The literary equivelent of P.O.V.
For those of you who commented on my other posts, first let me say thank you for the encouragement.

Secondly, I do consider why I (and people in general) write on these subjects and are fascinated by the taboo. Whenever I try to compose those musings I sound like a stoned hippie. Given that I am neither a hippie nor a stoner, I will spare you the dissertation. Let me just say that I do not condone incest or pedophilia. I do not want to see kiddie porn. I do not want any child to be hurt ever. If I knew of people engaging in these activities in real life, I would, at the very least, inform the authorities.

I am a grown man and all of my intimate relationships are with adults (who sometimes like to pretend to be little girls). Keep in mind that this is a fantasy and all the characters and situations are made up.

I hope you enjoy my story. I encourage you to comment. Your criticism and support are both appreciated.


It was a Friday night and Dad had to work late; we were expecting him home around 9:00PM. Mom was away for the weekend which meant that, until she turns thirteen next fall, I have to hang around the house and “watch” my little sister, Mary. What I didn't expect was for her to wear those shorts and that little tube top. I know she’s my little sister and probably has no idea but it’s not like she doesn’t know she has tits. In fact, not only does she have tits (small ones but big for her frame), but she’s really proud of them. I know she owns at least half a dozen bras but for whatever reason, she doesn’t have one on tonight. What’s worse, she keeps sitting cross legged and I can see right up the leg of her shorts. I’ve heard mom tell her to throw that pair of panties away. They’re so thin – almost threadbare – and way too tight. I can't fathom how that could be comfortable.

“Am I bothering you?” she giggles.

I make a concerted effort to get back into Medal of Honor as I feel my cock tingle. I keep telling myself that Mary has no idea why I keep glancing over at her. I don't even realize I've licked my lips like 3 or 4 times at the sight of her panties wedged in her pussy lips.

“OMG, you’re staring at me!” she blurts out.

Shaking myself out of it as I realize that I was just doing it again I say, "No I wasn't!"

My dick is getting really stiff.

Mary wiggles and says, “Ya know, all the girls at school think you’re hot.”

I assume she’s teasing me as she’s been doing a lot lately but when she acts all proper and adds, “And I must say, I agree with them,” then I know she’s sending me up.

I give her face a playful shove and say, “Get out of here Mary; now you are bothering me!" I smile.

She keeps on, “Guess you take after dad.”

My eyes keep glancing down; her legs are so wide open it's obscene.

"What do you mean by that?" I ask.

“Well, just that Dad is hot and you are too,” she explains as she crosses her legs which only makes her shorts ride up higher. My eyes travel up her body. Her small breasts show hardening nipples thru the tube top. I’m starting to squirm.

I look her square in the eye and ask, “You think dad and I are hot?"

She doesn’t bat an eye, “Yeah.”

The thought of my sister being into either me or dad is having a really fucked up effect on my cock and mind. I now realize that my dick is getting completely erect, but I’m afraid that if I try to hide it, it will only draw more attention to it.

Mary drifts off a little, “Dad’s the hottest.”

She’s drawing me in with her secret confession voice, “I once saw him … In the shower.”

That comment just sits there.

Not sure how to respond I say "Yeah, so have I, at the gym, so?"

Her smile takes on a saucy glint, “You didn't notice how... Big he is?”

"You mean his cock?" I blurt, my own appendage throbbing as I say it.

Now she’s nonchalant, “Yeah, his cock. Mom said he was ‘blessed,’ whatever that means.”

Hearing her say cock makes me cough a bit, which makes my dick bob. "Mom talks to you about that stuff?"

But she doesn’t respond; it’s like she’s actually right there in the bathroom with him. “I was actually scared when I saw how big he was. I couldn't imagine him and know … making love.”

"Jesus was he like ... hard?"

“I think so. He was pretty big and it looked hard. For some reason seeing him excited me.”

I glance down as I notice Mary kind of rubbing her legs together. “Like, it turned you on?"

A faint smile plays on her face, “Hmmm, made me all tingly.”

“You mean in your pussy?" I ask, looking at her. I don't usually talk to my kid sister like this.

“Yeah, my pussy felt all tingly, like when I masturbate.” Then she quickly adds, “But I wasn't even touching myself.”

My eyes are more than a little wide, "You masturbate Mary?" Now my sister is the one squirming. I push it a little further. "Did you masturbate after you saw dad's cock?"

She looks at me with an expression I’ve never seen on her face before, “I sure did, and it was amazing!”

"Woah, you got off thinking about dad?"

She leans closer. “Thinking of dad ...” she starts then leans in even a tiny bit closer, “ … thinking of him ... inside me.”

Now I'm so turned on that I have to set down the controller and pivot on the foot stool so I can face her. “Jesus, you're only 12!"

She gives me a funny look, “Don't you ever masturbate?”

“Yeah, but, not when i was 12!"

“But you do now?”

I place my hands on her knees as she sits facing me. I don't even think about my straining cock which is half way down my leg. "Of course I do, I'm 16."

Then she goes and asks, “What do you think about when you masturbate?”

“Not dad.” I joke.

“Do you think of mom?”

My ears turn a little red. “Look Mary, I think about all kinds of things.” I start out, but then realize Mary really confided in me I go on. “Sometimes when mom wears that bikini or those white shorts that you can see her thong through, I get really ... turned on."

“Do you think mom is hot?”

Then I stop and look her square in the eye and say in my lowest voice, "Yeah, but the way you've been sitting, facing me with your legs open is even hotter."

She gets really excited, “Wow cool! Am I turning you on?”

I open her legs slowly with my hands and nod.

