Manya: Forbidden Lust of a Horny Indian Housewife
by pervin

The shrill morning alarm sent unruly bolts and waves into Maya's body as she stirred, opened

her deep eyes and cast a sleepy glance towards the place next to her. Her eyes met with the

not so inspiring sight of her still snoring husband Desh, cuddled up like an insecure child,

his breath carrying the odour of liquor and his chest heaving in monotonous regularity. The

36 year old housewife sighed and shifted her full frame slowly out of the bed to begin

another day. Clad in a thin white blouse without a bra and a loosely tied petticoat which

settled about six inches below her deep navel, she dragged her voluptuous body out of bed

towards the bathroom, pausing for a moment to look at herself in the mirror on the way. She

looked dishevelled and two buttons of her blouse were unbuttoned as usual. Her brownish

black aureolae stared right out of her thin blouse and this morning the ends were sharp and

pointed, indicative of her bodily need for a full blooded fuck.Almost involuntarily her

hands went to the fleshy region between her thighs and almost expectedly she encountered

wetness which began to gain in heat, the moment her fingers sought the warm folds.With an

inaudible moan, she gave one loving squeeze between her inner thighs and went right into the


While peeing, she let out a shudder of relief as some of the accumulated horniness found

alternate release. But only some of it. Stepping out and in the same scant attire she moved

to the main door to collect the morning milk. Opening the door, she bent to pick up the milk

and in the process her full breasts spilled out to form a delectable cleavage.From the

corner of her eye she saw the milkman's bicycle parked in the compound and realised that he

was still around and was perhaps waiting for her daily appearance. A full minute was spent

in gathering the milk during which her creamy breasts spilled nearly 80 percent out of her

thin, lowcut blouse. Giving this morning show was now a habit, both for her and the milkman,

a strapping 25 year old guy. She got her daily starting charge from this flash and even when

someone other than the usual milkman delivered the milk, they learnt to stay until Maya

gathered her milk.

Turning her back to the milkman, she started closing the door, giving him a lingering view

of her ample, meaty ass and a rousing rear view of her trunk, especially since the petticoat

came down to well below her hips and settled almost at the beginning of her ass crack. Just

before finally losing the door, she turned again towards the outside and offered another

flash of her huge midriff, with its flaring curvature at the waist and the juicy, deep,

inviting navel. This exercise was her morning tonic and a day was insipid without it.

The entire five feet seven inches of her full bodied, well stacked, lush form swayed with a

heady grace as she made her way to the kitchen. Maya paused for a moment to peep into the

room of her two sons, Deen aged 14 and Binu aged 12. Deen was curled up and content, hands

between his thighs and lost in a dreamy world, while Binu was sleeping on his back, his

right hand placed idly around his crotch. What caught her eye was, however the tenting in

his shorts, sticking imposingly out at the ceiling. She smiled indulgently like a mother

would, but a deep moistening crept up her pussy, which was already aroused by the morning

show for the milkman. Turning away, she lazed into the kitchen to prepare the morning coffee

and breakfast. Within an hour all hell would break loose as three males would rush through

their morning routine, gulp their food and flee the house, leaving her all alone. The

thought made her feel a bit empty but also filled her with an enterprise and abandonment

that came from the knowledge that she would be all by herself with her voluptuous, sensuous


Deen was always the first one to wake up. Nearly six feet tall, he was a gentle giant, loose

limbed and with the body language of a good and lovable kid. Maya continued to remain in her

attire even before her kids and it had become normal for them to watch their skimpily clad

Mom go about her chores every morning in that state of undress.She had been doing it now for

the past 4 years out of sheer convenience and it never struck her that their bursting

hormones would one day take cognisance of her ample charms, especially her well rounded

buttocks, her fully exposed juicy waist and the generous cleavage.

"Good morning Mom", called out Deen, as he entered the kitchen. Looking up, Maya returned

his greeting, smiling into his soulful, loving and almost puppy like eyes. Deen could see

right down her partly unbuttoned blouse and trace the full curves of both her melon like

breasts with the entire glory of their semi pointed nipples.

His dick jerked to attention.

"Get ready dear. Today's your special breakfast item. Maya moved towards the refrigerator,

rubbing her full hips against his. Deen could feel the heat, softness and meat of his Mom's

hips as she went past him. He stifled a gasp as her dainty fingers inadvertently grazed his

crotch. He wore no underwear beneath his shorts and he was startled by the near grasp of his

throbbing young manhood by his very own biological mother. It stunned him and also confused

him, like it did everyday. Maya however behaved very normally, adding to his dilemma. His

first stirrings of manhood had been courtesy his beautiful Mom. His first dick caressing had

taken place while he had seen her changing. His first major jerk off had been over her

photograph of her carrying him as a three year old. He loved concentrating on his three year

old hand clutching at Maya's bosom in the picture. And when he came, he made sure that some

drops always landed on the picture, if possible on Maya's beautiful face.

