The swinging fun time at Carrie's Place are about to end.
I last left you with us just opening our house on the lake as Carrie’s Place. It was a swinger’s retreat for weekend getaways. The first weekend we opened was an instant success. Our place was now big enough to host six couples as well as Brenda and our latest additions Capt. Gary and his lovely wife Tina.

Gary and Tina was an older couple in their early 50’s. Gary was a retired Navy Captain who had seen action in both Korea and Vietnam where he served aboard a destroyer. Carrie and I had asked them to help us on the weekend with our guests. Tina would lend a hand helping Carrie and Brenda while Capt. Gary would handle our big party pontoon boat.

In my last chapter, you learned about the sign Carrie had made for above our big stone fireplace. The sign said, “Hush, hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you.” It seemed that Carrie had came up with this idea of how to introduce ourselves to our guests. Her idea was to tell them the story of how we met and how our home on the lake became our special place.

Carrie’s would tell our story every Friday night to our new sets of guests. She had that sign made up because she knew someone would always ask just what did that mean. That is why I know my story so well because I have heard it from her lovely lips so many times.

It was always the same as well as taking our guest out into the night to show them how you could hear the gentle lapping of the waves against the shoreline. How the moon danced across the water with stars behind it to many to count. How this special spot became our happy place especially for me while I served in Vietnam.

Carrie even read a letter my lieutenant had wrote to her a couple days after I received my wounds. Carrie was trying to show them the special bond we had and the love we had in our hearts for each other. Our guests were so over come with their stay with us that they had reached into their pockets and given us $2,000.00 between them for their simple little weekend stay.

I remember asking Brenda if that was normal, as she had been to swingers retreats. She told us yes as that way you were not really breaking any tax laws. Brenda also told us that it was more like a donation to a good cause.

The three of us sat there for a while talking before Brenda told us she was off to shower and then to bed it had been a long weekend for her. Carrie and I told her good night. The night was beginning to close in on us as we sat on the sofa. The colored lights came on out back shining on the bench swing.

“Come sit with me,” I said to Carrie as I grabbed her hand.

We walked to the swing hand in hand. I sat her down then took my place beside her as I wrapped my arm around her shoulders. I pulled her against me tightly as I gently rocked the swing. We sat there together listening to the sounds of crickets, frogs as well as the gentle lapping of the waves against the shoreline.

“John, did you ever think we would be together like this?” Carrie asked me.

I was going to lie and tell her yes however I looked into her blue eyes as I replied, “To be truthful Carrie I thought I would be alone for the rest of my life,” “Or worst as I always had a feeling that I would not survive my second tour of duty in Vietnam.”

“Are you sorry you did?” Carrie asked seriously.

“What sorry that I survived or sorry I meant you?” I asked in return.

“Both,” Carrie replied looking deep into my eyes.

I smiled at her as I said, “As to you No.” I paused to think about her other question.

“JOHN, you’re not sorry you survived Vietnam are you,” Carrie replied with serious wonder in her tone.

I pulled her tighter against me as I replied, “Not at all I was just thinking after hearing the letter the Lieutenant wrote you I would say that you were the reason why I walked out of that jungle that night.”

“I used to read you that letter daily when I sat with you in the hospital.” Carrie said as she looked up to me. “John you do realize just how special you are to me,” Carrie added.

“As special as you are to me my love,” “No other shall ever dwell as deep in my heart as you Carrie,” I replied before I took her into my arms kissing her deeply.

We sat there swinging on that old bench swing kissing as if we were teenagers again. We were young with Carrie 24 and me at 23 years of age. We were head over heels in love and happy as ever. The rest of the summer weekends went just as the first swinger’s weekend had. Everyone including Carrie and I were enjoying ourselves.

We had never figured on making any money from our little weekend fun. However, we always ended with donations ranging from $1,500.00 up to $3,000.00 all for just showing six couples the love of our hearts that little place we called home on the lake. It was as if summer came and went before long the trees were losing their leaves in late September early October.

Brenda left for Florida to stay with my Uncle for the winter. Carrie and I went about our normal lives, which meant working at our construction company. Under Carrie’s guidance, our company now worked year round. Most were inside jobs like the insides of that mini plaza. We also did snow removal up by the lake. One day Carrie told me that I would be meeting my new secretary at work today.

“I don’t need anyone but you,” I replied.

“You are going to love her,” Carrie replied giving me a smile.

I shook my head as I grabbed my trucks keys from the counter then asked her, “You riding with me today or are you driving to work?”

“You go ahead I will see you later at work,” Carrie replied kissing me before I went out the door.

I drove to work thinking how I did not need or want my own secretary. I walked into my office and I sat down behind my desk thinking how I did not want a new secretary no matter who it was. I also had something else on my mind as well. I loved the fun with Carrie’s Place however; I was tired of having to try to have sex with all the couples who stayed with us. I mean I enjoyed it however; it would be more fun to me if we just had one steady couple or if we just entertained them.

I caught up on some paperwork before I went back to just sitting behind my desk thinking how I could discuss this with Carrie and not sound like I did not want to turn our house on the lake into Carrie’s Place each summer. A knock at my door ended my thinking.

“Come in,” I yelled out looking toward the door.

The door swung opened and there stood this woman with a pot of coffee and cups on a tray that she held up covering her face. My eyes went to her shapely legs as she turned to push the door closed. Her lovely legs encased in nylons; I saw they had a black seam running up the back of her legs. My eyes followed that seam up to her lovely thick thighs.

I felt my cock twitching in my pants. Her nylons stopped at the back of her thighs well below the short black skirt she worn. As the woman closed the door, I saw that she wore a small black g-string under her skirt. She bent over a little given me a shot of her lovely chunky but lovely ass.

The woman turned and she lowered the tray covering her face. It was my Carrie. I smiled at her, as I looked to those big breasts that were flowing over the button up top she worn. She must be wearing a push up bra that was a size small on her as her boobs were spilling out with each step she took in her black high heels.

“Coffee for you sir,” Carrie said in a voice unlike her own.

“So you are my new secretary,” I said with a smile.

“Yes sir I am here for all your needs,” Carrie replied as she place the tray with coffee onto my desk.

