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The long awaited sequel for some of you. Enjoy!
I stood there looking down at her innocent eyes, kind of surprised my dick had got hard again so quickly. I chuckled lightly, "well then what do you want to do with him them." She sat there biting the tip of her finger nervously, "can I make you squirt that white stuff out again? Then you can make me orgasm again, like we just did."

I stood there wanting to burst out laughing, "how about we try sex instead?" I asked smiling at her. She slowly shook her head, "I already told you, I'm waiting until I get married." I wasn't about to just get another handjob, I wanted to get into her pussy. "How are you supposed to know if a guy's going to be any good in bed or not?"

She looked at me, confused again. "Look why don't you give it a try? Who knows you might like it." I said grinning, my dick bouncing with the thought of getting into her tight pussy.

"Bu... But your penis is so big. My friend's say it hurts the first time you try having sex." She said, shifting nervously on the ground. I laughed, "yes it may be big, but its not as big as a baby coming out of you." She cringed at that comment. "The thing with it hurting the first time you have sex is because some guys rush it and just force their dick into you."

She looked at me with a bewildered look on her face. "I mean they just force their dick into you, not caring how you feel, or if it brings you pain," I said. She shifted nervously again, "so it doesn't always hurt?" I shook my head, "not if he knows what he's doing, and cares how you feel."

I moved to my knees by her feet, lightly rubbing her thigh. I could tell she was still nervous as she spoke, "I still don't know Mr. Banks."

I moved closer to her, my erection bobbing in the air, "look Nok give it a try, if it hurts to much just tell me to stop ok?" She looked at me, biting her lower lip, then moving her eyes down to my dick, her eyes transfixed on it staring at her.

She slowly nodded, "you promise to stop if it hurts?" A wide grin crossed my face in delight, "I promise."

She spread her legs slightly, " ok Mr. Banks we can try it." I looked down at her wet slit as she spoke, "ok Nok, lay completely down and relax."

As she laid back I started moving over her tiny frame, my body almost three times her size. I couldn't believe this was about to happen, but after she had me show her my cock, I knew I wanted to. I held myself over her and looked down at my dick that was now leaking a little pre-cum. My heavy ball sack resting against her tiny slit, I noticed the tip of my dick was even with her belly button, while the base was almost even with her slit.

'There was no way I was going to get fully into this tiny girl,' I thought to myself. I knelt up and moved back a little. I took hold of my dick and slowly began rubbing the tip up down her slit.

She looked at me with a little hesatation in her eyes. I watched as her tiny lips slightly parted to the tip of my large head. I knew this was going to be difficult, but at this point I couldn't think about anything else but getting into her young body.

After I felt the tip was wet enough I looked up at her, "are you ready Nok?" She looked at me anxiously, biting her lower lip, and slowly nodded. I brought the head of my dick even with her tiny hole and slowly began to push forward.

Her breathing became labored as I watched the lips open to the penetration. She closed her eyes tightly as I pushed in slowly. Her pussy felt like it was trying to deny me entry as it squeezed the tip tightly, not allowing me to go any further.

I stayed still as her pussy continued to squeeze and release the tip. After a bit I started to push more into her. Her breathing sounding like she was in labor, and her pussy trying to push me back out, making it difficult to concentrate and push into her.

"Shh just relax," I whispered trying to calm her. Her breathing was still rapid, but her pussy slowly relaxed enough for me to move. I slowly pushed in further until I met more resistance. I guessed this was her hymen as I pushed into it.

"Ok baby, I'm at your virginity," I said, looking at her. She opened her eyes to look at me, some tears rolling down her cheeks. "Does it hurt?" I asked sincerely. She slowly nodded whispering, "a little."

I stayed there, the head of my dick resting against her cherry. Her breathing was still fast, as her pussy muscles were still trying to push me out. She looked up at me and whispered, "ok go ahead." I looked back at her, "are you sure?" She nodded her answer as she squeezed the towel with her hands tight.

I pulled back slightly, "ok here is where the pain will be." She nodded as she held her breath, closing her eyes. I braced myself on the ground with my hands, with one smooth motion, I shoved my hips forward, breaking through her cherry.

"Ahhhhh," she cried out in pain when I broke through and hit her cervix. Tears flowed from her eyes as she look at me in pain. "It's ok baby, the worst is over," I whispered as I leaned down and kissed her forehead lightly.

Her body was trembling, as her small pussy constricted around my dick. Her pussy finally began to relax around my dick, "are you ok?" I whispered. She nodded slowly, tears still rolling down her cheeks. I pushed myself back up and began to withdraw from her. Her pussy clinging tight to my shaft as I pulled out.

The head of my dick was just inside of her as I looked down at our joining. Her pussy lips were stretched tight around my shaft, her virgin blood coating my shaft about halfway down. I looked back up at her, she had some tears rolling off of cheeks, "are you ok sweetheart?" I asked. She slowly nodded, "it's starting to feel better."

I smiled at her, feeling her outer pussy muscles squeezing and releasing my cock-head. "Ok sweetheart here we go," I groaned as I put my hands by her shoulders. I slowly pushed back into her until I hit her cervix again. I let out a long groan, as she moaned in return. I still had 2 or 3 inches of my cock out of her tiny body, but I couldn't go any further.

I started moving slowly in and out of her sucking hole, enjoying her extremely tight pussy. She had her eyes closed, hers moans getting louder as she slowly moved her hips into me. "That's it baby, you like that don't you," I growled at her as I started moving a little faster. She couldn't say a word, just moaning in ecstasy, as she pushed her hips into me with more force.

As I moved into her faster and harder, I could feel my cum bubbling up already. I shoved deep into her and froze, looking at her I groaned, "do you want to try riding my dick." Her eyes opened as she looked at me and slowly nodded.

I quickly withdrew out of her and had her get up. I laid on my back where she just was and helped her straddle my hips. Her eyes were fixed on mine as held my dick steady as guided it into her. When the head of my dick split her lips apart, she didn't need any encouragement, she forced herself down onto me and let out a long groan.

She put her hands on my chest as I grabbed her hips and started moving her up and down. She quickly got the hang of it and started riding me faster and harder. I started lifting my hips into her, trying to go deeper into her. I could hear her breathing becoming more ragged as it felt like her pussy was getting tighter. I found her hardened clit with my thumb as started rubbing it vigorously. "Are you gonna cum for me baby, is that tiny pussy gonna cum on my black cock?" I almost yelled at her, urging her on, as I bucked into her harder.

All of a sudden she slammed down onto me hard, throwing her head back as she started screaming. My dick and balls were flooded with pussy juice rushing out of her as she came. Her pussy was milking my dick as she came, more juice flowing out and onto my abdomen. I felt my own cum rushing up my dick as I pulled her to me. With a loud grunt I slammed into her and shot my cum deep into her.

Her orgasm was slowly subsiding as I shot more seed into her. "Oh my god that feels so hot," she moaned as I grunted with another shot of cum. Finally I stopped cumming in her as my dick continued to throb in her. "Oh my that was incredible," she said, pushing herself back up. I could only lightly chuckle, exhausted.

She smiled at me, then started lifting her hips up. My deflating member slipping out of her gaping pussy, followed by a dollop of my cum, splashing onto my stomach. She looked at it, then up at me with a look of fear, "you put your sperm inside of me?" I slowly nodded, smiling. "Oh my god," she gasped as she felt more of my load run out of her and down her leg.

I got up to grab my clothes, looking at her. She was sticking her fingers into her young pussy, digging my cum out. I laughed to myself as I bent over to grab my clothes, as I stood back up I heard a car door shut in front of her house...

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