What she says next comes as a complete shock to my mind: “Because all this talk about dad is turning me on.”

I can barely process this information. Smiling I ask, "Oh yeah? Like you want to masturbate?"

I guess it was right about then that Mary finally notices my massive hard-on and gasps loudly.

“OMG! You’re really big!”

I look down, knowing I should conceal it but her eyes on it make it pulse and I like it.

Her eyes are glued to it, “That's a huge bulge.”

I've spread her legs pretty wide now. Just then she reaches out and touches it.

I am literally trembling with arousal and I dare to say, "I'll take my pants off if you take yours off.”

Mary doesn’t even hesitate. “OK,” she says and quickly takes her shorts and panties off at the same time. Then she peels her tube top off.

As she gets all naked in front of me I slip my shorts off first. Before I can even sit back down her hands are back around my dick. “You’re as big as dad I think,” she says as I pull my shirt off.

While Mary’s hands move up and down my straining member, I can’t take my eyes off her body; her tits are small but surprisingly well developed and her pussy has the prettiest pubes I’ve ever seen.

It’s difficult to do anything besides moan, “Have you ever put anything up inside your pussy?"

Pre cum starts seeping from the tip of my cock.

“Only my fingers but never a boy,” she explains, obviously getting more excited.

Neither of us hear the garage door go up; the music from my video game fills the room.

I’m mesmerized by what my sister is telling me as she moves her hands up and down on my erection. “But I’ve dreamed about Dad … or you … inside me.”

I lift her legs over mine so she can really stroke me and I can see her pretty pussy spread open for me.

She looks up at me, “Wow it's so cool ... both of us naked. God your cock … it's ... huge and so hard.”

Neither of us hear dad call out as he makes his way through the kitchen. Just as he stands in the door, I mutter "Christ Mary, you dreamt of dad or me fucking you?" As he hears this, his eyes go wide and his jaw drops. My sister strokes me more as my hands caress her legs, moving closer to her pussy.

She sees dad come in behind me, she knows he heard my question and, staring straight at him, she says, “Uh huh, I did.”

I grip her thighs and pull her closer. My cock almost hitting her crotch as she literally watches dad's cock grow in his pants. He’s so mesmerized by his naked daughter and son he's speechless. When he hears her say it, he nearly topples forward. His jaw is so wide it's almost like a joke.

Mary’s eyes don’t waver as she holds my shaft and makes my cock head bump on her pussy. “I dreamed of him ... inside me … fucking me like he does mom.” She watches his erection grow.

Dad shakes his head like, “This is so wrong,” but Mary watches his hand slip down to his crotch.

While my sister takes my cock and rubs it in her wet folds, I push her back on the couch. My hands find her tits.

My heart is pounding like crazy. Am I really going to put my cock inside her? The fact that she is so developed is in direct conflict with the knowledge that she is only 12 years old. Her body is still really tiny but fuck, her hips keep jerking like she’s trying to get my cock inside her tight little virgin slit.

She watches dad unzip his pants like he’s in a trance and she purrs, “I want dad.”

She looks into my eyes and says, “Oh bro, squeeze my tits and come inside me,” as she guides me into her.

Dad drops his pants and comes over just as my head pops in. I still don’t realize he’s there but Mary sees that his thick dick is 100% erect. I push into my sister’s wet pussy.

She screams, "OMG!"

I can’t believe the amazing sensation and stammer, "Oh my God Mary, it's really hot in your pussy!" as I make it go in deeper.

“Oh god you feel amazing!” she gasps.

I don’t pause to wonder why she moans, “Oh Daddy I want you so bad,” as I start fucking her, going deeper with each thrust. I pop her cherry right there on the living room couch.

When I look to the side and see Dad naked and getting on the couch. My eyes go wide and I stiffen but I feel my little sister wrap her legs around me.

"Dad!?" I sputter as I feel her legs squeeze me, literally pulling me as deep into her as I can get.

Her mouth is moving like she want a bottle and she just mewls, “Daddy.”

I watch him bring his dick to her mouth and put it right in. She does her best to suck it. It's like a porn right in front of my eyes.

"Mary you feel so good!" I groan.

She’s got a death grip on dad’s massive cock as she comes up for air she cries, “OMG I'm going to cum!” Her body is practically convulsing, “Bro, your cock feels amazing and so deep!”

I’ve been on the edge since I felt her warmth envelope me, "Oh my god me too sis! It's so hot and wet agh!"

Dad keeps smearing his pre cum on her mouth and face. I can't hold it in any longer and I fill my sister with hot cum. I feel her nails dig into my body as her back arches and her eyes roll up. Dad strokes her hair through her orgasm. I’m breathing heavy as I pump it all into her. Both dad and I are captivated by Mary’s beauty.

“That’s a good girl,” he soothes.

I keep humping and heaving spurt after spurt of boy spunk. I pump every ounce into her pussy, filling it till I don’t have any left in me.


2015-03-05 15:45:02
Awesome story thanks

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2014-11-28 23:21:00
Was a really good story but way way too short and rushed . You seem to capable of being a great writer but you need to take more time with the story, details and background draw us in thats what we want. Good effort though I'd read more . Thanks Luvsalik xx

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Where is part two???!

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2014-01-12 07:39:24
You have talent, and this story is actually quite good compared to others, good job!

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2012-09-01 11:23:18
typical writer that rushes a story then ruins it by adding the dad. NEVER ADD THE DAD IT ALWAYS RUINS IT ADDING THE MOM RUINS IT 50% OF THE TIME DEPENDING ON HOW IT IS DONE BUT THE DAD RUINS IT 100% OF THE TIME.

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