My eyes fell to Carrie’s huge cleavage overflowing from her shirt as she did. Carrie smiled at me as I stared at her cleavage. I also noticed for the first time ever that Carrie had bright red lipstick on her lovely lips. I also looked into her bright sparkling blue eyes. I stared at her blankly as if I was seeing her for the first time. Carrie smiled at me as she poured me a cup of coffee.

“You drink your coffee sir while I clean your office,” Carrie said to me as she removed a feather duster from the tray.

Carrie walked across the room and she started to dust the pictures hanging in my office. She would remove them bending over placing them leaning against the wall on the floor. When Carrie bent over, she made sure that lovely plump ass was right in my direction.

The black g-strip sucked up between those lovely plump butt cheeks of hers. Carrie looked back to me as she bent over. She smiled as she wiggled her ass at me. I sipped at my coffee as I watched her teasing me a she cleaned my office.

Carrie came over to my desk as she used the feather duster on it. She got behind me and leaned over me. Her lovely long blonde hair teasingly brushed against my face. A lovely smell filled my nostrils as she leaned into me.

“Dam you smell good,” I said as I spun my chair around.

This caused Carrie to fall forward toward me. My face landed right between her up heaved cleavage. I kissed and licked between her tits for the few seconds that my head was between them. Carrie stood back up removing her tits from my face.

“Now sir what if someone would have came in?” Carrie asked tilting her head as she smiled.

“They would have seen my face buried between the loveliest set of breasts in the world,” I replied smiling.

“Sir, are you trying to get into my pants?” Carrie asked looking down at me as I sat in my chair.

“No but I got something trying to get out of mine,” I replied as I showed her the huge hard on tenting my pants.

“Oh dear sir did I cause that?” Carrie asked with a twinkle in her eye.

“Yes you did young lady and how am I to get any work done now?” I asked smiling at her.

Carrie bent down toward me as I felt her hand rubbing my cock through my pants. She undid my belt then unzipped my pants. Carrie had me rise up in my chair as she pulled down my pants and my underwear. My cock was hard and out throbbing as she looked at it.

“Oh my sir, your cock is so big,” Carrie said as she wrapped her hand around it.

Carrie pumped on my cock for a few minutes then she dropped to her knees. She put her hands onto the arms of my chair as she started to kiss her way across the head of my dick. Carrie used her tongue as she licked around the head of my cock. Carrie then took my cock into her lovely hot little mouth.

Carrie started to bob her head up and down working more of my cock into her mouth with each bob. Her hands were still on the arms of my chair. I leaned back into my chair with pleasure when I felt all of my cock slipping in and out of her mouth. My wife was an expert cocksucker.

My cock was throbbing in her mouth as I heard a knock at my office door. Carrie started to get up however I pushed her back down and under the opening in my desk. I pulled my chair closer to my desk.

“Come on in,” I yelled out.

My office door opened and I saw it was Frank. He was one of the Vietnam vets I had hired last year. Frank had turned out to be a very good worker, as did the rest of the men Carrie had suggested I hire. Frank was a supervisor for one of my crew that was building a mini plaza.

“Hey boss, you got a minute?” Frank asked as he walked toward my desk.

Frank had no sooner closed my door than Carrie took my cock back into her mouth. Carrie was bobbing her head fast up and down on my cock. I looked up from my desk to Frank.

“Ahhhh Yeah sure,” I replied to Frank.

Frank walked over and he unrolled some blueprint onto my desk. As Frank spread out the blue prints, a rather loud slurp came from below me. Frank looked at me funny. I told him must have been something I ate. Frank just raised his eyebrow as he looked back to the blueprint as he pointed to something on the blueprint.

“Boss, there is no way in hell that is going to fit,” Frank said pointing to the blueprint.

I leaned a bit forward to look at the blue print. Carrie at the same time took all of my cock into her mouth. I was trying to see just what Frank was talking about when Carrie started to suck deeply at my cock that was in her mouth. I had to fight not to blow a load into her mouth.

I rather left out a slight moan as I looked at the blueprint. Frank asked me if I was OK. I assured him I was and that it was just something that Carrie had fed me. When I had said that I felt Carrie showing me she did not like my answer as I felt her rake her teeth across my cock.

“DAM,” I yelled out. Thinking quickly I added, “Let me check this for any mistakes and I will get it back to you Frank,” as I looked to him slightly bent over the top of my desk.

I could see that Frank had this look on his face so I asked, “Something troubling you Frank?

I felt Carrie slipping her mouth from my cock. I sat up in my chair a bit now that she was not sucking on my still throbbing hard cock. Frank rubbed his hand under his chin for a second.

“Boss, I know it none of my business and all,” Frank said then paused. “I walked by earlier and I saw there was a strange blonde in the outer office,” Frank added looking at me seriously.

“Yeah, so what Frank?” I asked looking at him.

“Nothing boss I guess you know what you are doing I just hate to see Carrie get hurt or anything as that girl thinks the world of you that’s all,” Frank replied before he walked out of my office closing the door behind himself.

I felt Carrie pushing at my knees from under my desk. I scooted my chair back letting her out from under my desk. We both left out a laugh as we looked at each other. I grabbed her as I pulled her down into my lap.

“You naughty new secretary,” “You are going to get me in trouble with my big boss,” I said smiling before I kissed her deeply.

Carrie broke our kiss as she looked into my eyes and replied, “You know he is right John I do think the world of you,” as she rubbed at the side of my face.

The light from outside was shining in on her face. It caused her eyes to sparkle more than normal. I stared deeply into her eyes as I thought. I had to tell her my true feelings about having sex with all of our guests.

“John, I have something to talk to you about,” Carrie said still rubbing at my face.

“Oh so you want something, that’s why the dress up fun,” I replied smiling. “There is something I have to tell you first,” I added.

Carrie told me to go first so I did. I did the best I could trying to explain to her how I would prefer if we just stuck with one couple or even just Brenda when we opened Carrie’s Place to swingers again in the summer.

“I like the fun Carrie however I am uncomfortable with it especially if you are not present.” “I really do not like any other woman touching me other than you,” I said to Carrie.

Carrie stared at me with wonder in her eyes before she smiled and replied, “John that was what I wanted to talk to you about,” as she smiled.

I smiled at her as I said, “We’ll talk at home right now we need to check these blueprints,” as I tapped my desktop.

Carrie stood up and leaned down across my desk as I got behind her. I rested my face against her as I showed her the problem Frank had pointed out. I was breathing in her lovely smell as I felt my cock getting hard. It was pressing between the crack of her ass as my pants and underwear had fallen around my ankles when I stood up.

