Mom and I had just enjoyed the hottest sexual encounter I had ever experienced, largely due to her insistence that I pierce her nipples and labia with safety pins! She had held her pussy lips open with the pins, telling me she would “hold the door open” while I slammed my hard cock into her sweet cunt. We had both pumped what seemed like gallons of thick cum, and we were just lying there catching our breath when there was a knock at the door. Bec had noticed I didn’t make it to school and was worried about me, so she’d come around to make sure I was ok. Talk about lousy timing!

Now before I continue with my story, just take a second and absorb this. Mom had found my computer diary and knew I’d been fucking Bec for a while, despite her only being fourteen. If you want the whole sordid story I suggest you read the “Mom wants to be my Cum-Bucket” series. Mom was sprawled naked on a chair with safety pins piercing her nipples and pussy lips, and our combined cum oozing from her freshly fucked gash. There was no way she could move either, as her ankles were secured to the chair legs with zip ties, holding her in a slutty, exposed position. We had been watching a porno and I had hit pause, so there was a frozen wide-screen shot of a big-titted blonde taking a sizeable cock in each of her three holes. And Mom had told me I should answer the door and let Bec come in!!!

I threw on my robe and opened the door to see Bec waiting anxiously, and her face lit up with a wide smile until she saw the scratches on my face that Mom had inflicted yesterday. She touched my face gently and looked concerned. “Who did that to you Phil? Was it that prick Justin? I’m so gonna crush his nuts if he did that!”

I gave her a wry smile and tried to calm her down. “No Bec, it’s a long story but it wasn’t Justin.”

“Well you tell me who it was and Rick and I will take care of them!” She said as she pushed past me. “Is your Mom home? I was hoping we could fool around for a while if you’re feeling ok! Rick is spending all his time with Carole and Mom is lucky to get sloppy seconds, and I’m not getting any loving at all! Oh……Shit!!!” She had gone past me like a typhoon and I had no chance to stop her before she arrived in the den, saw Mom in her bound, disheveled state, and pulled up in surprise.
She blushed bright red, but to her credit she recovered swiftly and gave me a knowing smile. “I guess I know why you weren’t at school today Phil!”

I didn’t know what to do, which was a little surprising as I had been more than intimate with both of them, and while Bec didn’t know about Mom they both knew the arrangement was not exclusive. I was still fumbling for something sensible to say when Mom took control. “Hi Bec, I’m Vicki, pleased to meet you I guess!” She said with a smile and nodded toward her bound ankles. “You’re going to have to forgive me for not getting up!”

Bec was starting to regain her composure. “Nice to meet you Vicki, and I’m sooo sorry to bust in on you like this! I tried Phil’s phone and there was no answer, and I tried ringing the home phone too but that was busy all the time, so I got worried and thought I’d come over!”

Mom and I exchanged wry glances, as my cell was in my room and the house phones had all been unplugged, I guess we were busted!

“Ummm look, now I know you’re ok I guess I’d better be going.” Bec said, showing her discomfort at bursting in on us.

I knew that was going to be a problem as she must have caught the school bus over, but services back to town were patchy, and once she made it to town she’d still have to get back to her place. She’d be lucky to make it before dark. “Mom, we can’t let Bec try and get home on her own, maybe we could drive her?”

“You’ve come all this way Bec, would you like to stay for a while?” Mom asked her.

“Well…..that would be great but I’m kind of embarrassed! I mean, you were obviously enjoying yourselves until I showed up!” She replied.

Mom looked at Bec and smiled. “Honey, Phil hasn’t been telling tales but I do know what goes at your place, so if it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable you can hang with us for a while. If you’d prefer I can get dressed and drive you home now, your choice.”

I had seen Bec glance around the room, and she had also taken a good look at Mom’s new body jewelry. I knew her well enough to realize the erotic scene she had unexpectedly walked into was getting her hot, real fast! I slid in behind her and lifted her pony-tail, touching the skin on her neck with feather-light kisses. “I’m glad you came. Please don’t be in a hurry to rush off!” I whispered softly.

She leaned back against me, seemingly unconcerned that Mom was not only in the room, but could hear every word. “If you keep sweet-talking me like that you might just convince me!” She whispered in reply.

I nipped gently at her earlobes, knowing how much it drove her crazy. “Please baby.” I hissed. “You said you wanted to fool around when you got here, so why don’t you stay a while?”

She turned and crushed my lips with hers, finally breaking to take a breath. “And I thought you’d never ask!” She giggled with a cheeky grin. “Can I have something to drink please?”

“Coming right up!” I replied. “Can I freshen your glass Vicki?”

Mom smiled and nodded as I headed for the kitchen. “Take your time honey!” She called out as I left. “We girls need to get better acquainted!”

I took Mom’s advice and made a detour via the bathroom, checked my cell and sure enough there were five missed calls from Bec, and then headed back to the kitchen. Tanya allowed Bec drink wine at home so I poured three glasses and headed back into the den.

I shouldn’t have been surprised, but when I walked back in Bec was kneeling in front of Mom, sliding two fingers into her dripping pussy while gently sucking on her clit. Mom was lying back with a dreamy expression on her face, stroking Bec’s hair and whispering lewd encouragement. “Ohhhh, that’s it honey, suck my little cock! You really are an expert pussy-licker for one so young!”

