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Two series brought together
This is a story of brother and sister, and of cousins who find sex among themselves. If you find incest to be offensive now is the time to move on. Please don't continue and then complain about the action that takes place. If this is your cup of tea as it is mine, read on and enjoy.
This is the joining of two of my series. Eileen and Catching Emily are a prologue to this story. If you haven't already, I suggest you read them both to understand what is happening here. And please leave a comment. It lets me know you were here.

Emily and I got to our Aunt and Uncles house early on Saturday morning. Eileen was there to greet us as was her cousin Frankie. Frankie was not related to us because his mom and Eileen's mom are sisters. Eileen's dad was our mom's brother. Still, we knew Frankie and considered him family.
Not long after we arrived our folks and Eileen's folks said their good-byes, warning us to behave and do what Eileen told us and then they were gone.
'So, what are you guys into?' Eileen asked. She looked toward Frankie and gave him a frown. I did't quite understand what was going on.
Emily spoke up, 'Not much. We just hang out a lot, watch TV, school, just the same old same old'. I simply stood by.
Frankie and Eileen were both a few years older than my sister and me. In fact, they were both the same age. Because of the age difference we didn't have anything in common so we really didn't have much to say.
Emily and I sat outside near the pool for most of the morning. We we're not happy with how things turned out. Why couldn't we have just stayed home. Things would have been so much better.
Eileen made lunch for us and we eat mostly in silence.
I watched Eileen when I didn't think anybody was looking. Having had a taste of the real world with my sister I now had a better appreciation of girls Eileen was hot and I felt my cock stir in my pants.
After lunch Emily and I went back out by the pool and picked up where we had left off, doing nothing.
'Would you,' Emily asked?
'Would I what?'
She grinned. 'Would you fuck her?'
'What are you talking about?' I was smiling.
She gave me a playful shove. 'I saw you checking her out. Don't act like you weren't'.
I started to laugh. 'In a New York minute,' I said. 'How about you? You thinking about how it would be doing it with Frankie?'
Emily smiled. 'It would be hot wouldn't it?'
I shook my head. 'No sense talking about it. It ain't gonna happen and talking about it just makes my dick get hard.'
Emily nodded. 'Yeah, I know what you mean. Man this really sucks.'

After dinner we all sat around watching TV until a
Close to ten o'clock. I decided this was my chance. I yawned and announced that I was going to bed. I was hoping that after Eileen and Frankie were asleep I might get the opportunity to sneak into Emily's room. I think she had the same idea because she also said she was tired and was going to bed. That's when Eileen gave Frankie the same look I had seen her give him earlier. I just didn't get it!
I laid in bed waiting until close to one in the morning. I was sure that Eileen and Frankie were asleep by now. If I had to wait any longer I was afraid I might fall asleep and not wake up till morning. I was also hoping Emily was awake.
I crept out of bed and started down the hall toward my sister's room. I was fairly sure Eileen was sleeping in her mom and dad's bedroom and that Frankie was downstairs in his basement bedroom. But as I continued down the hall and started to go past the master bedroom I heard a faint sound coming from inside. It sounded like someone whispering. And then I heard it.
'Be quiet. We don't want to wake the kids up. Oh, that feels good. Go faster'.
My mind raced. Could it be what I thought it was? Maybe it was something completely different than what I was thinking.
I made my way to Emily's room. She was awake and waiting for me.
'It's about time', she said.
I put my finger to my lips motioning for her to be quiet.
Emily frowned as if to say, 'What?'
I took her hand and led her back down the hall to the door of the master bedroom. Again, I motioned for her to be quiet. And we listened.
After a few minutes we agreed. Frankie and Eileen were doing something to do with sex. Plain and simple. But we needed some proof. If we approached them later and accused them they would only deny it. If we burst into the room there was no telling what would happen.
That's when Emily noticed the door was slightly ajar.
'Go get the video camera,' she whispered pointing to the unlatched door. I nodded and sneaked off to my room.
When I returned Emily already had the door open just enough to get a camera lens angled for a good shot.
Eileen was on the floor in front of Frankie. She was completely naked and had his dick in her mouth. She held his balls in her right hand and used her left to guide his stiffened member in and out of her sucking lips.
Frankie was whispering, but we could hear him plainly enough.
'I'm gonna cum any minute,' he said. He was breathing erratically.
Eileen groaned and began tickling his balls.
I held the camera as still as I could. When I looked at my sister I saw that she was rubbing her pussy through her nightgown. I wanted to jackoff, but I had to keep the camera going.
Then as if in a movie, Frankie pulled his cock out of Eileen's mouth and sprayed cum all over her face. It was at that point that Emily squeezed her legs together and also came. The scene was crazy. Frankie cumming on Eileen while my sister masturbated her clit, through her nightgown, to a wild orgasm. But I got the video evidence. Things were looking up.