“John, Frank was right those prints are wrong,” Carrie said turning her head over her shoulder looking to me.

“I see that,” I replied leaning harder into her. “Looks like maybe eight or nine inches,” I added as I rubbed my cock between her butt cheeks.

“MMMMMm I think your right,” Carrie cooed out as I felt her reaching back for my hard cock.

I pulled the g-string away as she spread her legs. Carrie pulled my cock under her pussy rubbing it against it. She slipped it between her pussy lips as I pushed forward. My cock slipped deeply up into her pussy.

“AHHhhh fuck me John,” Carrie screamed out as her upper body fell across my desk.

Carrie’s face lies on its side as I started to fuck her slowly from behind. I would feed her pussy all my cock then slowly withdraw all but the head of my dick from her pussy. I did this until Carrie was grinding her butt back against me trying to get me to fuck her harder.

“FUCK me John give me that cock,” Carrie screamed as she slammed her ass back against my cock.

I built up to a steady pace of fucking her as she bent over my desk. I was driving my cock deep and hard into her pussy. Carrie was rocking back against my cock as it slipped in and out of her pussy. Her pussy was talking and squeezing at my cock as I drove it hard into her.

Carrie was moaning as she said, “Cum with me John.”

I felt her pussy started to go tight around my cock. My own cock twitched then throbbed as I shoved it deep into her wet pussy. Carrie started to shake and her hands crinkled up the blueprints.

“AHHHhh John,” Carrie yelled out as her orgasm came over her.

I lean forward smelling her lovely hair as my cock throbbed and twitched as cum flooded her pussy. It seemed like I gave her more cum than ever before. I just lie against her back kissing at her ear as my cock went soft in her pussy.

“I love you Carrie,” I was whispering into her ear between my kisses.

I finally pulled my cock out and slipped my underwear and my pants back up. I zipped my pants and buckled my belt. I smack Carrie on her ass as she lie across my desk.

“You better go change back into your normal clothes before someone else thinks I am fucking behind my wife’s back,” I said laughingly.

Carrie arose from my desk. As she did, she turned and she threw her arms up around my neck. She pulled my face down to hers so our noses were touching.

“I will always give you what ever you want John and I trust that you would never do that to me,” Carrie said before she kissed me deeply and with passion. Carrie broke our kiss and she added, “I love you John,” as she stroked her hand at the side of my face.

Carrie slipped from my arms heading for my door. I watched her shake that hot little ass and bounce those big tits as she walked toward my door. She would stop to look over her shoulder to see that I was watching her. Carrie blew me a kiss with her hand before she closed the door.

I slipped back down into my chair behind my desk. I looked over that blue print in front of me. I got the master one out from my files. Damn it I thought as I checked them both then rechecked them. I had made a fucking mistake. I looked out my office window and I saw Frank’s truck was still outside. I was going out my door as Carrie was coming in. She was dressed back in normal looking clothes still looking sexy.

“Be right back I have to go get Frank,” I said to her.

I went and found Frank. I brought him back into my office. Carrie smiled at him as we entered the office.

“Hello Carrie I did not know you were here today,” Frank said shyly.

Carrie smiled at me then replied, “Oh I just popped in to make sure my husband was not up to no good,” as she smiled at Frank.

“Anyways Frank, did you build that section already?” I asked.

Frank hung his head down, as he replied, “No boss I know it was supposed to have been completed yesterday but those figures bother me so I decided to check with you first.”

I crossed my arms in front of myself as I looked to Carrie. Frank raised his head and looked at her then back to me. I stood there looking at Frank; I was thinking about what to do.

“Sorry boss I know I was suppose to have that job finished,” Frank said as he hung his head down.

“Frank, you just saved me a lot of money and time,” I said to him as I walked toward him sticking out my hand.

I shook Frank’s hand as I showed him both sets of blueprints. The mistake I had made would have been a disastrous one. It would have involved having to tear most of the project down and starting over. I walked over to Carrie and I put my arm around her. I pulled her tightly against my side.

“Frank, I think it is time that our company here found themselves a project manager,” I said looking at him then to Carrie.

Frank looked at us both as he asked, “Who did you have in mind?”

“You if it‘s OK with my boss,” I replied smiling at Carrie.

“It’s OK with me; as long as you promise to keep an eye on my husband for me,” Carrie said flashing him a smile.

“Shit you were that blonde I saw earlier,” Frank replied with a little laugh as he shook his head. “I should have known that John would never be with anyone but you,” Frank added.

“Then it settled you are our new project manager,” I replied shaking his hand once again. “Now my dear if you would fill him in on all on going projects in your office which by the way is now his office.” “As you my dear will be moving in here with me,” I added smiling at her.

“Thanks Boss I will try not to let you down,” Frank said as him and Carrie left my office.

I sat back down behind my desk thinking what a fine day it had turned out to be. Carrie came back into my office about two hours later. I was sitting behind my desk pulling at my hair. She asked me what was wrong.

“These dam books I hate fucking bookkeeping,” I replied looking hopeless.

Carrie came over and she rubbed her hand at the side of my face as she said, “Hush, Hush my love or the IRS will get you.”

I busted out laughing before I took her into my arms. I hugged her then kissed her deeply. I broke our kiss as I told her lets stop for the day and head for home. We both stopped by to look in on Frank. He was busy going over other blue prints.

“Don’t forget to lock up as we are calling it a day,” I yelled into him.

“Got you covered Boss,” Frank yelled back.

I had forgotten about Carrie driving to work as well today. She jumped into her car and I jumped into my truck. God damn it girl I thought as I followed her home. The girl was doing ninety miles to hundred miles an hour sometimes on the way home. She was already in the house when I got home.

“CARRIE,” I screamed loudly as I entered our house.

I yelled at her for how she drove on the way home. I told her that there was no need for her to be driving like that. What if someone had pulled out in front of you or a child had chased his or her ball into the street? Carrie stood there listening to me however; I did not think a single word had sunk in.

“I am sorry, John it won’t happen again,” Carrie replied as she rubbed her hand along the side of my face.

I grabbed her hand removing it from my face as I said, “That is not going to work this time young lady.” I shook my head as I added, “You will be riding a bicycle to get around if I catch you driving like that ever again,” looking at her sternly.

