovely cock inside my mouth without choking?”

Pierce explained her that she would need to regulate her breathing in such a way that she took her breaths as the cock withdrew from her mouth, she also would need to relax his throat muscles to allow its full length to enter her mouth.

“Mom this is difficult but with practise we could achieve it” said Pierce.

“We, what? My dear, I thought it was me who was choking with a big cock in my mouth”, answered my laughingly mother.

Then mom slipped my cock into her mouth and bathed it in saliva using her tongue to tease the underside of the mushroom head; with great pleasure she set about this challenge and she did find, that with concentration, she could breathe with a mouthful of cock in her mouth, although taking it into her throat was much more difficult. Soon I was sighing and moaning announcing my impending climax. My mother suddenly stopped before I could actually spurt my load.

“Oh mom that’s beautiful” I said panting.

“And that’s nothing, baby I haven’t even started”

I just whimpered as I watched her pulling my cock toward her mouth and wrap her lips around my cock’s crown. My hands were resting on the top of her head and I was watching her in dazed amazement as she nursed on my dick. I tried to smile to her with my eyes as she slurped and sucked my dick, but she was so absorbed with what she was doing that she didn't even lift her head of my cock to look at me.

“Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhh ...Mommmmmmmmmmmm!” I moaned softly as I felt her nose and lips tickle my hairless pubis and crotch. “I love you soooooooo much!”

It was a vision to behold; mother was on her side, her bulging belly almost over my own belly, her beautiful hair sprawling over my body, her small hands grabbing my penis and her lips and tongue lapping, licking and sucking my crotch, dick and perineum. It was an erotic vision, it was madness and, as her cunt was inches away from my face, I could smell her pussy´s cream fragrance wafting up to my nostrils, but as a punished school kid in front of a box of candy, I couldn’t eat or touch her.

As a consolation prize, while she sucked my dick, I had to settle for sucking the toes of her dainty feet which were in front my face.

I could not hold out any longer and warned mother I was about to cum; the explosion started deep inside my testes and flooded up through my cock, hot and almost painful, but bringing me glorious release. I felt the seed spurt from my cock and into my mother’s throat, I felt her trying to swallow and take all of me and partially succeed with the first jet, but when the second, third and fourth ropes quickly followed she was gagging and she needed to breath so she lifted her head back and I came into her mouth and as she breathed I came on her lips; despite swallowing as fast as she could mom could not prevent some of the white salty fluid from escaping from her lips.

She licked it off and into her mouth and then I came onto her chin and she pulled back a little more and I came onto her neck and she smeared my seed down over her skin and rubbed its slipperiness into her nipples. I came a final time, onto her left breast and she put her fingers into the slipperiness I had left and spread it onto her skin.

After cleaning my cock she sought out any the lost sperm with her fingers and quickly licked them clean.

“Oh my love, I had never tasted semen before. It is delicious” my mother’s own words.

After swallowing my baby making seed and licking my cock clean, she commented aloud about the virility of youth, because having just shot a huge load my cock still remained as hard as steel

Mother then adducing tiredness took up a position in the bed lying on her back and told me to straddle her above her mouth and head. I did, and in a flash she was between my outstretched legs and had nine-inches of hot cock about to enter her mouth again.
Suddenly I felt my legs being gently prised apart as my mother slid a little between them on her back, and soon she was sucking my cock in unison with my own ineffectual efforts to reach her clit. Before long I was shocked again as I felt something pushing firmly against my sphincter muscle. Relaxing I accepted the index finger from my mother inside my anal canal, I felt the stimulation against my prostate gland and I lost totally my control as I flooded my mom's mouth with my second load of hot spunk.

Spent I laid on the bed, took mom on my arms and I whispered to her,

“This is forever, Mom, I love you, Mom.”

Tears welled up in Mom's eyes and she said, “We are together forever, son. I love you too!” We kissed and snuggled and gradually exhaustion took us and we fell asleep.