But Deen was a shy kid. He never made his arousal obvious and strove to camouflage it. Maya,

on her part, noticed her elder son's disturbance but did nothing in terms of either her

dressing or body language to divert him. If she was built sexy and left with an eternally

horny body due to her husband's slackness in bed, then she couldn't help it. No force on

earth can hide a woman in heat, especially a woman blessed with the rich contours and fleshy

warmth of Maya. She had a body that craved loving. She had luscious breasts that ached to be

caressed and fondled. She had a juicy waist that desired a man's warm touch. She had a

massive, protruding, more than proportionate ass that could well be her best asset. It was

high, firm, wide and with a curvature that sent viewers' passions soaring. There was not one

of her husband's friends that didn't want to spank her voluptuous ass or plunge into her

juicy pussy. She didn't care about their advances and over time she learnt to live with

them. Even those long alcoholic parties where men would indulge in subtle gropes and almost

leering comments while her husband would be sozzled left her quite in control. Infact she

was secretly thrilled that such a wide variety of men of all age groups lusted after her

juicy body.

The moment Deen left for the bathroom, her younger son Binu bounded into the kitchen, cheery

and bright.

"Hi Mom", he greeted her with a big hug and kiss on the cheek. Binu was always the more

demonstrative and physical of the two kids. His hug lingered a little longer than necessary

but Maya made no move to free herself. Binu ended his hug with another kiss on his mother's

cheek, this time rather close to the corner of her mouth. Maya felt his young, 12 year old

erection thrusting gainst her asscheeks. She shivered inwardly and felt her pussy moisten

again. Binu's acts awakened her dormant lust. Though twelve years old, his actions were

obviously sex driven. He used every opportunity to grab her, rub his dick against her huge

rump and let his hands roam all over his juicy mother's expansive waist.His hands groped the

bottom of her braless blouse and made enough contact with her mounds to make her squeal. It

was easy for Maya to dismiss her little son's acts as childlike. Only a part of her was

convinced but she allowed that feeling to remain so that she was spared of any dialogue with

her conscience. Unlike his elder brother, Binu knew his needs and made his moves very

obvious, with no scope for any communication gap. Maya loved it. It made her feel very

wanted and desirable. Binu on the other hand was sure that he was only expressing his

extreme love for his mother.

After packing Binu into the bath, Maya decided to wake up her husband. For a daily

inexplicable reason, she draped a saree over her scantily covered body and went into the

bedroom. She liked to be close to fully dressed whenever her husband was around.

Maya walked towards her sleeping hubby and studied his form as she neared him.He was an inch

shorter than her five feet seven inches, slender in arm and chest but with a pot belly that

grew out of endless hours of drinking, both at home and outside.He snored the moment his

head hit the pillow everday and kept snoring right until he was woken up.Maya remembered

their early days of marriage when she used to wake him up by snuggling up to him and

nibbling his ears lightly while her fingers danced around his flacid manhood. He would stir

in those days and wait until she would stroke him to semi erection. Then suddenly, without

warning he would grab her by the waist and turn her around to make her lie belly up on the

bed.Using his left hand to drag her saree above her smooth, hot thighs, he would guide his

half ready dick into her already steaming pussy. A few gallant strokes would be attempted,

following which Maya had to lead his tool into her eager love nest whenever it slipped out.

About 60 seconds of valiant lovemaking would ensue after which he would leak out a measly

amount of sperm into her womb, which would just about suffice to moisten her just wettening

twat. With an irritated grunt he would simply roll off her and rush into the bathroom

without even looking back. if he did, then he would have seen the writhing, frustrated body

of his lovely wife, legs spread, breathing heavily and thighs twitching in rising intensity.

The sight of a writhing semi nude Maya, spread out lewdly on the bed, fingering herself to

an orgasm would have been the ultimate erotic sight for any peeping tom but for the sexy

wife herself it was a daily torture. And she was forced to go through this torture on a

daily basis, at times with frenzied regularity and with the greatest ever regularity in the

last few months.

In the last few years here had been hardly any inspired bouts of love making, which for her

lusty body was a deprivation surpassing all else.If Maya had to ever choose between her

daily bread and a daily fuck, she would go straight for the latter.Today, grimacing in

resignation, she shook her husband Desh alive. With the usual morning grunt and without the

slighttest hint of a promising early erection, he hopped out of bed and strolled into the

bathroom, not bothering to even wish his beautiful wife.