Carrie fixed us dinner as I got a fire going in the fireplace. We ate then retired to the sofa for the evening. We talked about Frank and about Carrie’s Place. Frank turned out to be an excellent choice especially in that it freed Carrie and me up. We also talked about fun with others at Carrie’s Place we decided we would try just being the host and not joining anyone except Brenda in our bed.

Which we did not have to worry about that as Brenda went to live with Paul and Terri in Canada when Terri had twin boys. The days turned to months, then months to years. Carrie and I were both happy and enjoying ourselves with the way everything was turning out. Carrie’s Place was a big hit again the second time around.

Once again, all of our guests loved it up in our house on the lake. We enjoyed sharing our happy place with them as well. Carrie told the story of how it all came to be again. The more I heard her tell it the more it seemed like a love story or a fairy tale. However, our guest took it; they all agreed it just supported the love we had for each other.

When the season was over Gary and Tina decided, it was time for them to move on as well. They were going to travel in their motor home. We told them they were always welcome at our house. I told Carrie I would have to find another boat Captain.

Our company was running smoothly and Carrie and I were able to go spend some time with my Uncle down in Florida. It was a good thing as my uncle died the winter of 1976. I handled it the best I could. I did not reface my horrors of Vietnam; I faced new ones.

I was alone except for Carrie. I had no more living relatives; I was the last of my family. I never felt alone for I always had Carrie beside me. We lived, worked and played together falling deeper and deeper into our special love that we shared. That year pasted and a new one was upon us.

We had heard talk of there being full pardons to draft dodgers. It happened in late January 1977. We figured that Brenda, Paul, Terri and her twin boys would returned home from Canada. However, a couple years would past before that was to happen. Nineteen seventy-seven and nineteen seventy-eight was over before we knew it as we rolled into 1979.

We stayed in touch with everyone up in Canada. I had even offered Paul a job with our company. However, he had turned my offer down. I could tell that Carrie missed Brenda as well as Terri. I would ask her sometimes during our little sessions her true feelings toward Terri. Most of the time she would not talk about it but in 1979 she finally did.

“John, I used to blame Terri everyday when you laid in that coma in Japan,” Carrie said to me. “I hated her John like I never hated anything in my life,” “If she would not have broken your heart you never would have went off to that dam war,” She added hanging her head down on to her chest.

I picked her head up with my finger as I replied, “If only I had listened to your heart back then.” I looked into her eyes as I added, “It was not Terri’s fault I was a young foolish boy who stupidly ran from the troubles facing him only to land himself in worst trouble.” “Luckily you were there to heal my heart as well as my wounds,” as I wrapped her in my arms.

We found out in February that year that Brenda, Paul and Terri as well as their twin boys were going to move back to here in the spring. The company Paul worked for was opening a place here in the USA. Carrie and I wanted to do something for them. Well I mostly wanted to do something for myself.

I wanted Terri to stay away from me. Carrie and I brought them a house to live in, as I did not want them living with us. I never told Carrie the real reason. It was because I was afraid that I might still have feelings deep down for Terri. I was worried for the first time since being with Carrie of breaking her heart.

I was only in my late twenties and I was a nervous wreck. It seemed that my mind filled with nothing but thoughts of Terri. My thoughts were not sexual just thoughts of how we grew up together. I was moody sometimes down right mean never to Carrie but to others around me. As before if Carrie caught me giving someone an attitude she always made me apologize to him or her right away.

I was a changed person and I knew Carrie saw it as well. If you remember from a few chapters back that I helped, my uncle and dad restore a Plymouth Barracuda. She had been sitting in a back building in storage. I used to wake up in the middle of the night unable to sleep so I started to get her back in running condition. Only because it took my mind off what I was thinking

Carrie and I still had our little sessions however for once she could not get me to tell her my fears. She tried many times however; I could not bring myself to tell her that I was questioning my love for her. I used to think to myself back then I would rather face my horrors from Vietnam than face questioning my love for Carrie. It got to the point where I could not concentrate on anything even my work suffered; thank god for Frank.

I was screwing up anything I touched back then. I even screwed my car up to where the old girl would not even start any more. Our company even started to suffer at my hands. We had a deal with a neighboring little township where we kept their back roads opened for them during the winter. We had a big March snowstorm and I was driving one of our big dump trucks plowing the roads.

My goddamn mind must have been somewhere else for when I turned my truck around to plow the other side of the road. I saw that I had plowed every single mailbox over and they were lying atop the snow I had just plowed. I called my office and got a crew out there to replace them all.

Frank found many mistakes in a blueprint at work; he asked me into his office and he said, “Boss what is going on in that head of yours?”

I sat there telling him about Terri and Carrie. I told him what was on my mind. Frank sat behind his desk shaking his head as he said, “How fucking stupid.”

“WHAT,” I said whether annoyed about his manner so to speak.

“Boss, close your eyes and think real hard,” Frank said to me.

I closed my eyes sitting there as the sounds from his office filled my ears. Suddenly one by one the sounds in his office filtered away. I leaned back into my chair as my ears filled with the gentle lapping of water against the shoreline. I saw the moon dancing across the water with stars behind it to many to count. I saw a lovely blonde haired woman standing there with her hair flowing in the night breeze.

The woman turned and she smiled at me as she opened her arms. That woman was Carrie standing by the lake shore. I opened my eyes to see Frank staring at me smiling.

“You saw who is in your heart and she always will be, now go talk to her as she needs you I bet as much as you need her,” Frank said to me.

“Thanks buddy, I owe you,” I replied standing up from my chair.

“Just returning the favor, Boss,” Frank said before returning to work.

I went back to my office and I took a hold of Carrie’s hand as I said, “Come on your coming with me.”

I drove us up to the lake not our house on the lake but to the spot we went to that day we skipped school and where we went before I left for Vietnam. I parked the truck then I wrapped my arm around her as I asked her if she remembered this spot.

“Yes, it is our original happy place,” Carrie said looking deeply into my eyes.

“I brought you up here for I have a confession to make,” I said to her as I took a hold of her hand. “I know I have not been myself the last couple of months,” I added.

Carrie smiled at me as she pressed her finger to my lips as she said, “Hush, hush my dear or the creatures of the night will get you,” “Or in your case Terri will get you.”

“You knew what was troubling me?” I asked in wonder.