When we woke up, it was mid-afternoon, we had slept more than eight hours, we were very hungry and needed urgently a bath or a shower as we were ripe; dried sex fluids all over our bodies. We had slept cuddled, I behind her in the position of the spoon with my right arm over her belly, caressing our child through the mother's skin.

“Good afternoon my love, what time it is?” Asked my mother who was stretching like a kitten.

“Going to five thirty, are you hungry my lovely? Because I could eat a mule”

“Yes, we both are hungry, your son and I, and he is kicking asking papa to feed us”

“Well, you go and shower and in the meanwhile I’ll cook the three of us some nourishing food, then I’ll take a quick shower and we eat; ok my love?”

Mother was moved and excited about my concern for her well being and my attentions to her.

“Thank you my love you are the best husband I woman may desire”

After we had eaten, we were full and content, fresh from the showers; mother suggested we adjourned again to the bedroom. Once there lying in bed she told me she wanted to repay me for the months we were estranged because of her.

I told her not to worry as everything was right now; that I understand what she had been passing for.

“My love I want for you to fuck me again but it must be not by the usual way, I may suck you, or if you prefer we could, sometimes, do anal”

I was dumbfounded, “What happened to your pussy, have you some problem that I do not know?

“Not my love, Dr Orders”

“I’m worried mom, what happens?”

“Nothing my dear, it’s just, well you see my love the obstetrician had not forbidden sexual intercourse but he said we must be very careful when having sex to prevent an involuntary abortion. He asked me...”

And she went blushing red,

“....if your well....., equipment was bigger than normal, because at my age stretching me vide and going near the cervix, in the throes of passion, there is the chances of a…. premature rupture of the amniotic sac because the baby I am carrying it placed low and it may induce an abortion”

“So you decide, oral for you and me, and/or anal for you” she added.

“I don’t know mom, are you comfortable with anal?”

“Don’t know baby, never did it, does it hurt?”

“You mean dad and you.....never.....”

“No my dear, your father was an spectacular man and scientist, a very good husband and, as you know better than me, a loving father , but in the sex department he was average the first ten years or so, and mostly indifferent the rest, as you may remember for my not very proper behavior with you”

“That’s all right mom, never mind it now. We have a new life together, and with respect to our sex, we’ll do whatever you are comfortable with”-

“Ok my love, I want to give you all the pleasure I can, just be careful with my little, well you know”.

“Don’t worry mom I’ll be extra careful; how do you want to do it, spoon or doggy style?

“Whatever you want my love”

So I pushed mother to the edge of the bed, with her opened legs dangling I kneeled on the floor and started kissing, licking and tonguing her legs from the knees up to her very excited pussy lips; I put a couple pillows under her buttocks and started working in her pussy, perineum and asscheeks. Son her mind was a fog of lusty arousal as she surrendered to the sensations I was giving her, my probing fingers, my hot breath on her thigh, my moist lips and wet tongue sliding completely over her hot body and preferably on her ass cheeks. She just gave in to it, sought the pleasure in every touch. When I raised a hand to part her asscheeks she instinctively raised them to help me with it, and I spread her cheeks as my tongue trailed from the base of her clit and pussy lips and down between.

She shuddered and moaned when the probing tip of my tongue found her puckered hole and swirled around it, my fingers still thrusting gently into her hungry sex. Her head pressed into the mattress now and she rocked slightly her hips back at to me as I trailed a finger over her clit that sent a jolt right through to her sizzling core.

My tongue pushed and probed at her ass, jostling the nerves that sent tingles ricocheting down her legs and up her spine to her brain. Her hands fell to the mattress as she succumbed to the erotic heat emanating from my tongue, pushing, pushing, and seeking entry inside her entrails.

Her moans were constant, muffled by her arms crossed over her face, as she rocked back and forth as my hungry mouth devoured her tasty ass, my fingers plunging into her sex in time with her rocking, thrusting hips.

