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What she has to do
Looking down at the man underneath me, I can't believe I am where I am. The other two pledges have their eyes closed and looks of concentration on their faces. Like myself they each have two sorority sisters rubbing their backs and buttocks. The rules state that they can't touch our naked breasts, but they keep straying up the sides of my prodigious mounds. I so want to have them lick my nipples. I can see they are both very hard and I feel them aching to be touched.

At 19, I so want to get into (sorority name deleted!), but I have to pass this initiation. I've played chicken before but not quite like this.

When we arrived we were lead to a changing room where we were stripped and our pussies were shaved bare. Then we were escorted into the second floor main room, where three guys with half masks covering the tops of their faces, were laying on thin couches in a pool of bright light. I could tell there were a lot of people sitting around the room, but I couldn't make them out. The guys on the couches were each sporting a massive erection, and we were commanded to start the test.

"Each of you girls will draw lots to see which cock will end up in your pussies." I got number one, probably the biggest, great! "Remember, failure to comply with any of the requirements of the test will cause you to be immediately blackballed by the sorority. You will straddle your man's cock and take him fully inside you. Once impaled you will sit quietly and not orgasm. Orgasm equals failure! Only one of you will be admitted, the other two will have to pledge elsewhere. If you cause your man to come, you will have failed. Now ladies, take your cock and insert it, and may the best woman win!"

I could feel the sweat rolling down my sides. My legs were starting to ache and tremble from supporting me on his dick. I knew that if I put my full weight down on him he'd cum easier. The sisters kept stroking me, driving me wild. I was so close to orgasm, but not there yet. My guy was biting his lower lip fiercely not to cum. I could feel him twitch now and again, releasing hot pre-cum in my unprotected pussy. Another reason I had to win was that I was terribly fertile right this week. A new sorority sister approached each of our guys and bent down to start whispering into the their ears. I could hear the soft words being spoken to mine.

"You are so lucky to have your dick in one of our pledges. Open your eyes and look at her breasts," he did so, but I thought somewhat reluctantly. Again he twitched inside me. "So large. Such suckable nipples. If you came in her right now, in nine months they'd be even bigger for your son to be milking. All you need to do is let loose. Pump a big stream into her. I saw your balls are retracted, so you must be close to spilling your giant load. Go ahead. Sperm her. Make her your baby's milk machine."

With every sentence, I could feel him jerk inside me. I'm so close right now, I think I'd let me spunk me if only I could cum.

A whispered voice in my own ear startled me.

"Go on, you want to cum on his dick. He had such a large one I almost took him myself, but I saved him for you. He's good looking, imagine the beautiful daughter he'd implant inside you if he came right now. Your breasts and hips, your good looks, his good looks, your daughter would be a fuck magnet! All you need to do is let go. You want to. You really want his baby juice inside of you."

I licked my suddenly dry lips and he jerked again. He was looking at my face. He had the most beautiful blue eyes, like blue topaz.

Look at those baby making hips," continued my man's tormenter. "Made for giving you the son you want. The son you need."

Neither of us were listening to our whispering tempters. I was staring into his eyes and he was staring into mine. I had never said word one to this man, but I was falling in love. I wanted his baby. I wanted him to pump me pregnant, and keep me pregnant. Fuck school. Fuck getting my degree in English Lit. I wanted this man and his baby juice inside me. I mouthed the words "I love you" and his eye went wide.

Suddenly a high pitched scream sounded from one of the other girls as she orgasmed, startling both of us and fending off our impending cums. Jumping off her guy the cumming pledge was blasted by the load pumping out of him. Shooting high into the air it landed on her hair and tits.

The couple next to me watched the action and one of the sorority sisters yelled and pointed where his dick was tucked firmly into her pussy. "He's pumping her full right now, so I think we have a winner" She ran over to me and raised my arms in victory.

The voice that had been whispering in my ear came to me again, "Go on sister, claim your prize. You've won. Nothing to lose now."

I looked down at the man inside me and savagely growled "Fuck me!" My man quickly grabbed my tits and the feel of his rough palms on my nipples was enough to set me off. I started bouncing up and down on his dick and he started pumping in time with my bouncing. The crowd started to cheer us on and the chant of "CUM, CUM, CUM, CUM..." echoed around the big room. I was doing just what they wanted and I couldn't stop cumming!

Then suddenly he stopped pumping me and became very still. His cock swelled inside me and with a roar that was echoed by the rest of the room, I could feel him shooting in me. The blood pounding in my ears was deafening, and I felt warm and full as he pumped what felt like a gallon of sperm into my waiting womb. My new sisters were stroking us as he unloaded in me. I never felt closer to any group of human beings that I did to that room full of strangers. After he finished, I felt all tingly and light headed and they helped me dismount and got us a bed to lay down on in my new room.

Nine months later I had his child. We were married a year after that and I helped put him through school while raising our daughter. The first of our four children. I'm a happy housewife, and he's a handsome doctor. Life is good.

So when my daughter asked me if she should try out for my old sorority, I wasn't sure what to say. All I could think of was "Damn, she has become a fuck magnet..."

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Thats about all they teach in college besides socialism!

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