“John I told you years ago that girl scarred you,” Carrie replied as she stroke her hand against my face. “You went to Vietnam because of a broken heart,” “You faced your fears there and returned with me in your heart.” “You then faced your fears again in Vietnam and you returned to me still in your heart.” “You married me and we have faced all of your fears together,” “Now close your eyes John,” Carrie added still stroking her hand against my face.

Carrie then asked me to tell her what I was hearing. I hear the gentle lapping of the water against the shoreline. Carrie asked me to tell her what I was seeing. The moon dancing across the water with stars shining in the background to many to count.

I open my eyes removing her hand from my face as I said, “I see you standing there your long blonde hair blowing in the night breeze.” “You open your arms to me telling me how you long for me to be in your arms again.” “I go to your open arms wrapping mine around you.” “I look into your lovely blue eyes as they twinkle in the moonlight.” I rubbed my hand to the side of Carrie’s face as I add, “My lips touch yours as they do now.”

I press my lips onto hers as I take her into my arms. I kiss her long, deep and with passion. Carrie returns my kiss with passion of her own before she breaks our kiss.

Carrie looks deep into my eyes as she said, “You see John I see the same thing you do when you close your eyes.” “Where you see me, I see you.” “This lake here is our home, but we live here in each others hearts,” Carrie added as she pressed her hand to my heart.

That girl of mine had done it once more. She had made my fears and my worry go away. We sat there in my truck for a while with me just holding her. Then we returned to our house on the lake.

Paul and Terri returned and with Carrie beside me, I faced my fears. We went to their new home to see them. I had neither a twitch nor a tingle when I looked at Terri. In fact, I whether felt foolish about my concerns about any feelings I may have for Terri. That was until she hugged me.

“I am here if you need me John,” Terri whispered into my ear while she hugged me.

“John never needed you,” Carrie said to Terri wiping the smile from her face.

I could not believe that Carrie had even heard what she whispered into my ear however, she did. Brenda stepped between the girls telling them not to start already. I turned to Paul giving him a hug as I told him welcome home.

Paul had slimmed down some as well, he was chunky but not fat as before. I also noticed that Terri did not order him around as before. I noticed some bags packed and sitting in the front room as we sat there talking. I knew they were Brenda’s bags as I had loaded them into my truck when she left us.

“Brenda does those mean you are coming home to the lake,” I asked her as I smiled at her.

“Oh yeah it is almost time to open Carrie’s Place,” Brenda replied smiling at Carrie.

We sat around for a few hours shooting the shit. I will give them a gold star on making babies. Their twin’s boys were cute as hell. I could see the smile and the joy coming from Carrie as she played with them. Soon it was time for us to head back home. As we were leaving, Terri told Carrie that she could not wait to join us at Carrie’s Place. On the way home, I asked Brenda how it was living up there with the two of them.

“Pure fucking hell the only thing holding them two together are those lovely babies,” Brenda replied. “By the way Carrie you looked so lovely holding those children,” Brenda added.

I looked over to Carrie as I said, “You know she is right,” as I smiled at her.

Carrie and I talked that night lying in our bed. I asked her if she wanted to start a family. Carrie laid her head onto my chest listening to my heart. I asked her what she was doing.

Carrie looked up from my chest to me as she replied, “I was letting our hearts guide us, I know what mine is telling me,” “I just had to know what yours was telling you,” as she smiled at me.

“Well what did it tell you?” I asked as I pulled her up from my chest so our noses were touching each other.

“This will be the last year for Carrie’s Place,” “It’s time we grew up,” Carrie said to me before kissing me.

I broke our kiss as I placed her hand on my hard throbbing cock as I replied, “I am up for a practice round,” as I pulled the sheets over our heads.

We informed Brenda over breakfast of our plans. She was happy for us and told us that we would make lovely babies. as well as being good parents. She could see us becoming a big happy family growing up here at this lovely house on the lake. Before we knew it spring was over and it was almost time to open Carrie’s Place.

I had just gotten our boats out of storage. It was late Saturday night; Carrie was asleep on the sofa cuddled up in my arms. We had been listening to some music together before she fell asleep. I turned the stereo off as I figured I would scoop her up into my arms and carry her back to our bedroom.

Suddenly I heard the sound of the starter on our speedboat turning over. The engine did not catch, as there was a trick to getting the girl going. I stood there getting ready to go out the back patio doors as Carrie woke up.

“What is it John?” Carrie asked not fully awake.

“Creatures of the night,” I replied as the starter turned over once more.

I heard Carrie say John as I slipped out the patio doors. I silently made my way down to the dock and the boathouse. I stood peering from the side of the boathouse at our speedboat. I saw a young man in his teens in our boat. He had the engine compartment open and he was looking into the engine. I made my way silently down to the dock; he had not seen or heard me as I approached him.

“There’s a trick to getting her started,” I yelled to the young man.

He almost jumped out of his skin when he heard me. He turned around looking at me. He was small at only about 5 foot even smaller with me standing over him on the dock. The young man looked over the side of our boat then back to me.

“You have a choice son jump into that cold water and swim for it or come with me,” I said in a stern loud tone.

The young man looked up at me as he replied, “I can’t swim sir.”

I could see the scared look in his eyes as I watched him climb out of the boat and onto the dock. He told me that he was not going to steal the boat. He explained to me that he was only was going to take her out for a run then bring it back.

“I suppose I am going to jail now sir,” the young man said as he looked down to the dock floor.

“So you like fast boats,” I replied. “How about fast cars?” I asked.

“I love them both,” the young man replied even managing a smile.

“My name is John, what is yours,” I asked.

“Richard but I go by Rick,” the young man replied.

“Well Rick, follow me up to the house unless you just want to run into the night,” I said as I turned and started toward the house.

I was around halfway there when I glanced back to see that Rick was right behind me. I saw Carrie standing by the patio doors. Carrie asked me what was going on as I neared the patio doors.

“Rick here just wanted to go for a ride it our boat,” I replied as I pointed back to him.

Carrie smiled at me as she replied, “I will put some coffee on,” as she turned and walked away.

“Is that your wife sir?” Rick asked as he stepped up onto the patio.

“Yes she is,” I replied turning to him.

“She is very beautiful sir; you are a lucky man,” Rick said.

“Come in and let’s talk,” I replied as I stepped to the side making room for him to enter our house.