The moment her hubby closed the bathroom door, she heard Deen call out, "Mom, I need help to

wash my hair". Smiling to herself she moved towards her son's bathroom. Along the way, she

unwrapped her saree, dropped it on Deen's bed and entered the bath.She didn't want to wet

the saree in the course of Deen's bath. Deen was in his underwear and sitting on a stool

when Maya moved across to him, her braless breasts swaying gently and her belly flesh

rippling with each step. Deen's eye got rivetted onto his mother's deep and big navel.As

Maya bent and washed his hair with shampoo her navel and lower abdomen stared right into his

face.It was a double feast for the budding youth as his eyes absorbed he juicy depth of her

belly button and his nostrils inhaled the musky scent of her bush, which permeated through

the petticoat.In less than three seconds his dick shot up in his undies, a sight which was

not lost on Maya. "Wow", she thought to herself, marvelling at the contrasting reactions of

her husband and son to the very same body. But being the mother, she pretended normalcy and

coninued to rub shampoo into his hair, increasing the intensity of her strokes. The rich

lather forced Deen to close his eyes. Now he could only feel his gorgeous Mom around him.

Her hands felt like they were cajoling him into greater arousal. Her big boobs would dip

every now and then to press into his head warmly while her crotch would reach tantalisingly

close to his face, with the aroma almost sending him into a lusty stupor.The he felt the

water raining down from the shower onto his face and head. On opening his eyes he got a

shock. He was not the only one wet. His mother's sexy body was drenched all over the top

half, her nipples poking right out of her wet blouse. The sight was astoundingly erotic with

those creamy mounds jigling right in front of his face. Deen thought he would shoot out his

spunk without even a touch. At the same time he was transfixed and puzzled by the total

nonchalance with which Maya continued to wash and towel off her son's aroused body. She

seemed to be completely casual in her near total exposure to Deen, her very own son.With her

full hips barely a few inches from his head, she turned around to turn off the shower, in

the process presenting him with a mind boggling show of her huge ass, covered only by a wet

petticoat.The garment made a huge inroad into her butt crevice and the whole show was

straight out of one of those soft porn flicks which he enjoyed now and then with his

pals.But he was better blesed than his friends because he had daily real life soft porn

scenes to live out in his own house and with his very own loving mother.A wild thought

germinated in his head which seemed to come from out of nowhere - "What if any of his

friends were to see his Mom strutting around scantily"? The thought left him as soon as it

came but the seeds were sown.Maya left the bathroom to check on her younger son Binu and

Deen started to stroke his dick the moment his mother's bodacious ass swayed out of sight.

He needed the release.

Maya needed release too but all she got was more arousal in Binu's room. Her younger son had

just finished his bath and was about to start dressing when his half wet, barely dressed Mom

walked in to enquire about him.

"It's getting time for breakfast Binu", she announced as she entered, but her statement

broke into a squeal as she was smothered from behind by Binu. In a not unusual manner his

hands completely encircled her full waist and caressed the folds at the sides with the index

finger of his right hand straying into her navel to finger it in a rotating motion.The

posture lasted one minute of squealing and 60 seconds of slow and steady pawing.Both Mom and

son had got quite accustomed to this display of affection from Binu and only Maya suspected

that the feeling was quite sexual even from her son's side.But as always, he would stop just

when her body began to betray her emotions. He would cease to caress her just when she

wouldn't want him to. Gathering herself, Maya was convinced that Binu acquired his genes and

libido from her side of the family. But it was still too early to say, as she thought.

Nevertheless, she was glad that someone found her desirable and someone wanted to feel her

up the way she liked to. But her craving was not just for feeling. It was for fucking. Deep,

hard and repeatedly, she yearned to be fucked well and if possible right out of her brains.

Feeling fully aroused from all the amorous attention she had been getting, Maya again wore

the saree around her wet underclothes and went to spread the breakfast on the table. The

dress felt burdensome and she found herself being slowed down by a silent droning between

her thighs. Involuntarily again, her left hand reached for her crotch. Absent mindedly she

continued playing with herself over the dress for atleast 5 minutes before the sound of her

men arriving for breakfast brought her to senses.

"You'll catch a cold Mom in those wet clothes. Go change," suggested Deen, concerned as


"Yes I will, after you all leave", sighed Maya as she served breakfast. She could feel

Binu's eyes repeatedly seeking her juicy navel and Deen's eyes probing behind the wet blouse

for the nipples that had teased him during bath. Again a shiver ran through her and she felt

both delight and sorrow. Delight that her womanhood was getting its due appreciation and

sorrow that her hubby was merely gulping his food down in total neglect.

