Incest victim finds substitute for jailed dad.
The Technician 1

"Momma, he's not like Daddy was," my daughter told me, "he made me cum twice before he even tried to fuck me."

I need to stop here and explain a few things. I am a woman attorney who fell in love with a man who I had been with since I was in kindergarten. We grew up together and as we grew up we became intimite with each other. I lost my virginity to him at age twelve and never doubted his love for me.

We had two daughters after we got married and I knew he started touching them in their private parts when they were four but did not think anything of since he'd touched me there when I was only five and I recalled it felt good. Since the girls did not object I did not either.

I did not realize he'd gone further until I came home from a trial when the jury rendered the verdict in very short order, as I came into the house I heard a scream and I ran into my daughter's room to see his bloodied penis sliding in and out of my eldest daughter's vagina.

I called the cops in a panic and despite my best efforts in meetings with the prosecution to get them to drop the case they refused so we went to trial. I tried to explain to the jury that since he had pleasured me young he was just acting in a way consistent with how we grew up but the jury convicted him and the judge sentenced him to 25 years.

The girls were 6 and 8 and examination proved he had taken the 8 year old's cherry that day and the 6 year old was still an intact virgin.

What came out in court was that Annette had asked her father to take her virginity because she wanted to learn to make a baby. They had been doing oral sex for years and anal sex for about a year when the interruption occurred.

Bethany, my six year old then, later told me she liked the taste of her father's cum and loved to have him eat her pussy til she'd cum. She had taken him up her ass once and would have done it again if he were still here.

Now it's four years I've raised the kids alone. I taught them to pleasure themselves with masturbation and later found out they pleasured each other with oral sex. But both girls wanted a man. Annette wanted to fuck again and had taken some school boys to bed but they couldn't control themselves long enough for her to cum and they would not lick her.

I checked the local sex offender registry and found an offender living only three miles away. I typed his name into a search engine and found out he had a web site where he explained his case. I went there and read his story and found it very similar to my husband's case. Only he was reluctant to do what his daughter asked him to do. He did explain what turned him on right up to his departure from his home so I talked to my girl's about maybe asking him to babysit or something.

Then Bethany came down with mono and she was hospitalized. We had satellite wideband internet on my computer but the girls had laptops and wanted a network. I knew this offender took contract work from a web site so I went there asking someone to setup a secure wireless network from my computer to their laptops. Charlie took the call since he lived real close but with Bethany in the hospital I'd leave him and Annette alone to see if he would do what the girls wanted.

I had the notary in my office notorize a promise that neither I nor the girls would report sexual abuse as long as he did not cause them pain. Annette agreed to it so when he came I shoved the paper at him, let him read it and then told him Annette would be able to help with any questions he had. Then I left.

So the rest of this story is what Annette told me after I got home after visiting Bethany til midnight to be sure I gave Annette enough time to seduce the technician.

I came out of my room like you told me to with that short red skirt and the thin pink tank top and no bra wearing the 4" spike heels you bought me.. I had applied a little mascara and rouge to make her look older but her nubbin breasts gave him her true age. So when he bent down to plug the router into my computer my daughter came up behind him and bent over pushing those swellings on her chest into his back.

He turned around and asked her to give hime some space but she told she she wanted to see how he did everything. So she stayed connected to him over his back as he connected the router to the computer and the satellite modem to the router. Then he asked her to go bring him the laptops. When he stood up mommy "I put my arms around him and pushed my chest and groin into him and kissed him with tongue, but he would not raise his arms to hold me even while he gave me tongue too."

"When we broke that kiss I was wet and I had felt him start to get hard, but he again asked me to bring him the laptops so I went out to Bethany's room, took off my top and panties and took it to him. He set it up with what he called WEP2 encryption and logged it onto to the web. When he realized the home page was a porn site about incest he blushed and closed the browser. Then he told me, 'Put a top on and bring me your laptop.'" I smiled at him and told him I'd think about the top and bring him the laptop.