I told him to take a seat and that I would be right back. Rick sat down looking around the room as I went into the kitchen. Carrie was standing at the counter pouring some cups of coffee. I told her about catching him trying to steal our boat. Carrie asked me why he did not just jump into the water and swim away into the night.

I smiled at her as I replied, “He can’t swim.”

“John, are you going to call the sheriff?” Carrie asked.

“No, but I may have found us our new boat captain,” I replied giving her a smile.

Carrie and I returned to our living room to find Rick staring at the sign above the fireplace. Rick stood up as Carrie entered the room I introduced Carrie to him and I asked him where he lived at. Rick lived down the road a ways on the lake with his grand parents. Rick told us that he never knew his dad and that his mom just left one day and never returned.

“My grandpa and grandma raised me since I was seven,” Rick said. “They raised me better than how I acted tonight sir,” he added as he hung his head. “I swear I would have brought the boat back,” Rick said picking his head back up.

“How old are you Rick,” Carrie asked him smiling at her.

“18 I will be 19 next month,” Rick replied.

“Do you have a job?” I asked him.

“No sir but I am to enter the Army come October I am on the delayed enter program it allows me to enjoy the summer before I go,” Rick replied.

“What are you going to be doing?” I asked.

“Helicopter mechanic/crew chief sir,” Rick replied. “That was until tonight I believe I will be spending some time in jail instead,” Rick added sadly.

“If you stop calling sir you might still become that crew chief, call me John,” I said as I got up to go get us more coffee.

I looked to Carrie as I got up. I could see that sparkle in her eye as she said, “If I was you Rick I would listen to Sgt. J here as he knows what he is doing.

Rick looked to Carrie as he shook his head OK then he asked, “Are those his medals hanging there?” As he walked over to the fireplace to look closer at the medals.

“Yes he earned them in Vietnam,” Carrie replied.

I was just returning to the living room as Rick turn to Carrie as he asked, “What is the meaning of the sign hanging above them?”

I handed Rick another cup of coffee as I sat down beside Carrie. I wrapped my arm around her pulling her tightly against my side. Carrie looked to me and she smiled. I smiled back as I nodded my head that it was OK.

Rick stood there by the fireplace as Carrie told him the story behind that sign that said, “Hush, hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you.” Rick would turn his head toward it from time to time as well as to hid his face as he wiped away his tears. The three of us sat there until the sun came up talking. I asked Rick if he would like to Captain the boats this year on the weekend. We told him he could have some real fun before he entered the service. Rick told us that it would be his pleasure too.

I told Rick I would pay him for his help as well. Rick shook his head no telling us he would not take any money from us. I smiled at Carrie before I looked back to Rick.

“Come with me Rick I have something else to show you,” I said as I stood up.

I took Rick out to the old building outback where I showed him the old Barracuda. I watched him as he checked the car out just as I had the first time I had saw it. We looked at the engine together as I pointed out the finer features to it.

We walked out of the building and as I was closing the doors I said, “Rick you Captain our boats this year through the summer and help me get that car running and it’s yours,” as I smiled at him.

“Mine thank you sir, I mean John,” Rick said before he walked happily down our driveway.

Carrie was waiting for me inside when I returned. She wanted to know what we were doing out in the back building. I told her about my plan to give Rick my car if he helped us this summer.

“JOHN, that car she is your girl,” Carrie said standing there with her head tilted and mouth open in shock.

I wrapped my arms around her pulling her tightly against me as I replied, “That car lives in that building where as my girl lives in my heart,” before I kissed her deeply and with passion.

Carrie broke our kiss as she wrapped her arm around my neck as she said, “John I love you,” staring into my eyes as her lovely blue eyes sparkled.

We both got a surprise later that night when our phone rang. Carrie answered it and I saw that she was talking away as I sat in the living room. I figured it was Terri or Brenda. She talked for sometime on the phone. Carrie hung up the phone and she came over to me.

“You will never believe who that was on the phone,” Carrie said to me.

I just stared in wonder at her. It had been Rick’s grandpa. It seemed that Rick had told him what had happened last night. His grandpa just wanted to thank us for what we did for him. He is a good boy who has had a rather rough childhood. I told him that his love for things that go fast would get him in trouble someday he had told her on the phone.

Carrie smiled at me as she said, “He told me to tell Sgt. J thanks also.”

We spent the next months getting Carrie’s Place ready for the opening weekend. Rick came over on weekends to lend a hand as well. Rick even got behind the wheel of the speedboat. We even got the car up and running in no time. I decide to give it to him right away as Carrie kept pestering me to let her take it out one more time and that was not going to happen.

I hung up the sign to Carrie’s Place once more over our door. It was back open for its final year. The guest started to arrive on Friday just as always. I saw Carrie answering the door when Terri arrived. I was busy with some guests at the bar but I figured Paul would make his way over to me.

I never saw him so I asked Carrie where Paul was hiding. Carrie told me that Terri came by herself, as Paul did not want to come. Carrie looked at me with sad eyes before she lowered her head. I knew she had something on her mind.

“Carrie, what is on your mind?” I asked as I place my finger under her chin bringing her head back up.

“John, I know we were not going to…” was all Carrie got out before I pressed my finger to her lips.

“Yes if you would like to have your cousin join us in our bedroom for the weekend it is OK with me,” I said to her.

Carrie’s blue eyes sparkled and a smile came to her face as she wrapped her arms around me pulling me down to her level as she replied, “Thank you I love you John.”

Brenda showed our guests around without Carrie. I told Rick to take over the bar for me for a few minutes. I walked through the house trying to find her. I realized that Terri was missing as well. I walked back into the living room and my eyes glanced out the patio doors. I saw that Carrie and Terri were sitting out on the old bench swing. I could see Carrie wiping tears from Terri’s face.

I walked over to the swing and as I stood there looking down at the girls I asked, “Is every thing OK girls?”

Terri looked up at me as she said, “John I am sorry I never knew,” sobbing wildly.

I looked to Carrie who said, “She asked me about the sign above our fireplace.” “Sit with her John while I tend to our other guests,” Carrie added as she got up.

I sat down beside Terri as I wrapped my arm around her shoulder. I pulled her tightly against me as Carrie looked at me smiling. I told Terri to stop crying it was not her fault as I was just a stupid young boy back then.

