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This is a true story that happened to me when I was a young "woman"
Hi guys!! Glad you liked my last story. Here's another. Again, I was 16 at the time, I was 5' 4" , 120 lbs, long brown hair, green eyes, ass to die for, I stole my grandma's estrogen pills and started growing boobies, I was now a full b cup.

A couple weeks went by and I only seen my younger black guy a few times. He let me suck his big cock but that was it. One day he told me he met someone else and to not come around any more. As I turned the corner and was heading home his dad, James, pulled up along side me in his car. He said, "Jessica, why do you look so sad, girl?" I told him his son broke up with me.

He told me he'd give me a ride home but he had to run a couple errands first. I told him that was fine, I could use some company. As we rode along we chatted about this and that, he told me he missed me and his cock missed me. I giggled. As we pulled up to a red light he asked if I wanted to see it, I did. Do you want to kiss it, I Do.

So the light turned green and we took off, after we passed a couple cars, he grabbed me by the back of my head and guided me to his hard cock. At first I was teasing the head making little kissing and sucking noises that was driving him crazy. Finally, we both had enough of that and I sucked his whole cock down my throat. He pushed my head down further into his lap and told me to stay there, a cop was right besides us. It was so hard to breathe but I did what I was told, like a good girl. As I was starting to feel lite- headed, he pulled me up so I could breathe again. As soon as I caught my breathe I took him deep into my throat and started playing with his balls. Soon he was shooting his thick load in my mouth, there was soo much I couldn't take it all. As I pulled his cock out of my mouth with a loud POP, the last of his squirt landed on my cheek and down to my lips. I looked at him and out of the corner of my eye I seen a car full of guys just staring at me with their jaws on their lap. I decided to give em a show and scooped up the cum on my face and put it in my mouth. I showed it to em, swallowed, then showed em my mouth was empty. That got me soo turned on!! He said, "I bet you'd like to suck all those guys off, huh." "I would, but only if you're there."

He tells me, "I have a better idea, but first I really need to take care of a few things." So we drove around for about an hour, making a few stops to pay this or pick that up. He even stopped at a pay phone and made a couple calls. After his errands we stopped to get something to eat at a diner. I was really unsure about going in, thinking someone would know I'm a boy but he convinced me I looked more feminem than some of the women coming out, so in we went. After we ordered some food, he excused himself to use the rest room. A really cute busboy came by to clean up the table next to us and this guy was staring at me. I said hello and gave him a wink, he smiled then left. A few minutes later, he came back and handed me a note with his phone number and name, Pete. Once James came back, we ate and had some small talk. My favorite bus boy kept coming back to check on our dirty dishes and walked away with them. James said, "I think that boy has a crush on you, you see that bulge in his pants??" I giggled and said, "I don't think so." As we we're paying the bill, Pete walked by, and James reached down and massaged my ass so he would see. I turned to see Pete looking sad and I motioned to him that I'll call him later.

Out in the car, James told me he had to do it, but I didn't mind. "Now your gonna have a great time! I think you'll love what I have planned next." Not wanting to ruin the surprise, I didn't say a word. I just sat in the car while we drove, rubbing James' cock through his pants. Excited to see what he had in store.

We pulled up to this small building that pretty much looked like a large shed. No cars around, no people in the area, just this shack!! We got out and walked up to it, James opened the door open for me, so I walked in. It was so dark in there it took me a few seconds to adjust and notice all the porn magazines, VHS tapes and dildos all over the wall. I blushed a deep red when I noticed the guy behind the counter. It was a friend of my brother, whose name is Brian. James showed me around and Brian kept asking us if we need any help. James told me to look around while he went to talk to Brian. I seen them both smiling and looking at me, then Brian got on the phone and James came back. He said, "I'm so horny, give me a blowjob, baby!!" Not here I said.