I had seen Bec in action before and I knew Mom was in for a real treat. Carole and Tanya had both collapsed in a state of blissful delirium after the young teen’s oral attention, and the blush of Mom’s skin and her heaving breasts made it clear she was building slowly.

I put the wine glasses on the side table and sat back on the couch to enjoy the show. Bec was in the perfect doggy position, with her pert young tits hanging down from her chest as her head bobbed up and down on Mom’s rigid clit. At the same time she slid a third finger into Mom’s cunt, and stroked in a little deeper. I thought I’d be happy to watch, but I couldn’t help myself despite my cock showing a distinct lack of interest after recent activities so I went over and knelt beside Bec. “Slip another finger in baby.” I whispered softly in Bec’s ear. “See if you can stretch her enough to give her a fist-fuck!”

Bec nodded enthusiastically, at least as far as she could with Mom’s clit between her lips. In the meantime I went to the toy bag and rummaged around until I found my bottle of lube. I held the top of the bottle just above her ass crack and squeezed, and she groaned around Mom’s clit as she felt the cool, thick liquid fall on her skin and ooze slowly down past her puckered sphincter until it reached her pussy. I massaged her ass crack, and then slid one finger past her gripping rosebud as I worked to lubricate and loosen her tight little hole. She was rotating her hips in approval and I slipped my finger free before replacing it with my thumb. A glimmer of an idea was forming, and I slipped two fingers into her tight pussy which allowed me to control her as though I was gripping a bowling ball. Using my grip I gently rocked her forward and back which accentuated her cock-sucking motion on Mom’s clit. When I had a steady rocking motion going I reached under Bec’s chest and gripped her nipple, giving it a firm squeeze as I stretched her breast down toward the floor.

Once again she moaned against Mom’s clit, and this time Mom joined in with a groan of her own. I could see Bec had succeeded in sliding a fourth finger into Mom’s cunt, and she seemed to be doing it easily judging by the amount of thick juice oozing past Bec’s hand. “Give her your whole hand Bec.” I said loud enough for Mom to hear. “She a fist-fuck virgin so you can be the first! Rip her open if that’s what it takes!”

Mom’s eyes flashed wide open and she gave me a filthy stare, but I knew she was getting deep into fuck-lust territory and my words of encouragement were just making her hotter. Bec folded her thumb into her palm and started easing her fist into Mom’s slick hole. I was mesmerized as I watched Mom’s pussy stretch obscenely to accommodate Bec’s hand, and she was moaning and shaking as Bec applied more pressure. Bec was rotating her fist slowly as she thrust into Mom’s streaming cunt, looking for the perfect angle to allow her knuckles to ease inside, and I heard Mom squeal as she came, spattering Bec’s little hand with even more lubricant. I released my grip on Bec’s nipple and grabbed her wrist, forcing it firmly inside Mom’s hot fuck-hole with one brutal thrust. Mom’s eyes rolled back and she shuddered again as I controlled Bec’s movements, using my grip to slide her hand deeper.

“Sweet Jesus!” Mom hissed. “Oh….FUCK! My cunt feels so fucking stuffed! Come on….fist my fuck-box hard!” Bec and I exchanged knowing smiles and we picked up the pace, plowing the depths of Mom’s pussy as the sweet teen went back to sucking Mom’s clit at the same time. Mom was out of her mind with lust, her body shaking and grinding as she came again and again, her juices running down her thighs as she encouraged Bec to keep going. “Come on honey, stuff my cunt! Rip my fucking pussy apart! Rape my slut-hole with your fist. Oh FUCK, I’m cumming again!!!!”

I realized with surprise that my cock had decided it was more than interested in this erotic display, and was rapidly growing harder and longer. I released my grip on Bec’s greasy holes and moved behind her, sliding deep into her gaping shitter with one easy thrust. She acknowledged my entry with a deep groan around Mom’s clit, which was enough to have her pump another spurt of cum past Bec’s pumping fist. I started thrusting firmly, amazed at how easily her tiny shitter accommodated my cock. Mom had finally had enough and gently pushed Bec’s face back from her ravaged clit. Bec stayed in place with her fist nestled deep in Mom’s oozing fuck-hole, and breathed deeply as I steadily fucked her clenching hole.

“Ohhh honey, you know how to please a girl!” Bec hissed. “I need you to fuck my shitter baby! I want you to fill my shit-hole with your greasy fuck-juice, then throw me on the floor and make me suck your filthy cock!”

I looked up and saw Mom watching us fuck through slitted eyes as she came back to earth from her shuddering cums, and she gave me a lust-filled smile as she watched her son’s cock sliding deep into a tender teen ass. I was building toward my own cum, and could feel Bec’s juice coating my balls every time I thrust in hard. “Get ready slut!” I roared. “I’m gonna paint your shit-hole white any second!” My cock twitched violently in her shitter as my first spurts fired deep in her clenching back hole, rope after greasy rope firing from my pulsing fuck-stick.

My first spurts took her over the top and I was rewarded with splashes of cum blasting from her juicy cunt and spattering over my thighs. “FUCK…….ME!!!! Fuck my slutty shit-hole!” She screamed in carnal delight. “Oh yes baby…..YES! I can feel you filling my shitter. Pump me full you filthy fucker!!!”