“The horrors you faced were my entire fault,” Terri said sobbing again.

“NO I faced my horrors and made it back from them thanks to you and especially Carrie,” I replied. I looked up to Carrie as I added, “If not for the memories of the fun with you two at that neighborhood lake I surely would have never made it out of that dam jungle.”

Carrie stepped forward and as she rubbed her hand against the side of my face she said, “I love you John,” before she walked toward the house.

I sat there talking with Terri until she calmed down. I asked her about Paul and she told me that they just were not getting along. I told her when she got back home if she still loved him, which she told me that she did. She needed to sit and talk about it with him for if he lives in your heart and you live in his there was still the special bond between them that held their love.

“Hey you two dinner is being served,” Brenda yelled out.

“Shall we,” I said as I stood up taking her hand and pulling her from the bench swing. “You know I believe you and Paul need this bench swing more than Carrie and I,” I added patting her hand.

Terri stopped and she pulled my face down to her as she replied, “Thank you John,” kissing me lightly on my cheek.

I laced her arm through mine and we walked into our house joining the others. I sat her down at the table beside where Carrie and I sit. I went into the kitchen and up to Carrie who looked at me.

I went over to her and I said, “She will be alright however we will be losing our swing outback,” I said as I kissed her on her forehead.

“That’s OK you and I can build another one this time around,” Carrie replied smiling at me. “Here help me serve our guests,” Carrie added handing me a tray full of food.

After dinner, Carrie, our guests and I retired into the living room. I served drinks as our guest each told everyone a little something about himself or herself. When it is was Terri’s turn she told everyone that she was Carrie’s cousin and that he or she would soon know more about her. Carrie smiled at her as she walked to our fireplace.

“If anyone has any questions I will gladly answer them for you now,” Carrie said as she smiled to me.

Some one asked, “What the sign Hush, hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you was all about?”

I cleaned up over at the bar as Carrie went to explaining the sign and how important and special our house on the lake had become to us. I joined Carrie as she took them down to the dock where she had them listen to the gentle lapping of the waves as they beat against the shoreline. She showed them how the moon would dance across the water with stars behind it to many to count.

We returned to the house where Brenda pasted out tissues and I refilled their drinks. Carrie reached behind the glass case of my medals. She left the envelope slip into her hand before she opened the letter she had received from the lieutenant when I received my wounds in Vietnam.

Carrie folded the letter and returned it to the envelope placing it once again behind the case with the medals. Brenda walked up with Terri standing next to Carrie. The three of them looked to me showing tears as well as smiles on their faces.

I was about to say something when Carrie pressed her finger gently onto my lips as she said, “Hush, hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you,” before she wrapped her arms around my neck pulling my lips to hers.

Carrie broke our kiss and with her still in my arms she looked to our guest as she said, “That is the story behind that sign hanging above our fireplace.” Carrie added, “This is Sgt. J and I am Carrie the young girl who was waiting back home.” Carrie looked to Terri and Brenda as she said, “This is Terri my cousin who introduced me to my husband and this is Brenda my aunt.” Carrie looked back to our guest as she added, “Without them there would not be us,” as she turned back to me, “Nor would there have been this place on the lake called Carrie’s Place.

Our guests came forward to us. They hugged the girls and shook my hand as they wiped away their tears. I gave Carrie a kiss before I slipped out the back patio doors. I walked down and stood at the dock letting the night breeze blow into my face as I looked up into the night sky. I heard a voice behind me.

“That is how I always pictured you when I was at my happy place,” Carrie said. “Standing there with the night air blowing in your face as you try to count the stars in the night sky,” Carrie added.

I turned and I opened my arm for her to join me. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder as we stood there in silence. The night breeze blew her long blonde hair teasingly against the side of my face. As we watched the night sky, a shooting star streaked across the sky.

Carrie looked at me as she asked, “Did you see that John?”

“Yes,” I replied followed by asking her, “Did you make a wish?”

“Yes, but I can never tell you as if I did it will not come true,” Carrie replied. “That shooting star was lovely and it only adds to the beauty of this place,” Carrie added standing beside me.

I turned her toward me and I wrapped her in my arms as I looked into her lovely blue eyes I said, “Not as lovely or beautiful as you are to me,” as I pressed my lips to hers.

We stayed out there in the night kissing and telling each other how much we loved one another. We then walked back up into the house where we sat with our guests, did some dancing as well as some drinks. Soon the night came to an end I told Carrie I would lock up and for her to go jump into our bed.

I walked down the long hallway toward our master bedroom. I opened the door to find it dark and no sounds. I turned closing the door as I reached for the light switch to turn on some light. I turned back to see three lovely women sitting up in that king bed waiting for me. Carrie, Terri and Brenda sat there with a smile on their faces and nothing covering on their nude bodies.

“Think you can handle the three of us John?” Carrie asked smiling.

I started to get undressed as I replied, “I sure am going to try.”

I climbed up onto the bed giving Carrie my first kiss, Brenda my second and Terri my third. Brenda was lying against and across Carrie on my one side as Terri lies on my other. I felt six hands running across my chest. The girls took turns kissing me with me kissing them each back. I felt Terri lifting my arm as she looked to the scar at the side of my chest.

She looked to her mom and to Carrie as she said, “It does look just like in that picture.”

I just closed my eyes as I thought “Women.” My eyes opened when I felt those six hands and three sets of lips on my cock. The girls kissed and licked at my cock as I lie there. Each of them started to suck at my cock. They took turns as they did. I was surprised that they did not fight over it. I just lie back enjoying it all.

“Go ahead Terri you can have him first,” Carrie said as her and Brenda rolled up beside me in each other’s arms.

Terri stayed down by my dick rubbing it with her hand. She just stared up at me as I stared back at her. Terri was just staring at me smiling. She did not make a move to get onto my cock or nothing she sat there on her knees with my cock in her hand dancing like on her knees.

“What is wrong Terri?” I asked.

She looked at me as she replied, “John I have to pee,” as she grinned at me.

“Take the girl to the bathroom, John,” Carrie said with a smile.

I rolled off the bed and as I held out my hand to Terri I said, “Only if I can watch,” smiling at her.

Terri took my hand and I led her into the bathroom in our room. She sat down on the toilet as I got down in front of her. Terri had put some weight on and her tits looked to be as big if not bigger than Carrie’s was. My eyes went between her legs. Her pussy hair was thick and dark black just like her mom.