“Ohhhh, yes, yessss,” she gasped, already pushing up her buttocks, unable to stop herself as her lust filled and debauched mind took total control of her body. She felt her insides stretching, opening as my tongue worked in deeper and deeper, until my chin sat snugly against the mattress.

My knees were cramping and I stood up looking down to my adorable perspiring mother.

“Mom, now we put you in the doggy position, Ok”

I helped her to turn around over her belly, and taking her hips with my hands I pulled her in a kneeling position, and then I put a pillow under her knees and another on the headboard so she could rest her head. Then I placed behind and between her legs.

My hands trembled as I reached out and caressed the soft skin of her buttocks. I gently bit the soft flesh, leaving teeth marks on the white skin. Then I sat back slightly and paused to take in the view; her firm buttocks were perfect, and I saw goose bumps rise on her cheeks and then run down the back of her thighs; slowly, I opened her cheeks.

Mother couldn’t stop her hips from squirming as she felt her son-husband's adoring eyes centered on her private place. Suddenly, she could feel my breath on her pulsing hole; it was getting very warm in the room.

She moaned as her tiny rose was exposed. I stared in amazement. I loved looking at her puckered little hole. It was wrinkled and pink with a tiny mole just to the side. My lips were so close to her tiny hole that I could almost taste her. Then I circled my tongue around the hole in a teasing fashion and I felt my excited mother-wife tremble. When she pushed back, I pulled away and chuckled teasingly again; then I moved my tongue to the top of her buttocks before sliding it slowly down one cheek and then the other, leaving a trail of my saliva.

Mother was growing impatient. “Oh please baby, I’m hot!” she moaned as she felt me begin to lick her again.

This time, I started my tongue at the top of her crack and moved slowly downward, edging closer and closer; the excitement in the room grew rapidly as my tongue moved between the cheeks. Finally my tongue touched her tiny hole.

“Ohhhhh gawd!" Mother moaned and pushed her ass back toward my tongue again. I stiffened my tongue and pressed forward.
“Oh Goddddddddd” My mother screamed and her body began to shake. It was the first time, apparently, anyone had done this for so long. I used the wide of my tongue to separate her sphincter and slip it into her body.

Afterwards mother told me that years ago, she had thought that this act was too dirty for words, but now it was a necessary part of their lovemaking; it was a prelude to something much bigger and much longer.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned as she felt my tongue begin to move in and out of her slowly stretching hole.

Saliva began to drip down my chin as my tongue plunged in and out of the tight hole. Suddenly I buried my face between her cheeks, the soft silky flesh caressing my rougher scarred skin. “I could lick this wonderful mother-wife's ass for hours” I thought, “but not today because I’m too excited”. Then I pulled my tongue from the grasping hole, it made a little pop and snapped shut.

”I felt empty”. She said and I could see her hole pulsing, as if it had a mind of its own, like it needed something to stretch it to the limit.

Then as I removed my face from her buttocks I put a cold gel on her ass, robbing her of my spidery tongue, and as I stood up behind her, my fingers, fingers that had so recently been buried in her sex now slid onto her ass. I slipped first a single digit in and she groaned loudly but her hips kept rocking, pushing the finger in all the way to the upper knuckle.

“Oh yeah Pierce, that feels so good,” she moaned hotly, “So good.”

I started to slip the finger away and she almost moaned at its loss until I eased a second one in alongside the first, stretching open her tight little hole and causing her to cry out. I fucked her ass slowly and gently with two fingers of my right hand, and felt her pushing back against them firmly; I felt the movement of her own fingers in her pussy through the thin membranes that separated them.

I added more lube to my left hand, and pushed the first two fingers in alongside the first two of my right, stretching her hot ass further, a delighted howl came from her, “Ohhhh yeah, yeah, I’m full, so full,” and she continued to thrust firmly back against me. She squirmed but her rocking and thrusting was relentless.