My spasms slowed and finally subsided, FUCK! How many times had I cum today? I’d lost count but that was hardly important. I remembered Bec’s instructions so I eased free of her sphincter’s loving hold and rolled her over, ready to feed my shaft down her throat.

“Honey!” Mom pleaded. “Cut me free first, please!”

I fumbled around and found a knife, slicing through the zip-ties that held Mom’s ankles to the chair and she joined Bec on the floor. “Don’t keep the lady waiting honey!” She hissed at me. “She insisted on cleaning your filthy cock!” I fed my greasy rod deep into Bec’s willing, open mouth and she locked on with her lips, her tender tongue sliding around my shaft as she cleaned me. Meanwhile Mom had slid down, spread Bec’s legs wide apart and was attacking her ravaged shitter with her mouth, sucking my thick, oozing juice from her freshly-fucked ass and thrusting her tongue deep past her gaping sphincter. Mom’s tongue work brought Bec back to the brink again, and then over it as she received a cum-facial reward for her efforts. Finally spent, we collapsed to the floor trying to catch our breath.

Surprisingly Bec was the first to recover, and she crawled over and gave Mom a deep tongue kiss. “Thank you Vicki, that was the best tonguing I think I’ve ever had!” She crawled over to me and gave me an identical kiss. “And you stud! Where were you when I needed you yesterday?” She giggled as she collapsed across my chest, her fingers drawing lazy circles on my sweaty skin.

I recovered enough to hand our wine glasses around and we all drank to quench our thirsts. Mom stroked Bec’s hair. “Honey, would you like to stay over tonight if that’s ok with your Mom? I could take you home if you want, but after that I’m not sure how good my driving would be!”

Bec smiled broadly. “That would be great Vicki, can we call her now?”

Mom nodded and looked at me with a questioning gaze. I had no idea what she wanted so she prompted my memory. “Honey, perhaps you’d like to find one of the phones and plug it in? In fact, you probably should do them all before we forget and your father comes home tomorrow!”

I blushed. If this was going to become a regular thing when Dad was away I’d have to start paying attention to details like this one. Kinda hard to explain why I had all the phones unplugged and stored in a carry bag! I sheepishly went about my task, and Mom called Tanya, getting the ok for Bec to stay over and go to school with me tomorrow.

I was really happy Bec was staying over, and I know that seems strange but when I was at Rick’s place we didn’t get to spend that much time together, other than when we were fucking like rabbits! Mom stood unsteadily and told us she was going to start dinner, which only made me realize how hungry I was. I helped Bec up and crashed on the lounge, and she sat in my lap and wrapped her arms around my neck. “That was so good honey! I just love the way you know how to get me hot! And your Mom is so damn sexy, the way she tongued my ass just made me cum and cum and cum!”

“She is something, isn’t she?” I agreed.

“So, when you did you two start fooling around? I mean, you haven’t said anything before about you and Vicki fucking, is this something new?” She enquired with typical teenage curiouisity.

I laughed. “Believe it or not we only started yesterday, and I have to tell you it was really intense!” As she sat in my lap I could feel my cum oozing slowly from her ravaged shitter and dribbling down over my spent cock and balls. She must have felt it also, as she slowly moved her hips around to spread her thick cream further.

“Come on baby, don’t keep me in suspense!” She whispered. “We girls love details!!!”

So I told her the whole story, about how Mom had gone to use my computer when hers crashed and found my diary, how I’d “lost it” and raped her, which was how I got the scratches on my face, and how she had sat down with me later and blackmailed me into raping her again that night.

She gasped at my story. “No way, no fucking way! You actually raped your own Mom! And then she told you to do it again? Pretty unbelievable story baby!”

I nodded. “I know how weird it all sounds Bec, but I swear it’s the truth!”

I went on to tell her about how I set Mom up last night by cutting the power to the house and catching her outside when she went to check the power board, and taking her into the garage where I tied her to the work bench and raped her again. Then I told Bec how Mom had said I could stay home from school today and rape her again when I woke up this morning. I finished my story with all the details about our games just before Bec arrived, including how Mom told me to pierce her nipples and pussy with the safety pins.

I hadn’t left anything out, and we were getting hotter by the second as I related the details of the past two days. It was a pretty wild chain of events, and I probably wouldn’t have believed it myself unless I’d been there! My cock was growing harder and I knew Bec could feel the pressure as she slowly ground her slick pussy on my shaft. She lifted up for a moment and reached down to take a firm grasp on my fuck-stick, sliding it easily into her slippery cunt before lowering back down to take my length deep inside her fuck-hole. “Ohhhh….that feels so good!” She moaned. “Tell me about when you pierced Vicki’s nipples baby, and go slow please!”

I was really starting to appreciate that sex was as much of a mind game as a physical act, and how I behaved and what I said had a significant effect. I knew Mom loved me and trusted me, but it was the mental aspect of thinking she was helpless as I “raped” her that really got her juices pumping. She knew I would stop immediately if she asked, but believing she was a powerless victim was the aphrodisiac.