So I went to my room and took off my skirt so now I'm naked except my shoes. "When I walked into your computer room, Mom, I thought he was going to have a heart attack when I walked in as he turned pale. I walked up to him put my arms around him and hugged him close and made out with him naked like that and his earlier erection came back into being, but he wasn't hugging me back. So I asked him why and he told me he had abused his own daughter and didn't want to victimize me."

So as he set up my computer I told I had already been introduced to sex and knew about having sex and if me wanted to examine my lack of a cherry he could.
So he set up my computer with WEP2 encryption and when he logged into the net he came up on the porn page in Japan where my cherry popping video is shown. "I set the computer to where he could see it and let it play as I lay on the floor for a pelvic exam.

"Mom, he opened me up so gently, first my outer labia, my inner labia then he put two fingers in and stretched me opened. I thought I was going to cum right then." He said "So you are not a virgin that doesn't mean I should do you."

I said okay and pulled him into a hug again and kissed him on the mouth with tongue and he kissed me back. I grabbed his arms and pushed them behind me and told him to 'hold me' as I grinded up against him feeling his erection expand in his pants. When I thought he was fully hard I unhanded him and unzipped him and pulled his prick out of his pants. As I started to jack him I told him, "You know my mom doesn't mind if you do me and I want you to do me and I'll never tell anyone but mom. Please fuck me." Then I knelt and put his penis in my mouth. "Mom, I couldn't believe it. He backed away from me! He turned down my blow job!

"He said,'If I'm going to do you them I'm going to do this my own way okay?'"
I told him "What do you want to do?" "I will work you up to climax by hand first, you are not to touch my organ" So we got back into the hug and he brought one hand down to my pussy and ran it up and down my slit and with a extra tickle for my clit and I came so hard I damn near fell down but he caught me and held me to him in my orgasm.

"As I came back to reality, Mom, he very gently laid me on the floor and ate my pussy. When he'd stop to talk he'd but a finger in my pussy and his thumb on my clit so the stimulation was non-stop. When he pulled my clit into his mouth and gently gummed me I knew I was too close and I came so hard I passed out. When I came to he was kneeling next to me with a concerned look on his face. He asked me,"So Annette, do you still want to fuck me?" I sat up and kissed him without tongue and said,"If you think you can make me cum twice and then have me reject you, you are nuts." So he scooped me up in his arms and asked me 'Which way to your bedroom?' and he took me to my bed and laid me on it. He took off his clothes and laid next to me and said, 'You may have to get me up if you expect me to fuck you' So I told him to lay on his back and started giving him a blow job with my tongue up against his cock on the up stoke. He was hard after a couple minutes and I was still lubricated from his eating me so I straddled him holding my labia opened with one hand and holding his cock in my other hand I lowered myself onto his organ.

"As i worked myself up and down his cock he started moving his hips to move himself more to the top of my slot and one of his hands were very lightly touching my nipples and his other hand went to my clit and as I kept going up and down I couldn't help myself and Mommy I came hard and collapsed on him. He held me gently and kissed me as I came out of it.

"He said 'I haven't done that since September of 98' I told him,'You forgot nothing about it. I haven't cum while fucking since Daddy went to prison for fucking me.' He asked me,'Are you sure your mother won't mind?' I told him we planned on having him do our network so I could seduce him. Then I got up and went to get my computer and showed him the one where I lost my cherry to my Daddy and mommy comes in and screams after I scream in orgasm.

He asked me about the other kid and I told him Bethany was ready to try fucking and would let him after she got used to him if he wanted her. She knows how to jack and suck and ass fuck but she's still a virgin. So unless you can pop her without pain you better not. He said he thought he knew a way to do it and was willing to try.

My tape ended so I turned on one of Bethany going sixty-nine with her Dad. They cum together and by the time it was over he was hard again. So I asked him it he wanted me to suck him off and he said yes so I sucked him til he came again. It took a long time but he doesn't shoot his cum it just trickles out. It tastes okay so I didn't mind."

I told my daughter I'd call the technician and see if he would accept a babysitting assignment. She told me she'd already asked him that in an E-mail and he said yes.
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