I stuck my hand between her legs. My fingers just barely touched her pussy before she started to pee. Her golden liquid ran over and through my hand until it was but a mere tinkle. I smiled at her as I pulled my hand back I was thinking in my mind of the very first time we ever had pee fun.

Terri looked down at me as she said, “I remember the first time we did that up in our fort in the woods,” as she smiled at me. Terri rubbed her hand across the top of my head as she asked, “John are you truly happy?”

I stood up and I ran the back of my hand on her face as I replied, “Yes I am.” I paused for a second before I added, “I would do it all again just to end up here on the lake with Carrie beside me and in my heart.”

Terri reached for my semi hard cock and she took it into her hand then she said, “I wish I could ride this cock just one more time but I can not,” before she removed her hand from my cock.

I looked at her strangely, as I asked, “Why she couldn’t?”

Terri told me that Paul had made her promise that she would not have sex with me. It seemed he was afraid of losing her to me. He had told her she could have fun with anyone else as long as it was not me. I smiled at her as I took a hold of her hand.

I led her back into our bedroom I grabbed her one of Carrie’s robe giving it to her. I slipped my robe on as well. Carrie looked at me funny like as she lie there with Brenda in her arms.

I smiled at her as I said, “I believe our boat captain can handle her,” as I led Terri from our bedroom.

I walked Terri down to the boathouse where I told Rick that I thought he could use the practice. Terri kissed me on my cheek as she told me thanks for understanding John. I left the two of them alone as I walked back up to our house.

I turned before entering our house and looking to the east where those trees stood. I looked to them then I looked away. I turned to look again as I sworn I had seen a pair of big round red eyes peering at me from the woods. I stared into those woods however; there was nothing there. I figured that maybe it had been just the lights from the stern of boats running across the lake at night as I returned to our bedroom.

I told Carrie and Brenda about the promise Terri had made to Paul. The women smiled at me as they cuddled up next to me. In a few seconds, Carrie was sitting on my face as Brenda rode wildly on my cock.

Carrie was grinding her pussy on my face as my tongue searched deep in her pussy. Brenda was bouncing wildly on my cock as her wet pussy sucked at my cock. I could hear the girls kissing and licking each other’s tits as they played on top of me.

Carrie moaned as I felt her thighs clamp around my face. Her pussy flooded my mouth with her juices. Brenda screamed and her pussy juices sprayed my throbbing hard cock. Brenda got off my cock and she lie beside me as Carrie slipped on down and she sat onto my cock cowgirl style.

Brenda kissed and licked at Carrie’s juices on my face. I was helping Carrie ride my cock by pulling her butt cheeks apart. I slipped my thumb into her asshole the next time she came downward onto my cock.

“AHHhh John,” Carrie screamed as my thumb went deep into her asshole.

Brenda started to lick at my ear as she whispered, “Fuck her John,” “Give her your seed of life.”

I closed my eyes as my mind saw the moon dancing across the water of the lake. I tried to count the many stars behind the moon as they shined. My ears did not fill with the sounds of the water lapping at the shoreline. They filled with the rhythmic sounds of Carrie’s wet pussy and her moans as she rode my cock.

I felt my toes start to curl then my balls rolled. My cock throbbed then gave a twitch as it swelled in her tight pussy. My cock was soon dumping cum into Carrie’s pussy. My cock seemed to keep firing shot after shot into her.

My cock finally stopped the pumping of cum into her. Carrie slipped off my cock as her pussy left out the loudest wet pussy fart I ever heard. Cum dripped from her pussy rolling down her thighs and onto my leg as she turned to face me.

“JOHN, save some of that for after the season,” Carrie said smiling before she kissed me deeply on my lips.

The summer went fast that year and we closed Carrie’s Place in mid August, a couple weekend early, as we all were just tired. I took down the sign hanging over our door that said, “Carrie’s Place.” I placed the sign out in the back building never to hang again.

We started to work on making a family right away. Carrie got off the pill and she would have sex with me everywhere. She wanted sex in her car, in my truck, at the office and a few times on the job site. Carrie found out she was pregnant near the end of September. Carrie and I even saw Rick off to the army during the first week of October. He stopped at our house with his car. He thanked us for everything and we told him that our door was always open for him. I stood there waving bye with Carrie in my arms. I wondered if he was looking in his rear view mirror as he drove away.

We were about to become a family that lived in the house on the lake. We started to remodel our house on the lake right away. We made the six bedrooms into three big bedrooms. One of them we turned into the baby’s new room. Brenda returned to California that October as well. It seemed that her ex-husband had asked her too. It was a tearful goodbye however; we told her we would visit them this summer.

“John needs to see the sunsets out on the west coast,” Carrie said to her smiling at me.

It was a cold November 4 1979. I went outside to get some wood for the fire. As I was bending down to get the wood I glanced to those woods to the east of our house. I once again thought I seen two big red eyes peering back at me. I stood there looking at them then as suddenly as they appeared they were gone. I had no idea what I was seeing or why I was seeing it as I had never seen anything like it before.

I returned inside with the wood and I build a fire in our fireplace. I did not say anything to Carrie about what I thought I had seen. I did not want her to worry about me what with being pregnant. I cuddled up to her as I turned the T.V. the screen flashed with news alert hostages taken in Iran.

“Oh dear god,” Carrie cried out.

We sat there listening to the report on the T.V. I looked to the sign that still hung upon our fireplace. I wrapped my arm around Carrie pulling her tight against myself.

“Hush, hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you,” I whispered into her ear.

I stared at my medals hanging under the sign as I listened to the news report. I thought to myself as I stared at them. If my country needed me, I would once again do my duty.

Carrie pulled herself from my arms and she rubbed her hand to the side of my face as she said, “Don’t you even think about it you served your country already.” Carrie took my hand and she pressed it to your plump little belly as she added, “Besides you will be a father come summer,” as she smiled to me.

I gave her a little laugh as I wrapped her into my arms as I replied, “Hush, hush my love or I will not get those pickles and ice cream that you crave.”

Carrie gave a little laugh as she said, “John, I love you.”

That will end Chapter 11. Just what were those big red glowing eyes? Find out in my next Chapter. Please tell me if you are enjoying my story and thanks for all the wonderful comments so far.
Sgt. J

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