I understood Bec also enjoyed a mind-fuck as much as a physical one, so I grabbed both her nipples and gave them a long, firm squeeze as I started to relate my story. “I knew I’d have to get Mom’s nipples nice and hard, so I starting squeezing them… this!” I hissed, and she ground down on my shaft a little harder. “Then I sucked them until they stood up like hard little cocks….like this.” I took one nipple in my mouth and sucked it firmly and felt it harden against my tongue, and then brought her second nipple to an identical state. I gave each nipple a sharp nip with my teeth, feeling her body go rigid as she gasped in surprise, then I resumed working on her with my fingers. “Then I really stretched them to get them ready….like this!” I used her nipples to stretch her firm young breasts away from her body until it felt as though they’d snap. She groaned as she came, pumping a small gush against my cock as she ground down on me again.

“Oh…..fuck! My nipples feel like they’re on fire!” She moaned, but her next move took me by surprise. “Fuck it!” She hissed as she slid off my shaft, spattering my balls with fuck-juice as she eased free and broke my grip on her rock-hard nipples. She ran to the side table and scooped up a handful of safety pins before she ran back and impaled herself on my shaft once again. Her eyes were on fire as she straddled me and stared into mine. “Do it!” She hissed as she dropped the pins into my hand. “Turn my fucking tits into pin cushions!”

I smiled at her, feeling a lot more confident after doing the same thing to Mom earlier. “If that’s what you really want baby!” I whispered. I clipped a pin open and used my other hand to roughly knead her nipple until it was completely hard to touch. I pricked her skin and kept going, applying firm, steady pressure as I pushed the pin through her flesh. A brief squeal escaped her mouth before she bit her lip as she struggled to maintain some semblance of control, and I could actually feel her cunt clenching and releasing my shaft. The pin head broke through the other side with a tiny droplet of blood, and I eased it through a little further until I could clip it closed.

“Oh Fuck! Oh God! That stings like a fucking bitch!!!” She squealed.

I didn’t want to give her too long to get used to the pain, so I gripped her other nipple and firmly squeezed and stretched until it stood proudly like a tiny, rigid cock. I held the pin up so she knew what was coming, and firmly pricked her skin and pushed through. She whimpered softly from the pain, and in a few seconds I broke through the other side and carefully closed the clip. “It’s done Bec, and it looks so fucking hot!” I whispered.

She opened her smoldering eyes. “You sick Fuck!” She hissed. “You cunt-fucking prick! You enjoyed that didn’t you? You get off inflicting pain on me don’t you?”

We were back into mind-fuck territory so I just leered at her as I thrust my hips up sharply, causing my cock hit bottom in her dripping little fuck-box. “You know it slut!” I replied matter-of-factly. “In fact you may think the worst is over but you are so wrong!”

Her eyes widened in amazement as I picked up another pin and slid it straight through her nipple just above the first piercing. Her back arched and she threw her head back, squealing softly as the pin moved through her already tender flesh. I felt another gush of teen cum wash over my cock-head as a tremor rippled through her small body, and Mom poked her head around the corner to see what all the noise was about. With Bec sitting in my lap and facing me, Mom couldn’t see the reason for Bec’s stifled screams so she came over and sat on the couch beside me. She gasped when she saw I was about to add a fourth pin to Bec’s body jewelry, and was mesmerized as I pushed the next pin through and closed the clip. “How do you feel now cunt?” I hissed.

“Oh….my….fucking….God!!! Oh shit, that stings like a bitch!” She was writhing on my cock and my balls were coated in her thick, oozing cum. She was totally into it, and started pumping violently on my hard shaft, fucking me with everything she had. “I’m gonna drown you in cum you sick pervert! I’m gonna pump so much fuck-juice it’ll take you an hour to dry off!!!”

I was holding her tiny waist as she ground down on my cock, and Mom reached over and squeezed the tips of her rigid nipples which made her scream in pain as she came. Her juices poured over me again and again as her cunt emptied out, trails of steaming fuck-juice covering my balls and my thighs and running down onto the couch. She had been true to her word, I was saturated! She slumped against me and I could feel the cool steel of the pins moving against my chest as she breathed deeply.

“Oh baby!” She moaned. “That was a five-star fuck if I’ve ever had one! You are such a fucking stud!!!”

Mom and I exchanged smiles. “Well, when you two have calmed down see if you can make to the kitchen, as dinner was ready a while ago!”

“Thanks Vicki, I’m fucking starving!” I laughed in reply.

“No surprise there, honey!” She laughed as she headed to the kitchen.

It took a few minutes, but Bec finally regained control to the extent she could slide gently off my throbbing cock. She knelt down in front of me and lovingly took my shaft in her mouth, carefully cleaning our fuck-juices before she took my balls in her mouth and gave them similar loving care. She looked up at me and smiled. “You didn’t come baby, want me to finish you off now?”

I stroked her face and smiled back. “I’m not sure I could so soon after fucking Vicki and dumping a load in your sweet little ass, and I have plans for later anyway!”

She giggled and clapped her hands together. “Oh goody! More fuck games later then!”

We went into the kitchen and devoured dinner like a pack of starving wolves, no question we had worked up some serious appetites! A couple of glasses of wine had a nice buzz going and we were all pretty loose. Mum slid her chair back from the table and spread her legs wide apart, licking a finger before leisurely stroking her gash. “I feel like such a slut, but my cunt just can’t get enough.” She giggled. “It seems like the more fucking I get, the more I need! Keith could be in real trouble when he gets home tomorrow!!!”

I laughed at the mental image of Mom throwing Dad on the bed as soon as he walked in the door. “Go easy on him Vick! He’s probably going to be tired after his trip.”

