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I posted the start of my story a week ago, and intended that was all I’d say about it. The title of it was I Watched My Wife With An Older Man. Doing that was hard enough because I was extremely frightened of being found out. I still am. That would be the end of my job, and Anna’s and my life here. To be truthful, I didn’t exactly write that part either. I had a friend do it for me, just like she’s doing with this episode. Her name is Cleo. I’ve been friends with Cleo since high school and we have no secrets from each other. She is totally beautiful but except for a few childhood games of Doctor, we’ve never been lovers – just the best of friends. That’s why I told her about my wife being fucked by that older man – and how it’d made me feel. I figured she’d call me a wimp, or worse. Most folks would, but I was surprised when she told me she had written a story like mine for another man and posted it on a website. She said it’d helped the guy deal with his feelings about it, and assured me no one could possibly find out who it was about. I knew she’d written articles for the local paper, but was still reluctant. She finally persuaded me, so I spoke into a recorder and she put it together.
I guess I should first bring everyone up to date. A few months ago I’d brought home a business client who was a friend of my boss, to stay the night. He was a big guy, older man (I found out he was sixty years old) in pretty good shape with a developing pot-belly. I’m thirty-five, Anna’s twenty-nine. That evening I’d watched in a pretended drunken sleep as he’d hit on Anna all night, primarily just to see what she’d do – if she would remain faithful. To cut to the chase, he’d ended up fucking her into a shuddering climax as I’d watched from the bathroom, cumming into a tissue. Just watching them had made me cum so hard I was weak. I’d been totally unprepared for my reaction to seeing some stranger stuff his large cock inside my wife, and I was still having trouble dealing with it. At times I was so jealous I was filled with rage. Sometimes, I jerked off into a sock just reliving it. Pretty sick, huh? Go ahead call me a wimp, a pussy. I’ve called myself worse over all this.
I never mentioned to Anna that I saw them, so she didn’t suspect, although she tried doubly hard to please me after it happened - waiting on me, hot sex sessions, the whole thing. I guess she felt guilty, but what the hell, so did I. Then the bomb shell dropped. My boss came by, congratulated me on a minor accomplishment and asked if I minded if Walt stayed a couple nights with Anna and me again. Said he’d raved about how much he’d enjoyed it. I’ll bet! My mind suddenly cramped-up at the news and all I could do was nod dumbly. That night lying in bed with Anna, I contemplated the corner I was in, and wondered if I should confess that I’d seen them. I just couldn’t do it. I guess I loved her too much and knew the stress it’d cause between us. Still, I knew I had to inform her Walt would be returning, and I didn’t know how she would receive that news.
“You remember that Walt guy who stayed overnight with us a while back? Well, the boss asked me if we could do it again for a couple days.” I felt her grow quiet beside me, couldn’t even hear her breathing.
“You didn’t agree, did you?”
“Well . . . I sort of did. Is that a problem?”
After a long heartbeat, she said, “I guess not. I just don’t like strangers in our home. I like being alone with you.”
“It’ll be all right. You liked Walt Okay, didn’t you?”
“I guess,” she said in a quiet voice.
A moment later she slid over and laid her head on my chest. "Pat, I love you."
"And I love you, Kitten."
"I really mean it."
"Me too."

