Manya: Forbidden Lust of a Horny Indian Housewife
by pervin

Left to herself, Maya would have preferred to indulge in prolonged self ravishment in her present mood.Her mind quickly accepted the intrusion but the signals to her horny body got delayed a bit, causing a certain inner discordance, especially between her thighs, where a tiny ooze had just about begun.Caressing herself, she half opened the door and peered out to ask if there was any fresh stuff. She kept just her head out of the door, her hand still playing with her pussy through the sheer folds of her saree. The grocer announced that many of her usual choice of vegetables were fresh and she may like to take a look and decide. Maya was still a wee bit reluctant and she looked at the grocer thoughtfully, fingers still playing with her pussy behind the door. With one final thrust, she withdrew her hand from where she loved to keep it the most and threw the door wide open.The grocer, a stocky man in his late thirties gaped in astonishment at her dress, or the lack of it and kept gaping until Maya coughed to draw his attention. The grocer's mind worked at the speed of light, unable to fathom the delicious sight in front of him. He knew from his frequent visits that Maya was hot and horny.He had encountered many a horny housewife in all his house sales over the years. He could spot a hungry pussy when he saw one.Over the last one year he had seen Maya in various careless states of dressing but somehow she always seemed in control of things.It was more like she was teasing people rather than inviting them. He also realised that she couldn't continue to be a pricktease indefinitely and his prick was bound to have its day. Her appearance told him that today could be the day. The way she was dressed, she needn't have worn any clothes.The saree was fully transparent, showing him all of her. The fertile bush, those glorious thighs and the entire midriff, everything lay before him like a feast, with her belly button calling attention to his gaze. While she was fingering herself the top half of her saree had slipped aside, leaving her rich and deep navel fully exposed to his view. With the creamy flesh above and below it aching to be pawed and felt, the navel resembled a pussy in need, quivering and juicy.

Maya bent forward to examine some of the leafy vegetables and this made the top half of her saree drop, revealing her generous cleavage with a clear vision of her perked up nipples.She didn't realise that her saree had dropped and continued with her genuine task of grocery picking from his basket.The grocer's eyes popped right out their sockets and his cock threatened to tear out of the fabric it was stretching around his crotch.His strong hands felt a rush of blood as did every vein in his body. Maya was decidedly the hottest of his customers and he looked forward to visiting her house more to experience the surprises she held for him in the form of her dress code. But this day surpassed all that he had seen before.Breasts, nipples, navel, midriff, thighs, bush - every ounce of her juiciest parts was starkly visible through her dream like garments. The Arabian dancers did wear transparent bottoms but atleast they wore panties.Here a middle aged housewife was treating him to fleshy delights of the sort people only dreamt of.

The apparent involvement of Maya with the grocery basket and her ignorance of the state of her boobs suited the grocer and he let his hungry eyes travel all over her voluptuous frame, taking in the sexuality oozing out of every inch. His eyes rested for longer moments on her hips, the exposed portion of which was like a mass of charged up flesh, aching to be mauled, gripped and pounded. Only flesh in need is left for this kind of wanton display and his animal instincts gradually took over. He shifted closer to her, as if to help Maya load her bag with his stuff. he held the bag up for her while Maya filled it with a cluster of vegetables. She had to lift her arms up to do so and in the process, her upper saree dropped right off her shoulders, chest and waist to rest tantalisingly at her hips. It was then that Maya noticed how exposed she was all along to his gaze. Her face acquired a sudden blush but there was no way she could cover herself up since both her hands were occupied. She looked into the grocer's eyes and observed the burning passion. His looks sent shivers up her spine and a warm flood of juices gushed forth from her loins to further moisten her already wet vulva.

This time the gush of juices was different. They flowed and flowed without a break. The control mechanisms which she normally applied broke down thoroughly as she mildly trembled before his strong gaze. The grocer extended his strong arms towards her exposed hips and dragged her closer. His manly touch did the trick. It was the touch of a man, strong and reassuring. It was also the grip of a testerone rich male which sent her feminine defences crashing down. When his other hand gripped her right hip to complete the act, she yielded, like he always knew she would. The manly grocer jerked the beautiful wife towards himself and marvelled at the way her magnificent breasts jiggled at his action. His hands on her meaty hips encountered raw heat and he realised that this juicy body was being wasted. He could hear a half sob as he strengthened his hold on her lower hips and turned her around. Her high rise buttocks came into hot contact with his dick and even through the sheer garment, their heat took him by surprise. If ever there was a hornier woman, then he hadn't known her. Nor did he care to know.

With one single tug, the sari came right off her hot hips and fell in a heap at her feet. Maya was still in a lusty daze as she allowed him to anything he pleased. She moaned as he felt his hands caress her plump asscheeks and squealed lightly as he cupped her rump and kneaded it. The kneading continued and Maya got wetter and wetter. Not once did she even think of restraining him. Her tingling pussy was now dripping at the ministrations of this grocer. Her legs parted on their own accord and he reached down to carry his squeezing into her inner thighs and finally her seething, soaked pussy. That set off her accumulated lust trigger and she cried out in helpless craving and fell right down onto her knees.

In that posture she presented an awesome sight on all fours. Her face was glazed with lust and her ass quivered in wanton lust. She wriggled her hips and pressed backwards as if to hit his crotch. The grocer had already removed his trousers and brought out his steel hard dick, which was now throbbing with as much anticipation as the horny housewife's pussy. He cast one glance at the crawling form of the beautiful woman before him. She looked so hot and needy. Like a bitch in heat. She needed a fucking and like hell, he was going to give her one.