She gave me an evil smile. “Well he’s sure going to be after I’m done with him!”

Never one to take a back seat, Bec had also slid her chair back and followed suit, sliding her fingers up and down her glistening slit before thrusting two inside. Before long the pungent aroma of juiced pussy was wafting through the air. Using her other hand Bec had slipped a finger through each of her labia piercing rings and had lewdly stretched them apart to provide easy access to her oozing cunt.

Mom was watching intently. “I’ve just got to get my pussy pierced like yours honey, and maybe my nipples as well!”

“It’s really hot isn’t it?” Bec replied. “I just wish Rick would let me get my nipples done!”

I decided to chime in. “You could always just let me keep doing it to both of you!”

“Maybe we should.” Bec laughed. “It hurts….so…..good!!!!”

Mom’s gash was starting to ooze pre-cum and she was breathing deeply as she gazed at me. “I was hoping for a late night visitor tonight, but I guess I’m out of luck.”

I had plans for her later, serious plans, but there was no way I was going to let her know that. “Vicki, you two cunts have sucked every drop of cum out of my cock today, and I think I need some serious recharge time.” I smiled.

She feigned a sad pouting look. “Dammit, I’ll just have to take care of myself then!” With that she slid her fingers into her fuck-box and went to work.

Bec was also picking up the pace so I threw in a suggestion. “Contest time bitches. Let’s see who can get off first! The loser cleans up the winner’s juices.” Both girls smiled and went at it even harder, and soon all I could hear were slippery squelching noises as slim fingers slid in and out of dripping pussies. Mom was leaning back with her eyes closed and Bec was gasping and moaning as they both masturbated furiously. I thought Bec was sure to win the contest, but to my surprise they both started screaming and pumping creamy cum at the same time. We had a photo finish!

Bec was the first to recover, and she opened her eyes dreamily. “So baby, who won the contest?”

“I couldn’t separate you, sexy.” I replied. “I guess it’s sixty-nine time!”

“Aw shucks.” Mom smiled. “That hardly seems fair! I mean, sucking Bec’s sweet little pussy is just such a chore!”

“Yeah, right.” I laughed. “Get to it cunts!”

Mom took Bec by the hand and they lay on the floor before she gently exposed Bec’s glistening pussy by pulling her labia back with her gold piercings. She gave Bec’s slit a long, slow wipe with her tongue, before diving in deeply. Bec groaned and slid Mom’s legs wide apart before going to town on her slippery gash. Soon both girls had their face deep in the other’s pussy, and they seemed to be competing to bring the other to orgasm first. Having had little time to come down from their solo climaxes I knew it wouldn’t take long, and this time Bec was the clear winner as she squealed through a mouthful of pussy and spattered her juices over Mom’s face. Mom paused for a moment as though trying to refocus, and then attacked Bec’s cunt until she received a warm, sticky face-bath of her own. Finally satisfied they rolled onto their backs and lay on the floor, breasts heaving as their pulse-rates gradually slowed to normal.

I realized how lucky I was to have these two sexy women prepared to shamelessly perform all manner of erotic acts in front of me, and totally without inhibitions. Some guys go to grave never knowing what a turn-on this is, and the fact Bec was so young and the other willing participant was my own mother added even more spice, I was one lucky guy! I went over and softly kissed them both on the lips. “That was amazing, so incredibly fucking hot!” I whispered to them.

“It was pretty hot for us as well honey!” Mom giggled. “I think I’m pretty much fucked-out so I’m going to have a shower and go to bed. I’ll get up early and clean up then, so don’t forget you two have to go to school tomorrow. As much as I’d like another day at home it’s a habit I think I shouldn’t get into, otherwise I’d never want to stop!”

She kissed us both and headed for the bathroom, and Bec and I decided to watch some TV before we went to bed. We lay on the couch and flicked channels for a while before watching a cool sitcom for an hour or so, until Bec looked up at me. “Want to take me bed baby? I feel bad that you didn’t get cum earlier and I’d love to take care of that for you!”

I kissed her forehead. “I did have something else in mind.” I said and went on to detail my plans for the evening, including my hope that she would become the rapist’s apprentice.

“Are you serious baby?” She asked breathlessly. “You are going to rape Vicki again, and you want me to help you?”

“Shit yeah!” I responded enthusiastically. “You have no idea how hot she gets when I fuck her like this. She just goes off!!!! So, are you in?”

She looked thoughtful for a moment. “Well, as long as you are really sure she’ll be ok with it. I kind of like hanging with you, and I’d hate for her to tell me I wasn’t welcome because she thinks I’m some kind of sex-crazed slut!”

I smiled at her. “Babe, I think she knows that already!”

“You can be prick sometimes!” She laughed as she gave me a playful punch on the arm. “Ok, how are we going to do this?”

I told her to sit tight and raced around the house gathering the sex toys and things I thought we’d need, slipping them into the garage. With that done I went back to her. “Ok babe, let’s go and wake sleeping beauty and give her a fucking she’ll never forget! Just follow my lead, ok?”