"Let's go in the back," he grabbed my hand and led me to what looked like a closet, opened the door and it opened up into a row of booths. He quickly led me into one, dropped his pants and pushed me to the ground with his hard cock bobbing in my face!! I liked this!! I took his hard cock in my hand and started stroking it, getting it really hard. I then rolled my tongue all over the head, savoring his manly taste. I then took as much of his cock in my mouth and started tonguing his balls. He reached over and started rubbing my ass, telling me how hot I looked and how bad he wants to fuck my tight ass. He got his finger all wet while I pulled my sweats down, giving him access to me back there. While I was still slurping his cock, he pulled my panties aside and started working his finger into my asshole. First the one, then two and finally 3! I was so ready for him to take my ass and make me his,

Once his cock was dripping precum and my drool, he turned me around and started teasing me with his hard cock at the entrance to my love hole.... slowly he pushed in until I could feel his pubes rubbing against my ass cheeks. It felt amazing!! My first time being penetrated all the way by a real cock!!. When he started pumping in and out, I thought I would cum right there. James started telling me how hot my ass was and how tight I am. He then surprised me by pulling my hair, making me look straight ahead. I still had my eyes closed, enjoying this as much as possible. I felt something touching my lips and nose. I opened my eyes and was face to face with a nice size cock sticking through a hole!! I opened my mouth and took that cock deep down my throat, only stopping cause of the wall. I was now in heaven. James fucking me, sucking a strangers cock, my own small penis in my panties feeling like it was gonna burst. James slowed his pace down and told me to keep sucking that cock!! I could feel the strangers cock start to twitch and him saying he was gonna cum.... James pulled me off the strange cock I just had in my mouth as he started cumming on my face. James told me how sexy I looked and started plowing into my ass, then slowed down again as another cock came through the hole!

I was offically in heaven.... I sucked that cock until he too came on my face, adding to the first. James picked up his pace again and soon he blasted a huge load in my hole. After, I cleaned his cock and he put it back in his pants, I could feel his cum drizzling out of my backdoor, just as there was a knock at the front door. James opened the door and walked out as another guy walked in.... No hello or anything, he just dropped his pants and guided his cock into my open mouth... A few minutes of sucking his cock, he backed up, turned me around and slammed his cock in my ass...Hard!! I spurted a few shots of precum into my panties as this guy rode me hard. Another cock through the hole, another shot on my face... ;)

This guy riding me hard slowed down and pushed in my ass as deep as he'd go and released his seed. He shot so hard I could feel it hitting something, making me quiver. Once he pulled out, he left. I was taking a breather when I felt another pushing against me from behind, so I turned to swallow as much as I could. This cock just kept getting bigger and fatter the more I sucked it. I had to have it up my ass!! So I took it out of my mouth and turned aroung, lining him up and pushing that HUGE cock up my slightly worn out hole. To say he stretched me out is an understatement. I have never and only once since then, been soooo full in my ass before. This man was so gentle, it drove me crazy!!! He was slowly deep fucking me for what seemed like forever!! I got used to the size and started pushing back into him. As I got into a good rythm, the door opened and 2 guys walked in, stroking their hard cocks. I quickly sucked one then the other as deep into my throat as I could.

Let me say this... 2 hard cocks in my mouth, a HUGE cock in my ass, cum covering my shirt, belly, panties, in my hair and all over my face. I had the most intense orgasm of my 13 yr old life. Both guys I was blowing came about the same time, I swallowed as much as I could and just let the rest fall where it may!! That huge cock in my ass exploded and I felt so squishy as he pulled out, I tried to tell him my number and see what he looked like but I was unable to move. As everyone left, I just laid there for a good 30 or 40 minutes, reliving and masterbating probably 4 times. As I was trying to recompose myself, there was a knock on the door... It was Brian. He thought I left and wanted to clean the mess. He looked at me and on the floor and said, "There has to be at least a gallon of jizz all over the place. What a mess!!" I smiled, got on the floor and started scooping as much as I could and putting it in my mouth. Within seconds he had his pants down and was fucking my face as hard and as fast as he could, then he fucked my ass till he came for the third time he told me. Then he totally surprised me by pulling my panties aside and sucking my hard little man clit until I came!! " I knew it was you, I won't say anything as long as you come up here again, and soon!!" No problem I said, just as soon as I can walk again!!

A few hours later I made it home, still oozing cum and blowing bubbles, dried cum caked in my hair and all over my face. As I started to fall asleep, I smiled.... I was now a "woman."
I must have slept for like 12 hours straight. When I got out of the shower and after I ate, I called Pete. He said he was gonna go to a party but it was pretty much a "sausage fest" I gave him my address and he came and picked me up a block away from my house.... It was a "sausage fest" but that's a story for another time!!

Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I loved it happening!!


2015-04-07 04:23:42
Loved it baby. Such a sexy and honestly told story.

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2012-03-20 04:21:51
I Fucking Loved it. Its a Amazing story WRITE MORE!!! ;->

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2012-03-20 04:20:23
I Fucking Loved it. Its a Amazing story WRITE MORE!!! ;->

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