The next day Emily and I planned our strategy. We'd wait until after supper to spring the video on our cousin.
'This might turn out to be more fun than we expected,' Emily said.
I agreed. 'You might just get your chance at Frankie before this is over'.
Emily smiled when I said that.
'What about you and cousin Eileen? Don't tell me you're not ready for some of that'!
That night, after super our plan fell through. Frankie had a meeting at school. Something about football or maybe baseball, I wasn't sure.
I got Emily off to the side and asked her what she wanted to do.
'I don't know,' she said. 'Maybe we should go ahead with the plan and break it to Eileen first. That might be easier'.
I shrugged. 'I don't know if that's a good idea or not. Then again, without Frankie here maybe it'll be easier to convince her to let us have some privacy'.
'Let's go', Emily said.
We got the camera from my room and took the SD card out of it, then headed for the living room to confront Eileen.
'Hey guys. Whatcha up to', Eileen asked?
I didn't know exactly how to begin, but didn't have to worry about it. Emily took charge.
'We want to show you something on the computer,' she said.
Eileen kinda shrugged. 'Now'?
'Yeah, it'll only take a minute'.
Eileen followed us to her bedroom where her computer was already on. I slipped the card in, scrolled down to the play arrow and clicked enter.
We didn't have to say a word. When the picture popped up Eileen let out an audible yelp, then turned to us. She did not look happy.
'You little fuckers. I suppose you think you're going to blackmail us with this video, right?'
That was the farthest thing from our minds. Before I could begin to answer Emily made her move.
'All we want is to continue with our own lives', she said.
Eileen looked puzzled. 'We never interfered with you guys. What are you talking about?'
Emily walked over to where I was standing and before Eileen or I could blink an eye she unzipped my fly, reached in and pulled my flaccid cock out.
Eileen was shocked. She watched as Emily began to stroke my dick.
'Have you guys been...' but before she could finish her sentence Emily said, 'Fucking? Yeah, and lots of other stuff, too!'
The surprise of Emily pulling my dick out in front of Eileen had a very positive effect on me. My cock literally sprang to life.
Eileen shook her head and began to laugh. 'And to think Frankie and I have been sneaking around for the past two days. So is all you want is to be able to get it on with each other in private? I think that can be arranged'.
To my amazement Emily spoke up again. 'Well, not exactly. We were kinda thinking about maybe joining you and Frankie for a family gathering'.
Hearing this my cock really hardened.
Eileen was still grinning.'Well, Franke's not here right now and I really can't speak for him, but I wouldn't mind that at all'. She added, 'Of course, you can never tell anyone'.
Emily looked down at my cock which she was still stroking. 'I think that goes without saying'.
'So what do we do now,' Eileen said. She was still looking at my dick.
I was hoping Emily was going to tell her we'd be in her room if she needed us but, again, to my utter amazement Emily said, 'My brother really needs to get laid right now'. She paused then added, 'He's been watching you for two days so maybe you'd like to make his fantasy come true'.
Eileen shook her head slowly then laughed. 'You guys are too much. You want me to fuck him right now, right here with you in the room'? With that she walked over and took my cock out of Emily's hand and began stroking it herself. I thought I would pass out from her shear touch.
'Take your clothes off,' Eileen said. 'We have to make this fast. I don't want Frankie to know about it until I'm ready to tell him. She, too, began to strip.
Within seconds we were both completely naked. I laid on the bed and Eileen got on top of me. As she settled in, my sister reached down, took my prick in her hand and guided it into our cousin's already wet pussy.
'I see you are on board with our idea', Emily said, referring to how wet Eileen was. Eileen simply slid down and took my entire length into her warm pussy. It felt so good as we began to fuck.
Emily had her pants down around her ankles and was rubbing her clit as she watched Eileen and me fuck. There was no tender emotion involved like it had been with my sister. Eileen and I simply fucked.
At this point I didn't think it was possible for my sister to surprise me anymore, but I was wrong.
Eileen was on top of me working her pussy up and down when Emily said, 'Turn around and face this way'.
With Eileen turned, now in a reverse cowgirl position, I could see her plainly in the wall mirror. The sight of my cock going in and out of her was erotic beyond anything I had expected and then it got even better.
Emily stopped jerking herself off and took my balls in her left hand. With her right hand she spread Eileen's pussy lips apart exposing her swollen clit. And then, to my absolute astonishment Emily leaned forward and took Eileen's clit into her lips.
I don't know if Eileen ever had a girl eat her cunt before, but she responded by jerking her hips up almost letting my cock slip out. Emily held on.
I knew I was about to cum and I was pretty sure Eileen was too so I said to my sister, 'Jerk off and cum with us'.
Emily did as I said just as Eileen let out a scream and gushed all over my cock.
That was all I could take. I slammed my spasming dick into Eileen as I pumped a huge load of cum into her. In the mirror I could see Emily bucking into her hand yet still holding on to Eileen's clit with her lips.
When I had finally shot all the cum I could muster into our cousin and she had stopped cumming in my sister's mouth and my sister had finished jerking herself off we all collapsed onto the bed.
After several minutes, when we seemed to had gotten our breathing nearly back to normal, Eileen said, 'I think Frankie is going to be pleasantly surprised. She looked over at Emily.
'I think so, too', Emily said. 'I think so ,too'!

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Tbh I thought it was cute and incredibly sexy with just the main charactor and his sister but i just got a little bit disturbing and nasty when they started imagining about there cousins. With Frankie it crosses the line.

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Love the series but where is the part where Frannkie joins in?

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Amazing story please make more

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America is fucked up.. But it still one hell of a place to be. ..


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Awesome story, I hope there is more to cum.

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