She nodded, licking her lips. The only question was whether this was a sign of nervousness or lustful anticipation. We moved quietly to Mom’s bedroom and opened the door. The moonlight streaming through the window showed her sleeping peacefully under the covers, so unlike this morning she really wasn’t expecting a surprise visitor, which suited me fine. We crept over to the bed and I eased the sheet back ever so slowly until she was fully exposed. I bent down beside the bed, and then grabbed a handful of hair and yanked her head up. Her eyes flashed open with a look of fear and confusion on her face as she struggled to process what was happening to her. I slapped her face reasonably firmly and leered at her. “Hi cunt, remember me?” I growled. “We’re gonna play some new games with you tonight, and I brought a friend along to help me. Unlike you she’s a great fuck, but I reckon we can get you up to speed with a little training! How does that sound bitch?”

“Oh noooo!” She moaned. “Please, please not again! I did everything you wanted last time, can’t you please just leave me alone?”

I was just about to reply when Bec joined in. “Quit whining cunt!” She snapped. “My man here was fucking my ass as he told me about you, and I thought I’d tag along and see if you really were the frigid bitch he said you were. Have you ever had a big, hard cock sliding deep in your tight shitter, slut?” Mom shook her head as she immersed herself in-character. “Fucking thought not! Wouldn’t you like my man to slide his big, hard tool past your tight little sphincter until he’s buried deep in your ass? I’ll bet you’d go absolutely nuts!”

A look of pure fear was plastered on Mom’s face. “No, please! Not that, anything but that!!!” She begged.

I leered at Bec. “Bitch says she’ll do anything if I stay away from her ass. Could be an interesting night, babe!”

Bec smirked at Mom. “Stupid cunt has no idea what she just let herself in for!”

I dragged Mom to her feet and twisted one arm behind her back as I marched her to the garage. “Be thankful I’m not gonna mess up your pretty bedroom bitch, but your garage is gonna be trashed by the time I’m through!”

“What….what are you going to do to me?” She stammered.

“If I told you that would spoil the surprise wouldn’t it? Just go with the flow bitch, I’m sure we’re going to have a great time!” I laughed at her.

When we reached the garage I zip-tied her hands behind her back and picked her up and dumped her face-up on the bench. I knew she’d be uncomfortable on the timber surface with her hands pinned behind her, but I wanted this session to be harder than our earlier efforts!

She had left the safety pins in her nipples and labia, and Bec came over and gave one of nipple piercings a brutal tweak. Mom cried out and arched her back as pain flashed through her body like an electric shock. “What’s going on here cunt?” Bec hissed. “You’ve got pins through your tits, and look, this dry old cunt has been done too! Who did this to you bitch, and don’t tell me you did it yourself!”

Mom gave us both a defiant glare. “That’s none of your business!” She spat.

Bec grabbed the other nipple pin and gave them both a solid twist as she used them to stretch her tits away from her chest. “Wrong answer cunt!” Bec shouted. “Do you want to try again?”

The pain must have been intense as I could see tears forming in the corner of Mom’s eyes. “Ok…ok!!!! It was… son.” She conceded.

I slapped her face again. “Well, well, well. Little suburban housewife is getting boned by her own son! Interesting little incest scenario you’ve got going slut. I guess hubby is none the wiser?”

She bit her lip and shook her head. “And I’m guessing you’d like to keep it that way?” I continued. “Tell me cunt, is little sonny a good fuck? Does he give it to you hard and deep and pump your little fuck-box full of man-juice?”

This time she adopted a defiant tone. “He’s more of man than you’ll ever be, you sick pervert!” Bec played her part to perfection by giving Mom’s nipples another serious twist at this act of defiance.

Mom wailed. “Stop…please….you’re going to rip my nipples off!!!”

Bec leaned down beside her. “Well then, be a cooperative cunt and answer the nice man’s questions and I won’t have to tear your tits apart!”

Mom nodded as she gasped for breath. “Yes! He is a great fuck! He fucks my cunt and pumps me full of cum….and I fucking love him for it!!!”

Bec decided to give Mom’s tits a rest and licked her finger before giving our captive’s cunt a leisurely stroking. I could see Mom’s pussy was already oozing pre-cum, man she was hot! “So Mommy is giving it up to her little boy.” Bec hissed. “How come bitch, can’t he get a girlfriend of his own?”

Bec roughly slid two fingers into Mom’s gash, causing her to gasp as she replied. “I…..I don’t know!” She wailed.

Bec’s fingers were thrusting hard into Mom’s fuck box, and while this was playing out I’d grabbed the empty wine bottle I hid earlier and poured a thick coating of lube on the neck. I tapped Bec on the shoulder and held up the greasy bottle, indicating that I wanted her to use it on Mom’s cunt. Her eyes flashed open in amazement but then an evil smile spread across her face and she nodded to me. She took the bottle and started easing the neck between Mom’s pussy lips. “You don’t know?” Bec said in a matter of fact tone. “You’re spreading your legs for your own son, and you don’t know if he has a girlfriend? How the fuck does that work?”

Mom gasped as she felt the cool glass slide into her dripping fuck-box. “I’m…..I’m not sure!” She groaned. “I…I know he’s seeing someone but I don’t know how serious it is!”

Bec had slid the wine bottle into Mom far enough that the bulge below the neck was starting to stretch her wide open. My cock was enjoying this erotic action, growing quickly to full hardness and oozing pre-cum freely from the tip, a long strand hanging down obscenely. I gripped Mom’s hair and turned her face toward me before I used my cock-head to smear my lubricant all over her face. I thrust two fingers between her lips and deep into her mouth before I slid my dripping cock between her lips and starting fucking her face with long, slow strokes. I decided to continue with Bec’s line of questioning. “So cunt, do you know if sonny boy is fucking this little piece of pussy he’s seeing?”

