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If you're going to comment, don't be rude. Please leave constructive criticism if you have to. This is my first time writing a story like this.
I was 16 at the time. My body figure was curvy, nice ass, and 34D boobs. Chocolate , curled , brown hair reached just the top of my ass. I was a real heartbreaker in my school. None of the girls had it as good as me. They didn't have my boyfriend , Cameron. He was a sweet guy. Athletic, muscular, and handsome. He had a pair of baby blue eyes, dark brown hair, freckles, and an 8 pack. That's what made him so breath-taking. We have been dating for a year and a half now, and are still virgins. The both of us. I had been saving it for all of these years, and I knew he was going to be the one to take it. Hell, I already had tonight all planned. He wanted me to come over, and since his parents was always on business trips and, we were always alone.[His twin brother didn’t really care what we did.] And that was the absolute perfect time.

I met up with him at my locker, and he walked me to class. Right before the bell rang, and before he left to his class, I whispered low into his ear, seductively, “I can’t wait for tonight. I have a surprise for you.” I winked at him, and kissed his cheek, then ran into class. I didn’t have any intentions in paying attention in class; I was too busy thinking about all the stuff I wanted to do to him. I could just feel him inside me right now. Ripping through my hymen, and making me scream from the top of my lungs. I knew losing my virginity was going to hurt, but I wanted to make sure his first time was the most amazing thing he’s experienced. I was going to let him tie me up, to the bed if he wanted. Do whatever he wanted to do to my little petite, teen body.

School finally let out, and I was going to explode from being so horny. I needed to get home fast. I slammed my books in the back of my new porche, [A 16th birthday gift my parents] and hurried into my car, starting it up. On my home, I pulled my pants out from under my skirt and began fingering myself. I know it wasn’t exactly safe to be doing this, but I had never been so horny before. I considered pulling over to the side of the ride and just finishing myself. Which I exactly did, but I pulled up behind some woods. I was soaking wet, and dripping all over the seat. I lifted my skirt up to expose my freshly waxed cunt. My pussy throbbed on my fingers when I stuck two of them in. My hole gripped at my fingers, and I felt like I was going to pop. I had never fingered myself before. And if this felt painful, I couldn't imagine what it was like sticking a dick in there. I took my other hand, and began rubbing at my clit, and thrusting my hips up. I rested my legs apart, and began finger fucking myself. Slowly at first, then gradually harder. I got to the point where I was pounding my pussy with my fingers, and rubbing my clit so hard that I felt like I was going to cum. I started moaning uncontrollably as I felt my pussy pulsing around my fingers. “I’m going to cum! Fuck!” I felt my juices soak my fingers, but that didn’t stop me. I kept pounding my pussy with my fingers and rubbing my clit. All of the sudden, I started shaking, and my eyes rolled back in my head, signaling an orgasm. Actually, the best orgasm I’ve ever had.
Pure bliss surrounded my thoughts, and I tried catching my breath. Tonight was going to be one hell of a night. After pulling my panties up and fixing myself, I headed to the adult store before going home. [I lived in Germany, so I was old enough to buy their products.] I bought a cock ring, vibrator, handcuffs, lube, lingerie, condoms, and a DVD.

I was finally at his house. I had my lingerie on under my clothes, and everything I bought in my purse. I did my normal patterned knock, and he came to the door automatically. I gave him a big hug and he pulled me inside. “I already know what the surprise is.” He started kissing up and down my neck, and picked me up, carrying me to his bedroom. “Well that totally ruins it,” I moaned as he hit my sweet spot. “No, not at all.” He threw me down on his bed, and took his shirt off. “I actually have quite the surprise for you.” As he climbed on top of me, he started to hastily take my button up shirt off. “Someone must be raging horny,” I laughed and lightly ran my fingers up and down his body. I let him strip me down into my lingerie and then stopped him. “Not so fast,” I pushed him over onto the bed, and straddled him. I could feel his hard cock almost busting through his jeans. I took advantage of that, and grinded against it. He tossed his head back and moaned. “Tease,” he moaned under his breath. I decided to climb down and straddle his legs instead, and then started to unbutton his pants. When I unzipped them, his cock just popped right out in his boxers. I haven’t even seen the whole thing, but I knew it was huge. At least 8 inches or more maybe. I ran my fingertips across his bulge and pulled his boxers down.
I was beyond wrong. He was at least 10 and a half inches. I made eye contact with him, trying not to stare at it and look like a complete idiot. I’m pretty sure I was too late though. He smiled down at me and winked. I started rubbing it with my hands first, and then lowered my head. I stuck my tongue out and flicked teasingly at the head.

He threw his head back but didn’t quite moan. Then my tongue took control, I started at his sack and licked all the way up before popping him in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head and twisted my hands around his shaft, keeping this up for a good minute. "You're going to make me cum," he moaned loudly. I stopped before he could and began removing my lingerie. "Everythings in my purse." He didn't say anything, he just picked me up, sat down on his computer chair, and positioned my legs over the arms of the chair. Then he leaned over and grabbed my bag. He started digging into it, pulling out everything I got. He laid at the things out on the computer desk, and set my purse off to the side. He picked up the handcuffs first and pulled my hands behind my back, bonding me with them. I bit my lip in satisfaction. Next, he grabbed the DVD and put it in the computer, setting it to where it started playing. After that, he put on the condom and cock ring on, lubing up the condom and sticking the vibrator up against my clit. I could hear the DVD playing; the girl was screaming so loud and so good. "Whenever you're ready," before I could say anything else, I felt him poking around and then bam, he shoved a good 5 inches in me. I screamed as I felt my hymen rip. It was the worst pain I had ever felt, but it turned me on so much. "I want you to be rough on me babe, fuck me as hard and fast as you can, make me cum all over that huge dick of yours." He smirked at me and went deeper, getting atleast 7 inches in me. Then he took it out and slammed it back in my. I leaned forward and rested my head in the crevice of his neck. "Oh my God," I moaned loud enough to be considered a scream. He pulled out once again and slammed another inch more in me. "You're so tight babe." He mumbled in my ear. He pulled out again, but instead of slamming into me and pausing, he kept going. He pounded the fuck out of my virgin pussy, and rubbed the vibrator against my clit.

I could feel pleasure and pain. My pussy gripped his cock tighter as each second he spent pounding me went by. "I'm going to cum," I moaned loudly. He kept slamming his hard cock into me. "Hang on and I'll give you your surprise." He slowed down a little and I tried to keep my mind off of cumming. It wasn't working very well though. "Cam, I'm can't hold it, just fuck me1 Fuck me harder1" "You asked for it." I was just about to reach my peak when all of the sudden, I felt another dick rip through my ass. That made me climax hard. "My ass! Oh Cam, I'm cuming! It feels so good!" He didn't slow down whatsoever, and neither did the dick in my ass. My body began to shake violently to the orgasm. "Oh fuck! Fuck me!" They slammed their hard cocks into my holes a couple of times, then stopped. I collasped on top of Cam, trying to catch my breath. He took the handcuffs off of me and then I heard Cam's brother speak. "That must'v been one hell of a first time for her!" He chuckled, "I know it was for me."

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