My mother Natasha didn't know how many fingers I had inside of her ass and apparently didn't care; all that she did care was that it felt amazing. She didn't even realize that she had worked four fingers of her right hand into her pussy maintaining a very precarious equilibrium with her left; she was following what her body demanded, pleasure, much more pleasure, no matter how it was achieved.

I eased my fingers from her and put my hands on her hips holding her still. I poured another trickle of cold gel, on my hands on her ass again, then I made her feel the unmistakable hard heat of my large, throbbing cock pressed against the tight entrance to her hitherto virgin hole, the last virgin hole that she had. I placed the engorged glands of my cock against her asshole and left it there, resting both myself and her; I applied a very small amount of pressure and looked down, watching as the very top of my cock pressed and opened her, hardly penetrating at all yet, simply making that tight entrance widen and then pucker back as I pulled away.

I continued to tease us both like this, pushing hardly any of my cock into her before withdrawing. Mother was beginning to breathe harder, and her hips rocked from side to side. And for the first time she used a mother’s tone with me.

“Pierce... don't you dare tease me... I want you to fuck me all the way inside my ass now... “

And then she changed again to her normal baby pleading voice,

“Please baby, I want it so much..."

I lowered my head as near her ear as I could and whispered, “I love you, Natasha.”

“Oh Pierce”, she whispered into her pillow. “Oh my baby, My Pierce...”

I lifted my head and with my arms reduced my weight on her, allowing my weight to fall on my hips. The head of my cock pressed down into her tight back passage. For a moment the resistance kept me out, then slowly she opened for me and I slid inside. My head popped through the tight ring of muscle and I took my weight back on my arms, allowing mommy to get used to my cock being inside her ass.

She didn’t resist the urge to jam herself back against the head of my cock as the pressure increased, and then she felt her ass rim muscles give and my cock head was inside her. The pregnancy had made the muscles of her anus loose, not hemorrhoid, so she had not the feeling of something snapping painfully inside her rectum.

She moaned and rocked her hips back against me and I relaxed and pushed and suddenly I was sliding slowly inside her, first it was two inches, then three, it was tight and enclosing but welcoming, there was nothing to stop me entering her further and I let myself slip inside and then there was four inches of my cock inside her ass and I watched it, stretching her, felt the warmth and slickness and the tightness.

“All the way, sonny... push it into me all the way as far as it will go..."

I pushed and two more inches slid in, pushed again and another inch went inside. Almost the entire length of my cock was now embedded inside my mother's ass and she moaned again, “No baby, give me everything, push all the way in... I need more!”

I pushed harder, my cock meeting more resistance now, I was fearful of damaging the foetus, but still, I don’t know how, she opened for me and I felt myself slide deeper, slide all the way inside her bowels, until my bald pubic flattened against her cheeks.

Mom twisted a little sideways and I asked if she was uncomfortable and wanted for me to get out of her. She turned her head but didn’t say anything; she just asked me to accommodate her so she could move and I lifted one of my legs so that my cock managed to enter another half inch inside her. My balls, heavy with baby making seed, were now pressed tight against her pussy, the base of my cock jammed hard up against her asshole, the entire eight inch and a half length buried somewhere up inside her, where, I had no idea, all I did know was that it was the most wonderful feeling I had ever experienced. I was still as a statue, feeling one foot of intestine clutching my cock.

“Pierce...” she whispered as if someone could hear her, and there was a note of awe or wonder in her voice, “You are going to make me cum again... I have never felt... oh Pierce, it feels wonderful... I feel so filled, so dirty, arghh... Pierce, Pierce I am cumming again... fuck me Pierce, fuck me hard now...”

I rocked my hips, quietly moving my cock inside of her, withdrawing a little and then sinking all the way back inside, trying not to hurt the baby; I felt my mother trembling wildly beneath me, the muscles of her ass quivering a vision I had dreamed, but I had never thought it would became real. I reached around her body and held one of her breasts and rolled it in my palm.