“Mmmmffff!!” Mom groaned and nodded her head with my cock still stuffed deep in her mouth. I looked down and saw Bec had nearly succeeded in sliding the body of the bottle into Mom’s twitching cunt. Seeing Mom’s sweet twat stretched this far was an incredibly obscene turn-on and my cock was twitching in appreciation. I was going to have to be careful as I knew it wouldn’t take much have me spraying cum in all directions!

I eased my cock free of her lips and continued her interrogation. “So slut, how do you know he’s fucking her?”

“I…..I’ve seen them……fucking!” She whispered.

“Is she a hot little fuck? Do you think he really enjoys sliding his fuck-stick between her tight little cunt-lips and giving her a hard fucking until he pumps his cum deep in her tight twat?” I went on.

“Oh yes! She’s an amazing little cunt! There is nothing she won’t do, in fact the first time I met her she was sucking my clit five minutes later!” Mom shrieked as her eyes blazed at me.

“So why would he want to fuck a tired old cunt like you, when he’s got tight, fresh meat waiting for him?” I sneered.

Before she could reply she squealed in pain as Bec succeeded in sliding the full width of the bottle past her distorted cunt muscles. I didn’t know how she managed to take it, but the sight of the colored glass protruding from her oozing gash was driving me wild with fuck-lust!

“I….don’t know why we still wants to fuck me, and I’ve wondered about that as well.” She whispered as she lay there helpless. “I’m just so glad he does! I’m happy to have him deep in my cunt any time he wants!”

I looked at her thoughtfully. “Well then slut, if you pay attention maybe we can teach you some tricks so sonny boy will still want to fuck mommy’s cunt. Would you like that bitch?”

“Yes!!!” She screamed. “Teach me how to be fuck-slut for my son!”

I smiled and saw Bec was really getting into our rape game as well. “Bec! Climb up on the table and give this slut a taste of your cunt!”

She smiled at me broadly as she eased the bottle free and carefully stood it under the bench, just in case we needed it later. As she climbed onto the bench I whispered in her ear. “I want you to start off slow and then really grind your pussy into her face. Fuck her face the way you ground down on my cock earlier!”

“My pleasure baby!” She smiled back at me. “Definitely my pleasure!!!” She straddled Mom’s head facing down her body, and used her pussy piercings to lewdly spread her pussy lips wide apart before she lowered her steaming gash down onto Mom’s waiting mouth. As soon as Bec’s dripping cunt was within reach Mom stuck out her tongue and went to work, devouring the sweet teen pussy. Bec complied with my instructions and started grinding her slippery twat across Mom’s face, smearing her cunt cream everywhere.

It was time to step things up a notch, if that was possible! I carefully climbed up on the bench, mentally thanking the strong construction which was now supporting three bodies. I was standing facing Bec with Mom’s body spread beneath me, and I took my cock in my hand and smiled at Bec, who gave me a lustful smile in return as she slowly ground her fuck-box down on Mom’s thrusting tongue. “Would you like a hot golden shower baby?” I enquired.

“No honey, I’d love one!” She hissed. “I’m your slut tonight, so just go for it! I don’t care what you do to me, this is so fucking hot I’m up for anything you want!!!”

My cock was so hard it was difficult to aim down, so I just relaxed and let my piss fly. A solid stream burst from my piss-hole and spattered forcefully on Bec’s face, and she closed her eyes and opened her mouth in a wanton invitation. In seconds her face and hair were saturated with my golden liquid, and yellow rivers ran down her tits and washed over Mom’s body before creating small waterfalls that cascaded from the bench to the floor. I aimed my stream back and forth across her face and filled her open mouth, watching the overflow dribble from her lower lip and splash down over Mom’s flushed tits. Bec leaned back and placed a hand behind her to support her body, using her other hand to spread her pussy lips wide apart. She blinked her eyes rapidly to clear my golden liquid, and then pumped a strong stream of piss straight into Mom’s open mouth as she gave me a smoldering look. She must have needed release as badly as I did, because her flow was as strong as mine and she played her golden shower across Mom’s face and tits. Our combined flow running from the bench down to the floor made it sound as though it was raining inside the house, and the salty tang of urine wafted through the air. My flow finally slowed and stopped, and Bec was running low as she resumed her attempts to push Mom’s head through the bench with her sloppy cunt.

I couldn’t believe Mom had not choked from the combined drenching, but she had not missed a beat and continued to tongue Bec’s gash as though her life depended on her performance. I knelt above Mom and leaned forward, kissing Bec lovingly and deeply and enjoying the taste of my own piss. “I can’t believe you are such a hot fuck!” I whispered. “I’m so glad you decided to stay!”

Bec smiled in reply. “This is so amazing baby! I’d kick myself for a month if I missed a fuck session like this!” She panted, as she looked down and tweaked one of the safety pins that protruded through Mom’s nipples. “Hey cunt! Would you like a mouthful of cum to go with my piss?”

“Mmmpppphhhh!” Mom moaned as she nodded without releasing her lip-lock on Bec’s pussy. I could her see mouth moving as she increased her efforts, and soon Bec threw her head back and squealed at the ceiling.