In one single plunge he entered right into her nest, her wet cunt walls giving an over lubricated welcome. Maya shrieked in passion and cried out in lust. He began stroking into her slushy pussy with gradual motions. The lust crazed housewife screamed for harder strokes and driven by her wanton behaviour, he thrust harder and faster. His huge dick, which she hadn't even seen, made furious inroads into her tender but hot pussy, stretching it, pounding into it and sending the horny mother of two into new zones of passion. The pumping lasted five scalding minutes and the sheer novelty and passion of the situation overcame both of them. He reached his climax with a roar and she caught on, thrusting her plump ass back at him greedily. She looked and felt like bitch. On all fours, she was letting a grocer bang the hell out of her over sexed cunt. But he was doing it well and she knew of nothing but cock till he spurted his semen in several long spurts deep inside her womb and all over her back and ass. He came so much that his virility surprised the under utilised wife.

Like a true chauvinistic male he just released her hips with a grunt and quickly buttoned up his trousers before she could turn around. Her still convulsing body was recovering from the delicious onslaught and she looked up gradually towards his body. Her first glance went towards his crotch but was disappointed to see that he had already put his woman pleaser away. There she was, lying well fucked by a dick she didn't even see.

"Ok Mrs. M. See you later", said the grocer as he walked away with a whistle. Maya lay on the floor, still in a half crawling posture. She was still in heat and she still looked a bitch. Her ass felt well gripped and handled. Her pussy felt well pumped. Her mind was well relaxed. Her breasts however still ached for a caress nd that ache got transferred again to her pussy. A mild heating began within her loins and this surprised Maya. What was the extent of her appetite, she wondered.

She rose slowly, with only her sweaty braless blouse on with the first two buttons undone as always. Her saree was in her hands and she tried to decide whether to put it on or go for a wash. Her thighs were sticky and some cum still settled wetly over her puffy pussy lips. The drying had not yet begun. She ran her fingers over her cunt lips and felt them. She scooped a bit of cum into her fingers and brought them to her nose. "Hmmmmm", she purred at the aroma. Then suddenly the door bell rang. Surprised and alarmed at the untimely ring, she hastily began to assemble the saree over her ravaged hips. it was a relatively slower process since she did not have the benefit of a petticoat.

"Who's this"? she called out.

"It's me Mom" came her son Deen's voice.

Partly relieved but still alarmed she draped her saree quickly around herself. Now she didn't have to worry about perfection in attire since it was only Deen. Yet the fact that she had allowed the grocer to fuck her just s a little while ago coupled with the freshly fucked feeling still coating her senses made the housewife a wee bit guilty. She managed to wear the saree quickly enough but couldn't prevent the wetness around her crotch to once again form a sticky patch out in front. She opened the door to let Deen in. He said that his afternoon classes were cancelled and he had no mood to go to the library.

Walking in, Deen looked quizzically at his Mom. She looked different.Her hair was dishevelled and her saree looked rumpled in a peculiar manner. Her scanty blouse was wet with sweat. If it wasn't for the glow on her face, he would have presumed that she was sweating from her kitchen work. As she walked towards the couch in the living room, he noticed the languid movements of her hips and the slow roll of her hips. The sway was slower but sexier. It was an indescribable sight but she looked different. Suddenly he noticed the damp patch around her crotch on the transparent saree.It looked so provocative, just below her rich bush. Maya noticed where her son was looking, but it was too late to amend things. In a bid to make the atmosphere more casual, she spread her thighs out and tried to relax on the couch. Her posture became rather lewd for her teenaged son and he began to experience the familiar stirring in his loins which looking at his sexy mother for more than a minute always produced. At this stage Maya asked her son to take a bath so that they could lunch together. Deen proceeded rather thankfully to the bathroom, glad that he could hide his arousal.

Maya was still lying in that obscene pose on the couch when she heard the main door open slightly. She had forgotten to lock it after Deen's arrival. It opened wider and in came the grocer. She panicked and hissed at him to go away, pointing at the bathroom where her son was bathing. But he had not come to leave. Not long after he left Maya, he began to reminisce over the morning's astounding developments, especially the ease with which he could enter Maya's hot pussy. Soon his thoughts led to a bursting hard on and he felt the time was still convenient enough for anoher go at the gorgeous piece of ass, who would be doing nothing else but masturbating away anyway, according to him. So off he rushed to get his pussy.

When he neared her, Maya whispered frantically to him that her son was around. Not giving a damn, he motioned for her to turn over, unzipping his trousers in the same motion. Strangely, Maya felt herself obeying him, while she was still gesticulating towards the bathroom door where Deen was. With strong and silent efficiency, he once again gripped her voluptuous hips and shook her like a doll. Maya's body throbbed with renewed lust and her pussy started dripping in record time. The risk in the situation was obscured by the heat of his manhood pressing against her already naked ass. He had merely hiked her saree up and thrust his dick right into her willing and wet cunt. The pumping began instantaneously and her cunt muscles started clasping his dick in greed, milking it to new heights of passion. She could still hear the shower and so could the grocer. He ploughd mercilessly into her in the same bitch posture. She cried and sobbed to herself out of sheer lust and ecstasy. Her body responded like a bud opening out and very soon, he splattered a rich dose of seed deep inside her loins. She absorbed every drop of his lovable cum and revelled in the sudden and explosive climax which the illicit encounter produced. In record speed, the grocer again zipped up and hissed a quick good bye. By the time, she moved from bitch postur to normal posture, he had sped off, leaving her gasping in pleasure and absolute wonder that she had been fucked twice in no time. Again she didn't even see the dick that gave her so much joy.But more exciting was the thought that her son was right in the next room, but didn't know about it. How wrong she was. Deen had seen it. And it took sometime for him to emerge from the bathroom. After all 2 jerk offs in ten minutes need some time for recovery.

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