Mom cried out and her hips bucked underneath me and then stilled for one minute, then all hell broke loose, her ass muscles started rippling, faster and faster, then they began to grow in strength until her entire groin was electrified and her anus pulsed, squeezing the invading tool.

My cock felt enormous inside her ass, harder than I had ever been, but I was not yet ready to cum again so soon after the first time and I continued to thrust in and out of her. She groaned and pushed her face down into the bed. I took her long pink nipple between my fingers and squeezed it hard.

Then I carefully grabbed her around her tummy and making lever with my legs I turned her, rolling her body over mine to lie on our sides. Mother came with me, my steel cock still embedded far into her ass and she laid turned half over, one leg lifted back over mine. I pushed my left arm underneath her to get at her breast, dropped my right hand to her pussy and inserted two fingers inside her. She was soaking, juice flowing out of her onto my fingers, and I started to pump myself in and out of her ass at the same time as my fingers moved in her pussy as she made a squealing noise deep inside her throat and started to cum again.

I continued to work on her, pulling on a nipple, rolling her clitoris, pushing into both her front and back openings, and for several minutes she lost all control and I was making her cum continuously, peaking over and over again in one long rolling climax.

I wasn't sure how much more of this she could take, and was afraid to hurt her, and I was feeling my own climax coming. I removed my hand from her pussy and gripped her by the hips and under her tummy, to keep her buttoned to me, I pushed her knees up and pumped my cock deep in and out of her asshole. I threw my head back and I gasped for air. It was building. It was growing. It was coming. Finally, my release arrived. It began far back inside my own ass, in my prostate, a hot pleasurable ache that built and then shot up along the length of my cock. I felt the cum jet from the head of my cock deep inside Mother's ass, felt it gush hot against her insides, and she felt it too and trembled and I thought she peaked one last time.

I pushed hard, burying my cock head inside her, revelling in the spasms of painful pleasure that gushed from my cock into her. My balls were pulled as tight to my body they hurt, my hips were shaking and sweat poured from every inch of my body, dripping onto the bed sheets.

I lost all sense of myself for a while, my head was spinning wildly; when I came to my senses, my cock was still hard, still buried deep inside mom's tight asshole, and she was crying.

Worried I eased myself back, feeling her tighten on me and try to hold me there, but I pulled away and felt my cock slip out and away. It released from her asshole with a twitch. I pulled her again towards me, put my arms around her and held her to me as she sobbed. Her tears dripped onto my arm and ran down to the pillow.

“What is it?” I whispered in her ear. “My love, my darling love, what’s wrong, are you hurt?”

“No, it’s just I love you, Pierce.”

“And I love you, mom. With all my heart.”

She pulled me to her and hugged me hard, as hard as her tummy allowed, forcing the air from my lungs. “Pierce, I’m in love with you and I want to be with you forever, in the worst kind of way. I ache inside for wanting you. I want you to fuck me forever.” Her hand drifted down over my stomach and circled my still hard cock. “And I can’t believe this came out of me, and know had returned to be inside again; this is amazing...”and we drifted to sleep.

I woke as light filled mother’s bedroom, no; it’s our bedroom from now on. She was still profoundly asleep, turned away from me, I was spooning her; her long body curled forward around her tummy as if protecting the baby, her ass cradling my cock which had finally lost its hardness some time after midnight. It had rested and got up again sometime before dawn, and now it lay almost fully erect between the rounded curves of mom's ass.

But after that day and until childbirth, our sex was minimum, with no penetration, none.
When we needed relief we gave each other oral. I didn’t want to take any risks with my lover’s life.


The last written events happened two years back. In the meantime we had our daughter who we named Greta in my late grandmother and my mother mother’s honor. Shortly we got married, my mother Natasha and me, and we did it with our own names, nobody in town remembered my father’s name, bah, nobody remembered him. Our daughter is as beautiful as our mother, and now my mother-wife is pregnant again. I’m terrified something could happen to her in childbirth; she says nothing is going to happen to her and that this time will be a boy. I fervently hope so. What would I do without her love?.

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