“Oh fuck YEAH!!!! Stick that tongue deep in my filthy little twat you cunt-sucker! Here it comes!!!”

A huge gush of thick, greasy fuck-juice sprayed into Mom’s mouth, and then another and another. Mom’s throat was working furiously as she tried to keep up, doing her best to swallow every drop of Bec’s precious nectar.

I had watched Bec have some enormous cums in the past and enjoyed the voyeuristic aspect immensely, but I had never seen her cum like this! Spurt after spurt fired from her gash and into Mom’s working mouth, and her tiny body was shaking and trembling as though she had a raging fever. This seemed to go on for ages and I thought it would never end, until I realized she was half unconscious and sliding off Mom’s mouth and heading for a nasty impact with the concrete floor. I just managed to catch her in time, and helped her off the bench and lay her in a pool of piss on the floor. She opened her eyes enough to give me a far-away smile and then lay back, completely spent.

My balls felt like molten lava and I was completely overcome with fuck-lust. I went back to Mom and grabbed her ankles, dragging her toward me along the rough bench top until her cunt was level with the edge. I swatted her legs apart and she spread wide in complete compliance. I folded back the hood over her clit and exposed her hard little cock, and then gripped it between my thumb and forefinger and squeezed it hard. She screamed and rewarded me with a huge cum-bath, spattering my skin as I provided the stimulus she needed to release her load. I squeezed her button again and was received a second spray, every bit as strong as her first.

“Fuck me you sick bastard!” She screamed. “Fuck me please! You’ve tortured me and pissed on me and your slut-cunt has mashed her slimy fuck-box on my face! Please….FUCK……ME!!!!”

Her cunt was running with juice and she used the safety pins through her pussy lips to lewdly hold her fuck-box open, so I slipped in with no resistance at all. “Thank God!” She squealed. “Come on baby, give me your cock! Fuck me with your cock! Slam that fucker into my sloppy cunt and give me your cum!!!”

If my balls were hot then her pussy was an inferno, and we could both hear sloppy, squelching sounds as I pounded into her hard and fast. I felt her cum again and again as I thrust in mercilessly, completely unconcerned if I was hurting her as I pursued my own pleasure. Rivers of cum were cooling my balls and I sweating like a pig. “Get ready cunt!” I roared. “You’re going to be dripping cum for a week when I pump this load!”

“Do it! Do it you sick, depraved fucker!” She encouraged. “I want you to cum so hard I get to taste it in the back of my throat!”

My balls were boiling and I threw my head back and roared at the ceiling as I blasted my load deep into Mom’s waiting cunt, pumping spurt after spurt deep in her clenching tunnel. She came with me, her juices mixing with mine in a sloppy cocktail of lust. I pulled my slippery shaft from her quivering pussy, threw her legs over my shoulders and lined up on her slick rosebud. “Remember how you asked me not fuck your shitter?” I roared.

“Uhhh……what?” She replied in a delirious state.

I thrust my still hard shaft deep into her tight shit-hole. “Well I never said I wouldn’t do it!”

“Arrrggghhh!” She screamed as I ravaged her back hole. I had never felt like this before! I had just dumped a huge load in her cunt but my cock was as hard as ever, so I just went for it. I had raped her yesterday but even that paled in comparison, and this was pure, primal fuck-lust at its best. My balls were slapping firmly against her butt cheeks, and I was fucking her so hard I felt friction burns forming on my tender flesh. She was coming continuously and I was painted with thick white juice. I was completely taken by surprise when I started coming again, and Mom joined my as she felt my juices spray inside her clenching shitter.

My cock finally started to soften and my legs were trembling, struggling to support my weight. I slipped free from her clenching hold and moved unsteadily to the other end of the bench. I slid my hands under her shoulders and dragged her limp body along the bench until her head was hanging downward off the edge. Her eyes fluttered open. “You’ve made a complete mess of my cock you filthy cunt! New open your mouth and clean it up!”

Any trace of resistance had long since been fucked out of her, and she closed her eyes and opened wide as I fed my filthy cock into her throat. Her lips locked around my shaft and I felt the exquisite sensation of her tongue lovingly bathing my cock-head with saliva.

I felt am arm around my shoulder and Bec leaned in to kiss me. “This cunt can take it can’t she!” She whispered.

I stoked Mom’s face gently. “She is simply amazing. So incredibly sexy! And to think, two days ago I had absolutely no idea!” I eased my cock free and fed her my balls, allowing her to clean the cum from them as well, until I finally collapsed on the floor.

Bec was the only one of us in any state to think clearly, and she sipped out and returned with the bucket and mop and started cleaning up the pools of piss on the floor. Mom was still lying on the bench covered in cum and piss, so I gently helped her up and half-carried her to the bathroom. I ran a bath as I was unsure if she could stand for long enough, and helped her into the warm water before gently washing her hair and her body. She lay back with a dreamy smile on her face, and Bec came up as I was finishing and told us the garage was clean and tidy, and then helped me towel Mom dry take her to bed.

As we tucked her in she smiled and kissed us both on the lips. “You two are amazing, and Bec, you are welcome here any time! As for you stud, I’ve never had a fucking like that in my life, that was so good I cannot begin to describe it. I’ve just got to find a way to get your Dad to join us!”

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