The day finally arrived and I picked Walt up at the airport. Anna was fixing BBQ on the back patio. She was dressed in her white shorts and a halter top. She loved beautiful as usual. Walt must of thought so too because as I watched him watch her tight ass all afternoon, I could see a bulge in the area of his fly. I made it my job to run errands into the kitchen for drinks and sauce, hurrying to a spot near the back bedroom where I could watch them. Walt was predictable. No sooner had I departed the area, and he was at it again. He’d grab Anna by the wrist or around her waist, but she’d jerk away and hiss something at him until he backed off. As the evening got late and we consumed more drinks, my “bathroom trips” took longer and I could see Anna was getting tired of having to fight him off. I didn’t know how far I’d let it go yet. I felt like a sick puppy, but was also so excited that I trembled. The conflict was killing me. On one trip I made it to the back window and saw them standing near the pool, Walt’s hand was trapped between Anna’s legs, and I watched as he forced his knee between them too, getting better access. He was now able to cup her entire vagina, working his hand as she attempted to push it away. Suddenly, he lowered his face and swallowed her mouth. She froze. Then I saw something that stabbed me in the heart. She accepted his tongue, suddenly kissing him back, and quit pushing his hand away. Somehow seeing her kiss him like that hurt about as bad as previously seeing his cock inside her. As for my own cock, it could’ve cut glass at the moment. Anna finally broke away, glancing furtively toward the door where I’d return. They were seated when I got there, Anna’s face flushed, Walt grinning.
I stood and stretched. “Well, as I said, I have to be in the office to call the East Coast office as soon as they open in the morning. They’re a couple hours ahead of us so it’ll be an early day for me. I have to turn in, but you guys enjoy the evening and we’ll figure out what we’ll do tomorrow when I return about nine. Good night. I ignored Anna’s expression, something between terror and hunger, and went inside.
I put on my PJ bottoms, remained barefoot, and peeked outside to see if they were still there. They were there conversing in low tones. Anna was shaking her head and sneaking glances at the rear door. I heard Walt laugh softly as Anna dropped her head, staring into her lap. Walt got up and went to sit beside her on the sofa lounge. She didn’t look at him. Walt took her unresisting hand, placing it on his dick, holding it there. She still didn’t look up, just shook her head, apparently telling him no but he was ignoring her. With his other hand he reached out and grasped her right nipple and I imagined I could hear her gasp from where I watched. I knew she loved that, and watched her face contort as he rolled it around between his thumb and forefinger. Even from where I stood, I could see she was weakening. Walt took his considerable semi-hard girth from his trousers, and re-wrapped her fingers around it. This time she looked down at it, opening her mouth as though in amazement. It looked even larger than I recalled.
Walt released her nipple, massaged the side of her neck and face, then pulled her head forward and down, toward his erection. She resisted only temporarily, then lowered her face and engulfed most of it. I head him groan as she did. Then she went to work on his cock hungrily for a couple minutes. Suddenly, she stood, looked down at him for a moment then walked toward the rear door. I scampered frantically to get back to our bedroom, sliding under the covers with only a second to spare. The exertion probably made my deep breathing convince her I was sound asleep. I heard the door close softly and only waited for about a minute before I hurried back to my post near the window. Anna was already kneeling in front of him, swallowing his cock hungrily. He pulled her up into his lap, holding still as she slowly slid down on his thick cock. I saw her throw her head back - heard her moan. Then they were fucking like animals. I was finding it hard to breath, could feel my heart pounding against my chest violently. My legs were about to give out but I couldn’t look away. It was clear their frustration had been building all afternoon and they wanted a quick release. His cock was so thick I could see him pulling the lining of her vagina out with each thrust. Mine looked like a child’s in comparison. If it was painful for her, she didn’t act like it. His hairy sacs looked like hardballs slapping against her anus. He suddenly grasped her ass cheeks and strained upward. I could see Anna’s inter-thighs trembling, heard her whimper and saw her toes working steadily. I knew from experience that she was there. She was sucking his tongue as they came together - long shuddering surges wracking her body in waves – over and over. I felt completely inadequate. I’d never been able to make her do that. Then I exploded too, like a volcano – like I’d never done before either. My legs finally gave out as I slowly sank to the floor, never taking my eyes off the spectacle before me.
Anna had collapsed against his hairy chest, gasping through her open mouth for breath, her ass and legs still trembling violently from her pleasure. She lowered her face again and lovingly accepted his tongue, clearly licking the inside of his mouth. God that hurt. As his cock deflated, a river of white ran from her pussy lips, onto his hairy balls and legs. I watched as he pushed her off his lap and guided her head downward, indicating with a silent nod what he wanted. Without a single protest, she sucked his cock clean, licking it from top to bottom – she did his balls, then back to his softening cock. She made love to it, actually worshiped it with her mouth. That nearly killed me, but my own cock was hardening once more and I grasped it tightly.
Who was this woman whom I thought I knew? She’d never licked my messy cock afterward. This person looked like a slut. A total stranger. That was my beautiful Anna in front of me. My wife! I watched, mesmerized, as she worked his cock back to a state of erection. It was already half-hard when she sucked his nuts into her mouth, lifted up and nibbled under them at the tender strip of flesh found there. I saw his thick meat stiffen more as he slid downward, giving her better access. He lifted his knees, holding them in the crook of his arms as she nuzzled between his ass cheeks, licking his asshole.
Slut! Oh shit, I was ready to cum again. I quickly let go of my cock, breathing heavily and shaking. She had it stuck all the way down her throat now, her nose in his pubic hair, holding it there, her throat muscles working, milking it. It didn’t take long. His thighs tightened as he wrapped his fingers in her hair and shot his load deep into her belly. She lapped it up like it was cream. He had to literarily had to force her mouth off his cock. He tossed her onto the sofa, and buried his face in her vagina as she screamed, clutching his head in her hands and between her thighs. She came almost instantly. So did I. I almost had to crawl back to my room. Half-alseep, I felt Anna slip silently between the sheets about twenty minutes later.

The next morning I left before daylight, Anna still sleeping. I took care to smooth my side of the sheet and fluff my pillow though. I came back around nine to find them both in the pool. I went into the bedroom and found the bed hadn't been made yet. Pulling down the cover, I saw my side mussed, the pillow flattened. On the sheet were several small stains that I knew were semen. I got close and took awhiff. It looked like they'd had quite a morning after I'd left. Jealousy reared its ugly head again. So did my cock.

I knew it would only be temporary relief, but I went into the bathroom and whacked off. Then I joined them outside, where I learned Walt had been advised to attend a luncheon in El Paso the following day and had to leave for the airport. He said he’d return and spend one more day with us after his meeting. Anna “volunteered” to drive him to the airport. They departed around 2:00 PM. It was a forty minute round trip. She returned about 5:30. I checked her closely and saw the tell-tell redness around her pretty mouth, knowing instantly that she’d given Walt a good send-off to hold him until his return. She laid down for a well-earned nap, and I called my friend Cleo.
“Do you still love her, Pat?”
“And she still loves you. Where’s the problem? You enjoy her pleasure, and it gives you pleasure. Period. All this is, is a little rubbing friction and an exchange of bodily fluids. It’s transitory and will pass. I suggest you tell her you know, and admit you liked it, too.”
I guess I’ve got a decision to make.

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2013-07-10 12:31:16
writing with paragraph would be coherent

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2013-05-19 17:04:44
this is one of the hottest stories I have read, a fantasy of mine

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Don't yu just love anonymous sexual masochists? Why do you morons read these stories if it upsets you so much?
Great story btw - very sexy.

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I have set up both of my wives with other men and both were nice girls but a stiff dick knows no conscience and a hot pussy will always be ready for a hard dick, strange or otherwise. Don't underestimate the power of a stray cock.

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spinless basterd, he's already lost her.i hope i am wrong. i fell for his lose, i to lost my adoltrous cheating wife to dirty bastard.

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