Minutes after they all left, Maya rushed into the bedroom and threw herself on to the bed,

tearing her clothes off her heated body on the way. She unstrung her petticoat and tore the

blouse off her bursting breasts as her lust aroused body flopped onto the soft bed. Both

hands covered her full breasts, the palms kneading roughly and the fingers pulling at the

now sharp tips. Her legs thrashed about as she literally crushed her full boobs like a

demoness in heat. Her entire body felt like it was on fire and she thought she would explode

if it was not extinguished. Both her hands dropped quickly to her pussy mound and she worked

her fingers in and out of that rich and fleshy zone, causing her thighs to spread, close and

spread in a mind boggling sequence of abandonment.She gave herself in totally to the demands

of her lush, neglected body. Her wasted voluptuousness surged with renewed hope evrytime she

subjected herself to this burst of self satisfaction.She mewled and moaned as her fingers

delved and probed into her soaked pussy, striking a frenzied rhythm in tune with her wildly

aroused brain. The pasionate start rose to a crescendo where she heaved and thrust her full

hips up and down on the bed, as her fingers stroked her horny body to a new height of

ecstasy. She felt the tide rise deep within her loins and it only drove her fingers deeper

and harder into that steaming twat working on it like there was no tomorrow. The tide

reached its peak and let loose a bursting flood, washing her loins all over, making her

fingers reach furious speeds until the collapse began, first in her loins, then in her

fingers and finally in her golden, fleshy inner thighs.With receding passion, she slowly

regained normal breathing, but continued to lie naked on the bed, hands on the lower

abdomen, feet still apart in a lewd reminder of her just concluded dynamite act.She was wet

with sweat and wet with her juices. The whole bedsheet was drenched and she silently decided

that she would change it later in the day before Deen and Binu arrived from school.

Nearly half an hour after her marathon session she rose for a bath. The cool water felt

comforting on her still hot body. She soaped herself generously, lingering long around her

bush and pussy. She stroked, caressed and patted her mound indulgently until a flicker of

arousal crept up her spine all over again. Sighing, she stepped out stark naked into her

bedroom. She used a thin white towel to dry herself and it was almost as if she were

caressing herself with her own hands.She dabbed the light towel all over her gorgeous body

until it was wet. Then she took another towel to dry her long hair. She wrapped the towel

around her hair after ten minutes of drying. Opening her wardrobe, she tried to decide on

what to wear when her eyes fell on a light blue transparent saree and a sheer white blouse.

She took both of them into her hands, without as much as a thought for a bra and

petticoat.She hated the weight and pressure of undergarments. Whenever possible she simply

discarded them. Maya loved to feel the fabric rub against her supple and sexy flesh,

especially around her glorious hips and asscheeks.Not wearing a petticoat beneath a semi

transparent saree gave a complete exposure of her lower treasures and fleshy thighs.But she

didn't care. She felt fully liberated whenever she dressed without underclothes and she had

the whole day right upto her husband's arrival to slip back into them anyway.

However it did not apply to her two sons. She was comfortable without undergarments in their

presence and she guessed they were comfortable too. In any case there were no obvious signs

of embarasment on their faces whenever they saw their Mom walking around in see through

sarees without a hint of underclothes. Right through they were quite accustomed to seeing

her with just one single garment on her lush body, be it a petticoat and blouse or saree

without petticoat. The full attire was for their father, a fact which they came to realise

rather early. The idea made them feel good and cosy about their sexy mother. They loved her

a lot more for the extra comfort level she seemed to share with them. It made them feel

special - and horny too. And they kept their feelings to themselves - as yet.

Maya slipped sensuously into her sheer saree and blouse. It technically covered her whole

body but revealed its fleshy, creamy glory to awesome effect. Tied well below her deep and

exotic navel, the sheer garment simply clung to Maya's ample hips and threatened to fall

right off her juicy body if she even bent forward a little more than needed.The blouse, a

sheer white one, worn braless as always was so tight and low cut that half her cleavage was

on show right through the flimsy saree. The bottom of the blouse was almost tucked into the

base of her full boobs, giving them life and bounce as she walked.From the base of her

breasts to maybe an inch above her bush was a completely revealed territory of supercharged

flesh. Maya's window of seduction was her fleshy yet sexy midriff and the horny housewife

was fully aware of it. It was huge, wide and bedecked with possibly the deepest and juiciest

navel on earth. When she walked in this attire, her thighs and trimmed bush offerred

themselves to view in tantalising peeks. Taking the rear view, the saree dipped right down

to the tips of her asscrack, billowing out to flimsily drape itself around Maya's meaty

buttocks. The ass, asscheeks, asscrack, were all dangled juicily in front of any viewer who

happened to run into this horny wife and mother of two. Putting it plainly, her whole body

screamed for a fucking.

The beginnings of restlessness crept into her lush body and Maya launched into her customary

mound caress.She would finger herself after bath for about a few minutes everyday before

preparing lunch. Now, while she was in that dreamy spell, she heard the doorbell ring. She

first looked out of the window and saw that it was the grocer, who came once every three

days to deliver vegetables and fruits. Maya rose from the couch, hand still on her crotch

and moved to open the door.She kept her hand on her mound in a partial caress and retained

it all the way upto the door, reluctant to give up the warm moistness which had begun to

engulf her loins and also form a small wet patch on her sheer saree.

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